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Scribd For iPhone Now Available In App Store

With Scribd for iPhone, available for download in the App Store, our valued users can access their content, collections, reading feed, and community while on the go. Everyone can also access a plethora of content on the app, including an array of editorial publications curated by Scribd editors daily. With the app its easy to explore, read, and share millions of written works across the Scribd ecosystem. All that Scribd has to offer, and more The app allows users to access features that are popular with Scribds engaged user base, such as the Reading Feed, documents and collections while theyre away from their desktops. Our editors constantly handpick the best documents for the stream of curated content that reflect the best creative writing, research, trending documents and source material that is generating headlines in the news.

Easily share your favorite documents with friends, family and the social world with the tap of a button. Within seconds, you can easily share documents by email or twitter. Enjoy your favorite Scribd content fully optimized for the iPhone. The apps PDF Reader makes for an ideal experience for reading documents.

The PDF reader can also come in very handy for reading documents outside of Scribd. When you browse the mobile web and stumble upon a PDF file, select to send to Scribd and you will automatically be placed in the Scribd iPhone app PDF Reader for an optimal reading experience.

Bookmarks is a new feature and currently unique to the iPhone app. Like to read on the go? Save a document to read later and offline with our bookmarking feature.

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