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The Temple of Nim

Monthly Newsletter


December 2008
Vol. 4 Issue No 11

Hawkesbury River, New South Wales.

The Hawkesbury River, New South Wales.

The Hawkesbury River Monster Photographed at Last?? New Zealand Visitors and a Windy Skywatch on Narrow Neck. Ancient Celtic Settlement Uncovered in the Hawkesbury District. Spaniards on the Hawkesbury. Gregs Sighting on 9th December 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month, at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 2pm onwards. We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking. PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR THE HOUSE. PLEASE NOTE. Please contact us prior to bringing along any new friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained are invited to share them with us all. Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email: [or catch our website on or]. A plate of food to share for afternoon tea is appreciated.


Photos/video of Blue Mountains UFOs filmed by a local UFOlogist. Latest UFO sightings on the Blue Mountains. Documentary presentations. Any sightings reports by club members. Festive afternoon tea to Celebrate the Christmas season. Weather permitting there will be a Skywatch out on Narrow Neck Plateau. The weather has been good up here on the Blue Mountains and excellent clear night skies. Therefore, hopefully this will continue for our meeting night [Dont forget - warm clothing a necessity!] after the meeting. Dont forget to bring your torch and binoculars.

Rex and Heather Gilroy, Australias top UFO and Unexplained Mysteries Research team. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.


he great mystery of the Hawkesbury River, the plesiosaur-like marine creature claimed to have been seen there since pioneer times to the present day, has intrigued this author since 1965, when I commenced the Hawkesbury River Monster survey. Since then, apart from gathering hundreds of reports of encounters with the mystery creatures, as well as photographs of ancient Aboriginal rock art describing them, I have been unable to obtain any photographic proof of their existence. That situation has now changed somewhat since I photographed a mysterious dark shape, observed swimming below the surface in a westward direction up the river. The photos taken show a brownish shape, which appears to have a long neck, large body and paddle-like tail with two sets of long, paddle-like flippers, swimming perhaps 2-3 metres below the surface.

by Rex Gilroy Article and photographs copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

Regrettably the photos do not reproduce as well as I had hoped, making it necessary for me to outline the creatures shape. The date was Monday 15th December 2008, and I had climbed a mountainside overlooking the river east of Wisemans Ferry. Reaching a point about 300 metres above the river, I stood on a cliff edge taking scenic photos. Chancing to spot a dark brown shape moving east to west up the river below surface with my binoculars, I took a number of photos, the best ones being shown here. The time was 5.15pm [Eastern Summer Time] when I first observed the dark shape, which was making a disturbance in the water consistent with a large creature with paddle-like flippers and tail. As I watched the shape what appeared to be a long neck and head, which up till now was not visible due it was deeper down in the water, rose close enough to be detected below surface. The neck made snake-like movements, the flippers continuing to create a disturbance consistent with a large creature. I observed the mystery creature for some five minutes as it slowly moved out of sight, submerging deeper as it approached a bend in the river on its westward course. About a minute into my sighting, I could see a motor launch approaching up river from the east at some speed. The craft with its two occupants was on a course slightly to the north side of the river, the mystery shape, at first about the centre of the river, began moving in closer to the south side. I took photos of the craft as it approached and also as it passed by to the north of the large creature. The passing launch gave a good size comparison, being about 15ft in length against the approximate size outline of the giant creature. The shape as outlined by the dotted line suggests a plesiosaur and of a very large species. Yet apart from the 52 ft length Macroplata of the Jurassic Age overseas, plesiosaurs are otherwise primarily smallish marine reptiles of around 4 metres length as from fossil remains. Australian plesiosaur species generally range around the 4 metre length mark. Yet who can say what is possible, and a larger species may await discovery in waters off the Central Coast north of Sydney. Plesiosaurs were egg-laying reptiles that frequented coastal river mouths, swimming upstream to lay their eggs. Therefore the presence of a population of surviving Plesiosaurs inhabiting the waters off Broken Bay, from where they swim inland along the Hawkesbury River to lay their eggs somewhere far inland cannot be ruled out. While I do not regard my photos as good evidence for the existence of a surviving populations of plesiosaurs in the Hawkesbury River, it is still very encouraging circumstantial evidence for me in my ongoing field investigation into this thousands of years-old mystery. -0-

The mystery dark shape when first sighted emitting a trail of bubbles as it swam upriver. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

The dark shape, whose outline fits the description of a Plesiosaur, leaving quite a disturbance in the water as it moved about beneath the surface. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

The approaching motor launch Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008

The passing launch gave a good size comparison showing a creature of monstrous size. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

A distance view of the Hawkesbury River, looking west from the clifftop above the plesiosaur sighting location. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

A view from the banks of the Hawkesbury River, looking west towards Wisemans Ferry. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.


by Rex Gilroy Copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

On Saturday 13th December, a very windy day to say the least, the Gilroys were paid a visit by fellow UFOlogists Kyere and her partner Jason Barnett. Kyere who goes under that name for professional reasons, and Jason had heard about our researches over in their New Zealand homeland and wanted to meet us. Despite the worsening gale force winds they managed to do some sight-seeing around Katoomba before visiting us. Following an enjoyable afternoon chatting indoors and seeing a few of our treasures, such as a giant moa track and giant monitor lizard track casts, and DVD footage of our various finds out in the bush, we took them for a drive out on Narrow Neck Plateau for a Skywatch.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

Heather wisely stayed in the car while I took our friends to a cliff edge overlooking Jamieson Valley with Burragorang Valley beyond. We braved the terrific gale for only a few minutes as it was virtually impossible to stand where we were without being blown around! Then suddenly, [the time was about 8pm] we spotted a large orangey light flash far out in the depths of Burragorang Valley in an area where spacecraft flight openings are believed situated. The flash lasted several seconds. Then another flash occurred near the location of the first one, but this was not as bright and gone in an instant.. We then retreated to the car. After more discussions back at the house Kyere and Jason had to leave, but they plan to return to Australia and spend more time with us next time, in any case we will see them during our 2009 return visit to New Zealand, and perhaps give a talk on the Australian UFO scene to their UFO interest group in Wellington. -0-

Jason Barnett and Kyere with Rex Gilroy on Saturday 13th December, 2008. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.


by Rex Gilroy Copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Over recent months the Gilroys assisted by Greg Foster, have been uncovering a considerable amount of evidence of Bronze-Age [2000-1400 BC] colonisation by Celtic mineral-seeking explorers in the Hawkesbury River district. In previous Temple of Nim newsletters I have described a Celtic Bel sex-worship temple at a Nepean River location. Although it is certain that they were part of the great Egypto-Phoenician colony established in the Gosford-Central Coast area, they appear to have kept to themselves while at the same time being involved in the mining of tin, copper, gold and silver in Joadja Valley near Mittagong. They together with their Egyptian, Phoenician and Libyan associates, penetrated the Nepean River from the Hawesbury to sail south where they discovered the mineral-rich Joadja Valley, transporting the minerals back along the rivers to the Gosford colony, as I have previously pointed out. Farms were needed to help feed the thousands of colonists involved in this massive enterprise, these traces of their ancient farming activities are turning up along these rivers. In August 2008 we were directed by a farmer to a lengthy stone wall on his property. This wall parallels other ancient examples constructed by Celtic colonists in New Zealand [reported by on in a previous Temple of Nim newsletter]. Like its New Zealand counterparts the Hawkesbury district wall is at least 3,000 years old. The purpose of the wall remains a mystery, for it extends from flat land up a steep mountainside for some few hundred metres, stopping short of a wall of cliffs. On previous visits I have identified a large fallen stone idol as an image of the Celtic Sun-God, Bel, and found a number of Bronze-Age Celtic ogham scripts carved in rocks and altar stones. However, on Monday 15th December 2008, Heather and I made a casual visit to the farmers property while down that way on other matters. As the time was about 2pm I decided to take advantage of the daylight saving to climb the mountainside to take more photos of the wall. I planned to climb further, hopefully to reach the summit. Higher up from the wall, which extends northsouth, I came upon tall sandstone/ironstone cliffs. Then finding what appeared to be an ancient pathway up through two massive, high stones, I found myself in an enclosure, and before me, carved deep into a high rock wall, a huge face. Nearby were ogham inscriptions engraved into rock walls which was enough for me to identify the face as that of Bel, the Celtic Sun-God.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

An ancient stairway of stones placed within a cutting permitted as easy climb up onto a flat area above, from where a wide view of the surrounding countryside was to be had. It was about this area that I found more rock scripts. Identifying the area as the site of a massive temple dedicated to Bel. The inscription read: The Temple of the Eye of Bel the Sun. Leave offerings to the God here. There were in fact, far too many rock inscriptions for me to record for now so I had to concentrate on just a few. One of these was revealing: On the river to the Town of Bels Eye ships sail. The place of worship of the Sun, the Eye of Bel. Another stone bore the simple message Temple of Bel. There was also an altar stone bearing the ogham letters Bel and a libation run-off channel carved down one side of the stone in the form of a serpent. I explored on deeper into the dense forest that covers the mountain, but time prevented me from finding any further remains, which I believe yet lie hidden up there. I returned down the mountain to Heather, waiting with the car and we drove home. 2009 is fast approaching. It will be a major year for fieldwork by the Gilroys and our assistants, and one major objective will be to uncover the full history of the ancient Celtic Hawkesbury colony and their Town of Bels Eye. What exciting new discoveries must surely await us there! -0-

A cutting through t he rocks giving access to the temple. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

The face of Bel. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

This inscription reads: On the river to the Town of Bels Eye, ships sail. The place of worship of the Sun, the Eye of Bel. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

The Temple of Bel. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

Another huge, though badly worn face of Bel. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

A section of the ancient Celtic stone wall. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

The wall parallels other Bronze-Age Celtic walls and ruins found in New Zealand. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

The construction of the Hawkesbury all was a feat in itself, having been built up a steep mountainside. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008


by Rex Gilroy Copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

On Monday 15th December 2008, while driving near Wisemans Ferry after a momentous afternoon of finding the Celtic Bronze-Age relics mentioned in this Newsletter, I had Heather causally stop the car on the edge of the Hawkesbury River so I could take an afternoon photo of the river. Climbing down the bank onto large boulders, to my surprise I found one stone to be engraved with fading script. What I first noticed was the date 1524. The engravings also featured the fading outline of a ship of the Spanish galleon variety, and the antique letters V and I, short I believe for Vittoria, a common name in Spanish shipping of those times. There was a horizontal mark in to the left of the other images, a symbol in this case meaning up river. Basically the inscription says 1524 the galleon Vittoria explored this river. Spanish voyages to Australias east coast, even efforts to colonise our harsh land by Spain is well evidenced already by a growing mass of rock scripts and other finds made in Australia over many years, as well as ancient written accounts coming to light in Spain today. And, the Hawkesbury River has already given up other, even lengthier rock records of efforts to claim this land by hardy mariners for Holy Spain. -0-

The Hawkesbury River looking west. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

The Spanish inscription. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

The close-up views of this 16th century Spanish message. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

The story
This just happened on the 9th of December 2008 at 10.05-10.45pm. I had just come home and was closing the gate when I noticed a strange effect with the Moon and the clouds going past it. I know the natural effect where the moon appears top move one way and the clouds the other giving the illusion of movement of the Moon, this was not that. I was watching that effect when it happened, time stopped for milliseconds at a time and the clouds which were moving quite fast in the wind just stooped, and everything stopped, then there was this jerking motion as they started to move again, it was the weirdest thing I have ever seen and I photograph and video the moon and clouds all the time... The clouds would just stop then jerk as if time had stopped. Then as I walked out the back I saw this really weird low flying thing. At the link is a drawing and what I saw, although the drawing of the pulsing reddish glow thing, it is not exactly as I saw it as I'm not a very good drawer. What then happened was I saw this large light-I have been seeing this now for a few weeks and have videotaped and photographed it before-just last week. We have all been watching Jupiter the Moon and Mars here and I at first thought this was Jupiter and Mars above it. But, it wasn't. This light moved, disappeared, appeared, grew bigger then smaller then would appear in another direction either to the left or right of it's original position. Then this Black Hawk Helicopter appeared near it and was going around it, then it would disappear and I was taking flash photos and the next thing I knew the Black Hawk Helicopter was directly above the back fence and neighbouring homes and was almost hovering. I took a photo and as it went over the house I noticed that my digital camera's night shot actually sent out this red beam towards the Black Hawk and I was hoping they didn't think I was sending a laser beam at them (it has been happening here that people shine laser lights in to cockpits etc..) The noise and the wind from the huge rotors made me step back inside, it then went all the way back to where the object was. Then in between each time I saw something, I went inside and wrote the time and date. After I was outside for at least 20 min I went back in and was writing the time and it was only 5 min. I had lost 15 minutes or more which I can't explain. There was also something else. I went inside and got my infra-red night vision binoculars and as I zoomed into the object it sent out some kind of heat thing where the part that was against my eye socket started to heat up and burn me. I moved it away and looked elsewhere-away from the light and the heat just went instantly, pointed it back to the light, zoomed in and the heat was weird, almost like a laser was directly at me from this object, it really was hot and a burning sensation I could feel. One other thing; I took three digital photographs-didn't really show much, but there was this sudden flash that was a like a lightning bolt between the camera and the object and me and actually lit up in front of me, this wasn't the flash, the flash had already gone off, I saw this, it resembled a lightning bolt and the brightness was as bright that it made me wince as it was really bright. If any of you know welding, you know the flash in the eye they talk about?? It actually made me fall forward for some reason.

More My sighting

The front of the thing was like a cockpit, but not a cockpit at all..-small, that comes over the pilot in some jets we have. You know how the front of the where the pilot sits opens up like a canopy and then the pilot comes out of that. It had like a bubble there and I could see there was a seam or a middle of it. Where the two reddish things were they were huge, bigger than the height of the actual thing. I say thing as I had never seen anything to describe it like. It was one of a kind as far as my knowledge on jets etc... It flickered on and off then sort of pulsed, reminded me of some of the pulsing colour things in "Lost in Space". Where you cant really see what is making the reddish pulse but it seems almost alive in how it was pulsing and flickering. It wasn't like a jet or plane lights they use so you know where they are etc. this was like nothing Id seen except on-as I said - Lost in Space. The reason I say Lost in Space is their are repeats of it at the moment and my friends watch it - and I saw an episode months ago that it reminded me of. It wasn't the Euro fighter or the F22 Raptor or a FA-18A-B or C, it wasn't a jet it was going to slow. It was riding the atmospheric waves and bobbing and going from side to side very weirdly, as though it was either a pilot less drone type of thing (which was my first thought as I was watching it) or it was a remote control thing and whoever was using the remote wasn't very good as the way it moved seemed not like it was perfection, rather it was the first time it was out. It had some resemblance to a small Moller flying sky car. -0-


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

The shot below I took with a flash with a 6 MPixel camera. It looks as though I had slightly moved as I took the photo and the object is all over the place. Im showing it to show where it was in relation to where I was. The foreground shed though, is not out of focus or blurry.

This was one of three photos that came out properly. I have not manipulated the colour or the shape. I have only zoomed into the image. I stopped zooming (with my software) before it started to pixelate or change shape from zooming in. This is what I was seeing through the digital screen when I zoomed in also.

This photo below shows what I think is the helicopter circling above the object and below it the actual object

This photo below has not been zoomed in and is the original shot. It shows again what I believe is the helicopter moving away from the actual object-which is to the left of the helicopter


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

This photo has not been zoomed in and is the original shot. There are now two objects and the helicopter.

The above image is of the Mollar Sky Car Those tank looking things (which on the thing I saw looked like fat looking missile turrets or something) where the rotors are at the back in the above image, is what I saw on parts of the thing I saw. I remember thinking they looked like the Fatboy Nuclear bomb, they were that thick looking, If it was a test flight by someone of the Mollar car here in Sydney then that thing is dangerous as this thing I saw was very low, was unstable looking as it flew, and there was no discharges or sound or any type of propulsion at all. This thing just moved without all that. The brightest two at the side and back of the above image-if you change that to red, then have it pulse and flicker. When it pulsed red the flickering was all around the outside of that reddish pulse.

This image is taken from a still of the Belgium Triangle footage, showing one frame, and again similar to what I saw at the back, but reddish and pulsing. So a bit of this shape a bit of the Mollar car, and were getting close to what I saw, but it looked like neither of these as I have followed the Mollar car for years and know what it looks like.


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter December, 2008

Our previous meeting was a huge success and we look forward to seeing you at our next one. There should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba, weather permitting. Meanwhile, there a lot happening up there at present so Until our next meeting

Watch the Skies!

Rex and Heather

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To be released early in 2009 Pyramids of Destiny Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze-Age God-Kings.
by Rex and Heather Gilroy


Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze-Age God-Kings.

Rex and Heather Gilroy

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