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1.Write the plural of the nouns:

2.Complete the sentences with the affirmative ,negative and interrogative form of TO BE

3. Complete the dialogues with the correct possessive adjectives my,your,his,her,its,our,their

4. Make sentences with this/ that is, these/those are

1.________________ big balloons.

2.________________ sad children.
3._________________ a pink school- bag
5. Members of the family;
Anne is Georges _____________.
Cindy is Billys ______________.
Anne is Bobs _______________.
Cindy is Phils _______________.
Lyn is Billys ________________.

4._________________ red kites.

5._________________ green kites in the sky
6. _________________ a door.
Kate is Lyns ________________.
George is Kates _____________.
Phil is Lyns ________________.
Kate is Phils _________________.
George is Cindys _____________.