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Omnium potentior est sapientia. FIRST QUARTER EXAM

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Communication Arts in English I Subject ______________________________________ ______________________________________ Name of Student Name of Teacher ______________________________________ Grade Level I. _______________________________________ Date

Matching Type. Match the item in column A as to similarity in meaning with those in column B. Write the letter corresponding to your answer on the blank provided before each number. (r x 1 ) A B a. not hurt b. magic formula c. noisy d. getting even e. dying f. equipment g. bad reputation h. swaying i. ugly j. female pig k. speak low l. abnormal m. to roll n. confront o. empty

______ ______ ______

1. Vengeance 2. Withering 3. Paraphernalia

_______ 4. Notoriety ______ ______ ______ 5. Incantation 6. Wobbling 7. Unscathed

______ 8. Barren ______ 9. Raucous ______ 10. Grotesque ______ 11. Sow ______ 12. Wallow ______ 13. Mumble ______ 14. Queer ______ 15. Accost


Identification. On the blank provided before each number, write S if the item is a sentence and P if it is not a sentence. (r x 1)

____________1. The man spoke pleasantly. ____________ 2.Feeling much cheered by the words. ____________ 3. Through the soft spring rain that fell on sprouting grass and budding trees. ____________ 4.Nat saw a large square house before him a hospitable-looking house, with an old-fashioned porch, wide steps, and lights shining in many windows. ____________ 5. Neither curtains nor shutters hid the cheerful glimmer. ____________ 6. Nat saw many little shadows dancing on the walls. ____________ 7.Heard the pleasant hum of young voices. ____________ 8. He felt that it was hardly possible that the light and warmth and comfort within could be for a homeless "little chap" like him. ____________ 9. A rosy-faced servant-maid opened the door, and smiled as she took the letter which he silently offered. ____________ 10. She seemed used to receiving strange boys for she pointed to a seat in the hall. III. Identification. Encircle the simple subject and underline the simple predicate of the following sentences. Then, on the blank provided before each number, write the order of each sentence. ( r x 3 )

_____________________1. The hall presented the most inviting prospect of all. _____________________2. A game of tag was going on in the upper entry. _____________________3. One landing was devoted to marbles. _____________________4. While the stairs were occupied by a boy reading, a girl singing a lullaby to her doll, two puppies, a kitten, and a constant succession of small boys sliding down the banisters, to the great damage of their clothes and danger to their limbs. _____________________5. So absorbed did Nat become in this exciting race. _____________________6. He ventured farther and farther out of his corner. _____________________7. One very lively boy came down so swiftly.

_____________________8. He could not stop himself, but fell off the banisters, with a crash that would have broken any head but one rendered nearly as hard as a cannon-ball by eleven years of constant bumping, _____________________9. Nat forgot himself, and ran up to the fallen rider, expecting to find him half-dead. ____________________10. The boy, however, only winked rapidly for a second, then lay calmly looking up at Nat with a surprised, "Hullo!"


Fill in the Blanks. Write the appropriate verb in the active voice on the blank per number. Be guided by the tense indicated in the parenthesis. ( r x 2 )

Example: 1. She ___________________ ( meet, past tense) me in the town hall. ANSWER: She met (meet, past tense ) me in the town hall. 1. While Nat ________________ (take, present tense) a good long sleep. 2. I ________________ (tell, future tense) my little readers something about the boys, among whom he found himself when he woke up. 3. Franz ____________ (be, past tense) a tall lad, of sixteen now, a regular German, big, blond, and bookish, also very domestic, amiable, and musical. 4. His uncle ____________ (be, past tense) fitting him for college, and his aunt for a happy home of his own hereafter, because she carefully fostered in him gentle manners, love of children, respect for women, old and young, and helpful ways about the house. 5. He was her right-hand man on all occasions, steady, kind, and patient; and he _______________ (love, past tense ) his merry aunt like a mother, for such she had tried to be to him. 6. Emil was quite different, being quick-tempered, restless, and enterprising, _________________ (bend, past tense) on going to sea, for the blood of the old vikings stirred in his veins, and could not be tamed. 7. His uncle promised that he should go when he was sixteen, and set him to studying navigation, _____________________(give, past tense) him stories of good and famous admirals and heroes to read, and let him lead the life of a frog in river, pond, and brook, when lessons were done. 8. His room _________________ ( look, past tense) like the cabin of a man-of-war, for everything was nautical, military, and shipshape. 9. Captain Kyd was his delight, and his favorite amusement was to rig up like that piratical gentleman, and ____________________ (roar, present tense) out sanguinary sea-songs at the top of his voice. 10. He would dance nothing but sailors' hornpipes, rolled in his gait, and was as nautical in conversation to his uncle would permit. The boys ______________________ (call, past tense ) him "Commodore," and took great pride in his fleet, which whitened the pond and suffered disasters that would have daunted any commander but a sea-struck boy.


Sentence Translation.Translate the sentences that use the passive voice into active voice and vice-versa. ( r x 3 ) 1. The moment the bell rang next morning, Nat flew out of bed. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 2. He dressed himself with great satisfaction in the suit of clothes ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ____________ 3. He found the chair. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________

4. Mrs.Bhaer kept all cast-off feathers. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 5. The toys were organized by Tommy. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ VI. Guided Essay. Read the following scenarios and answer the following task. ( r x 10 ) Scenario 1 You saw an incident in the dormitory that you know was a violation of the rule of the house. You have to report the incident to the rector. Write in a paragraph, what you saw and who you saw did it. Be creative and specific with the incident you saw and use the active voice of verbs in your report to the rector. The report must be more than 50 words and less than 150 words.

Scenario 2 Your family has invited a friend to your house. You were assigned by your parents to tour your guest to the house. Choose a particular place or thing in your house that you would like to explain or describe to your guest. Write a paragraph using verbs in the passive voice. Your work must be more than 50 words and less than 150 words.


Short/Free Essay. Answer the following questions in not less than three sentences. Write your answers on the space after the test. ( r x 5 ) 1. Explain the saying, Things are not always what they seem. 2. What are the responsibilities and duties of boys/men?