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VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011


The Official Magazine of Hope Restoration Ministries.


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Thank you for your support and commitment throughout the year. May God continue to bless you.


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The Mathebula Family wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Join us for our Christmas Services Sunday, 25 December, 08:00 & 10:00

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Boitumelo Shilubana

30th appy y to my H rsar nnive rents a pa

Senior Pastors
SC & PM Mathebula

Phumelele Ndumo Zakhele Thokwana Langi Malamba Khuls Mtetwa

hoo! It has been a while, only 3 months, but it feels like a lifetime since VOH Edition 10. I am both excited and anxious about this issue as is always the case with each edition. The Christmas spirit is in the air and we are all winding down and getting ready for a well deserved rest over the holidays. For most it will be time for family get togethers, Christmas lunches and travelling. To others like myself who will be working throughout the December holidays, embrace it and make the best of it. While most are in a joyous mood, others have had a difficult year ranging from failed ventures, to deaths in the family. We have articles that specifically deal with these issues and believe that they will be a source of encouragement to you. With the diversity of articles herein I am sure there will be something for everyone. Dig in and enjoy the read. I am one of the fortunate few to have grown up in an environment that was full of love and warmth. Though as a child I sometimes used to feel that my parents were too strict, now that I am an adult, I see that they were being cruel to be kind. Their

lessons have shaped the person I am today. I look back with a lot of gratitude both to God and my parents. On 7th November my parents, Mr & Mrs Rikhotso celebrated their 30th anniversary, and I take this time to honour them for the example they have set. I am grateful to God for the gift they are. You will notice that there is a R5 cost to this edition. It is a small contribution that will allow us to put Voice of Hope into the hands of those who are out of hope. The magazine will be available to a wider audience to spread the message of hope which is the editorial mandate of our magazine. We value your support at all times and appreciate getting messages from you. Please do write to me on and tell me what you would love to see more of.

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I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

May the Lord our God of all mercies bless and keep you till we meet again in the year 2012.


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Itumeleng Sibiya
Tumi is an Accounting Graduate from Wits University. She is currently studying towards her Honours Degree in Accounting and loves writing in her spare time.

Marga von Rauentein

Marga von Rauenstein is a private practicing dietician in Edenvale, Johannesburg. She also does wellness coaching for Ndawo Wellness.


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011


A LOOK AT 2011
2011 has been a great year and we thank God for bringing us thus far. Pastors Siphiwe and Phindi Mathebula, together with all the leadership of the church thanks you for always running with the vision and supporting the work of God. Let us take a journey from January to now and see some of the thing you have helped accomplish.


Hope Restoration Leadership Academy opened its doors on February and has a class of 30 students enrolled for a Certificate in Leadership program. The course is currently going through an accreditation application process. If you are interested in being part of this program next year, please contact the Academy Office on 011 024 3580/1 or email academy@hrm.

Through the Legacy Project, we also helped a church in Klipfontein complete their building. We donated bricks and windows.

Through partnership with Team Impact University, Hope Restoration Ministries started a Bible School. There are currently 38 students enrolled for the 1st level Certificate in Ministry qualification. If you are interested in studying Theology, please contact the Bible School on 011 024 3580/1 or email

Hands of Restoration, previously known as Hands of Hope has now been registered as a Non Profit making Organization. This was done in order to better cater for the community needs in an efficient and more accountable manner.

We managed to install air conditioners in the Auditorium and we thank you for making it possible.

The legacy project is one that will continue long after 2011 has gone to bed. Building of houses is just but one of the elements of the Project. It seemed like a joke when Pastor Mathebula in the beginning of the year announced that we will be building houses for the elderly and destitute. The project kicked off later than planned due to municipal issues. We have since built one house from scratch, renovated 1 house and fenced another one. This project will continue on a bigger scale in the New Year. Sadly one of the recipients of a new house, Gogo Bless passed away on the 28th October. We are happy that she passed on having experienced owning her own home which was her dream. We thank you for making her dream possible.

We had the great pleasure and honour of hosting Church of the Nations Conference in April this year, a body of churches under which we belong. The founder of Church of the Nations, Mr Tony Fitzgerald together with his wife Marilyn were also in attendance.


The Church bought an 88 hectares land in Oliefantshoek, which is between Magalies and Rustenburg. The camp site is fully operational and renovations are currently underway. The camp site will be getting a new name soon, we will keep you posted. (Pics of new renovations)


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011


It means exercising our authority on this earth using the gifts that have been given us for the glory of God. God put us in charge of production and to have dominion over it, to rule it, to make this an orderly planet. There are still many dreams we want to achieve like a Primary School which is currently earmarked for 2013. We are trusting God for the land to build this school. There are many more houses to build, a lot of youth to educate, feeding the hungry, taking care of the widows and orphans, heading corporates and participating in the political spheres. The work is great and needs labourers that understand their call to occupy and dominate. Dominion is not dancing on peoples heads or oppressing others, nor does it mean to disrespect or look down on others irrespective of their age, race,gender or religion. It simply means to stand and take action on things God has instructed us to do. Join us in 2012 as we declare it a year of dominion


the year of dominion

What to look forward to;
Hope year When young people finish matric some dont always know what they want to pursue in life. Hope Year will be a gap year program that will expose the youth to mission work, leadership training and bible study for a year. The Gap year program seeks to breed young people who are aware of their surroundings and unleashing them into whatever field they choose to go into with better understanding of themselves and their world. Church Building Bond We hope to pay off our bond by December 2012. We are thankful to God for this and ask you to continue supporting the work of God. Your contribution is not in vain. Counselling department We are excited to be establishing a formal and professional counselling service in the New Year. It will be run by Mr Matumba who will be full time employed by the church from January 2012. Bursaries Many young people finish school and dont get the opportunity to go to school. In 2012, we plan on giving full bursaries to scholars with excellent results but not affording to go to school. We want to give them a chance in life.


...Occupy till I come - Luke 19:13

Pastor SC Mathebula

Occupy & Dominate

y heart bleeds when I look at the state of our nation today. It is a great concern to me that we lack proper leadership in the different spheres of life. Be it in our families, the political arena, our churches and communities. The world craves for great leadership, it depends on it. We are facing difficult challenges in our day including global warming, terrorism and the economic meltdown, to name just a few. God created us to dominate and subdue the earth (Gen 1:27-31). This is very strong in my Spirit that now is the time for us as children of the most High God to take our rightful positions and occupy the areas He has given unto us. There is a Spiritual shift and mandate that I believe God is bringing us into from 2012. He is changing our focus. This is the reason we are no longer going to keep the entire centre of attention in-house, but rather to a world out there that needs the right people in the right places to make a difference. It will start with our families and grow to our surroundings. Dominion has been programmed into our DNA. If things are not in order, we have been given authority as children of God to call for order.


I thank God for this great gift. I see it as a gift because there are many who didnt reach this age. Turning 40 has changed my to me being more family oriented. As I turned 40, my first daughter became a teenager and that presents a new set of challenges. It has also made me more aware of my spending in planning for my childrens future.

Africa We believe that our vision is not confined to South Africa. In the New Year, we plan to have more outreaches and mission trips to our neighbouring African Countries. House Projects We will be continuing to build houses for the destitute and elderly. This is a project we will continue with for a long time.

What you know for sure about; God

God never changes, and He doesnt give up on us; He is ever loving. You cannot put him in a box nor can you manipulate Him.

You dont choose how you are born, but you can choose how you end up. No matter how you started out in life, you can have the future you desire. People will disappoint you; understand that they are only human.

08 VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011

VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011



New look, new life

Mamoruti Phindi Mathebula is looking fabulous and Tumi Shilubana spoke to her about moving from a size 40 to a 32 and her overall health.

Mamoruti, you look amazing!

Thank you Tumi

From a size 40 to a 32? What was the inspiration?

Well, to begin with I wasnt a really chubby person. I gained a little weight over time but more especially during my pregnancy with the twins four years ago. The inspiration was two-fold. One, my health was not good. I was always sick; struggled with terrible migraines, bad insomnia, always feeling tired and lacking energy. After collapsing one morning, I went to see a doctor who wasnt happy with my weight and health. The second motivation was seeing myself on a long full body mirror after a bath and wasnt pleased with what I had become, so I decided time for change had come.

new eating habits. I always have two litres of water with me that I sip throughout the day as sometimes we think we are hungry when in fact we are thirsty. So simply put, I cut out the junk food and ate more healthy options like snacking on fruit and raw nuts instead of sweets, chips or chocolates. I dont skip meals as it is important to eat all three meals and a snack in between, in order to improve my metabolism. I also encouraged myself through little or big rewards when I had achieved certain goals.

Your health depends on it.

How do you feel?

I feel great; younger, lighter, healthier and definitely stronger. I am also proud that my family is looking up to me and are also becoming more aware of the impact of their food choices on their health and wellbeing. Nkateko regularly joins us for the morning jog and hopefully Hope and the boys will one day join us too as this joint family routine will be a blessing with significant dividends. One challenge for my husband was that I now needed a complete wardrobe overhaul, which was a blessing to me seeing that he took care of the bill, she says laughing.

What has been the most difficult thing to give up?

My weakness is chocolate especially chocolate cake. I really love it so I still have it once in a while.

How long did it take you to lose weight?

It took me a year to drop from 92kg to my current 68kg moving 4 dress sizes down in the process. I need to point out that in the beginning i only weighed myself once in two weeks to avoid being discouraged and to set realistic goals.

You had an operation in May this year, why and how do you feel?
Many of you know I had an unfortunate incident of having my vocal cords damaged due to a thyroid operation gone wrong. This resulted in me losing my voice for two years, between May 2009 and May 2011. In May this year I had a Thyroplasty surgery performed. It is a surgical technique designed to improve the voice by altering the cartilages of the larynx in order to change the position of the vocal cords. I am grateful to God that the procedure was a success and that my speaking has greatly improved. I am not able to sing as yet. Thats what I miss the most, but I trust God for full recovery. Overall my health has been great this year.

What were your doctors concerns?

She was worried about my blood pressure and certain health risks I was now exposed to due to the excess weight. Issues like diabetes and heart related illnesses were a major concern. Her emphasis was on a change in my diet and that I needed to increase my activity level. When one pursues health and wellness, weight loss becomes part of the package.

How do you maintain?

I have recently started jogging with my husband every morning for 30 minutes. His support has been priceless and he continually encourages me when I feel like giving up. If my throat acts up, we walk, but it is exciting to share the journey with him as this gives us quality time before we start our day. Also, this was not a diet but a lifestyle adjustment. I still continue to eat right. It is ok to give in to a craving now and then, just not every day.

How did you do it?

One day at a time. I made drastic changes to what I was eating as I couldnt do high impact exercise at the time. This was due to the brain infection that caused my constant headaches and the effects of the thyroid operation I had. The only exercise I could do was walking so I walked 30 minutes a day. My eating changed significantly by reducing and eventually cutting out bad foods. This included processed foods (e.g. white flour, polony), certain starches (white rice, bread), fatty foods and sugar especially juice and fizzy drinks.

You preached for the first time in 2 years this year, what was that like?
It was overwhelming, just the favour of God that my voice was back and that I managed to finish without glitches. The fact that it had been so long without preaching to a crowd was nerve wrecking. I am still re-learning to do it all over again for His kingdom sake.

Advice to those who wish to lose weight?

No matter how much you need to shed, it can be done. It is hard and requires serious will power and a partnership where possible, but doable. Visit your Doctor/Nutritionist/Dietician for a health assessment and find out what your health risks are and what you need to work on first. I used to think I was predisposed to being chubby due to my genes, but I now know that anyone can make changes in their lives for the better. It obviously isnt going to happen overnight, so stick with it, be realistic and dont give up. Lastly; start today, not next week or next month, today.

Whats next?
Well, I am completing my 2nd Degree in the next year and a half, my husband and I will celebrate our 15th anniversary next year, we are blessed to have a lovely home and church family and we are excited about where God is taking us hence forth. Im content with my life and I thank God for it all. VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011 11

Was this change automatic?

Not at all! It was extremely hard in the beginning and I would fall off the wagon once in a while, but the next day I tried again until these changes became my

Mamoruti Before...


Cut potatoes for roasting into larger chunks as theyll absorb less fat. Roast in a small amount of unsaturated (e.g. olive or Canola oil) oil for a healthier choice and serve without salt. Try other flavourings like fresh garlic, ginger, pepper or fresh herbs instead. Turkey meat is a lower fat choice for than the traditional lamb chops on the braai. If youre having sweet treats like sweets, cake and crisps, try having them in smaller amounts instead. Avoid the dips or rather serve a dip made with fat free cottage cheese and crudits (baby vegetables). During the party season, its easy to drink lots of sugary fizzy drinks but opt for water or diluted fruit juice when you can add a slice of lemon, lime, fresh strawberries or mint leaves to water for flavour. Swap the mayonnaise in your creamy salads with low fat Bulgarian yogurt. Eat slower and stop when you have had enough. Get active rather than slump on the sofa - take a brisk walk, play some games on the lawn, swim or maybe just crank up the music and dance away those calories. 2. boerewors and chicken, as long as it all fits on your hand palm. Keep to the recommended portion sizes for the different food groups; plate fruit and/or vegetables emphasis on vegetables. Fist-size slow releasing (low GI) starches (max. 250 m). Handpalm size piece of protein (90=120 g), and 1-2 fats per meal: cupped hand/ tip of thumb with regards to oils.


Marga von Rauentein

It is that time of year again when everything is coming to a halt. Everywhere people are celebrating the end of another year and the upcoming Christmas holidays. As usual, celebrations go hand-in-hand with year-end functions, family gatherings, braais with friends and of course tables laden with a lot of deliciously rich foods. At the end of it all, it leaves one with feelings of guilt and self-remorse. Just why did I have that extra helping of the Christmas cake or that extra piece of lamb shank?
Here are some great ideas to keep the after-holiday blues at bay:
At parties, make food secondary to mingling; circle the room, not the buffet table. Instead of heading aimlessly into the holiday season, try to approach it well-armed with a specific plan in mind. Sit down with yourself and decide ahead of time what you will and will not eat. You might avoid the whipped cream with the pudding or the chips and dips. You can still have a helping of Christmas trifle, just not the whole bowl. Many people will skip meals in an effort to save calories this time of year. This could be your biggest downfall. Eat breakfast on Christmas day as this will fill you up and you will be less likely to snack on all the Christmas goodies. Skipping breakfast might backfire and increase your cravings during the rest of the day, which will lead to overeating. Be aware of your emotional state. The holidays bring a lot of emotions and many people will turn to food for comfort. Talk things through, rather than eating them through. Take time to see what is offered at the buffet table. Then choose the healthier options like fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, salad with low fat dressing and lean cuts of meat. This way you can have smaller samplings of the higherfatty foods like that delicious Christmas dessert. Put the food into perspective. The greatest gift at the holidays isnt the buffet table or the Christmas cake. It is the conversations and fellowship enjoyed with friends and family.

Try to keep to the basic principle of the plate model.

1. You can still have the lamb chop,

Dont despair; the key is to preserve the tradition and to avoid the binge. As Elizabeth Somer, a Registered Dietician nicely puts it; this is the season to splurge, not on endless trays of fudge and cookies, but rather on the real meaning of the holidays - enjoying the company of others. That means putting food in its place.

Practical tips Practical cooking tips

Serve Christmas lunch with heaps of vegetables for a balanced meal prepared in a healthy manner like steamed or roasted preserving more vitamins.


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011




Dineos testimony
n 2003 Dineo was involved in a relationship and together with the boyfriend mutual agreed to remain celibate until marriage. Unfortunately, in one night of weakness, they compromised their vow to remain pure and Dineos life was changed in an instant. She shares her journey with us. In commemoration of World Aids Day on the 1st December I felt indebted and compelled to write this article just to share some perspective and give hope to those in a similar situation that indeed God does use a situation no matter how bad to display and demonstrate His awesome power. I have also learnt that one act of disobedience can alter the cause of a persons life in a drastic way. I pray that especially young people can read this story and learn from it. In January 2005 I was diagnosed with HIV and after numerous second opinions I eventually had to acknowledge that I have a deadly virus in my body and that whether I like it or not I have to live with that fact. In the midst of that pain, I somehow drew strength from the knowledge that no matter what the facts are, God has the last word.

In November 2010 with a CD4 count of less than 27, I was hospitalised due to extreme complications and opportunistic infections caused by the disease. In a motionless and unconscious state I was taken to the casualty ward on the Friday around 18:00 in the evening. Cat scans and numerous blood tests were conducted and after piecing all the results together, the doctors literally diagnosed me brain dead and gave me a maximum of 3 hours to live. Nurses were accordingly instructed to keep me in casualty pending my death. My family was duly informed to prepare for the worst as there was no gleam of hope for survival. Despite the credulous reality of the situation, somehow I knew that intense prayer, supplication and intercession were continuously in motion. During that state of mind, I also dreamt I was in a queue in heaven to receive a fresh set of white clothing and a crown. At around 12 midday the very next day I miraculous regained consciousness. Somehow contrary to popular belief and even with the odds against me, His love said not yet. I will admit that my road to recovery

was not without challenges but God being God I eventually recovered and I was discharged from hospital on Christmas Eve and taken home to spend time with family and loved ones. Being the cook at home I even managed to give instructions on how the turkey should be prepared. Every single day I thank God for His grace and gift of life; and in all this I am persuaded without a doubt that neither HIV, nor AIDS, nor death, nor sickness, nor principalities, no things threatening, nor things to come shall separate me from the love of God which is Christ Jesus. I also know for sure that my complete healing is simply delayed but NOT denied. In conclusion, every one of us should always be cognisant of the fact that no matter the circumstances we have to live with, God is with us and He loves us dearly. To all the people out there who may be HIV positive, you too can run to God and receive mercy. Let not the diagnosis of being positive drive you to suicide or addiction, rather to a God who knows how to take care of us better that we ever can. * Name has been changed to protect the subject and her family.

here are now medicines which can treat AIDS. They are called antiretrovirals or ARVs for short. ARVs do not cure HIV but can stop a person with HIV from dying of AIDS. ARVs only work if you use them properly and they do not work for everybody. They are already working well for many people. There is a lot of confusion about these medicines which fight AIDS. Some people say ARVs are dangerous poisons and that they will make you sicker and kill you quickly. It is true that ARVs can cause serious health problems if they are not used properly, but this is also true of many other medicines we use all the time. It is true that many people who were close to dying of AIDS are healthy again thanks to ARVs. In developed countries, HIV is no longer a disease that kills, but rather a health condition you can treat and live with, like diabetes or high blood pressure. This is because people with HIV in those countries have easy access to ARVs.


HIV sick. HIV stays in the blood but the ARVs keep it weak, protecting CD4 cells. If the person stops taking the ARVs, the HIV will get strong again. Some ARVs side effects ARVs change the way other 1 medicines work. Medicine for TB and epilepsy do not mix well with ARVs. Tell your doctor about all the other medicines you take, even headache pills, flu medicine, vitamins, immune boosters and herbal/ traditional medicines. 5 Nausea; a lot people who take ARVs feel nauseous. Usually this gets better after a month or two.

A lot of researchers believe the benefits of ARVs far outweigh the side effects. Important things to know about ARVs Taking ARVs is a lifetime commitment. Once you start taking them, you should never stop. Not all people with HIV need ARVs immediately. It is not good to start taking ARVs too soon. Start taking ARVs when... Your CD4 Count is lower than 200 and in certain cases 350, You show signs of having AIDS (always sick with many illnesses that dont get better), You feel ready to take ARV medicines forever, If in doubt, consult your nearest clinic or a general practitioner. This article was taken from the children in distress website

Sometimes people taking ARVs cant get rid of lactic acid in the body. Too much lactic acid in the body is a serious problem, called Lactic Acidosis. Signs are nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain, feeling very tired, short of breath and losing weight. A blood test shows if Lactic Acidosis is the problem. The doctor will treat the Lactic Acidosis, and give you different ARV drugs. Some develop rashes. Usually the rash goes away by itself. If the person also gets sores inside the mouth, they must go to the doctor straight away. Sore feet; some people get a burning pain in their feet.

What do ARVs do? HIV grows in the blood, killing the important CD4 cells which help the body to fight sicknesses. ARVs are medicines which stop HIV killing CD4 cells and growing in the blood. This means the blood gets strong again and can fight off the infections that make people with


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011

VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011




Finish Strong
Zakhele Thokwana

Celebrating Christmas
Khuls Mtetwa
s we hit December and start the sprint towards Christmas, I am filled with disbelief. December! Already? It was August last time I looked. I love holidays, I get excited just thinking about them. They are a great time to just get away from everything and relax. For young people theres no school, no homework, and no getting up early. The festive season is loaded with expectations, isnt it? Christmas shopping, decorations, gift exchanges and entertaining. What is this season really all about? To me Christmas is not just an excuse to buy presents for friends and family and just have a good time. It is the celebration of the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. While the holidays can bring a lot of joy for us, it is also important that we remember people out there facing some not-so-great times in their lives. This season is an opportunity for us to be there for our friends, family and others who are facing difficult challenges like retrenchments, losing a loved one, and simple holiday stress. Prayers and support are essential in a time when we celebrate the birth of Christ. One of the good and bad things about holidays is that routine goes out the window. Bad because often some people feel like being a follower of Jesus also goes on holiday too. Some stop thinking about Him, talking to him or even worse, stop living the way that pleases Him. So, yes, every Christian should find the joy in the season while at the same time not forgetting who or whose they are. It is a time when we celebrate the foundation

of our faith. We should enjoy the spirit of giving and sharing with one another. Truly Jesus is the Reason for the Season! We celebrate Christmas in honor of His birth, the loving gift of God to humanity, the gift of His Son Jesus. 2 Corinthians 9:15 says Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! God gave us the gift! of His Son, Jesus Christ. That gift is what Christmas is all about; it would be shame if we kept the gift to ourselves. Isaiah 9:6 declares For unto us a Child is born; unto us a Son is given, and the government will be upon His shoulders. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

The year is almost over. Another Christmas approaches, and before we know it, the next year will be looking at us with high expectations. With this in mind your stomach starts to tie a knot because while considering the next year, you start realising that not all your objectives of this year are met. In fact, while other objectives are dragging, in some cases you may have been completely unsuccessful. So maybe you might not be in a good space right now. Perhaps youre wondering how can I do things differently next year? Allow me to introduce you to how Gideon, one of the most successful army commanders did it, perhaps we can learn a thing or two. Lets check out his story in the book of Judges Chapters 6 and 7. As you may already know, Gideon went on to conquer the armies of the Midianites and Amalekites. Lets carefully inspect how this victory came about: 1. Success is drawn from the Word of God Gideon first had to believe what God had declared about him: 6 v 12 The Lord is with thee, mighty warrior. We must always believe what God says about us, not what the situation indicates, or what the past shows. Most often we are overwhelmed by projects because we start reasoning out situations and occurrences that may or may not even happen and lose sight of the word of God. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God! Success regardless of background Gideon, as far as backgrounds are concerned, had the worst: 6 v 15 My clan is weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my family. Sounds familiar? Can you relate? Then you know now that being born in the right or wrong family has nothing to do with your success. God says I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, not to harm you, to bring you a



What a gift worthy of sharing.

DONT TAKE A HOLIDAY FROM JESUS Being a Christian is about relationship. We often use holidays to hang out with friends but do we use our holiday to hang out with Jesus?

Here are a few ways you could hang with Jesus these holidays;
Use your free time to visit an orphanage home Act of kindness (Gift). Visit an old age home Honouring old people. Catch up with friends and ask them what they are learning about Jesus Witnessing


future and hope. He also declares: Before I (not mommy and daddy) formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart.Jeremiah 29:11 It doesnt even matter how you were conceived; rape, mistake, whatsoever. God has always been and still remains in charge. Success is not by mans strength but Gods 7 v 2 You have too many men. I cannot deliver Midian into their hands, or Israel will boast against me, My own strength has saved me. God does not need our assistance in accomplishing what He has set out to do. We just need to be available and keep to the instructions. Most believers find themselves exhausted and fatigued. This happens because we want to carry Gods portion of the weight with human shoulders. We revert to doing practical and realistic things, often because faith is difficult. Believe God and trust His plan. Success requires you to keep to your post 7 v 21While each man held his position around camp, all the Midianites ran, crying out as they fled. Hold your position. Wait patiently for God. Do not go ahead of him, or drag your feet behind Him. Be spiritually responsive. Make quiet time for God. Honour your time to fast and pray. Remove obstacles to spending time with God. Gideon, like you and me, was human and had his doubts. But you and me, like Gideon, need to start giving God the chance to turn our scars into starts, to change our mess into a message of Hope. You need not worry about how bad this year might have been. Purpose it in your heart to surrender all to God. Victory is assured to the faithful: He leads us in a triumphal procession in Christ. 2 Corinthians 2:14 VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011 17


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011




Do you have a fair and valid contract in place? Heres what you need to know. All employers must give workers, in writing, clear details regarding their employment and this contract must be kept for 3 years after termination. The provisions for employment contracts, however, do not apply to domestic workers working less than 24 hours a month for an employer. So if you employ a domestic worker for more than 24 hours a month make sure you both have signed copies of a document containing the following written particulars:

Employment Details
Place/s of work Date of employment Working hours and days of work

Notice/Contract Period
Period of notice required Period of contract


The festive season is here and some of us will be getting bonuses and hoping to use them on things like cars and festivities. Heres a story to consider before you use your bonus for a new car. Phumelele Ndumo
True life story: Gugus balloon bursts on him
Gugu* couldnt wait to buy his car. He couldnt believe how reasonable his monthly instalments would be. It was a dream come true as he drove out of the garage. He lived his dream for exactly five years. Gugu never understood what buying a car on a balloon payment meant. When five years was up, he had to pay some R95 000 to own the car. He didnt have R95 000. He applied for a loan and his application came back declined. No bank was willing to lend him the money he needed to keep his car. He couldnt even find a buyer for his car. In the end, the car was repossessed and he has no car as we speak. (*Gugu is not his real name.) I suggest that you use this checklist before you go ahead and buy that car you want on a balloon payment plan: 1. 2. Do you need to take on debt by getting a new car? Have you saved a deposit of at least 20%? If you put down a big deposit, you will pay lower monthly instalments and also save in interest payments. Will the instalment be less than 25% of your gross salary? If not, you cannot afford it. Have you made sure the deal does not include a residual or balloon payment? Some car repayment deals come with a very big one-off payment at the end of the credit agreement. Buying a car on such terms usually means you cannot afford it. Maybe you need to look at a cheaper car that does not have a balloon payment. Is your life cover enough to cover all your debts, including the car? Can you afford the insurance to cover your car for theft and accidents? Can you afford the monthly running costs such as petrol, toll fees, services and incidental costs such as tyre replacements? Do you own a home? Why would you want to buy a car if you dont have a home? If you do have a home, is the value of your home higher than the value of the car you want to buy? It is better to spend more money on a home than on a car. Cars lose value over time and end up in a scrapyard.

Payment Details
Salary or wage, or the rate and method of calculating wages Rate for overtime Any other cash payments Any payments in kind and their value Frequency of payment Any deductions Value and payment for any food or accommodation.

Make sure that the document is updated every time any one of these details change and remember that an employer must keep a copy of this document while the worker is employed, and for 3 years thereafter. If a worker is unable to understand the contract, the employer is to explain the information in a way that the domestic worker understands. This is just a basic guideline, for more information visit the Department of Labours website

Employer and Worker Details

Employers full name Employers address

Leave Details
Any leave to which the worker is entitled

5. 6. 7.


3. 4.

Get Phumelele Ndumos new book From Debt to riches to read more about this.


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011

VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011




Solomon Matumba

An out of tune radio is able to receive two radio stations at the same time, in many instances, this is coupled with some hazy noise that makes it difficult to hear just what one is listening to. When this happens, we normally fiddle with the tuner and/or adjust the aerial until a good reception of the radio station is reached. I am yet to hear of someone who threw away a radio or smashed it up just because it was out of tune. Just like a radio, there are times when marriage is out of tune and receives two faint signals at the same time. It is sad that when out of tune happens in marriage, many are quick to want to throw away or smash up their marriage. For some Christian couples, the idea of tuning their marriage towards good reception seems to be far-off. This article seeks to look into the process of tuning up your marriage towards a crystal clear reception to the right signal. As the bible encourages us in Romans 14:19, couples must make every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification. I believe it is possible for any marital relationship to be tuned back to good reception of each other. How the radio works I am told that a radio converts signals through the aerial into a usable form. It uses electronic filters to separate a wanted radio frequency signal from all other signals. The electronic amplifier increases

the level suitable for sound, and finally recovers the desired information through demodulation and decoding. Aerial Being able to connect with your spouse is a very important part of a healthy marital life. Many a problem that exists in marriage stems from couples losing touch with each other in some form or other. It is during this time that couples have to adjust the aerial in order to receive one another without distortion. The aerial helps couples to connect. The ability to talk and connect with your spouse, during the good and bad times, is the life force of a happy relationship. As it is said elsewhere, as long as there is communication there is hope. Filters We are told that a radio uses filters to separate a wanted radio frequency signal from all other signals. It is thus important to note that not every signal is the right signal no matter how clear it might be. Find your partners signal in the midst of the noise. You always have to block out the noise as it makes it difficult to hear each other. This noise can be a multitude of voices that reside within you, fighting for your attention. Some of the noise belong to your fears, past experiences, family, friends and so forth. When you receive one another, you open room to address issues in a good manner without giving in to your

fears, anger, and disappointments. Amplifier/speaker Once you have the right station, it is then important that you are able to hear and be heard. For this to happen, you need to have good speakers. This ensures that the right sounds come out of your marital relationship, the bible encourages mutual submission during this time (Eph 5:21). Desired information As part of tuning your marriage, also submit yourselves to God. When you tune your marriage, believe God is able to direct your heart into Gods love and Christs perseverance, (2 Thess 3:5) thereby working towards desired results. Conclusion Lastly, train yourself to know the right channel. Stop worrying about the past or future as it bends your aerial. You need to keep your awareness in the now moment and work through issues of today. Despite the difficulty that may be faced at the time, marital harmony can exist when we learn to tune our marriage towards crystal clear reception of values that both spouses consider to be important and fulfilling for their lives together. This means working on your marriage till you are in tune.


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011



Lebo Mangcwatywa Losing a parent (Mother)

Its been 11yrs since my mom passed away but the events of that day are still so clear. I was on my way to write an Accounting exam when my dad called to ask me about his cell number as he had forgotten it. Since my mom was in hospital, I knew something was wrong. When I got home and saw the cars parked and the grief on my dads face, I knew that my mom will never be seen again.

Sanelisiwe Mbhele Losing a sibling (brother) Mpho Ngobeni Losing a partner (Wife)

How he passed on
My brother was killed in a hijacking incident in Joubert Park in the early hours of the morning. Being the only family member in Gauteng I was called to the scene to identify the corpse. Telephonically I was only informed that he was badly injured. So driving to the scene I was sure he was still alive.

Gone too soon

If anyone had told me at an age of 31 I would be burying my 30 year old wife, I wouldnt have believed them. She passed away on the 22nd September this year, and it has been the most painful and difficult thing I have ever experienced. The taxi she was travelling in on her way home from work collided with a bus and she was gone.

Asking why



he festive season is around the corner and as most people will be enjoying Christmas lunches with their families, for many this season becomes a painful reminder of yet another year without their loved ones. Most of us can relate to losing a loved one at some point or the other. We have lost parents, partners, siblings, relatives and friends. Despite death being a common phenomenon, it is still a painful experience to come to terms with. Thandazile Mtetwa, a Psychologist with the Department of Health says people deal with death in different ways and take different duration of time to be able to finally let go. Here are some ways she suggests we can deal with the paid of

Acknowledge your pain

It is ok to feel sad and cry, this is normal. Other things that you may experience include insomnia, forgetfulness or a short temper, amongst a host of other physical, cognitive, and emotional changes. Understand that this is a part of grieving. When these feelings are suppressed or not understood to be part of the grieving process, healing may take longer.

any bitterness, anger or unresolved issues you may have towards them. Instead of concentrating on the fact that they are gone, celebrate the time you spent with them.

The immediate thought was to lock myself in my room and commit suicide or run away and never come back. Everything looked bleak. I would ask myself nonstop questions; why me, why us, why her? When i saw all the relatives crying, I felt lost and angry at God and the world. I dint understand why God would do this to us, why He would take her away from us so soon.

How I felt
Upon arrival at the scene, I saw a body covered in plastic and my heart started beating faster. From inside the car I recognised his feet and there was not need to check the face. My heart almost stopped beating and I just started crying but quickly collected myself as I needed to think about how to deal with the situation. How was I going to tell the parents? I had to be strong, that was clear in my mind!

I miss her a great deal, I miss hearing her voice, her singing, and her outfits; she loved dressing up. We had been married only a year and a half and she was 4 months pregnant when she passed on. The only memory Im left with is our baby boy, Divine who turned one on 15th October. I thought death would come later when we are at our old age and married 30 or 40 years. Sometimes it feels like a very bad dream and someone will come and say it was a big mistake, she is alive.

How I dealt with it?

For a while I resented church, resented people and didnt like going home. I cried every day until one day months later, a friend lost her mom and came to me to chat because she wasnt coping either. At that moment I knew and understood that God makes no mistakes and that Hes got my back. I had made it that far and now it was time to help others. It is an everyday journey. There are things I wish she was here to witness like on the day I got married, one day when I have children. I still miss her a lot but the two scriptures that keep me going are Psalm 46:10 and Jeremiah 29:11.

Create a new life

We sometimes take too long in the grieving process because instead of picturing life without the deceased, we camp at the fact that they are gone. One thing you can do is to do things which do not include those you did with the deceased. We also spoke to various people who shared with us how they dealt with the death of a loved one.

Finding healing
After the funeral I thought I was ok, but deep down I wasnt. Later in the year when I was involved in a car accident, I broke down. I was then referred to a psychologist and admitted to a stress management unit for a week. Seeing and listening to what other people are facing out there is what healed me; mine became a non-issue. I knew then (remembered) that I had other family members to love and share my life with.
VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011 23

How I deal with it

It is still a fresh wound as it has only been 2 months. I feel incomplete and dysfunctional not having her around. I lost the other part of me, but I believe that I will be better and I will be strong again. I know God cares for us and that He will not allow any test that is beyond our power to endure.

Celebrate the deceaseds life

You need to appreciate the life that they had and the times shared with you, both good and bad. By doing so you allow yourself time to deal with


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011




Once you have left school, you will spend most of your adult life doing a job. It is therefore important that you find a career in which you will be happy. To be able to do this, you need to know yourself and to know about different careers. To know who you are, you must be able to answer the following questions about yourself: What abilities do I have? (What am I good at?) What interests do I have? (What do I like to do?) What type of person am I? (What is my personality?) etc.) Playing sport Working outdoors or with animals What type of person am I? Personality characteristics are important in the choice of career, because people with certain personalities are better suited to some careers than to others. For instance, a very shy person will probably not choose a career where he or she has to engage with strangers (for example, a salesperson). Below is a list of some personality characteristics, mark those that best apply to you; Patient Energetic Serious Calm Easy-going Helpful Independent Trusting Relaxed Reliable Easily upset Confident Understanding Shy


an Air Traffic Controller. When I first applied for this course I thought I knew exactly what I wanted but the reality was a bit unexpected.

t is almost a year since the Tembisa born Phumzile Lekgoathi received the amazing results of her hard earned work when she obtained 6 distinctions in her 2010 matric examinations. She chatted to Itumeleng Sibiya about her first year at varsity. 6 distinctions?

What has your first year been like?

Initiation was crazy. We had to sing, walk around all day with boards on our bodies while being shouted at. I didnt even get a chance to call my mom or even miss her because we were so busy, but it was fun. The first week of lectures was overwhelming, everything felt new. I had classes from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday so I had limited time to study. There were times I was so tired but couldnt rest as I had to prepare for tests, tutorials and laboratory classes. I had even forgotten that I owned a cell phone. Coming from a black township school, I also had to overcome the fear of asking questions in class as I was not used to having white teachers. Overall its been hard but great fun.

is all your responsibility. Distinctions are a great achievement in high school because they paved a good way for me. They also were a result of hard work which came with a lot of discipline that you definitely need in University, but after that they dont really matter. In university you meet your match, as we were all the cream of the crop in our respective schools.

Lets explore these questions further: What abilities do I have? Your abilities are those things which you are good at, for example, you can speak well or work well with your hands. You should choose a career that you know you can do. If you struggle with Maths, it may not be a good idea to choose a career where you have to work with numbers. Your school subjects should give you an idea of the things that you can do more easily than others. For example, if you did well in Biology you may be good in a job where you have to work with plants or animals. Write down the two subjects in which you do best and write down at least five careers in which these subjects are important. What interests do I have? Your interests are those things that you like to do. Read through some of these activities below mark one or two activities that you like to do most Working with people (teaching, etc.) Homemaking (knitting, cooking, sewing, etc.) Working with science and technology Drawing plans Artistic & creative work (painting, acting, dancing, writing etc.) Working in an office Working with numbers (doing sums, selling etc.) Working with your hands (using tools,

Gratitude to Hope Restoration

I thank Hope Restoration Ministries for believing in me. They gave me money to pay for everything I needed; books, stationary and a laptop that is making my life easier. What they did made me think someone really cares about me. Thank you HRM.

I was kind of shocked. My friends had called me to say I got 2 distinctions, so I said to myself, ok I passed, I guess two is fine. It was when i saw the 6 distinctions from a neighbours newspaper that I thought wow, this is so cool.

Read through the characteristics you have marked. They will give you an idea of the type of person you are. It may also help if you talk to your family and friends to find out what sort of person they think you are. After having carefully considered the type of person you are, write down five careers that you think will suit your personality. Keep in mind that they should also suit your interests and abilities (in other words, you must like doing them, and you must be good at doing them). Lastly, it is important to gain as much knowledge as possible about the careers you are considering. So, take the career(s) that you identified and find out the following: What am I going to do in this career? What training do I need? Where can I work? Where can I find more information? Remember to visit SABC Educations Career Info section for details on many, many careers. If you find that you still have unanswered questions, talk to your guidance teacher (or any other teacher), or visit your library or the internet.

What was your secret to success?

Besides studying a lot and working hard, my moms support played a great role. When i was busy with homework or a project, she would be cutting things for me while I got busy with another part.

Advice to matriculants going to tertiary next year

1. Make an informed, well researched choice about the course and the institution you want to go to. Choose one that best fits your needs and abilities, Choose friends wisely, To those who dont make it, dont give up. Try harder next year, Live a life of prayer.

How different is University from High School?

Though I am a hard worker, nothing could have prepared me for the work that was awaiting me in a class of hundreds of students. At university you are just a number, no one really cares. The lecturers are not concerned if you are in class or not, whether or not you submit assignments; it 2. 3. 4.

What are you studying this year?

I am studying Aeronautical Engineering at Wits University. It is like Mechanical Engineering but with emphasis on planes and aerodynamics. My hope is to become


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011

VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011


in this childs life. Do the right thing Remember that each child is born with four tanks that require the adults to fill until they overflow. They are:

grows. Assess whether keeping the child is in your family or relationships best interest. Will the child be better off with his/her biological parents or grandparents? Discuss maintenance options. Do you start a competition where you indulge your own children over his or her own kids so that both of you can be square?






Langi Malamba
MANAGEMENT OF STEP FAMILY RELATIONS Managing sceptics (doubting Thomas) She cant love these children, she is not the mother. Just keep on loving the child as you would your own. The important thing to maintain is honesty to yourself, your GOD, your partner and all your children. Managing the other parent (the X factor) Discuss with your child that they must continue to respect and love their biological parent; you are not trying to replace them. If there is contact with the other parent (Ex), it is best to work with them in the best interest of the child, and propose a list of values you can agree on. For example, the Ex to never interrogate the child about adult issues like; are they planning to have a new child, are they buying a new car etc. This nosiness confuses a child to start believing his/her role in the new family is to spy. Also, Most Ex partners only develop interest in their Ex when they hear that there are wedding plans or they have picked up their pieces and seeing someone. Beware brothers and sisters, openness from the beginning of your new relationship helps to ward off future unwarranted negative behaviour from your Ex. Manage threats Some parents accuse their children of not loving them if they call the other person mama or papa and even threaten to stop allowing them to go live with the other parent. Remember that your role is to encourage your child to be at home with the other family and not feel guilty for bonding with the other parent. Manage discipline Share your experience of the child with your partner without blaming. Sometimes children secretly or unconsciously might wish for a reconciliation which might manifest in misbehaviour or ill discipline towards the new parent. If you are the aggrieved parent, bring the matter to your partners attention and agree on a way forward. Honey, I have noticed this about Charlie, especially after he has been to visit his mother, how do you suggest I handle this kind of behaviour? Ground rules When the child starts living with you, address all the dos and donts depending on the childs age. It will help if you can be consistent with your ground rules and maintain permissive environment for the child to make mistakes as they learn the new rules and struggle to fit in. A lot of patience and Gods guidance is essential that you can become an instrument of change

Your role in doing the right thing is to love the child as you would your own and help them grow to be confident knowing they are being loved on both sides of the family. We must remember at all times that when a child comes out of a broken relationship, they are emotionally bruised, their self esteem is shattered, and often believe it is their fault the parents separated. COMMON TANTRUMS TO MANAGE Emotional blackmail: I will run away, I will kill myself, I will tell my mother or you are not my mother etc. Pitting you against your partner: My daddy promised me this and that or my mom allows me to do 1,2,3, you are not cool, I hate you, you dont love me because you are not my biological mother etc... When tantrums surfaces, you may want to explore the following if it will help the situation; Discuss it with your partner and find a joint strategy to arrest the problem before it

How to deal with a situation where you feel undermined Make your partner aware of your observations and mention how the situation is affecting you. Assess the values you both embrace and review. If you are the aggrieved party, you have addressed your concerns and there is no change from your partner when it comes to his interactions with his/her chid, and you choose to stay still because he/she says the issue with the child has nothing to do with you, Hmmm..... it is a difficult one. You may have to do the following; stay out of all involvement with the child until you are invited to do so. I would not advise this situation because it is unhealthy.

Please note that the advice contained herein is not gospel, it is based on my own life experiences in my personal and professional capacity. Everyone is entitled to tap into other knowledge systems around them to find wisdom on how certain complex situations were resolved. Read Proverbs 3: 5-6 and is 30:21


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011

VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011




Many of us see the clean immaculate building, excellent administration and impeccable running of events and only few know the people and the work that goes on behind the scenes. VOH introduces you to the staff members of Hope Restoration Ministries.
Qinisani Nimohola Teacher Kgothatso Mogale Media


Pastors SC & PM Mathebula Founders and vision carriers of HRM

Pastor Henry Skosana Care Pastor

Peter Segale Operations Manager

Tumi Shilubana VOH Magazine Editor & Pastors PA

Steve Ncube Media

Tshepo Ngobese Media

Louis Jr Tshakoane Graphic Designer

Nthabiseng Seleke Training Assistant Thuli Msweli Church Secretary Gloria Mashalane Training Administrator Glenda Nyathi Housekeeping Jane Ngubeni Housekeeping Lebohang Dathini Crche Assistant Babra Mwapaura Crche Assistant

Nomoya Skosana Crche Assistant Sonto Khubeka Housekeeping Nthabiseng Khumalo David Hlophe Maintenance Sam Meyers Maintenance Adam Maluleke Security NEW MEMBERS TO JOIN THE FAMILY IN 2012 Lerumo Cain Matloko Bible School Principal Lerumo Matloko will be heading the Hope Restoration Bible School. Solomon Matumba Head of Counseling Mr Matumba joins HRM to set up a Counslling department within the church. Before joining HRM he was a Lecturer at the University of Johannesburg.


Joyce Chanyandura Little Hope Principal

Jersey Nyakala Little Hope Chef

Felicity Ncamphalala Teacher

Lethu Ndwandwe Teacher


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011

VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011



again Christian, how and when did you meet Jesus? It is a decision I made while I was young. I grew up in a Christian family, my father being an elder in church. I took part in Sunday school, youth groups and choirs so from a early age we learned to know the Lord and all His workings. What has been your journey into the industry? It was not easy because I did demos before and there was no response. I think God was still preparing me for the right time.
Entrance fee: R65 Adults, R45 Kids under 12 Address: Telephone: +27 (0) 16 982-8000 Hours: Open daily from 09h00 to 18h00 CINDERELLA SHOW

Entertaining your kids during the holidays

Enjoy many activities in and around Gauteng that offer great entertainment.

How do you deal with pressures in your industry? Well before even now Ive been looking up to people that know the industry very well and now that I am with TS Records, they help me a lot. My family upbringing has had a great influence on me as well. Please tell us a bit more about your famous song Loliwe, Loliwe means a train. I was trying to show people that there is still hope, one needs to just hang in there. Your time, your moment will come. So loliwe coming could perhaps be carrying your blessings this time around. A message to the youth looking up to you Id say to them, follow your dream. If you believe in it and trust in God, your time will come never give up.

Though not exactly an upmarket venue, the Bunny Park is a fun experience for young children from ages 3 - 10 as it is one of the few places that allow visitors to feed the animals. So, pack up the kids and take a blanket and a picnic basket (take carrots and lettuce for the animals) and take a trip to the Bunny Park. Entrance fee: Free Entrance, but please call first Address: Pretoria Road, Benoni, Telephone: +27 (0)11 422-3651 Hours: Open daily from 07h00 to l7h00. HECTOR PIETERSON MUSEUM (SOWETO)

Hector Pieterson, age 13, was one the first students to be killed during the 1976 Student Uprising in Soweto. He has since become a symbol of youth resistance to apartheid. Take your kids there to learn about their history. Entrance fee: Under 13s Free, students 13+ & pensioners R5, Adults R25 Address: Corner Khumalo and Peta Street, Orlando West, Soweto, Telephone: 011 536 2253 Hours: Weekdays: 10h00 17h00, weekends: 10h00 16h00. AQUADOME AT EMERALD RESORT (VANDERBIJLPARK)

Cinderella is coming to the Irene Village Theatre this December for both young and old! Brace yourselves for witty scenes and acting that will leave you crying with laughter and your kids dancing in the aisles! Book early to avoid disappointment, Dates: Thursday, 1 Saturday, 17 December 2011 Entrance fee: R55 R75 Address: Irene Village Theatre (1 Pioneer RoadIrene Centurion) Telephone: 084 249 9292 / 0848040490 / 079 1924360 Hours: 10am, 3pm, 7pm


Shopping Malls usually have a lot of fun-filled activities for kids over the holidays. Check your mall posters and local newspapers for activities in your area. Play games at home with your children to strengthen the family bonds and have quality time and its free.

a h a ra Z
Who is Zahara?

Crazy About Jesus

by storm and has She is taking the music scene biggies including Tracy been likened to many music ara took time out of her Chapman and India Arie. Zah H about who she is and hectic schedule to speak to VO the Lord Jesus. what centres her her love for
My real name is Bulelwa Mkutukana and I hail from Phumulani Village, out of East London in the Eastern Cape. Zahara is my stage name which is Hebrew for blooming flower We understand you are a born

3 things we dont know about Zahara I like making jokes I enjoy cooking I also play the piano


VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011

VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011



he three wise d Help t find Mary an men to Baby Jesus

The Birth of Jesus

(Matthew 1;18-25)
A long time ago, in the town of Nazareth, lived a young woman named Mary. Mary did her chores, was kind to others, and loved God very much. She was engaged to be married to Joseph, who was a carpenter. One day, while Mary was at home, an angel suddenly appeared. Before Mary could say anything the angel told Mary that she was favored by God, and that God was with her. Mary was surprised. She was trying not to be afraid, but she had never seen an angel before. I. Why was this angel visiting her? What did the angel want? The angel quickly tried to reassure Mary, Do not be afraid! the angel said. God has found favor with you. You will have a baby boy, and are to give him the name Jesus. Mary was confused; she was not yet married to Joseph, so how could she have a baby? The angel thought that this might concern Mary so he said, The Holy Spirit will perform a miracle, and because of this your baby will be called the Son of God. To Marys surprise the angel had more exciting news; Even your cousin Elizabeth is going to have a son in her old age. Nothing is impossible with God. Mary couldnt believe what she was hearing; she didnt know what to say. She knelt down. When she was finally able to speak,she said, I am the Lords servant, and I hope everything you have said will come true. Soon after, Joseph found out that Mary was going to have a baby. Joseph was confused and upset by this. But an angel came to him in a dream and said, Joseph do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife. The child Mary is going to have is Gods son, and you are to give him the name Jesus. When Joseph woke up he remembered what the angel had said. He knew that everything was okay, and he wasnt upset anymore. In those days the government decided that they should count everyone that lived in that area of the world. So Joseph had to take Mary to his town, Bethlehem to register. When they reached the town, all the hotels were full and there was nowhere that they could stay. Finally, someone felt bad for them, and offered them a place to stay. They stayed in a small barn where animals were kept. Mary and Joseph were thankful that they at least had a place to lay down. It was warm, and there was plenty of straw to lay on. That night, an exciting, wonderful thing happened. Mary and Joseph had a baby! But it wasnt just any baby, it was Baby Jesus! The creator of the whole world, the King of Kings, the One who would save the world. The little baby boy fell asleep in Marys arms and she wrapped him in cloths and laid him in a manger on some clean straw. Mary and Joseph soon fell asleep, they were so glad to have this special baby join their family.

VOH ISSUE 11 | 2011



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Festive Seasons

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