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(480P) (4:3 stretched)

1. The Journey Begins

2. Stranded

3. More Than Human

4. Nectar

5. Cave of Fear

6. Salvation

7. Blood Lust

8. Out of Time

9. Paradise Found

10. The Beast Within

11. Creatures of the Dark

12. Tribute

13. Absolute Power

14. Camelot

15. Unnatural Selection

16. Time After Time

17. Prodigal Father

18. BirthRight

19. Resurrection

20. Prophecy

21. The Chosen One

22. Barbarians At The Gate


1. All or Nothing

2. Amazons

3. Tourist Season

4. Divine Right

5. Stone Cold

6. Skin Deep

7. London Calling

8. The Prisoner

9. The Games

10. The Source

11. Trophies

12. Voodoo Queen

13. The Guardian

14. Under Pressure

15. Quality of Mercy

16. The Outlaw

17. Mark of The Beast

18. Survivors

19. The Pirate's Curse

20. The Visitor

21. A Man of Vision

22. Into The Fire

(720 x 480) (16:9)

1. Out of the Blue

2. The Travelers

3. Eye for an Eye

4. True Spirit

5. The Knife

6. Fire In The Sky

7. Dead Man's Hill

8. Hollow Victory

9. A Witch's Calling

10. Brothers In Arms

11. Ice Age

When a blindingly bright meteor strikes the Plateau, Challenger, Roxton and Marguerite set out to investigate the impact site. But the closer they get, the colder the temperature becomes. As the explorers turn back they discover what appears to be a victim of the intense cold, a young blue-skinned woman, unconscious and nearly frozen.

12. The End Game Roxton narrowly escapes a jungle ambush only to learn that he has apparently cheated death once too often. In the guise of a dark seductress, the Grim Reaper is determined to add his soul to her collection. Transported to her domain, a bleak and desolate wasteland, Roxton must face a series of challenges if he hopes to get out alive. And to make the game more interesting, death raises the stakes by putting the lives of his friends on the line as well.

13. Phantoms Alone in the jungle, Veronica hears piano music and follows it to its source, a 19th century German village that has suddenly appeared in a fog choked valley. To her surprise, the handsome musician, Thomas Ducart, announces that he wrote the beautiful melody for her.

14. The Secret A mysterious visitor attacks Veronica, leaving an enigmatic ivory tile as his calling card. But when Marguerite fins the tile, she hides it from the others because only she knows what it means. One of the deepest secrets of her past has finally caught up with her and now endangers her life and those of her friends.

15. Finn

Challenger constructs a machine to send the explorers back to London, but they find themselves in the same place they started from... except for the addition of slavers with automatic weapons and stripped-down cars. They are now in the year 2033, eighteen years after an apocalyptic war devastated Earth.

16. Suspicion When a lost archaeological expedition discovers a mysterious burial urn, the young student who opens it suddenly collapses in convulsions. Though she quickly recovers, Professor Hamilton, the expedition's leader, suspects she's contracted a disease from the urn's skeletal remains. He believes that's the only rational explanation for the inscription on the urn, warning that an evil demon is imprisoned within.

17. The Imposters Challenger, Roxton and Marguerite take Finn to a cave where one year earlier a blinding light opened a doorway to another reality. Once inside, the explorers witness an eerie apparition of a man Finn recognizes and fears.

18. The Elixir Hoping to end starvation, Challenger becomes the first human subject to test his new experimental substitute for food. But his nutritional beverage is not as successful for him as it was for his lab mice, and he quickly becomes obsessed with discovering the reason why. Then obsession leads to madness as Challenger is confronted by two opposing hallucinations.

19. Tapestry When Challenger discovers the wreckage of a World War I transport plane, he's captured by its pilot. Lieutenant Drummond. Drummond has been stranded for

five years since the crash protecting the plane's cargo, a crate of iridium ingots stolen from the Royal Navy, which prompts him to remember the night five years earlier when he was questioned about the theft by two British intelligence agents working for MI5.

20. Legacy Led by a dream, Veronica touches her mother's pendant to a stone monolith. A flash of mysterious energy knocks her unconscious, causing her to relive her last days with her long-lost parents as a young girl. When she awakes, she's shocked to realize her new memories don't match what she's always remembered.

21. Trapped An explosion traps Marguerite and Roxton in an underground chamber, and their only hope for escape is Challenger... but the same explosion has left him with no memory of who he is or what has happened to his friends.

22. Heart of the Storm