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Bernetich Bulletin
S t i l l
Praises Dave is continuing to learn his new role in IT at GFA More Support has been pledged to us Prayer Requests For our home to sell quickly For continued increase in our support level For many more meetings with Pastors and Churches For us to stay encouraged as we are apart and to grow in Christ during this time
Yes, we are still eagerly waiting on God for Him to sell our house and reunite us together as a family. We cannot wait for that day to come. We have had some interest and showings on the house but no offers yet. Please continue to pray for the right buyer and for God to sell this home quickly. It has definitely been difficult at times being away from each other but God is good and gracious and has been growing us to be more like Him during this time. We are so grateful for the notes, prayers, and words of encouragement from each of you that God has used to help us through. This is just a small sacrifice God has asked us to

W a i t i n g
(Krysten) to continue to raise support and share the ministry of GFA with others. Please continue to pray that I would be faithful and bold and share the need. God has blessed us with more support and we are continually thanking Him for all of you that give so generously financially and through your prayers. Your sacrifice is making a tremendous difference, not only in us but in the lives of many in Asia. We pray you have had a blessed start to the New year and we look forward to sharing more with you as God continues to use us at Gospel for Asia to reach the lost world!

make compared to those of our missionaries on the field who give their lives to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

May we always be worthy of the call God has placed on our lives and to trust Him wherever He leads even in those tough times. The exciting part is that God has used this time for me

K i d s
I figured it would be fun to update you on the kiddos since I have not done it in a while. Andrew and Kira continue to homeschool this year through online streaming with Abeka Academy. They each have

K o r n e r
but it has been a great teaching time for them to pray and trust God for the answers even when they dont come as quick as we would like. It is our prayer that our kids would see Gods glory revealed even through the difficult times.

completed almost 3 quarters of school and are on target to complete this year in April which is exciting for them to be done early and have a great start to the summer. Please keep them in prayer as they are missing their daddy

P a g e

B e r n e t i c h

B u l l e ti n

W o m e n
She was an intelligent 14-yearold Asian girl with a very bright future. But Sena, like many women in Asia, was merely considered a toy for men to use. She faced harassment, was stalked and subjected to lewd comments and indecent exposure. Finally she was thrown to the ground and sexually assaulted by a group of men. Neighbors saw it happenand did nothing. TORMENTED and unable to bear the humiliation, Sena turned to the only escape she

R e a c h i n g

W o m e n

knew SUICIDE. JALEMWAS HEADED TOWARD THE SAME FATE Her family considered her a curse. As a child, Jalem was forced to perform manual labor. She was beaten, deprived of food and, at times, chained in her room. Why? She was a girl. Jalem also considered suicide as an escape. But she met a GOSPEL FOR ASIA supported missionary She learned of the hope and

dignity she could find in Jesus, and she would never be the same. Suddenly she discovered value that only comes from knowing Christ. Jalem found a family in a loving church. They cared for her and helped her to build a new life. Today she shares how God miraculously changed her life with other hopeless women. She serves as a missionary, dedicated to reaching other Asian women as desperate as she once was.

Women Reaching Women

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D a v e

Hi Guys and Gals, We have a request to ask of you. We would love to have a list of all of your Birthdays and Anniversaries. We would love to know more about you and be able to share with you on your special days!! Please send us an e-mail or write us

S p e c i a l

R e q u e s t
and please know we continue to pray for and love each one of you for sharing your lives, prayers, and finances with us. You are a blessing, not only to us but to so many in Asia!!

to let us know everyone in your familys special day. We are sorry for missing out on some of the January and February birthdays that have already passed but we hope if you celebrated a special day, that you had a wonderful one this year and we will definitely catch you next year . Thanks

Dauid and Krysten Bernetich ;@> Southport Dr Summeruille, SC <9>8= Mobile: (D)843-819-5599 and (K)843-819-??98 E-mail: Financial Contributions: Gospel for Asia - ;800 Golden Trail Ct. Carrollton, TX :?0;0 (include Dauid and Krysten Bernetich-#@==> in memo)

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