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Text: Patrick Mackaaij

Photography: Robin Kuiijs


is a consultant and team leader at TOPdesk. He specializes in technical issues and optimizing processes.


The SSD icons add-on lets you customize the Self Service Desks large icons. You can take advantage of this and help your customers find what they need in no time.

ou can already adjust the Self Service Desk via the default Self Service Desk menu settings feature. This enables you to adjust the horizontal menu bar and the underlying menus in TOPdesk.

all available languages) by clicking Use custom label and entering new text. You can also determine whether the buttons link opens in a new tab or window by (un)ticking Open in new tab.

However, this add-on also lets you set up these buttons to redirect to TOPdesk functionalities that are often used within your organization. For instance, you can set up buttons to: redirect to specific parts of the Knowledge Base open links to intranet pages or external websites use HTTP requests to create incidents with automatically completed fields redirect to bespoke work forms to get the information you really need from end users

Tip: Link to a Knowledge Item

In the SSD, you can create a button that directly links to a Knowledge Item. This can be useful if your end users are inconvenienced by a malfunction, for instance. You can also add a link to this item that lets you create an incident linked to the incident about the malfunction. In TOPdesk Enterprise, you can also link the incident to a major incident. This link performs the following http request, for example:

Cosmetic adjustments
If you wish to adjust your SSD icons, open the add-ons System Settings. You can use the add-on to adjust button order and appearance. Upload the new icon (75x75 BMP, JPG, GIF or PNG) under Use custom icon and you can adjust the language on the button (in http://[TOPdesk server]/tas/public/incidentpublic?action=new&s tatus=1&replacefield0=majorincidentid&searchfield0=naam&se archvalue0=I0603 046


Buttons for groups

You can determine button visibility for user groups with Use visibility rules. For instance, you could make a button for (request) forms or reports visible only for managers. You can compile these groups by selecting one or more persons, person groups, departments, branches, locations or countries. You can also use person selections, if the selection is set up to be used by operators in the SSD Icon Management role. Tip: With the default Self Service Desk menu settings, you can limit the SSD interface to news, requesting the callers own person and branch card and logging out. If you disable all underlying links for a menu option, the

menu option will no longer appear in the menu bar. The vertical menu of links on the left of the screen will also change, as will the default large buttons featuring icons.

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About TOPdesk add-ons

TOPdesk offers add-ons to Enterprise customers to help them better meet their customers needs. TOPdesk consultants usually oversee add-on installation, provide bespoke work information and take care of the initial set-up. The SSD icons add-on can be requested via the TOPdesk Extranet.

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You can adjust the image, link and text for each button.

You can determine which buttons are visible for each group.