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Report: No Littering Day


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National Cleaner Production Center Foundations aims to be acknowledged in the field of environmental management as an innovative, dynamic and distinctive contributor. To this end, NCPC-F will motivate its community to establish and promote an environmentally responsible culture that maximizes the effective use of National Resources and a Shift in Thinking towards waste minimization at source by the strategy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. For its another application, Environment Protection Department (EPD) Rawalpindi and National Cleaner Production Center Foundation (NCPC) conducted No Littering day 2012. No Littering Day-2012 Littering can be intentional/unintentional act of people without any consent to harm others. But littering can pose even dangerous harms to humans, animal and environment in certain ways.

Litter around waste bin

Hosts are worried on littering

Therefore, in order to make people aware about the harms of littering to biodiversity and environment, a very productive activity was organized by NCPC and EPD on September 22, 2012 as No Littering Day at Ayub National Park. The whole session was conducted within vicinity of the park.

Banner displayed outside the Park

Community involvement for No littering day


For making this program a successful event, officials of NCPC, EPD team and volunteers from different universities were involved. More than 40 members had participated in this fruitful activity. The session was divided into two parts. Community awareness & involvement Waste Collection & disposal Community awareness & involvement: Pictorial charts, slogans and brochures were used for the awareness session along with the oral description to reduce and stop littering. Slogan badges were given to the children as a reminder to not to litter. Brochures were given to the people as a piece of portable information. Only the required information for general public was provided to them in very easier and digestible language. People were getting involved with us and were enjoying the session. Among visitors there were also the school trips. Students were keen to know about the littering and waste segregation. After getting know how about the littering and its bad impacts. They got active in removing litter from the park along with our organization members. They also participated in no littering walk.

Awareness session for family

Awareness session for students

Group photo

No littering walk


Waste Collection & Disposal The whole of the team performed practically the hand picking of the litter that was spread everywhere in the park. Students had prepared the waste bins from the useless cartons along with the colour coding depicting waste segregation e.g. blue for paper waste, green for glass, yellow for plastic, black colour for food(organic trash), red colour was used for metal trash while in grey bins any other waste than above categories were collected. Before this activity of waste collection a model demonstration was employed by the students and officials to the public. Waste management is the most challenging issue of this age. Therefore to give a little beam of light for the waste segregation this part was arranged. The model was based on waste segregation and their destinations i.e. Recycling units, Incinerators, Bioremediation sites and composting units.

Provision of badges to the children

Team busy in litter removal

Volunteers with handmade trash cans

Waste segregation description

The collected waste from the park was of different kinds including cold drink cans, bottles, PET bottles, juice packing, food items, tissue papers and cigarette butts etc. They were segregated at the site easily because of the colour coding strategy of the bins. The collected wasted items were sent to their units for recycling, incineration and composting.


The Outcome This activity apparently proved to be the successful one because we got positive responses from the park visitors. They got involved with us in picking litter and most of the people especially children made promises with the volunteers that they will dispose off trash in trash cans and even in the park they showed themselves as the good citizens by throwing the wrappers in the waste bins. These kinds of activities would be organized and conducted by NCPC in future for private and public sectors.

Children giving positive response