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Amending Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT dated as of Effective Date of Amendment (ie. July 1, 2000) between Full
Name of Purchaser (the “Buyer”) and Full Name of Vendor (the “Seller”).

WHEREAS by an Agreement of Purchase and Sale dated and accepted on Date of Agreement
which is being Amended (the “Purchase Agreement”) the Buyer agreed to purchase from the
Seller the property municipally known as Municipal Address of Property which is the subject of
the original Agreement (the “Property”);

AND WHEREAS the Buyer and the Seller wish to amend the Purchase Agreement in accordance
with the terms and conditions hereof;

NOW THEREFORE in consideration of the premises and for other good and valuable
consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the parties agree as

1.The parties agree that the recitals above are true and correct in all material respects.

2.The Buyer and the Seller agree that the Purchase Agreement is hereby modified and amended as

Describe all the amendments to the Original Agreement in Detail

3.The Seller and the Buyer hereby confirm that (i) all other terms and conditions of the Purchase
Agreement are in full force and effect, unamended except as expressly provided in this Agreement,
and (ii) time shall remain of the essence in the Purchase Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF this Agreement has been executed by the parties hereto as of the date
first above written.

Witness Buyer

Witness Seller