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SENTENCE TRANSFORMATIONS -key1. He may be working now. 2. He cant have got the letter yet. 3.

She must have understood. 4. Would you like me to help you do your homework? 5. Did you need to help her? 6. You mustnt smoke in here. You arent allowed to smoke in here. 7. It is likely that he will buy a sports car. He will probably buy a sports car. 8. He doesnt have to/doesnt need to/neednt work today. 9. Shall we try doing this exercise? 10.May/Might I use your pen? 11.They neednt have bought so much food. 12.You should avoid eating sweets. 13. Watching a football match is exciting. 14. It isnt warm enough for him to go swimming. It is so cold that he cant go swimming. 15. She was made to tell the truth. 16. I prefer to walk rather than ride a bike. 17. Would you mind opening the door? 18. We found the film boring. The film bored us. 19. It was difficult for him to hear the music. He found it difficult to hear the music. He could hardly hear the music. 20. He was allowed to attend the meeting. 21. She took an hour to reach the station. Reaching the station took her an hour. 22. None of them like/likes tennis. 23. Both Ann and Mary are typists. 24. All three of them enjoy swimming. 25. There is nothing in the garden. 26. There isnt anyone that/who will make me stay. 27. Neither of them likes yogurt. Neither Lynn nor Fiona likes yogurt. 28. She is the most charming girl Ive ever met. 29. She hasnt written to me for a long time. 30. Shes been learning French for two year. 31. How long ago did he buy the flat? How long is it since he bought that flat? 32. She still hasnt returned. 33. Its the first time Ive ever seen this film. 34. She has been in London for a year. 35. I havent been out for a month. 36. He didnt start working until she had left. He started working when she had left. He waited until she had left before he started working. 37. Thats the town where I was born. Thats the town which I was born in. 38. It was kind of them to let us stay. 39. This is Mr Foster whose son is a famous pianist. 40. Sunday is the day on which she got married. 41. The fridge I bought was faulty. 42. Thats the man who gave my brother a job. 43. She brought some letters, none of which were for me. 44. They arrested six men, two of whom are Swiss. 45. He was too busy to talk to me. 46. The dress is too expensive for me to buy. 47. No one knows why he is absent. 48. It was so nice a day that we went out. 49. The flight was cancelled because of a strike. The flight was cancelled due to a strike. 50. He lost his ticket and as a result/therefore he couldnt board the plane. 51. Mary isnt as beautiful as Jane (is). Mary is less beautiful than Jane. 52. Is that the cheapest coat you can buy? 53. Ted has got as many suits as Joe. 54. No one else drives as fast as he does. He is faster than any other driver. He is a faster driver than anyone else. He drives faster than anyone else. 55. He is the tallest man Ive ever seen. 56. He plays tennis well. 57. The older he gets, the more sensible he becomes. 58. That dress and this one are alike. 59. Tom behaves in a fatherly way to his children.

60. This will be the first time my student has performed in Canada. 61. In six months time we will have completed this course. 62.When you arrive someone will be there. 63.More people understand him than he expects. 64.It was a month before the money arrived. 65.I haven't seen him since 2001. 66. The moment he finishes she'll have to make her presentation. 67. Once Sharon has finished her exams she will have more free time. 68. Several people have not returned (their) DVDs. 69. Peter didn't use to be so moody. 70. This matter does not concern you. 71. In three years time we will have completed the bridge. 72. Patsy didnt always use to be so unfriendly. 73. It wont be long before we are at your house. 74. Its years since I last saw Anne. 75. The dog is always stealing my socks. 76. Since taking the pills I have felt much better. 77. The moment the film finishes well have to leave. 78. By the time we reached the hotel Harry had left. 79. Does Eldorado exist? 80. I havent been to Prague since 1986. 81. This will be the first time the team has played outside England. 82. Once Terry gets over his illness, his work will improve. 83. When you arrive there will be someone to meet you. 84. More people than we expected attended the fair. 85. It was a month before I received the results of my test. 86. I wont have finished my work by the end of the month. 87. As soon as you arrive, go to the international ticket desk. 88. I didnt know that John had left. 89. Several members of the class havent brought back their library books. 90. When does the train get here? 91. I doubt whether Paul knows the answer.

92. I have been waiting all afternoon. 93. Getting to work on time means getting up at 6.00 To get to work on time it means getting up at 6.00 94. Liz and John have been married for thirty years today. 95. Harry had got better by the end of the week. 96. Who does this watch belong to? 97. This is the first time that Cathy has been on holiday with her sister. 98. I am going to the dentist next Wednesday. 99. Brenda had no idea what she was going to do next. 100.The prisoner is thought to have been recaptured while drinking in a pub. 101.John had his flat broken into last week. 102.Id rather you didnt turn on the radio. 103.The young tree was being bent to the ground by the wind. 104.Unless you saw the first half, you cant really say you understood the film. 105.The house was widely believed to have been sold. 106.Supposing you lost your job, what would you do? 107.After the house has been built, we will plan the garden. 108.I wish I wasnt going to work tomorrow. 109.We havent had the living-room painted for two years. 110.Pay me back the money you took, and I wont tell the police. 111.The fight against this disease is being helped by the discovery of new drugs. 112.Even if you offered me a million pounds, I still wouldnt sell. 113.Ill have your trousers pressed. 114.Taking exercise is known to be good for your health. 115.If a famous director hadnt seen Brenda act in a school play, she wouldnt be a star. 116.It has been suggested that the minister should resign. 117.Im having my hair cut this afternoon. 118.I wish I had bought some tickets for the concert. 119.The tickets will be delivered to your house next week.

120.The princess was thought to have written the book herself. 121.I cant lift this table unless you help me. 122.Even if you offer me double the salary, I wont stay in this job. 123.It is believed that the coins were buried for safe-keeping. 124.If you will eat so fast, of course you get indigestion. 125.I wish you were going to Anns party. 126.Sam got his face punched at a football match. 127.If you were to find the missing money, what would you do? 128.Jackson was banned for the next two matches. 129.If you will come this way, Ill see if Mr Francis is in. 130.Mushroom are usually gathered in the early morning. 131.It is time the economy was brought under control. 132.Several coats were stolen from the cloakroom. 133.It has been decided to reduce the workforce by 10%. 134.Our house was decorated in only a day. 135.It is not known what caused the accident. The cause of the accident is not known. 136.An application for a visa has to be made in advance. 137.Tickets are collected on the train on this line. 138.A lot of luggage had been left on the platform. 139.Sally was directed to the wrong address. 140.John is being made by his school to sit his exams again. 141.If you dont pay the bill, the electricity will be cut off. 142.If you happen to see Tina, could you ask her to get in touch? 143.Its time I was starting my homework. 144.If it had not been for Jane, I would never have made it to the top. 145.Mary is thought not to have accepted the job. It is thought that Mary has not accepted the job.

146.If I had an aspirin, I would give you one, but I havent. 147.If you should change your mind after all, let me know. 148.Id rather you didnt bring Jim to the party. 149.Im having a tooth filled tomorrow. 150.Were they to offer me the job, I would accept. 151.You must have had a good time at the party. 152.Who Sarah is going out with I have no idea. 153.No sooner had the police officer left than the neighbours started shouting again. 154.Luckily Jim didnt have to take the exam again. 155.What I did in the end was get a lift with a colleague. 156.Not until I got home did I realise I had forgotten my bag. 157.It was midnight when the guests finally left. 158.Should you ever be in the neighbourhood, please drop in and see us. 159.You might have told me you were ill. 160.Under no circumstances are you to leave the hospital. 161.Try as I might, I couldnt undo the bottle. 162.The weather here can be really awful. 163.Do you have to keep complaining all the time! 164.We might as well leave. 165.Not until two weeks had passed did the letter arrive. The letter did not arrive until two weeks had passed. 166.This film should be good. 167.This food is quite tasteless. 168.Such was her popularity that everyone voted for her. 169.Never have I had such a good holiday. 170.Into the room came three policemen. 171.Under no circumstances must you leave the door unlocked. 172.Hardly had I set down, when there was another knock at the door. 173.Strange as it may seem, I enjoy hard work.

174.Not until I had been working with them for a month did the company pay me. 175.Where the boat leaves from I have no idea. 176.Should you need me, Ill be in my office all day. 177.All I need is time. 178.Had the government acted, the crisis might have been avoided. 179.You should have taken your umbrella with you. 180.Its bound to rain tomorrow. 181.You may be tired, but thats no reason to be so irritable. 182.The hotel couldnt have been more comfortable. 183.Ann may be out. 184.You shouldnt eat so much chocolate. 185.This cant be the road to Canterbury. 186.Martin would get promoted. 187.Connies mother wouldnt let the children watch television. 188.I doubt whether anyone would agree with you. 189.Wendy reminded Peter to give her a ring the following day. 190.If we take the train, it means / will mean changing in Paris 191.Thats an experience I would rather forget. 192.You dont happen to have seen my pen, do you? 193.Ruth warned Mike to avoid staying / not to stay in the city centre. 194.I told you a lot of things, all of which were true. 195.You are not allowed to smoke here. 196.Anyone who can eat this must be desperate. 197.I advised Cathy not to come to work for a few days. 198.Thats a girl I used to work with. 199.The President is reported to be / as being in poor health. 200.Julias inheritance enabled her to give up work. 201.I left my umbrella at home, which was stupid. 202.We were told that we should stay at home. 203.There was nobody there who knew the answer.

204.Unless you give up smoking you (run the) risk of becoming quite ill. Not giving up smoking could easily mean your becoming quite ill. 205.Everyone cheered what the Prime Minister said. 206.The decorators managed not to make too much mess. 207.Whatever you do, dont tell Tom. 208.There is no point in worrying about someone elses problems. 209.Realising that I hade made a mistake, I apologised. 210.This is the first time I have been here. 211.His mother insisted that little Jimmy made / make / should make his own bed. 212.Valerie claims to be a relation of mine. 213.Whoever she was, she must have been strong. 214.I cant remember whether I told her the news or not. 215.Do I have to pay to park here? 216.Its the time of the year when most people are on holiday. 217.This is the last time I tell you. 218.The John Smith I knew was a stockbroker. 219.When was the last time you had a haircut? 220.The police officer made us open the boot of the car. 221.After six months Joe managed to find a job. 222.Jeans boss agreed that she could take a day off. 223.Driving so fast was a foolish thing to do. 224.Sue couldnt find the book even after looking for it. 225.Everyone who visits the town falls in love with it. 226.The head teacher threatened to expel Tom next time. 227.You are the last person I expected to see. 228.Helen is the manager of the bank across the street. 229.We stopped seeing each other a long time ago. 230.What bothers me is the expense involved. 231.We didnt expect the weather to be bad.

232.Whoever did the washing up didnt do it very well. 233.Now I regret not telling you / having told you the truth. 234.Peter, let me introduce my sister, Ann. 235.Having left my wallet at home, I couldnt pay for the meal. 236.Nigel is considered to be the best racing driver in the world. 237.Nobody was surprised that / when Janet came first. 238.Graham was not allowed to take his dog to work with him. 239.You are confusing me with someone else. 240.Gary prides himself on never being late. 241.Passengers have no access to the bridge on this ship. 242.In theory, this should work. 243.How exactly does nuclear fission differ from nuclear fusion? 244.There is no solution to this problem. 245.Terry met with an unfortunate accident on his way home. 246.You were quite right about the film, it was awful. 247.They blamed the fire on an electrical failure. 248.I have been rather preoccupied with work lately. 249.What exactly do the letters AM and PM stand for? 250.It all comes down to money in the end. 251.We had to stop building when the money gave out. 252.Carol made out that she hadnt understood my request. 253.We were not taken in by his smooth manner.

254.I have decided to have my will drawn up by my solicitor. 255.How are you getting on with the decorating? 256.What exactly is going on? 257.The total worked out at just under 4000. 258.It hasnt sunk in yet. 259.Wendy specialises in heart surgery. 260.We ended up walking to the railway station. 261.A bus and a lorry collided / were in collision on the motorway. 262.Dont take it out on me! 263.Martin resigned from the committee after arguing with the chairperson. 264.The Mountain Rescue Team doesnt hold out much hope for the missing climbers. 265.Sally talked me out of selling my car. 266.The novel is based on a true story. 267.I ran into your brother at the shops yesterday. 268.They blamed the accident on Mary. 269.Many customs restrictions within the EC have been done away with. 270.This situation is beyond a joke. 271.What are you getting at? 272.Joe is on good terms with his mother-inlaw. 273.These rainy Monday mornings get me down. 274.I would like to thank you on behalf of all the staff. 275.How can you put up with all this noise when you work? 276.There is nothing out of the ordinary about this. 277.Ellen has been out of work for six months.