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Bureau Veritas - Project Management Assistance

September 2010

Our vision on Construction

Adding value to capital along property life cycle

Assessing condition and conformity

of buildings to regulations and standards throughout their life cycle

New Construction

Permitting Design review/ verification Code compliance Project Management

Assistance Technical control Site safety coordination Quality Assurance / Quality Control,
Assistance to

Commissioning Existing Buildings

Property condition

Green Building Services

assessment Maintenance audits Health & Safety Audits Regulatory inspections

Technical due


Bureau Veritas Project Management Assistance Presentation

Covering different type of assets and clients



(all multi-site facilities selling services or products under a brand)



Offices Retail Logistic


Schools Hospitals

Retail (commercial centres, malls) Hospitality & Leisure Sector (hotels) Banks & Insurance agencies Others networks (car dealers, luxury shops, )


Public Buildings Public Infrastructures

Houses / residential properties

Owners / Investors / Asset Managers Property Managers Developers Consultants

Owners Retail / hotel operators End-users (Construction & Property Departments)

Municipalities Education Healthcare Public Administration


INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES (All market sectors): Plants & Factories, Logistic platforms, Warehouses, Industrial manufacturers
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Bureau Veritas, a partner of choice

Authorities, developers, consultants and contractors involved in permitting, designing or executing construction work today are under pressure to comply with regulations as well as required specifications requirements. It is particularly important for them to minimize the risk and/or to insure themselves against future risk of defects.


Compliance and quality are monitored, from design phase through to project completion as well as during the project life
Achieve compliance with regulations and/or specification Avoid technical complications of construction by analyzing risk at every stage


Ensure the finished project will fulfill relevant functional requirements Prove the insurability of the project Monitor quality and functioning

Bureau Veritas Project Management Assistance Presentation

through a full set of technical expertise

Multi-disciplinary approach

Geo-technique and foundations Soil chemistry Structural soundness Leak proofing Fire safety Electricity Lifts, escalators HVAC Water networks and quality Asbestos, lead Food refrigeration Energy management Environmental pollution Carbon management

Bureau Veritas Project Management Assistance Presentation

Project Management Assistance Solutions

Why Project Management Assistance?

Large capital projects become increasingly complex and risky, in a minefield of peripheral conditions, legal obligations, schedules, cost and resources constraints INSUFFICIENT TARGET DEFINITION



In order to improve the probability of success, it is crucial to identify and fix at the earliest stages potential quality and safety issues and minimise the risks of schedule delays, cost overruns or claims, from design to contracting to final inspections and commissioning. Needs for reliability and dependability.
Bureau Veritas Project Management Assistance Presentation

Our approach

Bureau Veritas provides independent professional advice and technical expertise to help you monitor efficient contractor performance to maintain time, costs, quality and safety controls throughout the construction project duration.







Because a construction project is a function of budget, schedule and quality in an uncertain environment, we can assist you in:
Appraising the right level of objectives from the start Assessing adequate project process and controls to meet the objectives Identifying project risks and corrective measures / actions to avoid / mitigate design

faults and construction defects, maximising hence project value

Bureau Veritas Project Management Assistance Presentation

Scope of services
We assign a dedicated team with the expertise to quickly anticipate project needs and respond with specific, immediate remedies to reduce delays and disruptions. Our services can include one or several following items:
Permitting Application Monitoring: we help to ensure that project documents are in conformity with the Building Permit process requirements and applicable local building laws and codes Design Verification: we perform independent review of design drawings and technical documents (calculation notes, descriptions, etc.) to report about their conformity with project specifications and applicable codes & standards chosen Schedule, Quantity and Cost Monitoring: we provide an independent and periodic inspection on a set of predetermined tasks related to an estimated schedule, Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and costs to inform on the status of achievement or work progress and their consequences and help the Client to efficiently monitor time, quantity and costs throughout the project duration. Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC): we review the Quality Plan and perform inspections throughout the construction process in order to assist the Project Owner in checking the effective implementation of the approved Quality Plan Construction Site Safety: we review project documents and perform inspections related to applicable local Health and Safety standards and codes in order to inform the Client about the implementation of the Health and Safety measures on the construction site along the project duration
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Other related services

In addition to Project Management Assistance, Bureau Veritas offers a wide range of related services including (but not limited to):

Regulatory Technical Control / Code Compliance Contract & Claims Management Green Building Certification & Consultancy Construction Materials Conformity Assessment

Soil Audits Handicap Accessibility Assessment Fire Prevention Technical Due Diligence

Bureau Veritas Project Management Assistance Presentation


Typical project organisation (1/2)


BV Project Manager

Design Engineers

Contractor 1

Contractor 2

Contractor n

Bureau Veritas is a strict Representative of its Clients Absolute Independence from Design & Construction Interests No Relations within the Clients Organisation Sole Obligation to Project Results

Bureau Veritas Project Management Assistance Presentation


Project organisation (2/2)

Project Owner / Client

There are no direct contractual relations with the Designer or the Contractor

Clients Project Manager

BV Project Manager Design Engineers

Contractual organisation Functional organisation

BV project manager will not give any order to the contractor or the designer


BV Project Manager

Design Engineer


General Contractor

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Examples of Assignments

Examples of Assignments

Shanghai World Expo 2010, China

Context and Challenges:
China World Expo 2010 is one of the most visited event worldwide (70 millions of visitors expected).
The pavilions (Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Paris, Lille, Rhne-Alpes,

Project Management Assistance

Madrid, Monaco, UK) are designed by renowned foreign architects and must be built according to the clients specifications, while respecting Chinese construction standards and the Expo regulations within project time Frame

Services provided:
QA/QC during construction;
Construction management and monitoring; Tender assistance; Technical control during design and construction; Health and safety plan review and site audit; Indoor Air Quality testing, fire safety and electrical systems safety


Customer benefits:
Construction conformity to specifications, standards & regulations
Respect of Quality, Costs and Schedule Health and Safety Risk prevention

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Examples of Assignments

Stade de France

Technical Audits, Health & Safety, Documentation Management

Project Data

Location: Paris, France 80,000 seats Erected for 98 world cup Project period: 1995-1998


Design & works technical audit Construction site safety Documentation management Sanitary certification of water supply network

Customer Benefits
Construction conformity Risk prevention & safety on site Traceability through documentation management

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Examples of Assignments

City of Poway, California, USA

Context and Challenges:
Completing implementation of 40+ Capital Improvement Projects,

Program Management

totaling $65 million within a three-year time frame

Services provided:
Oversaw program development, design management, construction

management, project scheduling, planning, and financial reporting. Held a master service agreement with several consulting firms, streamlining service delivery and expediting projects to meet City needs. Interfaced directly with client departments to ensure that end users requirements for each individual project were met. Updated project status and contact information on the Citys web site to enhance public outreach. Regularly kept the City informed on bond fund obligation status.

Customer benefits:
Achieved 92% of project funding obligation by the end of the three-year

period. Timely administration of program helped City qualify for second tax allocation bond. Prepared grant application that successfully garnered funding for major roadway widening design project. Maintained low change order rate (<2.5 %).

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Examples of Assignments

Burj Khalifa - Dubai

The BURJ KHALIFA (previously known as Burj Dubai) is the world tallest building, located in DUBAI and already one of the major tourist attraction ( a real skyscraper ). The building specifications are: Number of Floors: 160 Height: over 828m Built up Area: 479,830 m2 Hotel guest rooms: 160 units Hotel residence: 144 units Offices: 37 floors Observatory: Level 123 Parking spaces: 3,000 cars

At the peak of construction activity in late 2009, more than 12,000 people worked on site

Services provided to Client

QA/QC management for the full site. Health and safety management consultancy during construction.

Benefits for Client

Ensured required level of quality and safety during the construction phase
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Examples of Assignments

Berlin Central Station, Germany

Project data :
Total investment Construction Period

Project Management

> 2.000 Mio. 12/1996 05/2006

Largest crossing station in Europe (300,000 travelers and

visitors a day, trains leaving the station in all directions every 90 seconds)

Services provided:

Project management full scope

Risk, Contract and Claim management

Customer benefits:
Construction conformity to specifications and required quality Independence from Design & Construction Interests Sole Obligation to Project Results regarding Schedule and


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Examples of Assignments

Central Asturian University Hospital, Spain

Project data :
Total Investment Construction Period

Project Management Assistance

EUR 330 million 2006 2009

With1039 conventional beds and a total surface area

of some 180.000 sq m, the new hospital replaced 3 older structures in Oviedo, Spain

Services provided:
Permit and license application assistance Design Verification Contract management assistance Assistance to commissioning

Customer benefits:
Met required specifications regarding safety and quality Schedule and Cost Monitoring

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Examples of Assignments

SNCF Ventabren Viaduct, France

Project Management Assistance

Project data :
Total Investment Construction Period

33 millions EUR (217 MFF) 1996 1998

Ventabren is the longest viaduct on the Mediterranean High

Speed Rail (TGV), near Aix-en-Provence.

Services provided:
Quality Control Safety Coordination on Site Assistance to Commissioning

Customer benefits:
Met required specifications and standards regarding safety and


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Examples of Assignments

Ikea Logistic Center in Shanghai, China

Design Review and Audits at Construction of a Logistic Centre

Project data
Location: Shanghai, China 70,000m 35m free-height structure Investment: US$ 28 M

Services provided:
Technical design review Construction audits

Customer benefits:
Ensure construction conformity Assist commissioning and handover

Bureau Veritas Project Management Assistance Presentation