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Life Accounts with Guru Gobind Singh Ji

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In conjunction with Guru Gobind Singh Jis 345 Perkash Dihara
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Bhai Prabhu Dyal Ji was a barrister in Peshawar. He was the son of Sardar Rocharam Ji of
Abbottabad (Kyber, Pakistan) and was a Sehaj Dhari Sikh. Prabhu Dyal said when he went for
some work to Chilas (Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan); he met a good looking Pathan who said, My
grandfather worked as a servant in Maharaja Ranjit Singhs court. He said, one day after listening
to Kirtan, Maharaja Ranjit Singh got up and ordered: look for someone in my Kingdom who has
personally seen Guru Gobind Singh Ji. After listening to Maharajas command, everyone started
looking for the person who has seen Guru Gobind Singh Ji. After a while finding, they found an
old Nihang Singh who was 115 years old. They brought him in a palquin to Maharaja Ranjit
Singhs court. Maharaja Ji asked the Nihang about Guru Gobind Singh Jis appearance and the
Nihang Singh replied: Guru Ji was thin and tall but possessed a huge amount of strength, his eyes
sight was very powerful and his feet had such power that if anyones forehead touches his feet
they will feel like a strong current passing through the body as if Guru Ji is a form of lightening.
He said, he and the other Sikhs used to experience the same thing every day. After saying this, the
Nihang Singhs eyes were filled with tears.
Prabhu Dyal Ji said that when the Pathan was narrating this story his eyes were also filled with
tears and he said, Whenever my grandfather used to narrate this event, his condition will also
become the same. So, my dear Khalsa, this story is based on true events. Ref: Bhai Vir Singh Ji