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The Temple of Nim

Monthly Newsletter
of Blue Mountains UFO
Research Club. Vol. 4 Issue No 4 April 2008

Light Energy Balls at the Kaimanawa Wall, NZ. Ptolemaic era Egypto-Libyan Inscriptions at New Plymouth, UFOs and the Underground World of the Kaikouras, NZ. UFOs over the New Zealand Skywatching in North Island, NZ. Bronze-Age Celts of Old Aotearoa., NZ

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month, [except March this year] at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 2pm onwards. We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking. PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR THE HOUSE. PLEASE NOTE. Please contact us prior to bringing along any new friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained are invited to share them with us all. Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email: [or catch our website on or]. A plate of food to share for afternoon tea is appreciated.


Latest report of Blue Mountains UFO activity.

Report on the Gilroys latest New Zealand Investigation. A lot of video footage was shot of our discoveries and people we met who had important relics to show us. This material will be serialised, beginning with this meeting. It includes footage of Moa tracks, ancient Celtic, Egypto-Phoenician and 12th century Swedish Viking inscriptions, and Uruan rock scripts at megalithic stone circle and temple sites at Lake Taupo and near Christchurch and much more. New Zealand UFO sightings report. Report on the Christchurch UFO Research Club. Video/DVD of UFO etc. Documentaries. Weather permitting there will be our usual Skywatch out on Narrow Neck Plateau [Dont forget warm clothing a necessity!] after the meeting.

Rex and Heather Gilroy, Australias top UFO and Unexplained Mysteries Research team. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.


Copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

From our latest discovery at this major megalithic pyramid site, buried by a volcanic eruption around 240 AD, and now covered by dense forest, it is certain that light energy balls has to be a world-wide phenomena at megalithic sites. Heather and I returned to the Kaimanawa site on Sunday 16th March 2008. We took video footage, as well as digital and ordinary photographs of the site both in daylight and after dark. Perhaps on our next New Zealand search, hopefully in 2009, we will carry out light energy ball filming attempts at other megalithic sites, such as a large stone circle and stone alignments found by us at Lake Taupo, on Monday 17th March. Uru rock script was also found at this site. I am unable to show these here until we have the photos developed. [Over 30 reels of films were taken that have yet to be developed!]. One massive site deserving of light ball investigation will be a castle-like formation outside Christchurch where I uncovered a former Nim Sun Worship temple and sets of Uruan rock inscriptions. -0-

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008

A daytime view of the Kaimanawa Wall. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Light balls rising from the buried terrace beneath the wall, which is actually a terraced [ie stepped] pyramid. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

The Wall photographed at night. Note the rising light ball to left of picture. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

A side view of the wall. Note the light ball rising top left of picture. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008


Copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

On Monday 31st March, 2008 Heather and I arrived in New Plymouth, to carry out one of our most important investigations in New Zealands North Island. Here we stayed with our friends Brian and Phyl Darrah. Brian was able to take us to a roadside boulder outside the town the following day, which bore mysterious engravings. A photo sent to me previously by Brian convinced me that the engravings were of Egypto-Libyan script and I soon discovered that I had been correct. The engravings extend around three sides of the boulder, which measured 8cm in depth on the roadside, by 1.8m in length and the same in width. The translation of the glyphs was carried out by me later that evening with the aid of my books on the translation of ancient scripts [always carried with us on our interstate and New Zealand searches]. The translations revealed yet one more example of extensive colonisation by mineral-seeking MiddleEastern peoples who were voyaging Pacific waters centuries before James Cook. The translation reads: Our Supreme King of the Sun on the waters has sailed here with many people in sunny weather, sent by Ras breath, the wind. The Eye of Ra watches over Ra-ta, whom this stone declares is King of the two lands joined*. All give ear before the upright Son of the Sun whose name is engraved here in praise. Behold the flying serpent, the Sun Ra, in flight. Hail Ra in whose light has been measured out and build Ar-ga-ba, City of Light, as recorded here upon this stone. [*North and South Islands]. Our book, Pyramids in the Pacific The Unwritten History of Australia contains a full account of Ptolemaic Egyptian history and maritime exploration of the Australia-New Zealand region. Following Alexander the Greats destruction of the Persian Empire he made Egypt a subject kingdom of Greece. In 331 BC he founded the city of Alexandria on the Nile Delta, and although he never visited it, after his death in 323 BC his body was taken there for burial. In that same year one of his generals, Ptolemy, son of Lagos, took possession of Egypt and founded the Ptolemaic dynasty. In 305 BC he assumed the title of King, reigning until his death in 285 BC. In the meantime he had built up an empire of his own which besides Egypt included Cyprus, southern Syria and Cyrene, with parts of Greece and Asia. Thirteen Ptolemies would reign before Cleopatra ended the Dynasty. The Ptolemies revitalised Egypt, returning it to its former glory as an economical power. Great thinkers and the scientists of the day flocked to Alexandria, whose famous library was their gathering place. What is important to our story is that great fleets of ships loaded with mineral, gemstone and other richesseeking explorers were regularly dispatched into the Indian Ocean to reclaim Egypts former colonies, particularly in the Australia-West Pacific region. These colonists were usually a mixture of Egyptians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Libyans, even Celts. The Ptolemaic explorer-colonists have left behind them a considerable amount of evidence, least of all the great number of Ptolemaic era bronze coins, and of these coins, those of Ptolemy the 4th [221-204 BC] appear to be the most commonly unearthed, both in Australia and New Zealand. To return to the New Plymouth rock inscription The mention of a locally-appointed King [Ra-ta] and the name of a city once established in this region [Ar-ga-ba] demonstrates that the colonists had long-term plans, such as mining the gold and copper to be found in the nearby inland mountain range. While at New Plymouth Brian and Phyl Darrah took us to meet Dick and Junne Hagenson, whose farming property proved to be interesting. While Dick took me for an inspection, in a paddock I picked up a 9cm long by 8.5cm width and 3.7cm thick stone with the unmistakable image of a human head on both sides. The left profile bore a Phrygian cap, while on the right side, behind the eyes, nose and mouth were Phoenician glyphs that read Lugi, the name of a Phoenician colonist who live here over 2,200 years ago. There obviously has to be much more evidence of Ptolemaic Egypto-Libyan-Phoenician colonisation evidence in this district, and we shall certainly search for it when we return there, hopefully during 2009. -0-

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008

The roadside boulder containing the Egypto-Libyan Ptolemaic era inscription. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

The inscription on the left side of the boulder. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008

The central inscription. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008

The inscription on the right side of the boulder. It includes the partially visible outline of a ship. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

The ship and other hard to notice glyphs chalked in, a necessity in obtaining good photographic images of such relics. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

On our latest March 2008 New Zealand investigation Heather and I attempted to search the Molesworth area, situated behind the central Kaikoura mountain range, but found the road has been closed. Could this have anything to do with the frequent sighting reports of Unidentified Flying Objects that have been seen for years, flying and hovering over, and even descending into remote valleys in that region? Since the 1950s strange things have been going on out in that rugged and inhospitable wilderness. Looking back over the years in my UFO files of reports given me by people who either heard of, or had their own experience with UFOs in that region, coupled with up-to-date accounts, a picture parallelling the goings-on in our own Blue Mountains Burragorang Valley can be formed. Trampers and mountain climbers and others, have all disappeared without trace over many years in this mysterious region. Naturally the authorities explain these disappearances as cases of people becoming lost and dying of exposure in areas little, if ever visited by others. No doubt this explanation will suffice for some cases, but not all, and the evidence is mounting that there is something going on out there in those wilds that the authorities do not want anyone to know about. New Zealand UFOlogists inform me that CIA and FBI agents are based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, their varying jobs include spying on people who have informed the media of UFO activity anywhere in New Zealand, and particularly in and around the Kaikoura region of north-eastern South Island.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008

The fact is that anyone who comes forward with claims of having witnessed UFOs, particularly of the saucer variety, descending into, or emerging from camouflaged openings of an obvious deep underground base in the Kaikouras, are in for a lot of trouble! There are obvious parallels with the Australian underground bases, operated by the Australian-American [but of course American-dominated!] top secret organisation involved in the development of an advanced space travel technology, far ahead of anything officially known on the surface. Readers can learn the full story in Blue Mountains Triangle Secret Australian-American Underground Bases and the ET Connection [URU Publications 2007]. There seems no other explanation for the incredibly advanced space travel technology, other than it has somehow been obtained from an extra-terrestrial source. ***** As with the Australian operations, the New Zealand South Island underground complexes are continually being expanded deep beneath the earth with an immense number of American personnel besides New Zealanders living there together with their families, in a self-contained underground world exactly as described in the Gilroys book Blue Mountains Triangle. This vast subterranean complex is guarded on the surface by troops constantly on patrol, as well as by civilian-clothed military personnel, all aimed at keeping outsiders away and unaware of what is going on below ground. Curious intruders have vanished without trace. The Kaikoura Base was established in secret early in the Cold War in a joint American-New Zealand Government agreement, like the Australian complexes, for the purpose of developing nuclear weapons; and like the Australian complexes, the Kaikoura Base is interconnected with a network of underground towns via a road and rail system parallelling that of the Australian bases. In other words, the New Zealand operations are identical to those of Australia in every way, right down to the undersea nuclear submarine bases which likewise are joined to the land through the road and rail tunnels, which transport supplies, as well as personnel to and from the naval undersea complexes. The late Harvey Cooke once described these operations to me and said that Kaikoura mountain range was, quote, A very dangerous place to go into. In a 2001 meeting with him at his Tauranga, North Island home, he went so far as to say that saucer-type craft regularly flew from the Kaikoura Base to rendezvous with a great mother ship circling our planet. Here also he claimed that the Americans who had secretly constructed the massive craft, had either met, or somehow established, a regular contact with the ETs from a highly-advanced galactic civilisation, from whom the technical information for the construction of an advanced space travel technology was being obtained! ***** Harvey Cooke was well aware that the scientists of the South Island complex were not only involved in the construction and powering of spacecraft, but that they were [like their Australian counterparts] in possession of what he called a super-advanced technology with which of course they could create a space travel free of the immense time involved still being pondered by, surface world scientists apparently unaware of the top secret goings-on beneath their feet; for these Bases, besides being located in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, are to be found elsewhere in this world! Time Window experiments of the Burragorang type are under way at the New Zealand complexes, as from the experiences claimed by people who have been tramping and camping in wilds close to the forbidden zone. Motorists driving on isolated roads thereabouts over recent years have also claimed time lapses where they could not recall what had happened to them between leaving their homes and arriving at their destinations, or else they had experienced time-travel to past events in the Kaikoura region; but then such experiences have been reported from elsewhere in New Zealand, just as they are becoming commonplace around Australia. Some people have made sensational claims of having suddenly become weightless while tramping in these wilds, to float above tracks or wherever they were for periods of up to several minutes or so. Sometimes a humming sound has accompanied these experiences, the people gradually losing their weightlessness as the humming sound decreased and faded away. I have similar accounts from Australia. There have been ET abductions reported by people from the Kaikouras over the years, and in one or two cases trampers who have wandered where they should not have been, have afterwards claimed they were captured by American military policemen in full uniform, and dragged off to an underground complex. Here they were warned against returning to the area, and then released only after being administered some drug which has robbed them of any memories of where they had been taken. ***** One day in 1960 a Mr John Stokes was exploring in the Molesworth area, when he was suddenly enveloped by a heat haze while on a hillside. He found himself watching what appeared to be a large number of noisy people; men, women and children, all dressed in 19th century garments. There were men with gold dishes and other equipment working along the creek below him while children ran about playing. He could see tents and huts in the distance, while wagons drawn by draught horses were being drawn up above the creek as men removed picks,

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008

shovels and other tools from them. John noticed the long dresses of the women, while many men wore tall hats. A whole convoy of horse-drawn wagons was approaching along a dirt road in the distance. What I was witnessing was a scene from the middle of the 19th century when gold was discovered in the creeks and rivers up that way, he said to Harvey Cooke. I could clearly hear their talking and shouts, but I recognised that many worlds were quite antique by todays standards. Then the haze faded along with the vision and I was suddenly back in my own time, he said. Harvey was apparently not at all surprised, for he had heard many similar stories over the years, particularly from the Kaikoura region. One report Harvey Cooke gave me some years ago, concerned a UFO which, around 6am one October morning in 1997, was sighted flying over the Molesworth district. The craft was judged to be a saucer-type craft about 20 metres in diameter by those who saw it, and it shone silver as it moved swiftly across the sky. The craft had been first spotted by a property owner as it appeared to suddenly shoot up behind a mountain, then, while others observed it form other locations in the area, it proceeded to zoom over the Kaikouras eastwards out to sea. Back in 1999 I obtained several reports over a period of saucers seen to descend at evening into a remote region in the depths of these mountains behind Kaikoura township, as if descending into an underground base, from which they did not re-emerge. On January 12th 2003 a large, grey-coloured saucer was observed by people at Goose Bay south of Kaikoura, to fly from the south over their town towards Mt Fyffe, where it descended behind it, possibly into an underground opening. Large light balls, orange, yellow or reddish, even silver-glowing, are frequently seen at night emerging from the Kaikoura mountains, to fly off in various directions and some have been seen to return to their points of take-off by locals. The sightings and weird happenings hereabouts all point to the likelihood that a great underground UFO Base [to use the commonplace expression!] exists deep within the Kaikoura mountain ranges, and about which New Zealand military and other government authorities would rather the public knew nothing about. -0-


Copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

by Rex Gilroy.

There has hardly been a trip to New Zealand on which the Gilroys have not returned without having sighted one or more UFOs. Our latest visit is no exception, with some spectacular sightings being made at Lake Taupo and at Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands. The first encounter took place at 1.55am on Monday 17th March 2008. We had had a tiring day on other fieldwork, so that Heather retired to bed after we stopped at a Lake Taupo motel for the night. Waiting for clouds to pass, I left the motel and crossed the nearby highway overlooking the lake to the west. It was not very long before [at 1.55am that I spotted a large orange-glowing craft hovering over the far western side of the lake, high up and above the level of Mt Ruapehu. It then moved off to disappear over the mountains at 2am. This incident, observed by me with binoculars, was my first hoped-for encounter with a UFO since our arrival in Auckland the previous Saturday. My next UFO encounter, or rather encounters took place at Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands at 1.15am on Saturday 21st March 2008. I made these observations on the road outside the home of our friends Gary and Yvonne Stephens who, like heather were sound asleep. There were clouds around and I at first had doubted that I would see anything if there were any UFOs around. How wrong I was to be! At this hour of night there was hardly a car on the road, so that I was able to stand in the middle of the road, equipped with binoculars, a note book and pen, and torch to record what followed. The point where I was gave me a perfect view of the eastern and western horizons, with reasonable vision to the north and south overlooking the lights of Kerikeri township. At 1.15am I spotted a greenish-glowing object as it moved from east to west above clouds. It moved past the full moon, to disappear above clouds to the west. Then at 1.20am a golden yellow-glowing object moved into view in the east, travelling west of the sky at some speed to the south of Kerikeri township. It appeared to slow down then stop directly above the town for a whole minute, then resumed moving westward again, gaining speed before disappearing over the western horizon. This craft had barely disappeared as another pulsating white object appeared high in the eastern sky at 1.25am. As I stood watching from the roadside as a vehicle passed the object gained height as it passed overhead above cloud level. Then, suddenly it stopped, and hovered for a moment before suddenly vanishing. As I watched

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008

the light reappeared in the same place as before after 2 minutes at 1.27am it resumed movement slowly westward, stopping once more for a whole minute before continuing on out of sight over the horizon. Then at 1.32am another UFO, in the form a of a green-glowing object appeared to the west above the horizon, slowly moving east, to reach a position in the eastern sky nearby the bottom pointer star of the Southern Cross constellation. Here it commenced what eventually became a triangular movement, marked out in the night sky by a massive chemtrail. It vanished, then reappeared only to vanish again, then reappear once again to leave another massive chemtrail in the sky, then another to the left of the triangular trail as shown in the accompanying illustration. This strange object then vanished at 2am without any further reappearance. At this time incoming clouds made Skywatching impossible so I returned to the house. ***** Prior to our latest visit I learnt that a huge saucer-shaped craft had been seen by people hovering over the Cape Reinga district at dawn on February 7th 2008. The craft, as shown in the accompanying illustration, had sparkling red lights arranged in three rows apparently encircling the craft. The craft was seen by people to hover over the Cape area for a time before slowly moving off eastwards across the Pacific Ocean. It may have been the same craft that landed in a paddock that night, where it stayed for an hour while a Maori family remained inside their house, switching off all their lights. The husband ventured out, a tomahawk in hand for protection, but as he did so, there was a loud boom sound as the craft rose from the paddock, then gaining height flew off with a whoosh sound, vanishing over trees to the south. -0-

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008



Copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

by Rex Gilroy.

Our recent field investigations in New Zealand resulted in the turning up of a considerable amount of evidence of pre-Tasman colonisation of New Zealand. Much of this evidence is on film not yet developed. It concerns not only the Uru, Egyptian, Phoenician and Libyan mariners, but also Celts and later, Swedish Vikings. We shall deal with the unknown Scandinavian discoverers of the pacific region in our next newsletter, but for now let us turn to the Celts, who like their other ancient competitors, have left their rock inscriptions from Europe to Asia, Australia, New Zealand and on to the Americas. On our previous [2001] New Zealand search, we were shown the mysterious Waipoua Forest stone village ruins. Other North Island ruins of this kind occur in the Bay of Islands and we investigated these also at that time. These ruins and their accompanying rock inscriptions, place their origins back about 3,000 years, during the BronzeAge [2000-1400 BC]. As it is becoming obvious that the so-called Maori hill forts or Pas, often great stepped pyramid-like structures, were actually built by Celts, paralleling their identical monuments to be found throughout western Europe, then it is certain that, as with Australia, there was a considerable presence of this people in New Zealand, particularly in the much favoured, warmer North Island. ***** On Monday 17th March 2008 Heather and I stopped at Dannevirke, over Hawkes Bay way, where our colleague and friend, Badger Bloomfield and his wife Jan had a great number of Amerindian relics in the form of stone images, some quite small, of possible Mayan origin to show us. These relics were recovered at a coastal site we hope to visit in 2009. However, it was something else which had brought us to his doorstep a massive roadside boulder, the photos of which had previously been sent to us by another researcher and which showed Bronze-Age Celtic ogham script! Badger took us to the huge monolith, which he had discovered some time ago, gradually exposed by shifting soil on a roadside embankment overlooking a wide grassy valley, probably farmed by Celtic colonists of the district at the time of this stones engraving. It took us all day to sketch the great number of ogham glyphs that were still visible, and I am certain I missed a message or two due to the faded condition of many letterings. Among a maze of ogham lines and strokes [these Celts were messy writers!] I found the outlines of a human figure, a couple of ships, a large, deeply cut Eye of Bel, and an image of a Moa, the Nala Bird of the following translation. To ensure we got them all properly photographically recorded, I had to chalk them all in. The first photos taken were of the unchalked glyphs, then after their chalking I rephotographed them. Once sketching of every visible ogham inscription had been made, and as the sun approached the western horizon, we washed the chalk away and left for Badgers home. Back at our motel I was up late that night and I mean late, translating the inscriptions for Badger, who had been a great help to us to say the least. The message gleaned from this huge rock, engraved some 3,000 years ago, stated: Set 1. This stone declares King Ya-ta-ko-ha of the Sun, here commands all worship our Goddess Byanu. Set 2. Gwynn declares that all people gather here in a body. The white son of Hanab. Observe the Elder [or what the elder says]. Observe here the phallus of the serpent* erected upright for our Goddess Byanu. She of the Yoni, Byanu, from this place of worship of the Finiki**. Behold Byanus watchful Eye. Led by Hulag the black-haired who inscribed this stone, at the city of.[remainder of message is missing].

[*the Phallus of the Serpent being that of the Sun-God, Bel, represented by a large, tall pillar. Perhaps it still survives, buried by time somewhere hereabouts. ** the word Finiki was the name by which the Phoenicians knew themselves].

Set 3. The ships of the Sun to this land of the Goddess arrive here from the North. For the ships of [Admiral] Yalala the white men who come to this land, rejoice. At this place, the City of Ya-ta-la, all gather in praise of their coming. Set 4. Here in Bels land of sunlight and water, our king, Ya-ta-ko-ha was slain. Take heed, Bel observe, Bel we implore, to bodily punish the slayer.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008


Our God observe all. Observe our growing sorrow. Mab, Mother of Heroes mourns. [this set [4] of the inscriptions was obviously added later, following the apparent
killing by persons unrecorded, of King Ya-ta-ko-ha].

Set 5. Hero of Heroes! The light of the Sun! Upon the mountain erect stands the phallus of Bel of the dark-haired, erected upon the mountain. The white pillar, by the men of Ham and Galatea [or Ga-la-tia] rejoice to the God. Behold his phallus stone erected. Bel the sun, beloved of Byanu. Set 6. Placed here, upon this stone, by Gavin of the fair hair for Bel, to this land, the gifts and prayers of the women of the Clan of the Nala Bird*. The ever-watchful Eye of Bel protect us all.
[*The Nala Bird, believed to be the giant moa species Dinornis giganteus].

It is obvious that these inscriptions were added to the great stone over a period of time. Perhaps on our projected 2009 return visit I shall locate more, very faded glyphs on this monolith to add to our knowledge of Celtic activity in this district during the Bronze-Age [2000-1400 BC]. Badger showed me a small stone slab from the Dannevirke district found earlier by him. It was yet another votive offering inscribed specimen, which translated to read: To Bel the Sun. Gawain the Elder son of Glyn gives white gain to the Sun Bel. It was hard for us to have to bid farewell to the Bloomfields [and we eagerly await our 2009 return visit], but time was pressing. We left for other sites scattered across North Island knowing that the Dannevirke district had once been the scene of a Bronze-Age Celtic colony of massive size. Badger had also provided me with other information of Viking contacts hereabouts, but that is another story to be pursued in our next newsletter when hopefully, we shall have the photos of New Zealands Viking rock inscriptions found on this visit developed! ***** One cannot however ignore the Vikings here. Swedish Viking rock engravings were of course found by us at Milford Sound [South Island] in 2000 and 2001, and on our latest trip I came across an image of the God Thor holding his hammer in his ship, beneath which was another longship image with oars projecting from its side. This find was made up Cape Reinga way, and later I was to find three rock inscriptions of Swedish Viking origin, carved by alter Scandinavian colonists at a Bay of Islands Celtic stone Village site, established centuries beforehand. On Thursday 23rd March we arrived at the Kerikeri home of our friends and top field assistants Yvonne and Gary Stephens. Situated within the Bay of Islands the Stephens have been a continual great help to our researches, with Yvonne forever chasing up discoveries for us to inspect. It was Yvonne who discovered the ruins of a massive Uruan Nim Sun-Worship temple at a remote Bay of Islands site, which we measured out and recorded during our 2001 New Zealand search. [See Chapter 14, page 270 Uru The Lost Civilisation of Australia]. The day after we arrived at Yvonne and Garys home we were taken by Yvonne to meet another lady who would become a valued field assistant in locating an ancient stone wall Yvonne had learnt of hereabouts. Our new friend was Mrs Maureen Yorke, and she is a mine of information on the local Maori culture and other mysteries hereabouts. On Monday 24th march Heather and I, Gary and Yvonne, together with Maureen, drove to see a local farmer and his wife, on whose forest-covered property stood the mystery ruins lining a creek on a densely-forested hillside. We fought our way through some pretty difficult terrain and failed to find the ruins on the first attempt. However, the owner returned with us to the area and showed us how to get there, he even cut a track through dense foliage for Heather and I to return later, so I could properly measure and record the wall. On Wednesday 26th March when we returned to the site I uncovered seven inscribed boulders, one of which bore a large head of Bel image, discovered at the base of a section of wall. The wall not only had a wide opening for people to move through to and from the creek, but further along I uncovered the remains of a stone stairway down off the walled embankment onto the 2m wide creek. The wall had fallen away in places but where it was intact it measured 1.1m high by up to 50.35cm width at the top and as much as 1.13m at the base. The stones were all carefully placed and I measured the structure at 32.9m in length. The remains of two other, widely-spaced walls continued through inaccessible scrub up a hillside on the south side of this east-west direction wall. I realised the wall led downhill, eventually onto another property where in 2001 I was shown extensive remains of ancient stone housing, from where 3,000 year old Celto-Phoenician rock inscriptions were retrieved by me. Not all the photos are yet available of the relics found in the walls vicinity however, the following examples taken on Heathers digital camera will give an idea of the importance of this ancient site.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008


The Bay of Islands Celtic settlement which this wall symbolises was truly immense, one of a number of major populated regions, demonstrating that New Zealand was once a Pacific Celtic kingdom! -0-

The photos of the Dannevirke Celtic ogham boulder which were sent to the Gilroys and which fired our enthusiasm to inspect the rock on our latest New Zealand search.

Badger Bloomfield assisted the Gilroys in recording the great many messages engraved on the boulder. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Rex Gilroy came close to falling sometimes on the difficult to maneuver boulder, in his efforts to record the inscriptions. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008


A section of the ogham engravings. Note the small Eye of Bel centre of picture. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

The boys measuring the boulders dimensions. The monolith measured 4.4m high by 6.5m wide and 14m in circumference of what lay above surface. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

A deeply carved out Bel sun-disc. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Here we see a deeply carved Eye of Bel beneath which is the chalked in outline of the Nala Bird [Giant Moa]. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008

The view directly across the road from the boulder. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008


Near the Sun-disc is a deeply carved serpent image. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Beneath the Eye of Bel is the image of an Ogham ship with masts and oars. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Heather sneaked this shot of Rex with Gary Stephens during the initial search for the Bay of Islands Celtic stone wall. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Maureen Yorke [left] and Yvonne Stephens working their way through the dense forest. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008


Heather Gilroy with the wall on the other side of the creek. Note the wide opening. Had there ever been a wooden gate here? Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

A close view of the left side of the wall opening. Note the careful placing of the stones on this 1.1m tall structure. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

A downview of the wall. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008


The wall is difficult to spot [left side of picture] amid the dense new Zealand forest terrain. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Centuries of tree growth has helped topple sections of the wall. This section shows how shrubbery growing through the wall has also helped in its deterioration. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008


Rex Gilroy with one of the seven Celto-Phoenician inscriptions he found at the site. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

The inscription states: We grow grain in the Sun for Bel for the City in the fields this stone declares. The people of the City of Ta-na-ba[h] rejoice by command of our king, Yakodas. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

The head of the Celtic Sun-God, Bel, found at the walls base by Rex Gilroy. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter April 2008


An example of the tightly, well-fitted stones of the wall. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Rex Gilroy and Yvonne Stephens with Celtic carvings found on her property by Rex. He holds a Sun-face carving while Yvonne shows an image of Bel with drinking horn. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2008.

Our previous meeting was a huge success and we look forward to seeing you at our next one. There should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba, weather permitting. Meanwhile, there a lot happening up there at present so, Until our next meeting -

Watch the Skies!

Rex and Heather