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The Temple of Nim Newsletter


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club.

Vol. 2 Issue No 4

April 2006

This 12th century Scandinavian rock inscription, discovered by Rex Gilroy on the Moonbi Range, New England district NSW in March 1991 describes a longship, an image of the Midgard Serpent, an image of the God Thor holding his hammer and a strange creature as yet unidentified. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Latest Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. UFOs Over the Blue Mountains. Panthers on the Move. Vikings Settled Riverstone! Phoenician Inscription found at Lithgow.

Newsletter of the Blue Mountains Blue Mountains UFO Research Club April 2006.

Blue Mountains Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our next meeting will be held on Sunday 22ndApril March 2006 at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 2pm onwards.
We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking. PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR HOUSE.

PLEASE NOTE. As this gathering is now by invitation only please contact us prior to bringing
along any new friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained are invited to share them with us all.
Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email:

[or catch our website on and type in Rex Gilroy.]. Bring a plate of food to share for afternoon tea. Our meetings are usually held on the third Saturday of each month. Looking forward to seeing you all again on April 22nd ..

Program for the 22nd April.

Latest UFO Reports from the Blue Mountains. As usual, weather permitting, there will be a Skywatch out on nearby Narrow Neck Peninsula.

And other surprises...

Rex and Heather Gilroy, Australias top UFO and Unexplained Mysteries Research team. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.

Greg foster, who has been incredibly lucky over the last couple of years videoing mystery smoke trails and UFOs from his back and front yards, at his Blacktown home, reports yet another mystery incident he has caught on video. Members will recall his recent capture of a large aircraft being buzzed by a mysterious glowing light ball. The fact is that there are a lot of mystery UFO incidents occurring over the Sydney district, particularly in the outer western Suburbs, about which the authorities are remaining [as usual] silent. Recent Skywatches carried out by myself and friends at our major Narrow Neck observation site overlooking the Burragorang Base have revealed some surprising events. Whatever is presently going on down there, there are a lot of red-flashes coming from the valley depths late at night. Several bright silvery and yellow light balls emerged from the valley on one

Latest Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News.

recent Skywatch carried out by me and a lady from Mildura. With the approach of winter there will be some good clear nights, unlike Summer, when there are often storms to ruin Skywatching up here on the mountains. All that is needed is warm clothing and the willingness like us to brave the cold, in order to get good results. Hopefully the Clubs April Skywatch will have good weather. -0UFOs Over the Blue Mountains. By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. There had been mystery objects observed by residents of homes overlooking the JamiesonBurragorang Valleys going back before World War Two, but these were largely overlooked by the radio and newspaper media of the time. Then came the sudden interest in Unidentified Flying Objects worldwide as the 1940s drew to a close, and the then Katoomba-based Radio Station 2KA, began reporting

Newsletter of the Blue Mountains Blue Mountains UFO Research Club April 2006.

every mysterious object seen by locals. For example, during 1954 there was a flurry of UFO activity over the Burragorang/Kanangra/Katoomba region. Strange saucer-type airships, glowing red or green were repeatedly claimed sighted at night by Megalong and Hartley Valley residents. Tourists reported seeing a yellowish-glowing saucer flying up the Grose Valley on an east to west course, to fly high over Govetts Leap and on over Blackheath heading towards Bathurst. Something like 400 sightings were reported to Radio Station 2KA that year. Strange glowing metallic suited figures were claimed seen by campers out on Narrow Neck Plateau late at night, and the hysteria cooked up by 2KA at one stage made many people, including tourists, hesitant to venture out at night! A forty foot wide [12.19m] by 20 foot tall, egg-shaped metallic shining craft which emitting a humming sound, descended from above to hover over four startled male bushwalkers on Kings Tableland, south of Wentworth Falls, one day in May 1950. The craft hovered for a minute or two over the men, who noticed a number of square windows around the centre of the craft. Then two male-looking beings with short whitish hair wearing gray garments appeared at one window to gaze, smiling down at the frightened Earthlings beneath them, before the craft rose up, and with a whoosh sound, disappeared across Burragorang Valley. In the wake of this and other reports from the Blue Mountains, Mr Fred Philips, representative from the Sydney-based UFO Investigation Centre, told the locals over 2KA Keep your eyes open. What is happening in the skies now must have some significance for all of us. We prefer to place our faith in the statements of people who have seen something rather than in those who did not see anything. It is a very bad principle to condemn without examination. He was commenting on the ill-informed statements of officials doing their best to debunk the whole affair. The late Frank Walford, one-time Alderman of the Blue Mountains City council, and a friend of my late father and myself, told us back in 1966 that he had seen a huge bronze-coloured, round, doughnut-shaped craft that he had watched, as it hovered over Newnes Valley in broad daylight one winters day in 1943. Frank was camped out with a mate beside a creek when the monstrous, 200ft or so width, by up to 50ft tall craft suddenly appeared coasting over the valley from the north. Then as they watched, it turned eastwards to move to a point at the far end of the valley where it hovered for a time. My mate ran for the truck to get his binoculars. There were many windows, both round and square in two or three rows around the side of the airship. We decided to leave at this point, which seems silly now, as the thing was so far away, and then the monster rose high into the sky and suddenly took on great speed and vanished over the mountains to the northeast. Frank Walford was well known on the Blue Mountains and very highly regarded, and not given to exaggeration, but as he told my father and I one day I dont talk about it much, particularly if I want to get re-elected to Council!

The Gilroys new UFO book contains a good many Alien Abduction cases from the Blue Mountains. Consider the following: Back in the Winter of 1966 a Mr Ted Koch, 22 years old was said to have disappeared while on a walk one night around 10pm along cliff Drive, at a point south of the Katoomba Scenic Skyway near Eaglehawk Lookout. It was about this time that a huge yellowglowing craft was claimed seen by eyewitnesses, to descend upon the road near the lookout from their nearby homes. Was Mr Koch abducted? The authorities were [as usual] tight-lipped about the incident. On May 10th 1959, a Mr Lansing was flying his own plane, heading for Bankstown from Gulgong. About 1pm as he flew high above the mountainous country of Glen Davis and nearby Newnes, a bright silvery flash suddenly enveloped his aircraft. This then changed to a blue ionised glow as his engine cut out. At the same time, as he recalled later, he found his plane was suddenly inside some massive round craft. There were a lot of flashing colours, and through my windows I could see a number of indistinct large human-like forms, but these were obscured by all the continual light flashes, which were extremely bright. Then, as I sat there terrified, my plane was enveloped in a bright orange glow beyond which I could see nothing. There was suddenly a feeling of weightlessness and then the glow faded away as the engine started again of its own accord, and I found myself flying over the Newnes/Wollemi Wilderness. I continued on to Bankstown, but upon landing at Bankstown aerodrome I decided not to tell my story. It was too fantastic for anyone to believe me, he told me in 1968. ***** In our book Australian UFOs Through the Window of Time [URU Publications 2004], we presented a case for time windows on the Blue Mountains. Our latest UFO book contains many so far unpublished case histories. Here is just one example of what readers can expect:: Back in 1961 a light aircraft flying from Bankstown aerodrome with four passengers on a flight to Blackheath airstrip, in clear weather suddenly met with some unexpected air turbulence. They were at this point in time approaching the eastern escarpment of the Blue Mountains. Yet as they flew over the mountains they saw no sign or roads, railway line or towns. As they approached the area where Blackheath should have been, there were no signs of habitation and certainly no airstrip. Puzzled, and wondering if he was somehow off-course, the pilot checked his instrument panel and a map but knew he was on course! Flying on he could not even see any signs of habitation where Lithgow should have been, but further ahead he was relieved to see farming properties, the Great Western Highway and Bathurst, where the startled group made their landing. The only explanation for their experience is that they had passed through a time window and seen below them the Blue Mountains as they had looked before the advent of modern civilisation! *****

Newsletter of the Blue Mountains Blue Mountains UFO Research Club April 2006.

Our new book will contain UFO-related One night in disappearances of people, over a wide are of the Blue January 1987, Mountains; Hitherto unpublished alien Abductions, Paul and Amber actual contacts between jet fighters and UFOs, as well Whiteley were as time-window experiences of people across the Blue camped in the Mountains, plus a great many UFO sightings and the Wollongambie research work being carried out by the Blue Mountains scrub east of UFO Research Cub, especially on the Burragorang Lithgow. Around top-secret base, about which the reader will be midnight they presented with many startling new reports and were woken from information as to its true size and the fantastic scientific their sleep by a researches being conducted there, together with pulsating, throb, photographic evidence. This book will be dynamite. throb, throbbing The efforts of officialdom to silence all knowledge of sound, and a the existence of the Base by ASIO, the FBI and CIA is dazzling dealt with; as well as a lot, lot more that the Gilroys yellowish glow have held back from publication and kept secret about enveloping their until now will all be revealed. More will be announced tent. They emerged from their tent to see a huge saucer-like craft, on the publication of this book anon. bulky in shape some 20m across and about 15m tall, hovering -0at an angle about 15m above them. Much of the glow came from a large round area beneath the craft, and there were two rows of long windows around the airships middle, said Paul. It then began coasting over the treetops out of sight over the hills. Sketch copyright Rex Gilroy 2004

On Monday 15th April 1996, at 1.25pm, Mr Frank Beale took this On photo of two mystery silver0glowing objects hovering high above Lake Burragorang west of Warragamba Dam. Although the photo does not clearly define their shapes, Mr Beale says the craft on the right was triangular in shape, that on the left being spherical. The UFOs hovered for some time over the lake before rising heavenward out of sight. Wednesday 4th December 2002, at 3pm a glowing silver cylinder-

[Unfortunately prior to this photo being given to Rex Gilroy the two UFOs had been marked to enhance their position and location, however we have included it to illustrate the sighting]. Photo courtesy Frank Beale.

shaped UFO flew high over Katoomba, from the south-east to north-west. As it flew over the Gilroy home in South Katoomba, Rex Gilroy saw the object and was able to hurriedly grab a camera and take this photo. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.

At 1.05pm on Thursday 27/5/2004. while being filmed with Heather by the crew of ABC TVs Australian story out on Narrow Neck Peninsula, Katoomba NSW Rex Gilroy spotted, to the east across Jamieson Valley, a great triangular object about 15m in wingspan, descending rapidly over the old valley farm from above the eastern cliffs, to vanish behind the eastern end of Mt Solitary. The craft disappeared so quickly that, although Rex alerted Heather and the camera crew, they were unable to catch a glimpse of the mystery object. Sketch copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.

Newsletter of the Blue Mountains Blue Mountains UFO Research Club April 2006.

Panthers on the Move.

Within the last fortnight there have been several reports of the Lithgow Panther, and also several more from the Blue Mountains, and in the outer north-west of Sydney, which the Gilroys have investigated. Shortly there is to be an investigation of new reports in the Kenthurst region by Greg Foster and the Gilroys, which should turn up some new facts about these mystery marsupial carnivores. Our new book Out of the Dreamtime The Search for Australasias Unknown Animals is on the verge of completion after five years work. This massive volume with hundreds of photos, contains an extensive section on Australias so-called Big Cats, with hundreds of reports, including the field researches of the Gilroys and their assistants, particularly Greg Foster, whose assistance has been immeasurable to say the least.. There will be a press release shortly concerning the latest reports, which should turn up more recent sightings accounts from people living in the outer western suburbs.
By Rex Gilroy Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.


It is from April till about June-July that these marsupials are thought to have their mating season, which should account for the sudden upsurge in sightings as these animals move about the country in search of mates. Now that we have a special infra-red night video camera for placing in secluded forest locations where these [or any mysterious animal] are believed to lurk, we have a chance of capturing one on film. We plan to use this camera at other places, including the depths of the Wollemi, Newnes wilds, where there have been repeated sightings in recent times. We will be crossing our fingers, as even with the best technology, this does not guarantee that any rare and secretive species is necessarily going to appear within camera range. It is a matter of luck, but who knows. -0-

A location in the vicinity of the sighting at Riverstone sighting. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006

Vikings Settled Riverstone!

Long after the passing of the Bronze-Age Middle-East mineral-seeking colonists, Scandinavians found Australia. As our book Pyramids in the Pacific demonstrated, by the 12th century, having sailed the great Russian Rivers, the Norsemen penetrated to the Persian Gulf, where Arabs showed them how to sail to India and Malaya [if not elsewhere in south-east Asia] to obtain silks, precious stones, pearls and other goods highly prized back in Mediaeval Europe. As evidence already presented in the above book shows, they gradually explored further south, so that by the end of the 12th century their longships had not only reached our far north and penetrated Torres Strait, but that they spent time in island Melanesia, and also New Zealand, where they influenced to some extent, the cultures of the Melanesians and Polynesians. A forthcoming new book by the Gilroys will reveal all! I have in the past reported upon the discovery of old Swedish rock scripts in New Zealands Milford
5 By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Rex Gilroy holding a cast of the Panther similar to one which has been seen in the Riverstone area. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006

Lately a large black-furred panther-like animal has been visiting a creek on the edge of Lithgow and the Gilroys have already inspected the site. We shall return soon in hope of finding fresh tracks of the animal. There have been several sightings of more than one panther in the Riverstone/Schofields district within the last fortnight. On Saturday 15th April Heather and I investigated two sites in this area. The signs are good for paw print finds, and we will be carrying out a search here again soon again with Greg

Newsletter of the Blue Mountains Blue Mountains UFO Research Club April 2006.

Sound as well as remains of an ancient settlement deep in jungle, as well as rock scripts near Cairns, Taree, and up the Hawkesbury River, among other sites. Now we are able to report another important rock script find in the Riverstone district, which could yet lead to further finds telling of an ancient Scandinavian presence dating to the 12th century. While exploring a remote section of South creek, which has its beginnings on the Hawkesbury River, and flows far inland, I stumbled upon a large sandstone slab. The date was Saturday 15th April 2006 and I was searching an area where a panther had recently been sighted. I did not find any paw prints, but instead made this even bigger discovery. The slab measured 80cm in width by 1.2m in length and 31cm in depth. It bore weathered outlines of five ships, an image of Thor holding his hammer, and a runic inscription. After a few hours work that night I finally translated the message: Landing here in our six longships led by the ship Thors Hammer sailed by our leader Iala, we established this settlement dedicated to Odin. Ayas crew erected a stone telling of their ship, The serpent, and their voyage from the north, where Uiis ship. Odin protected by our god Odin himself, fought and left the bones of the Skraelings* they killed. We are all [men and women] from Birka. [*Aborigines]. The creek shows signs of having been far wider and deeper in past centuries, so that vessels could have once ventured up this creek [these days a mere trickle unless there is heavy rain, which causes flooding]. It would appear that a large number of settlers were searching for good farmland. As other script occurs elsewhere near the Hawkesbury it seems certain that other settlements had been established for some time in the region. Hopefully further searching hereabouts will turn up more evidence of these ancient Norse explorercolonists.

Sketch of the Riverstone Viking inscription. Unfortunately photographs are not yet available. Sketch copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Phoenician Inscription found at Lithgow.

By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. While at Lithgow with Heather on Wednesday 12th April 2006 investigating recent Panther activity there, I investigated a site beside an old railway bridge where one of these mystery animals had recently been seen. I failed to find any tracks left by the animal, however, in a nearby field while searching the ground for any paw prints, I came across a large sandstone rock bearing weathered glyphs. It did not take me long to realise that I had found a Phoenician inscription in Canaanite script at least 4,000 years old. The rock measured 35.5cm in length by 21.5cm in width by 10cm in depth. Engraved upon front and back, I could detect the outline of a ship, the image of a circle within a circle [the glyph for gold] and other letterings which, once I got it home and translated them, told quite a story. The translation stated [side one] Lew and his people came here by ship from the Land of Canaan. Lawana erected this shrine to the sun[side two] To Baal of the Canaanites. This stone was inscribed and erected by Stag on Beltane*. We mine gold, the divine of the Gods. [*May Day 1st May]. The reference to the ship suggests that these people, surely a very large expedition, had arrived in the Gosford colony and after sailing up the Hawkesbury River in a fleet of ships, having left their triremes somewhere on the Nepean River at the foot of the eastern escarpment, had made their way westward over the Blue Mountains to what is now Lithgow. The longgone shrine mentioned in the inscription shows these people had established settlement here [if it did not already exist], and that they were digging gold to the west of Lithgow, that is in the Oberon-Bathurst region where it would have been found in plentiful supply then. Yet how did they reach Lithgow? Had they crossed the main ridge from Lapstone that now 6


This 12th century Scandinavian rock inscription, discovered by Rex Gilroy on the Moonbi Range, New England district NSW in March 1991 describes a longship, an image of the Midgard Serpent, an image of the God Thor holding his hammer and a strange creature as yet unidentified. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Newsletter of the Blue Mountains Blue Mountains UFO Research Club April 2006.

includes all the Blue Mountains towns to Mt Victoria, and found their way down onto the Hartley area? Was there already a crude road in existence? It would certainly have been needed for the transportation of gold and other minerals east to the NepeanHawkesbury Rivers for shipment to the main Gosford colony. Alternatively they probably crossed via the Kurrajong to Bell-Clarence side of the Grose Valley, which perhaps already having been crossed, now had a crude road to the west for shipping any minerals from the west with the aid of oxen driven carts [see Pyramids in the Pacific The Unwritten History of Australia URU Publications 2000]. This discovery further vindicates certain evidence put forward in our forthcoming sequel Pyramids of Destiny Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze-Age God-Kings. Photos are not yet available for this issue but will be published in this newsletter anon. -0-

Side Two. Sketch of the Lithgow Phoenician inscription.

Photograph not yet available. Sketch copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. Next Issue:

More surprises, and of course your valuable reports.

Our previous meeting was a huge success and we look forward to seeing another big roll-up at our next one. There should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba, weather permitting. Meanwhile, theres a lot happening up there at present so, until our next meeting
Watch the Skies! Rex and Heather.

Side One. Sketch of the Lithgow Phoenician

inscription. Photographs not yet available. Sketch copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.