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Resource Catalogue As on November 2010 Single Audio CD Cost Rs.

. 75/A JOURNEY : An audio CD with 22 inspiring messages from Dr. Ravi Zacharias that were originally broadcast in his program A Slice of Infinity. So often in society we are presented with rather discerning options when it comes to dealing with matters of great importance such as truth, good & evil, and the meaning of life. Many people today find themselves wanting something to hold on to, but do not know who or what to believe. It is for this need, A Slice of Infinity, a three-minute program was created to inspire, challenge further thought & action, and offer hope. We have selected 22 slices for each volume. ACD 01. JOURNEY VOLUME 1 01. Empty Path of Pleasure 02. Absence of Meaning 03. Of Wisdom and Humility 04. The Difference of Christ: Forgiveness 05. The Making of the Beautiful 06. Making the Fish fit the Pan 07. The Search for Delicious 08. God hears our Cries 09. Listening to Every Blade of Grass 10. The Lion and the Stream 11. Where Can We Go with Guilt? ACD 02. JOURNEY VOLUME 2 23. Judging the Judges Part 1 24. Justice and Virtue Part 2 25. The Scandal of the Cross 26. The Truth about Emotions 27. No Time for a Story? 28. Questions and Answers 29. Existing in Silence 30. A Sincere Reasoning 31. Master and Mirror 32. The Oneness of Life 33. Responding Within the Dust 34. Within our Borders, within our Hearts 35. God in Search of Man Part 1 36. God in Search of Man Part 2 37. God in Search of Man Part 3 38. God in Search of Man Part 4 39. God in Search of Man Part 5 40. Time and Eternity 41. Tempered by Goodness 42. Preferring our Pain Part 1 43. Preferring our Pain Part 2 44. The Value of Something

12. Deferring to Celebrities 13. Venture of the Will 14. Jobs faulty Assumptions 15. With God the Impossible is Possible 16. Guilt Concealed by Fear 17. Emotional IQ 18. Painful Lessons 19. Impressive Encounters 20.The Imagination and the Will 21. A Good Man 22. I Got Out of Bed for This?

ACD 03. A FISH OUT OF WATER (JONAH) Jonah really ought to have missed the boat. A strong prejudice kept this man from capitalizing on one of the choicest opportunities ever given to an evangelist. He is the only minor prophet referred to by Jesus. There are some extraordinary lessons in Jonah particularly for the one who is called to serve but seeks to run.

ACD 04. ABSOLUTE TRUTH IN RELATIVE TERMS T.S. Eliot said that the temptation which was the greatest treason was to do the right thing for the wrong reason. Satan and the son of God met in such a conflict of reason, imagination and will. This is a classic passage. 1

ACD 05. A LIFE THAT LOST ITS FOCUS: SAUL From hiding behind the baggage to shun glory, to building a monument in his own honor - that was the spectrum of Sauls life. He died a confusing death because he lived a confusing life.

ACD 06. AN ANCIENT MESSAGE, THROUGH MODERN MEANS, TO A POSTMODERN MIND Dr. Ravi Zacharias examines the idea that culture is an effort to provide a coherent set of answers to the needs which confront us as human beings.

ACD 07. THE ANATOMY OF FAITH AND THE QUEST FOR REASON You can have faith in Christ and still be using reason. Skeptics say that faith in Christ ignores reason when in fact, the opposite is true: true faith engages reason.

ACD 08. THE ANGELIC DEVIL : Balaam (Numbers 23) How much error does one need to destroy the truth? Balaam is one of the most enigmatic characters in the Bible. It is only a careful study that would show where he sold out. The story in Numbers is not selfexplanatory. The letter of the law and the spirit find their tension in him.

ACD 09. BARRIERS TO BELIEF This message captures the single greatest barrier for the unbeliever who professes to live for Christ.

ACD 10 BRITTLE CLAY IN TENDER HANDS New Jeremiah was a tender hearted man who was known as the weeping prophet. In fact, Jesus wept over Jerusalem, someone asked him if He was Jeremiah. Jeremiahs dialogue with God in the eighteenth chapter of his book not only reveals how Israel ran from the call of God, but also how Jeremiah in turn resisted the gentle hands of the potter in the midst of a violent, desperate world.

ACD 11. THE CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGE What does the Bible tell us about who we are? What is it about you that God takes note of and that God claims authorship of? What is our Christian privilege? In this poignant and new message by Ravi Zacharias, he brings thoughtful answers to these questions. Humanity in general is Gods creation; humanity in particular is Gods temple, Ravi observes. Live it out in activity.

ACD 12. THE CONVICTIONS THAT CONQUERED THE WORLD The early Church operated out of a platform of persecution. Yet, from a ratio of one in 30,000 in Palestine, the Christian message today lives in the hearts of millions. How did they do it? 2

ACD 13. THE CONSTANCY OF GOD IN A CHANGING WORLD Change. At times it can be exciting yet just as often uncomfortable, disconcerting and frustrating. We change. Our circumstances change. But God never changes. In this message, Ravi reveals three significant changes God makes in the life of a believer, providing the filter by which all other changes can be interpreted. If you are uncertain of what the future holds, this message will be an encouragement to you.

ACD 14. THE DA VINCI CODE: Fact or Fiction? The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown is one of the bestselling novels of all time, achieving unprecedented success since it debuted at #1 on the New York Times best-seller list in its first week on sale. Its notoriety has prompted subsequent books intense discussion, and dramatic reproach, and the book is being adapted to film for a 2006 release. What has created the worldwide renown and controversy? Why do so many people accept a novel as truth? What is true and what is fiction? The Da Vinci Code: Fact of Fiction is a roundtable discussion with Stuart McAllister, RZIM and Bill Smith of On the Way Ministries. With sound scholarship, historical expertise, and cultural awareness they discuss the novel and the debate surrounding it, wading through fantasy and fact. ACD 15. GROWING THROUGH OUR DISCIPLINES New What happens when you lose your faith in prayer? Why is solitude with God so important? When you are alone in prayer are you talking to God or is God talking to you? Ravi examines the discipline of prayer through the topics of solitude, finitude, and gratitude. The more you spend time alone with God, youll find out youre not alone.

ACD 16. GOD AND REMEMBRANCE: The intangible Embodiment of Memory The intangible embodiment of memory how can something so elusive be so concrete? In the juxtaposition of body and mind, we are building our memories with every moment, shaping who we are. Drawing from the book of Joshua, Ravi Zacharias uses rich illustrations to give insight into three cautions God gives and a reminder of what matters. ACD 17. GODS BLUE PRINT FOR YOUR LIFE New We live in a time of great uncertainity. Fears about finances, culture, anf global affairs dominate not just the headlines but our thoughts too. Whether times are good or bad, its always important to follow Gods blueprint for our lives. How can we know what Gods blueprint is in the midst of great challenges?

ACD 18. HAVING A TRIPLE STRENGTH TO YOUR LIFE New A cord of three strands is not quickly broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12). But why is it that we often feel like God is not there to be the third strand? Ravi Zacharias addresses this question and discusses the multiple strands that God has provided to shape the creation, the individual, and the community. In this message, Ravi shares that when we look a little closer at life well discover that even in our darkest moments, God has instilled in us the strands we need to have a strong three-corded life and to find our ultimate reality in Him. ACD 19. HE SAW, HE LEFT, HE CONQUERED New It was God-given opportunity, but an unwilling man and a resistant nation converted what could have been a short journey into a forty-year nightmare.

ACD 20. THE HOLY SPIRIT: GOD AT HIS MOST EMPIRICAL (John 16) This message is based on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the world and in the Church.

ACD 21. ICHABOD: WHERE IS THE GLORY? The Jews feared three things, and one of them was the departure of Gods glory and voice. Yet, they saw it happen. Unheeded truth destroys the right to more truth.

ACD 22. INTERPRETING FAILURES, CONSERVING VICTORIES The shortest route in life might not always be the best route, because it might forfeit lifes most important lessons. This message brings those lessons based on the book from which Jesus quoted more than any other Deuteronomy.

ACD 23. IF THE FOUNDATIONS ARE BEING DETROYED, WHAT CAN THE RIGHTEOUS DO? The sociologist Daniel Bell reminds us that a cultural revolution is underway when there is a decisive break from the shared meanings from the past. Such is our present reality. God in His wisdom and grace, set four foundations on which our lives are to be built. All four are being shaken with a titanic force. This message deals with those pillars and responds to the dangers.

ACD 24. IS THERE NOT A CAUSE? You will never lighten any load until you feel the pressure in your own soul. From the comforts of the Persian Palace to bricks and concrete work, Nehemiah emulated this principle.

ACD 25. IS THERE NOT A COST? (Nehemiah 2-6) Dr. Zacharias looks at the experience of Nehemiah and shows how no great service for God will ever be accomplished unfettered by opposition from within and without.

ACD 26. JESUS AMONG OTHER GODS (John 14) We are living in a time when you can believe anything, as long as you do not claim it to be true. Ravi demonstrates the uniqueness of Jesus in a postmodern culture that has willingly embraced a multitude of religions.

ACD 27. JESUS AS THEY SAW HIM In his preaching and his person, no man lived or spoke like this man. Napoleon said of Jesus that his kingdom was built differently than anyone elses not by weapons, but by love. A glimpse of the life of Christ.

ACD 28. LESSONS FROM ROYALTY Malcolm Muggeridge said, All news is old news happening to new people. Three men presided over the breakdown of Israel: Solomon, Rehoboam, and Jeroboam. How did it happen?

ACD 29. LEESONS FROM WAR IN A BATTLE OF IDEAS Lostness has many faces. But there is both a face and a heart in the spiritual battle. We cannot neglect one or the other. Ravi Zacharias gives us four lessons to use in our battle for truth, then gives us the faces and the hearts to look for.

ACD 30. THE LOSTNESS OF MAN (Romans 1) It is the cardinal doctrine that is most condemned by the skeptics but most empirically verifiable by experience - man has moved from rejection to separation, to alienation and finally condemnation.

ACD 31. LOVE HAS ITS ABSOLUTES Does love have its absolutes or values? Love is an action or an emotion we speak so easily about but what gives love its supremacy, its responsibility? In a brand new message filled with beautifully told stories and poignant truths, Ravi examines love as the supreme ethic.

ACD 32. MARCHING TO A DIFFERENT DRUMMER Ravi poses this question: Is it possible to be a perfectly contented individual in your life, completely at peace with that calmness of spirit and having absolute fulfillment of every desire without wandering away from the law of God? Examining the life of Daniel, Ravi offers three principles which God wanted to teach His people through this great man of the Old Testament: humility, spirituality and faith.

ACD 33. MIND GAMES IN A WORLD OF IMAGES Dostoevsky said, first art would imitate life, then life would imitate art, finally, life would draw the very reason for its existence from the arts. From the violent and horrific to the beautiful and romantic, modern visual media have a profound impact on todays culture. Television and cinema, in particular, are extremely powerful in their ability to fuse visual images with propositional thought. In this message Ravi discusses the synergistic effect these have on modern man as he climbs the ladder from a fallacious induction, to a deceptive seduction, to an inevitable reduction. Ravi presents the underlying problem and the legitimate place that the arts should have in our lives. ACD 34. MIND THE GAP A subway train barrels into the station at full speed. Screeching to a stop, the doors open to reveal a space a gap between the train and the edge of the platform. The gap between the knowledge we know and the reality we live, the gap created when hopes are crushed beneath disappointment, when busyness blunts His presence. It is only God who brings the bridge, the coherence, the compassion, the forgiveness, and fulfillment. ACD 35. NOT FOR US ONLY (Acts 10) This is a message from Acts 10 on that historical encounter between the Jewish and the Gentile world. It also deals with the cardinal issue of the nature of truth and the sincerity of the seeker. Unless the two meet, there is no conversion.

ACD 36. PARADISE REGAINED (Luke 23) The Bible is full of surprises. We find faith and doubt in the most unpredictable places. This man probably saw Easter more clearly in this most deadly setting. He saw it more clearly than even the disciples did, and faith brought its reward.

ACD 37. POSTURES OF THE MIND, AFFECTIONS OF THE HEART Ravi Zacharias delivered this commencement address to high school seniors, yet the charge is for those in any stage of life. He prescribes three challenges for training the mind and strengthening the soul to be fit for success against imminent tails and temptations.

ACD 38. POSTMODERNISM & PHILOSOPHY In this new message by Ravi Zacharias, delivered at the Ligonier Conference in 2007, he tackles postmodernism, its moorings and popularity. What does the rise of postmodernism mean for a philosophy of living? Do words have meaning, does morality have an absolute? Is there such a thing as reason? How do we embrace the word? In this current climate and culture there is still a story to be told, Ravi exhorts, How do we take to his reason, find his meaning and tell the story well.

ACD 39. THE PREPARATION AND PORTRAIT OF A PROPHET (Ezekiel) The prophets role was tough: a burdened heart and love for his people, yet an apparent callous detachment when pronouncing judgment. God had to prepare a heart for such special tasks. The message centers on the book of Ezekiel.

ACD 40. THE PROPHET MARRIES A PROSTITUTE (Hosea) The prophet Hosea is asked by God to marry a prostitute. God speaks to Hosea and tells him how this marriage is similar to his relationship with his wayward people. Dr. Zacharias brings out in a heartwarming way from the book of Hosea, the analogy of a faithful God related to an unfaithful people.

ACD 41. THE QUESTIONS OF A MAN IN AGONY (Job) Where is God when it hurts? Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar had sharp theological systems, but they missed the point. In this extraordinary episode, lifes most painful question is addressed.

ACD 42. RAISED TO RUN: JACOB New How to lose friends and destroy people. Jacob could well have authored such a book. One of the Murphy-type laws says, Good judgment comes from bad judgment. This man took that route to become a hero for God.

ACD 43. SECULARISM AND THE ILLUSION OF NEUTRALITY Who are we as a culture? Where are we in history? With so many differing perspectives on the role of absolutes. Ravi Zacharias contends that we are a culture without a point of reference. With both candor and respect, Ravi explores the three moods that he maintains brought us to this condition, going head-tohead with a university audience at Penn State University.

ACD 44. THE SPURIOUS GLITTER OF PANTHEISM Despite its philosophical inconsistencies and societal failures, the pantheistic religion of Hinduism has influenced the religious mindset in more countries than any other non-Christian religion. What are its basic tenets? Why is it so alluring? How may the Christian respond? ACD 45. THOUGH THE FIG TREE DOES NOT BUD

Habakkuk raised the most pointed perennial questions. How, Oh Lord can you explain your sovereignty when there is such violence, injustice and evil? Gods answer caught the prophet off-guard, and he penned this message of such enormous significance.

ACD 46. UNPLUGGING THE TRUTH IN A MORALLY SUICIDAL CULTURE New We are living today not in the delicious intoxication of the early successors of science, rather in the grisly morning after, wrote Aldous Huxley. The process of secularization, pluralization, and privatization have contributed to a morally failing society, yet Ravi counters this reality with the truth of the Scriptures: We are not orphaned in this world, for God has created us with dignity and invites us to worship and serve Him. Ravis message was the opening presentation at a bioethics conference held at the center for Bioethics in Human Dignity. ACD 46. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE HUMAN? In May 2006 Ravi Zacharias spoke to practitioners, educators, and students in fields of medicine, genetics, and philosophy at Johns Hopkins University. The conference What Does it Mean to be Human? hosted a variety of presenters who considered the impact of anthropological, theological, and biological perspectives on genetic science and medicine, ethics and spirituality in relation to the practice of medicine and ministry.

ACD 47. WHAT IS WORTHWHILE UNDER THE SUN? This message has had an enormous impact on my own life. It is a study on the problem of pleasure. This is a subject of great importance in our day and is addressed with some practical pointers to assist us with dealing with the abundance of pleasurable options that surround us.

ACD 48. WHAT HAPPENED AFTER GODS FUNERAL? The German philosopher Nietzche popularized the phrase, God is dead. That philosophical postulate has served as a substructure for all the ill-advised philosophies and theologies of our day. It is very easy to bury this philosophy because it is virtually impossible to live consistently with its consequences. Muggeridge said, If God were dead we would have two choices Hitler or Hugh Heffner. This lesson examines life without God.

ACD 49. WHEN GOD BIDS FAREWELL New What happens to a nation that squanders its history and sufferes the entailments of Gods departed glory? Such was the sad course of Israel during Ezekiels life, for the prophet witnessed the demise of spiritual leadership and the disobedience of Gods people. Ravi illuminates Israels sin their turning from God and their misguided appeal for a human king and explores the biblical understanding of glory.

ACD 50. WHO ARE YOU GOD? Two questions often heard on university campuses are Does God really exist? and How can Christ be the unique revelation of God? Yet for many Christians, the question is often, What is God really like and how may I know Him as He desires to be known? God revealed His answer to King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles, Chapter 20. The truths uncovered are delightfully inspiring and unrivalled by any other religion. ACD 51. WHY DONT I FEEL MY FAITH? When youve pursued all the learning, read all the books, made all the intellectual commitments to faith, you expect that somehow there will be an evoking of the emotion that will conform to what it is you claim to believe in your mind or intellect. But in truth, that feeling is often not there, or has temporarily lapsed. In a culture that operates so much by emotion, how do we take both our knowledge and our emotions and unify them into a framework of morality and information?

ACD 52. WHY I AM NOT AN ATHEIST? A powerful apologetic message crafted by Dr. Zacharias in response to Bertrand Russells collection of essays. Why I am Not a Christian? Delivered at Princeton University, this message clearly provides both philosophical and practical answers.

ACD 53. WHY SIT WE HERE UNTIL WE DIE? (2 Kings 7) Four lepers who recognized they had nothing to lose found a booty and were thrilled to have everything to share. They became instruments of life to many and of death to others. A powerful story with implicit principles from conversion to propagation or rejection to condemnation.

ACD 54. WICKED AND STRONG: JEZEBEL (2 Kings 9) The only thing that is worse than being weak and wicked is being strong and wicked. A character study of Jezebel.

ACD 554. WORSHIP: A CLUE TO MEANING IN LIFE Man is by nature a religious entity. He finds objects or persons to worship and will ultimately reflect that object. It is for this reason that authentic worship is pivotal for the Christians life. True worship pulls together my conscience, heart, mind, imagination, and will. When these coalesce in unified expression, life finds its meaning. ACD 56. FROM WHENCE THE POWER? HOW DO WE LIVE IN SUCH DEMANDING TIMES? Rev. Arun Andrews Times of uncertainty can tend to make us wish for yesterday. And when it becomes harder to face the troubles of today, we begin to wonder if we will ever see victory. We can raise this question to someone who will answer. When the circumstances that surround us seem overwhelming, God invites us to sit at four tables in the midst of trouble. Jesus did not invite us to escape; He invited us to engage. And because of Him, hope is not found in nostalgia. It is found in the victory we have already won. Double Audio Pack Cost Rs. 125/ACD 01. CRIES OF THE HEART CD1: The Haunting Spectre of Guilt If guilt did not exist in the human experience, both priest and psychologist would be jobless. On the other hand, without a feeling of guilt, hell would be a present reality. In the unfolding drama of human existence, guilt has occupied centre stage. Unresolved guilt is the center of the soul. This sermon deals with the reality and response to guilt. CD2: The Inner Ache of Loneliness There is no greater cry of the human heart than that of loneliness. This is not restricted to the bereaved and unloved. In its most painful sense, loneliness is a gnawing idea of being emotionally unanchored or cosmically orphaned. It is not sufficient to say, God loves you. The question of loneliness goes deeper, and so must the answer. The sermon attempts to plumb its depth. ACD 02. INTERSECTION OF FAITH IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE New We live in a world full of needwith no shortage of ideas circulating on how to explain and meet that need. Yet an idea or solution is meaningless with no point of reference. So what is the framework of the Christian life in the public square? How do we defend the truth that certain boundaries and mindsets are given to us by God for our benefit? Ravi Zacharias answers these timely questions by sharing the four dimensions that God has instilled in each of us: dimensions that require us to not only talk about the challenges surrounding us but to actually lead the effort to reach out to a hurtingand sometimes hostileworld.

ACD 03. LEADERSHIP AND WORSHIP In these lectures Ravi examines the origin, definition, theological foundations and vocabulary of worship. These messages were delivered at a seminar for Church leaders on the theme, A Leader and Worship.

ACD 04. NEED GOD? WHAT IF I DONT? New Why do I need God if my life is going well? Ive always solved my own problems, so what can God really do for me? God has never seemed near to me during the difficulties in my life, so why should I trust Him? If you had the chance to fill a void in your life that prosperity and accomplishments could never fill, would you take that opportunity? Join Ravi Zacharias for his message Need God? What If I Dont? as he explains why God is more than a psychological crutch for the weak-minded and why success and independent living fade in comparison to knowing the eternal truth found in God. ACD 05. PAYING A PRICE: Making Sacrifices for a Successful Home CD1: I, Isaac, Take You Rebekah (Genesis 24) Taking the right steps towards the institution of marriage is becoming more difficult. This message uses five principles taken from the relationship of Isaac and Rebekah to address love and marriage. Probably the single most important message for youth-but applicable to all. CD2: Divided Heart, Divided Home (2 Samuel) The collapse of a home might not make headlines, but its impact will etch itself into the conscience of the victim and the victimizer. One of God's greatest gifts is the home. Failing here, we fail in the heart. The message deals specifically with husbands and fathers. ACD 06. RECAPTURE THE WONDER With profound and often poetic insights, Zacharias shows that we can not only recapture the innocent sense of wonder we once had as children, but we can experience it in its fullest capacity as adults by yielding to God in awe-inspired worship.

ACD 07. THE TOP 5 QUESTIONS Ravi Zacharias and Dr. William Lane Craig had the privilege of participating in a conference held on the campus of The University of Iowa where they were asked to respond to the top five questions that university students ask about Christianity. The speakers interact with the students and answered other questions from the audience. For your own edification or as a tool to reach out to others, we believe this material is an excellent resource.

ACD 08.THE UNIQUENESS OF CHRIST CD1: The Uniqueness of Christ in History In this lecture, Dr. Zacharias addresses the teachings and person of Christ against the curtain of history. Quoting historians and such artists as George Frederick Handel and William Cowper, he examines four distinctives of Christ's teachings which are unique in the span of history. CD2: The Uniqueness of Christ in World Religions Is it really possible to talk about Christ being the only way to God without implying at the same time that any idea that contradict Christ then become false? In this lecture, Dr. Zacharias examines the philosophical idea of truth, points of tension between Christianity and Eastern religions, and how Christ's teachings are distinct from other religions. These messages were part of a forum on the uniqueness of Christ held in several major cities in the Republic of South Africa. 3CD Audio Pack Cost Rs. 175/ACD 01. ENAGAGING CULTURE WITH CONVERSATIONS THAT COUNT From Chicago to Lancaster, to Colorado Springs to Nashville, RZIM has been conducting seminars on this theme, well-versed in apologetics and the themes of our culture, they tackle questions, engaging the cultural issues and concerns that grip the church at the present time. This three-part album featuring

presentations by Stuart McAllister, Dale Fincher, and Ravi Zacharias will equip you to become a thoughtful apologist of the Christian faith. ACD 02. IN THE PURSUIT OF TRUTH In November 2004, Ravi Zacharias gave a three-part lectureship that included talks at two universities in the Salt Lake City area and a historic presentation at the Mormon Tabernacle. The Salt Lake Tribune reported, "For the first time in 105 years, a preacher of another faith was at the pulpit of the Tabernacle on Temple Square on Sunday night, lectureship began with a presentation at University of Utah titled, The Basis For Truth, Defending the Notion of Absolute Truth, and concluded with a lecture at Weber State University on The Loss of Truth: The Crumbling Moral Foundation. Addressing a group of over 7000 at the Mormon Tabernacle, the hour-long message on Who Is Jesus? Defending Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life emphasized sin, salvation through the Cross, and the doctrine of the Trinity, and was received by a standing ovation. We are pleased to now be able to make these three messages available to you. VCD Cost Rs. 125/VCD 01. A FISH OUT OF WATER Dr. Zacharias explains how Jonah really ought to have missed the boat. A strong prejudice kept this man from capitalising on one of the choicest opportunities ever given to an evangelist. He is the only "minor" prophet referred to by Jesus. There are some extraordinary lessons in Jonah particularly for the one who is called to serve but seeks to run.

VCD 02.THE DISCIPLINES OF A GODLY MAN Ravi poses this question: "Is it possible to be a perfectly contended individual, completely at peace with the calmness of spirit and having absolute fulfillment of every desire without wandering from the law of God?" Examining the life of Daniel, Ravi offers three principles which God wanted to teach His people through this great man of the Old Testament: humility, spirituality and faith.

VCD 03. THE HAUNTING SPECTRE OF GUILT If guilt did not exist in the human experience, both priest and psychologist would be jobless. On the other hand, without a feeling of guilt, hell would be a present reality. In the unfolding drama of human existence, guilt has occupied center stage. Unresolved guilt is the cancer of the soul. This sermon deals with the reality and responses to guilt.

VCD 04. THE LOSTNESS OF MAN It is the cardinal doctrine that is most condemned by the skeptics but most empirically verifiable by experience man has moved from rejection to separation, to alienation and finally condemnation.

VCD 05. THE MIND AND HEART IN SEARCH OF ANSWERS: A Christian response to the Questions of Origin, Meaning and Destiny. When science, philosophy and astronomy converge to unveil the splendor of God they awaken a sense of wonder. Doctors David Block, Louw Alberts and Ravi Zacharias face this open forum at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a delightful presentation responding to the penetrating questions of heart and mind. The responses accommodate both the young and the mature in search of answers, as they choose between Christ and other world views. VCD 06. THE MYSTERY OF EVIL AND THE MIRACLE OF LIFE The depravity of man is perhaps one of the most evident features of our existence. In this video, Ravi presents a piercing analysis of human wickedness. He traces the origin of evil and particularly the lure of sin placed before Adam and Eve when Satan made God's truth suspect. Dr. Zacharias examines our hunger for the fulfillment of needs that God alone is big enough to fill and offers a challenge to surrender the human will to Christ's control.

VCD 07. THE NEW AGE: CLIMATE OR CONSPIRACY? The New Age movement is a valiant attempt at mitigating the bankruptcy of secularism with the spurious glitter of Eastern mysticism. What are its precepts and concepts? Is it a climate or a conspiracy? This lecture was delivered at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg, South Africa. VCD 08. O JERUSALEM Standing on the southern steps of what was perhaps the Temple in Jerusalem, Ravi Zacharias delivers a moving message about the transformation of the heart and the empowerment of the spirit. This inspirational presentation underscores both the majesty and the tragedy of this holiest city on earth. In addition, Doctors Jim Martin and Ravi Zacharias take you on a video tour giving a compelling perspective about some of the newly found sites of Jerusalem's Temple walls.

VCD 09. THE QUESTIONS OF A MAN IN AGONY If God is all powerful and all loving, how come there is so much evil in this world? A question asked by many. Job was one who experienced great persecution yet never gave up his faith in God. Presented here are principles taken from the story of Job on how God reveals himself during times of persecution.

VCD 10. Q & A VOLUME 1 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS How do I defend the Bible? How would Jesus respond? It seems unfair to send people to Hell. Live Dynamic, Essential. For two evenings, Ravi Zacharias answers hard-hitting questions from a student packed auditorium at the University of Illinois. A compelling video series designed for classroom or group study use. [This album is also available as a DVD for a donation of Rs. 200/- Postage Extra]. VCD 11. Q & A VOLUME 2 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN In February 2003, Ravi's visit to the University of Michigan, one of the five biggest universities in the United States, proved to be exciting and historic both for the university and for RZIM. For two nights, a standing room only audience was captured as Ravi spoke and then followed with a 40 minute Q&A session. At the close of the second night, students and professors, who packed the auditorium, erupted into standing applause. This volume answers questions on a variety of topic including Islam and its beliefs and the importance of a Godly worldview. [This album is also available as a DVD for Rs. 200/- Postage Extra]. VCD 12. Q & A VOLUME 3 PENN STATE UNIVERSITY Is God against women? What qualifies as good art? How do you draw the line between being free to express your beliefs and still respect those who believe differently? And how can we better love our fellow human beings? The third edition in the Q&A DVD series is here. This time Ravi Zacharias addresses a packed audience at Penn State University, presenting persuasive answers to these questions and more.

VCD 13. Q & A VOLUME 4 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Here's a new volume of hard-hitting questions from Columbia University. Ravi addresses questions as, "How does one remain faithful in the face of God's silence?"; "Is God, a creator and friend, concerned about human happiness?; How can a perfect God create an imperfect world?"; and "Can evil exist without a sense of evil or reason?" This volume is one of our favorites yet. VCD 14. Q & A VOLUME 5 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Why does the existence of a moral law mean there must be a moral law giver? Is every word in the Bible true? How do we know Jesus would approve of all the Gospels since they were written after his life on earth? Is there really freedom to disbelieve in Christianity? Now for a second night, the students at Columbia University pack the hall and engage Ravi with more questions. Watch and hear the answers to these captivating questions in this final VCD of the Columbia Q&A series.

VCD 15. RAVI @ THE ROXY: Struggles of the Soul, Questions of the Mind Ravi @ the Roxy was captured at an inaugural ministry event in April. The hip and historic Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre in Atlanta was rented, and an evangelistic event open to the public with free admission was

hosted by RZIM. Within weeks of publicizing the event, tickets were sold-out, the venues was packed, and Ravi delivered a persuasive message titled Questionable Answers. Now, experience the flavor of the evening, feel the energy of the crowd, hear a compelling presentation of Christianity. VCD 16. THROUGH CONFLICT AND CRISIS Amid pain and persecution we question God, but the wrong questions often lead to destructively wrong answers. Joseph kept his course straight by basing his questions on the true character of God. "On the basis of what you know, you learn to trust Him for what you don't know."

VCD 17. TIMELY TRUTHS AND TIMELESS VOICES Beautifully filmed and deeply inspiring, the video CD contains four study sessions all filmed on locations in Greece. Each session is approximately 16 minutes in length.

VCD 18. WHO ARE YOU GOD? Two questions often heard on university campuses are "Does God really exist?" and "How can Christ be the unique revelation of God?" Yet for many Christians, the question is often, "What is God really like and how may I know Him as He desires to be known?" God revealed His answer to king Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles, chapter 20. Ravi delivered this message at the Christian Booksellers Association conference in Denver. The truths uncovered are delightfully inspiring and unrivaled by any other religion. DUAL VCD ALBUM Cost Rs. 225/VCD 02. RESPONDING TO A POSTMODERN WORLD This dual VCD album contains two titles. "Barriers and Bridges for the Gospel" and "World Strategies for engagement." Speaking as one specially adept at pinpointing the definitive aspects of postmodernism, Stuart McAllister (International Director of Leadership Training - RZIM) helps us to see beneath the facade of entertainment, pleasure and commerce, that is part of our postmodern world and is shaping new attitudes and ideas. He paints a clear portrait of the postmodern society and gives us a better view of the Christian's role in the world. Stuart's message also serves as a reminder that while we may wish to view our cultures as something external to us, we too are immersed in them and are not immune to their influence. DVD Rs. 200/DVD 01. BIBLICAL AUTHORITY AND OUR CULTURAL CRISIS Part I Cultural Relativism and the Emasculation of truth Part II Affirmation in Search of Commitment. The year 1976 was branded "The year of the Evangelical." and 1983, "The year of the Bible." A few years later, neither the evangelical nor the Bible is given much credence in our social struggle. What has contributed to this lack of influence? Can the scriptures be defended in a relativistic age? This two-part series presents a compelling response. DVD 2. THE MYSTERY OF EVIL, THE SOVEREIGNTY GOOD New How can a good God allow evil to exist? Should we even hope that good will triumph over evil? Who defines what is good and what is evil? Ravi Zacharias and social critic Os Guinness address on of todays most provocative subjects in an open forum at the Atlanta Civic Center. This DVD includes an Audience of question and answer session

DVD 03. THE UNIQUENESS OF CHRIST This DVD album contains two titles, "The Uniqueness of Christ in history" and "The Uniqueness of Christ in world religions." In the first album, Dr. Zacharias addresses the teachings and person of Christ against the curtain of history. Quoting historians and artists as George Frederick Handel and William Cowper, he examines four distinctives of Christ's teachings which are unique in the span of history. Is it really possible to talk about Christ being the only way to God without implying at the same time that any ideas that contradict Christ then become false? In the second album, Dr. Zacharias examines the philosophical idea of truth, points of tension between Christianity and Eastern religions and how Christ's teachings are distinct from other

religions. [M.R.P. Rs 200/ ]

DVD 04. THE MEDIA GAME New God is also the God of the visual and he wants us to glorify Him in whatever we think, speak, or say. Ravi Zacharias. Join Ravi in his new message, The Media Game as he encourages believers to go into the world and change the way art and media is done to make a difference for Christ. This DVD features a message followed by a live Q&A featuring Michael Landon, J r. and Art Franklin before a crowd at New Birth MBC in Lithonia, Georgia [M.R.P. Rs 200/ ]

DVD 05. THE PROBLEM OF PLEASURE New In an open forum setting Ravi can guarantee at least one question on the problem of pain. All of our theology sometimes rests on our ability to answer that one question, Why is there so much evil and suffering in this world? But Ravi suggests there is possibly an even more difficult question -the problem of pleasure. But what is the problem of pleasure? When God is locked out of your life, how do you determine what is good? What does pleasure really accomplish? Join Ravi in this powerful and challenging message recorded at the Brooklyn Tabernacle in Brooklyn, New York. DUAL DVD Rs.300/DVD 01. HAS CHRISTIANITY FAILED YOU? (2 DVD Pack) The barriers to belief in the Christian gospel often reach far beyond the intellect as we search for truth and meaning in a fallen world. There are those people who have been disappointed or hurt by the Church and/or individual Christians -- and then, have turned away from Christianity, harbouring deep-seated feelings of distrust and bitterness. On May 11, 2006, Ravi Zacharias and Michael Ramsden, before a sold-out audience at Atlantas renowned Fox Theatre, tackled the seeming failure of Christianity to respond with relevance and compassion in real-world experiences."Thats how it has failed us when it becomes part of the judgement that divides us rather than the Grace that unites us." There are bonus features on these DVDs, including a 35-minute Q&A session in which some of the most difficult personal conflicts were voiced by earnest seekers. DVD 02. APOLOGETICS THEN AND NOW (2 DVD Pack) Join Ravi Zacharias, Stuart McAllister, and Alister McGrath of Oxford University in this seven-part study and learn how some significant ideas have shaped Apologetics thinking, how to connect with contemporary issues, and how to frame an effective argument. The study ends with a 40 minute panel discussion that engages questions from a live audience.

DVD 03. IS FAITH DELUSIONAL? New According to Richard Dawkins, theres no difference between God and the Easter Bunny. Is God really just a trick or a deception like the Tooth Fairy? Is accepting Gods existence a fantasy fit only for the consumption of a child? In a world with so many tears is belief in God simply a lie we use to persuade a smile? Join RZIM for a presentation and Q&A at the Atlanta Civic Center where John Lennox and Ravi Zacharias addressed the intellectual assumptions of atheism and the validity of the Christian faith in this special event, Is Faith Delusional? PUBLICATIONS BOOKS Bk 01. HAS CHRISTIANITY FAILED YOU? Dr. Ravi Zacharias New Is Christianity not what you thought it was? Have you stumbled and fallen in your faith? Do you have intellectual questions that are unanswered? Have you been affected by hypocrisy in the church? Are you swayed by the challenges to the Holy Scriptures? Has science tested your Christian belief? Has Christianity Failed You? was written for those who have struggled to understand their belief and faith in Jesus Christ. Ravi explores the hard questions about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ and

those who feel betrayed both intellectually and spiritually. In his landmark new book, he addresses the struggle he hears from both skeptics and Christians: Has Christianity failed us? And can irrefutable charges be brought against it by skeptics and disappointed believers alike? [M.R.P. Rs 150/] Bk 02.-BEYONDOPINION Dr. Ravi Zacharias Respected apologist Ravi Zacharias was once sharing his faith with a Hindu when the man asked: "If the Christian faith is truly supernatural, why is it not more evident in the lives of so many Christians I know?" The question hit hard, and this book is an answer. Its purpose is to equip Christians everywhere to simultaneously defend the faith and be transformed by it into people of compassion. In addition to writing several chapters himself, Ravi Zacharias brings together many of today's leading apologists and Christian teachers, including Alister McGrath and John Lennox, to address topics present in the very future of worldwide Christianity-from the process of spiritual transformation to the challenges posed by militant atheism and a resurgent Islam. Destined to become a classic, Beyond Opinion is a touchstone that will affect Christians around the world. [M.R.P. Rs 200/] Bk 03. THE GRAND WEAVER Dr. Ravi Zacharias How differently would we live if we believed that every dimension of our lives--from the happy to the tragic to the mundane--were part of a beautiful and purposeful design in which no thread were wrongly woven? That's what Ravi Zacharias explores in The Grand Weaver. As Christians, we believe that great events such as a death or a birth are guided by the hand of God. Yet we drift into feeling that our daily lives are the products of our own efforts. This book brims with penetrating stories and insights that show us otherwise. From a chance encounter in a ticket line to a beloved father's final word before dying, from a random phone call to a line in a Scripture reading, every detail of life is woven into its perfect place. In The Grand Weaver, Dr. Zacharias examines our backgrounds, our disappointments, our triumphs, and our beliefs, and explains how they are all part of the intentional and perfect work of the Grand Weaver. [M.R.P. Rs 150/] Bk 04. WALKING FROM EAST TO WEST: God in the Shadows Dr. Ravi Zacharias For more than three decades, apologist Ravi Zacharias has shared bits and pieces of his personal life and experience. Now in Walking from East to West he invites readers to follow him on a journey through his life: to see and smell the neighborhood in India where he grew up, to feel a others love and the consternation of a harsh father and the lure of a rebellious soul. In a crisis experience, Zacharias exchanged pantheism for monotheism, and meaninglessness for true fulfillment in Christ. He has traveled from the East to the West, and then back again to answer skeptics penetrating questions about the meaning of life and the existence of a God who is there for his children. Zacharias invites readers to follow him on this journey through his life and into the lives of others, and to see how he has become more convinced with each year that Jesus Christ is the one who came to give us life to the fullest. [M.R.P. Rs 150/] Bk 05. I, ISAAC, TAKE THEE, REBEKAH Dr. Ravi Zacharias Without the emotions marriage is a drudgery; without the will it is a mockery. Building on that truth, Ravi Zacharias brings us the long awaited book, I, Isaac, Take you Rebekah, explaining the principles of seeking counsel in others when finding a mate, cherishing your partner, remaining pure, and risking everything in a relationship in order to experience Gods ideal love. [M.R.P. Rs 150/] Bk 06. RECAPTURE THE WONDER Dr. Ravi Zacharias How can we live in such a way that the humdrum fuses with spectacular? In this book, Ravi Zacharias asks, How does one take the emotional high points and successfully balance them with the sharp edges of sorrow that are also part of life?. This book leads us to the sweetness of that knowledge, to capture that truth and recapture the wonder as our creator intended. [M.R.P. Rs 150/] Bk 07. JESUS AMONG OTHER GODS Dr. Ravi Zacharias Jesus among other gods is a brilliant defense of the uniqueness of the Christian message. With the eloquence of an apologist and the discipline of a scholar, Dr. Zacharias considers six questions that Jesus answered in a way that no one else claiming divine or prophetic status would have answered in the same manner. Some may resist Jesus' answers, but when those answers are all added up, the skeptics will not be able to challenge His uniqueness. [M.R.P. Rs 150/] Bk 08. THE REAL FACE OF ATHEISM Dr. Ravi Zacharias.

Does God really exist? There are atheists who would argue for the non-existence of God as vehemently as Christians would argue for His reality. Dr. Zacharias contrasts the emptiness of atheism with the hope and fulfillment of Christianity, illustrating that atheism is a house divided against itself, destined for collapse. [M.R.P. Rs 150/] Bk 09. CAN MAN LIVE WITHOUT GOD Dr. Ravi Zacharias In this book Dr. Ravi Zacharias challenges both seekers and believers by examining the ultimate questions: Does God exist? Who is Jesus? What gives life meaning? His powerful arguments, compelling logic and sincere compassion will give you fresh insight into the existence of God. [M.R.P. Rs 150/]

Bk 10. DELIVER US FROM EVIL: Restoring The Soul in a Disintegrating Culture With clarity and insight Dr. Ravi Zacharias shows how many of today's most popular ideas, seemingly innocent thoughts and beliefs, are vandalizing the culture. [M.R.P. Rs 150/ ]

Bk 11. CRIES OF THE HEART Dr. Ravi Zacharias The central problem of this generation, it has been said, 'is emptiness of the heart.' You can be a success, yet wrestle with feelings of futility. In his newest book, Ravi explores the continual, inescapable presence of God. [M.R.P. Rs 150/]

Bk 12. FISHERS OF MEN Dr. Prakash Yesudian Jesus Christ said, 'Follow me and I will make you fishers of men,' To be effective one must go where the fish are and not always expect them to come to you. Fishers of Men, is a book on Evangelism, which will be an useful tool even as a text book. This book deals with the "Meaning," "Message," "Messenger," "Motives," "Methods" and the "Results." [M.R.P. Rs 75/] Bk 13. THE LOTUS AND THE CROSS Dr. Ravi Zacharias An imaginary conversation between Gautama Buddha, Priya (a girl dying of AIDS), and Jesus Christ. This book brings out the teachings of Buddhism and Christianity and shows where both seem superficially the same but are essentially different. - Both talked about the "self," but one denied it even existed. - Both felt the pain of human suffering, but each had radically different responses to it. - Both addressed our deepest hungers, but one saw them as an impediment, the other as a clue. - Both have earned a worldwide following - but their answers are worlds apart.Jesus and Buddha agreed that Truth could withstand scrutiny. Listen in as the Soul of Truth speaks with the Heart of Compassion It could change your life!! [This book has also been translated into Hindi. M.R.P. Rs 50/] Bk 14. SENSE AND SENSUALITY Dr. Ravi Zacharias An imaginary conversation between Jesus and Oscar Wilde on the pursuit of pleasure. Why versus Why not? Why did God place us in a world full of pleasure if we arent meant to pursue them all? In an imaginary dialogue, Oscar Wilde asks Jesus Christ to respond to this question about critical lifestyle choices. Their talk vividly illustrates the arguments for both sensual pleasure seeking and moral moderation. Playwright, dramatist, poet, critic Wilde openly defied the mores of Victorian society. His literary repartee fueled an if it feels good, do it humanistic philosophy that is still prevalent in the world today. [M.R.P. Rs 50/] Bk. 15.THERE IS A PLAN - Dr. Ravi Zacharias What does it all mean? Why does it often seem that the things that happen in the world are random? Is there a purpose for my life? This book is the perfect gift for those asking the tough questions about life and wondering how they fit into Gods plan. Featuring 96 short, easy-to-read pages, and including topical Scripture verses, this book is sure to speak to those searching for meaning. Content is excerpted from The Grand Weaver by Ravi Zacharias.

Bk 16. WITNESSING TO THE WITNESSES Vadivel Victor and Daniel Thejus Is Jesus really God? Do you have answer to this question when Jehovah's witness knocks at your door? This booklet discusses questions such as this and many more. Here is a useful tool to recognize our differences respond with clarity and reach out graciously to the witnesses [M.R.P. Rs 50/]

BOOKLETS Bl 01. WHO WAS JESUS? Scot McKnight Hands down the best way to learn something about a significant historical figure is to ask the person himself and those who know the person best. And this booklet by Scot McKnight seeks to do just that. No we cant ask Jesus directly, but we can ask four groups of relevant people the crowds who witnessed him, His opponents, His closest followers the disciples, and modern day scholars who have studied the Gospels and ancient records. Each saw a different picture; hear what they have to say. [M.R.P. Rs 50/] Bl 02. WHAT IS THE SOUL? J.P.Moreland Are you nothing more than a brain? Hasnt science shown that the faculties of the soul are reducible to the purely physical? Philosopher J.P. Moreland shows how science has done no such thing. Rather, there are excellent reasons for believing that we have a soul that can survive the death of the body. He reveals the important implications for the souls existence warning those who deny the souls existence do so at a high price. [M.R.P. Rs 50/ ] Bl 03. UNLESS THE LORD BUILDS Dr. Prakash Yesudian A book on the Christian perspective of family life. In this Dr. Yesudian deals with the Biblical reasons for the importance of family life as; God's initiation, Man's involvement, Christ's interest, and instructions to the early Church. [M.R.P. Rs 50/]

Bl-04.-SINCE-YOU-ASKED Mr.-L.-T.-Jeyachandran "We carry on life with unasked and unanswered questions." In this booklet L.T. Jeyachandran provokes us to consider the fundamental questions of life and challenges us to evaluate the possible answers. [M.R.P. Rs.50/-].

Bl 05. YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW Dr. Prakash Yesudian How can we be happy in the midst of fears about the future, burdens about the present and regrets about the past? Philosophies, religions, psychology, politics, entertainment, etc, do not have the answer. A sinking person's need, is a Saviour who can pull him out. The one who delivers us must be above deliverance himself. It is a good evangelistic booklet to introduce Christ to others. Available in Tamil, Telugu & English [M.R.P. Rs 5/] Bl 06. START, RUN, FINISH Dr. Prakash Yesudian The new life in Christ is like a race. It is important how you have started your race. It is important how you are running your race. It is also important how you are going to finish the race. Prakash Yesudian deals with these in this first follow-up booklet. (English & Tamil). [M.R.P. Rs 5/] Bl 07. RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD Dr. Prakash Yesudian If we have a right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ who is the ultimate author of the Bible, we will love to read His book. To be thrilled about the Bible we need a love - relationship with its author, says Prakash Yesudian in this second follow-up booklet. It is a guide line on how to study the Word of God. [M.R.P. Rs 10/] Bl-08. THE-GREATEST-IS-LOVE Dr.-Prakash-Yesudian One of the most misunderstood words in the world today is "Love". 'Eros love' can be egoistic, 'Phileo love' can be mutualistic. 'Agape love' is the divine love irrespective of the response it elicits. 'How can we experience this

divine love and demonstrate it in our lives?' Prakash Yesudian analyses the answer in this booklet. [M.R.P. Rs.10/-) Bl-09.- WHERE-SHALL-I-GO-FROM-HERE? Dr.-Prakash-Yesudian How do I discover God's will? Is the one question people seeking counsel have posed me time and again. Dr. Yesudian in this booklet tries to analyse the answers to this most important question of Christian life. [M.R.P. Rs.10/-] MAGAZINE ENGAGE Engage is a quarterly magazine that seeks to provide reasons for belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ to critical thinkers, cultural influencers and opinion makers. Pay Rs. 200/- including postage for two years (8 issues) and receive 4 more copies in the third year for free.

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