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Volume 7, No.

9 September 2012
"It does not require a majority to
prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."
--Samuel Adams
(1722-1803), known as the "Father of the American Revolution."
Wake Up, America!
Not gonna happen, you say?
Thats precisely what Michael New said when he joined the Army in 1992 and took an oath of exclusive allegiance to obey the Constitution of the
United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. He didnt take an oath to obey the president, like soldiers of other countries do. He did-
nt take an oath to the United Nations. He took that oath in the same month that Bill Clinton took an almost identical oath and then set about break-
ing that oath from the beginning.
In 1995, when SPC4 New was ordered to wear an unauthorized blue beret and to go on an illegal deployment into Macedonia, under a general from
Finland, in order to implement the policy of the United Nations, he did the right thing. Michael New did what he was trained to do he refused to
obey an illegal order, and he refused to wear a baby blue hat.
What Michael New and his family could foresee was that the day would come when UN troops might be used in enforcing international law in
the USA. As Michael said on the documentary film, GOOD CONDUCT,
This is a question of authority if they have the authority to make me wear that helmet in Macedonia, then they have the authority to make me wear
it in Texas or New York. Geography is no defense. The UN already has almost everything they need to have a world government, except for a stand-
ing world Army, and thats what theyre trying to make me.
The average recruit today is 18 years old, and has a good excuse for not knowing this story. He/she was still wearing diapers when Michael New
took his stand to protect their right to serve their own country exclusively in an American uniform, under American officers, and under Constitu-
tional constraints.
SPC New asked to see the legal basis for the order, but officers told that it was contained in Presidential Decision Direct #25 (PDD25), the document
whereby President Clinton authorized President Clinton (did you catch that?) to ignore the Constitution, to ignore existing statutory law (the United
Nations Participation Act of 1945), and to ignore Congress, placing American soldiers in UN uniforms, on his terms. And then, to make sure no one
protested (or impeached him), he classified that order! So, when SPC New requested the document, he was told, Sorry, you cant see it, its classi-
fied, so youll just have to take our word for it.
On October 15, 1995, SPC4 Michael New reported to formation with the 1/15th Battalion of the 3rd Infantry Division, Schweinfurt, Germany,
wearing an authorized battle dress uniform, complete with green cap. He was the only soldier present without a blue UN patch on his right shoulder,
wearing instead the authorized US flag. He was removed from formation and court-martialed the only soldier ever court-martialed for wanting to
serve his own country!
In his court-martial, News attorneys requested a copy of PDD25. The Army declined. The judge ordered it turned over to News attorneys (who
had top-security clearance). The Army did not turn it over, giving instead a fluff piece summary.
And now we find, some 14 years later, (when PDD25 was declassified by Hillary Clintons State Department), that Bill actually lied to Congress and
the American people about his authority to act as he did. No surprise there, its done all the time, right? Yes, but that means the Army denied justice
to a young soldier, and worse, railroaded all our troops into being potential mercenaries for the New World Order, against their will and against their
oath of allegiance.
Armed with this new evidence, which proved what he had contended from the beginning, attorneys for Michael New went back to court, asking that
the court-martial be set aside. It just happens to be against the law to withhold exculpatory evidence from a defendant even in a military court!
The Army Court of Criminal Appeals denied the most recent appeal, and the case went to the Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces, where the Army
finally admitted that error had occurred, but that it was harmless error. The case currently awaits a decision by this military Court of Appeals.
A career is destroyed.
Sovereignty of the United States is seriously eroded.
Congress is lied to, and its war-making powers reduced by a renegade president intent upon reinventing government to suit his
concept of a New World Order.
Soldiers losing their right to present evidence in their own defense.
All future troops consigned to mercenary status by future presidents.
We dont call these things harmless.
And the troops today know nothing about this case which may soon impact many more of them. Treaty Law will strip away more and more na-
tional sovereignty, and more American troops will fight, bleed and die not for their own country, not for Freedom, but for an international agenda
under international military arrangements that are no longer under the control of Congress, but are instead run by politicians and bureaucrats in the
State Department and the White House.
George Washington knew what he was saying when he admonished us to avoid entangling alliances. Michael New also knew what he was saying
when he disobeyed an illegal order to wear a blue beret and report for duty on an illegal deployment.
The book is easy to read, and many soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines have commented on how it opened their eyes to what is happening to our
military. From privates to generals, we have endorsements of the book and of Michael News historic stand for American sovereignty. And your sol-
dier needs a copy!
You can now send that book free to someone you know who is active duty, or get it yourself and read, then use it to educate young people in your
life to the risks involved when we allow the rule of Constitutional law to be broken.
What Will Your Soldier Do When
Ordered To Wear A Blue Helmet?
Normally $19.95
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MICHAEL NEW the book
Normally $4.95
The Texas Free Press readers
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From the Editor...
September 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 2
There seems to a natural
human tendency to offer ad-
vice when none has been asked
for. Often it a well-meaning
friend telling you that she
knows better than you do about
how you should dress and what
you should have in your
wardrobe or how you should
wear your hair. Other times it
is a parent or older brother or
sister trying to explain how
you should run your life and
what horrible mistakes (they
think) you are making.
For those in business, it is
some well-meaning friend or
associate telling you that he or
she knows how you can better
run your business or make
more money. Sometimes these
people have ulterior motives.
For example, the man whose
brother is an out-of-work chef
may tell a restaurant owner that
what you need is a really good
chef in the kitchen, (not men-
tioning that it is his brother he
has in mind for the job.)
I do understand that many or
most people who offer
unasked-for advice or sugges-
tions are well-meaning. I my-
self will often visit a restaurant
or a small retail store and
quickly assess what they could
be doing better. But, since I am
not a business consultant, hired
by the business to improve it, I
keep my mouth shut no matter
how strongly I may feel about
it. Sometimes I am asked for
suggestions for an ad. That
changes the situation, and I
feel like I have good sugges-
tions, I will offer them.
An unintended consequence
of being on the receiving end
of unasked-for advice or sug-
gestions is that it often under-
mines morale of the individual
or the people involved in a
Upon further reflection I see
that our various governmental
bodies from local government
all the way up to the White
House seem largely to be en-
gaged in a similar kind of
thinking: We know better
than you do how you should
live your life, run your busi-
ness, take care of your health,
keep you safe, protect you
from terrorists, etc., etc., etc.
The world is full of what I
think of as arm-chair quarter-
backs. They sit in their easy
chairs, glued to the TV, yelling
at real players they see on the
screen, believing they know
best how the game should be
played, but they are powerless
to change the game. In todays
world, there are people who
are extremely angry about
what our state and national
governments are doing to us,
but they do nothing about it
other than rant and rage. They
know what is really going on
and feel powerless to do any-
thing about it other than talk
about it.
Please read the articles that
begin on page 4 in which
Devvy tells us all very specifi-
cally what we can do and must
do right now rather than sitting
in our Lazy-Boys playing
arm-chair quarterback. Un-
fortunately, the links in her ar-
ticles will not work from my
website. You will have to go to
her website at
I strongly urge you to go her
site and follow the links.
Is there ever a reason to give
unsolicited suggestions or ad-
vice? Yes, when the individual
at whom such advice is aimed
is an elected official who is
voting for immoral or uncon-
stitutional laws or leading the
governmental body down an
immoral and unconstitutional
path. Sic em, Fido.
Yours Truly,
Penny Peavy
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As I daily read alternative
media articles on the internet,
as well as articles by the main-
stream media, it becomes more
and more clear to me that if
you are depending on ABC,
FOX NEWS Channel for your
news, you are being duped by
those who wish for you to be-
lieve what the global banking
cartel wants you to believe.
They want you to believe in
Monsanto and GMO seeds.
They want you to believe in the
FDA, the USDA, Agenda 21,
the Green agenda, the Patriot
Act, as well as the efficacy of
various NGOs and various
health oriented organizations
that are dead set on ruining
your health and your lives.
They want you to believe in
Obama or Romney. They want
you to believe there are no
other choices. They want you
to believe in corporate bailouts,
federally mandated healthcare,
the dangerous notions of sus-
tainability, globalism,
green energy, gun control,
the Federal Reserve as the only
means to control the econ-
omy, and the UN as the sav-
ior of the world. All the while,
they present the notion that
government is here to help you
and to save lives, all the
while knowing that govern-
ment is here to reduce the pop-
ulation of America and the
world just as soon as possible.
These news sources are
simply doing this: Telling you
who to vote for in national
elections, telling you that alter-
native candidates such as Ron
Paul or Gary Johnson are just
fringe nut-cases. At best both
of these candidates are ignored.
At worst, they are presented as
bad guys. The media acts as
if Romney has already been
given the blessing as the Re-
publican candidate for presi-
dent and would be absolutely
wonderful because he was suc-
cessful at the gambling game
of investing. Now, they are
promoting Paul Ryan as the
economic savior and, for some
reason, as a tea party fa-
vorite, all the while making
light of tea party groups.
The Mainstream Media want
you to think there is actually a
political party called The Tea
Party. Nothing could be fur-
ther from the truth. There is no
national Tea Party. There are
hundreds, maybe thousands, of
groups across the nation who
refer to themselves as tea
party groups, and they do not
all necessarily agree with each
other on all the issues. They are
composed of people from all
political spectrums. Some are
very active, and some just
show up for various rallies or
just meet in private and eat a
lot. What these groups do have
in common is a call for lower
taxes and a Constitutional gov-
When I get up each morning,
I open my browser, prepared
to click on Fox Breaking
News, but I pause to guess
what smokescreen will be the
headline that day. I am usually
correct. I would be willing to
gamble on what will be consid-
ered news. Occasionally,
when I am feeling unusually
brave, I tune into ABC, NBC or
CBS morning news programs.
These are nothing but enter-
tainment shows, with occa-
sional lapses into a biased
presentation of political issues
or world news. These shows
are more interested in present-
ing the latest from Hollywood,
the latest rock stars and latest
celebrity chefs than in present-
ing any real news, never mind
any honest commentary or de-
bates on the implications of the
real news. They are also obvi-
ously interested in promoting
Obama and/or Romney, take
your pick.
If you believe that Fox News
Channel is your reliable source
for conservative news and
commentary, think again. Fox
News Channel, for the most
part, is moving along the con-
tinuum of once having been
fairly conservative to being an-
other puppet of the power elite,
providing support of Bush-like
candidates such as Mitt Rom-
ney. They are supporting the
Most talk radio is owned by
Clear Channel, owned by Bain
Capital, the source of Mitt
Romneys vast wealth. Sub-
sidiaries of Clear Channel are
Premier Radio Networks Inc.
The best-known conservative
TV and radio talk show hosts
are paid more in one year than
most of us earn in our entire
working lives. Do you think
for one minute that the talk
show hosts are going to bite the
hand that feeds them? I think
Theres some sort of saying
that one should keep ones
friends close but keep ones en-
emies closer. In keeping with
that piece of wisdom, go ahead
and check the mainstream
media regularly, but check the
alternative media several times
a day. Most alternative media
resources are on the internet
only. An exception is the pub-
lication you are reading right
now. If you do not have a com-
puter, find access to one at
your public library, or from
your children or grandchildren
and learn to surf the net for al-
ternative news. Besides inter-
net posted news and blogs,
check out RT (Russia Today)
and Aljazeera. They provide a
different perspective on news
about what is going in our
country than our own main-
stream media provides.
The mainstream media out-
lets will never tell you the
truth. They will tell you what
the talking heads have been
told to tell you by the power
elite. They will tell you that
Obamas good, Robomneys
good, etc., ad nauseum. They
will tell you that Paul Ryans
the best thing since sliced
It is important to our future
that you not only understand
your options but act on them.
No one ever mentions that Ron
Paul is still a candidate for the
Republican nomination and
quite likely better chance of
beating Obama than Romney
It appears that Romney will
become the Republican candi-
date, there is still another
choice in November: Gary
Johnson, the Libertarian candi-
date who says, Just this once,
vote Libertarian. While John-
son differs in some ways from
Ron Paul, he has much in com-
mon with Ron Paul and would
be a far better choice than Mitt
Romney. He is the former suc-
cessful governor of New Mex-
ico, still very popular in New
Mexico. However, he is still a
statist, apparently believing
that government knows best.
From the Far
West Side
by Farris West
You Decide
by Armando Conde
A Dark Night Rises
Over a Falling Republic
Part I of II
Recently Dave Mustaine-
founder of Megadeth-made the
following comments during his
concert in Singapore, concern-
ing Barack Obama and his
fight to disarm the American
People: So hes staging all of
these murders, like the Fast
And Furious thing down at the
border, Aurora, Colorado, all
the people that were killed
there, and now the beautiful
people at the Sikh temple. I
dont know where Im gonna
live if America keeps going the
way its going because it looks
like its turning into Nazi
Immediately, Mustaine was
blasted by the mainstream
media (MSM) about his right-
wing-conspiracy-theory rhet-
oric. He should stick to
schreeching lyrics and not po-
litical commentary, reported
New York Daily Times quoting
a victim of the Aurora shoot-
ing.. As offensive as Mus-
taines word may have been for
some, there is a vast amount of
evidence that supports his
statements, which Mustaine
later clarified in an interview
on the Alex Jones radio show:
Nobody can deny that there
were criminal rogues within
the administration and CBS
News got the memos, Con-
gress has the information and
basically Larry Pratt of Gun
Owners of America who is a
highly respected person said
that if they would stage Fast
and Furious theyd be capable
of staging anything and it was
all done to blame the second
The fact that the Obama ad-
ministration knew of and en-
couraged the Fast and Furious
debacle, should make any one
Patriot question the extent to
which a dictatorial government
will go to succeed in the fun-
damental change of our great
Country. Whether you stand
with Mustaine or simply brush
him off as a nut-job, time
should be taken to either con-
firm or deny those out-
landish statements.
Something is truly wrong with
our Country today, and until
we can admit that, as well as
break this ridiculous left-right
paradigm, the Republic, Our
Republic-built on the founda-
tion of God-given Rights- will
continue to crumble to the
point where Joe Bidens words
will become reality, Put yall
back in chains!
First let us examine evidence
that lends credence to Mus-
taines farfetched claims.
After catching wind of Mus-
taines words, New York Daily
Times interviewed victims of
the tragic Aurora shooting, and
quoted one victim as saying
that it was not Obama that
pulled the trigger. This should
go-without-saying and there is
no doubt that alleged shooter
James Holmes was appre-
hended at the scene. However,
more questions should arise
when preliminary reports were
of more than one shooter. At
least three movie-goers that
night gave interviews claiming
a second shooter. Police dis-
patch recorded from that night
provides audio of a dispatcher
telling officers to be on the
lookout for a possible second
One witness claims that a
second can of gas was thrown
from the opposite side of
Holmes position. Another wit-
ness asserts that whoever held
the emergency door open
seemed to be gesturing for
someone else to enter the the-
ater. The third witness claims
to see a second shooter geared-
up in all black, the same way
Holmes was when arrested.
One other interesting point is
that a second gas mask was
found behind the theater. The
police chief of Aurora, in his
statement to the press, admit-
tedly assured the Public that
Holmes acted alone. How can
Holmes be the only shooter,
yet a second gas mask was
found behind the Cineplex. I
guess one movie-goer was so
paranoid of chemical warfare
that they never left his/her
home without their trusty gas
If the witness accounts do
not seem to trigger any curios-
ity about the lone-wolf story;
how about the fact that Holmes
surrendered without incident
and even warned the police of
his booby-trapped apartment?
If Holmes was hell-bent on
killing as many possible, then
why warn the authorities of
the impending doom should
they enter his apartment with-
out caution? This does not
make sense for someone whos
goal seems to be to cause as
much havoc and death as pos-
The guy was a whacko!
Nothing he did makes any
sense, many will try to argue;
however, after Holmes initial
court appearance, retired FBI
agent Ray Lopez described the
apartment as a house bomb,
seen in places like Iraq and
Afghanistan, and the first
one ever the United
States. Although Holmes held
a bachelors degree in neuro-
science and was awarded a
grant from the National Insti-
tute of Health for his PhD in
neuroscience, how and where
did he acquire the knowledge
to build such an intricate net-
work of traps only seen in war?
Yes the guy was smart, and yes
he could have learned to man-
ufacture explosives online, but
that does not explain how,
when, and where he learned to
setup such a complex system
of traps.
Lets fast-forward to Holmes
first court appearance.
As the charges were read to
Holmes he appeared to be in a
daze and far from coherent as
if he was drugged. The guy
could barely keep his eyes
open and his head upright, yet
the MSM reported that he was
not any medication at the time
of his first appearance. After a
few days in county jail Holmes
asked one of the guards why he
was in jail. What made James
Holmes forget why he was in
jail; seemingly oblivious to the
carnage he caused?
One week after the shooting.
The FBI is called to the uni-
versity Holmes attended in re-
sponse to a suspicious package
thought to be from the shooter.
Initial reports tell us that the
package which the FBI re-
sponded to was not from
Holmes; however, as the FBI
searched the mailroom, the au-
thorities found another pack-
age addressed to a campus
See Election
Continued on Page 5
Elections, the Media
and Anyone-But-Obama
See Dark Night
Continued on Page 5
We Get
To the Editor:
I hear rumors all the time,
usually spread by small-
minded people with no good
intentions. Sometimes the ru-
mors focus on an indivudal,
sometimes on a business or on
a political campaign. In my
own community, there is al-
ways someone or several peo-
ple who are jealous of those
who have taken risks, put their
own money at risk, to start a
business, hire employees and
then are demonstrably success-
Do not be a rumormonger.
Instead, be someone who stops
rumors dead cold. Instead of
trying to ruin someones busi-
ness, be a supporter. All suc-
cessful businesses benefit a
community in several ways.
For one, they provide employ-
ment for people who might
otherwise be unemployed. For
another, the owner and the em-
ployees now have more money
to spend and spend it for rent,
mortgages, food, services and
other things, spreading wealth
around in the community with
no interference or guidance
from a meddlesome govern-
If there is a business you re-
ally do not like, let your wallet
do the talking and simply do
not patronize that business.
Spreading rumors about the
business only reveals you as a
very small person, incapable of
competing fairly. As in all busi-
ness, the cream usually rises to
the top, and people will shop
where they feel they are getting
the best value and the best cus-
tomer service. When there are
several businesses in a commu-
nity offering the same goods or
services, instead of telling un-
truths about your competition,
make your business the best,
the most desirable. Theres
enough room for everyone in
business, especially if you just
tend to your buiness, doing the
best you can day after day.
This is just my opinion be-
cause I am sick and tired of the
hatred and rumors among
members of my own commu-
Joe Bill
Lake Corpus Christ area
September 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 3
tt,,tt| ttt |t:t| t:t|||
300 constitutional sheriffs are coming together for the 2
convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 16 - 18, 2012
Last January over 100 county sheriIIs Irom across the country
gathered in Las Vegas Ior the Iirst CSPOA convention.
These sheriIIs are recognizing their responsibility to carry out their
duties in deIending the United States Constitution and interposing
themselves on our behalI, in accordance with their oaths oI oIIice,
recognizing that their power and authority comes Irom us (We The
People) when we elect them as our public servants.
Actions you can take now to support your sheriff:
Go to Join Ior $ 35 Become inIormed.
Purchase books and dvd`s Irom or, or by phone at (832)423-4183.
Give copies oI these books and dvd to your sheriII:
The County SheriII America`s Last Hope
Proper Role oI Law EnIorcement
The Magic oI Gun Control
Highlights oI the 1
CSPOA Convention (DVD)
Sponsor and see that your sheriII is registered Ior the 2
convention Ior $299 (hotel, training, and meals) Trans-
portation to/Irom is not included. For more inIo visit or call the CSPOA at (830)307-3077.
The County Sheriff:
Americas Last Hope
The county sheriff is our nations last line of de-
fense, for the preservation of and return to fun-
damental, individual liberty.
Sheriff, you are the peoples last hope.
When you connect with this astounding truth,
the people in your county or parish will recon-
nect with freedom.
The Magic of Gun Control
When we honestly come to understand the truth
about gun control, we will see how todays POLY-
MAGICIANS and their distraction-clad, well-paid
assistants the mainstream media
create elaborate performances designed to fool us
into giving up the one freedom that will allow all
other freedoms to be taken away.
Both Titles available in paperback and instant-download audio book
Listen & Participate daily in the future
of YOUR freedom!
Global Voice 2012 has been established on behalf of all those who love Freedom
around the world. Humanity is waking up and with that their voices are being
heard as they speak the truth. That truth comes in many forms on a variety of
topics. This is the place for all those with information to share with those wiping
the sand from their eyes. We encourage open discussion on all subjects while re-
specting one another's opinions. We learn to agree to disagree while at the same
time establishing a common ground. We only support one cause here and its
name is FREEDOM!!We are not a shock news group. Posts should follow a peace-
ful and advanced theme. We refrain from posting stories or comments that may
upset another. We are well aware of the horrific things
that occur. Do we really need them here too?
You are welcomed here and we look forward to getting to know all of you.Here is
the link to Global Voice Radio!
This is Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for President of the United States. A brief ver-
sion of his stand on the issues can be found on page 15. Aside from hisvery successful gov-
ernment experience as Governor of New Mexico, this man started his own business from
scratch as a young man and ended up having 1,000 employees. On a personal level he has
scaled the highest peaks of 4 continents, including Everest, competed in the Bataan Memo-
rial Death March, a 25 mile desert run in combat boots wearing a 35 pound backpack, par-
ticipatd in Hawaiis invitation-only Ironman Triathlon Championship, several times and
mountain biked the eight day Adidas TransAlps Challenge in Europe.
We Get Photos
Photo by Linda Sue Barnes
Photo by Beverly Lee
Photo by Linda Sue Barnes
Texas Longhorn
View 1
Yellow Warbler
Mathis, Texas
Texas Longhorn
View 2
Second Critical Bill For
Your State Legislature -
2013 Session
real well over the years.
Working Paper
Because state legislators are
buried in bills for routine issues
within their state like educa-
tion, medical practice, law en-
forcement and other internal
items, so many of them don't
have a clue about things like
the non ratification of the Sev-
enteenth Amendment and why
it is so important to challenge
it. The states lost their repre-
sentation in the U.S. Congress
in 1913 and have been nothing
but door mats for the General
Government ever since. I know
there are several groups out
there working to get the Out-
law Congress to repeal the
Seventeenth Amendment. You
cannot repeal an amendment
that was not legally ratified and
anyone who thinks those
scoundrels in Congress are
going to repeal that amend-
ment live in a dream world. A
lie is a lie.
A working paper is an
overview of the legislation you
want your state rep and senator
to introduce and fight to get
passed. That doesn't mean a
governor will sign it as what
happened in Alabama with the
Agenda 21 bill. Shamefully,
their Republican governor did-
n't want to sign the bill, but ac-
tivists turned up the heat and
he did. Along with the working
paper you include any exhibits
that will help convince your
state representative a particular
bill is important and necessary
for the state and citizens.
Here in Texas, as I said
above, we are gearing up to go
after our state representatives
now even though our legisla-
ture is out of session until Jan-
uary 2013. I've finished the
first working paper on the Sev-
enteenth Amendment. The next
one will be a sound money bill,
then Agenda 21, constitutional
militia, Monsanto, chemtrails,
industrial hemp and protecting
farmers (raw milk issue be-
cause it all comes down to ju-
risdiction). Please do the same
in your state.
I have been pounding on this
since 1993. Now is the time for
the states to regain their repre-
sentation in the U.S. Congress
as was the only intention by
those who wrote the U.S. Con-
Here are the state reps and
senators to approach in a few
states who have a mountain of
documentation from me. The
list below are the ones to con-
tact asking them to introduce
the bill and/or cosponsor it:
Texas: Rep. Bryan Hughes,
Rep. Jim Landtroop and Rep.
Lois Kolkhorst
New Hampshire: Rep. Daniel
Itse, Rep. Joshua Davenport
and Rep. Larry Rappaport
Idaho: Rep. Pete Nielsen
Utah: Senator Howard
Kentucky: Senator David
Washington State: Rep.
Matthew Shea
What do you need to give
your state representative? First,
in person if possible, if not, by
snail mail. No email and fol-
low up is critically important.
1. Working paper - This one is
for Texas, but you can copy it
and give it to your state repre-
sentative because this issue is
the same for all the states.
2. Here is the bill that was sup-
posed to be introduced this past
January in the New Hampshire
State Legislature. Due to a pro-
cedural error, it was not, but it
will be in January 2013. You
can also view it here.
Why is it important to in-
clude this in your package? Be-
cause it will show your state
representative that one state in-
tends to challenge the non rati-
fication of that amendment.
Additionally, our state reps
need only duplicate NH's bill
with the required statutory
changes. How much easier can
we make it for them?
3. Letter from former Secretary
of State in California. I tried to
verify this letter by contacting
the archivist out in California,
but they destroy general corre-
spondence like that one every
few years. However, I believe
it to be authentic based on my
4. California has put their old
journal records up on the Inter-
net; bless them. I had my web
master down load all of them
and put on a CD. There is no
record of California voting for
the Seventeenth Amendment to
the U.S. Constitution making it
one state short of legal ratifica-
tion. The reason I had my web
master down load the old jour-
nals is because we don't want
some page popping up later
that was "misplaced". You can
do the same; here is the direct
link. Very important evidence.
All of the documents from the
National Archives are here.
Ratification was a mess as I ex-
plain in the working paper.
So, you have the working
paper, the NH bill, the letter
from California's former Sec-
retary of State and the Califor-
nia State Assembly Journal
records on a CD as a package
to give to your state represen-
tative and those I listed above
if you're in one of those states.
All you need is a cover letter to
your state representative or
better yet, deliver it in person -
and follow up over and over
until we get a bill.
Now it's up to all of us to get
this to our state representatives
as quickly as possible. Time is
not on our side.
Note from Editor: In this last
section of Devvys article,
there are several links in the
original online article to the pa-
pers referred to. You can access
the article at
and then follow the links to
download them. Washington
D.C. is hopeless. Our only
hope now is our respective
state legislatures. This also
goes for the next two Devvy
articles on critical bills.
September 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 4
By: Devvy
August 1, 2012
This is the second install-
ment in critical bills that need
to get introduced in your state
legislature this coming Janu-
ary. As I pointed out in my last
column, bills have to be writ-
ten by Thanksgiving for distri-
bution to committees. If you
wait until January or February,
it will be way too late.
Dr. Vieira asked in a February
2012, presentation: "If the Fed-
eral Reserve System collapses
in hyperinflation in the near fu-
ture, exactly what will the
State and her citizens then use
as their currency?"
At this point in time, nothing,
because not one state in this
Union is prepared for the in-
While many Americans do un-
derstand the problem with fiat
currency and the "Fed", I
would guess a hundred million
don't and neither do enough
members of the 50 state legis-
latures or they would have ad-
dressed this massive problem
years ago. So, it is up to you to
get this information to your
state representative and get a
commitment to introduce a bill
in January. Better if you can do
it as a group like tea party or 9-
12 chapters. But, it takes boots
on the ground and effort. I
have already mailed my pack-
age for the bill challenging rat-
ification of the Seventeenth
Amendment. Have you? If we
do nothing, how can we expect
to get critical issues addressed
and solutions implemented?
If people thought what began
in 2007 and finally blew a fuse
in 2008 was bad, they haven't
seen the worst of it...yet. Re-
member: those who have
worked hard and accumulated
wealth are the ones (just like
little businesses) who create
the jobs. When they lose their
fortunes, you will see many
more businesses go under.
Since 2008, some 220,000
small business have gone belly
up. All of this does affect the
states of the Union in higher
unemployment, Medicaid,
welfare and crime.
Faber: Massive Wealth De-
struction Coming, Well-to-Do
May Lose 50%
"Faber stated, I think some-
where down the line we will
have a massive wealth destruc-
tion. That usually happens ei-
ther through very high
inflation or through social un-
rest or through war or credit-
market collapse.
I would say that well-to-do
people may lose up to 50 per-
cent of their total wealth.
"Faber points out that this
bleak outlook for the United
States has been caused by Fed-
eral Reserve Chairman Ben
Bernanke and the Federal Re-
serve's continuous printing of
new money.
"He says that the bailout and
money printing will not create
any long-lasting wealth or cre-
ate healthy growth, and that
the collapse will come on
Bernankes watch."
America Heading Towards a
Collapse Worse Than 2008 &
Europe! Says Peter Schiff
"According to CEO and Chief
Global Strategist of Euro Pa-
cific Capital Peter Schiff, the
U.S. economy is heading for
an economic crash that will
make 2008 look like a walk in
the park. Stimulus programs
can delay this day of reckon-
ing, but only for so long and
only at the expense of making
the eventual meltdown much,
much worse.
"Schiff, who famously warned
investors about the housing
and financial crisis in his 2007
book Crash Proof, says the
Fed's palliative efforts during
the housing meltdown have
made the next crisis inevitable.
"We've got a much bigger col-
lapse coming, and not just of
the markets but of the econ-
omy," Schiff says in the at-
tached clip. "It's like what
you're seeing in Europe right
now, only worse."
"In this nightmare scenario de-
tailed in The Real Crash:
America's Coming Bank-
ruptcy, the current economic
pause is actually the beginning
of a material slowdown or re-
cession into year end. At that
point, the Federal Reserve will
unleash a third round of Quan-
titative Easing weakening
the dollar without jump-start-
ing the economy. As a result of
dollar weakness, import prices
rise, pressing the margins of
corporate America. Lower
margins lead to heavy layoffs,
sending millions of workers
into unemployment during a
time when they can least afford
it. Banks fail, housing col-
lapses, and taxes are raised in
a futile effort to give the
tapped-out government the
capital to try yet more futile
"That's when it really is going
to get interesting, because
that's when we hit our real fis-
cal cliff, when we're going to
have to slash and I mean
slash government spend-
ing," says Schiff.
"Those cuts will not be at all
unlike the draconian austerity
measures in Greece, with pro-
grams like Social Security and
Medicare being dramatically
cut or possibly disappearing
entirely. The easiest way to put
it, is that everything you don't
think could possibly happen in
America will come to be."
One on one with John
"Anyone who thinks the U.S.
is in recovery should stop lis-
tening to the mainstream
media and listen to John
Williams. He heads up Shad-, and is one of the
few economists who crunches
the numbers to give unvar-
nished true statistics. Adjusted
for real inflation of about 7%,
Williams says, GDP has
plunged, and we have been
bottom bouncing ever since
the financial crisis started.
Williams says, The next crash
will be a lot worse (than 2008)
because it will push us into the
early stages of hyperinflation.
He predicts this will happen
by the end of 2014 at the lat-
est. Long before 2014, Shad- thinks there is a
good chance of panic selling
of the U.S. dollar, if the Fed-
eral Reserve starts another
round of money printing (QE3)
to save the system and the big
"No matter what Williams pre-
dicts, There will eventually be
a crisis to bring the system
down as we know it. . . . Were
on the brink. According to
Williams, at some point, you
will see a new currency in the
U.S. The founder of Shadow- sat down for a one on
one interview with Greg
Hunter to talk about the math-
ematical certainty of a sys-
temic collapse in the
not-so-distant future."
The individuals above are no
light weights and people had
better listen to what they're
saying. State legislators had
better wake up and smell the
disaster about to hit the state
Critical Bills For
2013 Legislatures
By: Devvy
July 20, 2012
Reprinted with permission
from author.
As I ask so many times in my
columns: Are Americans going
to put boots on the ground and
solve the problems plaguing
this republic or just read
columns and move on for the
I know there are millions of
Americans who are active in
trying to staunch the blood let-
ting coming out of Washing-
ton, DC., every day of the
week. But, we can't continue
fighting one treaty at a time.
Look at the enormous amount
of time, money and energy put
into trying to defeat the LOST
(Law of the Sea Treaty) and the
upcoming United Nations
Small Arms Treaty. Even
though Sen. Jim DeMint, ac-
cording to reports, says that
treaty is dead, the impostor in
the White House could still get
LOST through with just one
more globalist senator. The
Small Arms Treaty comes up
for a vote next week by sena-
tors sitting in office under a
law that doesn't exist..
The U.S. Senate has been a
major force in destroying this
country from destructive trade
treaties destroying over 8 mil-
lion good paying jobs, protect-
ing illegal aliens, federal
judicial appointments includ-
ing the U.S. Supreme Court to
the monstrous mess called
Anyone not in denial knows
what's already underway for
our dead economy, yet the
states of the Union continue to
ignore the dire peril they are in
because they ignore what
everyone else in the world can
see: The ultimate financial
meltdown. Only one state,
Utah, has passed a watered
down version of a sound
money bill to protect their state
and citizens.
I feel confident in saying
probably a million or more
Americans have been fighting
to stop Agenda 21. The mas-
sive, heroic efforts by Tom De-
Weese's organization, the late
Henry Lamb and so many oth-
ers is paying off. Last month,
Alabama became the first state
to ban the UN's Agenda 21.
Kicking ICLEI and the UN out
of our states by our state legis-
latures is a priority item instead
of doing it county by county.
Here in Texas, we intend to
start talks with key state repre-
sentatives on the three issues
above: The non ratification of
the Seventeenth Amendment, a
Sound Money Bill and Agenda
There are other critical issues
that also need to be taken up by
our state legislatures in the
2013 session. Top of the list is
the constitutional militia which
has to be treated a little differ-
ently because of the demoniza-
tion by America hating groups
like the Southern Poverty Law
Center, wholesale ignorance by
the media and members of our
legislatures. Also at the state
level: Monsanto, chemtrails
and booting out the unconstitu-
tional Federal Department of
Education dumbing down the
children of America. I will be
writing a working paper for
each one as quickly as I can
with the exhibits that need to
be attached.
But, one at a time as we go
down the list of bills the legis-
latures must take up in the up-
coming session.
Many people don't know it
but bills for the January 2013
session have to be written and
submitted for committees be-
fore the end of the year. There
is an election in November.
Not all state legislators and
senators are up for reelection,
but most are depending on the
state. We have some excellent
constitutional legislators in the
state houses and hopefully they
will get reelected. If you want
your legislature to introduce a
bill to kick Monsanto out of
your state, you can't wait until
February 2013 to contact your
state representative because by
then it is too late.
It has to be NOW - espe-
cially for my state (Texas), Ne-
vada, Montana and North
Dakota because those four
states are only in session a
short time. Under the Texas
State Constitution, our legisla-
ture is only in session 140 days
and then they're out until the
next odd numbered year. That
means our legislature has been
out of session since the middle
of May 2011 and they don't
open the session again until the
second Tuesday in January
We the people need to get on
the same sheet of music na-
tionwide and go after our state
houses to get bills into the hop-
per and fight for passage. Crit-
ical bills that will cure the
cancer instead of just treating it
with more Band Aids. We can-
not continue trying to fight off
one bill at a time coming out of
the criminal syndicate called
the U.S. Congress, more job
killing treaties or mandates
from unconstitutional cabinets.
We go for the total cure one bill
at a time, but all must be ad-
dressed in the next legislative
I know it's difficult for a lot
of Americans who are sincere
in wanting to save our repub-
lic. Many don't have much ex-
perience in approaching
members of their legislature or
don't know anyone else in their
area. Well, there are more of us
than ever and our numbers
continue to grow. Not all the
tea party groups have been
compromised. Yes, many local
tea party and 9/12 groups are
still in the learning process in
finding out the true underpin-
nings of the architects trying to
ram world government down
our throats. You might also be
surprised at how many mem-
bers are fully up to speed on
the planned destruction of
America. We have to reach out
with what we know and the
facts to back up what we say to
unify on major issues like a
sound money bill.
I hate to say it, but too many
state legislators and senators
have no clue about what's re-
ally going on with deadly is-
sues like the chemical spraying
of our skies. It's up to us to ed-
ucate them. It's up to we the
people to make sure our state
houses don't waste time on
worthless legislation like we
had here in Texas last year: an
attempt to raise the speed limit
to 85. Heck, no one pays any
attention to the 75 or 80 mph
speed limits already posted.
We the people have to be vigi-
lant every day our legislatures
are in session because they
pass horrible bills, i.e., immi-
nent domain and others that di-
rectly impact our lives while
ignoring solutions.
When the legislatures go into
session in January, the com-
mittees are already set as well
as bills for new laws from
medical issues, education and
so forth. We have to make sure
2013 is the year we turn things
around because we're running
out of time. The Tenth Amend-
ment Center has been doing an
excellent job on the nullifica-
tion issue and have model leg-
islation to expedite the process
with state houses.
There are about 7300 state
representatives and senators in
the 50 states. It's not going to
be easy, but either we stand up
and fight for what we want or
shut up. I urge people to tune
out the noise on the Internet
and gas bag cable network
shows like Sean Hannity &
Bill O'Reilly. Those "shows"
are the same regurgitated polit-
ical garbage night after night.
Neither one of them ever talk
about solutions, just more
Band Aids and "elect a conser-
vative" in November to Con-
gress. Yeah, that's worked out
The argument that the two parties
should represent opposed ideals and
policies, one, perhaps, of the Right
and the other of the Left, is a foolish
idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire
and academic thinkers. Instead, the
two parties should be almost identi-
cal, so that the American people can
throw the rascals out at any election
without leading to any profound or ex-
treme shifts in policy.
- Carrol Quigley, Tragedy and Hope
See Critical
Continued on Page 5
Does anyone besides me think
there is an agenda here, at best,
or false flag events, at worst? It
is all about attempts at gun
control. What the general pub-
lic believe are assault
weapons are, for the most
part, scarier looking versions
of basic hunting guns. Looking
at blogs on the internet and
commentaries, an amazing
number of people are ignorant
of true statistics and actually
believe that gun control will
save lives. It is not the busi-
ness of government to save
lives. As everyone with one
iota of common sense knows,
if any further gun control is in-
stituted, only criminals (in-
cluding various arms of the
government) will have guns,
and the rest of us will simply
be helpless victims of crime.
The Department of Home-
land Security has put out bids
for ammo that is enough to kill
everyone in the United States
several times over. The Social
Security Administration also is
asking bids on an incredible
amount of ammo. The Army
has bids out for helmets for
homeland security use. Is our
government expecting some-
thing we dont know about?
Recently a man in New York
was killed by police because he
wielded a knife. While this
man was probably indeed dan-
gerous, the media is making a
huge event out of this. When
are they going to come and
take your potentially lethal
kitchen knives away from you?
When will they take your chain
saw, your machete, your base-
ball bats, your hunting knives,
your steak knives, your dinner
forks? Or maybe your golf
clubs? All could be used as
Romney supported gun con-
trol in Massachusetts. Then,
more recently, he paid enough
money to became a lifetime
member of the NRA, itself a
somewhat compromising
organization when it comes to
the 2nd Amendment. His ex-
perience with guns is limited to
shooting a rabbit or two as a
teenager and participating in
one quail hunt in 2006. He ad-
mits he does not own a gun. It
seems obvious that his sudden
membership in the NRA was to
get political support from the
NRA, not from a commitment
to uphold the 2nd Amendment.
Every time I see Obamas
mouth move, I assume he is
lying. Every time I see Rom-
neys mouth move, I assume he
is pandering to his audience.
His selection of Ryan as a run-
ning partner seemed a bit pre-
mature since Romney was not
yet the Republican nominee,
only a presumptive nominee.
His selection of Ryan is con-
sidered by his minions to get
him the vote of the more con-
servative Republicans who do
not like Romney and to get the
vote of various tea party
groups. Ryan is just another es-
tablishment Republican, and
his budget plan may, at best,
bring a temporary uptick in the
stock market and perhaps mod-
est employment gains, but in
the long term it will result in an
increase in government spend-
ing, just a little less increase in
spending than another Obama
administration would spend.
The media ignore that Ron
Paul is still running for the Re-
publican nomination and ig-
nore Gary Johnson, the
Libertarian candidate alto-
Keep in mind that Romneys
biggest financial supporters
come such firms as Morgan
Stanley and Goldman Sachs,
all a part of the global banking
cartel, and Ryan is a career
I never wanted to believe
that Mitt could actually be-
come the Republican nominee
(which he hasnt yet). Among
September 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 5
Continued from Page 4
houses like a tsunami. That's
why this bill is so important.
For this bill, you need a cover
letter if you (or a group you're
affiliated with) can't meet with
your state rep personally. No
email. What should you put in
this package?
1. The Working Paper. As I
explained in the first install-
ment, a working paper is to
demonstrate to your state rep-
resentative the need for a bill
and why it benefits the state
and her citizens.
2. Print out Dr. Edwin
Vieira's nine page presenta-
tion for a bill in Montana and
include it with the working
paper. That document will
show your state representative
that other states are at least
making some effort. I can tell
you that the biggest problem
besides ignorance on the part
of state legislators is party pol-
itics. In all their stupidity, I
have watched 'sound money
bills' get killed by one party or
the other ignoring the conse-
quences of their actions.
3. Print out the South Car-
olina bill I included in the
Working Paper. While that
bill is far from being perfect, it
is a start.
4. This model piece of legisla-
tion Dr. Vieira wrote for the
states and included in his two
volume work, Pieces of
Eight: The Monetary Powers
and Disabilities of the United
States Constitution (2002),
the most comprehensive
study in existence of Ameri-
can monetary law and his-
tory viewed from a
constitutional perspective.
Print it out for your package.
5. There are three other doc-
uments that need to be put on
a CD and included in your
package. They are too long to
print out, but anyone who reads
them (like your state represen-
tative) will fully understand the
problem, how perilous the situ-
ation is and hopefully, move
them to get a bill written and
They are:
Testimony of Edwin Vieira,
Jr., with Respect to the Au-
thorization for a Study Com-
mission to Investigate the
Need for An Alternative
Currency in Virginia, Febru-
ary 2, 2012
An Introductory Primer on
The Constitutional Author-
ity of the States to Adopt An
Alternative Currency by
Edwin Vieira, Jr., 2011
Corportivism in Money and
Banking Has Led America to
Fascism - Address to the An-
nual Spring Meeting of the
Committee for Monetary Re-
search & Education, Union
League Club, New York City,
May 17, 2012
Millions of Americans have
been broad sided by what
began in 2008 and will only
continue to get worse. The
Outlaw Congress absolutely
refuses to take corrective ac-
tion. Look at what has hap-
pened with the bill just to audit
the privately owned "Federal"
Reserve. It's taken years to get
the bill passed by the house,
but Harry Reid isn't going to
allow it to get passed in the
Senate. Rep. Ron Paul's bill in
2007, to absolish the unconsti-
tutional "Federal" Reserve did-
n't get a single sponsor. In the
meantime, we have all paid the
The consequences to all of
us if the states don't take action
on this issue is horrendous.
1- The Next Banking Scandals
Ready To Explode
2- Broken America: The towns
left in financial ruin
3- The Libor Scandal In Full
4- USA: The Next Detroit by
Porter Stansbury
5- Obamaville
Devvy Kidd authored the
booklets, Why A Bankrupt
America and Blind Loyalty; 2
million copies sold. Devvy ap-
pears on radio shows all over
the country. She left the Re-
publican Party in 1996 and
has been an independent voter
ever since. Devvy isn't left,
right or in the middle; she is a
constitutionalist who believes
in the supreme law of the land,
not some political party.
Devvy's regularly posted new
columns are on her site at: You can also
sign up for her free email
E-mail is: devvyk@earth-
psychiatrist with a return ad-
dressed from Holmes. Of
course, according to reports, it
could not be determined when
the package was delivered or
why it apparently sat in the
mailroom for God-knows how
long? How convenient that the
efficiency of the university
mailroom seems to falter with
the proof of a psychos intent
to create mayhem; the plans
drawn out with stickman, the
same weekend of the shooting.
One explanation, minus the
theory of him playing the in-
sane card, is that he was pro-
grammed, i.e. brainwashed.
Brainwashing may explain
why Holmes would surrender
without incident, warn the po-
lice of the traps he set, his
zombie-like appearance in
court, and the convenience of
Simply bringing to light the
slight possibility of brain-
washing will have the false-
patriots calling for my
admittance to the asylum;
however, in 1974 New York
Times printed a story claiming
the CIA had conducted exper-
iments on U.S.A. Citizens dur-
ing the 1960s. Although the
Rockefeller Commission,
headed by Vice President
under Gerald Ford, Nelson
Rockefeller and the Church
Committee, chaired by U.S.
Senator Frank Church, re-
vealed some information; it
was not until March 15, 1995
that testimony was heard by
two victims of a brainwashing
program infamously known as
Although their testimony
never mentioned the acronym
MKULTRA; the accounts
given that day, mirror that of
the secretive CIA program.
Both Chris DeNicola and
Claudia Mullens testified to
the committee of the horrible
sl eep-depri vat i on-sexual
abuse torture both women en-
dured as young children into
adolescence and adulthood.
Along with the two victims,
therapist Valerie Wolf called
for further investigation into
the activities of brainwashing
and torturing of children. Wolf
also testified that there were
many victims who have the
same horrid memories as well
as suffer from autoimmune
diseases and other affects
caused by the radioactive
drugs given to the children as
part of the program.
Ms. DeNicola swore that the
purpose for her treatment was
to be a spy assassin for the
government. Ms. Mullen also
testified to playing a role in
blackmailing politicians with
pedophilia by having encoun-
ters with the men when she
was as young as ten years old.
Although CIA director
Richard Helms destroyed most
of the documentation related
to the program in 1973, a 1977
Freedom of Information re-
quest yielded over 20,000 re-
lated documents.
The brainwashed-govern-
ment-assassin theory seems to
be the pinnacle of conspiracy
theories where this plot would
only play out on the big
screen. Movies such as the
Manchurian Candidate and the
Jason Bourne trilogy reveal
the end result of the torment
endured by Mullens and
DeNicola. Most times the best
way to reveal truth is through
fiction and although the char-
acters are created, the actions
taken to create a super sol-
dier are as real as you and I.
The CIA claims to no longer
be participating in such atro-
cious acts since the program
was shut down after the presi-
dential and senatorial hear-
ings; yet how can anyone
believe that they would simply
shut down all their precious
research because a few sliv-
ers of truth were exposed. I
personally have my doubts that
the program ceased research in
the mid-seventies, especially
when the Aurora shooting sus-
pect Holmes exhibits behav-
iors almost identical to Sirhan
Bishara Sirhan, the man ac-
cused and convicted of killing
Robert F. Kennedy in 1968.
Such as was the accounts of a
second shooter with the Aurora
shooting, so was the claim of a
second shooter in the RFK as-
sassination. After thirty years
Nina Rhodes-Hughes, a wit-
ness to the RFK killing, came
forward to make clear that the
FBI altered her statement and
to reaffirm that she heard sep-
arate gunfire from Sirhan
Sirhan. Rhodes-Hughes is not
alone in her story from that
dreadful night, other witnesses
also say the same claiming that
they heard anywhere from 10-
14 shots. The gun confiscated
from Sirhan Sirhan could only
hold eight rounds and not to
mention that the three shots
that entered Kennedys body
were from behind, yet Sirhan
Sirhan was in front of the po-
tential Presidential democratic
Sirhan Sirhan confessed to
the killing, claiming that it was
due Kennedys backing of Is-
real which has been at war
with his people- the Palestini-
ans- for many generations.
After his confession, Sirhan
Sirhan claims to not remember
the shooting or the confession.
Like Holmes, Sirhan Sirhan
appeared to be drugged. Just
like Holmes, Sirhan Sirhan
conveniently suffered from
amnesia. Like Holmes, jour-
nals were found indicating
Sirhan Sirhans plan to kill.
And I can almost guarantee
you that like the month or two
leading up to the Aurora shoot-
ing, Holmes activities will be
hard to trace just like Sirhan
You can claim that I, or other
likeminded individuals, are
reaching at straws when out-
lining the parallels of the two
shootings, yet how can you
deny the evidence, including
the testimony from DeNicola
and Mullens, that individuals
were trained for missions such
as these? What about Jared
Loughner who shot Congress-
woman Gabriella Gifford and
killed others, including Judge
John Roll who was set to in-
vestigate firearms illegally en-
tering into Mexico. Perhaps
questions were to be asked by
the late Judge Roll, which
would interfere with the gun-
running program in Arizona
which would be later outted as
operation Fast and Furious.
Loughner recently pled
guilty for his actions that
dreadful day in January and re-
vealing some sort of humanity
when he realized he was re-
sponsible for the death of a lit-
tle girl. His humanity seemed
to be completely removed
when he had learned that the
Congresswoman had survived;
claiming that he was a failure
because she did not die. Today
Loughner takes responsibility
for his actions while MSM re-
ports that he has been forcible
medicated over his past year
of incarceration. The plea bar-
gain suits the prosecuting gov-
ernment rather than the
defendant due to the fact that if
a trial were to be held, evi-
dence would had surfaced that
we are not privy to. The
prosecution claims that a trial
would only lead to witnesses,
victims, and families of vic-
tims to relive the horrible
memories of that dreadful day.
You have to gather the dots
before you try to connect
Perhaps one reason why the
Many people I speak with
from day to day say they will
vote for Romney, presuming
he will be the Republican
nominee, not because they ap-
prove of Romney or even like
the man or his lack of stances
on major issues, but because
they are voting for Anyone
But Obama or the Lesser of
Two Evils. Both of those are
sorry excuses to vote for any-
one, regardless of party, al-
though I agree that absolutely
anyone would better than
Obama, or as one commenta-
tor put it, A can of dog food
would be better than Obama.
It appears that Romney will
be the Republican candidate.
What could happen? Many
would-be voters may stay
home. Obama will win, and
then we are further down the
road to hell in a handbasket.
Many of you will say,
Well, if I dont vote or vote
for someone on another ticket,
I am allowing Obama to win
That is quite possible. The way
to beat Obama at this point
may be for Ron Paul support-
ers, Democrats who are disil-
lusioned, and Republicans
who do not like Romney to
vote for Gary Johnson, the lib-
ertarian candidate. What so
many people do not under-
stand is that both Democrats
and Independents who would
never cast a vote for Romney
would cast a vote for Gary
Johnson because his views
cross all party lines. Gary
Johnson has real business ex-
perience, is a real man with
calluses on his hands and was
a very successful governor of
New Mexico. He was known
for his vetoes of spending bills.
Many Republicans vote for
the warmongers out of fear.
They fear that a terrorist is on
every street corner, that a
worse psychopath than Obama
is knocking at their door.
(Luckily, Obama is probably
scared of guns.) They seem to
think that TSA gropings and
random stops on a highway are
a good thing that will some-
how magically protect them.
Nothing could be further from
the truth.
The mainstream media
would have you believe that
the most important issues of
the upcoming election are the
economy and jobs. Obama and
Romney go right along with
that idea. Both sides are sim-
ply offering different bandaid
solutions, none of which offer
any real long-term solutions.
No where have I heard about
either candidate addressing the
impending (and present) police
state or encroaching socialism
or fascism. No where has ei-
ther candidate proposed to fol-
low the Constitution. We have
not heard from Romney on his
view of Agenda 21 or NDAA,
and his support of the 2nd
Amendment has been wishy-
washy at best.
Evil exists in our world and
always has. Protection from
evil does not come from gov-
ernment, for most forms of
government are inherently evil
themselves. It does not come
from law enforcement entities.
It comes from we the people
and from faith in God. The
only protection we can right-
fully expect from law enforce-
ment entities is that they
protect us from the unconstitu-
tional government actions and
from criminal activity in our
communities, criminal activity
being defined as activities not
respecting individual property
rights, our persons or other
rights as defined by the Con-
stitution of the U. S. The Bill
of Rights simply specifically
reiterates rights guaranteed
under the Constitution.
The media are told by the
global elite and corporatists
what to report and how to spin
it. Lately, the reports are al-
most all about mass shootings.
See Election
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See Election
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See Critical
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See Dark Night
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Third Critical Bill For
Your State Legislature -
2013 Session
By: Devvy
August 21, 2012
Doing what I do most days
is beyond frustrating. Most of
the time I feel raw anger at the
betrayal by those elected to
preserve and protect the U.S.
Constitution and our God-
given rights. Both at the state
and federal level. I also get
frustrated because too many
folks just don't seem to get it:
Doing nothing means nothing
will get done. There are too
many who have simply thrown
in the towel and are willing to
get on their knees and get fit-
ted for chains that will forever
take away their freedoms and
liberty. Too many who seem to
stay distracted by the carefully
orchestrated BS shoved into
their brain every day of the
week during this election
Many are leaving their own
country because "it's all over".
I'm sure the same attitude pre-
vailed in the time leading up to
and during the Revolutionary
War. But, no matter how tough
it got, no matter how miserable
those patriots were, they did
not tuck tail and run or we
would still be licking the boot-
straps of the British. Do we
want to forfeit all that was
given to us with rivers of
blood just because the forces
against us have all the money,
own the media and the crimi-
nal syndicate out in Washing-
ton, DC? The outlaws in the
U.S. Congress are counting on
the majority of Americans to
simply roll over as they con-
tinue to destroy our republic.
The one thing the power
brokers do not want is for the
states to flex their sovereign
power and reject what's com-
ing out of Washington. The
shadow government does not
want the other 49 states to do
as Alabama did in June of this
year: Pass a law stopping
Agenda 21 and UN for their
whole state. The amount of in-
formation out there on Agenda
21 and ICLEI is absolutely
overwhelming. But, key docu-
ments like this one prove this
is a UN project, who the play-
ers are and how they plan to
destroy us:
The Local Agenda 21 Plan-
ning Guide (180 pages). For-
ward by globalist Maurice
Strong, Chairman Earth
As I have said in the two
previous columns with bills to
challenge the non-ratification
of the Seventeenth Amend-
ment and a constitutional
Dark Night
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September 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 6
Stuart R. Hoover, NHD,
Reprinted with Permission
from Author
Natures Miracle Molecules
Humic and Fulvic are not only
vital for plant life, but ours as
Over the past few years I
have been working with
Humic and Fulvic and have
seen some amazing results in
our wellness center.
These amazing natural sub-
stances are gaining a lot of at-
tention, as they should, in the
nutritional arena for humans,
pets, and soil health. I know
we will be hearing more and
more about them in the near
future. So, lets spend a little
time looking at these vital nu-
trients and how they can help
you improve and maintain op-
timal health.
What are Humic and Fulvic?
Humic and Fulvic have been
called Natures Miracle Mol-
ecules their nutritional con-
tribution to superior health as
Natures own nutrient activa-
tion and delivery system to the
cell is just part of their story...
they also perform many other
vital biological functions as
Where do Humic and Fulvic
come from?
Humic Substances are natu-
rally produced in soil by bene-
ficial microbes. This is where
they start their journey that
will take them throughout the
biosphere to support life every-
where they go.
In Nature, just one of Ful-
vics and Humic's functions, is
to insure Delivery of Nutri-
entsall 74+ organic ionic
minerals, organic vitamins,
amino acids and other phy-
tonutrientsto all living
things, including human be-
In this capacity they are a
SUPPLEMENT! They deliver
all 74+ Macro, Micro and
Trace Minerals, Organic Vita-
mins, Amino Acids, and other
nutrients our bodies need, in
their organic ionic form. The
delivery is in just the right pro-
portion of vitamins and miner-
als needed to work
synergistically with each other
in order to support our bodies
intricate design.
Humic is a term that de-
scribes a group of complex or-
ganic molecules. Fulvic is just
one member of this group. The
Fulvic molecules are the small-
est (lowest molecular weight)
of the Humic group and is one
of the reasons it is the most bi-
ologically active. Fulvic is a
Golden Liquid, whereas
Humic is almost black in color.
Its smaller size allows Fulvic
molecules to easily pass
through cell membranes and
carry nutrients inside the cell.
Did You Knowa single ful-
vic molecule can individually
carry up to 60 different vital
activated mineral nutrients to
our cells?
Did You Also is in-
side our cells that most life-
giving and sustaining
metabolic functions are carried
out? It is inside our cells where
nutrients are needed as fuel or
catalysts for these metabolic
functions to take place. If nu-
trients dont make it inside our
cells, metabolic reactions
would be impaired.
This is why many supple-
ments on the market today
seem to lack benefit. This is es-
pecially true of inorganic sup-
plements, which include most
mineral supplements. Most
over the counter mineral sup-
plements are inorganic, unless
they also contain Fulvic or
A large portion of these in-
organic mineral supplements
are lost through the intestinal
tract and rarely make it out of
the intestinal tract into the
bloodstream. Liquid inorganic
mineral supplements are more
easily absorbed, but they are
typically not in an organic
form which our bodies easily
recognize and use.
This is a problem when in-
organic mineral supplements
cant be converted through a
series of steps to their organic,
ionic forms, and are removed
from our blood and excreted
through our urine. Or worse,
they are stored in our fat tissue
with other waste as mineral
metals (heavy metals) that
cant be eliminated and can
even build-up and become
nterestingly, another one of
Fulvics biological functions is
removing these heavy metal
toxins and other toxins stored
in our fatty tissues to protect
vital organs and safely escort
them out of our body. In the
presence of Fulvic, nutrients
we receive from our diets, or
from supplements, are trans-
formed into their organic,
ionic, cell-ready form that
our cells recognize and use
easily. They are transported
into the cells where they are
needed. When we receive all
these nutrients, we naturally
feel better and more alive!
Equally important to Humics
and Fulvics role in nutrient ac-
tivation and delivery to the
cells for superior health, is Ful-
vics ability to improve waste
and toxin removal from cells
and tissues by restoring cellu-
lar membrane electrical differ-
ence between inside and
outside of each cell.
When cell membrane electri-
cal charge gradients are work-
ing correctly, nutrients more
easily enter our cells and waste
products from metabolic reac-
tions (highly acidic), or toxins,
are more easily transported out
of our cells and out of our
body. A primary biological role
Fulvic performs is providing
positive and negative charges
as needed to establish and
maintain optimum membrane
This is just a brief explana-
tion of Humic and Fulvic,
which I think you can see play
a vital role in all living things.
Simply, Life cannot exist
without them, and disease can-
not exist with them!
To learn more about Natures
Miracle Molecules, visit or visit Essen-
tial2Health Advanced Natural
Health Center in Springfield.
Dr. Quack
A health opinion column
by Jenell Redding, DCT (P), ND
The information or opinions pro-
vided herein should not be used for di-
agnosis or treatment of any medical
condition. A licensed physician should
be consulted for diagnosis and treat-
ment of any and all medical condi-
Humic and
Z Factors
Comprehensive Wellness
Daily Liquid Nutrition Formula
Statements have not been evaluated by the
Food & Drug Administration. These
products are not intended to diagnose, treat,
cure or prevent any disease.
Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved
the top four candidates, he was
my last choice. I foretold four
years ago about what a social-
ist Obama really is, but not
enough people got the mes-
sage. Maybe its that the peo-
ple who vote for Obama do
not read, and the ones who are
going to vote for Romney are
paying obeisance to Fox
News: Cavuto, Hannity,
OReilly and the rest, all
owned by the mainstream
media puppeteers and that
their eyes are glazed over by
attractive people giving them
the latest spin on alleged news.
Remember, it is the globalist
elite bankers who want a New
World Order, to enslave us all,
to abolish the sovereignty of
the United States, to take away
our guns, our property and our
civil rights. It is they who own
the media. It is they who do-
nate to both Obama and Rom-
ney. It is they who have picked
the candidates. It is they who
create fear when there is little
or nothing to fear. It is they
who create wars in order to en-
rich themselves. It is they who
want the United Nations to po-
lice us and enforce their poli-
cies. It is they who support
both of the major political par-
ties. It is they who manipulate
the price of gold and of silver.
It is they who are rapidly bail-
ing out of the stock market and
putting their money in the cur-
rently decreased price of gold
and silver. It is they who want
God and Christianity out of
our lives. It is they who want
you to believe that the people
of the country called Israel are
descendants of the Biblical
Jews when very few, if any,
Romney has no real base,
only the GOP establishment
and the Anyone-But-Obama
crowd. If Gary Johnson is able
to garner the votes of the Ron
Paul crowd and those Repub-
licans who do not want RINO,
NEOCON Romney, he could
truly be a spoiler in Novem-
ber. According to some
sources, . Libertarians and In-
dependents would vote for
Gary Johnson. Conservatives,
at least all but the extreme so-
cial conservatives, would vote
for Gary Johnson. Romney
and Obama, in a debate, would
likely just toss out stones and
barbs at each other. Gary John-
son has real solutions to real
problems this country faces.
The media and the polls have
treated Johnson as though he
does not even exist, although
that does seem to be changing
Here is a potential scenario if
disenfranchised voters and
Ron Paul supporters get out
and vote for Gary Johnson:
Continued from Page 5
money bill - time is not on our
side. It is the 2013 session for
our state legislatures that is ei-
ther going to stop the tyranny
or we probably will not make
it. All of the foreign entangle-
ments (financial as well as
treaties) will destroy us if we
do not succeed in getting criti-
cal bills passed and signed by
our governors. That is the bot-
tom line.
Nullification is a powerful
and legal tool the states can
and must exercise, but that
also will not happen unless all
able bodied men and women
join together on key, major is-
sues and tune out the rest. The
Destroyers want everyone
fighting each other whether it's
over Romney and
Soetoro/Obama or special in-
terest groups who care nothing
about the U.S. Constitution or
state constitutions.
Keep your eye on the state
house. People often write and
say it's just too much. No, not
if you delegate. If you belong
to a tea party chapter, a 9-12
group or any other organiza-
tion, what you do is get a list
of every committee in your
state legislature. Here's the list
for Texas. Then, what you do
is assign each committee to a
volunteer who will check your
legislature's web site everyday
(if not possible then every
other day) for that committee.
See what bills have been intro-
duced. Some committees get
more action than others. That
way you're tracking what is in
the hopper and if you see a bad
bill, get it out via the Internet.
Get it posted to your groups
web site. Network like crazy to
hammer on that committee to
kill the bill.
The same thing for the Gen-
eral Government. The U.S.
House of Representatives and
the Senate each have a list of
committees. This is how so
many wonderful and effective
organizations track bills on il-
legals, wasteful spending and
so forth. Have to stay focused.
And, we have to have follow
up which means phone calls
and networking through
Yes, it is time consuming,
but until the silent majority out
there gets activated, we will
continue to get crushed. And,
please remember: You're not
alone. It may feel like it, but
there are groups in every
county in this country. You just
need to contact them. I don't
know for certain exactly how
many tea party chapters there
are in the U.S. or how many of
their folks know the problem
so they can pursue the solu-
tion. Just use a search engine
and type in your county. But,
if you attend a GOP event or
tea party group or 9-12 or
whatever and those good folks
trying to work for the solutions
who really don't understand
things like fiat currency,
Agenda 21 or other issues,
then respectfully begin the ed-
ucate them.
Take your family and friends
with you. One thing I have
said over and over the past 21
years: While the rock of truth
has been a lonely place, I have
met more wonderful, decent,
caring Americans than you can
count. I learned from Ameri-
cans who learned from other
"old timers" in the freedom
movement and then gave up
my career to help educate as
many people as I could reach -
long before PC's were in
homes across the country.
Being an activist is very ful-
filling. Frustrating, yes. Tiring,
yes, because you probably
work all day or a swing shift
and have family. But, look at
the incredible Terri Hall who
heads up T.U.R.F. (Texans
Uniting for Reform and Free-
dom). She has eight children,
but what a tornado at the state
house in Austin! Get on her
email list if you live in Texas.
It will shock you at what's
going on while you try to put
food on the table.
1. Here is the working paper
for Agenda 21. You need to
print it out with the exhibits
below and deliver it in person
if possible to your state repre-
sentative and senator. If you
can't, do a cover letter and send
snail mail. No email. They need
to have a hard copy package on
their desk and follow up with
phone calls even if you have to
do it on your lunch hour or
2. Here is the bill Alabama
passed in June. You might
want to cut and paste into a
word document and get rid of
all the extra spaces to cut down
on printing. Your state rep and
senator will see one state has
done this so it's "safe" for them
to write a bill. Actually, they
can use the exact language in
Alabama's bill. How much eas-
ier can it get for them?
3. Tom DeWeese's column:
Agenda 21 in One Easy Les-
son. Use the printer friendly at
the bottom and include it in
your package.
4. Put The Local Agenda 21
Planning Guide onto a CD
and include it in your pack-
age. That way your state rep
and senator can't use the excuse
they don't know anything about
it or it's just some conspiracy
theory. Ask him/her if they
want to live under global gov-
ernment. Remind him/her that
they won't be in office forever.
The Patriots in Alabama got
that bill through their legisla-
ture and when their Republican
Governor didn't want to sign it
they turned up the heat. We can
do this in most of the states. I
say most because, sadly and
tragically, I doubt the stinking
communists and socialists that
control the California State
Legislature will do it simply
because they are zealots about
the environment. I know, I
lived there most of my life and
control of that legislature has
been in the wrong hands for
nearly 50 years.
But, if you live in California
and states like New York, Illi-
nois, Washington, Oregon and
Vermont, work on getting your
state rep to introduce the bill
and then get the word out. Like
I say, if you don't try, nothing
gets done. With the Internet and
local talk radio and letters to
the editor in your local paper
hammering on each of these
critical bills, you might be sur-
prised how many people come
forward to fight.
And, remember: Bills for the
2013 session have to be written
and in the system before
Thanksgiving, so time is not on
our side. Check with your state
rep on the deadline for submit-
ting bills. It's going to be more
difficult here in my district be-
cause our excellent incumbent
Rep. Jim Landtroop [R], al-
legedly lost his primary run off
Redistricting based on the
fraud called the 2010 census. A
census based on the U.S. Cen-
sus Bureau honchos who very
publicly sought out illegal
aliens. Told illegals they
wouldn't be deported. They
needed to fill out the census to
their fair share of the pie. Steal-
ing the fruits of your labor to
give to thieves who smuggle
themselves across our borders.
Stupidly, the people of this
country continue to reelect the
same thieves and liars back to
Congress who allow this out-
rage. Texas is infested with il-
legals; almost 4000,00 in the
public schools costing Texans
$3.5 million bux a year. But, I
intend to make sure our new
state rep gets all of these work-
ing papers before the Novem-
ber election. Unless there's
some disaster and the democrat
wins, this new guy needs to un-
derstand what we want. In the
meantime, I've been sending
them to key people in our leg-
islature that I know; a few I
don't, but they're getting them
anyway. And, yeah, I'd rather
be fishing, but there is no time
to play while our country is
being destroyed and our lives
ruined by power hungry lu-
Continued from Page 5
Obama administration would
engage in such horrendous acts
such as Fast and Furious, Au-
rora, and the shooting at the
Sikh temple-where initial re-
ports spoke of four men shoot-
ing Sunday morning-could be
exactly what Mustaine has
been thrashed for: the second
Amendment has to go. Much
more evidence is out there sup-
porting the brainwashed-assas-
sin theory and the links of the
mass shooters to doctors in-
volved in human behavioral
experiments. The tragic mass
shooting in Australia in 1996
by child-minded Martin Bryant
seems to point to another false
flag when we find out that one
of his psychiatrists is known as
the father of electrotherapy and
the lobotomy.
Along with my supposed
links between the Aurora and
Sikh shooting and false flag at-
tacks against ourselves, I wish
to share with you the so-called
endgame to it all. Why would
our government do this to us?
What good would it do them if
they hurt me? It could never
happen here! These questions,
among others, should resonate
in your head if we should have
true Freedom from those who
wish to restrain us with their
hapless rhetoric that they know
better? The dots laid out for
You today do not complete
what is needed to view the full
picture. Only when You accept
Freedom given to you by your
God, You will realize the truth;
and knowledge of the truth will
lead to an obligation of spread-
ing the truth.Only a few dots
were revealed today and I en-
courage you to gather more to
connect them regardless of the
crazy findings.
To be continued.
[See October Issue]
"Evil flourishes
when good men do
Edmund Burke
Dark Night
Continued from Page 5
Gary Johnson, among all the
potential supporters, could win
a majority of electoral votes. It
would only take 37% - 40%
for him to win. Do you want a
real business man? A man with
proven experience at holding
the line on government spend-
ing? A man who is not a career
politician and never has been?
Or do you want the lessor of
two evils? Evil is still evil.
See page 15 for more about
Gary Johnson.
Link to Johnson website:
"That the said Constitution shall
never be construed to authorize
Congress to infringe the just liberty
of the press or the rights of con-
science; or to prevent the people of
The United States who are
peaceable citizens from
keeping their own arms..."
(Samuel Adams, Debates and Proceedings in the Con-
vention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, at
86-87 (Peirce & Hale, eds., Boston, 1850))
September 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper -7
The Texas
Country Chef
by Penny Peavy
own preference, because of
consistency of results, is a pur-
chased dedicated dehydrator. I
have owned three different de-
hydrators, and, by far, the best
one is the one I currently use,
Nesco American Harvest.
Foods I have dehydrated run
the gamut from peaches and
apples to yellow squash, zuc-
chini squash, cucumbers, beef
(jerky), bell peppers,
jalapenos, onions -- the list
goes on. The dehydrated prod-
uct can simply be consumed as
it is or can be reconstituted as
part of a stew, soup or casse-
role. For really long-term stor-
age, store your dehydrated
foods in food saver packages
and keep them in the freezer
until you need to use them. If
you have no electricity in an
emergency situation, the dehy-
drated products should still be
keep outside the freezer for
several months.
When it comes to dehydrated
meat products, including
chicken, fish, venison, etc.,
there are many ways to do this
and many seasonings or mari-
nades on the market to assist
you, or you can make your
own. Having tried some of the
commerical products, I stick to
making my own. Jerky can
even be made from lean
ground beef. It is easy to do
and generates exellent results.
I usually start with at least 5
pounds of meat for one dehy-
dration session. After dehydra-
tion is complete, I bag up
meal-size packages with a
food saver and then freeze
them until needed. (Again, see
references at end of this article
for more details about dehy-
drating foods and making
If you have children or are a
fan of yogurt, stash powdered
milk and canned milk. A mix-
ture of the two makes a fairly
palatble milk drink, can be
used to make other milk-based
recipes and can be used to
make yogurt.
Freezing leftovers or fresh
foods works great for fairly
short-term food preservation,
but it wont help you to all that
frozen food if you have no
electricity or have to leave
your area, so I do not recom-
mend it for survival food
preservation other than as
stated above for keeping your
dehydrated foods for a long pe-
riod of time.
Here are the convenience
gadgets I use in processing
Food Saver
Water bath canner
Hot jar handler
Food funnel (for filling jars
with loose foods such as
Slotted spoon
Pasta serving utensil
Here are books that helped me
learn how to do all this:
Ball Blue Book (available
How to Dry Foods, by Deanna
DeLong (also available from
There are many, many books
written on all these subjects,
and if you have no experience,
I strongly recommend you ob-
tain access to books before you
start out.
Good luck!!
I will digress from beans and
cornbread to discuss food
preservation. Although there
are many out there on the in-
ternet and in the blogoshpere
who believe we be unable to
buy groceries for various rea-
sons in the near or fairly near
future, many of those are sell-
ing high priced survival food
packages. Many of these pack-
ages probably contain non-
food ingredients. Even if you
are not concerned about the
high price of gas or a collapse
in the economy, food preserva-
tion makes sense for everyone
living in the Gulf Coast areas
because we never know when
a hurricane will completely
disrupt our lives as happened
with Hurricane Ike in Galve-
Food preservation generally
takes these forms:
a) Pickling
b) Water bath canning
c) Pressure canning
c) Dehydrating
e) Freezing
Personally, I never do pres-
sure canning. There are too
many inherent dangers in-
volved in pressure canning. I
am sure there are readers who
have done this for years with
no food borne illness from
consuming the product, but my
attitude is that dehydrating will
preserve the very same foods
without the dangers, and dehy-
drated foods take up far less
storage space and are very
Lets talk about pickling
first. Pickling is probably the
easiest means of long-term
food preservation. Many peo-
ple, when they think of pickled
foods, think of pickled cucum-
bers and perhaps pickled beets,
but there are many other food
which can be successfully
pickled. In the past few years I
have pickled cabbage, okra,
zucchini squash, green toma-
toes, chow-chow, onions,
jalapeno peppers and bell pep-
per strips. All were easy and
tasty. These pickled products,
if they are to be consumed
within a two or three weeks,
generally can be simply refrig-
erated, with no processing, but
for long-term storage, they
should be processed in a water
bath. (See reference books at
end of this article for instruc-
tions on how to do this, or
search on the internet.)
Tomatoes, tomato sauces,
salsa and other tomato-based
products should generally be
water bath canned in glass can-
ning jars. The messy part of
canning tomatoes is popping
the skins off, but if you have a
large supply of sauce toma-
toes, such as Roma, it is worth
the trouble.
One of my favorite means of
preserving food is dehydrating.
This can be done in your oven,
in a dehydrator or, sometimes,
even in your microwave. My
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If liberty means anything at all, it
means the right to tell people what
they do not want to hear.
--George Orwell
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without morality, nor morality
without faith.
--Alexis de Tocqueville
I weep for the liberty of my country when I
see at this early day of its successful exper-
iment that corruption has been imputed to
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tives, and the rights of the people have been
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--Andrew Jackson
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Fill the grid with numbers 1 to 9 so that
every row, every column and every 3x3
box contains the digits 1-9, without repeat-
ing any numbers.
The Frogs
Desiring a King
Western Auto / Ace Hardware
10605 Leopard, Corpus Christi
1. Give and ____
5. Female demon
10. Fraud
14. Garments of goat hair
15. Fruit of the oak tree
16. Connecting point
17. Autocratic
19. Exude
20. Shade tree
21. Redress
22. Bounded along
23. Atomic pile
25. A type of bandage
27. Pelvis
28. Put under water
31. Started
34. Minty drink
35. Genus of macaws
36. Bit of gossip
37. Flower part
38. Blend
39. Flee
40. Not upper
41. Adolescents
42. One who is often unde-
44. Bran source
45. Even
46. Have
50. Manicurist's board
52. Conducts
54. Consumer Price Index
55. Contest
56. An open letter
58. "Oh my!"
59. Mountain crest
60. Diminish
61. Declare untrue
62. Anagram of "Preys"
63. Probabilities
1. Become narrower
2. Poplar tree
3. Fate
4. East southeast
5. Portable computer
6. He plays a role
7. Natural satellite
8. Insurgent
9. One or more
10. Short sleep
11. Join forces
12. Axlike tool
13. A fitting reward (ar-
18. French for "Morning"
22. Chunk
24. Buddy
26. Cain's brother
28. Of the highest quality
29. Smile
30. Hearing organs
31. Fowl
32. Decorative case
33. A man of refinement
34. Rings, etc. (British
37. Achy
38. Collections
40. Tax
41. Thigh armor
43. Unorthodox tenets
44. Large indefinite amount
46. Adhesive
47. Toward the outside
48. Go on a buying spree
49. Fathers
50. Quaint outburst
51. Man
53. Pitcher
56. Short sleep
57. Pair
The Frogs were living as
happy as could be in a marshy
swamp that just suited them;
they went splashing about car-
ing for nobody and nobody
troubling with them. But some
of them thought that this was
not right, that they should have
a king and a proper constitu-
tion, so they determined to
send up a petition to Jove to
give them what they wanted.
"Mighty Jove," they cried,
"send unto us a king that will
rule over us and keep us in
order." Jove laughed at their
croaking, and threw down into
the swamp a huge Log, which
came down splash into the
swamp. The Frogs were fright-
ened out of their lives by the
commotion made in their
midst, and all rushed to the
bank to look at the horrible
monster; but after a time, see-
ing that it did not move, one or
two of the boldest of them ven-
tured out towards the Log, and
even dared to touch it; still it
did not move. Then the great-
est hero of the Frogs jumped
upon the Log and commenced
dancing up and down upon it,
thereupon all the Frogs came
and did the same; and for some
time the Frogs went about their
Environmentally Friendly
Oil Field Servicing,
South Texas
and Beyond.
A Full Service
Environmental & Recycling Company
business every day without tak-
ing the slightest notice of their
new King Log lying in their
midst. But this did not suit
them, so they sent another peti-
tion to Jove, and said to him,
"We want a real king; one that
will really rule over us." Now
this made Jove angry, so he
sent among them a big Stork
that soon set to work gobbling
them all up. Then the Frogs
repented when too late.
Moral: Better no rule than
cruel rule.
I rarely go to large super-
markets or big-box food pur-
veyors. Recently, however, I
ventured into one of these
stores early on a Friday morn-
ing, hoping to avoid the crying
babies and out-of-control chil-
dren. I spent some time simply
looking over the entire food
section of the store. Here is
what I saw:
Aisles upon aisles and
shelves upon shelves of food-
like products, many touting
themselves to be either heart-
healthy, low-fat, reduced
salt or any other number of
other hype slogans. These
shelves were full of chips,
crackers, cookies and breakfast
cereals. Some of the cereals
even advertised themselves to
be blueberry this or that, but
when I read the fine print I dis-
covered that blueberry flavor-
ing had been added, no real
blueberries. The word blue-
berry is there to make you be-
lieve you are buying a healthy
After looking over the entire
grocery section of the store, I
realized that if all those manu-
factured food-like products
were removed from the
shelves, and only the real foods
remained, the real foods would
take up only about 20% of the
space. To put it another way,
the real foods could easily fit
into a small mom-and-pop
grocery store in a small com-
Most of the food-like prod-
ucts are from huge food manu-
facturing entities such as
Kelloggs, Post, General Mills,
etc., or one of their subsidiary
companies. These companies
pay the retailer for space in
their stores, so the store stands
more to gain from providing
shelf space for these products
than it stands to gain from you,
the stupid customer who buys
these products. The adult
products are provided at the
eye-level of the average adult
female. The kiddie products
are placed close to the floor, at
eye level of a demanding three-
The canned soups, full of ad-
ditives and not necessarily real
food products are attractively
displayed in large areas, easily
recognizable by the beautiful
can labels, making them nearly
irresistible to those who be-
lieve that these are healthy
products. They too have the
heart healthy and low-fat
and low-sodium labeling that
is meant to induce you to buy
them, knowing you are too un-
educated about food to ques-
tion the hype.
In the frozen food depart-
ment, it is very hard to find any
real frozen food. The shelves
are loaded with microwave
meals, pizza, snack foods, pre-
breaded fish, okra and other
foods ready for your oven or
fryer. One has to look very
carefully to find something that
is simply frozen green beans,
or frozen brocoli.
When it comes to canned
goods, one must look at the
label to make sure there is no
added sugar, or cornstarch,
food coloring or other non-
food additives.
The only places in the store
where there was real food were
in the peripheries, the real food
being various unprocessed
meats and vegetables. Even so,
in the meat department, mixed
with the alleged unadulterated
meats, were various forms of
processed meats, such as
sausages, hot dogs, chubs of
some sort of ground meat prod-
uct, ready-to-heat buffalo
wings and other adulterated
meat or meat-like products.
Its true that real foods gen-
erally require some effort to
cook and sometimes some cre-
ativity on the part of the cook,
but isnt the health of your
family worth it? The purveyors
of the food-like products have
highly paid lobbyists in Wash-
ington to promote the USDA-
approved diet which includes
their products. Neither these
corporations, their lobbyists,
nor the USDA care a whit
about your health or the health
of your family.
Educate and inform
the whole mass of
the people... They
are the only sure
reliance for the
preservation of our
--Thomas Jefferson
Food-Like Products Dominate Your
There is a Reason Why
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Entertainment Room Open Now!
by Jane Aitken
Bedford Patch
Reprinted with permission
from Author
There is much abuzz over Mitt
Romney's announcement nam-
ing Congressman Paul Ryan
from Wisconsin as his vice
presidential running mate.
But many see it as unimpres-
sive, and even premature and
just another indication of a des-
perate move to distract from
the idea that the "presumptive
nominee" has in truth, been
fighting for his political life.
A nominee has yet to be cho-
sen at the RNC Convention in
Tampa later this month. And
some say recent attempts by
the Romney campaign to rule-
break and manipulate the cau-
cuses in order to steal delegates
from other candidates is a glar-
ing indication that Romney
himself isn't all that confident.
One noted liberty activist even
suggested that Romney had
chosen an "imitation Ron
There are at least two, if not
more, factions of tea partiers
who will be swelling the ranks
of the convention and at sepa-
rate tea party rallies, and none
of them want Romney as the
Add to that, a new group of so-
cial conservatives who have
jumped on the 'Dump Romney'
bandwagon urging delegates
not to vote for Mitt Romney at
the convention, even if they're
bound to him. (RNC rules say
NO delegates are bound) So it
looks like Romney recognizes
that he will be bracing for a
Asked if the choice of Paul
Ryan would make any differ-
ence to conservatives, constitu-
tionalists, and tea party types
as to whether it would help
them come around to get in the
Romney camp, most who are
familiar with Ryan's record say
"not a chance".
Here's why: An evaluation of
Ryan's record by the Republi-
can Liberty Caucus in 2008
stated actions that likely would
not sit well with small govern-
ment conservatives. It stated "It
appears that when Paul Ryans
party is doing the spending,
raising debt limits, and acting
unconstitutionally Ryan
goes with the flow. Congress-
man Ryans actual record
leaves much to be desired. The
issue Ryan is most known for
is his interest in cutting the
deficit and balancing the
budget. But why did the Con-
gressman vote to bail out the
auto industry, to pass the
Medicare package to the tune
of $400 billion, and to nation-
alize education via No Child
Left Behind?"
Paul Ryan on Bailouts and
Government Stimuli
Voted YES on TARP (2008)
Voted YES on Economic
Stimulus HR 5140 (2008)
Voted YES on $15B bailout
for GM and Chrysler. (Dec
Voted YES on $192B addi-
tional anti-recession stimulus
spending. (Jul 2009)
Paul Ryan on Entitlement
Voted YES on limited pre-
scription drug benefit for
Medicare recipients. (Nov
Voted YES on providing $70
million for Section 8 Housing
vouchers. (Jun 2006)
Voted YES on extending un-
employment benefits from 39
weeks to 59 weeks. (Oct 2008)
Voted YES on Head Start
Act (2007)
Paul Ryan on Education
Rep. Ryan went along with the
Bush Administration in sup-
porting more federal involve-
ment in education. This is
contrary to the traditional Re-
publican position, which in-
cluded support for abolition of
the Department of Education
and decreasing federal in-
volvement in education.
Voted YES on No Child Left
Behind Act (2001)
Paul Ryan on Civil Liberties
Voted YES on federalizing
rules for driver licenses to hin-
der terrorists. (Feb 2005)
Voted YES on making the
PATRIOT Act permanent.
(Dec 2005)
Voted YES on allowing elec-
tronic surveillance without a
warrant. (Sep 2006)
Paul Ryan on War and Inter-
vention Abroad
Voted YES on authorizing
military force in Iraq. (Oct
Voted YES on emergency
$78B for war in Iraq &
Afghanistan. (Apr 2003)
Voted YES on declaring Iraq
part of War on Terror with no
exit date. (Jun 2006)
Voted NO on redeploying
US troops out of Iraq starting
in 90 days. (May 2007)
Congressman Ryan supports
the United Nations, the World
Trade Organization, federal
bailouts, increased federal in-
volvement in education, un-
constitutional and undeclared
wars, Medicare Part D (a
multi-trillion dollar unfunded
liability), stimulus spending,
and foreign aid.
According to Michelle Malkin
in 2009, [Paul Ryan]"...
"hyped as a conservative rock-
star" .... "gave one of the most
hysterical speeches in the rush
to pass TARP last fall; voted
for the auto bailout; and voted
with the Barney Frank-Nancy
Pelosi AIG bonus-bashing
stampede." Milwaukee blogger
Nick Schweitzer wrote: He
ought to be apologizing for his
previous votes, not pretending
he was being responsible the
entire time, but I dont see one
bit of regret for what he did
previously. And Ill be damned
if Im going to let him get
away with it.
In this attached YouTube video
of Congressman Ron Paul
speaking to Neil Cavuto, Paul
stated he thought Paul Ryan's
budget plan "doesn't cut any-
thing of substance". Paul is the
only other candidate whose
name will appear on the ballot
at the RNC Convention and
who is seen by many as a
breath of fresh air for daring to
tell the truth about many is-
sues. Cavuto admitted that
Ryan's budget, compared to
Paul's, was "mild".
So when it comes to Paul
Ryan, I guess you could sum it
up this way: "the more things
change, the more they stay the
Reprinted from the Bedford
Patch with permission of the
Jane Aitken is founder of the
New Hampshire Tea Party
Editors Note: To view the
YouTube video mentioned
above, go to the web link at the
beginning of this article.
Paul Ryan
Is No Ron Paul
A Minnesota couple decided
to vacation to Florida during
the winter. They planned to
stay at the very same hotel
where they spent their honey-
moon 20 years earlier. Be-
cause of hectic schedules, it
was difficult to coordinate
their travel schedules. So, the
husband left Minnesota and
flew to Florida on Thursday.
His wife would fly down the
following day.
The husband checked into the
hotel. There was a computer
in his room, so he decided to
send an e-mail to his wife.
However, he accidentally left
out one letter in her e-mail ad-
dress, and without realizing
his error, he sent the e-mail.
Meanwhile.....somewhere in
Houston, a widow had just re-
turned home from her hus-
band's funeral. He was a
minister of many years who
was called home to glory fol-
lowing a sudden heart attack.
The widow decided to check
her e-mail, expecting mes-
sages from relatives and
friends. After reading the first
message, she fainted.
The widow's son rushed into
the room, found his mother on
the floor, and saw the com-
puter screen which read:
To: My Loving Wife
Subject: I've Arrived
Date: 16 May 2003
I know you're surprised to
hear from me. They have
computers here now and you
are allowed to send e-mails to
your loved ones. I've just ar-
rived and have been checked
in. I see that everything has
been prepared for your arrival
tomorrow. Looking forward to
seeing you then! Hope your
journey is not as uneventful as
mine was.
P.S. Sure is hot down here!
A little girl was talking to her
teacher about whales.
The teacher said it was physi-
cally impossible for a whale to
swallow a human because even
though they were a very large
mammal their throat was very
The little girl stated Jonah was
swallowed by a whale.
The teacher reiterated a whale
could not swallow a human; it
was impossible.
The little girl said, "When I get
to heaven I will ask Jonah."
The teacher asked, "What if
Jonah went to hell?"
The little girl replied, "Then
you ask him."
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Give Me Liberty or
Give Me Death
--Patrick Henry
St. John's Church, Rich-
mond, Virginia
March 23, 1775.
Comments of Patrick Henry
thinks more highly than I do of
the patriotism, as well as abili-
ties, of the very worthy gentle-
men who have just addressed
the House. But different men
often see the same subject in
different lights; and, therefore,
I hope it will not be thought
disrespectful to those gentle-
men if, entertaining as I do,
opinions of a character very
opposite to theirs, I shall speak
forth my sentiments freely, and
without reserve. This is no
time for ceremony. The ques-
tion before the House is one of
awful moment to this country.
For my own part, I consider it
as nothing less than a question
of freedom or slavery; and in
proportion to the magnitude of
the subject ought to be the
freedom of the debate. It is
only in this way that we can
hope to arrive at truth, and ful-
fil the great responsibility
which we hold to God and our
country. Should I keep back
my opinions at such a time,
through fear of giving offence,
I should consider myself as
guilty of treason towards my
country, and of an act of dis-
loyalty toward the majesty of
heaven, which I revere above
all earthly kings.
Mr. President, it is natural to
man to indulge in the illusions
of hope. We are apt to shut our
eyes against a painful truth,
and listen to the song of that
siren till she transforms us into
beasts. Is this the part of wise
men, engaged in a great and ar-
duous struggle for liberty? Are
we disposed to be of the num-
ber of those who, having eyes,
see not, and, having ears, hear
not, the things which so nearly
concern their temporal salva-
tion? For my part, whatever
anguish of spirit it may cost, I
am willing to know the whole
truth; to know the worst, and to
provide for it.
I have but one lamp by which
my feet are guided; and that is
the lamp of experience. I
know of no way of judging of
the future but by the past. And
judging by the past, I wish to
know what there has been in
the conduct of the British min-
istry for the last ten years, to
justify those hopes with which
gentlemen have been pleased
to solace themselves, and the
House? Is it that insidious
smile with which our petition
has been lately received?
Trust it not, sir; it will prove a
snare to your feet. Suffer not
yourselves to be betrayed with
a kiss. Ask yourselves how
this gracious reception of our
petition comports with these
war-like preparations which
cover our waters and darken
our land. Are fleets and armies
necessary to a work of love
and reconciliation? Have we
shown ourselves so unwilling
to be reconciled, that force
must be called in to win back
our love? Let us not deceive
ourselves, sir. These are the
implements of war and subju-
gation; the last arguments to
which kings resort. I ask, gen-
tlemen, sir, what means this
martial array, if its purpose be
not to force us to submission?
Can gentlemen assign any
other possible motive for it?
Has Great Britain any enemy,
in this quarter of the world, to
call for all this accumulation
of navies and armies? No, sir,
she has none. They are meant
for us; they can be meant for
no other. They are sent over to
bind and rivet upon us those
chains which the British min-
istry have been so long forg-
ing. And what have we to
oppose to them? Shall we try
argument? Sir, we have been
trying that for the last ten
years. Have we anything new
to offer upon the subject?
Nothing. We have held the
subject up in every light of
which it is capable; but it has
been all in vain. Shall we re-
sort to entreaty and humble
supplication? What terms
shall we find which have not
been already exhausted? Let
us not, I beseech you, sir, de-
ceive ourselves. Sir, we have
done everything that could be
done, to avert the storm which
is now coming on. We have
petitioned; we have remon-
strated; we have supplicated;
we have prostrated ourselves
before the throne, and have
implored its interposition to
arrest the tyrannical hands of
the ministry and Parliament.
Our petitions have been
slighted; our remonstrances
have produced additional vio-
lence and insult; our supplica-
tions have been disregarded;
and we have been spurned,
with contempt, from the foot
of the throne. In vain, after
these things, may we indulge
the fond hope of peace and
reconciliation. There is no
longer any room for hope. If
we wish to be free if we mean
to preserve inviolate those in-
estimable privileges for which
we have been so long contend-
ingif we mean not basely to
abandon the noble struggle in
which we have been so long
engaged, and which we have
pledged ourselves never to
abandon until the glorious ob-
ject of our contest shall be ob-
tained, we must fight! I repeat
it, sir, we must fight! An ap-
peal to arms and to the God of
Hosts is all that is left us!
They tell us, sir, that we are
weak; unable to cope with so
formidable an adversary. But
when shall we be stronger?
Will it be the next week, or the
next year? Will it be when we
are totally disarmed, and when
a British guard shall be sta-
tioned in every house? Shall
we gather strength by irresolu-
tion and inaction? Shall we ac-
quire the means of effectual
resistance, by lying supinely
on our backs, and hugging the
delusive phantom of hope,
until our enemies shall have
bound us hand and foot? Sir,
we are not weak if we make a
proper use of those means
which the God of nature hath
placed in our power. Three
millions of people, armed in
the holy cause of liberty, and
in such a country as that
which we possess, are invin-
cible by any force which our
enemy can send against us.
Besides, sir, we shall not fight
our battles alone. There is a
just God who presides over
the destinies of nations; and
who will raise up friends to
fight our battles for us. The
battle, sir, is not to the strong
alone; it is to the vigilant, the
active, the brave. Besides, sir,
we have no election. If we
were base enough to desire it,
it is now too late to retire from
the contest. There is no retreat
but in submission and slavery!
Our chains are forged! Their
clanking may be heard on the
plains of Boston! The war is
inevitableand let it come! I
repeat it, sir, let it come.
It is in vain, sir, to extenuate
the matter. Gentlemen may
cry, Peace, Peacebut there is
no peace. The war is actually
begun! The next gale that
sweeps from the north will
bring to our ears the clash of
resounding arms! Our
brethren are already in the
field! Why stand we here
idle? What is it that gentlemen
wish? What would they have?
Is life so dear, or peace so
sweet, as to be purchased at
the price of chains and slav-
ery? Forbid it, Almighty God!
I know not what course others
may take; but as for me, give
me liberty or give me death!
In politics the middle way is
none at all.
--John Adams
Abuse of words has been the
great instrument of sophistry
and chicanery, of party, faction,
and division of society.
--John Adams
Property is surely a right of
mankind as real as liberty.
--John Adams
"It is when people forget God
that tyrants forge their chains."
--Patrick Henry
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Lake Corpus
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September 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 13
Judge Rules To Allow Transcanada To Take Texas
Farmer's Land For Keystone Pipeline
Texans Uniting for Reform
and Freedom
August 23, 2012
Judge rules to allow Tran-
sCanada to take Texas farmer's
land for Keystone Pipeline
(Paris, TX - August 23, 2012)
Today, Lamar County Judge
Bill Harris ruled in favor of
TransCanada, the Canadian
company building the contro-
versial Keystone XL pipeline,
allowing them to act as com-
mon carrier and giving them
the ability to forcibly take pri-
vate land from Texas farmer,
Julia Trigg Crawford, and any
Texans in its path, using emi-
nent domain, despite the lack
of evidence that TransCanada
meets the statutory require-
ments of a common carrier
whose pipeline is a legitimate
public use.
"Since the Texas Railroad
Commission determined way
back in 2008 that it had no ju-
risdiction over TransCanada's
interstate pipeline, it simply
defies logic that TransCanada
is allowed to take private citi-
zens' land under a Texas law
that requires a pipeline opera-
tor to subject itself to the Com-
mission's jurisdiction," said
Wendi Hammond, attorney for
landowner. "The Texas
Supreme Court has repeatedly
held that if there is an incident
of doubt regarding the power
of eminent domain authority,
then a court must rule in favor
of the landowner. Unfortu-
nately, this judge failed to do
"Judge's Harris disappointing
decision today further high-
lights the vulnerable and pre-
carious position that Texas
landowners are in," said Debra
Medina, former Republican
candidate for Governor.
"These cases are often argued
in county courts poorly
equipped to assess such
weighty legal questions.
These courts lack the re-
sources to properly consider
the complex and voluminous
evidence assembled by multi-
billion dollar corporations."
"These are pipelines carrying
poisons, not for oil independ-
ence in our country, but for ex-
port, from a foreign land,
through our pipelines, to a port
that's going to ship them to
foreign lands. These aren't
common carriers for the com-
mon good of Texans -- this is
a pipeline designed to speed
oil through Texas,. There are
no on or off ramps to this
pipeline in Texas and as a re-
sult it should not have been
permitted to use eminent do-
main to condemn Texans
lands," said Tom "Smitty"
Smith of Public Citizen.
"The Texas Supreme Court
was clear in Denbury that pri-
vate companies have to prove
their project qualifies as a true
'public use' before it can exer-
cise eminent domain. We're
disappointed in the Judge's de-
cision, but we're confident that
the Crawford's will eventually
prevail. This decision puts the
onus on the Texas legislature
to remedy the outrageous emi-
nent domain abuse taking
place in our state, " said Terri
Hall, Director of Texans Unit-
ing for Reform and Freedom.
"The time for talk is over. Tex-
ans are losing their land be-
cause of poor oversight and the
legislature's refusal to address
the heart of the problem. Tex-
ans aren't going to accept the
crumbs we've been handed,
cloaked as eminent domain re-
form. It's time to get serious
before irreparable harm is
needlessly inflicted upon Tex-
Recently, the Texas House
Land and Resource Manage-
ment Committee met at the
Capitol to hear invited testi-
mony from Crawford and
other interested parties regard-
ing the dilemma of industries
self-proclaiming they are com-
mon carriers with no review
from any state agency as to
whether a company is truly a
common carrier or not. The
House Energy Management
Committee has also held hear-
ing on pipeline safety issues.
Linda Curtis, director of Inde-
pendent Texans noted, "Ms.
Crawford's case is emblematic
of the continuing struggle of
Texas landowners being tread
upon by a private company
taking land for private use, and
foreign profit. TransCanada
has yet to provide any evi-
dence that they have the legal
authority to seize property in
"TransCanada used the Com-
mission's T-4 permit as an au-
thorization to take Texans land
for a private for-profit, foreign
pipeline project. There was no
vetting or review by the Com-
mission of a pipeline com-
pany's self-designation as a
common carrier. The commis-
sion says that it has no con-
trol over eminent domain.
The legislature needs to fix
this mess and assure that
landowners rights and the en-
vironment are protected," said
Chris Wynnyk Wilson of the
Stop Tar Sands Oil Pipelines
Texans Uniting for Reform &
TURF is a non-partisan,
grassroots, all-volunteer group
defending citizens' concerns
with Agenda 21, toll road pol-
icy, public private partner-
ships, and eminent domain
abuse. TURF promotes pro-
taxpayer, pro-freedom, & non-
toll transportation solutions.
For more information or to
support the work of TURF,
please visit www.Texas-
CONTACT:Terri Hall
Texas TURF
(210) 275-0640
Debra Medina
We Texans
(979) 253-0220
If history could teach us anything, it would be that private
property is inextricably linked with civilization.
~Ludwig von Mises
September 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 14
Classified Ads
September 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 15
381 Carmel Drive
Sandia, TX 78383
Lloyd and JaNelle Barnes
Linda Sue Barnes
(361) 343-7400
(361) 547-0505 Fax
Richard Rowe
Residential Lots
Farm & Ranch
248 House Ave, Barbon Harbor Est - 3 BD/2 BA home with 2 car
garage on 3 acres in the sought after Orange Grove ISD! Livestock
loading shoot & pens - Bring your horses & youth projects! $288,800.
128 3rd St, Lake City - 2008 custom Palm Harbor home with 12' x 12' shop w/electricity
situated on two lots with hurricane fence. Live near Lake CC with access to boat ramp.$65,000.
1525 FM 534 - Dinero Country Store Great location very close to
IH 37 and not too far from HWY 281 perfect for a general store or
Eagle Ford Oil Field office space! Sits on 1 acre corner lot on well
traveled roads. Additional acreage available. Offered at $79,900.
1200 E. Wilson, Mathis-5.05 Ac - Very close to IH 37 and great location for a commercial
yard! 3/2 Rustic ranch home complete with horse barns, pens, arena, workshop, stable & support
structure. Updated bathrooms. Located close to town. REDUCED $172,000. $189,000.
560 CR 372 - Original Barbon Subd - WATERFRONT - 3 BD/2 BA home/
2 car garage situated on 2 spacious lots (over 1/2 acre). 2 open patios and
deck make it nice to sit ouside and watch the kids swim and play. Fish from
your private pier or launch your boat from your own launch! $262,500.
One Team | One Goal
Real Estate with Real Results
Keep up with LBRET and area
lake happenings at
124 E. Lakeview Trail - WATERVIEW - Enjoy the lake life at a
fraction of the cost of waterfront in this 3BR/2BA home that
sports an updated kitchen w/granite counter tops and island.
Partially furnished, wood burning fireplace, ceiling fans through-
out, covered deck that overlooks Lake CC! Offered at$149,400!
NEW -139 Harbor Circle -Peace Valley Harbor, Unit 1 WATERFRONT -
3 BD/2 BA home with large backyard, carpet grass, mature trees, pier and
bulkhead! Open kitchen, dining, breakfast, and living. Offered at $150,000.
139 Cenesia Dr - Carmel Hills WATERVIEW - Perfect weekend getaway or home that has
been remodeled inside & out! Spacious 2 BD/1 BA with living open to dining & kitchen.
Property owners have access to boat launches and waterfront parks. Offered at $97,900.
126.22 Acres, River Frontage - FM 1540 - Property situated on a mile of Nueces River
frontage (below the dam). 1/4 of minerals owned to convey to buyer. Offered at $350,260.
24894 Lakeshore DR (CR 350) - Across the street from Lake CC, this 3BR/3BA home on nearly half
an acre, features split bedroom floorplan with 2 large living areas and 2 septic systems. $69,900.
900 E. Lewis, Sinton - Just a stone's throw from Sintons schools, this 3BR/2BA home,
situated on a corner lot, is ideally located. Two spacious living areas, 3 car carport, separate
garage, covered patio and workshop area! REDUCED $133,900. $143,200.
NEW LISTING - 1.25 Acres, Barbon Harbor Estates - Great building site! Offered at $40,000.
NEW LISTING - Ranger Road - Airplane Hanger on Airstrip! Dont own a plane? Use it for storage!
Vista Dr - Unique 1 acre lot with a large (52 across), clover leaf shaped pool, 2 bath, concession & a
large covered area. Adjacent lot available - Endless Possibilities! REDUCED $37,500.
NEW LISTING - Canal St, Peace Valley Harbor - 2 Adjacent WATERFRONT lots. Nice building site.
Septic and well required. Locted just yards away from boat launch. Sold together for only $35,000.
NEW LISTING - Pernitas Point, Unit 3 Waterfront lot - Saddle Trail Offered at $40,000.
ranging in size and prices. Call 361-343-7400 for more information!
All great locations within the Eagle Ford Shale area! Come enjoy the good life - the lake life!!
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For Sale
Help Wanted
Call Jim
@ 361 547-6474
Ladies Black Leather Mo-
torcycle Jacket, approxi-
mately size 16-18. Zip out
lining. Good Looking. Rarely
worn. Too big for me these
days. $50 or make an offer.
Call Penny at 361-547-9062.
Pernitas Point area
1998 Manta Ray, 18.8ft, V-
6, I/O Merc Cruiser, Run
About, Low Hours, Galva-
nized Trailer $4600
361- 855-0743
Boat trailer, heavy duty, gal-
vanized, for 18' boat $275
361-85- 0743
Corpus Christi area
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The Texas Free Press , a monthly newsprint
medium, which recently began distribution in
the Brazosport area seeks experienced sales-
person in that area. Not a full-time job, but
could become good extra income for a retired
salesperson. Pays commission only. We are
also interested in applicants from the Victoria
area as we wish to expand into that area as
Preferred Experience:
Advertising Sales
Sales Training
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No phone calls.
Bed Racks for full-size
pickup bed. Adjustable to
size of your bed. Useful for
carrying small boat over your
camper shell or for carrying
PVC pipe or lumber.
One pair. $100.
Call 361-547-9062
Pernitas Point area
2 Solid Wood Desks Used in
business Curtis Grain Busi-
ness. $100 each 547-3288
Anyone Interested In Partic-
ipating in a Carmel Hills Wide
Yard Sale in October, Please
Contact Elaine McCurley @
Gary Johnson on Issues for more details about Johnson and the issues
To solve Americas chal-
lenges, we must deal
from reality.
The reality is: Many of
our key protections under
the Bill of Rights and The
U.S. Constitution are
gone. Government was
never intended to enjoy
such sweeping, intrusive
power over the private
lives of individual citi-
zens. Our nation was
founded on the principles
of personal liberty and
freedom from unwar-
ranted governmental con-
trol or regulation. These
freedoms are now under
attack from the very peo-
ple charged with uphold-
ing them. Im committed
to the cause of less gov-
ernment, greater liberty
and lasting peace and
prosperity for all
The reality is: The United
States must live within its
means. Government
spending must be re-
duced to the amount of
money it collects and
deliver fair
value to the American
taxpayer for every dollar
spent. Multi-trillion dol-
lar deficits threaten the
security of our nation and
its people now and into
the next several genera-
tions. The time to balance
the budget is now.
The reality is: We cant
tax ourselves into eco-
nomic recovery. I dont
believe in raising taxes.
Lowering taxes and bal-
ancing the federal budget
will stimulate a new era
of prosperity.
The reality is: Fences and
walls do not keep out il-
legal immigrants. Real
border security means
knowing who is coming
here and why. Our focus
should be on making sure
the undocumented con-
tribute to our society in-
stead of taking advantage
of it. By making it easy
and lawful for employers
to document their labor-
ers, we turn a national
problem into a taxable,
manageable solution.
The reality is: There can
be no compromise on
the issue of clean air and
clean water. America
needs to be a land with a
healthy environment and
policies that encourage a
market-based transition
to more renewable and
tainable energy sources.
I do not support Cap
and Trade policies. I
believe in and person-
ally practice responsi-
ble conservationism.
The reality is: The
United States should
only resort to military
action as provided for in
the Constitution. I be-
lieve in a strong defense
both at home and
abroad. I opposed the
Republican majority re-
garding the war in Iraq
and still argue the
United States should
withdraw our troops
from Iraq and
Afghanistan as soon as
effectively possible. De-
fense budgets and con-
need to be carefully scru-
tinized and operate with
greater transparency.
American citizens must
be protected against ter-
rorism, but they must also
be protected from the cor-
ruption, waste and short-
sightedness of our
military-industrial com-
plex. We cant afford the
high cost of nation-build-
ing around the globe
when we have a nation to
build and rebuild here at
home. The needs of
American citizens must
take priority.
The reality is: The gov-
ernment should not be in
the health care business.
Like all industries, health
care would benefit from a
free-market approach
providing the best prod-
uct and services at the
best price.
The reality is: Despite our
best efforts at enforce-
ment, education and in-
terdiction, people
continue to use and abuse
illegal drugs. I advocate
a Dont Do Drugs policy.
I dont drink alcohol,
smoke tobacco or use il-
legal drugs. But others in
our society do. We must-
nt turn a blind eye to the
obvious parallels with
Prohibition in the 1920s
and the lessons our na-
tion learned. Prohibition
was repealed because it
made matters worse.
Today, no one is trying to
sell our kids bathtub gin
in the schoolyard and
micro-breweries arent
protecting their turf with
machine guns. Its time to
apply that thinking to
marijuana. By making
it a legal, regulated prod-
uct, we can restrict its
availability, curtail
under-age use, cut en-
ation costs, remove the
criminal element and ac-
cess a multi-billion dollar
underground economy.
In the European countries
where this strategy has
been tested, under-age
use has dropped as has
the crime rate. By man-
aging marijuana like al-
cohol and tobacco
regulating, taxing
and enforcing its lawful
use we will be better
off than we are now. The
billions we save on mar-
ijuana interdiction, along
with the billions captured
as legal revenue, can be
redirected against the in-
dividuals committing
real crimes against soci-
ety. I do not favor the le-
galization and lawful
distribution of harder
drugs, but I believe
their use should be dealt
with as a health issue
not a criminal justice
Participate in your
The Peoples President
Our Constitution was made
only for a moral and
religious people. It is wholly
inadequate to the
government of any other.
--John Adams
Best Quality-Best Prices-Custom Built
BP Building Sales
(800) 733-3505 (361) 767-8999
We can put your building anywhere you want it!
Portable or Mobile Offices,
Modular Homes & Storage Buildings
15642 Northwest Blvd. (Hwy 624) - Calallen Area, Corpus Christi
Mobile and Pier and Beam Homes, Oilfield Special-
ties, Guard Shacks, Change Rooms, Security etc...
Studs 16"oc
Engineered Truss 24"oc
Floor Joist 16"oc
*40-yr Warranty Metal
and Skids*
7/16" Plywood Under Metal on Roof and Walls
Double Pane Insulated Windows
Our Finished Buildings are extremely heavy and
will last multiple times longer than typical trailer
BP Building Sales UNLIKE most our Competitors
WILL relocate your building if needed.
Email, Fax or Call us for a quote.
We will help you design your own building struc-
ture, home, office, storage etc...
We Custom Build
Is the world beating you down
and consuming you?
Matthew 11:28-30
King James Version (KJV)
28 Come unto me, all ye that
labour and are heavy laden, and I
will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and
learn of me; for I am meek and
lowly in heart: and ye shall find
rest unto your souls.
30 For my yoke is easy, and my
burden is light.