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Situation 1 Shri A: Postman : A: Postman: A: Oh!! Thank God. I could find you. See Mr ., I applied for a passport on ..

date and when I enquired with the passport office, they mentioned that I will be receiving it by speedpost today. Could you please check if there is any SP passport in my name? Enters post office and looks around the delivery branch with a confused look Hello sir. Are you searching for someone? (this salutation can be language specific) Yes, I am coming from ..nagar, ..avenue and I am searching for the postman who delivers speedpost articles in that area.

Postman: Shri A takes a seat and waits. Postman Checks. Postman: A: Postman: A: Postman: A: Postman: A: Postman: A: Postman: I want to meet your supervisor. Dont you believe me? I am showing you an identity proof isnt it? No No. I will be going out on a pilgrimage. I will be back after a month. I need the passport now. Good. Can I take delivery of it now? I have brought my driving License, as a proof of my identity.

Why are you harassing a customer? Which rule says that I cant get the article now?

Postmaster calls the postman for clarification. Postman clarifies the details.

Postmaster: Sir, you can please wait at your home. It is just a matter of one hour. We will be delivering your passport to you at your door step. Trainer to clarify the rulings/approved procedures at the end of the session/activity. Situation 2: Postman : Greetings sir (this can be language specific). You have received a Value Payable article today. Please sign here. (shows . to the customer for signature.) A: Postman: A: Postman: A: OK OK. I understand what you are saying. But you should also listen to what I am saying. I never ordered anything from anyone. I buy things from the market directly. Oh!! OK. I get it. But why are you bringing it here? I did not order these books. What is this? What do you mean by Value Payable? I have never heard of it.

Postman: A: Postman: A: Dont you believe me? You send it back to wherever it came from. I dont care. What action will you take now? No No. Why will I pay you money? I have not ordered for anything and hence I will not pay you money.

Situation 3 Postman : Greetings sir (this can be language specific). Hope everything is fine. (stops to chat with the customer) A: Postman: A: Postman: A: Postman: A: Postman: A: Postman: A: Postman: A: Postman: I am a very good friend of yours. You should help me. It will not take much time. I am doing some research on the postal department. And I need it for my studies. Its very simple. I need your delivery slip for a moment. I will take Xerox copy of it and return it to you immediately. Thanks. (returns the delivery slip to the postman after signing it.) By the way, will you do me a favour? Is it? Now I remember. I was expecting a Registered letter from my relative regarding a family property dispute. Oh!! OK. Why dont you take some rest and then go? All is fine except the weather. It has become very hot nowadays.

A: Postman: A:

Tell me who should I approach for getting a copy of the delivery slip?

Oh!! I didnt know this. Thank you. I will act as per your advice. Situation 4

Postman : Warden : Postman: Warden :

Greetings sir (this can be language specific). Hope everything is fine. Yes. How can I help you?

What is the name of the student? How much amount is the eMO for?

Postman: Warden : Postman: Warden : Postman: Warden : Postman: Warden : Ok. I am the guardian for all the students staying in this hostel. I can show you the declaration by the parents of the child. Is it? So who will receive the money? What is the correct procedure? OK. I will call him. You can handover the money to him. Ok. I know that boy. He is studying in the 8th standard and stays in our hostel. His parents must have sent him some money.

Postman: Warden : Thanks for clarifying the procedure. Is there any other rule I should know regarding receipt of money orders for my students?

Postman: Warden : Postman: Thanks a lot for explaining everything to me patiently. I will advice the parents of the children accordingly. Thanks again. Please dont mention. It is our duty to make the public aware of approved procedures.

Situation 5 Postman : Regd PA: Good morning sir. (greets the Regd Delivery PA)

Dely Good morning. Here, take your insured article for delivery. Postman checks the article.


Mr ..the cloth cover is torn at some places. And the seal is also broken.

Regd PA:

Dely Is it? Let me see. (checks the article) Yes. The cover is torn.

Postman: Regd PA: Dely Ok. Yes, now it cant be issued to you for door delivery. I will make an error entry.

Postman: Regd Dely Yes. We will inform the postmaster also.

PA: Can you tell us what happens next? Situation 6 Old People: Postman : Greetings Sir. (in local language) Greetings. (greets some old people who are waiting outside the PO when the postman is leaving for delivery) We have come to you with a complaint. Complaint? What is it about? The Government wants to help old widows like us and gives us some pension. And you people do not deliver it on time. What would we do without the money? Why are you doing this?

Old People: Postman: Old People:

Postman: Old People: But, we saw checked with the local panchayat and they said that they have despatched more than a 2000 money orders to your post office already.

Postman: Old People: Postman: You are agreeing that you have received it. Then give our money to us now. Immediately.

Old People: Postman:

What do you mean by line limit?

Old People: Postman: Old People:

Oh!! In that case, please deliver our money orders to us now. And we will come to the post office itself every month

You say you cant bring all money orders on one day. Then you also say that we cannot collect it ourselves. Explain the reason to us now

Postman: Old People: Ok. Thanks for explaining the procedure and your limitations to us. We had to come here because we were worried about our money. Thanks again.

Postman: Situation 7

Shri B (Customer): Postman : B: Postman: B:

Greetings Sir. (in local language) Greetings. How can I help you? I wanted to get some information from you. Are you free now?

My son cleared his class XII exam recently and we have applied for various college courses for him. All the applications were sent by speed post from ..GPO. I want to know if those applications reached on time. Whom do I ask?

Postman: B: Yes. I have. Here it is. I have preserved all the booking receipts.

Postman: B: Postman: Yes, I can see that it has a series of numbers and some alphabets.


Could you please repeat the website address? I will note it down in a piece of paper.

Postman: B: Thanks a lot. But I dont have a internet connection in my house. I have to go to the local internet caf and check the status. Is there some other method to know the delivery status?

Postman: B:: Oh. This would be even easier than the previous method. I have a mobile phone and even my son has one. We both can track the speedpost articles now.

Postman: B: Postman: Situation 8 Ok. Thanks for explaining the procedure.

Trustee of an ashram: Postman : Trustee:

Greetings Sir. (in local language) Greetings. You have received about 15 eMOs today. Thanks. Please tell me where I should sign.

Postman: Trustee: I have a doubt. We have a lot of devotees who send their contributions to the ashram through money orders.

Postman: Trustee: Yes. The service offered by the post office is excellent. But it is becoming very difficult for us to keep a separate account everyday of all these money orders received.

Postman: Trustee: Yes, we have many people here but they work on a voluntary basis and hence we are always short of staff. So, I wanted to know if there is any method by which the post office can collect all money orders received for the ashram and issue a cheque once a month? What will be the response of the postman? Can you guess?

Situation 9

Customer: Postman : Customer:

(enters PO delivery hall) Greetings Sir. (in local language) Greetings. How may I help you? I am residing in locality for the past 15 years. Here is my ration card.

Postman: Customer: I am going abroad to stay with my son for 2 years. I will be back in 2012. Before I leave I want to make sure that all my postal

communications are sent to my uncles address ... Postman: Customer: No it is an independent house. And I dont trust my neighbours much. That is the reason I want to forward it to my relatives address. What should I do now?

Postman: Customer: OK. I am ready to give an application. But do you have any specific format for that?



OK. The procedure is very simple. Now after I get the application, should I give it to you?

Postman: Customer: Postman: Customer: How will the office in charge tell you about about my letters? My uncles residence is in locality and hence is served by some other post office. Where can I find him?

Postman: Customer: Who will inform the other office? How will that postman know how to deliver the articles?


Customer: Postman:

Thanks a lot for explaining the procedures in detail. I was getting very worried. Now I can travel without any tension.

Trainer to note that these case studies may be given as homework. While discussing it the next day, the relevant ruling should be discussed with the trainees.

Duties of a postman Delivery duties Additional duties

Knowledge of records Beat list & Route map Delivery slip Intimation slip Postman book

Knowledge of delivery procedures Importance of Mail Delivery in Project Arrow POs Data Extraction Tool

Assist in table sorting & beat sorting Do beat arrangement Prepare delivery slip in MM Postman & Speednet Deliver articles Choose proper remarks for undelivered articles Submit returns promptly Update delivery particulars in MM Postman/Speednet

Prepare beat list and route map Collect/Remit cash from/to subordinate offices Clear LBs other than office LB Collection of articles on the beat Procure PLI/RPLI business Assist the Treasurer in making currency bundles Assist in PLI/RPLI data entry Other duties assigned by your Post master

Village sorting list A record showing the villages attached to the Postmen for Delivery Delivery area can be classified as Fixed Beat (with LBs) Everyday, the Postman should visit that area even though no article is received for delivery in that area, for clearance of letter box Unfixed Beat - Postman will visit only when the articles are to be delivered in that area

Customer Database It is a list of customers in your beat It contains some important details like: Name & address Profession Contact number E mail address


Standard Remarks

Standard Remarks

Sample rubber stamp impression used by Madurai HO

Delivered articles

*- For computerized offices Cash should be given to the

For Non Computerized offices- Cash should be given to Registration PA

To put proper remarks on undelivered To handover signed acknowledgemen To update remarks in MM Postman/ Speednet To update remarks in postman book To paste acknowledgement for delive receipt to the addressee in your postm book To handover cash realized on unpaid a

Please check before you go out for delivery.

Whether all the articles have been affixed with delivery stamp all are arranged as per route map & beat list the number of articles tallies with the Delivery Slip the VP Receipt/Intimation are kept safe cash for MOs counted, acknowledged & kept safe all addressee instructions have been followed

Are you ready for the Beat ???

Uniform Postman Bag Foot wears Grooming Appearance Identity card on display

Your bag should contain.. 1. Copy of the route map & Beat list 2. Blank Intimation slips in the prescribed format 3. Pen 4. Ink Pad ( for thumb impression) 5. Stamps for sale in the beat 6. A bag for free pick up of articles 7. Receipt book- RL/Speed Post booking (if authorized) 8. A Note book to collect Customers database 9. PO Pocket Guide

Our products & services Speed Post Express Parcel Post Logistics Post Business Post Bill Mail service National Bill Mail Service Direct Post Retail Post Media Post eMO/iMO/IMTS ePost

Let us now see some delivery related products in brief..

SPEED POST Governments own courier Domestic and International Services Documents and Merchandise can be sent Insurance Facility upto a max of Rs.1,00,000/Time bound delivery Special rebates for bulk customer Free Pick up facility is available Postman can pick up articles at customers door step


Extended booking timings in select post offices 24 Hours booking in RMS offices Track and trace service Book Now and Pay Later & rebate facility Speed Post Passport Service



Select POs sell the Passport application Processing of application done at PO counters Applications sent to Passport Office for further processing No processing fee Service is available only for issue of new passports

Express Parcel Post Parcels weighing upto 35kg can be sent Retail and corporate contractual service Domestic service available by surface transport

Delivered articles

BusinessMail servi Bill Bill Post Mail Service Direct Post National Total mailing Solution Post Logistics Unaddressed ordinary articles

Pre mailing activities done for a fee Bills, financial statements etc Bills, financial statements etc of brochures, In the natureshould be atsamples, For bulk customers Periodicity least on CDs etc Periodicity should be at least onc Service available for accountable and days articles Minimum quantity 1000 pieces days Minimum quantity for posting at Domestic service for in letter boxes Should not be posted for posting at Minimum quantity sending parcels 5000 Should be delivered at the door step i isconsignments 10,000 Pick up No weight limit. be superscribed a Articles should Collectio specified locality be super scri Articles should Door to door service in select POs It should be posted Insertion NBMS and weight-based tariff Addressi Distance To be delivered locally or within a Multi-modal transport as Speed Post It should be posted Gummin Tariff countr Warehousing Rsacross the Franking To First delivered 3/be 50 gms Pick and Pack services for Rsone ou Articlesadditional 50 gms meant Every 2/-