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AND GUIDELINES SCGMP is a Multi-Media Global Community Engagement Project. SAFF Canada invites people from around the world to share their Memories of seeing their first South Asian film. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE SOUTH ASIAN to have fond memories of South Asian Film We invite Visitors to the SAFF Canada website and YouTube Page to upload your own 2 minute video of your Memories, or to write about them and submit on-line. All media video/radio and newspaper interviews, uploads and written submissions will follow the question and content Guidelines below. Video interviews will last 2-3 minutes. We encourage you to speak directly into your camera and just tell us your story answering all of the questions below. Written Submissions should be between 450 and 800 words. All Participants are asked to include the following information in their submission. Feel free to add any other interesting memories: 1. What is your Name and Age? 2. Where do you currently live? 3. How old were you when you saw your first South Asian 4. Where were you? 5. Who watched the movie with you? 6. Do you remember the movie title? 7. What was the movie about? 8. Do you remember who starred in the film? 9. Do you remember the music in the film? 10. How did this film impact your life?


OTHER SCGMP COMPONENTS 1. The SCGMP Student Filmmaker Competition: This is a Global Video Competition for All Students. The 3 Best Films will each win a $3,500 SAFF Award. a) Deadline for Video Entries is December 1, 2012 b) A SAFF Canada Panel of Judges will select the 10 best submissions. Announcement of the Finalists will be January made on January 4, 2013. c) The 3 SCGMP Winners will be voted on by SAFF Website and YouTube Channel Visitors. Voting starts on January 6 and ends on January 28. d) Winners will be announced on January 31, 2013 e) Filmmakers will create a 15 minute Film for submission and possible use on the SAFF Canada YouTube Channel, Website and other SAFF Promotional Platforms. f) Using a SAFF script and guidelines, student filmmakers will conduct 2- 5 minute interviews with random and select subjects about memories of seeing their first South Asian Film using the SAFF Guidelines. g) Student Filmmakers will edit these film clips and create a compilation of 2 minute interviews. h) All interview subjects are requested to sign a Film Release, legally allowing the Filmmaker (and SAFF Canada) to use their image and words. i) All filmmakers are requested to sign a Film Release, legally allowing SAFF to use their film or portions of it on their website and promotional materials. 2. The SAFF Canada Global Memories ProjectCelebrating 100 Years of Indian Cinema. SCGMP Celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the Worlds Most Vibrant and Prolific Film Industry: SCGMP video, radio and print Interviews will be conducted throughout India with Film Celebrities, Public Figures in the Arts, Industry, Government and Sports worlds, and with the General Public. a) All interviewees will Sign a SAFF Consent and Release form. b) These interviews will be used for the SAFF Canada website, YouTube Channel, social media platforms and other Festival promotional materials. c) They may be used throughout India by our Sponsors, Partners and others, ONLY with the express written permission of SAFF Canada. d) Radio interviews, written submissions and website videos that are submitted imply consent from the person making the submission and do not require Consent/Release forms. For further information about the SCGMP and your participation visit Email Tel 604.569.1111 Fax 604.569.1184