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Bullet hell Design Doc 1. Design history a. Version 1.0 2.

Vision Statement Bullet hell is an homage to the classic 2d shooters that we group with playing at the arcades. Its a mix of Japanese style top down shooters and side scrolling shooters. Players will be able to select from a variation of different ships to play the game. At the beginning of each level players will start as a basic ship and be able to get upgrades as they play the level. For the top down levels players will have to avoid swarms of ships and bullets as they try and reach the end, while in the side scroller levels players will have to be careful not to hit the top or bottom edges of the level in order to live. At the end of each level the player with have to fight a boss before they can continue on the next. a. Gamelog Line i. A fast paced shooter that requires hand eye coordination, skill, and a bit of luck b. Gameplay Synopsis i. Uniqueness 1. The game plays like classic shooters such as raiden, 1942, R-type, gradius, and others like it. At the same time the game will play like a bullet hell game. What will make the game standout above other games will be the unique ships that we have. Both player and enemy ships will be different. The enemy ships will have preset flight patterns and with the use of a little make awesome bullet patterns. ii. Mechanics 1. The core mechanic of the game will be movement and shooting 2. Depending on which ship the player picks they will have different bullet styles, and different movement speeds. Each ship will also have their own defensive capability iii. Setting 1. The game will take place in the 2000 years in the future. The world has peak in greatest and has gone back to the stone age(kinda). The world now runs on steam because electricity is considered a forbidden device. The main setting is a steam punk world. iv. Look and Feel 1. The game is to look cartoony but will be in 3D. the game will probably be toon shaded. It will be fast paced and action packed. 3. Audience, Platform, and Marketing a. Target Audience i. The age group well aiming for will be 13 and up. Due to the difficulty of the game. b. Platform

c. i. At the moment we are looking to make it pc only but the game can easily be ported to any of the other systems d. System Requirements i. Enough to play the game ha ha e. Top Performers i. Top Down 1. 1942 2. Jamestown 3. Galaga Legions 4. Space Invaders infinity gene 5. Tohou games 6. Raiden I & II ii. Side Scrollers 1. PixelJunk SideScroller 2. Gradius 3. R-Type f. Feature Comparison i. One of the biggest features for this game will be that 4 player co-op. along with the two different perspectives. g. Sales Expectations i. None 4. Legal Analysis a. None for now 5. Gameplay a. Overview i. The game will play like any classic shooter mix in with the characteristics of a bullet hell game b. Gameplay Description i. Players will bob and weave between bullets. Using special assist in case it gets too crazy for them. Players will be able to move in 360 degrees and will have a regular fire button and a special power up button. c. Controls i. Interface 1. Start game 2. Load main menu a. Start i. Player selects ship and number of players ii. Players vote/select which level they want to play iii. Game starts b. Options i. Sound Volume ii. Music volume

c. Exit i. Exit game ii. Rules 1. Players are bounded with in the boundary of the screen 2. Players can only use their special weapon when its meter is filled up 3. Players can not collide with each other (they go through each other) but will die if they make contact with enemy ships 4. No two players can have the same ship 5. When one player pauses the game it stops for everyone 6. Bullets are more visible than the players so that they can see where to dodge 7. If a players center is hit that ship is killed iii. Scoring/Winning condition 1. Killing enemies will give points along with filling up the special meter 2. Using a special to kill enemies will give points but not fill up the meter 3. The level ends when the boss is defeated or all players are out of lives. d. Modes and Features i. Boss rush 1. Fight all the bosses in order ii. Single Play though 1. Play every level non stop iii. More to come e. Levels i. Steam punk city ii. Jungle iii. Cave iv. Factory v. Enemies armada vi. Old ruins vii. desert f. FlowChart g. Editor i. The only editor we would have if possible is so that people can come up with their own flight patterns and such 6. Game Characters a. Character Design i. The world is set in a steam punk era. ii. It also takes place years after our existence in a ruin world. b. Types i. PC

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ii. NPC 1. 2. 3. 4.

Bomber Normal Speed Strong Lighting Spread Missile That one guy Admiral Hackbar Enemy ships Boss ships a. Shield boss b. Gradius shoot the core type boss

7. Story a. Synopsis i. Civilization as starting to rebuild but need a better power source than steam to fully rebuild itself. Nicole Tesla has read forbidden text that helped understand how to harness the power of electricity but before she can share it with the world she is kidnapped. b. Complete Story i. Nicole is kidnapped ii. The heroes give chase. iii. The find that one guy and kill him. iv. They rescue Nicole and the world prospers c. Backstory i. 2000 years have passed since the mayan prediction came true. The world is still mostly in ruin but is finally starting to come back together. The world runs on steam and the ability to use electricity is all but forgotten. Nicole comes across forbidden text because its from before Metro Era. Nicole Tesla is able to harness electricity and creates new ships using what she learned. Word spreads of what she has done and is kidnapped by Sand Dusters. d. Narrative choice i. In between levels we can have a narrator tell the story that the players can read or just have the text up as the next level loads. e. Subplots i. none 8. The Game World a. Overview i. The game could take place in either the Americas or Europe due to the different possible locations that can be used b. Key locations

i. Since most cities are in ruin only few big ones are remembered ii. Other cities have been renamed c. Travel i. No actual traveling players will just choose the level they want to play and play it d. Mapping i. There will be an over world map that will show the levels but thats as far as that goes e. Scale i. 1/1 f. Physics i. No real physics will be necessary since the game will play like old style arcade games 9. Media List a. Interface assests i. Main them play in back ground ii. Click sounds for buttons b. Enviroments i. Each level to have a separate song c. Characters i. Ships will not make to much sound because with four player and hundreds of enemies on screen it will become a ton of garbage noise d. Animation i. Animations for now will be simple rotations to match with the flight e. Music and sound effects i. Music will be of steam punk sorts possibly orchestrated ii. Most sound effects will have some sort of metal sound iii. explosions 10. Techinal Spec a. Technical analysis i. New technology 1. Getting the artist used to working with unity and creating their own shaders ii. Major software development task 1. none iii. Risk 1. Not having enough artist for create art assest for the game. 2. Creating a tool for flight patterns if not done properly can hold the game back for a long time iv. Alternatives 1. none v. Estimated resources required 1. none

b. Development platform and tools i. Unity 1. Will be out main game engine ii. Tools 1. Creating flight patterns 2. Debug lines for flight patterns 3. Tool for the artist to create enemy game objects c. Delivery