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EEE 351


Prof. Levent Gürel, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University Fall 2012


Prof. Levent Gürel, Office: EE-205, Phone: 2096, E-mail:


Barı ş can Karaosmano ğ lu, Office: EE-212, Phone: 1385, E-mail: Aslan Etminan, Office: EE-212, Phone: 1385, E-mail: Manouchehr Takrimi, Office: EE-212, Phone: 1385, E-mail: Mahdi Kazempour, Office: EE-212, Phone: 1385, E-mail:

Office Hours: To be announced.

Course Goals: To learn the fundamentals of electrostatics, magnetostatics, and time-harmonic electromagnetics. To gain familiarity with Maxwell’s equations.

Schedule: 3 hours per week. EEE 351 is a 3-credit course, and the number of regular lecture hours for this course is 3 hours per week. Almost all of the courses are given a 4-hour time slot in the schedule. Some weeks, we will have 4 hours of lectures, and some weeks less than 3. This is how we make up for missed lectures.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend every lecture even though attendance is not graded.

Exams and Grading: Final (25%), 6 quizzes (11% each), and homeworks (9%).

Quizzes: There will be 6 quizzes throughout the semester.

Make-up Policy: No regular make-up exams will be offered and students are strongly discouraged to request for make-up exams.

Moodle: EEE 351 will have a Moodle page. All students are required to register to EEE 351 on Moodle. This will be the main channel of communication in this course. Important announcements for EEE 351 will be posted on Moodle every week.

Prerequisites: Vector calculus, complex algebra, and solutions of some differential equations will be used in EEE 351, and they will be considered as background knowledge.

Homeworks: There will be weekly homeworks throughout the semester.

Homework Policy: Percentage weight of homeworks is low, but quiz and final exam questions will be based on homeworks.

Reading: Research shows that students benefit from the lectures at a remarkably higher level if they read the subject matter before they come to the class.

Written Presentations: Please be very neat when solving exam problems. That does not mean that you have to show every detail, however, add explanatory comments within your derivation when necessary and follow a logical sequence.

Textbook: D. K. Cheng, Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics, Addison Wesley.

Supplementary: Class Notes

Wednesday, 11:00-13:00, Office: EE-212

Cheating: Cheating, attempting to cheat, preparing to cheat, and even considering to cheat in exams will not be tolerated. If caught, the student will get an automatic F in this class and will be submitted to the Discipline Committee.

Ö ğ renci Disiplin İ lke ve Kuralları ( İ K İ NC İ BÖLÜM)

Disiplin Cezaları ve Suçları Madde 7 - Bir Haftadan Bir Aya Kadar Üniversite'den Uzakla ş tırma cezasını gerektiren fiil ve haller ş unlardır:

j.(Ek: 23.5.97 tarih 96 sayılı Senato Kararı) Ba ş kasına ait dü ş ünceyi, görü ş ü, bulu ş u veya çalı ş mayı kaynak göstermeden kendisininmi ş gibi sunarak ödevinde, projesinde, raporunda ve benzeri çalı ş malarında kullanmak. Madde 8 - Bir veya İ ki Yarıyıl için Üniversite'den Uzakla ş tırma cezasını gerektiren fiil ve haller ş unlardır:

l.(De ğ i ş ik: 17.1.97 tarih 50 sayılı Senato kararı) Sınavlarda kopya yapmak veya yaptırmak veya bunlara te ş ebbüs etmek. m.(Ek: 23.5.97 tarih 96 sayılı Senato Kararı) Ödev, proje, rapor, tez ve benzeri çalı ş maları kısmen veya tamamen ba ş kasına yaptırmak veya ba ş kası için yapmak; ba ş kasının çalı ş masını oldu ğ u gibi veya de ğ i ş tirerek kendisininmi ş gibi kullanmak, tez çalı ş malarında ba ş kalarına ait dü ş ünceyi, görü ş ü, bulu ş u kaynak göstermeden kendisininmi ş gibi sunmak.

Course Outline

Chapter 2:

Vector Analysis

Chapter 3:

Static Electric Fields

Chapter 4:

Steady Electric Currents

Chapter 5:

Static Magnetic Fields

Chapter 6:

Time-Varying Fields and Maxwell's Equations

Chapter 7:

Plane Electromagnetic Waves


EEE 351 Notation

Textbook Notation

Cartesian Coordinates

Cartesian Coordinates
Cartesian Coordinates

Cylindrical Coordinates

(!, ",z)

(r, !,z)

Spherical Coordinates

(r, !, ")

(R, !, ")