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Once upon a time, there was a poor old widow living in a remote village.

She lived with her only daughter. Her daughter was very beautiful but lazy and very arrogant. She never helped her mother. Her daughter always wanted new clothes. She did not want to know what problem her mother was facing. She asked her mother to buy anything she wanted although her mother was very poor and old. She wanted to look rich and beautiful. She always made up and dressed smartly. One day, they went to the market. It took one and half hours to reach the market. They walked slowly. Her mother walked behind her daughter. She brought a basket full of goods, while her daughter walked before her. Her mother wanted to sell vegetables and fruit in the market. On the way to the market, a lot of people were surprised looking at her daughter. One of the villagers asked her. Little girl, is that your mother, the villager asked her. No. She is not my mother, but my servant,replied that girl. Her mother was not angry hearing her daughters answer. She could understand her daughter was ashamed. Her daughter was ashamed of being poor. She was ashamed of having an ugly mother. It was 10 oclock. They stepped their feet in the village near the market. They met a lot of people. Some of them asked. Little girl, is the woman behind you, your mother?, asked one of the people. No. She is my slave, she answered. Hearing her daughters answer. The mother could understand her daughters feeling. However, she couldnt stand hearing her daughters answer after being asked by a

lot of people. Her daughter always said that the woman behind her was a servant or slave. At last, the mother prayed to God to ask for a punishment for her impolite daughter. My God, please. I beg you to punish my daughter, please. Help me, please. I couldnt stand looking at her bad behavior, begged the poor old woman. Please help me. My God, help me, please. My God punish her, asked the old woman earnestly. God heard the poor old womans prayer. Suddenly, there was a thunderstorm. The light struck. There was no cloud or wind. Surprisingly, the body of her daughter turned into a stone little by little. She tried to escape from the Gods punishment, but she couldnt. My God, forgive me please. Pardon me, please. Dont punish me like this, the evil girl beg God for mercy. Mother forgive me, please. I know I have made a big mistake. I do not obey you. Please, help me mother. I want to be a good child, the little evil daughter begged again and again. It aws too late. The evil body turned into stone slowly. All people in the village came to see the strange and frightening event. The girl had a turned into a stone, but she still could cry. Her tears dropped from her eyes. People called the stone as a A CRYING STONE since then.

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1. who is the main person of the text?