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Dr. Jens Nhring

Combating biofouling and reducing total cost in water treatment since 1995 Company distributes Genesys products Company produces membrane cleaners and antiscalants for niche markets

What is your biggest challenge today?

Is it biofouling? Is it cartridge filter exchange rate? Is it cleaning frequency? Please tell us NOW

Antiscalants can be different.

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Plant performance can be different.

Chlorination can make a difference.

Feed water is chlorinated

Chlorination is stopped


Feed water quality System design Operational practices Any Combination


Chemical Mechanical Operational Any Combination

FreeFlow 5115 Membrane antiscalant

Properties FreeFlow 5115 was developed to reduce the rate of biofilm formation and biofilm thickness as compared to conventional or low-fouling antiscalants: Components non-toxic for the production of water for human consumption. Not a biocide, but a biostatic: biocide kills, whereas a biostatic aims at a steady state

FreeFlow 5115 Membrane antiscalant

Properties FreeFlow 5115 is used up to LSI +2,6 to 2,8. Excellent against calcium, barium, strontium sulfate and calcium fluoride. Helps to keep particles and colloides in solution. Has a dispersing effect on metallic particles CaCO3 particles.

Surface water, coagulation, Fe(III)Cl3, MMF, AS, CF, RO

1) Stabilising power of FreeFlow 5115 on Iron, Manganese, Aluminium particles 2) Dosing pump failure leads to immediate increase of delta p in the cartridge filter 3) User realises anomaly in increase of delta p and repairs antiscalant dosing pump

4) Dispersing power of FreeFlow 5115 cleans cartridge filter online of metallic particle

FreeFlow 5115 Membrane antiscalant

In use Dosed after the media filter prior to the cartridge filters Dose rate typically 2 - 5 mg/l Iron and aluminium are also stabilised
Iron stabilisation leads to apparent algea toxicity

The dose rate will be calculated based on concentrate composition and water chemistry calculations of ion pairs and free ions.

FreeFlow 5115 Membrane antiscalant

Benefits Reduces cartridge filter exchange rate. Compatible with all membrane types. Reduces or replaces acid addition. Systems operate at their highest possible recovery rate, reducing total costs.

FreeFlow 5115 Membrane antiscalant

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