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Assignment on: Service Marketing. Submitted by: John bosco

Question: Suggest action that a bank could take to encourage more customers to bank by phone, mail, the internet or through ATM rather than visiting the branch.

Banking business is a huge industry in India, which has kept on growing with the growth of the Indian economy.

Suggestions for encouraging customers to use other means of communication: 1. Educating and making customers aware about the importance of the alternative banking system should be the added motive of the banks if they wish to have a better service to be provided to its customers through electronically means than that of traditional one, because the major population of our country resides in the villages and

with the penetration of technological advancement to these areas one should take care to make them aware about the vast options they could avail through online as well as through phone mediums. Hence educating customers about the possible means of communication should really attract the customers to choose the technological means of communication rather than opt its mundane procedure. 2. If a bank becomes successful to deliver better services through phone, mail, internet. Then it is sure that there will be a much less in number of walk-in customers, it is so because that the customers are almost busy throughout their days and it is difficult for them to find the time & money to spend for the same. Hence if they gets the same quality and reliable service via phone, mail or online there will be no need for them to visit their nearby branch for any reason as they are able to have their resolution redressed through other means of communication without having a direct contact. 3. Providing Toll free numbers for queries with better customer care can attract the customers of the bank to make use of the banking phone service most comfortably. 4. Proper follow up modes for the mail along with TAT ( Turn around time ) satisfaction will help the customers to log their complaints via Mail as they may provide a better speedy solution for these customers without the need of any physical visit to the nearby branch. 5. The usage of the bank as well as other network ATM's without any additional cost has attracted the attention of many customers during these current days, it has helped the customer to approach these holes in the wall to have their money withdrawn at much ease