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Personal Details Full Name Sex Place, Date of Birth Nationality Marital Status Height, Weight Health Religion Address : Dodo Irawan : Male : , February 26, 1991 : Indonesia : Single : 170 cm, 57 kg : Perfect : Moslem : Jalan Taman Rusman Rt 39 Rw 12 KM 7 Palembang , South Sumatera Mobile E-mail : 085768539973 :

Educational Background Xaverius Elementary School, Tulang Bawang 2003 Junior High School No.3, Rawajitu Selatan 2006 Computer and Network Engineering Departement at Vocational High School No.3, Ogan Komering Ulu 2009 Computer Engineering Department at the State Politechnic of Sriwijaya, Palembang (Diploma III) 2012

Infomal Education X-Sys Microcontroler and Robotic, Palembang 2012

Skill I was able to communicate well in English I am a karate master I can using multimedia application such as adobe photoshop, corel, macromedia flash I know how to program php, visual basic, delphi, html, etc. I can administering & designing LANs, WANs internet/intranet, and voice networks.

I can analysing & developing key components using methodology prescribed techniques. I can communicating and negotiating with users, specialists, other staff and suppliers. I can configuration network connectivity troubleshooting, ping, tracert, telnet. I can responsible for communication protocols, configuration, integration & security. I can investigating, diagnosing and resolve all network problems. I can maintaining pre-packaged software applications on the LAN I can good understanding of static routing, SQL databases and VMware. I can extensive knowledge of UNIX based operating systems, including redhat, debian, ubuntu and mikrotik.

Working Experience Job Training Technical Engineering at Gadjah Mada Computer as Technical Support 2009 Job Training Service Area II Sumatera at Telkom, Corp as Programmer 2012

Interest Playing Futsal Singing Sosial Enterpreneur Technopreneur

Refrences Mr. Riadi The Head of Computer and Network Engineering Department at Vocational High School No. 3 OKU. Jalan Pendidikan Desa Baturaja Permai Blok E No. 26 Baturaja Sumsel. 085268305005 Mr. Ahyar Supani The Head of Computer Engineering Departement at State Politechnic of Sriwijaya. Jalan Srijaya Negara Bukit Besar Palembang. 08156178789 Mr. Satria Simbolon Operational Manager at Telkom, Corp Palembang. Jalan Jenderal Sudirman KM. 3. 071144552

Awarded Received Runner up at Kejuaraan Daerah Lampung Cabang Olahraga Karate Kata Perorangan 2005 Third Place at Kejuaraan Daerah Lampung Cabang Olahraga Karate Kumitte 2005 Member of first place at Lomba Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia se-Kabupaten OKU 2009

Member of first place at Lomba Keterampilan Siswa Bidang IT-PC/Networking Support seKabupaten OKU 2009 Runner up at Lomba Keterampilan Siswa Bidang IT/Networking Support se-Sumatera Selatan 2009