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Books in Print Detailed Record Electric Power Distribution System Engineering

Turan Gonen 1985-07 English Book 752 p. Burr Ridge :; McGraw-Hill Higher Education ; ISBN: 0070237077 (Trade Cloth) GET THIS ITEM External Resources: .

FIND RELATED More Like This: Advanced options ... Copyright: BOOKS IN PRINT (r), (c) 2004 R.R. Bowker LLC Title: Electric Power Distribution System Engineering Author(s): Gonen, Turan , Author Publication: Burr Ridge : McGraw-Hill Higher Education Publisher Record Address: Editorial Mailing: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 1333 Burr Ridge Pkwy. Burr Ridge IL USA 60521 Address: Ordering Address: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, PO Box 545 Blacklick OH USA 43004-0545 Phone: 800-338-3987 Year: July 1985 Description: 752 p. Status: Out of Print Price: USD 111.56 Retail Price (Publisher); USD 84.00 Net (Publisher) Language: English Series: Electrical Engineering Ser. Standard No: ISBN: 0070237077 (Trade Cloth) References: Sci-Tech BIP SUBJECT(S) Descriptor: ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEMS -- ELECTRIC ENGINEERING -TECHNOLOGY -- Power Resources -- TECHNOLOGY -Engineering -- Electrical Note(s): Audience: College Audience (Source: McGraw-Hill Higher Education) General Info: Available for distribution in: USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA Document Type: Book Update: 20040708082843.0 Accession No: 000476043 Database: BooksInPrint Books in Print results for: ib: 0070237077. Record 1 of 1.