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SPANISH COLONIAL GOVERNMENT Goals of the Spanish in the Philippines GOD - conversion of the Philippines into Roman Catholicism

m GOLD - acquire the countrys natural resources and profit from them GLORY - exercise control, political power, and gain the prestige of ruling over a newly discovered country Reorganization of the Country The Spanish had a hard time reorganizing the country because of our geographical features Majority of the ancient Filipinos were either Pagans or Muslims To exercise control and spread Christianity around the country, the Spanish used the reduccion system wherein they reorganized the barangays and called them pueblos Each pueblo has its own plaza which served as the center for religion, politics, and commerce Colonization of the Philippines Governor-General Serves as the overall leader of a colony; most powerful leader; Kings representative Has absolute executive power and limited judicial and legislative powers

The laws and policies practiced in the Philippines came from the royal decrees issued from Spain Responsibilities of the Gov-Gen Implement all the directives and orders of the King of Spain Serve as the chief of the Spanish Army in the Philippines Manage and command the Spanish Army when needed Appoint and remove government officials Manage and control government offices Implement and execute justice and pardoning powers Royal Audiencia Serves as the jury or evaluators of the Gov-Gens performance Highest court of justice in the Philippines (like the Supreme Court) Santiago de Vera - first president Encomienda System A system wherein the King rewards the good deeds, services, and contributions of his officers and men through giving them a piece of land The recipients are called as encomienderos; they have the right to collect profit from the land given to them, as well as the power to govern the people living on it

Functions of the Encomiendero Protect the people from any kind of attacks organized by armed groups Take care of the general welfare of the people Maintain peace and order in the encomienda Help the Spanish Government in their goals Collect taxes Unfortunately, the encomienda system was not helpful and effective because the encomienderos abused their power. As a result, the system was abolished and a new system of local government was introduced. Provincial Government Alcadia - peaceful states; headed by the alcalde mayor Corregimiento - hostile states; political-military districts Municipal Government Controlled by the gobernadorcillo or capitan; one year term; should be a member of the principalia or ruling class Barangay Headed by the cabeza de barangay (former datus) Residencia and Visita Process to check if the government officials abuse the power given to them. Residencia = public trial headed by the Gov-Gen; visita = surprise visits of the visitador-general to the colony and the local government units