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1. Primary structural member of fuselage :(a) Frames & longerons (b) Bulkhead & frames (c) Longerouns & stringers (d) Bulkhead & longorons Plates installed between front spar & rear spar (a) Tapered thickness & bolt spliced (b) Tapered thickness & flush fastener (c) Tapered thickness Landing gear & wing attachment :(a) Interference fit close tolerance fastener Continuity of structure along wheel well area :(a) Keel Beary Fuse bolt provided for:(a) Shear under load (b) Prevents structural damage (c) ATA Difference between control surface servometer & speed control servometer is (a) Servometer (b) Tachogenerator (c) Potentiometer (d) ATA Aileron deflection beyond certain angle, spoiler will (a) Increase the drag (b) Decrease the drag (c) Either increase or decrease. MTCS (a) L.E flap are many position device. (b) Slat is one position device. (c) Actuation of L.E device is controlled by T.E flap (d) ATA Criss-Cross differential aileron means :(a) L.H aileron full increase, R.H full decrease



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10. Ditching moment at aerodynamic centre (a) Constant & independent of C1 11. Induce drag (a) Decrease with Increasing aspect ratio. 12. Angle of incidence is (a) Angle between chord & longitudinal axis of a/c. (b) As in (a) & also called wing setting angle. 13. Longitudinal dihedral (a) Longitudinal stability

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14. During rigging rudder (a) A/c must be placed on jack (b) Put spring balance at gust loch hole (c) Push both pedal forusard (d) ATA 15. MTCS (a) Quadrant, Bell Crank, Drum changes direction of motion and transmit motion to control rods, torque tube. 16. A place of metal greatest strength along (sending for sheet metal) (a) Diagonal (b) Longitudinal (c) Lateral (d) Same on all direction. 17. Hydraulically operated elevator is actuated by (a) Actuated by stabilizer (b) Manually also, if hyd. power lost. (c) (a) & (b) 18. Microprocessor controlled flight controls, interface between control & control unit is :(a) Analog to digital (b) Digital to analog (c) 19. Bemoullis theorem doesnt apply (a) Inside boundary layer (b) At L.E (c) At T.E 20. A/c flying on dusty condition (a) Wing & empennage sector (b) Check L/G shock strut & instrument line factor (c) Compressor wash should be done 21. Composite match followings (a) Fiber glass (silicate) (b) Aramid (polynode sulphate) (c) Carbon (graphite) (d) Boron (tungsten) 22. Most widely used composite (a) Kevlar (b) Graphite (c) Fiber glass 23. Bias 24. Epoxy resin hardened of nom temp without many catalysts. (a) Aromatic amines (b) Aliphatic amines (c) Aliphatic & copter amines. 25. When carbon/ graphite used on lower wing surface, if repair manuf suggest to use fiberglass. (a) Carbon can not be repaired (b) Fiber glass can not be moisten (c) Fiber glass strength of carbon fiber.

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26. Materials not used in redone. (a) A-glass (b) C-glass (c) E & R glass (d) S & R glass 27. Fiber dipped in resin, tensile strength (a) Decrease 28. Nomex is (a) Core, honeycomb structure. 29. Exposure of honeycomb structure to sonic vibration (a) Delimination or separation of Core & face along bond line. 30. Metaline wing tank of al. & steel alloy (a) 3.25 psi internal pressure & 125% of ram air. 31. Classification of leak (a) Stain seep heavy seep running leak. 32. Desar boot, s/w in single or manual & fails to inflate. (a) Leaking lines (b) Pressure regulating valve faulty 33. Icing on wing L.E prevented by (a) Pneumatic & thermal (b) Electric & thermal (c) Pneumatic & alcohol (d) ATA 34. MTCS about windshield (a) Tempered glass dissipate electricity (b) Vinyl interlayer takes process load (c) Transparent comet used (d) NOTA 35. Window heating component (a) Autotransformer, light, relays, control unit, sensing unit. 36. Sheredizing (a) In atm of Zn. Powder 37. ASI measures:(a) Dynamic pressure 38. A/c flying at TSA condition, suddenly, temp, aster miter reading. (a) Increase (b) Decrease 39. Pitot tube blocked by ice, reading is (a) Increased (b) Decreased (c) Underread (d) Overread

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40. Cabin altimeter (a) Calibrated as normal altimeter (b) Burdon tube type 41. ROC indicator (a) Differential pr. gauge (b) Not differential pressure gauge (c) As in (a) and algorithmic scale. 42. ROC indicator (Mechanism given) 43. Magnetic dip is due to (a) Horizontal component of earth 44. A/c accelerating toward eastern heading (a) Apparent drift of compass to North (b) Apparent drift of compass to South 45. Lightening strike magnetization produced. (a) Intermediate magnetization 46. Most of alloys used in a/c hardened by (a) H.T 47. If fastener having high shear strength, the fear is along edge of hole on sheet (a) Bearing failure 48. Spoiler mixer controls (a) Spoiler from I/P from aileron. 49. MTCS (a) Quick-disconnect complain on pressure line (b) Spool type selection valve having pilot valve 50. Ring used for skydrol having (a) Green color (b) White & yellow 51. Seals used in hydraulic sys-color code (a) White dot non standard 52. Characteristics of skydrol 500B:(a) Fire resistant phosphate easter based synthetic (b) Teflon Hose (c) Butyl rubber 53. RAT in modem a/c for hyd. power when engine fail. 54. In modem a/c hyd. sys, accumulator used as supplement of hydraulic pump when demand in peak. 55. Hydraulic sys. oil cooked by (a) Ram air (b) Conditioned air (c) Case drain return full --- heat exchange (d) Fan around reservoir. 56. Centre distributor valve lines connected are (a) Pressure line (b) Suction line (c) Both

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57. L/G extended, but motor not stopped. (a) Faulty motor (b) Faulty down limit s/w 58. Purpose of scissor on L/G (a) Prevent rotation of inner & outer cylinder & do not interrupt reciprocating motion during normal 59. Accidental actuation of L/G down lock prevented by (a) Sole noised operated s/w which closes when L/G extends when a/c take-off & as in (1) 60. MTCS (a) Servicing chart located on wheel-well area. (b) Always AMM (c) H.P gauge on air valve 61. MTCS (a) Orifice valve prevent chattering (b) Ball check valve used to direct sys. pressure & release in case of thermal expansion (c) Same a/c have nose wheel brake (d) ATA. 62. Isolation valve in case of hydraulic sys:(a) Operated manually to test on ground by isolating some components. 63. Nose wheel steering:(a) Down fine pressure comes through restriction 64. Auto brake letding depends upon (a) Throttle position (b) Wheel speed on both slide (c) Average wheel speed & throttle control position. 65. Auto brake:(a) Deceleration rate less than normal braking (b) (c) (d) 66. Excessive brake pedal fraud (a) Air in system. 67. Anti-skid (a) Prevent touch down protection (b) Prevent skidding each wheel (c) Prevent normal braking (d) All 68. Shimmy damper new installation (a) Rigging & vibration check 69. Pressure bleeding is done (a) From down to up 70. Aural warning comes in pressurized a/c (a) When cabin altitude -10,000 ft.

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71. Cabin pressure is excessive because:(a) Dirty outflow valve (b) Malfunction of outflow valve 72. In case, failure of pressurization control sys, over pressurization of structure prevented by (a) +ve pr. relief valve. 73. Outflow valve (a) Spring loaded floating seal (b) Floating gasket (c) Special gasket 74. Blow out panel on cockpit door (a) Equalise pressure between pax. Cabin & control cabin 75. Water tank pressurized by :(a) A/c & pressurization (b) Bleed from APU & engine (c) Spectral unit on ground (d) All 76. The rate of change selector regulates rate of airflow between:(a) Control chamber & rate chamber 77. Cooling effect in low cause is (a) Temp. sensing element (b) Expansion valve faulty (c) Compressor faulty (d) All 78. Smoke clearance s/w associated with:(a) Air condition 79. L.E flap when extended:(a) Area (b) Chord (c) Camber (d) All

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1. A/c rigid tubing is made of (9A)-99 (a) Aluminium alloy (b) Steel (c) Both (a) & (b) 2. Close tolerance bolt are (9A-123 page) (a) Countersunk head (b) Hexagonal head (c) Both (a) & (b) 3. Stress corrosion (a) Parts under stress in corrosive environment (b) Two dissimilar metals are joined 4. Due to wrong heat treatment of al and steel (9A-172) (a) Galvance corrosion (b) Inlargerancular corrosion (c) Pretting corrosion 5. Corrosion of Al alloy :(a) White & volume is more than base metal: (b) White & volume is less than base metal (c) Brown in color 6. CRT display deflection factor is (a) Proportional to sensitivity (b) Inversely to sensitivity (c) Directly to accelerating voltage (d) Inversely to deflecting voltage 7. Kevlar reinforced with Al wire (cindy 5-13) (a) For lightening protection (b) For strength purpose (c) For corrosion resistance 8. Frames are mounted to used (AMR-27) (a) Shear tie (b) Keel beam (c) Bulk head 9. Bulk head (a) Keel beam (b) Transverse beam (c) Box beam 10. Installation of anti-collision light (15A-461) (a) Anti-collision on, position light on (b) Anti-collision is independent of position light.

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11. The low conductor material used for short length circuit (a) Tinned copper (b) Copper (c) Silver plated copper (d) Aluminium 12. Which s/w is used for short duration contact? (9A-318) (a) Toggle s/w (b) Rocker push button (c) Push button (d) Tune s/w 13. Windshield wiper is operated (a) Oscillating with motor generator (b) Rotary motion with motor and coupling (c) Circular 14. Bolt grip length (9A) (a) Equal to thickness of material to be joined (b) Thickness of material + 1.5 D. 15. MTCS (a) Clevis bolt take tension load (b) Eye bolt takes torsion load (c) To bolt is in vibration purpose 16. In modern a/c, electronic fuel quantity indicator is (a) Capacitance type and dielectric as fuel (b) Fuel as plates of capacitor 17. Doubles are used (AMR-33) (a) Reinforce structural strength of a/c skin and takes flight load 18. Fuel tanks (a) Is located in interspar region (b) Has access for each tank (c) All 19. Fuel tank venting (a) To prevent fuel tank bursting (b) To provide for overflow (c) As in b and assist debooster 20. MTCS regarding cabin altitude (15A-551) (a) Inner dial measures cabin pressure (b) Inner dial measures cabin altitude (c) Outer dial measures cabin altitude (d) Inner dial show diff. pressure 21. Tail plane is attached to fuselage (a) Along longitudinal axis (b) + ve angle of incidence

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(c) ve angle of incidence (d) Same as wing incidence 22. Vertex generator (15A-64) (a) On wing improves high speed characteristics (b) On tail improves low speed characteristics (c) Both (a) and (b) 23. Shock mounts on instrument panel takes (a) Low frequency high amplitude shocks (b) Low frequency low amplitude shocks (c) High frequency high amplitude shocks (d) High frequency low amplitude shocks 24. L/G safety s/w is (15A-351) (a) Mounted on main shock strut (b) Mounted on pilot control pedestal (c) Mounted on drag strut 25. Station no. is used (a) To locate components on fuselage/ wing (b) ATA requirement (c) A/c zoning 26. Artificial fuel is used for (a) Rudder (b) Elevator (c) Aileron (d) All 27. Mach speed trim (a) Control speed of a/c (b) As in (a) when autopilot is engaged (c) As in (a) when autopilot is not engaged 28. In flight the monitoring operation is done by (a) ECAM (b) EILAS and (a) (c) EFIS and (b) 29. Static line is disconnected in pressurized cabin (a) Altimeter and ASI will read low (b) Both reads high (c) Altimeter read low, ASI read high. 30. Windshield temp. is sensed by (a) Thermistor (b) Amplifier (c) Transformer 31. Green LED material (a) Gallium arsenide __ infrared __ invariable

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(b) Gallium phosphide greener red (c) Gallium arsenic phosphide red or yellow (amber light) 32. MTCS regarding fine sensing element (a) Kiddle has 2 electrode and tencial has 1 (b) Kiddle has 1 electrode and tencial has 1 (c) Kiddle has 2 electrode and tencial has 2 (d) Kiddle has 3 electrode and tencial has 3 33. Parking brake is applied by (AMR-460) (a) Pulling the level and locking it 34. Jet flap (a) Boundary layer blow out (b) Is attached at leading edge (c) Is attached at leading edge 35. Auxiliary using structure (a) Wing tip, LE and TE (b) Wing tip, flaps (c) Eng. manuals 36. Hydraulic reservoir burst (a) Relief valve and pressure regulator faulty (b) Return fluid is more than fluid pumped out 37. In modern a/c isolation in hydraulic system (MR-O2 sys.) AMR-460 (a) Used to isolate from hyd. system to pneumatic/emergency system (b) Electrically operated and used for leak check (c) Manually operated and for leak check & flow check 38. Dump valve (a) Release all +ve pressure from cabin (b) Release all -ve pressure from cabin (c) Both (a) & (b) 39. Temp control in air cycle cooling system is achieved by (a) Cabin temp. selector (b) Cabin temp. control regulator (c) Cabin temp. sensor (d) All 40. A. C type pressure indicator, indication is dependent on (a) Voltage (b) Frequency (c) Power (d) All 41. For OVHT test (a) OVHT on, on light goes off 42. Fail safe feature in cabin window

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(a) (b) (c) (d)

Inner pane of fiber glass Outer pane of fiber glass Middle pane of acrylic None

43. A category of plastic thermoplastic (a) Soften on heating and hardens on cooling (b) Soften on cooling and hardens on heating (c) Hardens and softens on heating 44. MTCS (15A-176) (a) If rivets show no visible distortion further investigation unnecessary. (b) If genuine rivet lipping has occurred groups of consecutive rivet heads will be tipped in the same direction (c) If bearing failure has occurred the rivet shank will be joggled 45. What is the purpose of refrigerating 2017 and 2024 Al alloy rivels after heal treatment. (a) To retard age hardening (b) To relieve internal stresses (c) To accelerate age hardening 46. The purpose of wing slats is to (a) Reduce stalling speed (b) Decrease drag (c) Increase speed on take off 47. A/c instruments should be marked and graduated in according with (a) A/c and eng. manufactures specification. (b) Maintenance or flight manual (c) A/c maintenance or flight manual or type certificate data sheet. 48. Manual L/G extension, when uplock is released (AMR-) (a) Freefall to down and locked 49. Range markings on instrument is to (a) Components are safe and desirable range of operation (b) Indicate operation difficulties (c) Indicate pilot of difficulties in approach 50. L/G uplock s/w is faulty? (a) L/G retracts but not extend (b) Indicate operation difficulties (c) L/G neither retract nor extend (d) None 51. Flexible hoses are identified by (a) Outside diameter in 1/16 (b) Inside diameter in 1/16 (c) Outside diameter in 1/8 52. Variable delivery pump (a) Supplies variable amount of fluid as system requires

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(b) Employs compensator (c) Supplies fixed amount of fluid to the system (d) Both (a) & (b) 53. Teflon back rings (a) Does not deteriorate with age and has no fluid effect (b) Used in stressed areas (c) Deteriorate with age 54. Smoke clearance s/w is associated with (a) Air conditioning system (b) Fire protection system (c) Pneumatic system 55. Fluorescent penetrate check (a) Yellow green and blue viobt (b) Yellow & range 56. In a microprocessor, from where is the temporary address of memory location fetched. (a) Address buffer (b) Memory refresh counter (c) Programme counter 57. Force transmitted to hydraulic fluid is transferred to other with undiminished losses is defined by (a) Boyles law (b) Pascals law (c) Charlies law 58. Bonding of deicer boots in leading edge (a) Paint is removed in the area deicer boots is to be bonded. 59. High temperature and high pressure bleed air is used for (a) Thermal anti-icing of leading edge and inlet cowl. 60. MTCS (a) Wing leading edge light to see ice formation. (b) Runway turn off light to take left / right turn (c) Anti collision light is put on before the engine strut 61. The point that is not changed with change in angle in angle of attack (a) Neutral point (b) Aerodynamic centre (c) Centre of pressure (d) Stag nation point. 62. Sheet spring nuts are used (a) For structural use only (b) Sheet spring screws, self topping screw. 63. Zero fuel wt. (a) Maximum wt. less usable fuel (b) Payload + a/c empty weight

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64. MTCS (a) Tire heavy sidewall damage should be discarded (b) Tread having radial cut extending upto chord can be continued in operation (c) Tread wear upto one ply can be continued in operation (d) Both (a) & (b) 65. To stop the crack which starts at the edge of acrylic panels (a) It should be stop dilled (b) It should be drilled and filled with cement (c) It should be opened up by a razor blade and adhertive cement to run into crack (d) All the above 66. Artificial feel incorporated in rudder system (a) Below the rudder pedal (b) Provide fed to pilot through rudder pedal (c) Centering the rudder and (b) 67. Circular magnetizing do not locate (a) Lateral defect (b) Longitudinal defect (c) Both (a) & (b) 68. Broken tap is removed by (a) Drilling it out (b) Tap extractor (c) None 69. Flap asymmetric system (a) Prevents the operation of flap when in different position 70. Take off warning indication system in addition to throttle setting monitor, which of the following. (a) Elevator, speed brake, flap and horizontal stabilizer. 71. Cause of false tire warning (a) Damage, dent, short of ingress moisture in the sensor. 72. Parking brake does not hold 73. Auto slat is used at 74. Reynolds number 75. Structural fuse 76. Speed brake (spoiler) does not deploy 77. Pressurized reservoir can be prevented from high pressure (a) Air pressure regulator/relief valve & pressure switches 78. Instrument vibrator motor is installed for (a) To overcome mechanical friction & to show correct reading

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(b) To reduce instrument vibration (c) TO counteract eng. vibration 79. Tripping of boundary layer (a) By suction method (b) By pressure method (c) Both.

1. Terminal velocity is [Kermode - 07] (a) When aerodynamic resistance becomes equal to weight (b) Depends upon shape density & orientation of the object (c) Terminates free fall at this point. (d) Both (a) & (b) 2. In pressurization control system which components prevents cabin altitude becoming made than a/c altitudes? (a) Cabin rate of descent control. (b) Negative pressure relief v/v (c) Safety relief v/v (d) Compressor ratio limit switch 3. Strain in a part is calculated by (a) Force divided by area (b) Original length plus extension in length (c) Total length divided by extension in length (d) Unit distortion strain , change in length/ original length 4. When inspecting a honey cool structure using the metering test, a clear install second indicates? (a) Case damage (b) Facing & core damage (c) Facing damage (d) Facing and core determination 5. Mark correct statement (a) If bearing failure has occurred the rivet shanks will be joggled. (b) If genuine rivet tipping has occurred groups of consistant rivet will be stepped in the same direction (c) If rivets show no visible distortion, investigation is necessary. (d) If shear failure has accused, the short will be distorts from rivet hole to edge of sheet. 6. On condition maintenance procedure means:(a) When a component is allowed in service, till it for (b) Serviceability of a component can be ensured by measured inside, without distantly. (c) When inspection of components are duplicated (d) When components can be easily replaced

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7. Why are the tubes in dicer boots alternately inflated? (a) Alternate inflation of dicer-boot does not disturb air (b) Alternate inflation of dicer-boot relieves load on air pump (c) Alternate inflation of dicer-boot keeps the disturbance of airflow to a minimum. (d) There is no effect of airflow even if deiver boots are alternately inflated. 8. Mark the correct statement Reynolds number is (a) Inversely proportional to speed & temp (b) Directly proportional to co-eff. Of viscosity (c) Inversely proportional to coeff. of viscosity (d) Inversely proportional to temp. & directly proportions 10 speed. 9. When jigs are not available, smoothness of wing contact elected by :(a) Vaseline applied paper is rubbed over the surface (b) Placing a thread parallel to the line of flight ever (c) Placing a thread parallel to receive angle over the (d) Using optical micrometer & control gage 10. Damage to which of the structural component ending the safety of a/c :(a) Wing tip and wing lights (b) Nose esac (c) Seat & seat rails (d) All the above are correct. 11. Primary load earlying members in fuselage are (a) Spar & stringers (b) Balk heads & Longisons (c) Frames & bulk heads (d) Bulk heads & stringers. 12. Smoke clearance switch is associated with (a) Air conditioning system (b) Fine protection system (c) Pneumatic system (d) Smoke detection system 13. Under all operating conditions compass safe distance is defined as the minimum distance from a compass at which on item of equipment may be located to produce a max. deviation of (a) 20 (b) 10 (c) 40 (d) 30 14. In the turn and slip indicator, the turn mechanism indicates:(a) Rate of bank (b) Rate of slip (c) Rate of turn (d) Rate of slip 15. Fuselage station 120 is located at (a) 120 cm from datum line (b) 120 aft of reference datum

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(c) 120 mm forward of datum (d) 1.20 cm from datum 16. The indication of loose/ damage rivet on a/c structure is by which deposit color (a) Grey (b) White (c) Green (d) Either (a) or (b) 17. Air conditioning syst. (vapor sys.) was functioning normally on start but after same time coaling is test, reason is (a) No refrigerant in the system. (b) Water in the system (c) Low pr. sensing switch is not functioning properly (d) All above are correct 18. Longitudinal stability of a/c depends upon (a) CP & CG (b) CP & Aerodynamic centre (c) CG & aerodynamic centre (d) Aerodynamic centre 19. Purpose of surge tank is (a) To prevent negative pr. in the tank (b) To prevent seepage of fuel from the tank (c) To prevent the fuel which overflow from the tank (d) Contains extra fuel for as reserve supply 20. Area to be inspected after hard landing are (a) Static dischargers (b) Balancing of control surfaces (c) Wing centre section (d) Now of the above is correct 21. Pilot while testing a fire protection system it was indicate that all detectors have failed, the probable cause is (a) Bulbs have failed in the cock pit (b) Discontinuity in the system (c) Check the bulbs and continuity of circuit (d) All the above are correct 22. Out of Frazer life is related to :(a) Epoxy resin (b) Catalyst (c) Prepreg fabric (d) Thermo plastic 23. In case hardening process (a) All metals can be case hardened (b) Steel cannot be case hardened (c) Steel can be case hardened to a certain percentage of carbon (d) The process does not depend upon the type of steel.

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24. Lighting holes are made in a/c for. (a) In the ribs for easy handling during manufacture (b) In the frames to reduce weight (c) In the bulk heads to provide strength (d) To provide passage for coaling air 25. Washout in the wing is (a) Incidence is high at the tip and low at the root. (b) Incidence is low at the tip and high at the root. (c) Incidence is forward and outward at the tip (d) Incidence is same at the root and at the tip 26. Mark the correct statement or (Purpose of tail skid) (a) Tail skid is fitted un air the APU (b) No precaution is required when hose wheel steering is done because of fail skid (c) Tail skid of a/c prevents damage to lower fuselage of a/c and is useful during rotation. (d) Tail skid helps in clearing during over rotation 27. Artificial feel to the pilot is from (a) Rudder (b) Elevator (c) Aileron (d) All the above are correct 28. Efficiency of a wing in respect of L/D is :(a) Max aspect ratio (b) Max fineness ratio (c) At an angle attack (d) Both (a) & (b) 29. Emergency exit system is provided to all (a) Passenger doors (b) Control cabin doors (c) Cargo doors (d) Galley service doors 30. In rate of climb indicator (a) During climb, diagram expands (b) During descent, diagram expands (c) In level flight, diagram expands & contract (d) All the above are correct. 31. In windshield ice control system, when the switch is to high & low, autotransformer provides:(a) 250-v-a.c to wind shield current bus bar (b) 218-v-a.c & 121-v-a.c respectively (c) 128-v-a.c & 240-v-a.c respectively (d) 400-v-a.c & 210-v-a.c respectively 32. MTCS (a) In damage tolerant structure, if one past fails part all other one takes the load. (b) If one part fails, the other one takes the full load until the damage is detected.

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33. MTCS (a) Then swaging the terminals in the cable, the terminal soldered to the cable to hold it in correct position swaging. (b) Before swaging preservative compound is not upon the cable (c) Cut the length of cable 34. When control wheel is released in control wheel stearing system the automatic system. (a) Holds the a/c at newly established attitude (b) Holds the a/c at original established altitude. (c) Is provided by the pilot and roll forces simultaneously through the force transducer. (d) Both (a) & (b) are correct. 35. For transonic speed a/c (a) It has always delta wing shape (b) Trailing edge is more swept best then leading edge (c) It has swept back wing 36. Mark the correct statement :(a) Composite structure is made of using two different types of materials (b) (c) (d) 37. Which type of seal is used with skydrol hyd. fluid:(a) Natural rubber (b) Synthetic rubber (c) Buna-N (d) Seals made for phosphate easter base fluid. (Butyle) 38. Any tubeless tire during manufacture (a) Are provided with water _____ (b) Vent is provided by practical piercing their casing (c) Vent is provided through out the complete casing (d) Are marked red at vent ports 39. The actuator in high pr. pneumatic system is often damped. (a) Transforms the force of air into linear motion (b) Transforms the force of air into linear motion (c) To transform the force of air only in to rotary motion (d) To deviate kinetic energy of free air. 40. When cabin pr. regulator is operating in isobaric range pr. is maintained constant by (a) The movement regulator bellows (b) Limiting the flow of air to the cock-pit (c) Action of the cabin pr. safety v/v (d) Limiting the air from the reference chamber. 41. In capacitance type fuel quantity gage:(a) Measure the wt. of the fuel (b) Measures the volume of fuel (c) Uses more probes in left side of tank to compensates for different a/c attitudes.

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42. When checking the a/c for adverse loaded condition (a) Cary out rear ward wt/balance chk (b) Carry out forward wt/balance chk (c) Carry out gross wt check (d) All the above are correct 43. MTCS (a) While inspecting a part by x-ray method defect is dates either /absorbing the x-ray photos or photons to the pehitrate the part. (b) (c) 44. White inspecting the part with magnetic practical in to show all the discontinuities / defects. (a) Make longitudinal and circular magnetization (b) Only longitudinal magnetization is done (c) Linear magnetization is done (d) All the above are correct. 45. Which not affect the stability of the a/c about its longitudinal axis:(a) Dihedral (b) Incidence (c) Angle of attack (d) Anehedral 46. If an aircrafts cond. Pr. hyd. syst. Cycles more frequently then usual and no fluid leakage can be selected, the most probable cause is (a) A too high relief v/v setting (b) Pump volume out put too height (c) Low accumulator air preload 47. Mark the correct sentence regarding area rule (MOF-364) (a) Bulging of fuselage increases from rose of a/c towards aft of the fuselage. (b) Cross-sectional area of fuselage remain same through out its length (c) Cross-sectional area of fuselage is maximum at the wings. (d) 48. Mark the correct statement:(a) The term a/c plumbing refers not only to the hose, tubing, fittings and connectors used in the a/c, but also to the process of forming and installing them. (b) A/C plumbing lines usually made of metal tubing and fitting flexible hose. (c) (d) 49. Mark the correct statement :(a) High fatigue factor centering is chief reason for its replacement it becomes hard & brittle from vibration and finally breaks. (b) In some special high pr. (3000 psi) hyd. installations, c.r.s. steel tubing either connected or hard is used. (c) C.r.s. tubing does not have to be annealed for flaring or because placed section is some what strain hardened during flaring process (d) Higher tensile strength of c.r.s permits the use of turbine.

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50. Mark the correct statement :(a) Code markings on the hoses show size, manufacturer, of manufacture and pressure & temp. limits. (b) Size of flexible hose is determined by its inside diameter & the hoses are not used with identical size rigid metal tubing. (c) (d) 51. Mark the correct statement :(a) While inspecting the cable for broken wires by passing the dot if cloth does not snag, there is no broken wire. (b) Metallic wool or solvents are used to removed internal corrosion of cable. (c) Various malfunction misalignments are detected by observing the condition of the plies of the cable system. (d) 52. Mark the correct statement:(a) Stress corrosion is combination of residual tensile stress in the part & corrosive environment. (b) When two pasts are lightly fastened together and have slight movement between them causes galvanic corrosion (c) Intergranular corrosion occurs along grain boundaries of the metal. 53. Mark the correct statement :(a) In direct chemical attack anodic & cathodic change takes place at the same point simultaneously, while in electrochemical attack anodic & cathodic changes takes place a distance a part. (b) In electro chemical attack anodic & cathodic changes takes place at the same point, while in chemical attack these takes place at a distance apart. (c) In both direct chemical attack & electrochemical attack the anodic & cathodic changes takes place at same point. 54. Mark the correct statement :(a) When Mg-part protective acting is damaged it should be restored promptly by allowing chromic acid to remain in place for 5 to 15 minutes. (b) (c) (d) 55. Spring tabs and servotabs are used (QB-8279) (a) To assist the pilot in moving the primary control surfaces (b) Contribute to the static balance of control surface (c) Make in flight trim adjustments possible (d) 56. Tab used in high speed. (a) Spring tab (b) Servo tab (c) (d) 57. Hardness is basis property of the material which prevents/resist tear and deformation. (a) Strength is the property to resist deformation. (b) (c)

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58. MTCS (a) Ductility is the ppt. of the metal which enables to makes of metal by hammering. (b) Maliability causes the metal to draw as wire. (c) Maliability is plasticity of the metal under compressive load. 59. Boundary layer fences are used:(a) To prevent outward doubt of boundary layer (b) To prevent tip stall (c) To prevent downward diffusion (d) 60. Trapping of boundary is (a) Suction of boundary layer (b) Blowing out of boundary layer (c) Using slate. (d) ATA 61. The point at which wing moment equals to tail moment is (a) Neutral point (b) Trim point (c) Aerodynamic center (d) Centre of pr. 62. MTCS about lightning strike:(a) Strike damage and static discharge damage occurs at wire tips and trailing edges of wing respectively. (b) Circular holes and pitting caused by static discharge and strike damage respectively (c) Strike damage where the discharge emitters the a/c and static discharge damage subsequent is the strike. (d) 63. When a/c is flying at higher altitude, the temp of the because ______________ (a) Increase (b) Decrease (c) Remains same (d) None 64. In ACM most of the cooling is done by (a) Compressor (b) Expansion turbine (c) (d) 65. Mark the correct statement:(a) A/c nuts are come is left & flight landed threads (b) Have identification marking. (c) Can be identified only by characteristic tusture of Al and brass 66. If flap position transmitter has failed, then after repairing or replacement of transmitter. (a) The operation of flap position indicator system is chk (b) Check operation of stall warning indicator (c) Operation of L/G is checked (d) Both (a) & (b) are correct.

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67. In the variable volume pump. when the axis of cylinder block becomes parallel to the drive shaft. (a) The flow of hyd. fluid is max. (b) Flow is min. (c) Flow is nil. (d) 68. When hardness of composite material is checked if (a) Hardness of the resin (b) Hardness of the composite as a whole (c) Taken from hardness chart. (d) D 69. Series wound motors are used due to (a) High initial starting torque. (b) (c) (d) 70. Taper wing means (a) Thickness of wing as root is ware than at the tip and chord at the tip is smaller that chord at the root. (b) (c) (d) 71. 211-T rivet is :(a) Called field rivet (b) Used as received from manufacturer no need of reheat treatment before doing (c) Less corrosion resistance (d) Both (a) & (b) 72. Make the correct statement:(a) At high speed induced drag decreases & parasite drag increases (b) When speed increases induced drag and profile drag both increase (c) (d) 73. When span of a wing is increased:(a) Aspect ration increases (b) Area increases (c) Lift increases (d) Induced drag increases 74. Gussets used in a/c construction:(a) To join and rainforce intersecting structural use. (b) (c) (d) 75. Slotted flap (a) (b)

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(c) (d) 76. Structural fuses:(a) Fuses at high temp (b) Shears when excessive load is applied and prevents the primary structure from damage. (c) (d) 77. Mark the correct statement (a) In carburizing the part is heated in contact with carbon rich material at room temp. (b) In nitriding part is heated above AC in presence of nitulo (c) In cyaniding process part is heated with cyanide compounds at room temp. 78. Mark the correct statement :(a) Corrosion from Al-alloy surface is removed by using strut wire brush 79. ________ (a) Flexible hose is used where one part is stationary and other part is movable. (b) (c) (d) 80. Mark the correct statement :(a) Phosphating, chromating and anodizing is done on steel, mg. alloy and Al-alloy parts. (b) Phosphating is done on steel to give corrosion protection and better point adhering surface. (c) All the above.

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