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All these codes are for the English version of Pokemon Yellow.

If you find that a code doesn't work, please tell me and I will take it down, since all of them haven't been tested. When using Gameshark codes, you run the risk of deleting your saved game, so use them at your own risk.

Fight Any Pokemon

01XXD7CF Replace the XX with the Pokemon number you want 01 - Rhydon 02 Kangaskhan 03 - Nidoran (M) 04 - Clefairy 05 - Spearow 06 - Voltorb 07 - Nidoking 08 - Slowbro 09 - Ivysaur 0A Exeggutor 0B - Lickitung 0C Exeggcute 0D - Grimer 0E - Gengar 0F - Nidoran (F) 10 Nidoqueen 11 - Cubone 12 - Rhyhorn 13 - Lapras 14 - Arcanine 27 - Graveler 28 - Chansey 29 - Machoke 2A - Mr. Mime 2B Hitmonlee 2C Hitmonchan 2D - Arbok 2E - Parasect 2F - Psyduck 30 - Drowzee 31 - Golem 32 Missingno. 33 - Magmar 34 - Mankey 35 Electabuzz 36 Magneton 37 - Koffing 38 Missingno. 39 Missingno. 4D - Meowth 4E - Krabby 4F Missingno. 50 Missingno. 51 Missingno. 52 - Vulpix 53 Ninetales 54 - Pikachu 55 - Raichu 56 Missingno. 57 Missingno. 58 - Dratini 59 Dragonair 5A - Kabuto 5B Kabutops 5C - Horsea 5D - Seadra 5E 73 Missingno. 74 - Dodrio 75 Primeape 76 - Dugtrio 77 Venomoth 78 Dewgong 79 Missingno. 7A Missingno. 7B Caterpie 7C Metapod 7D Butterfree 7E Machamp 7F Missingno. 80 - Golduck 81 - Hypno 9A - Venusaur 9B Tentacruel 9C Missingno. 9D - Goldeen 9E - Seaking 9F Missingno. A0 Missingno. A1 Missingno. A2 Missingno. A3 - Ponyta A4 - Rapidash A5 - Rattata A6 - Raticate A7 - Nidorino A8 - Nidorina A9 - Geodude AA - Porygon AB Aerodactyl AC -

15 - Mew 16 - Gyarados 17 - Shellder 18 Tentacool 19 - Gastly 1A - Scyther 1B - Staryu 1C - Blastoise 1D - Pinsir 1E - Tangela 1F Missingno. 20 Missingno. 21 - Growlithe 22 - Onix 23 - Fearow 24 - Pidgey 25 - Slowpoke 26 - Kadabra

3A - Seel 3B - Diglett 3C - Tauros 3D Missingno. 3E Missingno. 3F Missingno. 40 Farfetch'd 41 - Venonat 42 - Dragonite 43 Missingno. 44 Missingno. 45 Missingno. 46 - Doduo 47 - Poliwag 48 - Jynx 49 - Moltres 4A - Articuno 4B - Zapdos 4C - Ditto

Missingno. 5F Missingno. 60 Sandshrew 61 Sandslash 62 - Omanite 63 - Omastar 64 Jigglypuff 65 Wigglytuff 66 - Eevee 67 - Flareon 68 - Jolteon 69 Vaporeon 6A - Machop 6B - Zubat 6C - Ekans 6D - Paras 6E Poliwhirl 6F Poliwrath 70 - Weedle 71 - Kakuna 72 - Beedrill

82 - Golbat 83 Mewtwo 84 - Snorlax 85 Magikarp 86 Missingno. 87 Missingno. 88 - Muk 8A - Kingler 8B Cloyster 8C Missingno. 8D Electrode 8E - Clefable 8F - Weezing 90 - Persian 91 Marowak 92 Missingno. 93 - Haunter 94 - Abra 95 Alakazam 96 Pidgeotto 97 - Pidgeot 98 - Starmie 99 Bulbasaur

Missingno. AD Magnemite AE Missingno. AF Missingno. B0 Charmander B1 - Squirtle B2 Charmeleon B3 - Wartortle B4 - Charizard B5 Missingno. B6 Missingno. B7 Missingno. B8 Missingno. B9 - Oddish BA - Gloom BB Vileplume BC Bellsprout BD Weepinbell BE Victreebel

Infinite Items

01281ED3 Although it will say forty as long as you have the Gameshark in it will stay at forty and never moves decrease. When you take out the Gameshark it will your item will start decreasing from 40.

Steal A Trainers Pokemon

01056D0 Make sure your Gameshark is off, when you're at the battle scene, turn it on. When you see the Pokemon you want from the trainer, turn your Gameshark on, and catch you're opponents Pokemon with your Pokeball. Turn your Gameshark off after, or your game will have a 70% getting deleted!

Surf without a Pokemon

01077BCF This Gameshark code will get you to Surf without a Pokemon! You can buy this at any Pokemart for $0. This may effect the elevator menus, but when you turn off this code the elevator menu returns to normal. To surf without a Pokemon: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Go to any where which has water and face to the water. Press 'Start' and a menu will pop-up Go to the items menu Go to '?????' Exit all menus by pressing 'B' You should be now surfing without a Pokemon. This code will help you not to delete any powerful attacks.

Float on Air

This code might mess up your game if you save it after he is floating on air-for this code to work you have to jump off a curve.

No Clipping
010A13D7 Jump off a cliff and and this codes will let Ash float anywhere.

Infinite Money
Enter all the values to have infinite money 019946D3 019947D3 019948D3

Buy Anything in any PokeMart

01XX7BCF 1. Replace the XX with the number of the Item you want. 2. Have up to 4 different items you want. XX 01 02 03 04 05 06 08 09 0A Item Master Ball Ultra Ball Great Ball PokeBall Town Map Bicycle Safari Ball Pokedex Moon Stone Price 0 1200 200 200 0 0 0 0 0

0B 0C 0D 0E 0F 10 11 12 13 14 1D 1E 1F 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 2A 2B

Antidote Burn Heal Ice Heal Awakening Paralyze Heal Full Restore Max Potion Hyper Potion Super Potion Potion Escape Rope Repel Old Amber Fire Stone Thunder Stone Water Stone HP Up Protein Iron Carbos Calcium Rare Candy Dome Fossil Helix Fossil Secret Key

100 250 250 200 200 3000 2500 1500 700 300 550 350 0 2100 2100 2100 9800 9800 9800 9800 9800 4800 0 0 0

2D 2E 2F 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 3A 3B 3C 3D 3E 3F 40 41 42 43 44 45

Bike Voucher X Accuracy Leaf Stone Card Key Nugget PP UP PokeDoll Full Heal Revive Max Revive Guard Spec Super Repel Max Repel Dire Hit Coin Fresh Water Soda Pop Lemonade S.S. Ticket Gold Teeth X Attack X Defend X Speed X Special Coin Case

0 950 2100 0 10000 9800 1000 600 1500 4000 700 500 700 650 10 200 300 350 0 0 500 550 350 350 0

46 47 48 49 4A 4B 4C 4D 4E 4F 50 51 52 53 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 CA CB CC CD CE

Oak's Parcel Item Finder Silph Scope PokeFlute Lift Key Exp. All Old Rod Good Rod Super Rod PP Up Ether Max Ether Elixer Max Elixer HM01 - Cut HM02 - Fly HM03 - Surf HM04 - Strength HM05 - Flash TM01 - Mega Punch TM02 - Razor Wind TM03 - Swords Dance TM04 - Whirlwind TM05 - Mega Kick TM06 - Toxic

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10104 10104 10104 10104 10104 3000 2000 2000 1000 3000 4000

CF D0 D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 D7 D8 D9 DA DB DC DD DE DF E0 E1 E2 E3 E4 E5 E6 E7

TM07 - Horn Drill TM08 - Body Slam TM09 - Take Down TM10 - Double-Edge TM11 - Bubble Beam TM12 - Water Gun TM13 - Ice Beam TM14 - Blizzard TM15 - Hyper Beam TM16 - Pay Day TM17 - Submission TM18 - Counter TM19 - Seismic Toss TM20 - Rage TM21 - Mega Drain TM22 - Solar Beam TM23 - Dragon Rage TM24 - Thunderbolt TM25 - Thunder TM26 - Earthquake TM27 - Fissure TM28 - Dig TM29 - Psychic TM30 - Teleport TM31 - Mimc

2000 4000 3000 4000 2000 1000 4000 5000 5000 5000 3000 2000 3000 2000 5000 5000 5000 2000 5000 4000 5000 2000 4000 1000 2000


TM32 - Double Team TM33 - Reflect TM34 - Bide TM35 - Metronome TM36 - Self Destruct TM37 - Egg Bomb TM38 - Fire Blast TM39 - Swift TM40 - Skull Bash TM41 - Softboiled TM42 - Dreameater TM43 - Sky Attack TM44 - Rest TM45 - Thunder Wave TM46 - Psywave TM47 - Explosion TM48 - Rock Slide TM49 - Tri Attack TM50 - Substitute TM51 - Cut TM52 - Fly TM53 - Surf TM54 - Strength TM55 - Flash

1000 1000 2000 4000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 4000 2000 5000 2000 2000 4000 3000 4000 4000 2000 0 0 0 0 0


Play Music Backwards: 018908C0 Make the S.S. Anne Come Back: 01001208 Fly Anywhere You Want: 01FF0AD7 + 01FF0BD7 Pacific Pikachu: 013972D1 + 015563D1 Have all badges: 01FF55D3 Infinite Casino Coins: 0199A3D5 + 0199A4D5 Infinite Safari Balls: 016446DA Protect Status: 010017D0 No Random Battles: 01033BD1 Never Miss and More Critical Hits: 01FFDC5F
Name Description Found Price ANTIDOTE Cures poison PokeMart Virdian Forest 100 AWAKENING Cures sleep PokeMart Pokemon Tower 250 BICYCLE Allows you to travel faster Cerulean Bike Shop 1 million BIKE VOUCHER Used to get a FREE Bike Vermillion Pokemon Fan Club BURN HEAL Heals burns PokeMart 250 CALCIUM Increases Special level Silph Co. Route 13 Pokemon Mansion Celadon Department Store 9800 CARBOS Increases Speed level Silph Co. Safari Zone Power Plant Pokemon Mansion Celadon Department Store 9800 CARD KEY Unlocks Silph Co. doors Silph Co. 5th Floor COIN Slot Machine money Game Corner 50 COIN CASE Holds coins Celadon 'Resturant' DIRE HIT Increases attack effectiveness Celadon Department Store DOME FOSSIL Changes into Kabuto Mt. Moon ELIXER Gives 10 PP to all Attacks Pokemon Tower ESCAPE ROPE Used to escape an area Pokemart Mt. Moon Game Corner Pokemon Tower Silph Co. Pokemon Mansion 550 ETHER Gives 10 PP to one Ability Different Areas S.S. Anne EXP. ALL Shares experience points Route 15 FIRE STONE Evolves some Fire Pokemon Celadon Department Store 2100 FRESH WATER

Quenches thirsts Restores 50 HP Celadon Department Store Roof 200 FULL HEAL Cures any ailments PokeMart Silph Co. Victory Road 600 FULL RESTORE Cures any ailments Restores all HP PokeMart Safari Zone Pokemon Mansion 2 in Cerulean Cave 3000 GOLD TEETH Helps Warden to Speak Safari Zone GOOD ROD Used to fish Fuchsia City GREAT BALL More Effective than a Pokeball PokeMart S.S. Anne 600 GUARD SPEC. Disables Special Attacks Celadon Department Store Victory Road 700 HELIX FOSSIL Changes into Omanyte Mt. Moon HP UP Increases HP by 1 Route 2 Mt. Moon Game Corner Celadon Department Store Pokemon Tower Silph Co. Power Plant HYPER POTION Restores 200 HP PokeMart Game Corner Silph Co. 1500 ICE HEAL Heals frozen Pokemon PokeMart 250 IRON Increases Defense level Game Corner Route 12 Pokemon Mansion Celadon Department Store 9800 ITEM FINDER Finds Hidden Items Route 11 LEAF STONE Evolves some Grass Pokemon Celadon Department Store 2100 LEMONADE Quenches thirst Restores 80 HP Celadon Department Store Roof 350 LIFT KEY Activates Game Corner Elevator Game Corner MASTER BALL Catches Pokemon 100% of time Silph Co. MAX ELIXER Restores all PP Various Areas Cerulean Cave MAX ETHER Restores all PP of 1 ability Various Areas S.S. Anne MAX POTION Restores all HP PokeMart S.S. Anne 2 in Safari Zone

Pokemon Mansion 2500 MAX REPEL Prevents wild Pokemon from attacking PokeMart 700 MAX REVIVE Revives Restores all HP Silph Co. Safari Zone Victory Road Cerulean Cave MOON STONE Evolves some Pokemon 2 in Mt. Moon Route 2 Game Corner Pokemon Mansion NUGGET Sold for Nugget Bridge Game Corner Pokemon Tower Safari Zone Cerulean Cave OAK'S PARCEL Exchange for Pokedex Virdian City-PokeMart OLD AMBER Changes into Aerodactyl Pewter City-Museum OLD ROD Fish for Magicarp Vermillion City PARALYZE HEAL Heals Paralysis PokeMart 200 POKBALL Lowest odds of catching Pokemon PokeMart Viridian Forest 200 POKDEX Records Pokemon Data Pallet Town POKDOLL Distracts Opponents Makes girls happy Celadon Department Store 1000 POKFLUTE Wakes sleeping Pokemon Pokemon Tower POTION Restores 20 HP PokeMart Pallet Town Route 1 Viridian City Viridian Forest 2 in Mt. Moon 300 PP UP Increases PP by 1 Various Areas Cerulean Cave PROTEIN Increases Attack level Celadon Department Store Silph Co. Route 13 Safari Zone 9800 RARE CANDY Increases Exp Level by 1 Mt. Moon Cerulean City S.S. Anne Game Corner Pokemon Tower Silph Co. Power Plant 5000 Various Areas

Pokemon Mansion Victory Road Cerulean Cave REPEL Prevents wild Pokemon from attacking PokeMart 350 REVIVE Revives fainted Pokemon PokeMart 1500 S.S. TICKET Used to Board S.S. Anne Sea Cottage SAFARI BALL (30) Used in Safari Zone Safari Zone 1000 SECRET KEY Unlocks Cinnabar Island Gym Pokemon Mansion SILPH SCOPE Used to identify Ghosts Game Corner SODA POP Quenches Thirsts Restores 60 HP Celadon Department Store Roof 300 SUPER POTION Restores 50 HP PokeMart Game Corner 700 SUPER REPEL Prevents wild Pokemon from attacking PokeMart 500 SUPER ROD Fishes for Pokemon Route 12 THUNDER STONE Evolves Pikachu Celadon Department Store 2100 TOWN MAP Shows you where you are Rival's House ULTRA BALL Better than Great Balls PokeMart 2 in Cerulean Cave 1200 WATER STONE Evolves some water Pokemon Celadon Department Store 2100 X ACCURACY Boosts Accuracy Temporarily Pokemon Tower Silph Co. Celadon Department Store 950 X ATTACK Boosts Attack Temporarily Celadon Department Store 500 X DEFEND Boosts Defense Temporarily Celadon Department Store 550 X SPECIAL Boosts Special Temporarily Celadon Department Store 350 X SPEED Boosts Speed Temporarily Celadon Department Store 350

Games > Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow > Walkthrough


After a brief introduction to the world of Pokemon, you will be asked for your name along with your rival's name. Once you've entered the appropriate information, you will be transported to your room where your adventure begins. Go downs stairs and then exit the house and head to the grassy area in the north. Before you get a chance to leave the town limits, Professor Oak, the town's expert on Pokemon, will stop you and take you to his lab. Yellow: Oak will go into the field and capture a Pikachu, which you will receive later on. Once inside the lab, Oak will give you a little information on Pokemon and their habits and then he will give you the choice from three starting Pokemon: #152: BULBASAUR (Grass/Poison) If you want an EASY game, choose Bulbasaur. It will have an easier time than anyone else with the Gym Leaders early on in the game, too bad it's a Poison-type.

#155: CHARMANDER (Fire) Charmander is your choice if you're looking for a HARD game. It will have a lot of trouble with the first couple gyms, so you'll have to raise it to a high level.

#158: SQUIRTLE (Water) If you're looking for a MEDIUM game, Squirtle is the Pokemon for you! It will have an easy time against Brock, but Misty and especially Lt. Surge could cause some problems.

Yellow: Instead of a choice between three Pokemon, there is only one Pokeball. When you try and take it though, Gary will knock you out of the way and take it himself. Since you don't have a Pokemon, Oak will give you the Pikachu that he just caught.

Once you have your Pokemon, try to leave the lab. Just as you're about to leave though, Gary will confront you and force you to battle him. The Pokemon he has will be whichever one is strongest against yours. For example if you chose Charmander, he will have Squirtle and so on. Yellow: Gary will have an Eevee no matter what. The battle shouldn't be that hard and all you can basically do is attack. Once the battle is over it is time to exit the lab and start your adventure. Before you leave town though make sure you heal your Pokemon by talking to your mom, who is back in your house.

Yellow: Once the battle with Gary is over, Pikachu will refuse to go back inside its Pokeball. Just like Ash's Pikachu, it will now follow you around outside of the Pokeball. VIRIDIAN CITY Now head north by going to the grassy area you were originally stopped at. Continue going north along Route 1 all the way until you reach Viridian City. On the way you should run into some Pokemon. You can't catch them yet, but you can fight them to build up experience. You can find Pidgey, a Flying-type, and Rattata, a Normal-type Pokemon. If your Pokemon gets hurt or faints, just take him back to your house and your mom will heal him.

When you reach Viridian City head to the Pokemon Mart. The shopkeeper will

give you a package to deliver to Professor Oak. Take it to Oak and he will give you the Pokedex. The best way to get to Oak is to jump down all the ledges to save time. You give Oak the package because a man will block the path out of town until you complete it. The Pokedex will tell you all the Pokemon you have seen or captured. Also make sure you talk to Gary's sister despite his last comment and you'll receive the Town Map. Now go back to the Pokemon Mart in Viridian City and stock up on items. You should get a few Poke Balls so you can catch pokemon, and maybe an antidote or two so you can cure poison. You also might want to head south again to catch the Rattata and Pidgey. This is totally optional, but if you want to, you can head west of Viridian City onto Route 22. If you continue far enough along it, you'll encounter your rival Gary. Make sure your Pokemon are at a high level before battling him since he's pretty tough. After the battle make sure to check out some of the different Pokemon and maybe even catch a few for your team.

You can't really do that much in Viridian City since the Gym is closed, so head north along Route 2 until you arrive at a building that leads you to Viridian Forest. In the forest you can find a bunch of different Pokemon depending on your version. Make sure you catch as many as possible and

avoid catching a Metapod since all it knows is Harden. You should try to capture and build up as many different kinds as you can. There are also many rival Pokemon trainers in the forest, so try and gain as much experience as you can for your Pokemon. Some of the trainers Pokemon are pretty tough, so it would be a good idea to build up one of your Pokemon to a high level so you can beat them. As you travel the forest you can find a Potion, an Antidote, and a Poke Ball. If you keep heading north, you should eventually find the way out to Pewter City. PEWTER CITY There is a bunch of stuff to see in Pewter City. There is a Museum, a Pokemon Center, a Pokemon Mart, and the first Pokemon Gym. Check out the city, then head over to the Gym. There are two rival trainers to fight, including one named Brock. Brock is the leader of the Gym,

and if you want to challenge him, you have to go through one his friends. Before you take on Brock, make sure your Pokemon are at least at Level 17 and make sure to have some Potions to heal your Pokemon. If you have Pikachu as your starter, this battle will be nearly impossible, so make sure you have some Pokemon to back you up like a Water-type, a Grass-type or Butterfree for that matter. Brock has two Rock-type Pokemon, a Geodude at Level 12, and an Onix at Level 14. When you beat him you will recieve the Boulder Badge. It raises all of your Pokemon's attack power a little. You will also receive TM34 Bide, which deals back double the damage you receive while you get beat up for a few turns. Yellow: Brock will have only a Level 10 Geodude, and a Level 12 Onix. MT. MOON After you are ready to move on, heal your Pokemon and head east out of town. On the way to Mt. Moon there are a whole bunch of rival trainers. They

aren't nearly as strong as Brock, but they still can be tough. You can also find two new Pokemon on the way to Mt. Moon. There is the Jigglypuff, a Normal-type Pokemon, and a Spearow, a Flying-type. Keep on going to reach Mt. Moon. Before you enter make sure to visit the Poke Center to heal up your Pokemon. You might also be interested to know that you can get a Magikarp there for $500. That may sound like a lot, but remember that a Pokeball costs $200, plus when Magikarp becomes Gyarados you'll have one of the best Pokemon in the game. In Mt. Moon there are many things to get. There are many rival trainers in the mountain, and some of them belong to Team Rocket, a group of evil Pokemon trainers. The items you can find are two Potions, a Rare Candy, an Escape Rope, a Moon Stone, TM12 Water Gun, TM01 Mega Punch, and HP Up. Explore the entire area of Mt. Moon until you get all the items you want, then head for the exit where you'll be stopped by a member of Team Rocket. Defeat him and you'll have the choice between the Dome fossil and the Helix fossil. The Dome will later earn you Kabuto and the Helix, Omanyte. You must trade in order to get both logged onto your Pokedex. After this grueling adventure, you'll find yourself on Route 4 heading toward Cerulean City. Route 4 is pretty straight forward so just continue along (and make sure to pick up TM04 Whirlwind) until you come across Ceruelean City. CERULEAN CITY Now that you're in Cerulean City, there are a bunch of places to go to in the city, including a bike shop. You won't be able to buy the bike since you can never carry enough money, but don't worry you can come back and get one later on. Now head over to the Pokemon Gym. Here you will challenge the leader, Misty, once you get through

two other trainers. Misty has two Water-type Pokemon; a

Staryu at Level 18 and a Starmie at Level 21. Make sure your Pokemon are at least their level or higher, especially if you chose Charmander. Any Grass or Electric-type Pokemon will tackle Misty's water Pokemon with ease. After you beat her you will get TM11 Bubblebeam and the Cascade Badge. This badge will allow you to use the Cut ability once you have the HM and it also makes Pokemon up to Level 30 obey your every command. Yellow: To receive Bulbasaur make sure that Pikachu is really happy by not letting it faint and using it in a lot of battles. Once it's at a high enough happiness level, head over to Melanie's hut, which is right beside the Pokemon Center. Say you'll take care of Bulbasaur, and it's yours! Now head north of Cerulean, but you won't get far since as you approach the bridge, you will have your second battle with Gary. Gary has a Level 18 Pidgeotto, a Level 15 Abra, a Level 15 Ratatta, and a Level 17 starter. After defeating his four Pokemon, you will have to fight 6 trainers guarding the bridge. You may have to visit the PokeCenter several times, but in the end you'll be rewarded with a Nugget. At the top of Route 24 you'll find a TM45 Thunder Wave. Yellow: Charmander is easy to get, just get passed the Nugget Bridge in Cerulean City. Up and to the left is Damian standing next to a Pokeball. Respond "Yes" to his question to get Charmander. The grass along both Routes 24 and 25 contain new Pokemon. These are Abra and Oddish or Bellsprout. There are some more trainers along these routes, one of whom seems to be guarding an item. Approach him from at least 3 paces below so that you can sneak behind and get the item without having to wait and use the Cut ability. Inside the house at the end of Route 25 lives a strange fellow by the name of Bill. Help him become his normal self again and he'll reward you with a Ticket to the S.S. Anne. Leave the house and then return, checking out his computer terminal. You'll be able to add Eevee and its evolutions to your Pokedex. Now head back to Cerulean using the

shortcut below Bill's house. The police officer will now have moved out of the doorway of the house above the gym. You will run into a Team Rocket grunt who stole the man inside the house's TM28 Dig. After defeating him, the man in the house will let you keep the TM as a sign of appreciation. Head back through the back of his house and begin your travel down Route 5. By leaping over the ledges, you will find grass with new Pokemon inside, Meowth, Mankey, Jigglypuff, or Abra. You'll eventually reach a house which you'll discover is a Pokemon daycare. You can leave a Pokemon there to gain Levels, for a small fee of course. Careful though, it may learn and lose skills you didn't want, but that's the risk you take. The entrance to Saffron City is closed so you'll have to detour through the Underground Path to Route 6. Route 6 has 6 trainers waiting to fight but you can get by with fighting only 2 if you want. There's a lot of grass but no new Pokemon. Head to Vermilion City since once again the entrance to Saffron is closed. VERMILION CITY Vermilion City will keep you busy for awhile with all of the running around you must do. The top-left house contains the Old Rod which will enable you to catch Magikarp. Going down, you'll find 2 houses to the left. The 1st has a man willing to trade a Farfetch'd for a Spearow (Red & Blue only). The 2nd has a talkative man who in the end gives you a Voucher for a free bike from Cerulean! Go back to Cerulean and get the bike at the bike shop and then travel back in style. Next, head south to the docks where the S.S. Anne is having a party. Make sure you have the ticket Bill gave you and be ready for a lot of Pokemon battles. Yellow: To get Squirtle you must have gotten the Thunderbadge already from Lt. Surge. Go talk to Jenny in the middle of Vermilion and Respond "Yes" to her question to get the Turltle-like Pokemon.

Don't be fooled by the size of the S.S. Anne, it's a very large ship as you'll soon discover. If you search each room, you'll find not only trainers, but many items as well. Before you can reach the captain's cabin on the 2nd floor, Gary shows up tougher than ever. Gary has a Level 19 Pidgeotto, a Level 16 Raticate, a Level 18 Kadabra, and an evolved Level 20 starter. Yellow: Gary will have a team consisting of a Level 19 Spearow, a Level 16 Rattata, a Level 18 Sandshrew, and a Level 20 Eevee. After beating Gary, the captain will give you the HM01 Cut for making him feel better. Sadly enough, the S.S. Anne has to move on when you exit the ship. Now that you have Cut, you have access to the Gym in Vermilion, so go there and cut down the bush blocking the path to the Gym. Once you're inside, you'll find some of Surge. To open the gate leading to Surge you must search inside the barrels around the room. There are 2 switches inside them, which move randomly each time you find one and not the other. The 2nd switch is always either above, beside, or below the 1st one. This is a very frustrating puzzle so try to be patient, and you'll Lt. Surge's goons are stationed throughout the gym.

Remember, they like to use Electric-type Pokemon just like their mentor

eventually solve the puzzle. To help defeat Surge, go to Diglett's Cave. There you can catch a high level Dugtrio with Dig that can obliterate all of Surge's Pokemon before seeing what hit him. If you have either Blue or Yellow, you could catch a Sandshrew to take on Surge's Electric Pokemon. Surge has a Level 21 Voltorb, Level 18 Pikachu, and a Level 24 Raichu. Yellow: Just like on the anime, Surge only has a Raichu. Its at Level 29, so make sure you have some Pokemon to take it out. Once you beat Surge, he'll give you his Thunder Badge and TM24 Thunderbolt. This badge allows you to use the Fly ability once you get the correct HM. DIGLETT'S CAVE Now head over to Diglett's Cave (once again) and travel through it until you arrive back at Route 2. This time you'll be on the part of Route 2 that you couldn't access before, but since you can now, there are a few things you can do. If you head south, you can find two houses. In the first house a guy is trying to trade a Mr. Mime for an Abra (Red & Blue) or a Clefairy (Yellow). The next house has one of Professor Oak's Aides in it. If you've collected 10 or more Pokemon he will give you HM05 Flash. After that house you can find a Moon Stone and an HP Up in Pokeballs. Now it's time to go back to Route 11. Route 11 is mostly grass and Pokemon trainers. There is a new Pokemon in the grass, Drowzee. There are 10 trainers waiting to test your skills as a Pokemon trainer. Above the building is one of Professor Oak's Aides who if you have 30 Pokemon will give you the Item Finder, which will locate hidden items. When you exit the building to Route 12 you'll see that a Snorlax is blocking your path so you'll have to head back to Cerulean City. Once there if you go through the Robbed House and then go East instead of going South you'll be on your way to Route 9. You'll find 9 trainers, but you'll have to fight 3 no

matter what. Next is Route 10, where at the top you'll notice a gap in the wall letting you fish in the water. Later, with the Surf ability, you'll be able to travel on the water to get to the Power Plant below. You're now ready to enter the Rock Tunnel after making a stop by the PokeCenter and teaching the Flash ability to one of your Pokemon. The Rock Tunnel, like Mt. Moon, is huge on the inside. There are no items inside, only new Pokemon and trainers. For some reason you run into more Pokemon in here, usually averaging a fight every 8-10 steps if not less. Repel will help solve this problem, but shouldn't be used until after capturing the new Pokemon. If you haven't used the Flash ability, you'll notice that you can barely see the outlines of walls let alone trainers. There are 15 trainers throughout the cave and they can be a challenge after fighting all of those wild Pokemon. Upon exiting the cave, you'll find 4 more trainers and another rock with an item hidden inside. Head south toward Lavender Town when you're ready. LAVENDER TOWN Lavender Town is very small and you'll soon find that there's not much you can do here now. There is something new, though. There's a man willing to let you change some of your Pokemons' names. The tower is haunted by ghost Pokemon who you can't see without a Silph Scope. Inside you'll find items, new Pokemon, trainers, and Gary. At the top of the tower (not accessible until you get the Silph Scope) is a man named Fuji who will give you a Pokeflute which will awaken sleeping Pokemon in and out of battle. Use it to awaken the Snorlax blocking your way, but make sure you capture them! Head left after getting the items in the tower toward Route 8. Route 8 has 9 trainers and new Pokemon, Growlithe, Vulpix or Kadabra. You must take the Underground Path since the entrance to Saffron is still closed. Use the Item Finder to find a Nugget inside the path. Once you're at Route 7,

there isn't much to do. If the Guards are still thirsty it's time to go to Celadon City. CELADON CITY The store in Celadon City is the largest in the game by far. Spanning 6 floors, it's no wonder it has an elevator! They sell your basic PokeMart items, TMs, Evolution Stones, and Ability Increasers (both temporary and permanent). On the 3rd floor you'll get TM18 Counter and a hint as to how to get Graveler to evolve into Golem. The 6th floor has refreshment machines and a very thirsty little girl. Buy all 3 drinks and an extra Fresh Water to give to those thirsty Saffron entrance guards. Give the other refreshments to the thirsty little girl and in return she'll give you a TM13 Ice Beam, TM48 Rock Slide, and TM49 Tri Attack. The huge mansion to the left of the department store has a secret entrance in the rear. Inside you will find an Eevee. If you go in the front, you will find the game's programmers, one of which will tell you to return after getting all 150 Pokemon. The house directly under the Game Corner has a man who will give you a Coin Case which will allow you to carry coins and purchase Pokemon and TMs at the prize station by the Game Corner. The house by the Game Corner is accessible only by Surfing across the water. The man in front of it will give you TM41 Softboiled for your troubles though. Now head for the Game Corner to battle some Team Rocket members. Red Abra Clefairy 180 500 Blue Abra Clefairy 120 750 Yellow Abra Vulpix 230 1000

Nidorina 1200 Nidorino 1200 Wigglytuff 2680 Dratini 2800 Pinsir 2500 Scyther 4600 Pinsir 6500 6500

Scyther 5500 Dratini

Porygon 9999 Porygon 6500 Porygon TM 23 TM 15 TM 50 3300 TM 23 5500 TM 15 7700 TM 50 3300 TM 23 5500 TM 15 7700 TM 50

9999 3300 5500 7700

GAME CORNER Inside the Game Corner you can find a total of 250 coins using the Item Finder. Each slot machine has a varying win/loss ratio so be sure to experiment until you get to one you like. At the top of the screen, you'll find a Team Rocket member in front of a poster. Beat him, then search the poster to open a secret entrance to the right. There are 4 floors to the Game Corner's Team Rocket hideout. Check all of the rooms to make sure you get all 12 items from the PokeBalls scattered throughout the place. There are 10 TR members as well as their leader, Giovanni. To open the gates to the elevator, beat the Rocket in the 4th basement and then talk to him afterwards. Now you can go confront Giovanni and recover the Silph Scope. Giovanni has a Level 25 Onix, a Level 24 Rhyhorn, and a Level 29 Kangaskhan. Yellow: Before confronting Giovanni you'll have to battle Jessie and James again. They'll still have Koffing, Meowth and Ekans, but they'll all be at Level 25. Giovanni will have the same team as Red/Blue, except he will have a Level 29 Persian. After leaving the Game Corner, your Pokemon should be strong enough to defeat the local gym leader Erika. She surrounds herself with her understudies, all of which can put up a pretty mean fight. Any Fire or Bug-type Pokemon should do the trick. Erika has a Level 29 Victreebel, a Level 24 Tangela, and a Level 24 Vileplume. Yellow: Erika will have a Level 30 Tangela, a Level 32 Weepinbell, and a Level 32 Gloom.

Erika will give you the Rainbow Badge and TM21 Mega Drain after you beat her. Now Pokemon up to level 50 will obey you and you may use the Strength ability once you get the HM. BACK TO LAVENDER TOWN Next head to Lavender Town where you'll now be able to find new ghost Pokemon and get the Pokeflute. The new Pokemon in the Pokemon Tower are Gastly, Haunter, and Cubone. The Silph. Scope will allow you to see the Ghost Pokemon this time, and capture them. On the second floor of the Tower, you'll meet up with your Rival. He will have a Level 25 Pidgeotto, a Level 23 Gyarados, a Level 22 Growlithe, a Level 20 Kadabra, and a Level 25 starter. Yellow: Gary will have a Level 25 Fearow, a Level 23 Magnemite, a Level 22 Shellder, a Level 20 Sandshrew and a Level 25 starter. After beating him, you can make your way to the top battling Channelers. Once you get to the top floor to rescue Mr. Fuji and gain the Pokeflute, you must beat the ghost of Marowak. After that in Red & Blue you'll fight 3 Team Rocket members. Yellow: You'll battle Jessie and James whose Pokemon are now evolved. They have a Level 27 Meowth, a Level 27 Weezing, and a Level 27 Arbok.

Now head down to Route 16 where, using the Cut ability, you'll find the Fly HM. Now go to the bike path (Routes 17 and 18) to pump your Pokemon up for the fight with Sabrina, the gym leader in Saffron as well as another climatic battle with the forces of Team Rocket. Head into the Watchtower in Route 18 to find a guy trying to trade you a Pokemon. In Red & Blue if you trade him a Slowbro he will trade you a Lickitung. In Yellow, if you trade him a Tangela he will give you a Parasect. After exiting the Watchtower there are 3 Trainers in some wild grass below the Watchtower. After gaining some more experience continue to head towards Saffron City. SAFFRON CITY Many houses in Saffron are guarded by Rocket members, as well as the local gym and they'll only move after you have cleared Silph Co. of its Rocket infestation. Your 1st two stops should be the lower right house in the city and the Fighting-type Pokemon gym. The house has TM29 Psychic, an extremely powerful psychic attack. The Fightingtype Pokemon gym will give your Pokemon exp. and 1 of 2 new Pokemon, Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. Next you should heal and head to Silph Co. for a long and confusing battle.

Silph Co. is composed of 11 floors of teleportastic fun, including 28 trainers and a ton of items. The Card Key is on the 5th floor at the bottom of the screen. There is a Rocket Member guarding the entrance to that hallway and a teleporter in the way. So to get into the hallway you must go into blocking teleporter, then teleport back (so that you're standing on the teleporter). Then go down 1, fight the Team Rocket Member if you have not done so already, and go to the right to get the key after the fight. With it you can open every door in the building. Make sure you get all of the items and fight all of the Rocket members, the battle with Sabrina later will be easier. On the 11th floor you'll find that you can't reach the president of Silph Co. and must somehow warp there. The correct warp pad is on the 3rd floor past the 1st door to the left (Right in the middle of the floor). After rematerializing you'll see that a familiar face is waiting for you. Another annoying battle (not to mention conversation) is about to begin, only now he has some pretty wicked Pokemon, so be prepared because his Pokemon are between Levels 35 and 40. He has a Level 37 Pidgeot, a Level 38 Gyarados, a Level 35 Growlithe, a Level 35 Alakazam, and a Level 40 starter. Yellow: Gary will have a Level 35 Sandslash, a Level 35 Cloyster, a Level 37 Magneton, a Level 35 Kadabra, and a Level 40 Eevee. You'll also have to battle Team Rocket who will have a Level 31 Weezing, a Level 31, and a Level 31 Meowth. After defeating him, talk with the person to your left and they'll give you a Lapras for saving them. Another hop, skip, and warp away and you'll once again run into Giovanni who still remains a pushover when it comes to Water-type Pokemon. He has a Level 37 Nidorino, a Level 35 Kangaskhan, a Level 37 Rhyhorn, and a Level 37 Nidoqueen. Yellow: Giovanni will have a Level 37 Nidorino, a Level 35 Persian, and a Level 41 Nidoqueen. The president will be so grateful for your help, he'll give you a Master Ball, which is guaranteed to catch any Pokemon on the 1st try! Make

sure you don't use it, since you should wait to use it on Mewtwo. After that ordeal, the Rockets will have called for a tactical retreat thereby freeing the town and allowing you entrance to 3 new buildings including the local gym! The top-left house has a girl inside who will give you a TM31 Mimic for a Poke Doll from the Celadon Department Store. The other building isn't anything special so head to the gym after healing your Pokemon. Once in the gym, be sure to try and fight all of Sabrina's psychics. Be ready for some more teleport pads since they're the only way to get around in the gym. Just keep experimenting until you get to Sabrina. She'll field some pretty nasty Psychic-type Pokemon, but your Pokemon should be able to handle the punishment. Any Pokemon with sleep attacks really helps here. Sabrina has a Level 38 Kadabra, a Level 37 Mr. Mime, a Level 38 Venomoth, and a Level 43 Alakazam. Yellow: Sabrina will have a Level 50 Abra, a Level 50 Kadabra, and a Level 50 Alakazam, so be ready for a tough battle! Upon winning, you'll receive TM46 Psywave and the Marsh Badge, which lets you use the Strength ability and makes all Pokemon up to level 70 obey without question. Now you're ready to head to Fuchsia City, traveling along Route 12 now accessible by the Pokeflute. FUCHSIA CITY Route 12 is crowded with 7 fishermen eager to test their newly captured Water-type Pokemon out on you. On your way you'll find Iron and TM16 Pay Day, but you won't be able to get the TM until you can Surf. Eventually you'll run into Snorlax, be sure to catch him or else he'll run away for good (there are only 2 in the game). I suggest saving the game before battling it. Next you'll find a house with a fishing guru inside. He'll give you his Super Rod! Get ready to drown some worms, we're going fishing!! During the course of the game, you'll be able to catch almost every

type of Water Pokemon with this rod. Be sure to fish often and everywhere and you'll eventually catch all that you need to finish with all 150 Pokemon. Round the corner and you'll turn into Route 13. Route 13 has 14 trainers and new Pokemon are to be found. There's also a hidden Calcium to be found amongst this maze of roads. The trainers can give your Pokemon good experience or may cause more of annoyance, so be prepared. Routes 14 and 15 are right around the corner. Routes 14 & 15 have a total of 16 trainers. They are spread out so if you are low on healthy Pokemon you can bypass them all if you go the right way. But you should always level up your Pokemon with Trainers because they'll give you more Exp (and money!) than wild Pokemon. The lookout station between Route 15 and Fuchsia City has another one of Professor Oak's Aides in it. He'll reward you with an Exp. All if you have over 50 Pokemon. Exp. All divides up Experience points to all your Pokemon after a battle even if they didn't do anything. Next, on to Fuchsia City, home of the Safari Zone, and Koga the local Gym Leader. Another fishing guru lives in the bottom-right house who will give you the Good Rod. With this rod you can catch Goldeen and Poliwag. The local gym leader, Koga, is a push-over. Psychic type attacks will leave him powerless in Red & Blue. Fire type attacks should get rid of his flying pests in Yellow. Koga has a Level 37 Koffing, a Level 39 Muk, a Level 37 Koffing, and a Level 43 Weezing. Yellow: Koga will have a Level 44 Venonat, a Level 46 Venonat, a Level 48 Venonat, and a Level 50 Venomoth. Koga will give you TM06 Toxic and the Soul Badge which will let you Surf and increase your Pokemons' defensive power. Next, explore the wonders of the Safari Zone. There you'll find yourself

coming back quite a few times in order to catch all of the Pokemon inside. You'll find tons of items including the HM03 Surf and the Gold Teeth, which need to be returned to the Warden for another HM. The Warden lives beside the fishing guru and will reward you with the HM04 Strength. POWER PLANT It's time to go back and visit the previously inaccessible Power Plant. To get to it go down Route 9 until you come to some water. Surf down it until you arrive at the Power Plant. Be sure to collect all of the items inside, some of them turn out to be Voltorb's evolved form Electrode! You'll encounter Zapdos when you reach the end of the Power Plant. Make sure you have plenty of Great and Ultra balls when you are ready to fight him. Most of all, be sure to save your game before fighting incase you accidentally kill him in the process. Remember, you only have one chance to catch any of the legendary birds, and don't use the Masterball on them!!! After this, you should head down Route 19 towards the Seafoam Islands. Route 19 has many water Pokemon Trainers swimming around waiting for a good match with you. Remember not to tire out your Pokemon fighting these trainers because once you get into Seafoam Island you'll be bombarded by wild Pokemon. Yellow: Route 19 has a special House on the beach where you can surf with your Pikachu. For more information, click here. SEAFOAM ISLAND Don't worry about finding items, there aren't any out in the open. Your main concern is to make sure you push all of the boulders into their perspective holes in order to get through the water without getting swept away by the current. There are 5 rooms in all, and the 2nd legendary bird, Articuno, is in the last room. Once again, use Great or Ultra balls to catch

him. To leave, climb up the ladder at the top-right corner in room 2 by falling through the far-right hole in room 3. Route 20 leads to Cinnabar Island and your next badge! You don't have to go that way to get to Cinnabar though, you can Surf just south of Pallet Town and you'll arrive just fine, but Seafoam is worth it if you want Articuno.

CINNABAR ISLAND The Pokemon lab here is full of surprises. You can trade Pokemon with 3 people. You will also find TM35 Metronome, and best of all, transform your fossils into Pokemon! By leaving the fossil with the professor here and coming back a little later, you'll receive Kabuto or Omanyte depending on which Fossil you choose in Mt. Moon. You can also drop off the Old Amber you got from Pewter City's Museum and get Aerodactyl. Since this will take a little time, explore the Fire Mansion next to the local gym. Inside the mansion you'll find the Gym Key and new Pokemon. The Pokemon Mansion also has a lot of items you can get inside. There are also an abundance of Poison and Fire Pokemon. Once you're inside the Mansion, you'll discover that Mewtwo was genetically engineered in this same facility. After getting your Pokemon from the lab, it's time to pay a visit to Blaine, the local gym leader. When you enter the gym, you will notice that it is filled with a series of doors, each guarded by trainers. You can either open them by answering Pokemon questions at the

computers next to them or by defeating the trainers. I suggest defeating the trainers, otherwise you'll be missing out on a lot of experience points. If not the answers are as follow; Yes, No, No, No, Yes, No. Now the trainers all use Fire-type Pokemon, just like their gym leader. Water-type Pokemon will put out Blaine's flame easily. Blaine has a Level 42 Growlithe, a Level 40 Ponyta, a Level 42 Rapidash, and a Level 47 Arcanine. Yellow: Blaine has a Level 48 Ninetales, a Level 50 Rapidash, and a Level 54 Arcanine. After defeating Blaine, you'll receive his Volcano Badge and a TM38 Fire Blast, the most powerful Fire attack in the game. Next, head up Route 21 and walk around in the grassy area at the end and you'll eventually find Tangela (Red & Blue). Route 21 leads back to your hometown of Pallet. BACK TO PALLET TOWN Say hi to Professor Oak and go visit your house and heal all your Pokemon. What an exciting and exhausting journey this has been. You've finally come full circle, but don't pat yourself on the back quite yet. Where's that final badge? Time to get onto the road to Viridian City! BACK TO VIRIDIAN CITY Remember that empty gym in Viridian? The last Gym Badge is there. Inside you'll find an old and unwelcome face. No, not Gary but that of Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni!!! Water type attacks should render his Rock and Ground Pokemon helpless. Giovanni has a Level 45 Rhyhorn, a Level 42 Dugtrio, a Level 44 Nidoqueen, a Level 45 Nidoking, and a Level 50 Rhydon. Yellow: Giovanni will have a Level 50 Dugtrio, a Level 53 Persian, a

Level 53 Nidoqueen, a Level 55 Nidoking, and a Level 55 Rhydon. You should easily win the Earth Badge and TM27 Fissure. After reforming Giovanni's old ways, head back to Route 22 and the entrance to Victory Road! Along your way, Gary will stop you to fight for the last time...or is it? He uses the same Pokemon and will prove to be a tricky opponent. It will not be an easy fight. After winning, head onto Route 23, the entrance to Victory Road! To progress all the way through Route 23, you must have all of the gym leaders' badges. You must have Pokemon with Surf and Strength abilities to make it through both Route 23 and Victory Road. VICTORY ROAD Victory Road is the toughest maze in the game to get through. Not only that but there are also strong trainers waiting to fight you and plenty of Rock Pokemon to get in your way. There's also a puzzle you must solve to be able to get to Indigo Plateau. The trick is to push the boulders onto the switches to open new paths. Moltres is located on the 2nd Floor of Victory Road. Remember to save your game before you battle it, because you'll only have one chance to catch it. Now that you have Moltres, take the ladder to the exit and then walk north until you come to the Indigo Plateau and The Elite Four. INDIGO PLATEAU Elite Four - Let The Battles Begin!

Your first duel is with Lorelei, the Mistress of Icy Pokemon. Fire-type, Fighting-type and Rock-type Pokemon all have a combat advantage against Icetypes. You should guard against Water-type powers as well.

Lorelei Pokemon Dewgong Cloyster Slowbro Jynx Lapras Red Blue Yellow 54 53 54 56 56

Bruno is the second of the Elite Four. He usually specializes in Fighting-types, but he's included two Onix in his squad today. If you want to go the distance with him, use Flying-type or Psychictype creatures or abilities in this battle.

Bruno Pokemon Onix Hitmonchan Hitmonlee Onix Machamp Red Blue Yellow 53 55 55 56 58

With her Ghost-type Pokemon by her side, Agatha is ready for almost any challenge. Ghosttypes have weaknesses, but Water-type or Fire-type attacks can be effective against them. Be sure to take lots of items to this duel.

Agatha Pokemon Gengar Golbat Haunter Red Blue Yellow 56 56 55

Arbok Gengar

58 60

Lance is the leader of the Elite Four and the most talented trainer in the league. His Dragontypes are vulnerable to Ice-type or Fighting-type Pokemon or powers. Just remember that few Pokemon can defend well against Dragon-type attack!

Lance Pokemon Gyarados Dragonair Dragonair Aerodactyl Dragonite Red Blue Yellow 58 56 56 60 62

Game Over? You may think the game's over, right? Wrong! Yep, Gary beat you to the punch and now you'll have to try and dethrone your rival once and for all!

Gary Pokemon Red Blue Pidgeot Alakazam Rhydon Bulbasaur Pokemon Level 61 59 61 Squirtle

Gary Pokemon Yellow Sandslash Alakazam Exeggutor 61 59 61

The remaining 3 will depend on Gary's last Pokemon. Charmander Pokemon Level Pokemon Level

Gyarados Arcanine Venusaur Flareon Magneton Cloyster Flareon

61 63 65

Arcanine Exeggutor Blastoise Jolteon

61 63 65

Exeggutor Gyarados Charizard Vaporeon

61 63 65

Pokemon Level Pokemon Level 61 63 65 Cloyster Ninetales Jolteon 61 63 65

Pokemon Level Ninetales Magneton Vaporeon 61 63 65

POKEMON MASTER! Congratulations, you've become a Pokemon Master! But is your adventure truly over? Not until you have all 151 Pokemon it isn't! It's time to go back to Cerulean City and visit the Cerulean Cave and add the 151st Pokemon to your collection. CERULEAN CAVE The Cerulean Cave must be surfed to from the Nugget Bridge in Cerulean City. It is home to the most powerful and rare Pokemon in the world! There aren't any trainers inside, but there are items and Pokemon to be had. Yellow: The Cerulean Cave is different from Pokemon Red/Blue, so get ready for a new maze.

Mewtwo is located on the third floor of the Cerulean Caves. This is the reason why you have that Master Ball! If you used to you can still catch Mewtwo, but it will be a lot harder. Make sure you save before you battle him and have a lot of Ultra Balls with you. Try and take his damage level down as far as you can without making him faint and try and put it to sleep or freeze it. DIPLOMA So, you've beaten the game. What do you do know? There's not much else to do. If you collect all 150 Pokemon and then go to the Guy in the Celadon Mansion you'll receive your Diploma! So, are you wondering what this does? Well guess what..... For your amazing Pokemon catching abilities, your Diploma will enable you to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE IN THE GAME!!!! What, were you expecting another journey or Mew perhaps? Well no. Tough luck. Thank you for using the Walkthrough and I hope that it was helpful and that you had fun.