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Fruitful Opportunity in Fruits- Myanmar As per the geography, fruits production in Myanmar is categorized in to Highland produce which includes

Lychee, Apple, Damson, Walnuts and Cashew and Low Land produce includes Custard apple, Banana, Mango, Muskmelon and Pineapple. Mandalay division located in central dry region of Myanmar is the major fruits producer. Some of the major fruits production season details is given in the below tableSummer Ma r Mango Water Melon Musk Melon Orange Banana Pineapple Apr Mansoon Ma y Jun Jul Au g Se p Oct Winter No v De c Jan Feb

Export of Fruits from Myanmar Currently, fruits from Myanmar are mainly exported to neighboring country especially to China. Mandalay division which is located near the Myanmar-China boarder is a major fruit market in the country. On an average, around 10% (in terms of volume) of the total fruits produced in the country is exported to China. 2009-10 Volume Mango Water Melon Musk Melon Orange Banana 444 1525 274 46 1 Value 1.194 1.574 0.423 0.089 0.002 2010-11 Volume 343 1782 336 18 544 Value 1.073 2.044 0.593 0.04 0.589 2011-12 Volume 399 629 163 6 225 Value 1.348 0.928 0.341 0.015 0.277







Volume in 000 Tonnes, Value in Million USD

Value Additions in Fruits In Myanamar, value addition or processing of fruits are not been done in large quantity. There is no modernized of technically sound technologies are available. Some traditionally processed or value added fruit products are mainly sold in the domestic market. Also, some specific type of processed products in small quantities like Damson candied, Plum candied and Tamarind candied are exported to the bordering counties like China, Bangaldesh and India. Currently in Myanmar processing or value addition is done through following methods Sun dried- Mango leather, Tamarind, Plum Preservative salting- Tamarind Candied fruits- Plum, Mango, Damson, Pineapple, Tamarind Fruit pureed/paste/Juice/Jam - Orange, Pineapple, Watermelon, Plum Damson Frozen- Mango

Major Constraints in Development of Fruit Production and Processing Fruits production in the country is growing and has ample opportunity to increase further in the near future. Due to the lack of certain basic supports and infrastructure the sector is in stable condition. Some the major constrained faced by this sector is mentioned belowProduction technologies- farmers are cultivating the horticultural and other fruits crops in traditional methods, the sector is lacking of modern farm technologies. Training and Know-how- The farmers do not have information on the modern post harvest practices to be followed for export. Knowledge of chemicals and fertilizers- The country is lowest user of chemical and fertilizer, however on the other hand it is disadvantage for the farmers as they could not protect their crops from sudden attack of pests or newly developed diseases. Farm equipments and Machineries Cold supply chain and other logistical infrastructure

Myanmanr with its rich natural resources and favorable agro climatic conditions can expand the existing GAP in fruits growing areas in the near future. The hilly areas have the potential to develop fruits production. Training of the growers about the cultivation and crop management technologies would not only enhanced the quality of fruits produced but strengthen the livelihood and income of the farmers also.