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Essays prostho Selection and arrangement of posterior teeth for complete denture partient Methods of imppression for making

distal extention situation in partially edentulous mouth Various ways to manage a flat mandibular ridge case in cd Post insertion problems in cd patients management* Prepration of tooth for reciving full metal crown Major connector with detail in mandi major conn Balanced occlusion significance and factors aff Principles of tooth prepration** Jaw relations centric significance and methods of recording it Surveyor parts and step to step procedure in surverying Impression impression in CD Removable partial denture direct retainer in RPD Stress equalization in kennedy in class1 and 2 Articulators types. Detail about semi adjustable FPD types selection care of prosthesis Prepration of abutment teeth for partial veneer crown Retention stability and support in CD and factores influencing Indirect retainer reasons and requiremnets

Shortnotes Laws of articulation Posterior palatal seal area recording Abutment mouth prepration RPD Designing of rpd in kennedy class2 Cervical finish line in fpd Implant supported fixed prosthesis Theories of impression making Anterior teeeth selection Physiologic rest porition and its significance Articulators * Significance of incissive papillae Lingualized occlusion Factors affecting balanced occlusion Type of bar retainers in overdentures Advantage oof immediate complete dentures Maxillary major connectors Veneering materials Connectors in FPD Surveryors Prothero cone theory Suck baack porosity Disadvantage of sub gingival finish line Solders for dental cast unit assembly Tooth colored cement for porcelain crowns Tissue condidtioners Selective pressure techniques Facebow Retention in maxillofacial prosthesis Types of implants Overdentures** House palate classification Christensen phenomenon Provisional restoration Luting cements in FPD Ceramics Rests in RPD Rests in FPD Pier abutment Hygenic pontic Surverying lines Types of occlusion in FPD Connector FPD Posterior palatal seal Dentogenic concept Ind and con of relining and rebasing Materials for maxillofacial prosteheis Posterior tooth form

Hinge axis Factors affecting complete dentrure retention Osseointegration Maxillary anatomic landmarks Clasification of partiall edentulous arches Kellys combination syndrome Maxillary major connector Physiologic impressioon Casting defect Disadvantage of partial veneer crown Reversible hydrocoloid Minor connectors Shade selection Preprosthetic surgery Mental attitudes of patients Obturators Parts of implants Final impression in CD Polished surface Realiff effect Pontics Finish lines in FPD Abutment selection Impressiion material in FPD Tensofriction Retraction cord Reciprocation in RPD Antes law Enameloplasty in RPD Vestibuloplasty Trial denture Interocclusal recording media Buccal shelf area Neutral zone Laboratory remounting Direct indirect retention Die spacer Shoulder Fulcrum line Cerestore Ring clasp tripodding principles of teeth arrangement drawbacks of single complete dentures obturators atmospheric pressure cuspless teeth clinical remounting

immediate patial denture block out procedure in cast partial denture ginigival retrraction chamfer dicor half and half cusp stress breaker metallic denture bases gothic arch tracing ration of balanced occlusion u shaped or horse shoe shaped connector major gingival approaching clasp adhesive brigdes disadvantages of ridgelo types pontic implant material selective grinding of teeth freeway space epulis fissuratum incisal guidance selection of posterior teeth** RPI system Problems encountered in single denture construction Condylar guidance Siignificance of recording centric occlusion Akers clasp Pontic design and selection Anatomic articulators Try in procedures Non anatomical Ring clasp Partial veneer clasp Prcelain teeth Vertical dimension Selection of anterior theeth Metal ceramic crown Dowel crown Splints Primary stress bearing areas Soldering and its implication and procedures Disad of stress breakers Combinatin clasp Pain control in tooth prepation for retainer prosthesis Double impression tech in FPD Selective compression theory Surgical splints Signiface of retromolar pad

Orientation jaw relation Mouth prepration in RPD Pascals law Maryland briges Stress breaker Direct retainer in rPD Instruction of CD Functional occlusal rests Axio proximal grooves Applegates