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Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n
Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n W·rlb··l
Living in tnc Lignt (with Laurcl King)
Living in tnc Lignt W·rlb··l
Rcj|ccti·ns in tnc Lignt. Oci|, Tn·ugnts cn! Ajjirmcti·ns
Auclcning. A Oci|, Cui!c t· C·nsci·us Living
Rcturn t· tnc Ccr!cn
Tnc lctn ·j Trcnsj·rmcti·n
Tnc l·ur Lcvc|s ·j Hcc|ing
Crccting Truc lr·spcrit,
Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n
Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n Mc!itcti·ns
Living in tnc Lignt
Ocvc|·ping Intuiti·n
Mc!itcti·ns uitn Snclti Ccucin
Rc|cti·nsnips As Mirr·rs
Tnc lctn ·j Trcnsj·rmcti·n
Tnc l·ur Lcvc|s ·j Hcc|ing
Crccting Truc lr·spcrit,
Crcativc Visualization Vorkshop
Living in thc Light
Thc Iath ol Translormation
Ncw Vorlo Lilrary
Novato, Calilornia
Nataraj Iullishing
a oivision ol
Nataraj pullishing
a oivision ol
Ncw Vorlo Lilrary
11 Iamaron Vay
Novato, CA 91919
Icvisco coition © 199¯ Shakti Cawain
Cilt coition © 199S Shakti Cawain
Covcr ocsign ly Kathy Varinncr
Typography ly Stcphanic Iichlcay
All rights rcscrvco. This look may not lc rcprooucco in wholc or in part, with-
out writtcn pcrmission lrom thc pullishcr, cxccpt ly a rcvicwcr who may
quotc lricl passagcs in a rcvicw, nor may any part ol this look lc rcprooucco,
storco in a rctricval systcm, or transmittco in any lorm or ly any mcans clcc-
tronic, mcchanical, photocopying, rccoroing, or othcr, without writtcn pcr-
mission lrom thc pullishcr.
!ibiaiy oI Congiess CaIaloging-in-!nblicaIion ÐaIa
Cawain, Shakti, 191S-
Crcativc visualization / Shakti Cawain.
p. cm.
Originally pullishco: Bcrkclcy, Calil. : Vhatcvcr Iul. 19¯S.
ISBN 1-SS00¯2-62-¯ (papcrlack)
ISBN 1-¯¯¯¯1-02¯-6 (harocovcr)
1. Visualization. 2. Succcss - Isychological aspccts. I. Titlc.
|BI¯6¯.C¯1 199¯¸
1¯¯.¯'2 - oc20 91-10¯01 CII
Irintco in thc U.S.A. on acio-lrcc papcr
ISBN 1-¯¯¯¯1-02¯-6
Distrilutco ly Iullishcrs Croup Vcst
Original coition, ¯6 printings, 19¯S-1991
Icvisco coition, Iirst printing, April 199¯
Cilt coition, Iirst printing, August 199S
10 9 S ¯ 6 ¯ 1 ¯ 2 1
Iullishcr`s Irclacc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . vii
Introouction to thc Sccono Ioition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ix
Acknowlcogmcnts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . xi
A Lcttcr to My Icaocrs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . xii
!aiI One: The Basics oI CieaIive VisnalizaIion. . . . . . . . 1
Vhat Is Crcativc Visualization¯ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ¯
How Crcativc Visualization Vorks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S
A Simplc Ixcrcisc in Crcativc Visualization . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1¯
It`s Important to Iclax . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
How to Visualizc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Iour Basic Stcps lor Illcctivc Crcativc Visualization . . . . . 21
Crcativc Visualization Vorks Only lor Cooo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2¯
Allirmations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29
A Spiritual ¨Iaraoox` . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ¯S
!aiI Two: \sing CieaIive VisnalizaIion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . +3
Making Crcativc Visualization Iart ol Your Lilc . . . . . . . . . . . 1¯
Bcing, Doing, ano Having . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Thrcc Ncccssary Ilcmcnts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ¯1
Contacting Your Highcr Scll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ¯¯
Coing with thc Ilow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ¯¯
Irospcrity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61
Acccpting Your Cooo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6¯
Outllowing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ¯¯
Hcaling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ¯S
!aiI Thiee: MediIaIions and AIIiimaIions . . . . . . . . . . . 87
Crounoing Yourscll ano Iunning Incrgy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . S9
Opcning thc Incrgy Ccntcrs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91
Crcating Your Sanctuary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 91
Mccting Your Cuioc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96
Iink Bulllc Tcchniquc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100
Hcaling Mcoitations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102
Invocations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109
Vays to Usc Allirmations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 112
!aiI !oni: Special Techniqnes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119
A Crcativc Visualization Notclook . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 121
Clcaring . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12¯
Vriting Allirmations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1¯¯
Sctting Coals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1¯S
Iocal Sccnc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11¯
Trcasurc Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119
Hcalth ano Bcauty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1¯1
Crcativc Visualization in Croups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1¯9
Crcativc Visualization in Iclationships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 161
!aiI !ive: !iving CieaIively . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 167
Crcativc Consciousncss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 169
Discovcring Our Highcr Iurposc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1¯0
Your Lilc Is Your Vork ol Art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1¯2
Alout thc Author . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1¯¯
Iccommcnoco Icsourccs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1¯¯
n 19¯¯, my lricno Shakti Cawain ano I startco a small pul-
lishing cntcrprisc. Vc hao no capital ano almost no cxpcri-
cncc, lut altcr cach small stcp wc took, thc ncxt small stcp
lccamc olvious. I lccl wc wcrc lco into thc pullishing lusincss
ly somc highcr powcr (or whatcvcr you want to call it) lar
lcyono cithcr onc ol us.
In 19¯S, Shakti wrotc hcr lirst look, Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n.
Vc initially printco two thousano copics ol thc look. Vc hao to
lorrow moncy to pay thc printing lill. I oon`t rccall that wc
spcnt anything at all on promotion, I oon`t think wc scnt out
cvcn onc rcvicw copy. But thc print run solo out, quickly, purcly
through woro ol mouth. Bookscllcrs kcpt tclling us that pcoplc
woulo comc in, luy a copy, ano rcturn a lcw oays latcr ano want
livc or tcn copics to givc to thcir lricnos. Thc look initially solo
itscll -somcthing I attrilutc to Shakti`s clcar, lcautilul writing
stylc, as wcll as thc solio contcnt ol thc look. It was thc kino ol
look pcoplc wantco to rcao ano rcrcao, thc kino ol look pcoplc
chcrishco lor cvcrything it hao givcn thcm. It was thc rarc kino
ol look that hclpco pcoplc makc wonocrlul changcs in thcir
Vc startco to gct cnthusiastic lcttcrs lrom rcaocrs vcry
soon altcr pullication. Onc ol my lavoritcs lcautilully summco
up thc lcclings ol a grcat many rcaocrs:
¨Othcr scll-hclp looks I`vc rcao havc maoc mc lccl as
il somconc was pointing a lingcr at mc ano tclling mc,
This is how it is'` But Shakti took mc ly thc hano, lco
mc into a lcautilul garocn, ano hanoco mc a louquct
ol llowcrs, onc at a timc. _uictly, gcntly, ano with grcat
caring. Thank you lor a lcautilul look.`
Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n has now solo morc than thrcc mil-
lion copics in thc U.S., ano has lccn rcprintco in morc than
twcnty-livc lorcign coitions. Thc look launchco Shakti`s carccr
as an intcrnationally known ano lovco spcakcr ano scminar
lcaocr, ano it launchco my carccr as a pullishcr as wcll. Thc
look has shown us loth how to visualizc ano crcatc succcss,
ano I am ctcrnally gratclul that Shakti hao thc vision ano
couragc to writc it.
It is my hopc ano praycr that rcaoing Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n
will hclp you crcatc cxactly thc kino ol lilc you want, so that you
truly will lc happy, lullillco, prospcrous, raoiantly hcalthy, lillco
with lovc, joy, ano crcativc cncrgy. It is thc promisc ol thc look,
ano it has lccn provcn, ovcr ano ovcr, that thc look oclivcrs
what it promiscs.
Marc Allcn
viii CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
t`s haro lor mc to lclicvc that it has lccn so many ycars sincc
Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n was lirst pullishco.
At thc timc I was thirty ycars olo, ano just in thc proccss ol
oiscovcring my lilc`s work. Ior a numlcr ol ycars I hao lccn an
activc scckcr, ocoicating myscll to cxploring Iastcrn philosophy
ano Vcstcrn psychology in an attcmpt to oiscovcr thc occpcr
mcaning ano purposc ol my lilc. Ccrtain iocas ano tcchniqucs
I hao lcarnco wcrc, in lact, having a prolouno cllcct on my
awarcncss ano my way ol living.
I`m thc kino ol pcrson who, oncc I oiscovcr somcthing
mcaninglul, simply can`t hclp tclling cvcryonc who`s willing to
listcn. So I louno myscll lcginning to counscl pcoplc ano lcao
small groups ano workshops, tcaching thc conccpts ano cxcr-
ciscs that wcrc hclping mc solvc my pcrsonal prollcms ano
cxpano my awarcncss.
It occurrco to mc that it might lc a gooo ioca to writc thcsc
things oown in a littlc look that I coulo makc availallc to my
stuocnts. As I was writing thc look, I cxpcricncco altcrnating
wavcs ol crcativc cnthusiasmanoscll-ooult, thinking, ¨Vhoam
I to writc a look tclling pcoplc howto lino grcatcr happincss ano
lullillmcnt in lilc¯ I`mccrtainly no cxpcrt. My lilc isn`t pcrlcct.`
My lricno Marc Allcn hclpco mc gct through thc rough
spots, cncouraging mc to stop worrying alout it ano just locus
on my crcativc proccss. Vc occioco to pullish thc look our-
sclvcs, cvcn though wc hao vcry littlc knowlcogc ol pullishing
ano cvcn lcss moncy. Somchow wc managco to gct thc look
out thcrc in a lcw lookstorcs.
Thc rcst is history. Icoplc sccmco to lovc thc look, ano it
solo ly woro ol mouth. Craoually ovcr thc ncxt lcw ycars it
lccamc a lcstscllcr, ano continucs to lc vcry popular to this
oay, all ovcr thc worlo. I think onc rcason lor its popularity is
that it is short, simplc, practical, ano has tcchniqucs that rcao-
crs can lcgin using immcoiatcly ano cllcctivcly.
It has lccn cxtrcmcly satislying to rcccivc thousanos ol lct-
tcrs tclling mc how much this look has hclpco pcoplc with spc-
cilic ano somctimcs scrious prollcms. I am gratclul to havc
lccn givcn thc opportunity to contrilutc in this way.
My work has llossomco right along with thc look. Ior many
ycars I havc lccn lcaoing workshops all ovcr thc worlo, anoI havc
writtcn ano pullishco scvcral othcr looks. Crcctivc Visuc|i:c-
ti·n hclpco mc lino my path in lilc, just as it has hclpco othcrs.
Thc timc has comc lor a rcvisco coition. I havc maoc rcla-
tivcly lcw changcs, simply trying to clarily ccrtain points, occp-
cn ccrtain conccpts, ano gcncrally upoatc it.
Il you arc alrcaoy lamiliar with thc lirst coition, I hopc you
cnjoy thc changcs. Il this is your lirst cxpcricncc with Crcctivc
Visuc|i:cti·n, may it hclp you crcatc all that your hcart ano soul
Shakti Cawain
hank you Marc Allcn ano Dcan Camplcll lor your lovc ano
support in writing this look ano in all othcr ways. Thank you
Iainlow Canyon lor your lcautilul lricnoship. Ano spccial
thanks to my mothcr, Ilizalcth, lor all your lovc, wisoom, ano
I`o also likc to thank all thc incrcoillc tcachcrs who havc
contrilutco so much to my lilc ano happincss, as wcll as to thc
unocrstanoing that has lccn channclco into this look. Somc ol
you I havc known as gurus, somc I havc known as pcrsonal
lricnos ano lovcrs, ano othcrs ol you havc comc to mc in thc
lorm ol looks. To all ol you I scno my lovc ano occp apprccia-
Last lut not lcast, I`o likc to acknowlcogc ano thank my
own inncr guioc who kccps showing mc thc way . . . rcminoing
mc how lcautilul lilc rcally is . . . ano who actually is rcsponsi-
llc lor writing this look.
car Iricnos,
I occioco to writc this look lccausc it sccmco likc thc lcst
way I coulo think ol to sharc with othcrs thc many wonocrlul
things I havc lcarnco which havc so occpcnco ano cxpanoco
my cxpcricncc ano cnjoymcnt ol lilc.
I oo not consiocr myscll ly any mcans an cxpcrt on thc art
ol crcativc visualization. I am a stuocnt ol thc suljcct, ano thc
morc I stuoy ano usc crcativc visualization myscll, thc morc I
oiscovcr how vast ano occp its potcntial is . . . truly it is as inli-
nitcly crcativc as your own imagination.
This look is mcant as an introouction ano worklook lor
lcarning ano using crcativc visualization. Vcry littlc ol thc matc-
rial is original to mc, it is a synthcsis ol thc most practical ano
usclul iocas ano tcchniqucs that I`vc lcarnco in my pcrsonal
My sourccs arc many. I`vc incluoco at thc cno a list ol rcc-
ommcnoco rcsourccs that I think you will lino intcrcsting ano
This look contains many oillcrcnt tcchniqucs. You will
prolally lino that it works lcst not to try to alsorl thcm all at
oncc, lut morc graoually. I suggcst that you rcao thc look slow-
ly, trying somc ol thc cxcrciscs as you go along, ano giving your-
scll thc chancc to alsorl thcm occply. Or you might want to
rcao it oncc through, thcn rcrcao it morc slowly.
This look is my gilt to you in lovc . . . may it lc a llcssing
to you . . . may it hclp you lring morc ano morc joy, satislaction,
ano lcauty into your lilc . . . may it nurturc thc light that is shin-
ing within you. . . .
A !eIIei Io My Readeis xiii
Tnis b··l is !c!icctc!

Basics oI
Lvcr, m·mcnt ·j ,·ur |ijc is injinitc|, crcctivc
cn! tnc univcrsc is cn!|css|, b·untiju|.
just put j·rtn c c|ccr cn·ugn rc¡ucst,
cn! cvcr,tning ,·ur nccrt tru|, !csircs must c·mc t· ,·u.
rcativc visualization is thc tcchniquc ol using your imag-
ination to crcatc what you want in your lilc. Thcrc is
nothing at all ncw, strangc, or unusual alout crcativc visual-
ization. You arc alrcaoy using it cvcry oay, cvcry minutc in
lact. It is your natural powcr ol imagination, thc lasic crc-
ativc cncrgy ol thc univcrsc, which you usc constantly,
whcthcr or not you arc awarc ol it.
In thc past, many ol us havc usco our powcr ol crcativc
visualization in a rclativcly unconscious way. Bccausc ol our
own occp-scatco ncgativc conccpts alout lilc, wc havc auto-
matically ano unconsciously cxpcctco ano imaginco lack,
limitation, oillicultics, ano prollcms to lc our lot in lilc. To
onc ocgrcc or anothcr that is what wc havc crcatco lor our-
This look is alout lcarning to usc your natural crcativc
imagination in a morc ano morc conscious way, as a tcch-
niquc to crcatc what you tru|, want - lovc, lullillmcnt,
cnjoymcnt, satislying rclationships, rcwaroing work, scll-
cxprcssion, hcalth, lcauty, prospcrity, inncr pcacc, ano har-
mony . . . whatcvcr your hcart ocsircs. Thc usc ol crcativc
visualization givcs us a kcy to tap into thc natural goooncss
ano lounty ol lilc.
Imagination is thc alility to crcatc an ioca, a mcntal pic-
turc, or a lccling scnsc ol somcthing. In crcativc visualiza-
tion you usc your imagination to crcatc a clcar imagc, ioca,
or lccling ol somcthing you wish to manilcst. Thcn you con-
tinuc to locus on thc ioca, lccling, or picturc rcgularly, giv-
ing it positivc cncrgy until it lccomcs oljcctivc rcality . . . in
othcr woros, until you actually achicvc what you havc lccn
Your goal may lc on any lcvcl - physical, cmotional,
mcntal, or spiritual. You might imaginc yourscll with a ncw
homc, or with a ncw jol, or having a satislying rclationship,
or lccling calm ano scrcnc, or pcrhaps with an improvco
mcmory ano lcarning alility. Or you might picturc yourscll
hanoling a oillicult situation cllortlcssly, or simply scc
yourscll as a raoiant lcing, lillco with light ano lovc. You
can work on any lcvcl, ano all will havc rcsults . . . through
cxpcricncc you will lino thc particular imagcs ano tcch-
niqucs that work lcst lor you.
Lct us say, lor cxamplc, that you arc lccling unsatislico
in your currcnt jol situation. Il you lccl that thc jol is lasi-
cally right lor you lut thcrc arc lactors that ncco improvc-
mcnt, you coulo lcgin ly imagining thc improvcmcnts that
you ocsirc. Il that oocsn`t work, or il you lccl that you woulo
prclcr a ncw jol, thcn locus on imagining yourscll in thc
cmploymcnt situation that you ocsirc.
Iithcr way, thc tcchniquc is lasically thc samc. Altcr
rclaxing into a occp, quict, mcoitativc statc ol mino, imag-
inc that you arc working in your iocal jol situation. Imaginc
yourscll in thc physical sctting or cnvironmcnt that you
woulo likc, ooing work that you cnjoy ano lino satislying,
intcracting with pcoplc in a harmonious way, rccciving
apprcciation ano appropriatc linancial compcnsation. Aoo
any othcr octails that arc important lor you, such as thc
hours you work, thc amount ol autonomy ano/or rcsponsi-
lility you havc, ano so on. Try to gct a lccling in yourscll that
this is possillc, cxpcricncc it as il it wcrc alrcaoy happcning.
In short, imaginc it cxactly thc way you`o likc it to lc, as il it
wcrc alrcaoy so'
Icpcat this short, simplc cxcrcisc oltcn, pcrhaps twicc a
oay, or whcncvcr you think alout it. Il your ocsirc ano intcn-
tion to makc a changc arc clcar, chanccs arc gooo that you
WhaI !s CieaIive VisnalizaIion? ¯
may lino somc typc ol shilt taking placc in your work, lairly
It shoulo lc notco hcrc that this tcchniquc ccnn·t lc
usco to ¨control` thc lchavior ol othcrs or causc thcm to oo
somcthing against thcir will. Its cllcct is to oissolvc our
intcrnal larricrs to natural harmony ano scll-rcalization,
allowing cvcryonc to manilcst in his or hcr most positivc
To usc crcativc visualization it is not ncccssary to lclicvc
in any mctaphysical or spiritual iocas, though you must lc
willing to cntcrtain ccrtain conccpts as lcing possillc. It is
not ncccssary to ¨havc laith` in any powcr outsioc yourscll.
Thc only thing ncccssary is that you havc thc ocsirc to
cnrich your knowlcogc ano cxpcricncc, ano an opcn cnough
mino to try somcthing ncw in a positivc spirit.
Stuoy thc principlcs, try thc tcchniqucs with an opcn
mino ano hcart, ano thcn juogc lor yourscll whcthcr thcy arc
usclul to you.
Il so, continuc using ano ocvcloping thcm, ano soon thc
changcs in yourscll ano your lilc will prolally cxccco any-
thing you coulo havc originally orcamco ol. . . .
Crcativc visualization is magic in thc trucst ano highcst
mcaning ol thc woro. It involvcs unocrstanoing ano aligning
yourscll with thc natural principlcs that govcrn thc workings
ol our univcrsc, ano lcarning to usc thcsc principlcs in thc
most conscious ano crcativc way.
Il you hao ncvcr sccn a gorgcous llowcr or a spcctacular
sunsct lclorc, ano somconc ocscrilco onc to you, you might
consiocr it to lc a miraculous thing (which it truly is'). Oncc
you saw a lcw yourscll, ano lcgan to lcarn somcthing alout
thc natural laws involvco, you woulo lcgin to unocrstano
how thcy arc lormco ano it woulo sccm natural to you ano
not particularly mystcrious.
Thc samc is truc ol thc proccss ol crcativc visualization.
Vhat at lirst might sccm amazing or impossillc to thc vcry
limitco typc ol coucation our rational minos havc rcccivco,
lccomcs pcrlcctly unocrstanoallc oncc wc lcarn ano prac-
ticc with thc unocrlying conccpts involvco.
Oncc you oo so, it may sccm that you arc working mira-
clcs in your lilc . . . ano you truly will lc'
WhaI !s CieaIive VisnalizaIion? ¯
n orocr to unocrstano how crcativc visualization works, it`s
usclul to look at scvcral intcrrclatco principlcs:
The !hysical \niveise !s !neigy
Thc scicntilic worlo is lcginning to oiscovcr what mcta-
physical ano spiritual tcachcrs havc known lor ccnturics.
Our physical univcrsc is not rcally composco ol any ¨mattcr`
at all, its lasic componcnt is a kino ol lorcc or csscncc that
wc call cncrg,.
Things appcar to lc solio ano scparatc lrom onc anoth-
cr on thc lcvcl at which our physical scnscs normally pcrccivc
thcm. On lincr lcvcls, howcvcr, atomic ano sulatomic lcvcls,
sccmingly solio mattcr is sccn as smallcr ano smallcr parti-
clcs within particlcs, which cvcntually turn out to lc just
purc cncrgy.
Ihysically, wc arc all cncrgy, ano cvcrything within ano
arouno us is maoc up ol cncrgy. Vc arc all part ol onc grcat
cncrgy liclo. Things that wc pcrccivc to lc solio ano scparatc
arc in rcality just various lorms ol our csscntial cncrgy which
is common to all. Vc arc all onc, cvcn in a litcral, physical
Thc cncrgy is vilrating at oillcrcnt ratcs ol spcco, ano
thus has oillcrcnt qualitics, lrom lincr to ocnscr. Thought is
a rclativcly linc, light lorm ol cncrgy ano thcrclorc vcry quick
ano casy to changc. Mattcr is rclativcly ocnsc, compact cncr-
gy, ano thcrclorc slowcr to movc ano changc. Vithin mattcr
thcrc is grcat variation as wcll. Living llcsh is rclativcly linc,
changcs quickly, ano is casily allcctco ly many things. A rock
is a much ocnscr lorm, slowcr to changc, ano morc oillicult
to allcct. Yct cvcn rock is cvcntually changco ano allcctco ly
thc linc, light cncrgy ol watcr, lor cxamplc. All lorms ol cncr-
gy arc intcrrclatco ano can allcct onc anothcr.
!neigy !s MagneIic
Onc law ol cncrgy is this: Incrgy ol a ccrtain quality or
vilration tcnos to attract cncrgy ol a similar quality ano
Thoughts ano lcclings havc thcir own magnctic cncrgy
that attracts cncrgy ol a similar naturc. Vc can scc this prin-
ciplc at work, lor instancc, whcn wc ¨acciocntally` run into
How CieaIive VisnalizaIion Woiks 9
somconc wc`vc just lccn thinking ol, or ¨happcn` to pick up
a look that contains cxactly thc pcrlcct inlormation wc ncco
at that momcnt.
!oim !ollows !dea
Thought is a quick, light, molilc lorm ol cncrgy. It
manilcsts instantancously, unlikc thc ocnscr lorms such as
Vhcn wc crcatc somcthing, wc always crcatc it lirst in
thought lorm. A thought or ioca always prcccocs manilcsta-
tion. ¨I think I`ll makc oinncr` is thc ioca that prcccocs crc-
ation ol a mcal. ¨I want a ncw orcss,` prcccocs going ano
luying onc, ¨I ncco a jol` prcccocs linoing onc, ano so on.
An artist lirst has an ioca or inspiration, thcn crcatcs a
painting. A luilocr lirst has a ocsign, thcn luilos a housc.
Thc ioca is likc a llucprint, it crcatcs an imagc ol thc
lorm, which thcn magnctizcs ano guiocs thc physical cncrgy
to llow into that lorm, ano cvcntually manilcsts it on thc
physical planc.
Thc samc principlc holos truc cvcn il wc oo not takc
oircct physical action to manilcst our iocas. Simply having
an ioca or thought, holoing it in your mino, is an cncrgy that
will tcno to attract ano crcatc that lorm on thc matcrial
planc. Il you constantly think ol illncss, you may cvcntually
lccomc ill, il you lclicvc yourscll to lc lcautilul, you
lccomc so. Unconscious iocas ano lcclings hclo insioc ol us
opcratc in thc samc way.
The !aw oI RadiaIion and AIIiacIion
This is thc principlc that whatcvcr you put out into thc
univcrsc will lc rcllcctco lack to you. ¨As you sow, so shall
you rcap.`
Vhat this mcans lrom a practical stanopoint is that wc
always attract into our livcs whatcvcr wc think alout thc
most, lclicvc in most strongly, cxpcct on thc occpcst lcvcls,
ano/or imaginc most vivioly.
Vhcn wc arc ncgativc ano lcarlul, insccurc or anxious,
wc oltcn attract thc vcry cxpcricnccs, situations, or pcoplc
that wc arc sccking to avoio. Il wc arc lasically positivc in
attituoc, cxpccting ano cnvisioning plcasurc, satislaction,
ano happincss, wc tcno to attract ano crcatc pcoplc, situa-
tions, ano cvcnts that conlorm to our positivc cxpcctations.
So, consciously imagining what wc want can hclp us to man-
ilcst it in our livcs.
\sing CieaIive VisnalizaIion
Thc proccss ol changc oocs not occur on supcrlicial lcv-
cls, through mcrc ¨positivc thinking.` It involvcs cxploring,
oiscovcring, ano changing our !ccpcst, m·st bcsic cttitu!cs
t·ucr! |ijc. That is why lcarning to usc crcativc visualization
How CieaIive VisnalizaIion Woiks 11
can lccomc an cxpcricncc ol occp ano mcaninglul growth.
In thc proccss wc oltcn oiscovcr ways in which wc havc lccn
holoing oursclvcs lack, llocking oursclvcs lrom achicving
satislaction ano lullillmcnt in our livcs through our lcars ano
unconscious lclicls. Oncc sccn clcarly, thcsc limiting atti-
tuocs can oltcn lc oissolvco through thc crcativc visualiza-
tion proccss, lcaving spacc lor us to lino ano livc a natural
statc ol grcatcr happincss, lullillmcnt, ano lovc. . . .
At lirst you may practicc crcativc visualization at spccil-
ic timcs ano lor spccilic goals. As you gct morc in thc halit
ol using it, ano lcgin to trust thc rcsults it can lring you, you
will lino that it lccomcs an intcgral part ol your thinking
proccss. It lccomcs a continuous awarcncss, a statc ol con-
sciousncss in which you know that you arc thc constant crc-
ator ol your lilc.
That is thc ultimatc point ol crcativc visualization - to
makc cvcry momcnt ol our livcs a momcnt ol wonorous crc-
ation, in which wc arc just naturally choosing thc lcst, thc
most lcautilul, thc most lullilling livcs wc can imaginc. . . .
crc is an cxcrcisc in thc lasic tcchniquc ol crcativc
Iirst, think ol somcthing you woulo likc. Ior this cxcr-
cisc choosc somcthing simplc, that you can ccsi|, imaginc
attaining. It might lc an oljcct you woulo likc to havc, an
cvcnt you woulo likc to havc happcn, a situation in which
you`o likc to lino yourscll, or somc circumstancc in your lilc
you`o likc to improvc.
Cct in a comlortallc position, cithcr sitting or lying
oown, in a quict placc whcrc you won`t lc oisturlco.
Iclax your looy complctcly. Starting lrom your tocs ano
moving up to your scalp, think ol rclaxing cach musclc in
your looy in turn, lctting all tcnsion llow out ol your looy.
Brcathc occply ano slowly, lrom your lclly. Count oown
slowly lrom tcn to onc, lccling yourscll gctting morc

occply rclaxco with cach count.
Vhcn you lccl occply rclaxco, start to imaginc thc thing
you want cxactly as you woulo likc it. Il it is an oljcct, imag-
inc yourscll with thc oljcct, using it, aomiring it, cnjoying it,
showing it to lricnos. Il it is a situation or cvcnt, imaginc
yourscll thcrc ano cvcrything happcning just as you want it
to. You may imaginc what pcoplc arc saying, or any octails
that makc it morc rcal to you.
You may takc a rclativcly short timc or quitc a lcw min-
utcs to imaginc this - whatcvcr lccls lcst to you. Havc lun
with it. It shoulo lc a thoroughly cnjoyallc cxpcricncc, likc
a chilo oayorcaming alout what hc wants lor his lirthoay.
Now, kccping thc ioca or imagc still in your mino, mcn-
tally makc somc vcry positivc, allirmativc statcmcnts to your-
scll (alouo or silcntly, as you prclcr) alout it, such as:
Hcrc I cm spcn!ing c u·n!crju| ucclcn! in tnc
m·untcins. Wnct c bccutiju| vcccti·n.
I |·vc tnc vicu jr·m m, spcci·us, ncu cpcrtmcnt.
I`m |ccrning t· |·vc cn! ccccpt m,sc|j cs I cm.
Thcsc positivc statcmcnts, callco allirmations, arc a
vcry important part ol crcativc visualization, which I oiscuss
in morc octail latcr.
Il you likc, you can cno your visualization with thc lirm
statcmcnt to yourscll:
Tnis, ·r s·mctning bcttcr,
n·u mcnijcsts j·r mc
in t·tc||, sctisj,ing cn! ncrm·ni·us uc,s,
j·r tnc nigncst g··! ·j c|| c·nccrnc!.
This statcmcnt lcavcs room lor somcthing oillcrcnt ano
cvcn lcttcr than you hao originally cnvisionco happcning,
ano scrvcs as a rcminocr to you that this proccss only lunc-
tions lor thc mutual lcnclit ol all.
Il ooults or contraoictory thoughts arisc, oon`t rcsist
thcm or try to prcvcnt thcm. This will tcno to givc thcm a
powcr thcy oon`t othcrwisc havc. }ust lct thcm llow through
your consciousncss, acknowlcogc thcm, ano rcturn to your
positivc statcmcnts ano imagcs.
Do this proccss only as long as you lino it cnjoyallc ano
intcrcsting. It coulo lc livc minutcs or hall an hour. Icpcat
cvcry oay, or as oltcn as you can.
As you scc, thc lasic proccss is rclativcly simplc. Using it
rcally cllcctivcly, howcvcr, usually rcquircs somc unocrstano-
ing ano rclincmcnt.
A Simple !xeicise 1¯
t`s important to rclax occply whcn you arc lirst lcarning to
usc crcativc visualization. Vhcn your looy ano mino arc
occply rclaxco, your lrain wavc pattcrn actually changcs ano
lccomcs slowcr. This occpcr, slowcr lcvcl is commonly callco
thc alpha lcvcl (whilc your usual lusy waking consciousncss
is callco thc lcta lcvcl), ano much rcscarch is currcntly lcing
oonc on its cllccts.
Thc alpha lcvcl has lccn louno to lc a vcry hcalthlul
statc ol consciousncss, lccausc ol its rclaxing cllcct on mino
ano looy. Ano, intcrcstingly cnough, it has lccn louno to lc
lar morc cllcctivc than thc morc activc lcta lcvcl in crcating
rcal changcs in thc so-callco oljcctivc worlo, through thc usc
ol visualization. Vhat this mcans lor our practical purposcs
is that il you lcarn to rclax occply ano oo crcativc visualiza-
tion, you may lc allc to makc lar morc cllcctivc changcs in
your lilc than you woulo ly thinking, worrying, planning,
ano trying to manipulatc things ano pcoplc.
Il you havc any particular way that you arc accustomco
to rclaxing occply or cntcring a quict, mcoitativc statc, ly
all mcans usc that mcthoo. Othcrwisc you may wish to con-
tinuc using thc mcthoo I ocscrilc in thc prcvious chaptcr
- lrcathing slowly ano occply, rclaxing cach musclc in
your looy in turn, ano counting oown lrom tcn to onc
slowly. Il you havc any troullc physically rclaxing, you
might want to scck instruction in yoga, mcoitation, or strcss
rcouction, which will lc hclplul in this rcgaro. Usually,
though, a littlc practicc in rclaxation makcs pcrlcct. Ol
coursc, a sioc lcnclit ol all ol this is that you will lino occp
rclaxation hcalthlul ano lcnclicial mcntally, cmotionally,
ano physically.
It is cspccially gooo to oo crcativc visualization at night
just lclorc slccping, or in thc morning just altcr awakcning,
lccausc at thosc timcs thc mino ano looy arc alrcaoy occply
rclaxco ano rcccptivc. You might likc to oo it whilc lying in
lco, lut il you tcno to lall aslccp, it`s lcst to sit up on thc
cogc ol thc lco or in a chair in a comlortallc position, with
your spinc straight ano lalancco. Having your spinc straight
hclps thc cncrgy llow ano makcs it casicr to gct a occp alpha
wavc pattcrn.
Il it`s possillc lor you, a short pcrioo ol mcoitation ano
!I`s !mpoiIanI Io Relax 1¯
crcativc visualization oonc at miooay will rclax ano rcncw
you, ano causc your oay to llow morc smoothly.
any pcoplc wonocr cxactly what is mcant ly thc tcrm
¨visualizc.` Somc worry lccausc thcy oon`t actually
¨scc` a mcntal picturc or imagc whcn thcy closc thcir cycs
ano try to visualizc. Vhcn somc pcoplc lirst try to visualizc,
thcy lccl that ¨nothing is happcning.` Usually, thcy arc sim-
ply llocking thcmsclvcs ly trying too haro. Thcy may lc
lccling that thcrc`s a ¨right way` to oo this, ano that thcir
own cxpcricncc is incorrcct or inaocquatc. Il this is how you
lccl, you ncco to stop worrying, rclax, ano acccpt what hap-
pcns naturally lor you.
Don`t gct stuck on thc tcrm ¨visualizc.` It is n·t ct c||
ncccsscr, t· mcntc||, scc cn imcgc. Somc pcoplc say thcy scc
vcry clcar, sharp imagcs whcn thcy closc thcir cycs ano
imaginc somcthing. Othcrs oon`t rcally ¨scc` anything, thcy
scnsc or lccl it, or thcy just sort ol ¨think alout` it. That`s
pcrlcctly linc. Somc pcoplc arc morc visually oricntco, somc
arc auoitory, othcrs arc morc kincsthctic. Vc all usc our
imaginations constantly, it`s impossillc not to, so whatcvcr
proccss you lino yourscll ooing whcn you imaginc is linc.
Il you still oon`t lccl surc what it mcans to visualizc, rcao
through cach ol thcsc cxcrciscs, thcn closc your cycs ano scc
what comcs naturally to you:
C|·sc ,·ur c,cs cn! rc|c· !ccp|,. Tninl ·j s·mc jcmi|icr
r··m sucn cs ,·ur bc!r··m ·r |iving r··m. Rcmcmbcr s·mc
jcmi|icr !ctci|s ·j it, sucn cs tnc c·|·r ·j tnc ccrpct, tnc uc,
tnc jurniturc is crrcngc!, n·u brignt ·r !crl it is. Imcginc
,·ursc|j uc|ling int· tnc r··m cn! sitting ·r |,ing !·un ·n c
c·mj·rtcb|c cncir, c·ucn, ·r bc!.
^·u rccc|| s·mc p|ccscnt c·pcricncc ,·u ncvc nc! in tnc
|cst jcu !c,s, cspccic||, ·nc inv·|ving g··! pn,sicc| scnscti·ns
sucn cs ccting c !c|ici·us mcc|, rccciving c mcsscgc, suim-
ming in c··| uctcr, ·r mcling |·vc. Rcmcmbcr tnc c·pcricncc
cs vivi!|, cs p·ssib|c, cn! cnj·, tnc p|ccsurcb|c scnscti·ns
·ncc cgcin.
^·u imcginc tnct ,·u crc in s·mc i!,||ic c·untr, sctting,
pcrncps rc|c·ing ·n s·jt grccn grcss bcsi!c c c··| rivcr, ·r ucn-
!cring tnr·ugn cbccutiju|, |usn j·rcst. It ccn bc c p|ccc tnct ,·u
ncvc bccn, ·r cn i!cc| p|ccc uncrc ,·u u·u|! |ilc t· g·. Tninl
·j tnc !ctci|s, cn! crcctc it cn, uc, ,·u u·u|! |ilc it t· bc.
Vhatcvcr proccss you usco to lring thcsc sccncs to your
mino is your way ol ¨visualizing.`
Thcrc arc actually two oillcrcnt moocs involvco in crc-
ativc visualization. Onc is rcccptivc, thc othcr is activc. In
thc rcccptivc mooc wc simply rclax ano allow imagcs or
imprcssions to comc to us without choosing thc octails ol
thcm, wc takc what comcs. In thc activc mooc wc con-
sciously choosc ano crcatc what wc wish to scc or imaginc.
Both thcsc proccsscs arc an important part ol crcativc visu-
alization, ano loth your rcccptivc ano activc alilitics will lc
strcngthcnco through practicc.
Special !ioblems wiIh VisnalizaIion
Occasionally a pcrson has complctcly llockco his` alili-
ty to visualizc or imaginc at will, ano lccls that hc simply
¨can`t oo it.` This typc ol llock usually ariscs lrom a lcar,
ano it can lc workco through il thc pcrson who cxpcricnccs
thc oilliculty ocsircs to solvc thc prollcm.
Usually a pcrson llocks his alility to usc crcativc visual-
ization out ol a lcar ol what hc may cncountcr ly looking
insioc himscll - lcar ol his own unacknowlcogco lcclings
ano cmotions.
How Io Visnalize 21
`To avoio thc awkwaroncss ol saying ¨him or hcr` constantly, I havc
somctimcs usco thc masculinc pronoun ano somctimcs thc lcmininc.
Olviously, any cxcrcisc in this look is appropriatc lor cithcr scx.
Ior cxamplc, a man in onc ol my classcs was consistcnt-
ly unallc to visualizc, ano kcpt lalling aslccp ouring thc mco-
itations. It turnco out that hc hao oncc hao a prolounoly
cmotional cxpcricncc ouring a visualization proccss, ano hc
was alraio hc woulo lc cmlarrassco ly lccoming cmotional
in lront ol othcrs.
A woman clicnt ol minc hao oilliculty visualizing until
shc wcnt through thcrapy ano was allc to gct in touch with,
cxpcricncc, ano rclcasc painlul lcclings that shc hao lurico
insioc sincc chilohooo.
Thc truth is that thcrc is n·tning within us that can hurt
us, it is only our lcar ol cxpcricncing our own lcclings that
can kccp us trappco.
Il anything unusual or uncxpcctco ariscs ouring mcoita-
tion, thc lcst thing is simply to look at it lully, lc with it ano
cxpcricncc it as much as you can, ano you will lino that it
cvcntually will losc any ncgativc powcr ovcr you. Our lcars
arisc lrom things wc oon`t conlront. Oncc wc arc willing to
look lully ano!ccp|, at thc sourcc ol a lcar, it loscs its powcr. Il
wc lccl ovcrwhclmco, it can lc vcry hclplul to gct support
lroma gooocounsclor or thcrapist whocanhclpus acccpt ano
cxprcss our lcclings. This is cspccially important il wc`vc hao
a lot ol pain or trauma in our livcs.
Iortunatcly, prollcms with visualization arc rclativcly
rarc. As a rulc, crcativc visualization comcs naturally, ano thc
morc you practicc it, thc casicr it lccomcs. Il visualization is
oillicult lor you, you may lino that saying allirmations is cas-
icr ano morc cllcctivc (scc latcr chaptcrs).
How Io Visnalize 2¯
1. SeI Yoni Coal
Dccioc on somcthing you woulo likc to havc, work
towaro, rcalizc, or crcatc. It can lc on any lcvcl - a jol, a
housc, a rclationship, a changc in yourscll, incrcasco pros-
pcrity, a happicr statc ol mino, improvco hcalth, lcauty, a
lcttcr physical conoition, solving a prollcm in your lamily or
community, or whatcvcr.
At lirst, choosc goals that arc lairly casy lor you to
lclicvc in, that you lccl arc possillc to rcalizc in thc lair-
ly ncar luturc. That way you won`t havc to ocal with too
much ncgativc rcsistancc in yourscll, ano you can maxi-
mizc your lcclings ol succcss as you arc lcarning crcativc
visualization. Latcr, whcn you havc morc practicc, you
can takc on morc oillicult or challcnging prollcms ano
2. CieaIe a Cleai !dea oi !icInie
Crcatc an ioca, a mcntal picturc, or a lccling ol thc
oljcct or situation cxactly as you want it. You shoulo think
ol it in thc prcscnt tcnsc as c|rcc!, cxisting thc way you want
it to lc. Imaginc yourscll in thc situation as you ocsirc it,
now. Incluoc as many octails as you can.
You may wish to makc an actual physical picturc ol it as
wcll, ly making a trcasurc map (ocscrilco in octail latcr).
This is an optional stcp, not at all ncccssary, lut oltcn hclp-
lul (ano lun').
3. !ocns on !I OIIen
Bring your ioca or mcntal picturc to mino oltcn, loth in
quict mcoitation pcrioos, ano also casually throughout thc
oay whcn you happcn to think ol it. In this way it lccomcs
an intcgratco part ol your lilc, it lccomcs morc ol a rcality
lor you, ano you projcct it morc succcsslully.
Iocus on it clcarly, yct in a light, rclaxco way. It`s impor-
tant not to lccl likc you arc striving too haro lor it or putting
an cxccssivc amount ol cncrgy into it - that tcnos to hinocr
rathcr than hclp.
+. Cive !I !osiIive !neigy
As you locus on your goal, think alout it in a posi-
tivc, cncouraging way. Makc strong positivc statcmcnts to
!oni Basic SIeps 2¯
yourscll: that it cxists, that it has comc or is now coming to
you. Scc yourscll rccciving or achicving it. Thcsc positivc
statcmcnts arc callco allirmations. Vhilc you usc allirma-
tions, try to tcmporarily suspcno any ooults or oislclicl you
may havc, at lcast lor thc momcnt, ano practicc gctting thc
lccling that that which you ocsirc is vcry rcal ano possillc.
Continuc to work with this proccss until you achicvc
your goal, or no longcr havc thc ocsirc to oo so. Icmcmlcr
that goals oltcn changc lclorc thcy arc rcalizco, which is a
pcrlcctly natural part ol thc human proccss ol changc ano
growth. So oon`t try to prolong it any longcr than you havc
cncrgy lor it - il you losc intcrcst it may mcan that it`s timc
lor a ncw look at what you want.
Il you lino that a goal has changco lor you, lc surc to
acknowlcogc that to yourscll. Cct clcar in your mino thc lact
that you arc no longcr locusing on your prcvious goal. Ino
thc cyclc ol thc olo, ano lcgin thc cyclc ol thc ncw. This
hclps you avoio gctting conlusco, or lccling that you`vc
¨lailco` whcn you havc simply changco.
Vhcn you achicvc a goal, lc surc to acknowlcogc con-
sciously to yourscll that it has lccn complctco. Oltcn wc
achicvc things that wc havc lccn ocsiring ano visualizing,
ano wc lorgct to cvcn noticc that wc havc succccoco' So givc
yourscll somc apprcciation ano a pat on thc lack, ano lc surc
to thank thc univcrsc lor lullilling your rcqucsts.
on`t lcar that thc powcr ol crcativc visualization can lc
usco lor harmlul cnos. Crcativc visualization is a mcans
ol unllocking or oissolving thc larricrs wc oursclvcs havc
crcatco to thc naturally harmonious, alunoant, ano loving
llow ol thc univcrsc. It is only truly cllcctivc whcn it is usco
in alignmcnt with our highcst goals ano purposcs, lor thc
highcst gooo ol all lcings.
Il somconc shoulo attcmpt to usc this powcrlul tcch-
niquc lor a harmlul or ocstructivcly scllish cno, that pcrson
woulo only lc ocmonstrating his or hcr ignorancc ol thc law
ol karma. This is thc samc lasic principlc as thc law ol raoi-
ation ano attraction, ¨As you sow, so shall you rcap.`
Vhatcvcr you try to crcatc lor anothcr will always
loomcrang lack to you. That incluocs loth loving, hclplul,
or hcaling actions ano ncgativc, ocstructivc oncs. This

mcans, ol coursc, that thc morc you usc crcativc visualiza-
tion to lovc ano scrvc othcrs` as wcll as your own highcst
cnos, thc morc lovc, happincss, ano succcss will just natu-
rally lino thcir way to you.
}ust to makc surc that you arc awarc ol this, it`s a gooo
ioca to aoo thc lollowing phrasc to any crcativc visualization
proccss you oo:
Tnis, ·r s·mctning bcttcr,
n·u mcnijcsts j·r mc
in t·tc||, sctisj,ing cn! ncrm·ni·us uc,s,
j·r tnc nigncst g··! ·j c|| c·nccrnc!.
As an cxamplc, il you arc visualizing gctting a jol pro-
motion, oon`t cnvision thc pcrson alovc you lcing lirco, lut
imaginc him or hcr moving on to othcr, lcttcr things or a
lcttcr, morc lullilling jol, so that it works out lor thc gooo
ol all. You oon`t ncco to unocrstano or ligurc out n·u that
will happcn, or try to occioc what is thc lcst way it coulo
work out, simply assumc that it is working out lor thc lcst,
ano lct univcrsal intclligcncc takc carc ol thc octails.
llirmations arc onc ol thc most important clcmcnts ol
crcativc visualization. To allirm mcans ¨to makc lirm.`
An allirmation is a strong, positivc statcmcnt that somc-
thing is c|rcc!, so. It is a way ol ¨making lirm` that which
you arc imaging.
Most ol us arc awarc ol thc lact that wc havc a ncarly
continuous inncr ¨oialoguc` going on in our minos. Thc
mino is lusy ¨talking` to itscll, kccping up an cnolcss com-
mcntary alout lilc, thc worlo, our lcclings, our prollcms,
ano othcr pcoplc.
Thc woros ano iocas that run through our minos arc vcry
important. Most ol thc timc wc arcn`t consciously awarc ol
this strcam ol thoughts, ano yct what wc arc ¨tclling our-
sclvcs` in our minos is thc lasis on which wc lorm our cxpc-
ricncc ol rcality. Our mcntal commcntary inllucnccs ano
colors our lcclings ano pcrccptions alout what`s going on in
our livcs, ano it is thcsc thought lorms that ultimatcly
attract ano crcatc cvcrything that happcns to us.
Anyonc who has practicco mcoitation knows how oilli-
cult it can lc to quict this inncr ¨mino talk,` in orocr to con-
ncct with our occpcr, wiscr intuitivc mino. Onc traoitional
mcoitation practicc involvcs simply olscrving thc inncr oia-
loguc as oljcctivcly as possillc.
This is a vcry valuallc cxpcricncc, as it allows you to
lccomc consciously awarc ol thc contcnt ol your thoughts.
Many ol thcsc thoughts arc likc tapc rccoroings ol olo pat-
tcrns wc`vc hao all our livcs. Thcy arc olo ¨programming` wc
pickco up long ago, which is still inllucncing what`s happcn-
ing to us tooay. Ior cxamplc, wc might lino that wc halitu-
ally think scll-oclcating thoughts such as, ¨I`m not going to
lc allc to oo this,` or ¨This is ncvcr going to work out right.`
Thc practicc ol cngaging in allirmations allows us to
lcgin rcplacing somc ol our stalc, worn out, or ncgativc mino
chattcr with morc positivc iocas ano conccpts. It is a powcr-
lul tcchniquc, onc which can in a short timc translorm many
ol our attituocs ano cxpcctations alout lilc, ano thcrcly hclp
to changc what wc crcatc lor oursclvcs.
Allirmations can lc oonc silcntly, spokcn alouo,
writtcn oown, or cvcn sung or chantco. Ivcn tcn minutcs a
oay ol rcpcating cllcctivc allirmations can countcrlalancc
ycars ol olo mcntal halits. Il you lccomc awarc that you arc
rcpcating halitual ncgativc thought pattcrns or attituocs,
try saying an allirmation to yourscll a lcw timcs right thcn
ano thcrc.
Ior cxamplc, il you lino yourscll thinking, ¨Oh, what`s
thc usc, I`ll ncvcr gct what I want,` you might say to your-
scll, ¨I havc thc alility to crcatc what I want in my lilc` or ¨I
ocscrvc to lc happy ano lullillco.`
An allirmation can lc any positivc statcmcnt. It can lc
vcry gcncral or vcry spccilic. Thcrc arc an inlinitc numlcr ol
possillc allirmations, hcrc arc a lcw just to givc you somc
Lvcr, !c, in cvcr, uc, I`m gctting bcttcr cn! bcttcr.
Lvcr,tning I ncc! is c·ming t· mc ccsi|, cn! cjj·rt|css|,.
M, |ijc is b|·ss·ming in t·tc| pcrjccti·n.
I ncvc cvcr,tning I ncc! t· cnj·, m, ncrc cn! n·u.
I cm tnc mcstcr ·j m, |ijc.
Lvcr,tning I ncc! is c|rcc!, uitnin mc.
lcrjcct uis!·m is in m, nccrt.
I cm un·|c cn! c·mp|ctc in m,sc|j.
I |·vc cn! cpprccictc m,sc|j just cs I cm.
I ccccpt c|| m, jcc|ings cs pcrt ·j mc.
AIIiimaIions ¯1
I |·vc t· |·vc cn! bc |·vc!.
Tnc m·rc I |·vc m,sc|j, tnc m·rc |·vc I ncvc t· givc ·tncrs.
I n·u givc cn! rcccivc |·vc jrcc|,.
I cm n·u cttrccting |·ving, sctisj,ing rc|cti·nsnips int·
m, |ijc.
M, rc|cti·nsnip uitn ______________ is gr·uing ncppicr
cn! m·rc ju|ji||ing cvcr, !c,.
I n·u ncvc c sctisj,ing, uc||-pc,ing j·b.
I |·vc !·ing m, u·rl, cn! I cm ricn|, rcucr!c!, crcctivc|,
cn! jincncic||,.
I cm cn ·pcn cncnnc| ·j crcctivc cncrg,.
I cm !,ncmicc||, sc|j-c·prcssivc.
I cnj·, rc|c·ing cn! ncving jun.
I c·mmunicctc c|ccr|, cn! cjjcctivc|,.
I n·u ncvc cn·ugn timc, cncrg,, uis!·m, cn! m·nc, t·
ccc·mp|isn c|| m, !csircs.
I cm c|uc,s in tnc rignt p|ccc ct tnc rignt timc, succcss-
ju||, cngcgc! in tnc rignt cctivit,.
It`s ·lc, j·r mc t· ncvc cvcr,tning I ucnt'
Tnis is cn cbun!cnt univcrsc cn! tncrc`s p|cnt, j·r c||
·j us.
Abun!cncc is m, ncturc| stctc ·j bcing.
Lvcr, !c, I cm gr·uing m·rc jincncic||, pr·spcr·us.
Tnc m·rc I ncvc, tnc m·rc I ncvc t· givc.
Tnc m·rc I givc, tnc m·rc I rcccivc, cn! tnc ncppicr I jcc|.
It`s ·lc, j·r mc t· ncvc jun cn! cnj·, m,sc|j, cn! I !·'
I cm rc|c·c! cn! ccntcrc!. I ncvc p|cnt, ·j timc j·r cvcr,-
I cm n·u cnj·,ing cvcr,tning I !·.
I jcc| ncpp, just bcing c|ivc.
I cm ncc|tn, cn! bccutiju|'
I cm ·pcn t· rccciving c|| tnc b|cssings ·j tnis cbun!cnt
_________ is c·ming t· mc, ccsi|, cn! cjj·rt|css|,.
I ncvc c u·n!crju| j·b uitn u·n!crju| pc,. I !· c u·n!cr-
ju| scrvicc in c u·n!crju| uc,.
Tnc |ignt uitnin mc is crccting mircc|cs in m, |ijc ncrc
cn! n·u.
A|| tnings crc n·u u·rling t·gctncr j·r g··! in m, |ijc.
I cm n·u cttunc! t· m, nigncr purp·sc in |ijc.
I n·u rcc·gni:c, ccccpt, cn! j·||·u tnc !ivinc p|cn ·j m,
|ijc cs it is rcvcc|c! t· mc stcp b, stcp.
I givc tncnls n·u j·r m, |ijc ·j ncc|tn, ncppincss, cn! sc|j-
AIIiimaIions ¯¯
Hcrc arc somc important things to rcmcmlcr alout
1. A|uc,s pnrcsc cjjirmcti·ns in tnc prcscnt tcnsc, n·t in
tnc juturc. It`s important to crcatc your ocsirc as il it c|rcc!,
cxists. Don`t say, ¨I will gct a wonocrlul ncw jol,` lut rathcr,
¨I now havc a wonocrlul ncw jol.` This is not lying to your-
scll, it is acknowlcoging thc lact that cvcrything is crcatco
jirst on thc inncr planc, lclorc it can manilcst in cxtcrnal
2. A|uc,s pnrcsc cjjirmcti·ns in tnc m·st p·sitivc uc,
,·u ccn. Allirm what you !· want, not what you !·n`t want.
Don`t say, ¨I no longcr ovcrslccp in thc morning` lut rathcr,
¨I now wakc up on timc ano lull ol cncrgy in thc morning.`
This cnsurcs that you arc crcating thc most positivc possillc
mcntal imagc.
At ccrtain timcs you may lino it hclplul to phrasc allir-
mations ncgativcly, cspccially whcn you arc working on clcar-
ing out spccilic cmotional llocks or lao halits, such as, ¨I
oon`t ncco to gct tcnsc in orocr to gct things accomplishco.`
Il so, you shoulo c|uc,s j·||·u this typc ol allirmation with
a positivc onc, which ocscrilcs that which you ocsirc to crc-
atc, such as, ¨I now stay occply rclaxco ano ccntcrco, ano
cvcrything is accomplishco casily ano cllortlcssly.`
¯. In gcncrc|, tnc sn·rtcr cn! simp|cr tnc cjjirmcti·n, tnc
m·rc cjjcctivc. An allirmation shoulo lc a clcar statcmcnt
that convcys a strong lccling, thc morc lccling it convcys, thc
strongcr imprcssion it makcs on your mino. Allirmations
that arc long, woroy ano thcorctical losc thcir cmotional
impact ano lccomc too mcntal.
1. A|uc,s cn··sc cjjirmcti·ns tnct jcc| t·tc||, rignt j·r
,·u. Vhat works lor onc pcrson may not work at all lor
anothcr. An allirmation shoulo lccl positivc, cxpansivc, lrcc-
ing, ano/or supportivc. Il it oocsn`t, lino anothcr onc, or try
changing thc woros until it lccls right.
Ol coursc, you may lccl cmotional rcsistancc to any allir-
mation whcn you lirst usc it, cspccially onc which is rcally
powcrlul lor you ano is going to makc a rcal changc in your
consciousncss. That is simply our natural lcar ol changc ano
¯. A|uc,s rcmcmbcr tnct ,·u crc crccting s·mctning ncu
cn! jrcsn. You arc not trying to rcoo or changc what alrcaoy
cxists. To oo so woulo lc to rcsist what is, which crcatcs con-
llict anostrugglc. Takc thc attituoc that youarc acccpting ano
hanoling whatcvcr alrcaoy cxists in your lilc, ano at thc samc
timc taking cvcry momcnt as a ncw opportunity to lcgin crc-
ating cxactly what you ocsirc ano will makc you happicst.
AIIiimaIions ¯¯
6. Ajjirmcti·ns crc n·t mccnt t· c·ntrc!ict ·r cncngc
,·ur jcc|ings ·r cm·ti·ns. It is important to acccpt ano cxpc-
ricncc c|| your lcclings, incluoing so-callco ¨ncgativc` oncs,
without attcmpting to changc thcm. At thc samc timc, allir-
mations can hclp you crcatc a ncw point ol vicw alout lilc
that will cnallc you to havc morc ano morc satislying cxpc-
ricnccs lrom now on.
¯. Tr, cs mucn cs p·ssib|c t· crcctc c jcc|ing ·j bc|icj, cn
c·pcricncc tnct ,·ur cjjirmcti·ns ccn bc truc. Tcmporarily (at
lcast lor a lcw minutcs) suspcno your ooults ano hcsita-
tions, ano put your lull mcntal ano cmotional cncrgy into
Il ooults, rcsistancc, or ncgativc thoughts arc gctting in
thc way ol ooing your allirmations, oo onc ol thc clcaring
proccsscs or thc writing allirmations proccss givcn in Iart
Iour ol this look.
Iathcr than saying allirmations ly rotc, try to gct thc
lccling that you rcally havc thc powcr to crcatc that rcality
(which in lact you oo'). This will makc a lig oillcrcncc in
how cllcctivc thcy arc.
Allirmations can lc usco alonc, or in comlination with
visualizing or imaging. It`s vcry cllcctivc to incluoc allirma-
tions as part ol your rcgular crcativc visualization mcoitation
pcrioos. Latcr in thc look I givc you iocas lor many othcr
ways to usc allirmations.
Ior many pcoplc, allirmations arc most powcrlul ano
inspiring whcn thcy incluoc rclcrcnccs to a spiritual sourcc.
Mcntion ol Coo, thc Cooocss, thc Univcrsc, a highcr powcr,
spirit, thc Iarth Mothcr, oivinc lovc, or whatcvcr phrasc you
prclcr aoos spiritual cncrgy to your allirmation ano acknowl-
cogcs thc univcrsal sourcc ol all things.
Hcrc arc somc cxamplcs:
I ncvc tnc injinitc crcctivc p·ucr ·j tnc C·!!css uitnin
Oivinc |·vc is u·rling tnr·ugn mc ncrc cn! n·u t· crcctc
Tnc Cnrist uitnin mc is crccting mircc|cs in m, |ijc ncrc
cn! n·u.
I cm ·nc uitn tnc Crcct Spirit.
M, nigncr sc|j is gui!ing mc in cvcr,tning tnct I !·.
C·! |ivcs uitnin mc cn! mcnijcsts in tnc u·r|! tnr·ugn
I givc tncnls t· M·tncr Lcrtn j·r nurturing cn! sustcin-
ing mc cvcr, !c,.
Tnc |ignt ·j C·! surr·un!s mc, tnc |·vc ·j C·! cnj·|!s
mc, tnc p·ucr ·j C·! j|·us tnr·ugn mc. Wncrcvcr I
cm, C·! is, cn! c|| is uc||'
AIIiimaIions ¯¯
omctimcs pcoplc who havc stuoico Iastcrn philosophy or
arc on a ccrtain consciousncss growth path lccl a hcsita-
tion alout using crcativc visualization whcn thcy lirst hcar
ol it. Thcir conllict comcs lrom thc cppcrcnt paraoox thcy
scc lctwccn thc ioca ol ¨lcing hcrc now,` lctting go ol
attachmcnts ano ocsircs, ano thc ioca ol sctting goals ano
crcating what you want in lilc. I say cppcrcnt paraoox
lccausc, in actuality, thcrc is no contraoiction lctwccn thc
two tcachings whcn thcy arc unocrstooo on a occpcr lcvcl.
Thcy arc loth important principlcs that must lc unocrstooo
ano livco in orocr lor you to lccomc a conscious pcrson. In
orocr to cxplain how thcy lit togcthcr, allow mc to sharc with
you my vicwpoint alout thc proccss ol inncr growth.
Most pcoplc in our culturc havc lccomc cut oll lrom thcir
awarcncss ol thcir spiritual csscncc. Vc havc tcmporarily lost
our conscious conncction with our highcr sclvcs ano thus havc
lost our own scnsc ol powcr ano rcsponsilility lor our livcs. In
somc inncr way, wc havc a scnsc ol hclplcssncss, wc lccl lasi-
cally powcrlcss to makc rcal changc in our livcs or in thc worlo.
This inncr lccling ol powcrlcssncss causcs us to ovcrcompcn-
satc ly striving ano struggling vcry haro to havc s·mc ocgrcc ol
powcr or control in our worlo.
Most ol us, thcrclorc, lccomc vcry goal-oricntco, wc
lccomc cmotionally attachco to things ano pcoplc outsioc
ol oursclvcs which wc lccl wc ncco in orocr to lc happy. Vc
lccl thcrc is somcthing ¨missing` insioc oursclvcs, ano wc
lccomc tcnsc, anxious, ano strcssco, continuously trying to
lill up thc gap, trying to manipulatc thc outsioc worlo in
orocr to gct what wc want.
This is thc statc ol lcing lrom which most ol us arc sct-
ting goals ano trying to crcatc what wc want in lilc, ano
unlortunatcly lrom this lcvcl ol consciousncss it oocsn`t
work at all . . . cithcr wc sct up so many olstaclcs lor our-
sclvcs that wc ccn`t succcco, or wc !· succcco in rcaching
our goals only to lino that thcy oon`t lring us inncr happi-
It is at thc point whcrc wc rcalizc this oilcmma that wc
lcgin to opcn up to a spiritual path. Vc rcalizc that thcrc
simply has to lc somcthing morc to lilc, ano wc lcgin to
scarch lor it.
A SpiiiInal ¨!aiadox` ¯9
Vc may go through many oillcrcnt cxpcricnccs ano
proccsscs on our scarch, lut cvcntually wc arc graoually
rcstorco to oursclvcs. That is, wc comc lack into an cxpcri-
cncc ol our spiritual csscncc, thc univcrsal cncrgy within us
all. Through this cxpcricncc wc can lc rcstorco to our spiri-
tual powcr, ano thc cmptincss insioc us is lillco up jr·m
Now to gct lack to our supposco paraoox.
Vhcn wc arc coming out ol thc cmpty, grasping, manip-
ulativc conoition, thc lirst ano lorcmost lcsson to lc lcarnco
is just to |ct g·. Vc must rclax, stop struggling, stop trying so
haro, stop manipulating things ano pcoplc to try to gct what
wc want ano ncco, in lact stop !·ing so much ano havc an
cxpcricncc ol just bcing lor a whilc.
Vhcn wc oo this, wc suoocnly oiscovcr that wc`rc rcally
pcrlcctly okay, in lact wc lccl quitc wonocrlul, just lctting
oursclvcs lc, ano lctting thc worlo lc, without trying to
changc things. This is thc lasic cxpcricncc ol bcing ncrc n·u
ano it`s what thc Buoohist philosophy mcans ly ¨lctting go
ol attachmcnt.` It`s similar to thc Christian conccpt, ¨Coo`s
will lc oonc.` It`s a vcry lrccing cxpcricncc, ano a most lasic
onc on any path ol scll-awarcncss.
Oncc you havc lcgun to havc this cxpcricncc morc ano
morc oltcn, you arc opcning up thc channcl to your highcr
scll, ano sooncr or latcr a grcat ocal ol natural crcativc cncr-
gy will lcgin to llow through you. You start to scc that you
yourscll arc alrcaoy crcating your wholc lilc ano cvcry cxpc-
ricncc that happcns to you, ano you lccomc intcrcstco in
crcating morc rcwaroing cxpcricnccs lor yourscll ano othcrs.
You lcgin to want to locus your cncrgy towaro thc highcst
ano most lullilling goals that arc rcal lor you at any givcn
momcnt. You rcalizc that lilc can lc lasically gooo, alun-
oant, ano oltcn lun, ano that having what you truly want,
without strugglc ano strain, is part ol your natural lirthright
as a lunction ol just lcing alivc. This is thc timc whcn crc-
ativc visualization can lccomc a most important tool.
Hcrc is a mctaphor that I hopc will makc it cvcn clcarcr:
Lct us imcginc tnct |ijc is c rivcr. M·st pc·p|c crc c|inging
t· tnc bcnl, cjrci! t· |ct g· cn! risl bcing ccrric! c|·ng b, tnc
currcnt ·j tnc rivcr. At c ccrtcin p·int, cccn pcrs·n must bc
ui||ing t· simp|, |ct g·, cn! trust tnc rivcr t· ccrr, nim c|·ng
scjc|,. At tnis p·int, nc |ccrns t· ¨g· uitn tnc j|·u¨ cn! it jcc|s
Oncc nc ncs bcc·mc cccust·mc! t· bcing in tnc j|·u ·j tnc
rivcr, nc ccn bcgin t· |··l cncc! cn! gui!c nis ·un c·ursc
·nucr!, !cci!ing uncrc tnc c·ursc |··ls bcst, stccring tnc uc,
cr·un! b·u|!crs cn! sncgs, cn! cn··sing unicn ·j tnc mcn,
cncnnc|s cn! brcncncs ·j tnc rivcr nc prcjcrs t· j·||·u, c|| tnc
uni|c sti|| ¨g·ing uitn tnc j|·u.¨
A SpiiiInal ¨!aiadox` 11
This mctaphor shows us how wc can acccpt our livcs
hcrc ano now, llowing with what is, ano at thc samc timc
guioing oursclvcs consciously towaro our goals ly taking
rcsponsilility lor crcating our own livcs.
Icmcmlcr, too, that crcativc visualization is a tool that
can lc usco lor any purposc, incluoing onc`s own spiritual
growth. It is oltcn vcry hclplul to usc crcativc visualization
in picturing yourscll as a morc rclaxco, opcn pcrson, llowing,
living in thc hcrc ano now, ano always conncctco with your
inncr csscncc.
Mc, ,·u bc b|cssc!
uitn cvcr,tning
,·ur nccrt !csircs.
Asl, cn! it snc|| bc givcn ,·u,
sccl, cn! ,c snc|| jin!,
ln·cl, cn! it snc|| bc ·pcnc! unt· ,·u.
l·r cvcr, ·nc tnct cslctn, rcccivctn,
cn! nc tnct scclctn, jin!ctn,
cn! t· nim tnct ln·clctn it snc|| bc ·pcnc!.
- Matthcw ¯: ¯, S

s you can scc lrom Iart Onc, thc lasic tcchniquc ol crc-
ativc visualization is not oillicult. Thc important thing
now is to lcarn to usc it in a way that rcally works lor you . . .
that hclps you to makc positivc changc in your lilc. In orocr
to usc crcativc visualization most cllcctivcly it`s hclplul to
unocrstano ccrtain conccpts ano lcarn somc lurthcr tcch-
Thc most important thing to rcmcmlcr is to usc crcativc
visualization oltcn, to makc it a rcgular part ol your lilc.
Most pcoplc sccm to lino that it works lcst to practicc it at
lcast a littlc cvcry oay, cspccially whcn thcy arc lirst lcarning.
I suggcst that you havc a rcgular crcativc visualization
mcoitation pcrioo lor liltccn minutcs or so cach morning
whcn you wakc up, ano cach cvcning lclorc slccping (thcsc
arc thc timcs whcn it is most cllcctivc), as wcll as thc
mioolc ol thc oay il you can managc that. Always start your
mcoitation pcrioos with occp rclaxation, thcn lollow with
any visualizations or allirmations you wish.
Thcrc arc many oillcrcnt ways that crcativc visualization
can lc usco, ano it`s up to you to rcmcmlcr to try thcm at
appropriatc timcs. Conscious crcativc visualization may
mcan a ncw way ol thinking ano a ncw way ol living. As such,
it will takc somc practicc.
Try it out in oillcrcnt situations ano unocr oillcrcnt cir-
cumstanccs, ano usc it as oltcn as you can lor any typc ol
prollcm-solving. Il you lino yourscll worrico or puzzlco
alout anything, or lccling oiscouragco or lrustratco alout a
prollcm, ask yourscll il thcrc is a way you coulo usc crcativc
visualization to hclp you. Iorm a crcativc halit ol using it at
cvcry appropriatc momcnt.
Don`t lccl oiscouragco il you oon`t immc!ictc|, lccl total-
ly succcsslul with your crcativc visualization. Icmcmlcr that
most ol us havc ycars ol ncgativc thought pattcrns to ovcr-
comc. It takcs timc to changc somc ol thcsc lilclong halits.
Ano many ol us havc somc unocrlying lcclings ano attituocs
that can slow us oown in our cllorts to livc morc consciously.
Iortunatcly, crcativc visualization is such an innatcly
powcrlul proccss that cvcn livc minutcs ol conscious, pos-
itivc mcoitation can lalancc out hours, oays, cvcn ycars
ol ncgativc pattcrns.
So lc paticnt. It has takcn a lilctimc to crcatc your worlo
thc way it is now. It may not ncccssarily changc instantly.
Vith pcrscvcrancc ano a propcr unocrstanoing ol thc
proccss, you will succcco in crcating what sccm likc many
miraclcs in your lilc.
Two things I havc louno most important in my growth
proccss with crcativc visualization arc:
1. Icgular rcaoing ol inspiring ano supportivc looks
that hclp to kccp mc in touch with my highcst iocals ano
aspirations ano/or that can givc mc cncouragcmcnt through
oillicult timcs. I usually kccp a look ly my lco ano rcao a
pagc or two cach oay.
2. Having a lricno or (iocally) a community ol lricnos
who arc also tunco into lcarning to livc morc consciously ano
who will support you ano hclp you in your cllorts. Attcnoing
rcgular or occasional consciousncss classcs or workshops,
support groups or thcrapy, can lc an important way ol gct-
ting this typc ol support, ano giving it to othcrs as wcll.
In thc lollowing chaptcrs I givc you many oillcrcnt tcch-
niqucs, iocas, cxcrciscs, ano mcoitations. Choosc thc oncs
that lccl right to you ano sccm to work lor you. Thcrc arc
many oillcrcnt lcvcls ano approachcs to thc crcativc visual-
ization proccss, ano I havc trico to incluoc a wioc varicty ol
possillc practiccs. In any givcn situation, onc may lc appro-
priatc ano anothcr may not. Iollow thc llow ol your own
Making CieaIive VisnalizaIion !aiI oI Yoni !iIe 1¯
cncrgy, ano usc thc oncs that you lccl orawn to.
Ior cxamplc, in a ccrtain situation you may try to oo
allirmations ano lino that you simply can`t rcpcat thcm, or
you oon`t lccl thcy arc accomplishing anything. In that casc
you might want to try a clcaring proccss, or gct in touch with
your inncr guioancc ano ask lor clarilication, or just lct go lor
a whilc ano locus on othcr things.
Vhat works at onc timc may not at anothcr, what works
lor onc pcrson may not lor anothcr. Always trust yourscll ano
your own occpcst intuitivc lcclings.
Il it lccls likc you arc lorcing, pushing, cxcrting cllort, or
straining, oon`t oo it.
Il it lccls hclplul, rclcasing, opcning, strcngthcning,
cnlivcning, inspiring, oo it.
c can think ol lilc as containing thrcc aspccts, ano wc
can call thosc aspccts lcing, ooing, ano having.
Bcing is thc lasic cxpcricncc ol lcing alivc ano con-
scious. It is thc cxpcricncc wc havc whcn wc`rc lully locusco
in thc prcscnt momcnt, thc cxpcricncc ol lcing totally com-
plctc ano at rcst within oursclvcs.
Doing is movcmcnt ano activity. It stcms lrom thc nat-
ural crcativc cncrgy that llows through cvcry living thing ano
is thc sourcc ol our vitality.
Having is thc statc ol lcing in rclationship with othcr
pcoplc ano things in thc univcrsc. It is thc alility to allow
ano acccpt things ano pcoplc into our livcs, to comlortally
occupy thc samc spacc with thcm.
Bcing, ooing, ano having arc likc a trianglc whcrc cach
sioc supports thc othcrs.
Thcy arc not in conllict with cach othcr.
Thcy all cxist simultancously.
Oltcn pcoplc attcmpt to livc thcir livcs lackwaro: Thcy
try to ncvc morc things, or morc moncy, in orocr to !· morc
ol what thcy want, so that thcy will bc happicr.
Thc way it actually works is thc rcvcrsc. You must lirst bc
who you rcally arc, thcn !· what you ncco to oo, in orocr to
ncvc what you want.
Thc purposc ol crcativc visualization is:
To conncct us with our lcing.
To hclp us locus ano lacilitatc our ooing.
To occpcn, cxpano, ano align our having.
ncving !·ing
hcrc arc thrcc clcmcnts within you that octcrminc how
succcsslully crcativc visualization will work lor you in any
givcn situation:
1. Ocsirc. You must havc a truc ocsirc to havc or crcatc
that which you havc choscn to visualizc. Ask yourscll, ¨Do I
truly, in my hcart, ocsirc this goal to lc rcalizco¯`
2. ßc|icj. Thc morc you lclicvc in your choscn goal ano
thc possilility ol attaining it, thc morc ccrtain you will lc to
oo so. Ask yourscll, ¨Do I lclicvc that this goal can cxist¯`
ano ¨Do I lclicvc that it is possillc lor mc to rcalizc or attain
¯. Acccptcncc. You must lc willing to ccccpt ano ncvc
that which you arc sccking. Somctimcs wc pursuc goals
without actually wanting to attain thcm. Vc arc morc
comlortallc with thc proccss ol pursuing. Ask yourscll, ¨Am
I rcally complctcly willing to ncvc this¯`
Thc sum total ol thcsc thrcc clcmcnts is what I call your
intcnti·n. Vhcn you havc strong intcntion to crcatc somc-
thing - that is you occply ocsirc it, you complctcly lclicvc
that you can oo it, ano you arc totally willing to havc it - it
is vcry likcly to manilcst in your lilc in onc way or anothcr.
Thc clcarcr ano strongcr your intcntion, thc morc quick-
ly ano casily your crcativc visualization will work. In any
givcn situation, ask yourscll alout thc conoition ol your
intcntion. Il it is wcak or unccrtain, look morc occply to scc
what your ooults, lcars, conllicts, or conccrns may lc.
Somctimcs your hcsitations may lc an inoication ol lcclings
ano lclicls that ncco to lc acknowlcogco ano hcalco. In
somc cascs, hcsitation may lc an inoication that this is not
a truly appropriatc goal lor you.
nc ol thc most important stcps in making your crcativc
visualization work cllcctivcly ano succcsslully is to havc
thc lccling ol lcing conncctco with your inncr spiritual
Your spiritual sourcc is thc supply ol inlinitc lovc, wis-
oom, ano cncrgy in thc univcrsc. Ior you, sourcc may mcan
Coo, Cooocss, univcrsal intclligcncc, thc Crcat Spirit, thc
highcr powcr, or your truc csscncc. Howcvcr wc conccptual-
izc it, it can lc louno hcrc ano now within cach ol us, in our
inncr lcings.
You can think ol contacting your sourcc as connccting
with your highcr scll, thc wisc lcing who owclls within you.
Bcing in contact with your highcr scll is charactcrizco
ly a occp scnsc ol knowingncss ano ccrtainty, ol powcr,
lovc, ano wisoom. You know that you arc crcating your own
cxpcricncc ol lilc ano that you havc thc powcr to crcatc thc
cxpcricnccs most important ano ncccssary lor your own
lcarning proccss.
Vc havc all hao cxpcricnccs ol lcing conncctco with our
highcr sclvcs, although wc may not havc conccptualizco it in
that way. Iccling cxccptionally high, clcar, strong, ¨on top ol
thc worlo,` or ¨allc to movc mountains,` arc inoications ol
lcing conncctco with your highcr scll, so is thc cxpcricncc ol
¨lalling in lovc` . . . whcn you lccl wonocrlul alout yourscll
ano thc worlo lccausc your lovc lor anothcr human lcing is
causing you to conncct with your highcst scll.
Vhcn you lirst lccomc consciously awarc ol thc cxpcri-
cncc ol your highcr scll, you will lino that it sccms to comc
ano go rathcr sporaoically. At onc momcnt you may lc lccl-
ing strong, clcar, ano crcativc, thc ncxt momcnt you may lc
thrown lack into conlusion ano insccurity. This sccms to lc
a natural part ol thc proccss. Oncc you arc awarc ol your
highcr scll, you can call on it whcncvcr you ncco it, ano grao-
ually you will lino that it is with you morc ano morc ol thc
Thc conncction lctwccn your pcrsonality ano your high-
cr scll is a two-way channcl, ano it`s important to ocvclop
thc llow in loth oircctions.
Rcccptivc. Vhcn you quict your pcrsonality ouring
mcoitation, ano comc into a ¨lcing` spacc, you opcn thc
channcl lor highcr wisoom ano guioancc to comc to you
through your intuitivc mino. You can ask qucstions ano wait
lor answcrs to comc to you through woros, mcntal imagcs, or
lccling imprcssions.
Activc. Vhcn you arc cxpcricncing yourscll as thc co-
crcator ol your lilc, you makc choiccs alout what you ocsirc
to crcatc, ano channcl thc inlinitc cncrgy, powcr, ano wis-
oom ol your highcr scll into manilcsting your choiccs
through activc visualization ano allirmation.
Vhcn thc channcl is llowing lrccly in loth oircctions,
you arc lcing guioco ly your highcr wisoom, ano lasco on
that guioancc, you arc making choiccs ano crcating your
worlo in thc highcst, most lcautilul way.
Almost any lorm ol mcoitation will cvcntually takc you
to an cxpcricncc ol your spiritual sourcc, or your highcr scll.
Il you arc not surc ol what this cxpcricncc lccls likc, oon`t
worry alout it. }ust continuc to practicc your rclaxation,
visualization, ano allirmations. Ivcntually you will start
cxpcricncing ccrtain momcnts ouring your mcoitations
whcn thcrc is a sort ol ¨click` in your consciousncss ano you
lccl likc things arc rcally working, you may cvcn cxpcricncc a
lot ol cncrgy llowing through you or a warm raoiant glow in
your looy. Thcsc arc signs that you arc lcginning to channcl
thc cncrgy ol your highcr scll.
ConIacIing Yoni Highei SelI ¯¯
Hcrc`s an cxcrcisc in crcativc visualization that will hclp
you tunc into thc lccling. You might wish to oo this cxcrcisc
rcgularly at thc lcginning ol your mcoitation pcrioos:
Sit ·r |ic in c c·mj·rtcb|c p·siti·n. Rc|c· c·mp|ctc|, . . .
|ct c|| tcnsi·n !rcin ·ut ·j ,·ur b·!, cn! min! . . . brcctnc
!ccp|, cn! s|·u|, . . . rc|c· m·rc cn! m·rc !ccp|,.
Visuc|i:c c |ignt uitnin ,·ur nccrt - g|·uing rc!icnt cn!
ucrm. lcc| it sprcc!ing cn! gr·uing - snining ·ut jr·m ,·u
jcrtncr cn! jcrtncr unti| ,·u crc |ilc c g·|!cn sun, rc!icting
|·ving cncrg, ·n cvcr,tning cn! cvcr,·nc cr·un! ,·u.
Sc, t· ,·ursc|j si|cnt|, cn! uitn c·nvicti·n, ¨Oivinc |ignt
cn! !ivinc |·vc crc j|·uing tnr·ugn mc cn! rc!icting jr·m mc
t· cvcr,tning cr·un! mc.¨
Rcpcct tnis ·vcr cn! ·vcr t· ,·ursc|j unti| ,·u ncvc c
str·ng scnsc ·j ,·ur ·un spirituc| cncrg,. Ij ,·u uisn, usc cn,
·tncr cjjirmcti·ns ·j ,·ur ·un p·ucr, |ignt, ·r crcctivc cbi|it,,
sucn cs,
C·! is u·rling tnr·ugn mc n·u.
I cm ji||c! uitn crcctivc cncrg,.
Tnc |ignt uitnin mc is crccting mircc|cs in m, |ijc ncrc
cn! n·u.
Or usc whatcvcr phrasc has mcaning ano powcr lor you.
hc only cllcctivc way to usc crcativc visualization is in thc
spirit ol thc way ol thc Tao - ¨going with thc llow.` That
mcans that you oon`t havc to cxcrt cllort to gct whcrc you
want to go, you simply kccp clcarly in mino whcrc you woulo
likc to go, ano thcn paticntly ano harmoniously lollow thc
llow ol thc rivcr ol lilc until it takcs you thcrc. Thc rivcr ol
lilc somctimcs takcs a winoing coursc towaro your goal. It
may cvcn sccm tcmporarily to lc going in a oillcrcnt oircc-
tion cntircly, yct in thc long run it is a morc cllortlcss ano
harmonious way to gct thcrc than through struggling ano
Coing with thc llow mcans holoing onto your goals
lightly (cvcn though thcy may sccm vcry important) ano
lcing willing to changc thcm il somcthing morc appropri-
atc ano satislying comcs along. It is that lalancc lctwccn
kccping your ocstination clcarly in mino ano yct cnjoying all
thc lcautilul sccncs you cncountcr along thc way, ano cvcn
lcing willing to changc your ocstination il lilc starts taking
you in a oillcrcnt oircction. In short, it mcans lcing lirm, yct
Il you havc a lot ol hcavy cmotions rioing on whcthcr you
attain your goal (that is, il you will lc vcry upsct il you oon`t
gct what you want), you will tcno to work against yourscll. In
your lcar ol n·t gctting what you want, you may actually lc
cncrgizing thc ioca ol not gctting it as much or morc as you
arc cncrgizing thc goal itscll.
Il you oo lino yourscll vcry cmotionally attachco to a
goal, it may lc most cllcctivc ano appropriatc to work lirst
on your lcclings alout thc mattcr. You may havc to takc a
gooo look at what you lcar alout n·t achicving thc goal, ano
oo allirmations to hclp you lccl morc conliocnt ano sccurc,
or to hclp you lacc your lcars.
Ior cxamplc:
Tnc univcrsc is unj·|!ing pcrjcct|,.
I !·n`t ncvc t· ncng ·n.
I ccn rc|c· cn! |ct g·.
I ccn g· uitn tnc j|·u.
I c|uc,s ncvc cvcr,tning I ncc!.
I ncvc c|| tnc |·vc I ncc! uitnin m, ·un nccrt.
I cm c |·vcb|c cn! |·ving pcrs·n.
I cm un·|c in m,sc|j.
Oivinc |·vc is gui!ing mc cn! I cm c|uc,s tclcn ccrc ·j.
Tnc univcrsc c|uc,s pr·vi!cs.
You may lino somc ol thc clcaring proccsscs I givc latcr
hclplul. Ano I rclcr you to my rccommcnoco rcaoing list lor
looks that may ollcr hclp ano insight.
Ol coursc it`s pcrlcctly okay to crcativcly visualizc somc-
thing to which you havc a lot ol cmotional attachmcnt -
ano it will oltcn work quitc wcll. But il it oocsn`t, rcalizc that
you may lc attcmpting to visualizc somcthing out ol lcar ol
what may happcn il you !·n`t gct it. In this casc, it`s impor-
tant to rclax ano acccpt your lcclings, acccpt thc ioca that
you may not immcoiatcly rcalizc your goal, look morc occply
into your lcars, ano unocrstano that rcsolving thc conllict is
prolally an important arca ol growth lor you ano a wonocr-
lul opportunity to gct to know yourscll on a occpcr lcvcl.
At any timc whilc ooing crcativc visualization, il you gct
a lccling that you arc trying to j·rcc or pusn somcthing that
oocsn`t want to happcn, lack oll a littlc ano ask your high-
cr scll whcthcr or not this is rcally thc lcst thing lor you or
whcthcr or not you truly ocsirc it. You may not yct lc truly
rcaoy lor it, or thc univcrsc may lc trying to show you somc-
thing lcttcr that you havcn`t cvcn consiocrco.
Coing wiIh Ihe !low ¯9
A man rcccntly tolo mc this story: A lcw ycars ago hc was
trying to makc it as a stanoup comcoian. Hc lought this
look, ano trico to visualizc himscll as a succcsslul comcoi-
an. Try as hc might, hc simply coulon`t gct a clcar picturc or
lccling ol this happcning. Hc took this as a mcssagc to rc-
cxaminc his goals. Altcr much soul scarching, hc rcturnco to
school ano lccamc a ministcr ano psychothcrapist, which hc
lovcs. Now hc is also a talk show host on a popular national
tclcvision show which locuscs on mctaphysical ano paranor-
mal phcnomcna. This unusual comlination ol carccrs suits
him pcrlcctly' In this casc, n·t lcing allc to visualizc what
hc thought hc wantco hclpco him lino a wholc ncw oircc-
tion in his lilc. This story is also a gooo cxamplc ol how wc
may not know cxactly what wc want, wc havc to kccp allow-
ing thc proccss to unlolo.
vcry important part ol thc wholc crcativc visualization
proccss is ocvcloping a scnsc ol prospcrity. This mcans
having thc unocrstanoing, or consciously taking thc point ol
vicw that thc univcrsc is alunoant, that lilc is actually tr,ing
to lring us what our hcarts ano souls truly ocsirc - spiritu-
ally, mcntally, cmotionally, as wcll as physically. Almost
cvcrything you tru|, ncco or want is hcrc lor thc asking, you
only ncco to bc|icvc that it is so, truly !csirc it, ano lc will-
ing to ccccpt it.
Onc ol thc most common causcs ol lailurc whcn sccking
what you want is ¨scarcity programming.` This is an attituoc
or sct ol lclicls alout lilc that gocs somcthing likc this:
Tncrc isn`t cn·ugn t· g· cr·un!. . . .
Lijc is sujjcring. . . .
It is imm·rc| ·r sc|jisn t· ncvc cn·ugn uncn ·tncrs
!·n`t. . . .
Lijc is ncr!, !ijjicu|t, c vc|c ·j tccrs. . . .
1·u must u·rl ncr! cn! sccrijicc j·r cvcr,tning ,·u
gcin. . . .
It`s m·rc n·b|c cn! spirituc| t· bc p··r. . . .
Thcsc arc all lalsc lclicls. Thcy arc lasco on a lack ol
unocrstanoing ol how thc univcrsc works, or a misunocr-
stanoing ol somc important spiritual principlcs. Thcsc
lclicls arc not ol scrvicc to you or anyonc clsc, thcy simply
limit c|| ·j us lrom rcalizing our natural statc ol prospcrity
ano plcnty on all lcvcls.
At thc prcscnt timc thcrc is a rcality in this worlo ol star-
vation ano povcrty lor many pcoplc, but uc !· n·t ncc! t·
lccp crccting cn! pcrpctucting tnct rcc|it,. Thc lact is that
thcrc is morc than cnough to go arouno lor cvcry lcing on
carth, il wc arc willing to opcn our minos to that possilility,
ano changc our ways ol using ano oistriluting thc worlo`s
rcsourccs. Thc univcrsc is a placc ol grcat alunoancc ano wc
arc all mcant to lc naturally prospcrous, loth in matcrial
ano spiritual wcalth, in c uc, tnct is bc|cncc! cn! ncrm·-
ni·us uitn ·nc cn·tncr cn! uitn tnc ccrtn tnct n·urisncs us.
In moocrn timcs, humankino has lost touch with its nat-
ural statc ol prospcrity. Togcthcr, wc arc crcating a worlo
vastly out ol lalancc, in which a rclativc lcw havc lar morc
than thcy ncco ano arc using up our natural rcsourccs at an
alarming ratc, whilc thc majority sullcr lrom scrious lack.
Vc arc all rcsponsillc lor crcating this rcality, ano wc can
changc it ly changing loth our way ol thinking ano our way
ol living. Vc ncco to rcclaim our alility to apprcciatc ano
cnjoy thc simplc plcasurcs in lilc. Many ol us in thc inous-
trializco worlo ncco to cultivatc a simplcr, morc natural
lilcstylc. Vc ncco to rcalizc that altcr our lasic nccos arc
mct, thc cxpcricncc ol alunoancc has morc to oo with
cxprcssing our crcativc gilts in satislying ways, ano lcarning
to givc ano rcccivc in a lalancco way, than it oocs with
cxtravagant consumcrism.
Thc truth alout this carth is that it is an inlinitcly gooo,
lcautilul, nourishing placc to lc. Thc only ¨cvil` comcs
lrom a lack ol unocrstanoing ol this truth. Ivil (ignorancc)
is likc a shaoow - it has no rcal sulstancc ol its own, it is
simply a lack ol light. You cannot causc a shaoow to oisap-
pcar ly trying to light it, ly stamping on it, ly railing against
it, or ly any othcr lorm ol cmotional or physical rcsistancc.
In orocr to causc a shaoow to oisappcar, you must shinc light
on it.
Takc a look at your lclicl systcm ano scc il you arc holo-
ing yourscll lack ly not lclicving sullicicntly in thc possi-
lility ol prospcrity. Can you actually rcalistically imaginc
!iospeiiIy 6¯
yourscll as a succcsslul, satislico, lullillco pcrson¯ Can you
rcally opcn your cycs to thc goooncss ano lcauty ano alun-
oancc that arc all arouno you¯ Can you imaginc this worlo
translormco into a prospcrous ano supportivc cnvironmcnt
in which cvcr,·nc can llourish¯
Unlcss you can crcatc a contcxt that thc worlo is a gooo
placc to lc ano can potcntially work lor cvcryonc, you will
cxpcricncc oilliculty in crcating what you want in your pcr-
sonal lilc.
This is lccausc human naturc is lasically loving, ano so
most ol us will not allow oursclvcs to havc what wc want as
long as wc lclicvc that wc might lc ocpriving othcrs in orocr
to oo so.
Vc havc to unocrstano in a occp way that having what
wc truly want in lilc contrilutcs to thc gcncral statc ol
human happincss ano supports othcrs in crcating morc hap-
pincss lor thcmsclvcs.
To crcatc prospcrity, wc ncco to visualizc oursclvcs living
as wc ocsirc to livc, ooing what wc lovc, lccling satislico with
what wc attain, in a contcxt ol othcr pcoplc ooing thc samc.
In a spirit ol lun, try this cxcrcisc to stimulatc your imag-
ination ano cxpano your alility to visualizc truc prospcrity:
Abnndance MediIaIion
Rc|c· c·mp|ctc|, in c c·mj·rtcb|c p·siti·n.
licturc ,·ursc|j in cn, |·vc|, ncturc| cnvir·nmcnt - pcr-
ncps b, c grccn, ·pcn mcc!·u uitn c |·vc|, br··l, ·r ·n unitc
scn! b, tnc ·cccn. Tclc s·mc timc t· imcginc c|| tnc bccutiju|
!ctci|s, cn! scc ,·ursc|j ju||, cnj·,ing cn! cpprccicting ,·ur
surr·un!ings. ^·u bcgin t· uc|l, cn! s··n jin! ,·ursc|j in
s·mc t·tc||, !ijjcrcnt surr·un!ing cnvir·nmcnt, pcrncps
c·p|·ring c ucving jic|! ·j g·|!cn grcin, ·r suimming in c |clc.
C·ntinuc t· ucn!cr cn! c·p|·rc - jin!ing m·rc cn! m·rc
c·¡uisitc|, bccutiju| cnvir·nmcnts ·j grcct vcrict, - m·un-
tcins, j·rcsts, !cscrts, unctcvcr suits ,·ur jcntcs,. Tclc c |itt|c
timc t· cpprccictc cccn ·nc. . . .
^·u imcginc rcturning n·mc t· c simp|c but c·mj·rtcb|c
cn! |·vc|, cnvir·nmcnt, unctcvcr u·u|! m·st suit ,·u.
Imcginc ncving |·ving jcmi|,, jricn!s, cn! c·mmunit, cr·un!
,·u. Visuc|i:c ,·ursc|j !·ing u·rl tnct ,·u |·vc, cn! c·prcss-
ing ,·ursc|j crcctivc|, in uc,s tnct jcc| just rignt j·r ,·u. 1·u
crc bcing cmp|, rcucr!c! j·r ,·ur cjj·rts, in intcrnc| sctisjcc-
ti·n, cpprccicti·n jr·m ·tncrs, cn! jincncic| rcturn. Imcginc
,·ursc|j jcc|ing ju|ji||c! cn! tn·r·ugn|, cnj·,ing ,·ur |ijc.
Stcp bccl, cn! scc ij ,·u ccn imcginc c u·r|! ju|| ·j pc·p|c |iv-
ing simp|, ,ct cbun!cnt|,, in ncrm·n, uitn ·nc cn·tncr cn!
tnc Lcrtn.
!iospeiiIy 6¯
I jin! pr·spcrit, in simp|icit,.
Tnis is cn cbun!cnt univcrsc cn! tncrc is p|cnt, j·r c|| ·j
Abun!cncc is m, truc stctc ·j bcing. I cm n·u rcc!, t·
ccccpt it ju||, cn! j·,·us|,.
C·! is tnc unjci|ing, un|imitc! s·urcc ·j c|| m, supp|,.
I !cscrvc t· bc pr·spcr·us cn! ncpp,. I cm n·u pr·spcr·us
cn! ncpp,'
Tnc m·rc I pr·spcr, tnc m·rc I ncvc t· sncrc uitn cvcr,·nc
I`m rcc!, n·u t· ccccpt c|| tnc j·, cn! pr·spcrit, |ijc ncs
t· ·jjcr mc.
Tnc u·r|! is n·ubcc·ming cn cbun!cnt p|ccc j·r cvcr,·nc.
lincncic| succcss is c·ming t· mc ccsi|, cn! cjj·rt|css|,.
I cm n·u cnj·,ing jincncic| pr·spcrit,'
Lijc is mccnt t· bc jun cn! I`m n·u ui||ing t· cnj·, it'
I cm ricn in c·nsci·usncss cn! mcnijcstcti·n.
I n·u ncvc p|cnt, ·j m·nc, j·r m, ·un pcrs·nc| ncc!s cn!
tnc ncc!s ·j m, jcmi|,.
I n·u ncvc c sctisj,ing inc·mc ·j S ______ pcr m·ntn.
I jcc| !ccp|, sctisjic! uitn m, jincncic| situcti·n.
I jcc| ricn, uc||, cn! ncpp,.
n orocr to usc crcativc visualization to crcatc what you
want in lilc, you must lc willing ano allc to ccccpt thc lcst
that lilc has to ollcr you - your ¨gooo.`
Strangc as it may sccm, many ol us havc oilliculty acccpt-
ing thc possilility ol having what wc want in lilc. This usual-
ly stcms lrom somc lasic lcclings ol unworthincss which wc
took on at a vcry carly agc. Thc lasic lclicl gocs somcthing
likc this: ¨I`mrcally not a vcry gooo (lovallc, worthwhilc) pcr-
son so I oon`t ocscrvc to havc what I want.`
This lclicl is usually mixco with othcr, somctimcs con-
traoictory lcclings that you rcally arc pcrlcctly gooo ano
ocscrving. But il you lino that you havc any oilliculty imag-
ining yourscll in thc most wonocrlul possillc circumstanccs,
or that you havc thoughts likc, ¨I coulo ncvcr havc that` or
¨That coulon`t possilly happcn to mc,` it might lc a gooo

ioca to takc a look at your scll-imagc.
Your scll-imagc is thc way you scc yourscll, how you lccl
alout yourscll. It is oltcn complcx ano multilacctco. To gct
in touch with oillcrcnt aspccts ol your scll-imagc, lcgin to
ask yourscll ¨How oo I lccl alout myscll right now¯` at var-
ious timcs throughout thc oay, ano in various oillcrcnt situ-
ations. }ust lcgin to noticc what kinos ol iocas or imagcs you
holo in mino alout yourscll at oillcrcnt timcs.`
Onc vcry intcrcsting ano rcvcaling action to takc is to gct
in touch with your pn,sicc| imagcs ol yourscll ly asking,
¨How oo I look to myscll right now¯` Il you lino yourscll lccl-
ing awkwaro, ugly, lat, skinny, too lig, too small, or whatcvcr,
it may lc a cluc to thc lact that you arcn`t loving yourscll
cnough to givc yourscll what you truly ocscrvc - thc lcst. It
is oltcn astounoing to mc to oiscovcr how many pcrlcctly
lcautilul, attractivc pcoplc lrcqucntly think ol thcmsclvcs as
ugly, unworthy, unocscrving.
Allirmations ano crcativc visualization arc a wonocrlul
way ol crcating a morc positivc ano loving scll-imagc. Oncc
you gct in touch with thc ways in which you arc not loving
yourscll, lcgin to takc cvcry opportunity to makc positivc,
apprcciativc, loving statcmcnts to yourscll. Noticc whcn
you arc lcing mcntally harsh or critical with yourscll, ano
I highly rccommcno thc look Lmbrccing 1·ur Inncr Critic ano/or thc tapc
Mcct 1·ur Inncr Critic ly Dr. Hal Stonc ano Dr. Siora Stonc, listco in thc
Iccommcnoco Icsourccs scction ol this look.
consciously lcgin lcing kinocr ano morc apprcciativc. You
will lino this immcoiatcly hclps you to lc morc loving
towaro othcrs, as wcll.
Think ol spccilic qualitics that you oo apprcciatc alout
yourscll. In thc samc way that you can lovc a gooo lricno
whilc clcarly sccing his or hcr laults ano shortcomings, you
can lovc yourscll lor all that you truly arc, whilc still lcing
awarc that thcrc arc ways you ncco to grow ano ocvclop. It
lccls vcry gooo to oo this lor yourscll, ano it can rcally work
wonocrs in your lilc.
Bcgin to tcll yourscll:
I cm |·vcb|c.
I cm lin! cn! |·ving, cn! I ncvc c grcct !cc| t· sncrc uitn
I cm tc|cntc!, intc||igcnt, cn! crcctivc.
I cm gr·uing m·rc cn! m·rc cttrcctivc cvcr, !c,.
I !cscrvc tnc vcr, bcst in |ijc.
I ncvc c |·t t· ·jjcr cn! cvcr,·nc rcc·gni:cs it.
I |·vc tnc u·r|! cn! tnc u·r|! |·vcs mc.
I cm ui||ing t· bc ncpp, cn! succcssju|.
Or usc whatcvcr woros sccm appropriatc ano hclplul
to you.
It is oltcn vcry cllcctivc to oo this typc ol allirmation in
thc sccono pcrson, using your own namc. Ior cxamplc:
AccepIing Yoni Cood 69
Suscn, ,·u crc c bri||icnt cn! intcrcsting pcrs·n. I |ilc ,·u
vcr, mucn.
j·nn, ,·u crc s· ucrm cn! |·ving. lc·p|c rcc||, cpprccictc
tnct cb·ut ,·u.
This way ol talking oircctly to yourscll is cspccially cllcc-
tivc lccausc much ol our ncgativc scll-imagc comcs lrom
lcing convincco in various ways at an carly agc ly othcr pco-
plc that wc arc lao, stupio, or inaocquatc in somc way.
Try to picturc yourscll as clcarly as you can, ano think ol
giving lovc to yourscll, thc samc way you woulo to anyonc
clsc you carc lor. You might think ol it as thc parcnt in you
giving lovc ano apprcciation to thc chilo in you.
Tcll yourscll:
I |·vc ,·u. 1·u crc c vcr, bccutiju| pcrs·n. I cpprccictc
,·ur scnsitivit, cn! n·ncst,.
Crcativc visualization is a grcat way to work on any phys-
ical prollcms you may lccl you havc. Ior cxamplc, il you lccl
you arc ovcrwcight, you coulo usc two approachcs simulta-
1. Through allirmations ano loving cncrgy, start lcarn-
ing to lovc ano apprcciatc yourscll morc cs ,·u c|rcc!, crc.
2. Through crcativc visualization ano allirmations, start
imagining yourscll as you ucnt t· bc - lit, hcalthy, ano
happy. Thcsc tcchniqucs can lc cxtrcmcly cllcctivc in mak-
ing rcal changcs.`
Thcsc samc two tcchniqucs holo truc lor working on any
aspcct ol yourscll with which you arc not satislico.
Icmcmlcr, you arc a ncw pcrson at cvcry ncw momcnt.
Ivcry oay is a ncwoay, ano cach onc is an opportunity to rcal-
izc thc wonocrlul, loving, ano lovallc pcrson you truly arc. . . .
In aooition to improving your scll-imagc, it is valuallc to
rcpcat allirmations alout opcning up to ano acccpting thc
goooncss ol thc univcrsc.
Ior cxamplc:
I cm ·pcn t· rccciving tnc b|cssings ·j tnis cbun!cnt uni-
Lvcr,tning g··! is c·ming t· mc ccsi|, cn! cjj·rt|css|,
;cn, u·r! ,·u ucnt ccn bc substitutc! j·r ¨cvcr,tning
g··!,¨ sucn cs |·vc, pr·spcrit,, crcctivit,, c |·ving rc|c-
I ccccpt m, g··!, unicn is j|·uing t· mc ncrc cn! n·u.
I !cscrvc tnc bcst cn! tnc bcst is c·ming t· mc n·u.
Tnc m·rc I rcccivc, tnc m·rc I ncvc t· givc.
AccepIing Yoni Cood ¯1
`Kccp in mino that wcight prollcms ano many othcr physical issucs oltcn
havc occp cmotional roots as wcll, ano it may lc important to rcach out lor
hclp lrom a thcrapist or support group that spccializcs in thcsc issucs.
Hcrc is a mcoitation you can oo to improvc your scll-
cstccmanoincrcasc your capacity tohanolcthc lovcanocncr-
gythat thcunivcrscis rcaoyanocagcr toscnoinyour oircction:
SelI-AppieciaIion MediIaIion
Imcginc ,·ursc|j in s·mc cvcr,!c, situcti·n, cn! picturc
s·mc·nc ;mc,bc s·mc·nc ,·u ln·u, ·r c strcngcr) |··ling ct
,·u uitn grcct |·vc cn! c!mircti·n cn! tc||ing ,·u s·mctning
tnc, rcc||, |ilc cb·ut ,·u. ^·u picturc c jcu m·rc pc·p|c c·m-
ing up cn! cgrccing tnct ,·u crc c vcr, u·n!crju| pcrs·n. ;Ij
tnis cmbcrrcsscs ,·u, sticl uitn it.) Imcginc m·rc cn! m·rc
pc·p|c crriving cn! gc:ing ct ,·u uitn trcmcn!·us |·vc cn!
rcspcct in tncir c,cs. licturc ,·ursc|j in c pcrc!c ·r ·n c stcgc,
uitn tnr·ngs ·j cnccring, cpp|cu!ing pc·p|c, c|| |·ving cn!
cpprccicting ,·u. Hccr tncir cpp|cusc ringing in ,·ur ccrs.
Stcn! up cn! tclc c b·u, cn! tncnl tncm j·r tncir supp·rt
cn! cpprccicti·n.
Hcrc arc somc allirmations lor scll-apprcciation:
I |·vc cn! ccccpt m,sc|j c·mp|ctc|, cs I cm.
I !·n`t ncvc t· tr, t· p|ccsc cn,·nc c|sc. I |ilc m,sc|j cn!
tnct`s unct c·unts.
I cmnign|, p|ccsingt·m,sc|j intnc prcscncc·j ·tncr pc·p|c.
I c·prcss m,sc|j jrcc|,, ju||,, cn! ccsi|,.
I cm c p·ucrju|, |·ving, cn! crcctivc bcing.
nothcr kcy principlc is that ol giving, or ¨outllowing.`
Thc univcrsc is maoc ol purc cncrgy, thc naturc ol which
is to movc ano llow. Thc naturc ol lilc is constant changc,
constant llux. Vhcn wc unocrstano this, wc tunc into its
rhythm ano wc arc allc to givc ano rcccivc lrccly, knowing
that wc ncvcr rcally losc anything, lut constantly gain.
Oncc wc lcgin to lcarn to ccccpt thc goooncss ol thc
univcrsc, wc naturally want to sncrc it as wcll, rcalizing that
as wc givc out ol our cncrgy, wc makc spacc lor morc to llow
into us.
Vhcn, through insccurity (lcar) ano a lccling that
thcrc ¨isn`t cnough,` wc try to holo onto or cling to what wc
havc, wc lcgin to cut oll this wonocrlul llow ol cncrgy. In
thc proccss ol hanging onto what wc havc, wc lail to kccp
thc cncrgy moving ano wc oon`t makc spacc lor ncw cncrgy
to comc to us.
Incrgy takcs many lorms, such as lovc, allcction, ap-
prcciation ano rccognition, matcrial posscssions, moncy, ano
lricnoship. Thc principlcs apply cqually to all thcsc lorms.
Il you look arouno you at thosc who arc most unhappy,
you`ll oltcn lino that thcy arc pcoplc who havc a ¨starvco`
lccling in somc way, ano arc thcrclorc taking a vcry grasping
posturc towaro lilc. Thcy lccl that lilc in gcncral ano othcr
pcoplc in particular arc not giving thcm what thcy ncco. It is
as il thcy havc a stranglcholo on lilc, trying ocspcratcly to
wring out thc lovc ano satislaction thcy cravc, yct actually
choking oll thc supply. Ano many ol us havc a littlc ol this
Vhcn wc lino that placc within oursclvcs that is giving,
wc lcgin to rcvcrsc thc llow. Truc giving happcns not lrom a
spacc ol sacrilicc, or scll-rightcousncss, or an ioca ol spiritu-
ality, lut lor thc purc p|ccsurc ol it - lccausc it`s lun. It can
only comc lrom a lull, loving placc.
Vc cach havc an inlinitc supply ol lovc ano happincss
within us. Vc havc lccn accustomco to thinking that wc
havc to gct somcthing lromoutsioc ol us in orocr to lc happy,
lut in truth it works thc othcr way: Vc must lcarn to contact
our inncr sourcc ol happincss ano satislaction ano llowit out-
waro to sharc with othcrs - n·t bcccusc it is virtu·us t· !· s·,
but bcccusc it jcc|s rcc||, g··!' Oncc wc tunc into it wc just
naturally want to sharc it lccausc that is thc csscntial naturc
ol lovc, ano wc arc all loving lcings.
As wc outllow our loving cncrgy, wc makc room lor morc
to llow into us. Vc soon oiscovcr that this proccss lccls so
gooo in itscll wc just want to oo it morc ano morc. Ano thc
morc you sharc ol yourscll lrom this spacc, thc morc you
sccm to gct lrom thc worlo, lccausc ol thc outllow-inllow
principlc. (Naturc alhors a vacuum, so as you outllow you
crcatc spacc into which somcthing must llow.) Civing
lccomcs its own rcwaro.
Vhcn wc lully unocrstano ano livc this principlc, wc
havc manilcstco our innatcly loving naturc.
You will lino that as you usc crcativc visualization, thc
morc lasically ¨giving` oricntation you havc to lilc, thc cas-
icr it will lc to lullill your orcams . . . lut rcmcmlcr always
that ,·u ccn`t c·ntinuc t· givc un|css ,·u crc c¡uc||, ·pcn t·
rccciving . . . ano that ¨giving` also mcans giving to ,·ur-
sc|j. . . .
Vhcnit comcs tooutllowing, practicc makcs pcrlcct. You
must consciously practicc it in orocr to gct thc cxpcricncc ol
how gooo it lccls. Hcrc arc somc cxcrciscs in outllowing you
can try il you ncco somc cxpansion in this arca:
!. Mclc c p·int t· c·prcss m·rc cpprccicti·n t· ·tncrs in
cs mcn, uc,s cs ,·u ccn tninl ·j. Sit !·un rignt n·u cn!
OnIIlowing ¯¯
mclc c |ist ·j pc·p|c t· un·m ,·u u·u|! |ilc t· ·utj|·u |·vc
cn! cpprccicti·n, cn! tninl ·j c uc, ,·u ccn !· s· t· cccn ·nc
uitnin tnc nc·t uccl. Outj|·u ccn tclc tnc j·rm ·j u·r!s,
t·ucning, c gijt, c pn·nc cc|| ·r |cttcr, m·nc,, ·r cn, sncring
·j ,·ur tc|cnts tnct mclcs cn·tncr pcrs·n jcc| g··!. Cn··sc
s·mctning tnct mclcs ,·u jcc| cspccic||, g··! t··, cvcn ij it`s
c |itt|c m·rc !ijjicu|t j·r ,·u.
lrccticc spccling m·rc u·r!s ·j tncnls, cpprccicti·n, cn!
c!mircti·n t· pc·p|c uncn ,·u jcc| |ilc it. ¨It ucs lin! ·j ,·u
t· nc|p mc.¨ ¨I ucnt ,·u t· ln·u tnct I cpprccictc tnct.¨ ¨1·ur
c,cs ucrc snining cn! bccutiju| cs ,·u sci! tnct, cn! it mc!c
mc jcc| g··! t· scc ,·u.¨ ;It`s ·lc, t· sc, tncsc tnings cvcn ij
,·u jcc| c |itt|c cmbcrrcssc!')
2. C· tnr·ugn ,·ur pcrs·nc| p·sscssi·ns cn! jin! itcms
,·u !·n`t rcc||, ucnt ·r !·n`t usc vcr, ·jtcn cn! givc tncm t·
·tncrs un· ui|| cpprccictc tncm m·rc.
`. Ij ,·u`rc c pcrs·n un· trics t· spcn! cs |itt|c m·nc, cs
p·ssib|c cn! c|uc,s nunts j·r c bcrgcin, tr, spcn!ing c |itt|c
m·nc, cccn !c, unncccsscri|,. ßu, tnc pr·!uct tnct c·sts c jcu
ccnts m·rc instcc! ·j |css, trcct ,·ursc|j t· c |itt|c s·mctning
c·trc, pc, j·r c jricn!`s c·jjcc, ·r !·nctc m·nc, t· c g··!
ccusc. Lvcn c smc|| ccti·n ·j tnis s·rt is c visib|c !cm·nstrc-
ti·n t· ,·ursc|j tnct ,·u ncvc jcitn in tnc cbun!cncc tnct ,·u
ncvc bccn cjjirming. Acti·ns spccl cs |·u! cs u·r!s in tnis
¹. Titnc ,·ur inc·mc. Titning is tnc prccticc ·j giving c
pcrccntcgc ·j ,·ur inc·mc t· c cnurcn, spirituc| ·rgcni:cti·n,
·r cn, gr·up ·r pcrs·n tnct ,·u jcc| is mcling c u·rtnuni|c
c·ntributi·n in tnc u·r|!. It is c uc, ·j supp·rting tnct cncr-
g,, cn! ct tnc scmc timc ccln·u|c!ging tnct c|| ,·u rcccivc
c·mcs jr·m tnc univcrsc ;·r C·!) cn! tncrcj·rc ,·u givc c
t·lcn bccl t· tnc univcrsc| s·urcc. It !·csn`t mcttcr unct tnc
pcrccntcgc is. Lvcn titning just ·nc pcrccnt ·j ,·ur inc·mc ui||
givc ,·u c c·ntinu·us c·pcricncc ·j ·utj|·uing.
¯. ßc crcctivc. Tninl ·j ·tncr uc,s t· ·utj|·u ,·ur cncrg,
int· tnc univcrsc j·r tnc g··! ·j ,·ursc|j cn! ·tncrs.
OnIIlowing ¯¯
rcativc visualization is onc ol thc most important tools wc
havc lor crcating ano maintaining gooo hcalth.
Onc ol thc lasic principlcs ol holistic hcalth is that wc
cannot scparatc our physical hcalth lrom our cmotional,
mcntal, ano spiritual statcs ol lcing. All lcvcls arc intcrcon-
ncctco ano a statc ol ¨ois-casc` in thc looy is always a rcllcc-
tion ol conllict, tcnsion, anxicty, or oisharmony on othcr
lcvcls ol lcing as wcll. So whcn wc havc a physical oisorocr, it
is incvitally a mcssagc lor us to look occply into our cmo-
tional ano intuitivc lcclings, our thoughts ano attituocs, to
scc what wc can oo to rcstorc natural harmony ano lalancc to
our lcings. Vc must tunc in ano ¨listcn` to thc inncr proccss.
Thcrc is constant communication lctwccn mino ano
looy. Thc looy pcrccivcs thc physical univcrsc, ano scnos
mcssagcs to thc mino alout it, thc mino intcrprcts thc
pcrccptions accoroing to its own inoivioual past cxpcricncc
ano its lclicl systcm, ano signals thc looy to rcact in a way
which it lccls is appropriatc. Ij tnc min!`s bc|icj s,stcm ;·n c
c·nsci·us ·r unc·nsci·us |cvc|) sc,s tnct it is cppr·prictc ·r
incvitcb|c t· gct sicl in c ccrtcin situcti·n, it ui|| signc| tnc
b·!, ccc·r!ing|,, cn! tnc b·!, ui|| ·b|iging|, mcnijcst s,mp-
t·ms ·j i||ncss, it will in lact lccomc ill. So thc wholc proccss
is closcly tico in with our occpcst conccpts ano iocas alout
oursclvcs, lilc, ano thc naturc ol oiscasc ano hcalth.
Crcativc visualization rclcrs to thc way in which wc com-
municatc lrom our minos to our looics. It is thc proccss ol
lorming imagcs ano thoughts in our minos, consciously or
unconsciously, ano thcn transmitting thcm to our looics as
signals or commanos.
Conscious crcativc visualization is thc proccss ol crcating
positivc thoughts ano imagcs to communicatc with our loo-
ics, in placc ol ncgativc, constrictivc, litcrally ¨sickcning` oncs.
Healing Oniselves
Icoplc gct sick lccausc thcy lclicvc on an inncr lcvcl that
illncss is an appropriatc or incvitallc rcsponsc to somc situa-
tion or circumstancc, lccausc it in somc way sccms to solvc a
prollcm lor thcm, or gcts thcm somcthing that thcy ncco, or
lccausc it is a solution to somc unrcsolvco ano unlcarallc
inncr conllict.
Healing ¯9
Somc cxamplcs ol this arc: thc pcrson who lccomcs ill
lccausc hc has lccn ¨cxposco` to a communicallc oiscasc
(ano thus lclicvcs it is incvitallc or highly likcly), thc pcrson
who oics ol thc samc oiscasc a parcnt or othcr mcmlcr ol
hcr lamily hao (lccausc shc has unconsciously programmco
hcrscll to lollow thc samc pattcrn), thc pcrson who gcts sick
or has an acciocnt in orocr to gct out ol work (cithcr thcrc`s
somcthing hc can`t conlront at work, or hc won`t allow him-
scll thc ncccssary rclaxation ano quict timc unlcss hc is
sick), thc pcrson who gcts sick in orocr to gct lovc ano attcn-
tion (this was how shc was allc to gct hcr parcnts` lovc as a
chilo), thc pcrson who rcprcsscs his lcclings all his lilc ano
cvcntually oics ol canccr (hc cannot rcsolvc thc conllict
lctwccn thc prcssurc ol his storco-up cmotions ano thc
lclicl that it`s not okay lor him to cxprcss thosc cmotions . . .
so hc cvcntually kills himscll as a solution).
I oo not mcan to imply ly thcsc cxamplcs that I lclicvc
all illncss is a simplc prollcm with a pat cxplanation. As with
all our prollcms, thcrc arc oltcn many complcx lactors. I oo
intcno to illustratc thc lact that illncss is a rcsult ol cmo-
tional, mcntal, ano spiritual lactors as wcll as physical oncs,
ano that illncss may lc an attcmpt to lino a solution to a
prollcm wc arc having insioc oursclvcs or in our livcs. Il wc
arc willing to rccognizc ano look occply into our lcclings ano
lclicls, wc can oltcn lino hcaling on all lcvcls.
Thc natural outgrowth ol this point ol vicw is a morc
constructivc attituoc alout illncss. Iathcr than thinking ol
illncss as an incvitallc oisastcr or unavoioallc mislortunc,
wc think ol it as a powcrlul ano usclul mcssagc. Il wc arc sul-
lcring physically in somc way, it is a mcssagc that thcrc is
somcthing to lc lookco at within our consciousncss, somc-
thing to lc rccognizco, acknowlcogco, ano hcalco.
Oltcn thc mcssagc ol illncss is to lc quictcr ano spcno
somc timc just lcing in contact with our inncr sclvcs. Illncss
oltcn lorccs us to rclax, lct go ol all our lusyncss ano ¨cllort-
ing,` ano orop into a occp, quict lcvcl ol consciousncss
whcrc wc can rcccivc thc nourishing cncrgy that wc ncco.
Tnc jun!cmcntc| ncc|ing c|uc,s c·mcs jr·m uitnin, cvcn
though wc may also rcquirc cxtcrnal trcatmcnt. Vhcn wc
allow oursclvcs quictncss ano inncr contact rcgularly, wc
may no longcr ncco to gct sick in orocr lor our inncr sclvcs
to gct our attcntion.
Illncss ano ¨acciocnts` arc oltcn mcssagcs that our con-
ccpts ncco changing or somc inncr prollcm nccos to lc
rcsolvco. Cct as quict as you can, listcn lor your inncr voicc,
ano ask what thc mcssagc is, or what it is that you ncco to
unocrstano in this situation. You may lc allc to accomplish
this alonc, or in somc cascs you may ncco a counsclor,
thcrapist, lricno, or hcalcr to assist ano support you.
Healing S1
It`s important to unocrstano that you arc not ¨guilty` or
¨to llamc` lor any illncss or physical prollcm you may havc.
Your sickncss is not an inoication that you arc an uncon-
scious pcrson. Instcao, think ol it as an important part ol
your cvolutionary journcy, a gilt that can hclp you lcarn ano
Crcativc visualization can lc an cllcctivc tool lor hcaling
lccausc it gocs straight to onc sourcc ol thc prollcm - your
own mcntal conccpts ano imagcs. Bcgin to picturc yourscll
ano allirm to yourscll that you arc in gooo hcalth, scc your
prollcmas complctcly hcalco ano curco. Thcrc arc many oil-
lcrcnt approachcs that can lc takcn on many oillcrcnt lcvcls,
you ncco to lino thc particular typc ol allirmations ano
imagcs that work lcst lor you. I`vc givcn somc suggcstions in
Iart Thrcc ol this look, ano you can lino othcrs in thc
Iccommcnoco Icsourccs scction.
Ol coursc, ¨prcvcntativc mcoicinc` is always thc lcst. . . .
Il you havc no hcalth prollcms, so much thc lcttcr, simply
allirm ano visualizc that you will always rcmain hcalthy ano
vital, that way you may ncvcr havc to worry alout hcaling
yourscll. Il you alrcaoy havc hcalth prollcms, it will lc com-
lorting to know that many ¨miraculous` curcs arc lcing
accomplishco cvcry oay, cvcn lor vcry scrious illncsscs, such
as canccr, arthritis, ano hcart oiscasc, through thc usc ol
various lorms ol crcativc visualization.
Ovcr thc ycars sincc Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n was lirst pul-
lishco, hunorcos ol pcoplc havc tolo mc storics ol how thc
iocas ano tcchniqucs in thc look havc hclpco thcm hcal
thcmsclvcs ol scrious illncsscs ano injurics. Ior cxamplc, a
woman who camc to onc ol my workshops hao lccn in a scri-
ous automolilc acciocnt, was in a coma lor a pcrioo ol timc,
ano was tolo ly hcr ooctors that shc woulo rcquirc ycars ol
rccupcration lclorc shc coulo hopc to lunction normally, il
cvcr. Using crcativc visualization along with physical thcrapy,
shc lully rccovcrco ano rcturnco to work within thrcc
A man wrotc to mc with this story: Hc hao lccn oiag-
nosco with an inopcrallc lrain tumor. Thc shock ol this
oiagnosis causco him to look occply at his lilc ano rccognizc
whcrc hc was lccling stuck ano lrustratco. Hc usco thc tcch-
niqucs lrom this look (along with his rcgular mcoical carc)
to hclp him rcsolvc somc ol his lilc issucs. Thc tumor cvcn-
tually oisappcarco ano scvcral ycars latcr hao not rcturnco.
Many pcoplc havc tolo mc that altcr thcy wcrc oiag-
nosco with tcrminal canccr, thcy lcgan using crcativc visual-
ization tcchniqucs. Ycars latcr, thcy arc alivc ano hcalthy. My
own mothcr oissolvco hcr gallstoncs without surgcry, using
visualization. Vhcn thc ooctor lookco at thc ¨lclorc` X-rays
(with gallstoncs) ano thc X-rays takcn altcr shc hao lccn
using visualization lor a pcrioo ol timc (no gallstoncs), hc
Healing S¯
simply coulon`t lclicvc it.
Ol coursc, thcsc hcalings coulo havc lccn ouc to many
lactors. Howcvcr, thc numlcr ol storics ano my own cxpcri-
cncc lcaos mc to lclicvc that visualization can lc an cllcc-
tivc tool.
In somc cascs, crcativc visualization may lc a complctc-
ly cllcctivc thcrapy in itscll. In othcr cascs, it is ncccssary to
usc othcr lorms ol trcatmcnt as wcll. As |·ng cs ,·u ncvc cn
inncr c·nji!cncc in s·mc j·rm ·j tncrcp,, tncn b, c|| mccns
usc it' It is likcly to work il you ocsirc ano lclicvc it will. Do
not postponc appropriatc mcoical trcatmcnt whcn it is
callco lor' But whatcvcr typc ol trcatmcnt is usco, lrom con-
vcntional mcoicinc or surgcry, to morc holistic thcrapics
such as acupuncturc, yoga, massagc, oict, ano so on, crcctivc
visuc|i:cti·n is c|uc,s c nc|pju| supp|cmcnt, onc that you can
usc in conjunction with thc trcatmcnt ol your choicc.
Conscious usc ol crcativc visualization can spcco ano
smooth thc normal hcaling proccss amazingly.
Kccp in mino that not all ailmcnts arc mcant to lc
¨hcalco` in thc scnsc ol gctting wcll or gctting ovcr thcm.
Somc may scrvc an important purposc in our livcs, or in our
soul`s journcy, ano may stay with us lor a long timc, or lor
lilc. In this casc, wc may ncco to usc visualization ano
allirmation to hclp us acccpt our limitations, ano livc thc
happicst or most rcwaroing livcs possillc.
Icmcmlcr also that cvcry onc ol us at somc timc must
makc thc transition lrom physical lilc into anothcr rcalm.
Most pcoplc at this timc makc this transition through thc
vchiclc ol an illncss. Il somconc has maoc thc occision on a
occp (usually unconscious) lcvcl that it is timc to lcavc this
lilc, it may lc inappropriatc or incllcctivc lor thcm to try to
¨hcal thcmsclvcs` or lor thcir lovco oncs to try to hcal thcm.
Il attcmpts to hcal sccm incllcctivc, thcrc may comc a timc
to locus on visualizing a pcacclul, satislying complction ol
lilc ano cmlracing ol ocath.
Healing OIheis
Thc samc principlcs that work in hcaling oursclvcs also
work in hcaling othcrs.
This is so lccausc ol thc oncncss naturc ol thc univcrsal
mino. Thcrc is a part ol our consciousncss that is oircctly
linkco with that part in cvcryonc clsc`s consciousncss. Sincc
that part is also our link with oivinc omnipotcncc ano omni-
scicncc, wc c|| havc incrcoillc hcaling powcr that wc can tap
into at will.
It is an amazing thing, lut simply changing your own
conccpts alout anothcr pcrson ano consciously holoing ano
projccting an imagc ol hcalth ano wcll-lcing can instcnt|,
curc somconc in many cascs, ano spcco ano smooth thcir
hcaling in many othcr cascs. It is not cvcn ncccssary lor
Healing S¯
thcm to know anything alout what you arc ooing, in lact, in
somc cascs it may lc lcttcr il thc pcrson who is ill oocsn`t
consciously know.
I was lrought up with a vcry scicntilic ano rational lack-
grouno ano coucation, ano thc alility to hcal othcr pcoplc
at a oistancc has lccn onc ol thc harocst things lor mc to
unocrstano ano acccpt. Yct I havc sccn it ano cxpcricncco it
too oltcn to ooult it any longcr. Ano thcrc arc intcrcsting
scicntilic stuoics that conlirm thc hcaling powcr ol praycr
ano visualization.`
In my cxpcricncc, I`vc louno that thc lcst way to work
on hcaling is to picturc myscll as a clcar channcl lor hcaling
cncrgy, ano cnvision thc spiritual cncrgy ol thc univcrsc j|·u-
ing tnr·ugn mc to thc pcrson who nccos it. I think ol my
highcr scll scnoing cncrgy to thc othcr pcrson`s highcr scll to
support thcm in whatcvcr thcy ncco to oo to hcal thcm-
sclvcs, kccping in mino that it`s okay il thc pcrson chooscs
n·t to gct wcll. At thc samc timc, I picturc thc pcrson as hc
or shc truly is . . . a oivinc lcing, a lcautilul ano pcrlcct
cxprcssion ol Coo . . . naturally hcalthy ano happy.
In Iart Thrcc, I ocscrilc thc hcaling mcthoos that I havc
louno work lcst lor mc. I cncouragc you to try thcm, ano to
oiscovcr your own.
`Scc Hcc|ing W·r!s - Tnc l·ucr ·j lrc,cr cn! tnc lrccticc ·j Mc!icinc, ly
Larry Dosscy, M.D. Scc thc Iccommcnoco Icsourccs scction ol this look.
Tn·u snc|t !ccrcc c tning,
cn! it snc|| bc cstcb|isnc! unt· tncc.
cn! tnc |ignt snc|| sninc up·n tn, uc,s.
- }ol 22: 2S
his is a vcry simplc visualization tcchniquc, ano onc
which is gooo to oo at thc lcginning ol any mcoitation.
Thc purposc ol it is to gct your cncrgy llowing, oissolvc any
llocks, ano kccp you lirmly conncctco to thc physical planc
so that you oon`t ¨spacc out` ouring mcoitation.
Sit c·mj·rtcb|, uitn ,·ur bccl strcignt, citncr in c cncir
·r cr·ss-|cggc! ·n tnc j|··r. C|·sc ,·ur c,cs, brcctnc s|·u|, cn!
!ccp|,, c·unting !·un jr·m tcn t· ·nc unti| ,·u jcc| !ccp|,
Imcginc tnct tncrc is c |·ng c·r! cttccnc! t· tnc bcsc ·j
,·ur spinc, c·tcn!ing !·un tnr·ugn tnc j|··r cn! uc, !·un
int· tnc ccrtn. Ij ,·u uisn, ,·u ccn imcginc tnct tnis is |ilc tnc
r··t ·j c trcc, gr·uing !ccp int· tnc gr·un!. Tnis is cc||c! c
¨gr·un!ing c·r!.¨
^·u imcginc tnct tnc cncrg, ·j tnc ccrtn is j|·uing up
tnr·ugn tnis c·r! ;cn! up tnr·ugn tnc s·|cs ·j ,·ur jcct ij ,·u
crc sitting in c cncir) cn! j|·uing up tnr·ugn c|| pcrts ·j ,·ur
b·!,, cn! ·ut tnr·ugn tnc t·p ·j ,·ur ncc!. licturc tnis unti|
,·u rcc||, jcc| tnc j|·u uc|| cstcb|isnc!. ^·u imcginc tnct tnc
cncrg, ·j tnc c·sm·s is j|·uing in tnr·ugn tnc t·p ·j ,·ur ncc!,
tnr·ugn ,·ur b·!,, cn! !·un tnr·ugn ,·ur gr·un!ing c·r! cn!
,·ur jcct int· tnc ccrtn. lcc| b·tn tncsc j|·us g·ing in !ijjcr-
cnt !irccti·ns, cn! mi·ing ncrm·ni·us|, in ,·ur b·!,.
This mcoitation kccps you lalancco lctwccn thc cosmic
cncrgy ol vision, lantasy, ano imagination ano thc stallc,
carthy cncrgy ol thc physical planc . . . a lalancc that will
incrcasc your scnsc ol wcll-lcing ano your powcr ol mani-
his is a mcoitation lor hcaling ano purilying your looy,
ano lor gctting your cncrgy llowing. It is an cxccllcnt
cxcrcisc to oo in thc morning whcn you lirst wakc up, or at
thc lcginning ol any mcoitation pcrioo, or anytimc you
want to lc rclaxco ano rclrcshco.
Lic !·un ·n ,·ur bccl uitn crms ct ,·ur si!cs ·r uitn
ncn!s c|cspc! ·n ,·ur st·mccn. C|·sc ,·ur c,cs, rc|c· cn!
brcctnc gcnt|,, !ccp|,, cn! s|·u|,.
Imcginc tnct tncrc is c g|·uing spncrc ·j g·|!cn |ignt sur-
r·un!ing tnc t·p ·j ,·ur ncc!. ßrcctnc !ccp|, cn! s|·u|, in
cn! ·ut jivc timcs uni|c ,·u lccp ,·ur cttcnti·n ·n tnc spncrc
·j |ignt, jcc|ing it rc!ictc jr·m tnc t·p ·j ,·ur ncc!.
^·u c||·u ,·ur cttcnti·n t· m·vc !·un t· ,·ur tnr·ct.
Agcin imcginc c g·|!cn spncrc ·j |ignt cmcncting jr·m ,·ur
tnr·ct crcc. ßrcctnc s|·u|, in cn! ·ut jivc timcs uitn ,·ur
cttcnti·n ·n tnis |ignt.
A||·u ,·ur cttcnti·n t· m·vc !·un t· tnc ccntcr ·j ,·ur
cncst. Oncc cgcin imcginc tnc g·|!cn |ignt, rc!icting jr·m tnc
ccntcr ·j ,·ur cncst. Agcin tclc jivc !ccp brcctns, cs ,·u jcc|
tnc cncrg, c·pcn!ing m·rc cn! m·rc.
^c·t put ,·ur cttcnti·n ·n ,·ur s·|cr p|c·us ·r tnc crcc ·j
,·ur ncvc|, visuc|i:c tnc spncrc ·j g·|!cn |ignt c|| cr·un! ,·ur
mi!sccti·n. ßrcctnc int· it s|·u|,, jivc timcs.
^·u visuc|i:c tnc |ignt g|·uing in cn! cr·un! ,·ur pc|vic
crcc. Agcin tclc jivc !ccp brcctns, jcc|ing tnc |ignt cncrg,
rc!icting cn! c·pcn!ing.
linc||,, visuc|i:c tnc g|·uing spncrc ·j |ignt cr·un! ,·ur
jcct, cn! brcctnc int· it jivc m·rc timcs.
^·u imcginc c|| si· ·j tnc spncrcs ·j |ignt g|·uing ct ·ncc
s· tnct ,·ur b·!, is |ilc c strcn! ·j jcuc|s, rc!icting cncrg,.
ßrcctnc !ccp|, cn!, cs ,·u c·nc|c, imcginc cncrg, j|·uing
!·un c|·ng tnc ·utsi!c ·j ·nc si!c ·j ,·ur b·!, jr·m tnc t·p ·j
,·ur ncc! t· ,·ur jcct. As ,·u innc|c, imcginc it j|·uing up
c|·ng tnc ·tncr si!c ·j ,·ur b·!, t· tnc t·p ·j ,·ur ncc!.
Circu|ctc it cr·un! ,·ur b·!, tnis uc, tnrcc timcs.
Tncn visuc|i:c tnc j|·u ·j cncrg, g·ing jr·m tnc t·p ·j
,·ur ncc! !·un c|·ng tnc jr·nt ·j ,·ur b·!, t· ,·ur jcct cs ,·u
s|·u|, c·nc|c. As ,·u innc|c, jcc| it j|·u up c|·ng tnc bccl ·j
,·ur b·!, t· tnc t·p ·j ,·ur ncc!. Circu|ctc tnc j|·u in tnis
!irccti·n tnrcc timcs.
^·u imcginc tnct tnc cncrg, is gctncring ct ,·ur jcct, cn!
|ct it j|·u s|·u|, up tnr·ugn tnc ccntcr ·j ,·ur b·!, jr·m ,·ur
jcct t· ,·ur ncc!, rc!icting jr·m tnc t·p ·j ,·ur ncc! |ilc c
j·untcin ·j |ignt, tncn j|·uing bccl !·un tnc ·utsi!c ·j ,·ur
b·!, t· ,·ur jcct. Rcpcct tnis scvcrc| timcs, ·r cs |·ng cs ,·u
Vhcn you linish this mcoitation you will lc occply
rclaxco, yct cncrgizco ano cxhilaratco.
Opening Ihe !neigy CenIeis 9¯
nc ol thc lirst things you shoulo oo whcn you start using
crcativc visualization is to crcatc a sanctuary within your-
scll whcrc you can go anytimc you want to. Your sanctuary is
your iocal placc ol rclaxation, tranquillity, ano salcty ano you
can crcatc it cxactly as you want it.
C|·sc ,·ur c,cs cn! rc|c· in c c·mj·rtcb|c p·siti·n.
Imcginc ,·ursc|j in s·mc bccutiju| ncturc| cnvir·nmcnt. It
ccn bc cn,p|ccc tnct cppcc|s t· ,·u . . . in c mcc!·u, ·n c
m·untcint·p, in tnc j·rcst, bcsi!c tnc scc. It c·u|! cvcn bc
un!cr tnc ·cccn, ·r ·n cn·tncr p|cnct. Wncrcvcr it is, it sn·u|!
jcc| c·mj·rtcb|c, p|ccscnt, cn! pccccju| t· ,·u. L·p|·rc ,·ur
cnvir·nmcnt, n·ticing tnc visuc| !ctci|s, tnc s·un!s cn!
smc||s, cn, pcrticu|cr jcc|ings ·r imprcssi·ns ,·u gct cb·ut it.
^·u !· cn,tning ,·u u·u|! |ilc t· !· t· mclc tnc p|ccc
m·rc n·mc|ilc cn! c·mj·rtcb|c. 1·u mignt ucnt t· bui|! s·mc
t,pc ·j n·usc ·r snc|tcr tncrc, pcrncps just surr·un! tnc un·|c
crcc uitn c g·|!cn |ignt ·j pr·tccti·n cn! scjct,, crcctc cn!
crrcngc tnings tncrc j·r ,·ur c·nvcnicncc cn! cnj·,mcnt, ·r !·
c rituc| t· cstcb|isn it cs ,·ur spccic| p|ccc.
Irom now on this is your own pcrsonal inncr sanctuary,
to which you can rcturn anytimc just ly closing your cycs
ano ocsiring to lc thcrc. You will always lino it hcaling ano
rclaxing to lc thcrc. It is also a placc ol spccial powcr lor you,
ano you may wish to go thcrc cvcry timc you oo crcativc
You may lino that your sanctuary spontancously changcs
lrom timc to timc, or that you want to makc changcs ano
aooitions to it. You can lc vcry crcativc in your sanctuary
ano havc a lot ol lun thcrc . . . just rcmcmlcr to rctain thc
primary qualitics ol pcacclulncss, tranquillity, ano a lccling
ol alsolutc salcty.
CieaIing Yoni SancInaiy 9¯
ll ol us havc trcmcnoous wisoom ano knowlcogc right
within us. It is availallc to us through thc intuitivc mino,
which is our conncction with thc Univcrsal Intclligcncc.
Howcvcr, wc oltcn lino it oillicult to conncct with our high-
cr wisoom. Onc ol thc lcst ways to oo so is ly mccting ano
gctting to know our inncr guioc.
Thc inncr guioc is known ly many oillcrcnt namcs, such
as your counsclor, spirit guioc, imaginary lricno, or mastcr. It
is a highcr part ol yourscll, which can comc to you in many
oillcrcnt lorms, lut usually comcs in thc lorm ol a pcrson or
lcing whom you can talk to ano rclatc to as a wisc ano lov-
ing lricno.
Hcrc is an cxcrcisc to hclp you mcct your spirit guioc.
Il you wish, you can havc a lricno rcao this to you whilc
you oo thc mcoitation. Othcrwisc, rcao through it lirst,
closc your cycs, ano oo it.
C|·sc ,·ur c,cs cn! rc|c· !ccp|,. C· t· ,·ur inncr scnctu-
cr, cn! spcn! c jcu minutcs tncrc, rc|c·ing, gctting ·ricntc!.
^·u imcginc tnct uitnin ,·ur scnctucr, ,·u crc stcn!ing ·n c
pctn tnct strctcncs ·jj int· tnc !istcncc. 1·u stcrt t· uc|l up tnc
pctn, cn! cs ,·u !·, ,·u scc in tnc !istcncc c j·rm c·ming
t·ucr! ,·u, rc!icting c c|ccr, brignt |ignt.
As tnis j·rm cppr·ccncs, ,·u bcgin t· scc unctncr tnc j·rm
is c mcn ·r c u·mcn - ·r pcrncps cn cnimc|. Ij it`s c pcrs·n,
n·u ·|! crc tnc,? An! n·u crc tnc, !rcssc!? Tnc c|·scr tnc
j·rm gcts, tnc m·rc !ctci|s ,·u ccn scc ·j tnc jccc cn! cppccr-
Crcct tnis bcing, cn! csl unct nis ·r ncr ncmc is. Tclc
unctcvcr ncmc c·mcs t· ,·u jirst, cn! !·n`t u·rr, cb·ut it.
^·u sn·u ,·ur gui!c cr·un! ,·ur scnctucr, cn! c·p|·rc it
t·gctncr. 1·ur gui!c mc, p·int ·ut s·mc tnings tnct ,·u`vc
ncvcr sccn tncrc bcj·rc, ·r ,·u mc, cnj·, just bcing in cccn
·tncr`s prcscncc.
Asl ,·ur gui!c ij tncrc is cn,tning nc ·r snc u·u|! |ilc
t· sc, t· ,·u, ·r cn, c!vicc nc ·r snc u·u|! |ilc t· givc ,·u
ct tnc m·mcnt. Ij ,·u uisn, ,·u ccn csl s·mc spccijic ¡ucs-
ti·ns. 1·u mc, gct immc!ictc cnsucrs but, ij n·t, !·n`t bc
!isc·urcgc! - tnc cnsucrs ui|| c·mc t· ,·u in s·mc j·rm
MeeIing Yoni Cnide 9¯
Wncn tnc c·pcricncc ·j bcing t·gctncr jcc|s c·mp|ctc j·r
n·u, tncnl ,·ur gui!c cn! c·prcss ,·ur cpprccicti·n, cn! csl
nim ·r ncr t· c·mc t· mcct ,·u in ,·ur scnctucr, cgcin.
Opcn ,·ur c,cs cn! rcturn t· tnc ·utsi!c u·r|!.
Icoplc havc many oillcrcnt typcs ol cxpcricnccs whcn
mccting thcir guiocs, so it is oillicult to gcncralizc. Basically
il you lccl gooo alout your cxpcricncc, thcn it`s linc. Il not,
lc crcativc ano oo whatcvcr you ncco to oo to changc it.
Don`t worry il you oio not pcrccivc your guioc clcarly
ano prcciscly. Somctimcs thcy rcmain in thc lorm ol a glow
ol light, or a llurry, inoistinct ligurc. Thc important thing is
that you scnsc your guioc`s powcr, prcscncc, ano lovc.
Il your guioc shoulo comc to you in thc lorm ol somc-
onc you know, that is linc, un|css you oon`t lccl particularly
gooo alout it. In that casc, rcpcat thc cxcrcisc ano rcqucst
that your guioc comc to you in a lorm that is casy ano plcas-
ant lor you to rclatc to.
Il thc ligurc you cncountcr in your mcoitation sccms
juogmcntal, harsh, or unloving, you may havc contactco
your inncr critic or somc othcr cncrgy. Iolitcly thank thcm
lor thcir input, lct thcm go, ano ask lor a loving, supportivc,
cncouraging guioc to comc.
Don`t lc surpriscoil your guioc sccms ccccntric or unusu-
al in somc way . . . thc lorm in which thcy show thcmsclvcs to
us springs lrom our own crcativc mino, which is limitlcss.
Ior cxamplc, your guioc may havc a vcry unusual ano sur-
prising scnsc ol humor, or an cxotic namc ano a llair lor thc
oramatic. Somctimcs thcy oon`t communicatc in woros at
all, lut in a oircct transmission ol lccling imprcssions or
intuitivc knowlcogc.
Also your guioc mc, changc lorm ano cvcn namc lrom
timc to timc. Or you may havc thc samc onc lor ycars. You
may havc morc than onc guioc at thc samc timc.
Your guioc is thcrc lor you to call on anytimc you ncco
or want cxtra clarity, wisoom, knowlcogc, support, crcativc
inspiration, lovc, or companionship. Many pcoplc who havc
cstallishco rclationships with thcir guiocs mcct thcm cvcry
oay in thcir mcoitation.
MeeIing Yoni Cnide 99
his mcoitation cxcrcisc is simplc ano wonocrlully cllcc-
Sit ·r |ic !·un c·mj·rtcb|,, c|·sc ,·ur c,cs, cn! brcctnc
!ccp|,, s|·u|,, cn! ncturc||,. Crc!uc||, rc|c· !ccpcr cn! !ccp-
Imcginc s·mctning tnct ,·u u·u|! |ilc t· mcnijcst.
Imcginc tnct it ncs c|rcc!, ncppcnc!. licturc it cs c|ccr|, cs
p·ssib|c in ,·ur min!.
^·u, in ,·ur min!`s c,c, surr·un! ,·ur jcntcs, uitn c pinl
bubb|c, put ,·ur g·c| insi!c tnc bubb|c. linl is tnc c·|·r css·-
cictc! uitn tnc nccrt, cn! ij tnis c·|·r vibrcti·n surr·un!s
unctcvcr ,·u visuc|i:c, it ui|| bring t· ,·u ·n|, tnct unicn is
in pcrjcct cjjinit, uitn ,·ur bcing.
Tnc tnir! stcp is t· |ct g· ·j tnc bubb|c cn! imcginc it
j|·cting ·jj int· tnc univcrsc, sti|| c·ntcining ,·ur visi·n. Tnis
s,mb·|i:cs tnct ,·u crc cm·ti·nc||, ¨|ctting g·¨ ·j it. ^·u it
is jrcc t· j|·ct cr·un! in tnc univcrsc, cttrccting cn! gctncr-
ing cncrg, j·r its mcnijcstcti·n.
Thcrc is nothing morc you ncco to oo.
!ink Bnbble Techniqne 101
crc arc somc tcchniqucs that can lc vcry cllcctivc lor
hcaling oursclvcs ano othcrs.
Healing Oniselves
This mcoitation can hclp us oiscovcr an unocrlying
causc lor an ailmcnt ano/or lcgin to rclcasc ano hcal it.
Sit ·r |ic !·un, brcctnc, cn! rc|c· !ccp|,. Stcrting uitn
,·ur t·cs, jcct, |cgs, pc|vis, cn! s· ·n, put ,·ur cttcnti·n ·n
cccn pcrt ·j ,·ur b·!, in turn cn! tc|| it t· rc|c· cn! |ct g· ·j
cn, tcnsi·n. lcc| c|| tcnsi·n !iss·|ving cn! !rcining cuc,.
Ij ,·u uisn t·, !· tnc mc!itcti·n ·n ·pcning tnc cncrg,
ccntcrs in ·r!cr t· gct ,·ur cncrg, rcc||, j|·uing.
^·u imcginc g·|!cn, ncc|ing |ignt cncrg, c|| cr·un! ,·ur
b·!, . . . jcc| it . . . scnsc it . . . cnj·, it.
Ij tncrc is c pcrticu|cr pcrt ·j ,·ur b·!, tnct ncs bccn i||
·r is in pcin, csl tnct pcrt ·j ,·u unctncr it ncs c mcsscgc j·r
,·u. Asl unctncr tncrc is s·mctning ,·u ncc! t· un!crstcn! ·r
t· !·, rignt ct tnis m·mcnt ·r in ,·ur |ijc in gcncrc|. Rcmcin
¡uict j·r c jcu minutcs cn! n·ticc ij cn, u·r!s, imcgcs, ·r
jcc|ings c·mc t· ,·u in rcsp·nsc t· tncsc ¡ucsti·ns.
Ij ,·u gct cn cnsucr, !· ,·ur bcst t· un!crstcn! cn! j·|-
|·u it. Ij ,·u !·n`t gct cn cnsucr, just c·ntinuc uitn tnc
pr·ccss. Tnc cnsucr mc, c·mc t· ,·u |ctcr, pcrncps in c !ij-
jcrcnt j·rm tncn ,·u c·pcct.
^·u scn! spccic| |·ving, ncc|ing cncrg, t· tnct pcrt ·j
,·u, cn! cn, pcrt ·j ,·u tnct ncc!s it, cn! scc ·r jcc| it bcing
ncc|c!. 1·u mc, ucnt t· ncvc ,·ur gui!c, ·r cn, mcstcr ·r
ncc|cr, tncrc t· nc|p ,·u !· tnc ncc|ing.
licturc tnc pr·b|cm !iss·|ving cn! j|·uing cncrg, cuc,, ·r
unctcvcr imcgc u·rls j·r ,·u.
^·u imcginc ,·ursc|j in ncturc|, pcrjcct ncc|tn. Tninl ·j
,·ursc|j in !ijjcrcnt situcti·ns jcc|ing uc||, cctivc, cn!
ncc|tn,. Imcginc nurturing cn! ccring j·r ,·ursc|j s· ,·u stc,
I cm |·ving cn! ncc|ing m,sc|j ·n c|| |cvc|s - spirituc|,
mcntc|, cm·ti·nc|, cn! pn,sicc|.
I ccn gct m, ncc!s mct uitn·ut gctting sicl.
Healing MediIaIions 10¯
I cm |ccrning t· tclc g··! ccrc ·j m,sc|j.
I |·vc cn! ccccpt m, b·!, c·mp|ctc|,.
I cm g··! t· m, b·!,, cn! m, b·!, is g··! t· mc.
I !cscrvc t· bc ncc|tn, cn! jcc| g··!.
I ncvc n·u rc|ccsc! c|| pcttcrns ·j i||ncss. I`m jrcc cn!
M, b·!, is bc|cncc!, in pcrjcct ncrm·n, uitn tnc ccrtn
cn! tnc univcrsc.
I cm cncrgctic cn! ju|| ·j vitc|it,.
I givc tncnls j·r cvcr-incrccsing ncc|tn, bccut,, cn!
It`s ncturc| t· jcc| g··!.
Irom now on, cach timc you oo this mcoitation, picturc
yourscll in pcrlcct hcalth, with golocn hcaling light arouno
Healing OIheis
This mcoitation is to lc oonc alonc, n·t in thc othcr pcr-
son`s prcscncc, unlcss that pcrson has rcqucstco this typc ol
hcaling lrom you. You may or may not wish to tcll thc othcr
pcrson that you arc ooing hcaling mcoitations lor thcm,
ocpcnoing on how wcll thc pcrson woulo acccpt that ioca on
a pcrsonality lcvcl.
101 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
Rc|c· !ccp|, cn! !· unctcvcr t,pc ·j prcpcrcti·n ,·u uisn
in ·r!cr t· cntcr c !ccp, ¡uict stctc ·j min!.
Tninl ·j ,·ursc|j cs c c|ccr cncnnc| tnr·ugn unicn tnc
ncc|ing cncrg, ·j tnc univcrsc is p·uring. Tnis cncrg, !·cs n·t
c·mc jr·m ,·u pcrs·nc||,, it c·mcs jr·m c nigncr s·urcc, cn!
,·u scrvc t· j·cus cn! !ircct it.
^·u picturc ·r tninl ·j tnc pcrs·n cs c|ccr|, cs ,·u ccn.
Asl nim ij tncrc is cn,tning in pcrticu|cr nc u·u|! |ilc ,·u t·
!· j·r nim in ,·ur mc!itcti·n. Ij s·, !· it t· tnc bcst ·j ,·ur
cbi|it,, ij it jcc|s rignt t· ,·u.
Ij ,·u jcc| tnc impu|sc t· u·rl ·n ncc|ing c pcrticu|cr pcrt
·j tnc pcrs·n`s b·!,, ·r c pcrticu|cr pr·b|cm, !· s·. just scc c||
pr·b|cms !iss·|vc!, cvcr,tning bcing ncc|c! cn! juncti·ning
Tncn picturc nim surr·un!c! in g·|!cn, ncc|ing |ignt . . .
|··ling rc!icnt|, ncc|tn, cn! ncpp,. Spccl t· nim !ircct|,
;in ,·ur min!), rcmin! nim tnct nc is bcing tclcn ccrc ·j b,
c nigncr p·ucr, cn! tnct nc ccn ncc| ij nc !csircs. Tc|| nim
tnct ,·u supp·rt nim in bcing t·tc||, ncc|tn, cn! ncpp,,
cn! tnct ,·u ui|| c·ntinuc t· scn! ,·ur |·ving supp·rt cn!
Wncn ,·u jcc| c·mp|ctc, ·pcn ,·ur c,cs cn! c·mc bccl t·
tnc ·utcr u·r|! jcc|ing rcjrcsnc!, rcncuc!, ncc|tn,, cn! invig-
Healing MediIaIions 10¯
Irom now on, in your mcoitations scc thc pcrson as pcr-
lcctly wcll. Don`t givc any morc mcntal cncrgy or powcr to
thc illncss, just kccp sccing him as complctcly hcalco.
You shoulo not lccl ocplctco lrom scnoing hcaling to
anothcr pcrson, sincc it is not your own pcrsonal cncrgy you
arc scnoing, lut rathcr thc univcrsal lilc lorcc llowing
through you. Il you oo lccl at all orainco, you may lc so
cmotionally involvco that you arc trying too haro. It might
lc hclplul to imaginc turning thc hcaling ol this pcrson ovcr
to thc highcr powcr ol thc Univcrsc ano allirming that what-
cvcr happcns will lc lor his highcst gooo. Icmcmlcr, wc
can`t always know what is thc highcst gooo lor oursclvcs or
Healing in Cionps
Hcalings arc vcry powcrlul whcn oonc in groups.
Il thc pcrson to lc hcalco is prcscnt in thc room, havc
hcr lic oown in thc ccntcr or sit in a chair (whichcvcr is most
comlortallc) with cvcryonc clsc scatco in a circlc arouno
Lvcr,·nc sn·u|! c|·sc tncir c,cs, bc ¡uict, cn! rc|c· !ccp|,,
tncn bcgin t· imcginc scn!ing ncc|ing cncrg, t· tnc pcrs·n in
tnc ccntcr. Rcmcmbcr tnct it is tnc ncc|ing cncrg, ·j tnc uni-
vcrsc unicn is bcing cncnnc|c! tnr·ugn ,·u. Scc tnc pcrs·n
106 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
surr·un!c! in g·|!cn |ignt, jcc|ing uc||, cn! in pcrjcct ncc|tn.
Ij ,·u uisn, ,·u ccn ncvc cvcr,·nc rcisc tncir ncn!s uitn
tnc pc|ms jccing ·ut t·ucr! tnc pcrs·n in tnc ccntcr, cn! jcc|
tnc cncrg, j|·uing ·ut t· ncr tnr·ugn ,·ur ncn!s.
It ccn bc cspccic||, p·ucrju| t· ncvc cvcr,·nc cncnt ¨·m¨
t·gctncr j·r c jcu minutcs uni|c !·ing tnc ncc|ing, tnus
c!!ing tnc ncc|ing vibrcti·n ·j s·un! t· tnc pr·ccss. ;T· cncnt
¨·m¨ ,·u sing c |·ng, !ccp rcs·ncnt n·tc uitn tnc s,||cb|c c-
c-cum-m, n·|!ing it cs |·ng cs ,·u ccn, rcpccting it ·vcr cn!
·vcr.) Ij tnis cncnting is t·· !ijjicu|t j·r pc·p|c t· !·, it is !cj-
initc|, n·t ncccsscr,.
Il thc pcrson is not prcscnt in thc room, just inlorm
cvcryonc ol hcr namc ano thc city whcrc shc is, ano thcn
proccco as il shc wcrc thcrc. Thc powcr ol hcaling cncrgy is
not allcctco at all ly oistancc, ano I havc sccn as many
miraculous curcs accomplishco lor pcoplc in oistant citics as
lor thosc prcscnt in thc room.
Healing MediIaIion Ioi !ain
Hcrc is a mcoitation tcchniquc you can oo with a pcrson
who is cxpcricncing a hcaoachc or any othcr spccilic pain.
Hcvc tnc pcrs·n |ic !·un, c|·sc nis c,cs, cn! rc|c· !ccp|,.
Hcvc nim j·cus ·n nis brcctn j·r c uni|c, brcctning !ccp|, cn!
Healing MediIaIions 10¯
s|·u|,, ,ct ncturc||,. Hcvc nim c·unt !·un jr·m tcn t· ·nc
s|·u|,, jcc|ing nimsc|j !rijt int· c !ccpcr, m·rc rc|c·c! stctc ·j
bcing uitn cccn c·unt.
Wncn tnc pcrs·n is vcr, !ccp|, rc|c·c!, ncvc nim picturc
·r imcginc c brignt c·|·r, cn, c·|·r ;ncvc nim tclc tnc jirst
c·|·r tnct c·mcs t· min!). Asl nim t· picturc it cs c spncrc ·j
brignt |ignt cb·ut si· incncs in !icmctcr. ^·u csl nim t· pic-
turc it grc!uc||, gr·uing biggcr cn! biggcr, unti| cvcntuc||, it
ji||s nis un·|c jic|! ·j mcntc| visi·n. Wncn nc ncs c·pcricncc!
tnis, csl nim t· picturc it snrinling, gr·uing smc||cr cn!
smc||cr, unti| it`s bccl t· its ·riginc| si:c. ^·u ncvc it gr·u
smc||cr sti||, unti| it`s ·n|, cn incn ·r s· in !icmctcr, sti||
snrinling, cn! jinc||, !iscppccring c·mp|ctc|,.
^·u g· tnr·ugn tnc visuc|i:cti·n c·crcisc cgcin, cn! tnis
timc ncvc tnc pcrs·n imcginc tnct tnc c·|·r is nis pcin.
o invokc mcans ¨to call in` or ¨to call upon.` Vhcn usco
in mcoitation, invocation is a tcchniquc with which you
can summon any typc ol cncrgy or quality to comc to you:
C|·sc ,·ur c,cs cn! rc|c· !ccp|,. O· s·mc t,pc ·j prcpcrc-
t·r, mc!itcti·n sucn cs gr·un!ing cn! running cncrg,, ·r
·pcning tnc cncrg, ccntcrs, ·r simp|, g·ing t· ,·ur scnctucr,,
rc|c·ing cn! brcctning !ccp|, j·r c uni|c.
Wncn ,·u jcc| rc|c·c! cn! cncrgi:c!, sc, t· ,·ursc|j si|cnt-
|,, ,ct jirm|, cn! c|ccr|,, ¨I n·u cc|| j·rtn tnc ¡uc|it, ·j |·vc.¨
lcc| tnc cncrg, ·j |·vc c·ming t· ,·u, ·r c·ming ·ut jr·m s·mc-
p|ccc insi!c ·j ,·u, ji||ing ,·u up, cn! rc!icting ·ut jr·m ,·u.
Rcmcin j·r c jcu minutcs t·tc||, c·pcricncing tnc jcc|ing.
Tncn, ij ,·u uisn, !ircct it t·ucr! cn, pcrticu|cr g·c| tnr·ugn
visuc|i:cti·n cn! cjjirmcti·n.
You can usc thc powcr ol invocation to summon any
quality or cncrgy that you want or ncco. . . .
ncc|ing p·ucr . . .
Simply makc a strong, clcar statcmcnt to yourscll that
this quality is now coming to you.
Anothcr wonocrlul way to usc thc powcr ol invocation is
to summon thc spirit or csscncc ol a particular pcrson who
has qualitics that you ocsirc. Il you invokc onc ol thc mas-
tcrs, such as Buooha, Christ, or Mary, you arc calling lorth
thc univcrsal qualitics which that pcrson symlolizcs, which
also lic within cach ol us. Ior cxamplc, il you call lor Christ
to work in you ano through you, you arc summoning in a
vcry powcrlul way your own qualitics ol lovc, compassion,
lorgivcncss, ano hcaling alility.
110 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
Il thcrc is any particular mastcr or tcachcr or hcro with
whom you rcsonatc, call upon him or hcr through invocation
whcncvcr you lccl thc ncco to manilcst his or hcr spccial
qualitics within yourscll.
This typc ol mcoitation works lcautilully whcn thcrc is
a spccial skill or talcnt that you wish to cultivatc. Ior cxam-
plc, il you arc stuoying music or art, call upon any grcat mas-
tcr in thcsc liclos whom you cspccially aomirc, picturc him
or hcr supporting ano hclping you, ano lccl thc pcrson`s crc-
ativc cncrgy ano gcnius llowing through you. It is not ncccs-
sary to incorporatc any pcrsonal prollcms or wcakncsscs hc
or shc may havc hao, you arc summoning thc pcrson in his
or hcr nigncst cspcct. Many amazing rcsults can lc achicvco
through this mcoitation.
!nvocaIions 111
hcrc arc so many ways that allirmations can lc usco pow-
crlully ano cllcctivcly to givc you a morc positivc, crcativc
outlook ano to hclp you achicvc spccilic goals.
Icmcmlcr, it`s important to lccl rc|c·c! as you allirm.
Do not lc aooictco to gctting rcsults. Icmcmlcr that you
alrcaoy crc cvcrything you ncco, cvcry improvcmcnt is just
icing on thc cakc.
!n MediIaIion
1. Say allirmations to yourscll silcntly whilc mcoitating
or rclaxing occply, cspccially right lclorc going to slccp or
right altcr waking up.
1. Say thcm to yourscll silcntly or alouo throughout thc
oay, whcncvcr you think ol it, cspccially whilc oriving, ooing
houscwork, or ouring othcr routinc tasks.
2. Say thcm to yourscll alouo whilc looking at yourscll
in thc mirror. This is cspccially gooo lor allirmations to
improvc your scll-cstccm ano scll-lovc. Look yourscll right in
thc cycs ano allirm your lcauty, lovallcncss, ano worthincss.
Il you lccl uncomlortallc, stick with it until you push
through thosc larricrs ano arc allc to lully cxpcricncc look-
ing at yourscll ano loving yourscll. You may lino that somc
cmotion ariscs ano is rclcasco through this proccss.
¯. Iccoro your allirmations on a tapc rccorocr ano play
thcm to yourscll arouno thc housc, whilc oriving, ano so on.
Usc your namc, ano try ooing thcm in thc lirst, sccono, ano
thiro pcrsons. Ior cxamplc, ¨I, Snclti, cm !ccp|, rc|c·c! cn!
ccntcrc! in m,sc|j.¨ ¨Snclti, ,·u crc !ccp|, rc|c·c! cn! ccn-
tcrc! in ,·ursc|j.¨ ¨Snclti is !ccp|, rc|c·c! cn! ccntcrc! in
Or you can rccoro a littlc spccch, maylc thrcc or lour
paragraphs long, ocscriling your iocal visualization ol your-
scll or a particular situation, as il it wcrc alrcaoy truc. This
also can lc oonc in thc lirst, sccono, ano/or thiro pcrson.
1. Takc a particular allirmation ano writc it out tcn or
twcnty timcs in succcssion, rcc||, tninling alout thc woros
Ways Io \se AIIiimaIions 11¯
as you writc thcm. Changc thc allirmation as you go along il
you think ol lcttcr ways to say it. This is onc ol thc most
powcrlul tcchniqucs I`vc cvcr louno, ano onc ol thc casicst
to oo. I`vc ocvotco a chaptcr to it in Iart Iour.
2. Vritc or typc out allirmations ano pastc thcm up in
various placcs arouno your housc or at your jol as rcminocrs.
Cooo placcs arc: on thc rclrigcrator, on your phonc, on your
mirror, on your ocsk, ovcr your lco, or on your oining tallc.
WiIh OIheis
1. Il you havc a lricno who wants to work on allirma-
tions as wcll, you can oo thcm vcry cllcctivcly with a part-
ncr. Sit lacing cach othcr, look into cach othcr`s cycs, ano
takc turns saying allirmations to cach othcr ano acccpting
Ocvi!. ¨Lin!c, ,·u crc c bccutiju|, |·ving, cn! crcctivc
Lin!c. ¨1cs, I ln·u'¨ or ¨1cs, I cm'¨
Icpcat this tcn or liltccn timcs thc samc way, thcn
switch partncrs so that Linoa says thc allirmation to Davio
ano hc agrccs with it. Thcn try it in thc lirst pcrson:
Ocvi!. ¨I, Ocvi!, cm c bccutiju|, |·ving, cn! crcctivc pcr-
Lin!c. ¨1cs, ,·u ccrtcin|, crc.¨
Icpcat scvcral timcs.
111 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
Bc surc to say thc allirmations sinccrcly ano mcaning-
lully, cvcn il you lccl a littlc silly at lirst. It`s a wonocrlul
opportunity to outllow lovc ano support to anothcr pcrson,
ano to rcally support thc othcr pcrson in changing his or hcr
ncgativc conccpts into positivc oncs.
It`s practically guarantcco that altcr ooing this proccss
togcthcr, you will lc cxpcricncing a occp, loving spacc
togcthcr. . . .
2. In a morc inlormal way, ask your lricnos to say allir-
mations to you lrcqucntly. Ior cxamplc, il you want to allirm
that you arc lcarning to cxprcss yourscll morc casily, you
might ask a gooo lricno to say to you oltcn, ¨jccnnic, ,·u crc
ccrtcin|, spccling ·ut cn! c·prcssing ,·ursc|j c|ccr|, tncsc
Makc a gamc out ol ooing this lor cach othcr ano you
will lino it hclplul. Vc automatically tcno to givc a lot ol
powcr to what our lricnos say to us, lor gooo or lao, our
minos tcno to acccpt what othcrs tcll us alout oursclvcs. So
gctting strong positivc lccolack lrom lricnos in thc lorm ol
allirmations rcally works.
¯. Bcgin to incluoc allirmations in your convcrsations -
making strong positivc statcmcnts alout things ano pcoplc
(incluoing yourscll) that you want to scc in a morc positivc
way. It`s amazing what oramatic changcs can lc maoc in your
lilc ly just lcginning to consciously spcak morc positivcly in
Ways Io \se AIIiimaIions 11¯
oaily convcrsation.
A woro ol caution: Do not usc this tcchniquc in such a
way that you lccl likc you arc contraoicting your truc lccl-
ings. Do not usc it whcn you arc lccling upsct or strongly
ncgativc or it will lccl likc you arc rcprcssing yourscll. Usc it
lrom a constructivc spacc, to hclp changc your unconscious
ncgativc spccch pattcrns ano unocrlying assumptions.
Singing and ChanIing
1. Makc a point ol lcarning songs that allirm thc rcality
you woulo likc to crcatc lor yourscll, listcn to thcm ano sing
thcm oltcn. A largc part ol our prcscnt consciousncss has
lccn lormco ly popular music, which crcatcs a rcality in
which wc lccl hopclcssly ocpcnocnt on our lovcrs, woulo oic
il thcy lclt us, wonocr il lilc is worth living il wc can`t ¨havc`
a ccrtain pcrson, ano so on.
2. Makc up your own songs or simplc chants using thc
allirmations you want to work with.
Moie AIIiimaIions
Acccpting Oursclvcs
I ccccpt m,sc|j c·mp|ctc|, ncrc cn! n·u.
I |·vc m,sc|j c·mp|ctc|, cs I cm, cn! I`m gctting bcttcr c||
tnc timc.
I ccccpt c|| m, jcc|ings cs pcrt ·j m,sc|j.
116 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
I`m bccutiju| cn! |·vccb|c n·ucvcr I`m jcc|ing.
^·nc ·j m, jcc|ings crc ncgctivc. Tnc, crc c|| imp·rtcnt
pcrts ·j un· I cm.
I cm n·u ui||ing t· c·pcricncc c|| m, jcc|ings.
It`s g··! t· c·prcss m, jcc|ings. I n·u givc m,sc|j pcrmis-
si·n t· c·prcss m, jcc|ings.
I |·vc m,sc|j uncn I c·prcss m, jcc|ings.
Iccling Cooo
It`s ·lc, j·r mc t· ncvc jun cn! cnj·, m,sc|j, cn! I !·'
I |ilc t· !· tnings tnct mclc mc jcc| g··!.
I cm !ccp|, rc|c·c! cn! ccntcrc!.
I n·u jcc| !ccp inncr pcccc cn! scrcnit,.
I`m g|c! I ucs b·rn cn! I |·vc bcing c|ivc.
M, rc|cti·nsnips crc mirr·rs tnct sn·u mc m,sc|j.
I cm n·u |ccrning jr·m c|| m, rc|cti·nsnips.
M, rc|cti·nsnips crc nc|ping mc t· ncc| cn! |·vc m,sc|j.
I cm str·ng, vu|ncrcb|c, cn! |·ving in m, rc|cti·nsnips.
I !cscrvc |·vc cn! sc·uc| p|ccsurc.
I cm n·u rcc!, t· ccccpt c ncpp,, ju|ji||ing rc|cti·nsnip.
I cm n·u rcc!, j·r m, rc|cti·nsnips t· u·rl.
I |·vc m,sc|j cn! I ncturc||, cttrcct |·ving rc|cti·nsnips
int· m, |ijc.
Ways Io \se AIIiimaIions 11¯
I cmn·u cttrccting c·cct|, tnc lin! ·j rc|cti·nsnip I ucnt.
I cm n·u !ivinc|, irrcsistib|c t· m, pcrjcct mctc.
A|| !ijjicu|tics bctuccn mc cn! _____________ crc n·u
bcing ncc|c!.
Tnc m·rc I |·vc m,sc|j tnc m·rc I |·vc ___________.
I |·vc ____________ cn! ____________ |·vcs mc.
Opcning Crcativity
I cm n·u cn ·pcn cncnnc| j·r crcctivc cncrg,.
Crcctivc i!ccs cn! inspircti·n crc c·ming t· mc cvcr, !c,.
I cm tnc crcct·r ·j m, |ijc.
I cm n·u crccting m, |ijc c·cct|, cs I ucnt it.
Divinc Lovc ano Cuioancc
Oivinc |·vc is !·ing its pcrjcct u·rl in tnis situcti·n n·u
j·r tnc g··! ·j c|| c·nccrnc!.
Oivinc |·vc cn! |ignt crc u·rling tnr·ugn mc n·u.
Oivinc |·vc g·cs bcj·rc mc cn! prcpcrcs tnc uc,.
C·! is sn·uing mc tnc uc, n·u.
M, inncr uis!·m is gui!ing mc n·u.
I cm n·u bcing gui!c! t· tnc pcrjcct s·|uti·n t· tnis pr·b-
Tnc |ignt uitnin mc is crccting mircc|cs in m, b·!,, min!,
cn! cjjcirs, ncrc cn! n·u.
Ij ,·u u·u|! |ccrn tnc sccrct ·j rignt rc|cti·ns,
|··l ·n|, j·r tnc !ivinc in pc·p|c cn! tnings,
cn! |ccvc c|| tnc rcst t· C·!.
- }. Allcn Boonc
in linsnip uitn A|| Lijc
t`s a vcry gooo ioca to start a notclook that can scrvc as
your crcativc visualization worklook.` In this part ol thc
look, I givc you a numlcr ol writtcn cxcrciscs ano proccsscs
that you might want to oo ano kccp in your notclook. You
may wish to writc oown allirmations that you hcar or think
ol, so that you can rclcr to thcm whcn you ncco thcm. Thcrc
arc many othcr crcativc ways to usc your notclook, such as
rccoroing your orcams, goals, ano lantasics, kccping a journal
ol your progrcss with crcativc visualization, writing oown
inspiring thoughts ano iocas, or quotcs lrom looks ano songs
that arc mcaninglul to you, orawing picturcs, or writing your
own pocms ano songs that cxprcss your cxpanoing awarcncss.
`Thcrc is also a Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n W·rlb··l availallc, pullishco ly Nataraj Iullishing,
a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary. Scc thc Iccommcnoco Icsourccs scction ol this look.
I havc a notclook in which I rcgularly work on my goals,
allirmations, iocal sccncs, ano trcasurc maps, ano I havc
louno it a vcry valuallc tool in thc translormation ol my lilc.
Hcrc arc a lcw suggcstions lor starting your notclook:
1. Ajjirmcti·ns. Vritc oown your lavoritc allirmations.
You can list thcm all on onc pagc, or you might want to makc
a scparatc pagc lor cach, with occorativc lorocrs ano
ocsigns, so that cach timc you rcao through it you havc a
lcautilul cxpcricncc as you pausc ano mcoitatc on cach onc.
2. Outj|·u |ist. Makc a list ol all thc ways that you can
outllow your cncrgy to thc worlo ano to othcrs arouno you,
loth gcncrally ano spccilically. Incluoc ways that you out-
llow moncy, timc, lovc ano allcction, apprcciation, physical
cncrgy, lricnoship, touching, ano your spccial talcnts ano
alilitics. Aoo to this list anytimc you think ol ncw things.
¯. Succcss |ist. Makc a list ol cvcrything you lccl you arc
a succcss at, or havc lccn a succcss at, or havc oonc suc-
ccsslully at somc timc in your lilc. Incluoc things in all arcas
ol your lilc, not just your work. Vritc oown cvcrything that
has mcaning lor you, cvcn il it might not lc mcaninglul to
somconc clsc. Kccp aooing to it as you think ol morc things,
or accomplish ncw succcsscs. Thc purposc ol this list is to
122 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
acknowlcogc yourscll ano your alilitics, which givcs you
aooco cncrgy lor accomplishing morc.
1. Apprccicti·n |ist. Makc a list ol cvcrything you can
think ol that you arc cspccially thanklul lor, or that you cspc-
cially apprcciatc having in your lilc. Making ano aooing to
this list can rcally opcn up your hcart, ano your awarcncss ol
thc many richcs wc all havc in our livcs that wc oltcn takc lor
grantco. It incrcascs your rcalization ol prospcrity ano alun-
oancc on cvcry lcvcl, ano thus your alility to manilcst.
¯. Sc|j-cstccm |ist. Makc a list ol all thc things you likc
alout yourscll, all your positivc qualitics. This is not an ¨cgo
trip` - thc lcttcr you lccl alout yourscll ano thc morc you
acknowlcogc your own wonocrlul qualitics, thc happicr ano
morc loving you will lc, thc morc your crcativc cncrgy will
llow, ano thc grcatcr thc contrilution you will makc to thc
6. Sc|j-cpprccicti·n |ist. Vritc oown all thc ways you
can think ol to lc gooo to yourscll, nicc things that you can
oo lor yourscll, simplc inoulgcnccs that arc just lor your own
plcasurc ano satislaction. Thcy can lc small or largc, lut
makc somc ol thcm things you can casily oo cvcry oay, ano
thcn oo thcm' This incrcascs your scnsc ol wcll-lcing ano
A CieaIive VisnalizaIion NoIebook 12¯
satislaction in lilc, which in turn hclps you to comc lrom a
clcarcr spacc in crcating your lilc.
¯. Hcc|ing cn! cssistcncc |ist. Vritc oown thc namcs ol
any pcoplc you know who ncco hcaling, or spccial support
ano assistancc ol any sort. Vritc oown spccial allirmations
lor thcm. Ivcry timc you look through your notclook you
will lc giving thcm a spccial loost ol your cncrgy.
S. lcntcsics cn! crcctivc i!ccs. }ot oown any iocas,
plans, or orcams lor thc luturc, or any crcativc iocas that
comc to you, cvcn il thcy sccm larlctchco, or you`rc surc
you`ll ncvcr lollow through on thcm. This will hclp to looscn
you up ano stimulatc your imagination ano your natural crc-
ativc alility.
You may lino it oillicult to takc timc out ol your lusy
schcoulc to work in your notclook. Yct il you takc a lcw min-
utcs a oay, or an hour or two cvcry wcck or so, you will lino
that so much work is accomplishco on thc inncr planc, it is
oltcn worth a hunorco timcs thc amount ol timc ano cncrgy
you woulo havc spcnt on thc outcr planc.
121 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
n lcarning to usc crcativc visualization you may gct in
touch with llocks in yourscll that holo you lack lrom
attaining your highcst gooo.
A ¨llock` is a placc whcrc cncrgy is constrictco - not
moving, not llowing. Usually llocks arc causco initially ly
rcprcssco cmotions ol lcar, saoncss, guilt, scll-criticism,
ano/or rcscntmcnt (angcr), which causc a pcrson to tightcn
up ano closc oown spiritually, mcntally, cmotionally, ano
cvcn physically.
In ocaling with a llock on any lcvcl, what`s nccoco is to
gct cncrgy moving ano llowing in that arca. Thc kcys to this
1. Mcntal ano cmotional acccptancc ol what you arc
lccling (on a physical lcvcl this manilcsts as rclaxation ano
2. Clcar olscrvation, which lcaos to an unocrstanoing
ol thc root ol thc prollcm - which is oltcn a limiting atti-
tuoc or lclicl.
So in ocaling with an arca ol consciousncss whcrc wc
havc a llock, wc ncco to lirst cxpcricncc (as lully as possillc)
thc cmotion wc havc lockco up in that arca, in a loving,
acccpting way. In ooing so, wc gct thc llockco-up cncrgy
moving ano wc havc a chancc to olscrvc thc unocrlying ncg-
ativc lclicls or attituocs which causco thc prollcm to lcgin
with. Vc can takc a gooo, clcar look at thcm ano lct thcm
oissolvc thcmsclvcs.
Amazingly cnough, it sccms to lc thc proccss ol pin-
pointing thc constrictivc lclicl ano acccpting thc lcclings
you havc arouno it which works magic, thc oilliculty almost
incvitally oissolvcs ano oisappcars cvcntually oncc you`vc
unocrstooo ano acccptco yourscll. It`s much simplcr than
you may think.
Thc trick is to simultancously |·vc cn! ccccpt ,·ursc|j
compassionatcly lor having this lclicl, ano at thc samc timc
scc c|ccr|, tnct ,·u crc rcc!, t· |ct g· ·j it lccausc it is limit-
ing, ocstructivc, scll-oclcating, ano untruc.
Somc common corc lclicls that arc most prcvalcnt ano
troullcsomc arc:
126 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
I`m n·t ·lc, . . . tncrc`s s·mctning ur·ng uitn mc . . . I`m
unu·rtn, cn! un!cscrving.
I`vc !·nc bc! tnings ;·r c bc! tning) in m, |ijc cn! I
!cscrvc t· sujjcr ;bc punisnc!) j·r it.
lc·p|c ;inc|u!ing mc) crc bcsicc||, bc! - sc|jisn, cruc|,
stupi!, untrustu·rtn,, sinju|, ·r j··|isn.
Tnc u·r|! is cn unscjc p|ccc.
Tncrc`s n·t cn·ugn _________ ;|·vc, m·nc,, g··! tnings)
t· g· cr·un!, s·.
I ncvc t· strugg|c t· gct m, sncrc
It`s n·pc|css, I`|| ncvcr gct cn·ugn
Ij I ncvc c |·t, s·mc·nc c|sc ui|| ncvc t· !·
Lijc is pcinju|, sujjcring, ncr! u·rl . . . it`s n·t mccnt t· bc
jun ·r p|ccsurcb|c.
L·vc is !cngcr·us . . . I mignt gct nurt.
l·ucr is !cngcr·us . . . I mignt nurt s·mc·nc.
M·nc, is tnc r··t ·j c|| cvi|. M·nc, c·rrupts.
Tnc u·r|! !·csn`t u·rl cn! ncvcr ui||. In jcct it`s gctting
u·rsc c|| tnc timc.
I !·n`t ncvc c·ntr·| ·vcr unct ncppcns t· mc . . . I`m p·u-
cr|css t· !· cn,tning cb·ut m, |ijc ·r tnc stctc ·j tnc
Cleaiing 12¯
As you rcao through thcsc ncgativc iocas, scc whcthcr
any ol thcm rcllcct an unocrlying assumption ol your own
lclicl systcm or cmotional pattcrn.
Dcprcssing though thcy may sccm whcn you rcao
through thcm all at oncc, thc lact is that cvcry onc ol us has
lought into somc ol thcsc (or othcr) ncgativc vicwpoints
alout rcality, at lcast to somc ocgrcc.
Ano it`s no wonocr that wc havc incorporatco thcsc
iocas into our scnsc ol rcality - thcy arc all cxtrcmcly prcva-
lcnt in our worlo at this timc in our cvolution. In lact, thc
worlo is currcntly lcing run accoroing to thcsc iocas,
although lortunatcly this is rapioly changing.
Thc important thing to rcalizc is that thcy arc only
bc|icjs, thcy havc no oljcctivc truth. Although thcy may
sccm to lc truc at timcs whcn wc look arouno us, that is only
lccausc so many human lcings lclicvc thcm ano act accoro-
Tnc m·st p·ucrju| tning ,·u ccn !· ;cn! it is vcr, p·ucr-
ju|) t· cncngc tnc u·r|! is t· cncngc ,·ur ·un bc|icjs cb·ut tnc
ncturc ·j |ijc, pc·p|c, cn! rcc|it,, cn! bcgin t· cct ccc·r!ing|,.
This look will givc you somc tools to oo so.
Cleaiing !xeicises
Il you arc having troullc rcalizing a goal, or scnsc rcsis-
tancc in yourscll to its achicvcmcnt, try this cxcrcisc:
!. Tclc c piccc ·j pcpcr cn! uritc ct tnc t·p, ¨Tnc
rccs·n I ccn`t ncvc unct I ucnt is . . . ,¨ tncn immc!ictc|, bcgin
t· uritc c |ist ·j cn, tn·ugnts tnct c·mc int· ,·ur ncc! t· c·m-
p|ctc tnc scntcncc. O·n`t tclc t·· mucn timc t· uritc ,·ur
cnsucrs, cn! !·n`t tclc it t·· scri·us|,. just ¡uicl|, uritc
!·un cb·ut tucnt, ·r tnirt, tnings tnct c·mc t· ,·u cvcn ij
tnc, sccm si||, ·r stupi!. A scmp|c |ist mignt stcrt |ilc tnis.
Tnc rccs·n I ccn`t ncvc unct I ucnt is . . .
I`m t·· |c:,.
I !·n`t ncvc cn·ugn m·nc,.
It !·csn`t c·ist.
I`vc tric! bcj·rc cn! it ncvcr u·rlc!.
M·tncr sci! I c·u|!n`t.
I !·n`t ucnt t·.
It`s t·· ncr!.
I`m cjrci! t·.
j·nn u·u|!n`t |ilc it.
It`s t·· mucn jun.
An! s· ·n. . . .
2. Tr, tnc scmc c·crcisc, ·n|, tnis timc spccijicc||, ncmc
tnc tning tnct ,·u ucnt. l·r c·cmp|c, ¨Tnc rccs·n I ccn`t ncvc
c g··! j·b is . . . ¨ cn! pr·ccc! cs bcj·rc.
^·u just sit ¡uict|, j·r c jcu minutcs uitn ,·ur |ist cn!
scc unctncr cn, ·j tnc tn·ugnts ,·u`vc urittcn !·un ring truc
j·r ,·u . . . unctncr in s·mc uc, ·r !cgrcc ,·u bc|icvc tncm.
Cleaiing 129
just gct c scnsc ·j unct lin! ·j |imitcti·ns ,·u put ·n ,·ursc|j
cn! ,·ur u·r|!.
`. ^·u uritc c |ist ·j c|| tnc m·st ncgctivc cttitu!cs ,·u
ccn tninl ·j cb·ut ,·ursc|j, ·tncr pc·p|c, rc|cti·nsnips, tnc
u·r|!, |ijc.
Agcin, sit ¡uict|, uitn ,·ur |ist cn! gct in t·ucn uitn
unicn ·j tncsc i!ccs mc, c·nsci·us|, ·r unc·nsci·us|, n·|!
cm·ti·nc| p·ucr ·vcr ,·u.
Il at any point ouring any ol thcsc cxcrciscs you lccl any
cmotion coming up, just stay with that ano allow yourscll to
cxpcricncc it as much as possillc, with total acccptancc. You
may gct a llash ol an carly cxpcricncc, or somcthing your
parcnts or tcachcrs usco to tcll you which programmco your
vicw ol thc worlo in a ccrtain way.
¹. Wncncvcr ,·u jcc| c·mp|ctc uitn tnis pr·ccss, cspc-
cic||, ij ,·u`vc g·ttcn in t·ucn uitn ·nc ·r m·rc ncgctivc
bc|icjs tnct ,·u n·|!, simp|, tccr up ,·ur |ists cn! tnr·u tncm
cuc,. Tnis s,mb·|i:cs tnct ,·u crc in tnc pr·ccss ·j rc|ccsing
Tncn sit ¡uict|,, rc|c·, cn! !· s·mc cjjirmcti·ns t· rcp|ccc
,·ur c·nstrictc!, |imiting bc|icjs uitn m·rc ·pcning, c·nstruc-
tivc, p·sitivc ·ncs.
A jcu p·ssib|c c|ccring cjjirmcti·ns.
1¯0 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
I n·u rc|ccsc m, cntirc pcst. It is c·mp|ctc cn! I cm jrcc'
I n·u !iss·|vc c|| ncgctivc, |imiting bc|icjs. Tnc, ncvc n·
p·ucr ·vcr mc'
I n·u j·rgivc cn! rc|ccsc cvcr,·nc in m, |ijc. Wc crc c||
ncpp, cn! jrcc.
I !·n`t ncvc t· tr, t· p|ccsc ·tncrs. I cm ncturc||, |·vcb|c
cn! |ilccb|c n· mcttcr unct I !·'
I n·u |ct g· ·j c|| cccumu|ctc! gui|t, jccrs, rcscntmcnt,
!iscpp·intmcnts, cn! gru!gcs. I cm jrcc cn! c|ccr'
A|| ·j m, ncgctivc sc|j-imcgcs cn! cttitu!cs crc n·u !is-
s·|vc!. I |·vc cn! cpprccictc m,sc|j'
A|| bcrricrs t· m, ju|| c·prcssi·n cn! cnj·,mcnt ·j |ijc crc
n·u !iss·|vc!.
Tnc u·r|! is c bccutiju| p|ccc t· bc.
Tnc univcrsc c|uc,s pr·vi!cs.
Moie Cleaiing !xeicises
!. Tnis c·crcisc is cb·ut j·rgivcncss cn! rc|ccsc. Writc
!·un ·n c piccc ·j pcpcr tnc ncmcs ·j cvcr,·nc in ,·ur |ijc
un· ,·u jcc| ncs cvcr mistrcctc! ,·u, ncrmc! ,·u, !·nc ,·u cn
injusticc, ·r t·ucr! un·m ,·u jcc| ·r ncvc jc|t rcscntmcnt,
nurt, ·r cngcr. ^c·t t· cccn pcrs·n`s ncmc uritc !·un unct nc
·r snc !i! t· ,·u, ·r unct ,·u rcscnt tnc pcrs·n j·r.
Tncn c|·sc ,·ur c,cs, rc|c·, cn! ·nc b, ·nc visuc|i:c ·r
imcginc cccn pcrs·n. H·|! c |itt|c c·nvcrscti·n uitn cccn ·nc,
Cleaiing 1¯1
cn! c·p|cin t· nim ·r ncr tnct in tnc pcst ,·u ncvc jc|t cngcr
·r nurt t·ucr! nim ·r ncr, but n·u ,·u crc g·ing t· !· ,·ur
bcst t· j·rgivc tnc pcrs·n j·r cvcr,tning, cn! t· !iss·|vc cn!
rc|ccsc c|| c·nstrictc! cncrg, bctuccn ,·u. Civc tnc pcrs·n c
b|cssing cn! sc,, ¨I j·rgivc ,·u cn! rc|ccsc ,·u. C· ,·ur ·un
uc, cn! bc ncpp,.¨
Wncn ,·u ncvc jinisnc! tnis pr·ccss, uritc ·n ,·ur pcpcr
¨I n·u j·rgivc ,·u cn! rc|ccsc ,·u c||¨ cn! tnr·u it cuc,, cs c
s,mb·| tnct ,·u crc |ctting g· ·j tncsc pcst c·pcricnccs.
Many pcoplc lino that this proccss ol lorgivcncss ano
rclcasc is miraculous in rclicving thcm immcoiatcly ol thcir
long-stanoing lurocns ol accumulatco rcscntmcnt ano hos-
tility. Thc wonocrlul thing is that thc othcr pcoplc involvco,
cvcn il you ncvcr scc thcm again, will on a psychic lcvcl pick
up your lorgivcncss ano it will hclp to clcar up thcir livcs as
It may lc that thc lirst timc you oo this proccss you will
not havc an cxpcricncc ol rclicl ano rclcasc with ccrtain pco-
plc (cspccially a parcnt, spousc, or othcr vcry signilicant pcr-
son in your lilc). Il thcrc is a strong cmotional chargc or a lot
ol occp lccling, it may lc ncccssary to talk to a thcrapist or
counsclor, or lino a salc placc to lully cxprcss your angcr ano
hurt. Vc mustn`t try to lorcc oursclvcs to lorgivc lclorc
wc`vc rcally acccptco ano cxprcssco our othcr lcclings. Altcr
1¯2 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
wc oo, lorgivcncss oltcn comcs naturally. Continuc to oo
this proccss lrom timc to timc, ano cvcntually it will lc
rcsolvco lor you. (Icmcmlcr it is lor your ·un lcnclit,
hcalth, ano happincss that you arc ooing this.)
Many pcoplc cxpcricncc miraculous hcaling ol physical
prollcms altcr ooing this proccss, as many physical ailmcnts
such as canccr ano arthritis arc oircctly rclatco to accumu-
latco angcr ano rcscntmcnt.
2. ^·u uritc !·un cvcr,·nc ,·u ccn tninl ·j in ,·ur |ijc
un· ,·u jcc| ,·u ncvc nurt ·r !·nc cn injusticc, cn! uritc
!·un unct ,·u !i! t· tncsc pc·p|c.
Agcin c|·sc ,·ur c,cs, rc|c·, cn! imcginc cccn pcrs·n in
turn. Tc|| nim ·r ncr unct ,·u !i!, cn! csl tnc pcrs·n t· j·r-
givc ,·u cn! givc ,·u nis ·r ncr b|cssing. Tncn picturc tnc pcr-
s·n !·ing s·.
Wncn ,·u ncvc jinisnc! tnc pr·ccss, uritc ct tnc b·tt·m ·j
,·ur pcpcr ;·r ccr·ss tnc un·|c tning), ¨I j·rgivc m,sc|j cn!
cbs·|vc m,sc|j ·j c|| gui|t, ncrc cn! n·u, cn! j·rcvcr'¨ Tncn
tccr up tnc pcpcr cn! tnr·u it cuc,.
One !inal Cleaiing !iocess
C· tnr·ugn ,·ur c|·scts, !rcucrs, bcscmcnt, gcrcgc, ·r
!csl - uncrcvcr ,·u ncvc cccumu|ctc! ¨stujj ¨ tnct ,·u !·n`t
ncc!, cn! tnr·u it ·ut ·r givc it cuc,.
Cleaiing 1¯¯
Tnis vig·r·us, c·ncrctc ccti·n ·n tnc pn,sicc| |cvc| is s,m-
b·|ic ·j unct ,·u crc !·ing ·n mcntc|, cm·ti·nc|, cn! ps,cnic
|cvc|s - c|ccring ·ut ·|!, usc|css stujj, gctting tnc cncrg, j|·u
m·ving, cn! gctting ,·ur ¨n·usc in ·r!cr.¨ It ui|| mclc ,·u
jcc| grcct, cspccic||, ij ,·u !· cjjirmcti·ns uni|c ,·u`rc !·ing
it, sucn cs.
Tnc m·rc I ·utj|·u, tnc m·rc spccc I crcctc j·r g··! tnings
t· c·mc t· mc.
I |·vc giving cn! I |·vc rccciving.
As I c|ccn up cn! c|ccr ·ut m, pn,sicc| spccc I cm c|ccn-
ing up cn! c|ccring ·ut m, |ijc in cvcr, uc,.
I cm n·u putting m, |ijc in ·r!cr, prcpcring t· ccccpt c||
tnc g··! tnct is c·ming t· mc n·u.
I givc tncnls n·u j·r c|| tnc g··! tnct I ncvc cn! c|| tnc
g··! tnings t· c·mc.
1¯1 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
hc tcchniquc I`m alout to ocscrilc has lrought somc ol
thc lastcst ano most oramatic changcs in my lilc on many
oillcrcnt occasions. It is a comlination ol writing allirma-
tions ano a clcaring proccss, ncatly rollco into onc. I lovc it
lccausc it is so simplc ano casy to oo, yct it gcts oown to a
vcry occp lcvcl.
Vriting allirmations is a vcry oynamic tcchniquc
lccausc thc writtcn woro has so much powcr ovcr our minos.
Vc arc loth writing ano rcaoing thcm at thc samc timc, so
it`s likc a ooullc hit ol cncrgy.
Tclc cn, cjjirmcti·n ,·u ucnt t· u·rl uitn cn! uritc it
tcn ·r tucnt, timcs in succcssi·n ·n c piccc ·j pcpcr. Isc ,·ur
ncmc, cn! tr, uriting it in tnc jirst, scc·n!, cn! tnir! pcrs·ns.
;l·r c·cmp|c. I, j·nn, cm c succcssju| singcr cn! s·nguritcr.
j·nn, ,·u crc c succcssju| singcr cn! s·nguritcr. j·nn is c suc-
ccssju| singcr cn! s·nguritcr.)
O·n`t just uritc it b, r·tc, rcc||, tninl cb·ut tnc mccning
·j tnc u·r!s cs ,·u crc uriting tncm. ^·ticc unctncr ,·u jcc|
cn, rcsistcncc, !·ubts, ·r ncgctivc tn·ugnts cb·ut unct ,·u
crc uriting. Wncncvcr ,·u !· ;cvcn c s|ignt ·nc) turn tnc
pcpcr ·vcr, cn! ·n tnc bccl uritc ·ut tnc ncgctivc tn·ugnt, tnc
rccs·n un, tnc cjjirmcti·n ccn`t bc truc, ccn`t u·rl, ·r unct-
cvcr. ;l·r c·cmp|c. I`m rcc||, n·t g··! cn·ugn. I`m t·· ·|!.
Tnis isn`t g·ing t· u·rl.) Tncn g· bccl t· uriting tnc cjjirmc-
Wncn ,·u crc jinisnc!, tclc c |··l ct tnc bccl ·j tnc
pcpcr. Ij ,·u ncvc bccn n·ncst, ,·u ui|| ncvc c g··! |··l ct tnc
rccs·ns un, ,·u lccp ,·ursc|j jr·m ncving unct ,·u ucnt in
tnis pcrticu|cr ccsc.
Witn tnis in min!, tninl ·j s·mc cjjirmcti·ns ,·u ccn !·
t· nc|p ,·u spccijicc||, c·untcrcct tncsc ncgctivc jccrs ·r
bc|icjs, cn! bcgin t· uritc ·ut tncsc ncu cjjirmcti·ns. l·r
c·cmp|c, ij ·nc ·j ,·ur ncgctivc bc|icjs is, ¨I ccn`t bc m·rc suc-
ccssju| tncn m, jctncr ucs,¨ ,·u c·u|! cjjirm, ¨M, jctncr is
pr·u! cn! ncpp, cb·ut m, succcss.¨ Or ,·u mc, ucnt t· sticl
uitn tnc ·riginc| cjjirmcti·n ij it sccms cjjcctivc, ·r m·!ij, it
s|ignt|, t· bc m·rc cccurctc.
lccp u·rling uitn uriting tnc cjjirmcti·ns ·ncc ·r tuicc
c !c, j·r c jcu !c,s. Oncc ,·u jcc| tnct ,·u`vc rcc||, |··lc! ct
1¯6 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
,·ur ncgctivc pr·grcmming, !isc·ntinuc uriting it ·ut, cn!
just lccp uriting tnc cjjirmcti·ns.
My cxpcricncc with this proccss is that oltcn whatcvcr I
havc lccn allirming manilcsts surprisingly quickly altcr
going through thc clcaring proccss. Ano I havc usually
rcccivco many valuallc insights into my own pattcrns this
WiiIing AIIiimaIions 1¯¯
ossilly thc trickicst part ol gctting what you want in lilc
is just liguring out what you rcally want' Ano yct it is ccr-
tainly thc most important part ol all.
I havc louno this to lc unlailingly truc in my lilc: As
soon as I havc a vcry clcar, strong intcntion to crcatc a par-
ticular thing, it manilcsts almost immcoiatcly (oltcn within
hours or oays ol gctting clcar alout it) with vcry littlc cllort
involvco. I cxpcricncc this as a kino ol ¨click` in my con-
sciousncss, whcn I suoocnly gct a vcry strong cxpcricncc ol
what I want, ano an cqually strong cxpcricncc that I`m going
to gct it. . . . It usually takcs a ccrtain amount ol timc ano
cncrgy spcnt in proccssing lclorc I arrivc at that point ol
clarity. Ano vcry oltcn thc ¨click ol clarity` has lccn prccco-
co ly lcclings ol conlusion, ocspair, hopclcssncss, ano so on,
which I havc hao to work my way through. So oon`t worry. . . .
thc oarkcst hour is truly just lclorc thc oawn.
Thc most cxtrcmc cxamplc ol this in my own lilc was thc
tcn-ycar proccss ol occp cmotional hcaling that I wcnt
through in orocr to gct clcar alout my intcntion to lino my
lilc partncr. AlthoughI thought I was rcaoy lor this to happcn,
I oiscovcrco that I hao much occp lcar ano amlivalcncc.
Oncc I was allc to acknowlcogc thcsc lcclings consciously,
ano work with hcaling my lcars ano olo cmotional pattcrns,
my intcntion lccamc clcar. Thrcc wccks latcr, I got togcthcr
with thc man who is now my huslano'
Discovcring what you want in your lilc can lc lacilitatco
ly thc proccss ol sctting goals. I oltcn lino it hclplul to oo
somc cxcrciscs with pcn ano papcr, which I sharc with you
hcrc. Vhcn you arc working on sctting goals it`s important
to kccp a lcw things in mino.
Icmcmlcr that sctting goals oocs n·t mcan that you arc
stuck with thosc goals. You can changc thcm as oltcn as you
want to ano lccl that it`s ncccssary.
Icmcmlcr also that sctting goals oocs n·t mcan that
you havc to pursuc thcm through cllort, striving, or strug-
gling. It oocs not mcan that you havc to lccomc cmotional-
ly aooictco to achicving thcm. On thc contrary, sctting goals
can hclp you llow through lilc morc casily, cllortlcssly, ano
plcasurally. Thc naturc ol lilc is movcmcnt ano crcativity,
ano goals givc you a clcar locus ano oircction in which to
SeIIing Coals 1¯9
channcl your natural crcativc cncrgy, thcrcly hclping you to
outllow ano contrilutc to thc worlo, which cnhanccs your
lccling ol wcll-lcing ano satislaction in lilc. Coals arc thcrc
to hclp you ano support you in your truc purposc.
Coals can lc maoc in thc spirit that lilc is an cnjoyallc
gamc to lc playco, ano onc that can lc occply rcwaroing.
Thcy arc not to lc takcn too hcavily or scriously. At thc samc
timc, you must givc thcm cnough wcight ano importancc so
thcy arc ol rcal valuc to you.
You may lino that thc vcry proccss ol choosing goals
lrings up a ccrtain amount ol cmotional rcsistancc in you.
You might cxpcricncc this in various oillcrcnt ways, such as
lccling ocprcssco, hopclcss, or ovcrwhclmco at thc thought
ol trying to sct goals. Or you might lccl thc ocsirc to oistract
yourscll ly cating, slccping, or othcr activitics. Thcsc cmo-
tional rcactions (il you shoulo havc thcm) arc clucs to thc
ways in which you avoio gctting what you want in lilc. It`s
important to go ahcao ano cxpcricncc thcsc lcclings ano
rcactions, to go through thcm, ano proccco with thc proccss.
Oncc you gct into it you will lino it ol valuc.
Thcn again, you may thoroughly cnjoy thc wholc proccss
ano lino it vcry cxpansivc, lun, ano cnlightcning. I hopc so'
Don`t makc thc choosing ol goals too complicatco or sig-
nilicant. Start with simplc, olvious things. Icmcmlcr you
can always changc ano ocvclop thcm as you go along.
110 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
!. Sit !·un uitn c pcn cn! pcpcr cn! uritc !·un tnc j·|-
|·uing cctcg·rics.
lcrs·nc| gr·utn/c!uccti·n
Crcctivc sc|j-c·prcssi·n
^·u, lccping in min! ,·ur prcscnt |ijc situcti·n, uritc
!·un un!cr cccn cctcg·r, s·mc tnings tnct ,·u u·u|! |ilc t·
ncvc, t· cncngc, ·r t· impr·vc up·n in tnc nccr juturc. O·n`t
tninl t·· ncr! cb·ut it, simp|, uritc !·un cn, i!ccs tnct c·mc
t· ,·ur min! cs g··! p·ssibi|itics.
Tnc purp·sc ·j tnis c·crcisc is t· |··scn ,·u up cn! gct ,·u
tninling cb·ut unct ,·u ucnt in tnc vcri·us crccs ·j ,·ur |ijc.
2. Tclc cn·tncr piccc ·j pcpcr cn! uritc ct tnc t·p. ¨Ij I
c·u|! bc, !·, cn! ncvc cvcr,tning I ucnt, tnis u·u|! bc m,
i!cc| sccnc.¨
^·u |ist tnc scmc scvcn cctcg·rics cn!, cjtcr cccn ·nc,
uritc c pcrcgrcpn ·r tu· ;·r n·ucvcr mucn ,·u ucnt') !cscrib-
ing ,·ur cbs·|utc i!cc| situcti·n in |ijc, cs jcr cs ,·u ccn jcn-
tcsi:c cb·ut it.
SeIIing Coals 111
Tnc purp·sc ·j tnis c·crcisc is t· strctcn cn! c·pcn! ,·u
bc,·n! ,·ur prcscnt |imits, s· |ct ,·ur imcgincti·n tclc ·vcr,
cn! rcc||, |ct ,·ursc|j ncvc cvcrything ,·u c·u|! cvcr ucnt.
Wncn ,·u ncvc jinisnc! tnis, c!! ·nc m·rc cctcg·r, -
W·r|! situcti·n/cnvir·nmcnt. Ocscribc tnc lin!s ·j cncngcs
,·u u·u|! |ilc t· scc ncppcn in tnc u·r|! in ,·ur |ijctimc, ij
,·u c·u|! ncvc tnc p·ucr t· cncngc tnings - u·r|! pcccc, tnc
cn! ·j p·vcrt,, pc·p|c bcc·ming c·nsci·us ·j ·nc cn·tncr cn!
tnc ccrtn, |iving in ncrm·n, uitn ncturc, scn··|s trcnsj·rmc!
int· c·citing |ccrning ccntcrs, n·spitc|s bcc·ming truc ccntcrs
·j ncc|ing, cn! s· ·n. 1·u ccn bc cs crcctivc cs ,·u |ilc uitn
tnis cctcg·r,, cn! ,·u mc, jin! tnct ,·u ncvc c|| lin!s ·j
intcrcsting i!ccs ,·u ncvcr tn·ugnt ·j bcj·rc.
^·u rcrcc! tnc un·|c tning cn! mc!itctc ·n it cuni|c.
Crcctc c mcntc| picturc j·r ,·ursc|j ·j c u·n!crju| |ijc in c
bccutiju| u·r|!.
`. Agcin, tclc c jrcsn sncct ·j pcpcr. ßcsc! ·n unct sccms
m·st mccningju| jr·m tnc i!cc| sccnc ,·u ncvc crcctc! cb·vc,
uritc c |ist ·j tnc tcn ·r tuc|vc m·st imp·rtcnt g·c|s j·r ,·ur
|ijc, as you lccl thcm to lc right now. Rcmcmbcr ,·u ccn
cncngc cn! rcvisc tnis |ist ct cn, timc ;cn! ,·u sn·u|! !· s·
jr·m timc t· timc).
¹. ^·u uritc !·un. ¨M, livc-,ccr C·c|s,¨ cn! |ist tnc
m·st imp·rtcnt g·c|s ,·u u·u|! |ilc t· ccnicvc uitnin tnc nc·t
jivc ,ccrs.
112 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
It`s grcat to writc your goals in thc lorm ol allirmations,
as il thcy havc alrcaoy lccn achicvco. This hclps to achicvc
a clcarcr, strongcr cllcct. Ior cxamplc:
I n·u ·un cn! |ivc ·n tucnt, ccrcs ·j |cn! in
tnc c·untr,, uitn c bccutiju| n·usc,
·rcncr!s, c crccl, cn! |·ts ·j cnimc|s.
I n·u supp·rt m,sc|j ccsi|, cn! cbun!cnt|, tnr·ugn
|cc!ing scmincrs cn! giving spcccncs t·
cntnusicstic cn! cpprccictivc cu!icnccs.
In writing your goals, lc surc to put oown things that arc
rcal ano mcaninglul to you, things that you actually want,
not what you think you shoulo want. No onc clsc ncco cvcr
scc your goals unlcss you want him or hcr to, ano this proccss
rcquircs that you lc totally honcst with yourscll.
¯. Rcpcct tnc pr·ccss cb·vc uitn ,·ur g·c|s j·r ·nc ,ccr.
O·n`t mclc t·· mcn,, ij ,·u ncvc c |·t ct jirst, c|iminctc c||
but tnc jivc ·r si· m·st imp·rtcnt ·ncs. Cnccl t· scc tnct tnc,
crc in c|ignmcnt uitn ,·ur jivc-,ccr g·c|s. Tnct is, mclc surc
tnc, crc m·ving in tnc scmc gcncrc| !irccti·n s· tnct uncn ,·u
ccc·mp|isn ,·ur ·nc-,ccr g·c|s, ,·u ui|| bc c stcp c|·scr t·
,·ur jivc-,ccr g·c|s. l·r c·cmp|c, ij ·nc ·j ,·ur jivc-,ccr g·c|s
is t· ·un ,·ur ·un busincss, ·nc ·j ,·ur ·nc-,ccr g·c|s mignt
bc t· ncvc c ccrtcin cm·unt ·j m·nc, scvc! t·ucr! tnct cn!,
SeIIing Coals 11¯
·r t· ncvc c j·b in c simi|cr busincss uncrc ,·u crc gctting c
ccrtcin t,pc ·j c·pcricncc ,·u ui|| ncc!.
^·u uritc ·ut ,·ur g·c|s j·r si· m·ntns jr·m n·u, ·nc
m·ntn, cn! ·nc uccl jr·m n·u. Agcin, lccp it simp|c cn!
cn··sc tnc tnrcc ·r j·ur tnct crc m·st imp·rtcnt t· ,·u. ßc rcc|-
istic cb·ut n·u mucn ,·u ccn ccc·mp|isn in tnc sn·rtcr-rcngc
g·c|s. Agcin, mclc surc tnc, crc in c|ignmcnt uitn ,·ur |·ngcr-
rcngc g·c|s.
You may lino it oillicult to lc so spccilic alout cvcnts so
lar in thc luturc, ano you may havc an uncomlortallc lccl-
ing alout planning ahcao. Howcvcr, just making a plan oocs
not olligc you to lollow it, in lact, you arc louno to changc
consiocrally. This cxcrcisc is lor thc purposc ol:
1. Cctting practicc in sctting goals.
2. Acknowlcoging that somc ol your lantasics can
lccomc rcality il you wish thcm to.
¯. Cctting in touch with somc ol thc important purpos-
cs ano oircctions in your lilc.
I suggcst that you kccp your goals in your notclook.
Ivcry now ano thcn, pcrhaps cvcry lcw months or so, or
whcncvcr it lccls likc a hclplul thing to oo, sit oown with
your notclook ano oo somc ol thc proccsscs again, rcvising
ano rcshaping your goals as nccoco. Bc surc to oatc your
papcr cach timc you oo this, ano kccp your lists in orocr in
111 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
your notclook, as it is vcry intcrcsting ano inlormativc to
look lack ano scc how thcy graoually cvolvc.
Somc gcncral rulcs:
1. Ior short-rangc goals (onc wcck, onc month) lc lair-
ly simplc ano rcalistic - choosc things that you arc prctty
surc you can accomplish, unlcss you cspccially lccl likc tak-
ing on a lig challcngc (which can lc vcry gooo somctimcs).
Thc morc long-rangc your goal, thc morc cxpansivc ano
imaginativc you can lc, so that your horizons arc constantly
2. Vhcn you lino that you havc not accomplishco somc
ol your goals (which will incvitally happcn), oo not criticizc
yourscll or assumc that you havc lailco. Simply acknowlcogc
clcarly to yourscll that you havc not accomplishco that goal,
ano occioc whcthcr or not it is still a goal lor you, that is,
occioc whcthcr you want to sct it again lor yourscll, or
whcthcr you want to lct it go. It is m·st important that you
acknowlcogc unaccomplishco goals in this way. Othcrwisc,
thcy may accumulatc in thc lack ol your mino ano you will
lccl unconsciously that you havc ¨lailco,` which will cvcntu-
ally makc you tcno to avoio thc goal-sctting proccss.
¯. Vhcn you lino that you ncvc accomplishco a goal,
cvcn a small onc, lc surc to acknowlcogc yourscll lor that.
Civc yourscll a pat on thc lack ano cnjoy at lcast a momcnt
SeIIing Coals 11¯
ol satislaction alout it. All too oltcn, wc accomplish our
goals, ano lorgct to cvcn noticc or cnjoy thc lact that wc
havc oonc so'
1. Don`t takc on too much at oncc. Sct goals that lccl
gooo to you. Il you lccl ovcrwhclmco, conlusco, or oiscour-
agco . . . simplily. You may want to work on goals in onc arca
ol your lilc only, such as your jol or your rclationships. This
proccss is ultimatcly to hclp you cnjoy your lilc morc.
Il you sct a lot ol goals that you oon`t accomplish you arc
prolally cithcr sctting thcm unrcalistically high, or sctting
goals that you oon`t truly ocsirc ano thcrclorc havc no rcal
inncr intcntion ol pursuing. Choosc goals that you gcnuinc-
ly likc ano want, ano arc rcalistic lor you.
Your goals shoulo makc you lccl g··! - upliltco,
cxpanoco, lull ol plcasurc, challcngco. Il not, lino oncs that
116 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
rcativc visualization can takc thc lorm ol mcntal imagcry,
ol spokcn or writtcn woros, or ol a physical imagc or pic-
turc (scc thc ncxt scction on ¨trcasurc maps`). Anything
that hclps you to crcatc a clcar ¨llucprint` to put out in thc
univcrsc is an aio in crcativc visualization.
This cxcrcisc hclps you to crcatc a clcar picturc through
writtcn woros. Thc proccss ol ooing it hclps you gct clcarcr
alout what you rcally want, ano it hclps you to manilcst it.
I usc it lor all my important goals.
Tninl ·j c g·c| tnct is imp·rtcnt t· ,·u. It ccn bc c |·ng-
rcngc ·r sn·rt-rcngc ·nc.
Writc !·un tnc g·c| cs c|ccr|, cs p·ssib|c in ·nc scntcncc.
In!crncctn tnct, uritc ¨I!cc| Sccnc,¨ cn! pr·ccc! t·
!cscribc tnc situcti·n c·cct|, cs ,·u u·u|! |ilc it t· bc uncn
,·ur g·c| is ju||, rcc|i:c!. Ocscribc it in tnc prcscnt tcnsc, cs
ij it c|rcc!, c·ists, in cs mucn !ctci| cs ,·u uisn.
Wncn ,·u ncvc jinisnc!, uritc ct tnc b·tt·m,¨Tnis, ·r
s·mctning bcttcr, is n·u mcnijcsting j·r mc in t·tc||, sctisj,-
ing cn! ncrm·ni·us uc,s, j·r tnc nigncst g··! ·j c|| c·n-
ccrnc!,¨ cn! c!! cn, ·tncr cjjirmcti·ns ,·u uisn, cn! sign
,·ur ncmc.
Tncn sit ¡uict|,, rc|c·, visuc|i:c ,·ur i!cc| sccnc ct ,·ur
mc!itctivc |cvc| ·j min!, cn! !· ,·ur cjjirmcti·ns.
Kccp your iocal sccnc in your notclook, in your ocsk,
ncar your lco, or hang it on your wall. Icao it oltcn, ano
makc appropriatc changcs whcn ncccssary. Bring it to mino
ouring your mcoitation pcrioos.
Onc woro ol warning . . . il you put it away in a orawcr
ano lorgct alout it, you arc vcry likcly to lino onc oay that it
has manilcstco anyhow . . . without your consciously putting
any cncrgy into it at all.
I havc oltcn lookco lack through my olo goals, iocal
sccncs, ano trcasurc maps, surprisco to lino that things I hao
complctcly lorgottcn alout hao magically comc into lcing
in my lilc, almost cxactly as I hao originally picturco thcm.
aking a ¨trcasurc map` is a vcry powcrlul tcchniquc, ano
lun to oo.
A trcasurc map is an actual, physical picturc ol your
ocsirco rcality. It is valuallc lccausc it lorms an cspccially
clcar, sharp imagc which can thcn attract ano locus cncrgy
into your goal. It works along thc samc lincs as a llucprint
lor a luiloing.
You can makc a trcasurc map ly orawing or painting it,
or ly making a collagc using picturcs ano woros cut lrom
magazincs, looks or caros, photographs, lcttcring, orawings,
ano so on. Don`t worry il you`rc not artistically accom-
plishco. Simplc, chilolikc trcasurc maps arc just as cllcctivc
as grcat works ol art'
Basically thc trcasurc map shoulo show you in your iocal
sccnc, with your goal lully rcalizco.
Hcrc arc somc guioclincs that will hclp you makc thc
most cllcctivc trcasurc maps:
1. Crcatc a trcasurc map lor a singlc goal or arca ol your
lilc, so that you can lc surc to incluoc all thc clcmcnts with-
out gctting too complicatco. This cnallcs thc mino to locus
on it morc clcarly ano casily than il you incluoc all your goals
on onc trcasurc map. You might want to oo onc trcasurc map
lor your rclationships, onc lor your jol, onc lor your spiritu-
al growth, ano so on.
2. You can makc it any sizc that`s convcnicnt lor you.
You may want to kccp it in your notclook, hang it on your
wall, or carry it in your pockct or pursc. I usually makc minc
on light caroloaro, which holos up lcttcr than papcr.
¯. Bc surc to put yourscll in thc picturc. Ior a vcry rcal-
istic cllcct, usc a photograph ol yourscll. Othcrwisc oraw
yourscll in. Show yourscll lcing, ooing, or having your
ocsirco oljcctivc -travcling arouno thc worlo, wcaring your
ncw clothcs, or lcing thc prouo author ol your ncw look.
1. Show thc situation in its iocal, complctc lorm, as il it
alrcaoy cxists. You oon`t ncco to inoicatc n·u it`s going to
comc alout. This is thc linishco proouct. Don`t show any-
thing ncgativc or unocsirallc.
¯. Usc lots ol color in your trcasurc map to incrcasc thc
powcr ano impact on your consciousncss.
6. Show yourscll in a rcal sctting, makc it look
1¯0 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
lclicvallc to yourscll.
¯. Incluoc somc symlol ol thc inlinitc which has mcan-
ingano powcr lor you. It coulo lc an¨om` sign, a cross, Christ,
Buooha, a sun raoiating light, or anything that rcprcscnts
univcrsal intclligcncc or Coo. This is anacknowlcogmcnt ano
a rcminocr that cvcrything comcs lrom thc inlinitc sourcc.
S. Iut allirmations on your trcasurc map. ¨Hcrc I cm
!riving m, ncu rc! trucl uitn c ccmpcr t·p. I |·vc it, cn! I
ncvc p|cnt, ·j m·nc, t· mcintcin it.¨
Bc surc to also incluoc thc cosmic allirmation, ¨Tnis, ·r
s·mctning bcttcr, n·u mcnijcsts j·r mc in t·tc||, sctisj,ing
cn! ncrm·ni·us uc,s, j·r tnc nigncst g··! ·j c|| c·nccrnc!.¨
Thc proccss ol crcating your trcasurc map is a powcrlul
stcp towaro manilcsting your goal. Now just spcno a lcw
minutcs cach oay quictly looking at it, ano cvcry oncc in a
whilc throughout thc oay givc it a thought. That is all that`s
Some Sample !deas Ioi Tieasnie Maps
Hcrc arc a lcw possillc iocas lor trcasurc maps to stimu-
latc your imagination:
Showyourscll raoiantly hcalthy, activc, lcautilul, partici-
pating in whatcvcr activitics woulo inoicatc pcrlcct hcalth.
Tieasnie Maps 1¯1
Vcight or Ihysical Conoition
Show yourscll with your pcrlcct looy, lccling wonocrlul
alout yourscll (cut a picturc lrom a magazinc that looks likc
you woulo look in your pcrlcct conoition, ano pastc a photo
ol your hcao on thc looy'). You can makc statcmcnts with
lalloons arouno thcm coming out ol your mouth likc in car-
toons, to inoicatc how you arc lccling, such as, ¨I jcc| u·n-
!crju| cn! |··l jcntcstic n·u tnct I ucign !2¯ p·un!s, cn! cm
in grcct pn,sicc| c·n!iti·n.¨
Scll-Imagc ano Bcauty
Show yourscll as you want to lccl alout yourscll . . .
lcautilul, rclaxco, cnjoying lilc, warm ano loving. Incluoc
woros ano symlols that rcprcscnt thcsc qualitics to you.
Iut photos ol yourscll ano your lricno, lovcr, huslano,
wilc, lamily mcmlcr, or co-workcr in your trcasurc map, with
picturcs, symlols, ano allirmations showing that you arc
happy, loving, communicating, cnjoying a occp, wonocrlul
scxual rclationship, or whatcvcr is appropriatc ano ocsirallc
lor that rclationship.
Il you arc looking lor a ncwrclationship, lino picturcs ano
woros that rcprcscnt qualitics you ocsirc in thc pcrson ano
thc rclationship, show yourscll with thc iocal pcrson lor you.
1¯2 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
}ol or Carccr
Show yourscll ooing what you rcally want to oo, with
intcrcsting, agrccallc co-workcrs, carning plcnty ol moncy
(lc spccilic alout how much you want), in thc location you
ocsirc, ano any othcr pcrtincnt octails.
Usc symlols, colors, ano picturcs that inoicatc your crc-
ativity is rcally opcning up. Show yourscll ooing ano mani-
lcsting crcativc, lcautilul, intcrcsting things ano lccling
grcat alout thcm.
Iamily ano Iricnos
Show mcmlcrs ol your lamily or lricnos in totally har-
monious, loving rclationships with you ano cach othcr.
Show yourscll whcrcvcr you want to lc, with plcnty ol
timc ano moncy to cnjoy your location.
Ano so on. You gct thc ioca. Havc lun'
Tieasnie Maps 1¯¯
hcrc arc so many ways that crcativc visualization can lc
usco to maintain ano improvc our hcalth, physical litncss,
ano lcauty. Likc cvcrything clsc, our hcalth ano attractivc-
ncss arc crcatco ly our mcntal ano cmotional attituocs, so
changing our lclicls ano thc way wc tunc into oursclvcs ano
thc worlo can havc prolouno physical cllccts.
I havc alrcaoy mcntionco thc valuc ol ooing trcasurc
maps in thcsc arcas. Hcrc arc a lcw othcr tcchniqucs that I
likc to usc. I`m surc you`ll lino many morc ol your own.
!hysical !xeicise
No mattcr what typc ol physical cxcrcisc you oo, you can
usc crcativc visualization ano allirmation to hclp you gct thc
maximum amount ol lcnclit ano cnjoymcnt lrom it. You
can usc visualization loth whilc you arc ooing thc physical
cxcrcisc, ano also at othcr timcs, whilc sitting in mcoitation
or rclaxing.
Ior cxamplc, il you likc to run, picturc yourscll running
vcry swiltly, smoothly, ano tirclcssly. Vhilc you arc running,
imaginc that you arc taking a hugc lcap with cvcry stcp, cov-
cring vast tcrritory cllortlcssly, almost llying. During rclax-
ation pcrioos, allirm to yourscll that you arc oaily growing
lastcr, strongcr, ano in lcttcr physical shapc. Iicturc yourscll
winning raccs, il that is onc ol your goals.
Il you oo oancc or yoga cxcrciscs, whilc you arc ooing
thcm put your consciousncss in your looy, in your musclcs,
picturc thcm rclaxing ano strctching, scc yourscll lccoming
morc ano morc limlcr ano llcxillc.
Usc crcativc visualization to improvc your alilitics in
your lavoritc sport, imaginc yourscll lccoming morc ano
morc accomplishco until you arc truly cxcclling.
BeanIy TieaImenIs
Do things lor yourscll rcgularly that makc you lccl likc
you arc taking spccial carc ol yourscll ano ooing nicc things
lor your looy. Using crcativc visualization can turn a oaily
routinc into a lcauty trcatmcnt ritual.
Ior cxamplc, takc a hot lath or showcr, ano visualizc thc
hot watcr totally rclaxing, soothing, ano hcaling you. Iicturc
any prollcms mclting or lcing washco away, ano nothing
HealIh and BeanIy 1¯¯
rcmaining lut your natural raoiancc, shining lrom within.
Iut lotion or oil on your lacc ano looy, giving yourscll
lots ol loving attcntion, allirming that your skin is lccoming
smoothcr ano morc lcautilul all thc timc. Vhcn you wash
your hair, put your attcntion on what you`rc ooing, ano
allirm that your hair is thickcr, shinicr, ano hcalthicr than
cvcr lclorc. Vhcn you lrush your tccth, mcntally allirm
that thcy arc strong, hcalthy, ano lcautilul. Ano so on.
!aIing RiInals
Many pcoplc havc ncgativc conccpts rclating to looo.
Vc arc alraio thc looo wc cat is going to makc us lat, or
makc us sick (unhcalthy). Yct wc tcno to compulsivcly con-
tinuc cating thc vcry looos wc lcar, thus crcating inncr strcss
ano conllict, ano cvcntually crcating thc lcarco cllccts -
ovcrwcight ano illncss.
Also, many pcoplc arc vcry unconscious whilc thcy cat.
Vc arc so lusy talking ano thinking ol othcr things, wc lail
to tunc in to thc oclicious, satislying tastc ano nutrition ol
our looo.
Iating is rcally a magic ritual, an amazing proccss in
which various lorms ol cncrgy lrom thc univcrsc arc trans-
lormco into thc cncrgy that lorms our looics. Vhatcvcr wc
arc thinking ano lccling at thc timc is part ol thc alchcmy.
Hcrc is a ritual to practicc at lcast oncc a oay il possillc,
1¯6 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
no mattcr what you arc cating:
Sit !·un uitn ,·ur j··! in jr·nt ·j ,·u. C|·sc ,·ur c,cs j·r
c m·mcnt, rc|c·, cn! tclc c !ccp brcctn. Si|cnt|, tncnl tnc
univcrsc j·r tnis j··!, cn! tncnl c|| tnc bcings un· nc|pc! pr·-
vi!c it, inc|u!ing tnc p|cnts cn! cnimc|s cn! tnc pc·p|c un·
grcu it cn! prcpcrc! it j·r ,·u.
Opcn ,·ur c,cs cn! |··l ct tnc j··!, rcc||, ·bscrvc unct it
|··ls |ilc. Obscrvc n·u it smc||s. S|·u|, bcgin t· cct it, rcc||,
bc cucrc ·j cn! cnj·, tnc tcstc. As ,·u crc ccting, tc|l t· ,·ur-
sc|j si|cnt|, in ,·ur min!, cn! tc|| ,·ursc|j tnct tnis j··! is
bcing trcnsj·rmc! int· |ijc cncrg, j·r ,·ur usc. Tc|| ,·ursc|j
tnct ,·ur b·!, is using cvcr,tning tnct it ncc!s, cn! ccsi|,
c|imincting cn,tning tnct it !·csn`t ncc!. licturc ,·ursc|j
bcc·ming ncc|tnicr cn! m·rc bccutiju| cs c rcsu|t ·j ccting tnc
j··!. O· tnis rcgcr!|css ·j cn, ·tncr prcvi·us c·nccpts ,·u mc,
ncvc ·j n·u g··! ·r bc! tnc j··! is j·r ,·u.
Ij p·ssib|c, cct s|·u|,, st·p uncn ,·u jcc| sctisjic!, cn!
tclc c m·mcnt ·r tu· cjtcr ,·u jinisn t· cnj·, tnc p|ccscnt
ucrm g|·u tnct cmcnctcs jr·m ,·ur st·mccn uncn it is sctis-
jic! cn! ncpp,.
Thc morc oltcn you rcmcmlcr to tunc into your looo
this way, thc morc lcauty ano gooo hcalth you will crcatc lor
HealIh and BeanIy 1¯¯
Hcrc is anothcr ritual that is cvcn simplcr:
ßcj·rc g·ing t· bc!, uncn ,·u crisc, ·r s·mctimc !uring
tnc !c,, p·ur ,·ursc|j c tc|| g|css ·j c··| uctcr. Sit !·un, rc|c·,
cn! !rinl it s|·u|,. As ,·u !rinl, tc|| ,·ursc|j tnct tnis uctcr
is tnc c|i·ir ·j |ijc cn! tnc j·untcin ·j ,·utn. Imcginc tnct it
is ucsning cuc, c|| impuritics cn! bringing ,·u cncrg,, vitc|-
it,, bccut,, cn! ncc|tn.
Hcrc arc somc gooo allirmations lor hcalth ano lcauty:
Lvcr, !c, I cm gr·uing ncc|tnicr cn! m·rc cttrcctivc.
Lvcr,tning I !· c!!s t· m, ncc|tn cn! bccut,.
Lvcr,tning I cct c!!s t· m, ncc|tn, bccut,, cn! s|cn!cr
I cm g··! t· m, b·!,, cn! m, b·!, is g··! t· mc.
I cm n·u s|cn!cr, str·ng, cn! in pcrjcct c·n!iti·n n· mct-
tcr unct I !·.
I cm gr·uing str·ngcr cn! m·rc p·ucrju| cvcr, !c,.
I n·u !csirc t· cct ·n|, tn·sc tnings tnct crc bcst j·r mc ct
cn, givcn timc.
I gct nungr, ·n|, j·r tnc j··!s m, b·!, rcc||, ncc!s.
Tnc m·rc I |·vc cn! cpprccictc m,sc|j, tnc m·rc bccutiju|
I cm bcc·ming.
I cm n·u irrcsistib|, cttrcctivc t· mcn ;·r u·mcn).
I |·vc m, b·!, cs it is.
I cm ncturc||, cttrcctivc cs I cm.
any ol thc tcchniqucs that I provioc in this look can lc
casily aoaptco lor usc in groups. Crcativc visualization is
cspccially gooo whcn usco ly a group, lccausc thc group
cncrgy automatically givcs it a lot ol powcr. Iach pcrson`s
cncrgy tcnos to support thc othcrs, ano in this casc thc wholc
lccomcs morc than thc sum ol its parts.
No mattcr what thc group you arc involvco in, whcthcr
it is your lamily or a group ol lricnos, a work group, a social
action group, a church or spiritual group, or a workshop or
class, you may lino that crcativc visualization proviocs you
with tools lor achicving your group`s goals, or just lor tuning
into cach othcr in a occpcr way.
Hcrc arc somc ol thc ways you can usc crcativc visual-
ization in a group:
Singing and ChanIing
Choosc songs or chants that cxprcss a lccling, an ioca, or
an attituoc that you want to crcatc or cultivatc in yoursclvcs
ano in thc worlo. Music is vcry powcrlul in cllccting changc.
MediIaIing and !maging
Choosc a goal or imagc, ano havc cvcryonc sit in silcnt
mcoitation, visualizing ano allirming it togcthcr. You may lc
amazco at thc rcsults.
Tieasnie Mapping
Havc cach pcrson crcatc his or hcr own trcasurc map lor
a group goal, or as a group crcatc onc trcasurc map togcthcr.
Or you can cvcn appoint a committcc to makc a trcasurc
Do allirmations in partncrs, as I ocscrilc in thc scction
on how to usc allirmations. Or havc thc wholc group spcak
allirmations alouo togcthcr.
Hcaling in groups is a wonocrlul cxpcricncc. Scc thc scc-
tion on hcaling mcoitations.
160 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
nc ol thc most valuallc ways wc can usc crcativc visual-
ization is in improving our rclationships. Bccausc human
lcings arc so scnsitivc to cach othcr on so many lcvcls, wc
arc cspccially susccptillc ano rcccptivc to thc thought lorms
that wc holo alout cach othcr. It is thcsc thought lorms ano
thc unocrlying attituocs that thcy rcllcct which lorm our
rclationships, ano causc thcm to work or not work.
In a rclationship, as in cvcrything clsc, wc gct cxactly
what wc lclicvc in, cxpcct, ano ¨ask lor` on our occpcst lcv-
cls. Thc pcoplc wc arc in rclationships with arc always a mir-
ror, rcllccting our own lclicls, ano simultancously wc arc
mirrors, rcllccting thcir lclicls. A rclationship with anothcr
human lcing is onc ol thc most powcrlul tools lor growth
that wc havc, il wc look honcstly at our rclationships wc can
scc so much alout how wc havc crcatco thcm.
Takc an attituoc ol total rcsponsilility alout your rcla-
tionship. Assumc lor a momcnt that you alonc arc rcsponsi-
llc lor crcating it thc way it is, no mattcr how much it may
look to you likc thc othcr pcrson is rcsponsillc lor ccrtain
things. Il thcrc arc ccrtain things alout thc rclationship that
arc unsatislying to you, ask yourscll why ano how you havc
crcatco it that way. Kccp in mino, howcvcr, that taking
rcsponsilility lor your lilc oocs not mcan that you arc t·
b|cmc lor thc prollcms in your lilc or rclationship.` Scc il
you can oiscovcr what corc lclicls you havc that causc you
to crcatc a lcss than satislying, happy, loving rclationship.
Vhat is thc payoll lor you in kccping yourscll in an unhap-
py spacc¯ (Thcrc is always a payoll in cvcrything wc oo, oth-
crwisc wc woulon`t oo it.)
Il you truly !csirc to havc occply lullilling, happy rcla-
tionships in your lilc, il you bc|icvc that it is possillc lor you
to havc thcm, ano il you arc willing to ccccpt that happincss
ano satislaction, thcn you can ano will crcatc rclationships
that work lor you.
Hcrc arc somc things you can oo to hclp you with your
1. Look at your goals in thc rclationship. Vhat oo you
truly want out ol this rclationship¯ Consiocr all lcvcls -
162 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
`Ior clarilication alout thc oillcrcncc lctwccn rcsponsilility ano scll-llamc, rcao
my look, Tnc lctn ·j Trcnsj·rmcti·n.
physical, cmotional, mcntal, ano spiritual. Vritc out an
iocal sccnc, or oo a trcasurc map that cxprcsscs your pcrlcct
visualization in this rclationship.
2. Takc a gooo honcst look at what lclicls ano attituocs
arc kccping you lrom crcating what you want. You can usc a
clcaring proccss to hclp you gct in touch with your limiting
attituocs. Ior cxamplc, you can writc, ¨Thc rcason I can`t
havc a satislying rclationship with _______ is . . .` or ¨Thc
rcason I can`t havc what I want in this rclationship is. . . .`
Thcn writc all thc rcsponscs that comc up lor you.
¯. Usc allirmations ano visual imagcry to changc your
ncgativc lclicls, ano to start visualizing ano crcating loving,
lullilling rclationships.
1. Usc visualization to improvc a oillicult rclationship.
Lct us say, lor cxamplc, that you havc oilliculty gctting along
with somconc ano you woulo likc to crcatc a morc harmo-
nious rclationship with that pcrson:
Ajtcr rc|c·ing int· c !ccp, ¡uict, mc!itctivc stctc ·j min!,
imcginc tnc tu· ·j ,·u rc|cting cn! c·mmuniccting in cn
·pcn, n·ncst, cn! cjjcctivc uc,. Imcginc sc,ing t· tnis pcrs·n
cn,tning ,·u ncc! t· c·mmunicctc in ·r!cr t· c|ccr tnings up
bctuccn ,·u. Imcginc tnc pcrs·n |istcning cn! nccring ,·u,
tncn sc,ing cn,tning nc ·r snc ncc!s t· sc,, uitn ,·u |istcning
in rcturn.
CieaIive VisnalizaIion in RelaIionships 16¯
Icpcat this cxcrcisc as nccoco. Il you arc sinccrc in your
ocsirc ano intcntion, ano truly opcn to changc, you may
soon lino that thc rclationship is lccoming casicr ano morc
llowing, ano that thc othcr pcrson sccms to lccomc morc
agrccallc ano casicr to communicatc with. Ivcntually you
may lino that thc prollcm will rcsolvc itscll complctcly, in
onc way or anothcr, to thc lcnclit ol all partics conccrnco.
This rcsolution may involvc an actual communication with
thc pcrson, or it may not.
¯. Thc tcchniquc ol saying allirmations to cach othcr
can oltcn hclp to improvc rclationships oramatically. Ol
coursc it`s vcry important to communicatc with cach othcr
honcstly lrom your truc lcclings alout what you likc ano
oon`t likc, ano what you want. But instcao ol continuously
complaining alout cach othcr`s shortcomings ano wcakncss-
cs, try making an agrccmcnt to cjjirm to cach othcr that you
arc improving ano making progrcss in your growth ano
ocvclopmcnt. So instcao ol, ¨Ccorgc, why oo you always
intcrrupt mc whcn I`m saying somcthing¯` you might agrcc
to say to Ccorgc at appropriatc momcnts, ¨I apprcciatc thc
way you arc lccoming a gooo listcncr.` In this way you not
only rcmino Ccorgc in a lricnoly way to lc a lcttcr listcncr,
lut you also lcgin to changc your imagc ol Ccorgc, as wcll
as Ccorgc`s imagc ol himscll.
161 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
In ongoing rclationships, all too oltcn wc havc gottcn
stuck in ccrtain rolcs ano imagcs with cach othcr which wc
lino oillicult to changc. It`s as il wc`vc put oursclvcs ano
cach othcr in a ccrtain lox with ccrtain lalcls on it. Vc lino
this vcry limiting ano conlining, lut oon`t always know how
to stcp out ol it.
Crcativc visualization proviocs us with a wonocrlul tool
lor cxpanoing out ol our rolcs ano stcrcotypcs. Bcgin to visu-
alizc ano allirm ncw imagcs lor yourscll ano lor thc othcr
pcrson, scc thc potcntial lor positivc changc within cvcry
pcrson ano cvcry situation, ano givc cncrgy ano support to
that positivc changc through crcativc visualization.
Icmcmlcr, howcvcr, that human rclationships arc vcry
complcx. Our rclationships pcrlcctly rcllcct our own inncr
proccss, thcy arc wonocrlully cllcctivc mirrors to hclp us scc
thc ncxt stcp ol our own growth. So il rclationship oillicul-
tics pcrsist, it is a mcssagc to us that a occpcr lcvcl ol our
own hcaling is nccoco. I strongly rccommcno gctting sup-
port lrom a gooo thcrapist or counsclor who can hclp us scc
what thc prollcms in our rclationship arc trying to tcach us.
CieaIive VisnalizaIion in RelaIionships 16¯
!ART !!V!
Tnc ·n|, succcssju| mcnijcstcti·n
is ·nc unicn brings cb·ut c cncngc
·r gr·utn in c·nsci·usncss,
tnct is, it ncs mcnijcstc! C·!,
·r rcvcc|c! Him m·rc ju||,,
cs uc|| cs ncving mcnijcstc! c j·rm . . .
- Davio Spanglcr
in Mcnijcstcti·n
rcativc visualization is not just a tcchniquc, ultimatcly it
is a statc ol consciousncss. It is a consciousncss in which
wc occply rcalizc that wc arc thc continuous crcators ol our
univcrsc ano wc takc rcsponsilility lor that in cvcry
Thcrc is no scparation lctwccn us ano Coo, wc arc
oivinc cxprcssions ol thc crcativc principlc on this lcvcl ol
cxistcncc. Thcrc can lc no rcal lack or scarcity, thcrc is noth-
ing wc havc to try to achicvc or attract, wc contain thc
potcntial lor cvcrything within us.
Manilcstation through crcativc visualization is thc
proccss ol rcalizing ano making visillc on thc physical planc
our oivinc potcntial.
lasic ncco ol all human lcings is to makc a positivc con-
trilution to thc worlo ano to our lcllow lcings, as wcll as
to improvc ano cnjoy our pcrsonal livcs. Vc all havc a grcat
ocal to ollcr thc worlo ano to cach othcr, cach in our own
spccial ano uniquc way. To a grcat ocgrcc, our own pcrsonal
scnsc ol wcll-lcing is a lunction ol how much wc arc cxprcss-
ing this.
Vc cach havc a signilicant contrilution to makc in this
lilctimc. It may involvc many things, or it may lc somcthing
vcry simplc. I call this contrilution our highcr purposc. It
always involvcs lcing yourscll totally, complctcly, ano natu-
rally, ano ooing somcthing or many things that you gcnuinc-
ly lovc to oo, ano that you havc a natural gilt lor.
Vc all know in our hcarts what our highcr purposc is,
lut wc oltcn oo not consciously acknowlcogc it, cvcn to
oursclvcs. In lact, most pcoplc sccm to go to grcat lcngths to
hioc it lrom thcmsclvcs ano lrom thc worlo. Thcy lcar ano
scck to avoio thc powcr, rcsponsilility, ano light that comcs
with acknowlcoging ano cxprcssing thcir truc purposc in lilc.
As you usc crcativc visualization, you will lino that you
lccomc morc ano morc attunco to ano awarc ol your highcr
purposc. Noticc thc clcmcnts that tcno to rccur in your
orcams, goals, ano lantasics, thc particular qualitics that arc
thcrc in thc things you lino yourscll ooing ano crcating.
Thcsc arc important clucs to thc unocrlying mcaning ano
purposc ol your lilc.
In using crcativc visualization, you will lino that your
alility to manilcst will work to thc ocgrcc that you arc in
alignmcnt with your highcr purposc. Il you try to manilcst
somcthing ano it oocsn`t sccm to work, it may not lc appro-
priatc to thc unocrlying pattcrn ano mcaning ol your lilc. Bc
paticnt ano kccp tuning into your inncr guioancc. In rctro-
spcct, you will scc that cvcrything is unloloing pcrlcctly.
This is a timc ol grcat translormation on our planct. Vc
all havc a part to play, just ly lcing willing to lc our truc,
magniliccnt sclvcs.
Ðiscoveiing Oni Highei !nipose 1¯1
likc to think ol myscll as an artist, ano my lilc is my grcat-
cst work ol art. Ivcry momcnt is a momcnt ol crcation,
ano cach momcnt ol crcation contains inlinitc possililitics.
I can oo things thc way I`vc always oonc thcm, or I can look
at all thc oillcrcnt altcrnativcs, ano try somcthing ncw ano
oillcrcnt ano potcntially morc rcwaroing. Ivcry momcnt
prcscnts a ncw opportunity ano a ncw occision.
Vhat a wonocrlul gamc wc arc all playing, ano what a
magniliccnt art lorm. . . .
hakti Cawain is thc lcstsclling author ol Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n,
which has solo ovcr two million copics ol thc lirst coition, Living
in tnc Lignt, Rcturn t· tnc Ccr!cn, Tnc lctn ·j Trcnsj·rmcti·n,
Crccting Truc lr·spcrit,, ano scvcral othcr looks. A warm, articu-
latc, ano inspiring tcachcr, Shakti lcaos workshops intcrnationally.
Ior ncarly twcnty ycars, shc has lacilitatco thousanos ol pcoplc in
lcarning to trust ano act on thcir own inncr truth, thus rclcasing
ano ocvcloping thcir crcativity in cvcry arca ol thcir livcs.
Shakti ano hcr huslano, }im Burns, makc thcir homc in Mill
Vallcy, Calilornia, ano on thc islano ol Kauai.
Books and Andio CasseIIes
Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n auoio tapc ly Shakti Cawain. Nataraj Iullishing, a
oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 199¯. Thc unalriogco auoio vcrsion, rcao
ly thc author on two casscttcs.
Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n Mc!itcti·ns, auoio tapc ly Shakti Cawain. Nataraj
Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 19¯9. Shakti guiocs thc lis-
tcncr through mcoitations lrom thc look.
Tnc Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n W·rlb··l ly Shakti Cawain. Nataraj
Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 19S2. A largc lormat look,
cspccially ocsignco to accompany Crcctivc Visuc|i:cti·n, lcaos you stcp-
ly-stcp in planning your goals.
Crccting Truc lr·spcrit, ly Shakti Cawain. Nataraj Iullishing, a oivision
ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 199¯. Hcrc Shakti prcscnts a ncw oclinition ol
prospcrity, onc that placcs importancc on lullillmcnt ol thc hcart ano soul
rathcr than on monctary gain.
Tnc l·ur Lcvc|s ·j Hcc|ing ly Shakti Cawain. Nataraj Iullishing, a oivi-
sion ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 199¯. Iocntilying, lalancing, ano intcgrating
all lour lcvcls ol cxistcncc.
Living in tnc Lignt. A Cui!c t· lcrs·nc| cn! l|cnctcr, Trcnsj·rmcti·n ly
Shakti Cawain (with Laurcl King). Nataraj Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw
Vorlo Lilrary, 19S6. This look ollcrs practical guioancc in ocvcloping our
intuitivc inncr guioancc ano lcarning to lollow it on a oaily lasis.
Mc!itcti·ns, a lour-tapc auoio scrics ly Shakti Cawain. Nataraj
Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 19S9. On cach tapc, Shakti
oiscusscs thc topic on onc sioc, ano lcaos a mcoitation on thc othcr. Thc
titlcs arc: C·ntccting 1·ur Inncr Cui!c, Tnc Mc|c cn! lcmc|c Witnin,
Oisc·vcring 1·ur Inncr Cni|!, ano L·prcssing 1·ur Crcctivc ßcing.
Rcj|ccti·ns in tnc Lignt. Oci|, Tn·ugnts cn! Ajjirmcti·ns ly Shakti
Cawain. Nataraj Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 19SS. A
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Auclcning. A Oci|, Cui!c t· C·nsci·us Living ly Shakti Cawain. Nataraj
Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 1991. Morc oaily insights ano
Rcturn t· Tnc Ccr!cn. A j·urnc, ·j Oisc·vcr, ly Shakti Cawain. Nataraj
Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 19S9. Shakti tclls thc story ol
hcr lilc ano hcr journcy ol consciousncss, ano oiscusscs thc cvolutionary
proccss on Iarth.
Tnc lctn ·j Trcnsj·rmcti·n. H·u Hcc|ing Oursc|vcs Ccn Cncngc tnc W·r|!
ly Shakti Cawain. Nataraj Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary,
199¯. This look givcs thc tools lor hcaling oursclvcs on all lcvcls - spiri-
tually, mcntally, cmotionally, ano physically, ano shows that as wc hcal our-
sclvcs, wc translorm thc worlo.
Lmbrccing Our Sc|vcs ly Dr. Hal Stonc ano Dr. Siora Stonc. Nataraj
Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 19S9. Shows us thc many oil-
lcrcnt ¨sclvcs,` within us ano how wc can intcgratc thcm to lino lalancc
ano harmony.
Lmbrccing Lccn Otncr ly Dr. Hal Stonc ano Dr. Siora Stonc. Nataraj
Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 19S9. A lascinating look that
shows us cxactly how our rclationships mirror our own inncr proccsscs ano
can thcrclorc lc our lcst tcachcrs.
Lmbrccing 1·ur Inncr Critic ly Dr. Hal Stonc ano Dr. Siora Stonc. Harpcr
San Irancisco, 1992. Civcs practical hclp lor cllcctivcly ocaling with scll-
Mcct 1·ur Inncr Critic auoio tapc ly Dr. Hal Stonc ano Dr. Siora Stonc.
Dclos, 1990. Iurthcr hclp lor ocaling with thc inncr critic.
C·ming H·mc. Tnc Rcturn t· Truc Sc|j ly Martia Nclson. Nataraj
Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 1992. An inspirco cxplana-
tion ol lilc on carth ano what it`s all alout.
1¯6 CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON
CR!AT!V! V!S\A!!ZAT!ON 1¯¯
lcssi·n t· Hcc|. Tnc I|timctc Cui!c t· 1·ur Hcc|ing j·urnc, ly Icho
Booinc. Nataraj Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary, 199¯. A
worklook that hclps you oiscovcr thc rclationship lctwccn spiritual, mcn-
tal, ano cmotional nccos, ano thc hcaling ol physical ailmcnts.
Tnc ^cturc ·j lcrs·nc| Rcc|it, (A Scth Book) ly }anc Iolcrts. Ncw Vorlo
Lilrary, co-pullishco ly Amlcr-Allcn Iullishing. 1991. An cxccllcnt cxpla-
nation ol how wc arc cach totally rcsponsillc lor crcating our own rcality.
linsnip uitn A|| Lijc ly }. Allcn Boonc. Harpcr San Irancisco, 1991. A
uniquc ano lcautilul look. Although primarily conccrnco with human
rclationships with animals, it contains occp wisoom ano insight alout thc
usc ol visualization ano allirmation in all rclationships.
Hcc|ing W·r!s. Tnc l·ucr ·j lrc,cr cn! tnc lrccticc ·j Mc!icinc ly Larry
Dosscy, M.D. Harpcr San Irancisco, 1991. A mcoical ooctor oiscusscs
moocrn rcscarch supporting thc cllcctivcncss ol praycr ano visualization.
Shakti Cawain conoucts workshops throughout thc Unitco Statcs ano in
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Nataraj` Iullishing, a oivision ol Ncw Vorlo Lilrary,
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