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Library Media Center Self-Evaluation Report Fall Semester 2012 During the Fall Semester of 2012, the Oakwood

Elementary School media specialist and media specialist intern reviewed and self-evaluated the Oakwood Media Center using the Georgia DOE2012 Library Media Program Self-Evaluation Rubric. The Media Center was evaluated in 19 areas of operation. In each area, the score of basic, proficient, or exemplary were given. The purpose of this report is to summarize the findings of this evaluation and offer action steps for any area that scored basic. The report will also choose one area that is proficient and present action steps to move it to exemplary. The Oakwood Elementary School Library scored exemplary in a number of areas. The following areas scored exemplary according to the 2012 rubric: staffing, facilities, access, resources, and administrative support. The following area of the rubric scored proficient: Student achievement and instruction. Although in this section, there was a sub area that did score basic. The sub area that scored basic was as follows: The library media center offers events and activities that appeal to a wide range of interests. Also, in the area of resources the sub area Instruction and promotion of GALILEO scored basic.

Areas to move from Basis to Proficient We have two specific areas that can be worked on at OES. The following is our plan to improve the library events and our GALILEO instruction.

Oakwood Elementary School 1

First we will survey our local patrons including students, teachers, and parents to see what tyoes of media center events they would be interested in having. Then, if patrons are interested we will put in place some activities such as: o Each semester (9 week period) the library will hold a reading night event for parents and students to come and enjoy guest readers and storytellers. There will be a small amount of refreshments provided. Some of the guest readers will be students who have shown strength in reading aloud with expression. o The library will hold a book sampling for students. To let then preview books that are new to the library. This will help to increase interest in book checkout and will allow students to see what new books come into the library.

To help with our GALILEO instruction, the media specialist and the media specialist intern will collaborate with writing teachers throughout the school. We will team up during the informational writing unit that is coming up in the Winter and show students how to find resources for their writing using GALILEO for kids. The unit will be delivered as an introduction during the informational writing unit and then supplemented during the persuasive writing units delivered in the Spring.

Area to move from Proficient to Exemplary The area of flexible scheduling scored proficient and can easily move to the score of exemplary if the media center will open its hours to some evening hours to help the instructional needs of students and families. This could easily be done on a reservation basis or on a rotating basis like once a week or once a month. This would depend on the needs of the school and the patrons. Oakwood Elementary School 2