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Essbase(Hyperion) Application Performance Testing with VBScript VUser Protocol I have to user load runner to develop scripts for

Adhoc Reports in an Essbase Application. To finalize which protocol to use, We need to understand the application. Application description: Installed MS Excel 2003 on my machine Installed Essbase application. This is a client server application where user sends queries to Hyperion DB form Excel. When Excel is opened Essbase addin appears as shown in below pictures Then click on essbase, Select connect, Enter user Server, Username/Password and select valid data base and application. Then from the Essbase menu retrive. Different column appear then user can generate reports with different drill downs. In Excel 2003

In Excel 2007

Click connect from Essbase menu. See below screen

Click Retreive from essbase menu. You see below menu items

Now select any column name then click on Essbase menu and select member selection and apply required parameters. Then click on the any column names to see the send query to the Hyperion DB and results. One can created cumulative results by clicking the column names continuously or one can flashback after every query.

Load runner Script Development: I developed one script with Winsock Protocol. But I recommend to go for Winsock as last option. I also thought of building a VB Script then run it with VUser protocol in Loadrunner.VB Script VUser protocol comes with load runner as a part of Template bundle. Even though I am able to open the Excel with VB script, I faced some challeges getting the Essbase addin on the excel. Then included the dll that enables the essbase addin from excel. I also learnt that while writing VB script code for essbase application we need to write some macros by using Essbase related function which I got from the Essbase help. Then used VB script just to invoke those macros. The used following steps to create this VB Vuser script fro Essbase

1. Save the Excel as xlsm. 2. Write Macros using the Essbase VBA Function provided in the Essbase Help

3. Used Following Essbase VBA function Created macros Sub Connect() X = EssVConnect(Empty, "userid", "password", "ServerName", "Application", "DB") End Sub Sub RetData() X = EssVRetrieve(Empty, Empty, 1) End Sub Sub MMbrSel() X = EssMenuVMemberSelection() 'X = EssVFreeMemberInfo(vt) End Sub Sub EssGetMemberInfo() Dim vt As Variant vt = EssVGetMemberInfo(Empty, "Year", EssBottomLevel, False) X = EssVFreeMemberInfo(vt) End Sub

//This function is for FlashBack Sub FB() X = EssVFlashBack(Empty) End Sub Sub ZoomData() X = EssVZoomIn(Empty, Null, Empty, 1, False) End Sub

How to create Macros with these Functions? Excel>Tools>Macros>Macros> Give Macro Name = Test Then click Create. This opens Micro Soft Visual Basic Book. Select Module (newly created) Then Go to File> Import File> open essxlvba.txt file from this location. Location=C:\\Hyperion\AnalyticServicesClient\Bin\essexvba.txt Then new module will be created with all Function Declarations. Now paste the above function at the bottom of the Declarations page. Now you should see the Macros Added in the Excel. Then Open VB Script Vuser Protocol. I wrote this code to call the Macros. This executed the flow successfully

This script was passing successfully in VUgen. But in controller we had some issues like these. Error message from controller

With security mode = On For vb-interpreter and general-vbs (mdrv_lrc.dat)

Error: Error : Action.vbs (25) : column 0 : (null) , err # = -2147418111s After changing disabling enable firewall agent and enable terminal services for agent confirguration and changing environment vaiables to c:\tempno errors on showing in controller after running about 5 minutessee belowhowever, no response time showing for transactions

Please try the following trouble-shooting process: 1, Make sure that you can create the application with these codes in a new Vugen script and add it into the controller. Set ExcelApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application") set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") If there is a problem, please disable DEP, UAC, anti-virus or host intrusion prevention software on the load generators as this will interfere controller to create objects. 2, If these work, add the code line by line to see when it stops and then trouble-shoot the secure mode message."