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9/20/12 4:06 PM

y name is Kelly Min, and I am currently a sophomore at an International school in Seoul, South Korea. I hope to achieve my dream of obtaining a position as a successful psychiatrist in the future, where I can use my knowledge and passion to protect people from further disorders. I will consider this Career Plan my stepping-stones and follow it as much as I can, in order to successfully reach my final goal. University Plans I hope to attend a high profile university in California, and major in Psychiatry and while minoring in biology, which would help me greatly in understanding the peoples needs. The college will be medium to large-size and it will put its emphasis on psychiatry. This school will not only teach me skills, but also support me to study, improve and perform to my fullest potential. First Employment I would like to volunteer or get an internship at a psychiatry department of some kind, whether it be assisting an experienced psychiatrist in action. I would definitely want to get real-life experiences in order to gain more knowledge on how I should act and behave as a psychiatrist in the future. It would also be a worthwhile experiences for me to not only watch psychiatrists but to get advice from them. Jobs & Positions Development After the internships and gaining enough knowledge and experience, I would look for a more professional and stable position. During this period, I hope to finalize my thought in psychiatry. Preferably, Also, I would slowly start to look for offices along with various ways to self-brand and advertise myself. Afterwards, I would begin to set up my own private office and start gathering clients. I think it will take a lot of work, but I will try my best to do it.

University Plans

First Employment

Jobs & Positions Development

Capstone of Career

Capstone of Career When I have reached an age of being an adult with my own job, I would like to be in a private psychiatrist position. I would have my own private office that provides a comfortable environment for my clients, where I can talk to them in depth about their problem whilst protecting their privacy and confidentiality. When reaching retirement, I want to share all my psychiatry related knowledge with other younger psychiatrists and help them to reach their goals. I would like to be remembered as the psychiatrist that worked to the best of her ability and potential, by passionately helping the other patients get better.

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High School Degree College Degree in Psychiatry Interning for a year in an office Starting a small office Making my office big

Qualities to Thrive Passionate Understanding Perseverance