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Phone +01065342350 E-mail shahiramahran@gmail.

com Location: Egypt

Shahira Mahran

Work experience

May 2012- August 2012 Teleperformance/ Samsung/UK Technical Support Advisor I took calls from British customers through which I have solved their technical problems with home appliances of Samsung products. I maintained an AHT of 5 minutes per call. I solved the problems of the customers and achieved customers' satisfaction. April 2012- Present ConverT Solutions Freelance Translator and Writer I write articles on the website, sales articles about cartoons. Also, I transcribe and translate market research audio files. February 2012-Present Misc Studios Junior Freelance Translator/ AR<>EN Translation of programs that are mainly for Iqraa International TV. The programs are of an Islamic and cultural context. I am still working there as a part-time translator. January 2010-January 2012 Cairo, Egypt The United Center for Training and Consultancy

Arabic-English Translator & Training Coordinator

Translated books of educational content and training material. Coordinated live sessions of training and organized accommodation when applicable. Managed website content and marketing of the courses delivered by the center.

August 2009-December 2009 6th of October, Egypt

Vodafone Telecommunication Company

International Accounts Advisor- UK Account

Maintained problem-solving of calls from customers from UK-overseas. Marketed for services provided by Vodafone UK from customers over the phone. January 2009- July 2009 New Vision for Translation and Culture, New Fustat, Egypt
English-Arabic Islamic Translator

Translated and edited random Islamic texts from books of jurisprudence, narration, interpretation of the Quran and other related Islamic books, bits and pieces from Al Bukhari, Scientific Quranic Miracles of Dr. Zaghlool Al Naggar.

Volunteer experience

December 2011-Present Birmingham/ United Kingdom

Arabic<>English Islamic Volunteering Translator

I have translated several Friday sermons of Mecca and I still do translate each Friday sermon every week.

July 2009 -Present

Islam Dunk TV


Arabic<>English Islamic Volunteering Translator

I have translated several texts for the Youtube channel and I am currently in the completion of a book for Al-Albany that will be soon published by the channel.



6th of October University

6th of October, Egypt

Bachelor of Foreign Language and Translation

My performance was very good and I succeeded to occupy the 8th position in the batch in the English Department. (83%)/GPA.3.2. The Bachelor is equivalent to the BA of Arts from Ain Sham University, Egypt. I did many different courses in Translation including: Religious Translation, Legal Translation, Marketing Translation, Financial Translation, Consecutive Interpreting, Simultaneous Interpreting, Literary Translation. 2001-2003 Egypt Orman Experimental Language School Cairo,

Secondary Certificate, Science Section


Available upon request