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The Temple of Nim Newsletter


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club.

Vol. 2 Issue No 8

August 2006

Ayers Rock [Uluru]. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Report on the Gilroys Central Australian Research Expedition.

Newsletter of the Blue Mountains UFO Research Club August 2006.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our meeting to be held Saturday 19th August 2006 at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 2pm onwards.
We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking.

PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR THE HOUSE. PLEASE NOTE. As this gathering is now by invitation only please contact us

prior to bringing along any new friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained are invited to share them with us all.
Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email:

[or catch our website on and type in Rex Gilroy.]. Bring a plate of food to share for afternoon tea. Our meetings are usually held on the third Saturday of each month.

Program for the 19th August.

Central Australian UFO video footage. Video footage of Latest UFO Reports Mountains. Any reports by As usual, weather be a Skywatch out Neck Peninsula. Central Australia. from the Blue members. permitting, there will on nearby Narrow

And other surprises...


Rex and Heather Gilroy, Australias top UFO and Unexplained Mysteries Research team. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.

Report on the Gilroys Central Australian Research Expedition. By Rex Gilroy. On the night of Saturday 12th August the Gilroys returned from one of their most successful extensive field investigations in their 33 years of marriage. This search which took us as far north as the Devils Marbles, resulted in the gathering of over 60 rock inscriptions, five fossil hominid skulls, a large number of primitive pre-Aboriginal stone tools, the endocast of a hominid footprint, bags of gemstones and other goodies for which we are still trying to find space for! There are around 400 or more photographs and slides to be developed and we shot seemingly acres of video footage of all our adventures. I took with us a collection of essential exercise books of subjects such as pre-Cook Australian Exploration; pre-Aboriginal Stone-Age races; Giants; Pygmies; Unknown Animals etc and would almost fill some of them with new information by the time our search was over! All this material will be used in forthcoming books to be produced by the Gilroys, as well as provide plenty of subject matter for future Club Newsletters. We stayed a Wycliffe Well, the UFO Capital of Australia where one night we were able to capture two or three UFOs on video. Soon after this I uncovered a major URU megalithic site containing several circular and other temple astronomical structures. The amount of video footage is such that we will have to serialise it. It includes our visit to Ayers Rock and the Olgas. I climbed The Rock on Wednesday 26th July a gruelling experience which seemed to have been easier for me seven years ago [1999], but I was determined not to let The Rock beat me, returning to the base in time for Heather and I to watch the sunset on Ayers Rock. We filmed the sunset on the Olgas on Friday 28th July after a day spent

exploring the surroundings. As soon as photos are available I will be producing a report on detail concerning the various aspects of our searches; that is, the archaeological, anthropological, cryptozoological, UFOlogical etc investigations made by us. In the course of our trip north I carried out final corrections to the proof copy of our forth coming book Out of the Dreamtime The Search for Australasias Unknown animals. As I write we plan to add eight more photos from the trip which we feel are essential to the text, and after Heather completes the corrections its off to the printers next week. This book contains over 700 photos and close on 3,500 reports on 600 pages of text, and has been completed in time to celebrate my 50 years as the father of Australian Cryptozoology and Yowie research [ie relict hominology]. What with Uru The Lost Civilisation of Australia still selling well this huge book on Cryptozoology is expected to be in big demand also, particularly from researchers worldwide. Two more Yowie books will be following it and also our second UFO book. ***** One aspect of our investigations turned up a lot of new material on such mysteries as the giant reptilian monster, Burrunjor of Central Australian Aboriginal folklore; the extinct giant monitor lizard, Megalania prisca; the giant dingo, Thylacine and panther sightings and of course relict hominids. Also Alice Springs UFOlogist Keith Douglass filled us in on local UFO happenings and we managed to have a Skywatch with him before we moved on elsewhere. The archaeological side of our search was extremely productive, as the following will show. Bronze Age Explorers.As everyone knows, I argue that the ancient Middle and Near-Eastern mineral-seeking colonists of Bronze Age times [20001400BC] not only discovered our shores, but penetrated deep inland along coastal river systems, some of which have vanished long ago. They also used the former inland sea from the Gulf of Carpentaria to reach Central Australia, where they found gold and copper as well as gemstones. This led to the establishment of settlements which grew into massive colonies containing eventually thousands of people, requiring the setting up of local ruling classes; that is local Pharaohs who ruled over kingdoms of large extent, and which eventually cut themselves off from the Egyptian homeland to establish an Australian Egypto-Phoenician empire that would grow to include the Melanesian islands New Zealand. This is the subject of our book Pyramids of Destiny Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze-Age god-Kings due out in early 2007. Discoveries made by us on this trip have confirmed to our satisfaction that, not only did the ancient mariners penetrate the Murray-Darling rivers system, to enter and follow the Macquarie, Namoi-Peel and Gwydir Rivers to rich mineralbearing areas in New England and the Central West; they also followed navigable offshoot creek systems from these inland rivers, which led them into the New South Wales far west. In South Australia they found Spencers Gulf, from where they eventually found the Flinders Ranges mineral sites with the aid of camels, while other expeditions moved northwards to find the Coober Pedy opal-bearing region. These movements can be traced by the number of rock scripts we found in these areas. Similarly other expeditions ventured south from Arnhem Land via camel while others arrived within reach of Ayers Rock and the Olgas via the inland sea. From here camel explorations uncovered more mineral and gemstone-bearing areas. Supporting this theory we have uncovered Phoenician and Egypto-Libyan rock inscriptions around Ayers Rock and the Olgas. At one area east of Ayers Rock Heather and I uncovered the bulldozed

remnants of a former megalithic temple, huge basalt rocks piled up in the course of the construction of a dirt road. The majority of these huge squarish blocks and slabs bore Egyptian, Phoenician, Libyan and some Celtic scripts [which could place the temple at around 1700BC]. One relic was left standing where it had originally been placed, a massive stellae bearing the Phoenician inscription in mostly large letters: On this flat land of the Serpent-Sun whose mouth breaths life. All gather here before this tone. To all people, on this Temple ground the Son of Light has come. Baal the Sun who lights the land with his light. For Baal all gather to celebrate Beltaine* the Festival of Baal the Sun. Gather for Beltaine. Benevolent is Baal, Baal is benevolent. [*May Day, 1st May]. This ruin revealed ship carvings and also the names of former rulers not spoken for 3,000 or more years. I often get an eerie feeling as I recite such names for the first time since they were inscribed 3,000-4,000 or more years in the past! In the Alice springs district we uncovered what we believe may be the ruined remains of a sphinx up to 1,500ft [500m] long by 500ft [120m] tall by about 500ft [120m] width. It rests in bushland within sight of five pyramidal mounds, all rising from 170 to 200ft high. Around the base of one of these I uncovered the ruins of up to 100 ancient stone huts an ancient mining village it would appear, for open-cut mining evidence of great age exists nearby, a huge quartz reef passes through this area, rich in gold I learnt from a local. Where these remains actually exist we are keeping secret to avoid treasure-hunting vandals. By the time of our next meeting I should be able to present a slide show of these relics and all the other marvellous things we turned up. A number of Phoenician rock slab inscriptions were recovered from the Woomera district. These, like many others found by us between western New South Wales to the Red Centre, speak not only of deities such as Baal and Ra, but the daily lives of men and women from the lands of the Nile and Caanan who settled Australia, 3,000-4,000 years before the arrival of the Dutch explorers or James Cook. As I always say, our history is far older than most Australians realise! -0-

One of three large piles of basalt rubble, the bulldozed remains of a large Bronze-Age Phoenician [sun worship] temple, one of the many Central Australian mysteries uncovered by the Gilroys.

Rex Gilroy with the stele containing the Phoenician inscription referring to Beltaine celebrations. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

This inscription reads The ships of Ham arrived on the water, with camels for exploration for gold. There is peril, danger to be faced in the enterprise, commanded by King Guy. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

This symbol reads: Assemble here. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Aboriginal Rock Art. Another aspect of our trip was the filming of ancient rock art sites for a future book on the pre-Aboriginal Stone-Age history of Australia. We photographed rock paintings as Ayers Rock and later at Mt Grenfell west of Cobar New South Wales on the way home. At Ewaninga Aboriginal rock art reserve near Alice Springs we photographed some really spectacular rock engravings. Among these was the neck and head depiction of a giant emu-like bird, believed to be one of the Genyornis species. These birds existed from the Miocene through the Pliocene periods, and on into Pleistocene times, dying out as recently as around 6,000 years ago. Another feathered giant was the 3m tall Dromornis stirtoni, and we filmed a cast skeleton of this species in the Museum of Central Australia in Alice Springs, where there is an emu skeleton for size comparison. This species is

though to have become extinct around 26,000 years ago. They would certainly have been known to the Aborigines. ***** There was one mysterious rock engraving found in of all places, the ruined megalithic temple previously mentioned. The image was part of an inscription in Bronze-Age Phoenician script which read: The place where Yalata lives. The image could be said to resemble a bipedal reptile with pointed tail, two outstretched arms and a large head with open mouth,. The point is that Yalata is the local Aboriginal name for a mysterious bipedal reptilian giant known elsewhere in their folklore as Burrunjor! It would appear that the Phoenicians had become aware of this reptilian monsters presence in Central Australia. I was fortunate to obtain information about Burrunjor, known by the name Kurpanya to the tribespeople of the Alice Springs district. While on top of Ayers Rock I met two young men who worked in the Ayers Rock area, one being a tourist flight pilot, the other had a job at the resort. Talk turned to the existence of a race of pygmy folk who Aborigines call the Yar-Yarrs, and believe they still inhabit the surrounding country, particularly in the Mt Olga region, I found out that giant monitor lizards have been claimed seen hereabouts over the years, and also Thylacines! Even the hairy man is known hereabouts under more than one name. Then I mentioned Burrunjor and was told a couple of stories. These monsters, I was informed, are said by Aborigines to inhabit the mesa country between northern South Australia and the Gulf Country, and the mere mention of the name to an Aboriginal is enough to send them into a state of panic! The Burrunjor/Kurpanya beasts are claimed to emerge from their lairs way back in the hills to wander the land in search of prey animal or human particularly at night, and I have many interesting stories which will be found in our new book Out of the Dreamtime The Search for Australasias Unknown Animals when we publish it soon [we expect to have it ready for sale at the Brisbane UFO Conference]. -0-

Rex Gilroy studying the Burrunjor carved image. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

The Burrunjor image close-up. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Heather with an example of the Ewaninga, Alice Springs rock art. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Another section of the Ewanginga rock art. A spiral engraving among the Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. Ewaninga carvings. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. Heather stands beside the cast skeleton of a Dromornis stirtoni, a 3m tall giant flightless bird, now in the Museum of Central Australia, though extinct for the past 26,000 years. Photo taken in the Museum of Central Australia 2006.

This Ewaninga image is believed to depict the long neck and head of an extinct flightless emu-like bird, Genyornis, thought to have become extinct around 6,000 years ago. Photo copyright Rex

An emu skeleton in the museum display. Photo taken in the Museum of Central Australia 2006.

UFOs over the Red Centre. While staying at Curtin Springs on the road to Ayers Rock, I went Skywatching at 12.07am Thursday 27th July. The flat countryside gave me a beautiful clear view of the heavens, with the Milky Way stretched across the sky from horizon to horizon. It was in fact at 12.07am that I spotted a silvery object heading east to west in a wavy pattern.

Then, at 12.13am two silvery glowing objects suddenly shot side by side across the sky from north to south. Earlier, on Tuesday night 25th July, while we were driving back from the Olgas within view of Ayers Rock, I spotted a red-yellow glowing craft approaching from the west at 6.30pm. At first travelling at great speed, it slowed down high over the resort area almost to a stop, then flew over Ayers Rock heading eastwards, picking up speed as it did so. Later, on Thursday night 27th July, Heather spotted the same two silvery objects described above, while as we drove towards Erldunda along the Lasseter Highway. They just shot across the sky from east to west, she said. Sunday night 30th July found us in Alice Springs meeting local UFOlogist Keith Douglass, with whom we had a Skywatch but saw nothing. We reached Wycliffe Well on Tuesday 1st August. Outside the caravan park Heather and I did some Skywatching with the video camera at the ready. Heather decided to return to our cabin as there was nothing around up there. Later that evening, or rather at 1.32am Wednesday, while scanning the sky with my binoculars, I spotted two silvery objects moving east to west side by side across the sky. Aiming the video camera I got them on tape [my first night footage ever!]. Soon afterwards, a single silvery object appeared making erratic movements from west to north. Then an object shot overhead high in the sky to vanish upwards into the heavens. This craft flew over the area where I was standing, at 1.42am. Just after this sighting I spotted another bright object making erratic movements from west to east over Wycliffe Well. At 10.40pm on Wednesday night 2nd August I Skywatched again, alone outside the caravan park as before. At about 10.45pm I spotted, moving above cloud level, from south to north and to the east of where I stood on the side of the highway, an object flashing gold and red lights as it flew at immense speed across the sky to quickly vanish over the north horizon. There were no more UFO sightings after we left Wycliffe Well. We drove on to the Devils Marbles before turning south for home. This has been merely an edited rundown of our adventures and more will be revealed in forthcoming Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletters. -0-

Rex with Keith Douglass in Alice Springs. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy

The Wycliffe Well roadsign. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Heather beside an Aliens and spacecraft display at Wycliffe Well Roadhouse. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Heather on the job, Skywatching at Wycliffe Well. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Latest Blue Mountains UFO Activity.


At 5pm Thursday 17th August I arrive at the Katoomba Falls Lookout with Cuddles while taking her for her afternoon walk. Looking out over the Jamieson Valley and beyond Ruined Castle rock formation, in the Burragorang Valley just to the east of the underground Base, I spotted a silver saucer-shaped craft with a black underside, moving swiftly from behind Mt Solitary to vanish behind Narrow Neck Plateau. The time was 5.07pm. Then at 5.08pm a second saucer of the same silver and black colouration shot up from behind the west side of Ruined Castle to quickly disappear over the far end of the Neck to the west.

Next Issue: More surprises, and of course your valuable reports.

Our previous meeting was a huge success and we look forward to seeing another big roll-up at our next one. There should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba, weather permitting. Meanwhile, theres a lot happening up there at present so, until our next meeting Watch the Skies! Rex and Heather.