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Employee information & feedback form Please note: 1) This Feedback form is meant to help us understand and evaluate

existing training programs. 2) Kindly Tick in a most appropriate and in a unbiased manner.

1. What is your designation? Associates Executive / Supervisor Manager

2. What is your total experience in Hotel Industry? 0-6 months 6-12 months More than 12 months

3. Which Dept. do you belong to? Front Office Housekeeping Other(Please specify) _________ 4. How many training programs have you attended so far? None 1-2 3-4 5+ Food & Beverage Services Food & Beverage Production

5. What do you feel about the frequency of orientation programs in the organisation? High Medium Low

6. Who is responsible for employee orientation and on-the-job training in your hotel? (Check all that apply.) Manager Supervisor Professional Trainer H.R. dept. Employee

Other (Please specify) _________

7. How much emphasis is given on Service quality? High Medium Low

8. Do you think new employees will have more professional skills and knowledge to cope with each customer situation after they complete the formal orientation? Yes No

9. How would you rate the impact of the new employee orientation program towards the delivery of service quality enhancement? High Medium Low

10. What is the average duration of job training course? 1 Day 5 Day 2 Day Other (Please specify) _________

11. Which are the methods used more often in trainings in your organisation. (Check all that apply). Online Training Interactive Multimedia Lecture-Pupil (Classroom Style) Other (Please specify) _________ Audio-video Tapes Overhead Projectors Flip Charts Case Study Simulations Texts and Manuals

12. How much according to you is the impact of the training programs on the improvement of customer satisfaction based on employee service performance (e.g. professional skills, knowledge, service attitudes, service behaviours, service consistency, etc.)? High Medium Low

13. How would you rate the effectiveness of employee on-the-job training level of satisfaction towards the delivery of service quality enhancement? High Medium Low

14. Would you like to have a more advanced stress management module in your training program, if yes, then why ____________________________________________________________________

16. How much is the impact of training for overall individual development? High Medium Low

17. Will the continuity of different types of training programs at different intervals help to improve individual performance, quality & service standard in general, write your views