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The Temple of Nim Newsletter


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club.

Vol. 3 Issue No 3

March 2007

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007


New Major Uru Temple site discovered in the Blue Mountains. Australias Mysterious Big Cats Pioneer Tales. Early UFO Incidents on the Blue Mountains Announcing the Impending Release of a New Book on the Yowie Mystery from URU Publications.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month, at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 2pm onwards.
We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking.

PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR THE HOUSE. PLEASE NOTE. Please contact us prior to bringing along any new friends interested
in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained are invited to share them with us all.
Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email:

[or catch our website on or]. A plate of food to share for afternoon tea is appreciated.

Program for the 25th March. * Latest UFO sightings over the Blue Mountains. * Latest report on the Burragorang UFO mystery. * Underground Base south of Burragorang. * Slide presentation on Ancient Amerindian drift voyage colonisation in Queensland. * Video presentation of Bronze-Age Egypto-Phoenician rock scripts and ruined temple find in Central Australia. * Video presentation of massive Central Australian URU megalithic temples and astronomical site in Central Australia. * Any UFO and other reports by members dont be afraid to speak up and share your information, we are all interested!
And other surprises...

Rex and Heather Gilroy, Australias top UFO and Unexplained Mysteries Research team. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007



by Rex and Heather Gilroy

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007

Our ground-breaking book is virtually completed with just two photos to be added. The book will be in the hands of the printer by the end of next week. The Gilroys are having a busy time, both with getting this book out and also preparing our latest book on the Yowie mystery [other books on this subject are also underway]. And our huge sequel to Pyramids in the pacific is also in preparation with the choosing of photos. Meanwhile, it is our latest UFO book which has us excited. There is a lot of sensational material contained here, alien abductions; disappearing aircraft and aircraft that have been drawn through time windows as have many people in this book. The mighty underground world dominates much of the book with the connections with ET contacts. This later aspect of the book is the result of over 40 years investigating by myself [helped by Heather since 1972], and the material dealing with UFO activity throughout the Blue Mountains and the area contained within the Triangle area, leaves little doubt that the Blue Mountains is one of the largest areas for UFO activity in the world! This books release coincides with our clubs new look which I am taking steps to achieve. And, as the club features in the book it is certain to attract further interested members. RRP $35




By Rex Gilroy Copyright Rex Gilroy 2007. On Sunday 18th February 2007 Greg Foster and I made a visit to an ancient Uruan astronomical observatory and temple site already known to me for some years. The site located deep in the Blue Mountains scrub, is a naturally terraced ironstone formation rising about 60m to a flattened area from which an excellent view of the night sky would have been obtained. On its eastern side a causeway which had hitherto escaped my notice, led down to another flat area. It was upon this formation that I realised there were remain of another temple. A closer inspection soon revealed two large altar stones bearing ancient Uruan script weathered with age. Here Greg and I recovered two stone heads [a third one was alter identified on the summit at the main structure]. Script upon each identified them as images of the Uruan phallic God, Wa-na-ma. The tallest image is 24cm and shows Wa-nama holding en eye in his right had, the second tallest is 18.5cm and depicts the head of the God with a long nose and an open mouth carved wider on the right side. The third head is 15.5cm tall. The larger of the two altars is 1.35m by 1.48m 40cm in depth. An inscription on one side of the altar was translated to read: Place your sacrifice here to the Sun. A cliff-edge inscription difficult to photograph states The place where the Sun is observed. The second altar was measured at 1.4m length by 61cm width and 55cm in depth. Erected upon a north-south axis, an inscription on its south end reads: The course of the Sun. At its zenith sacrifice here. The course of the Sun. At this altar give praise. Among many other engravings Greg discovered a sun face [Nim] and the adjoining inscription: Behold the course of Nim the Sun across the sky. However, the most interesting finds were inscriptions referring to an apparent comet. One short message reads: Observed at the pillar, the fiery star, by Gaba. The second lengthier stated: Here at the pillar of observation for three time periods [ie weeks] a fiery Eye of Light was observed to the east. Its course was charted and movement calculated. Its angle of position was observed.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007

Later, on the top terrace, we discovered more hitherto unknown glyphs, one set of which read: Observed here, Taga, the fiery Star and its tail on its course across the heavens. The revelation that a comet was once observed here is of interest. If ever it could be identified and dates of arrival in our skies calculated [surely already done by astronomers], then we might be able to date its arrival here with view to linking it to the contemporary reign of some Uruan monarch. Greg uncovered two large head profile carvings on sandstone-ironstone cliff edges at this astronomical temple site. Both different images of Nim, one was 81cm in length by 57cm width, the other 1m length by 62cm width. They face the north. Another cause way drops deeper into a gully and perhaps a search here will turn up further discoveries on our next search here. Such a massive site would not have been established where it is, unless there was a sizeable population. Therefore I believe it to be the centrepiece of another Uruan city complex, whose settlement areas would have been established in the gullies where creek water has always been plentiful. A search for dwelling remains might yet result in success. This great culture centres discovery comes at a time where I am beginning to assemble material for another book on the Uru. We have but so far scratched the surface here. In the months ahead I hope we shall turn up further discoveries of an astronomical nature which will reveal more about their science. My thanks go to Greg in the uncovering of this very important Blue Mountains Uruan culture centre. -0-

Remains of the ancient Uruan astronomical temple already known to Rex Gilroy for many years. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

An avenue of now collapsed large ironstone slabs once led into the temple as seen here. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007

Rex Gilroy with a small altar stone erected to one side of the structure. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

The largest of the two altars at the new astronomical temple site. It measures 1.35m by 1.48m and 40cm in depth. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

Close view of the glyphs on the altars [north] side; Place here your sacrifice to the Sun. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

The second altar measures 1.4m length by 61cm width and 55cm in depth. Note scrip on southern side. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007

The inscription reads: The course of the sun. At its zenith sacrifice here. To the course of the sun, at this altar give praise. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

The first of two stone heads of the Uruan phallic god, Wa-n-ma found at the new temple site. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007. Greg foster discovered this Nim Sun-face carving, with the inscription: Behold the course of Nim the sun across the sky. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

Here at the pillar of observation for three time periods [ie weeks] a fiery Eye of Light was observed to the east. Its course was charted and movement calculated. Its angle of position was observed. This is the inscription referring to the observation of a comet seen in the eastern sky thousands of years ago by Uruan astronomer-priests. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007

This inscription reads: Observe here, Taga, the fiery star and its tail on its course across the heavens. The comet has been given a name p Taga. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

The best example of the two right side profile heads of the Sun-God Nim, found at the new temple site by Greg Foster. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

Greg holds the ruler while Rex attempts to photograph a serpent [Nim] symbol, carved in an awkward clifftop situation thousands of years ago when the situation was wider here! Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007

Close-up view of the serpent carving. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

This shallow libation bowl, carved into an ironstone slab, overlooks a gully awaiting investigation on future visits here. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

Close-up of the shallow bowl. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007


Rex and Gregimage figure holding a libation cup. This stylised recorded another, longer serpent carving at the site. Photo copyright Rex Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007. Gilroy 2007.

Another message referring to the comet: Gaba observed the fiery Star at the pillar. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007


A number of weathered cliffside glyphs are gradually fading away due to the action of an occasional water run-off on the edge of the summit containing the first temple.

A closer view of the glyphs. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.

Immediately opposite the cliffside glyphs Greg examines this cliff edge altar stone. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007


The scenery surrounding this isolated Uru culture centre extends for miles. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.


The gullies surrounding the huge astronomical centre may contain remains of the Stone-Age Uruan city that Surrounded it. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2007.


By Rex Gilroy Copyright Rex Gilroy 2007. [Material used in this article is from the Book Big Cats of the Australian Wilderness by Rex and Heather Gilroy, copyright Rex Gilroy URU Publications, due for publication during 2007.] European knowledge of Australias Big [Marsupial] Cats began soon after the settlement of Sydney Cover [1788]. Before settlement spread from old Sydney Town, the Sydney Basin was a wilderness of gum forests teeming with all manner of native animal life. The early settlers who established farms in what are now the outer western suburbs, were warned by Aborigines they befriended to beware of a whole menagerie of Bunyips that they said inhabited the surrounding wilderness. These bunyips included, besides the hairy man, giant people and little pygmy folk; giant lizards and man-eating, big-toothed hairy monsters collectively known as rock dogs or Currobung merrigang as they were known to the Blue Mountains tribes west of Sydney. Indeed, it was not long before pioneer settlers began seeing these mysterious animals, or discovering large paw impressions in muddy situations on their properties. Sometimes nearby stock they had killed and partly consumed. There are old tales that panthers and lions were killing and carrying off poultry and livestock on remote farms in what is now the Hills district of Sydneys outer north-west and on into the Yarramundi area, during the 1850s and 1860s. In 1890 a lion of huge proportions was said by a Mr Scobie, to have repeatedly carried off sheep and calves on his Blacktown area property, while the disappearance of a settler in the Mulgoa district in 1895 was put down to the presence of a Blue Mountains Lion.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007


Meanwhile black panthers were also making themselves disliked among property owners in the south western and north western suburbs for a considerable number of sheep, calves and poultry went missing during the early 1900s. In 1927 a number of butchered cows were found by people, the work of one or more panthers in the Kurrajong/Yarramundi/Richmond/Windsor districts. That year a Mr OConnor was, he claimed, stalked by a black-furred cat of about 6ft length [1.83m] from snout to tail tip. It was a strong and very muscular beast of about 3ft or so off the ground on all fours, he said. In 1941 a Grose Wold farmer had followed one of these huge cats up a creek in a gully into some really dense forest terrain but failed to get a shot at the animal with his rifle as it eluded him in the forest. News of this incident revived earlier tales of lion activity, dating back to 1878, when a farmer mysteriously disappeared while searching for stray stock in the Bilpin scrub. Locals put his disappearance down to the lion that was said to be roaming the region at that time. And then there was another incident that happened in 1899 in the Kurrajong Heights area, when a brother and sister, young children of a farming family, while walking along a bush track near the family home one afternoon. afterwards claimed they spotted two large lions and a smaller cub-sized animal, moving through gully bush below where they stood. The children raised the alarm and their father and older brother were soon out with rifles, but the animals had disappeared. Moving on to Southern Australia, in the days of the gold rushes, in mid 19th century Victoria and about the same time in South Australia and Tasmania, people were reporting encounters with large, black panthers or leopard-like creatures. In 1870 big, six inch [15cm] wide paw prints only hours old, were found on an Mt Arthur farm east of Launceston, Tasmania. Soon people over a wide area were reporting to one another of having seen a large black cat-like animal roaming the district. It caused a panic but vanished into the wilds soon afterwards. About the same time in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair region other black panthers were being seen. 100 years later, in 1970 they were still being reported seen in that region. ***** Moving on to Queensland, early settlers penetrating the mighty Atherton Ranges overlooking Cairns in the 1880s, told stories which soon filtered down to the coast around Cairns, concerning attacks on their cattle, by one or more lion-size big tan-coloured cats. Sightings of lions throughout the Atherton to Cooktown region and further north continue today. A man named George Sumner said that he shot one near Katanning back in 1905. It had gray and black stripes and a cat-like head. I feel sure it was not a domestic cat gone wild, he said some years later. Like a fool, I did not remove the skin and send it to a museum. Mr Sumners kill sounds like a Queensland tiger; an often monstrous-sized animal blamed for stock loses for generations in Australias far north. Between 1936 and 1938, dozens of sightings were reported from the far west in places like Mount Isa, Cloncurry, Boulia and Winton. In July 1943 a Hughenden farmer shot and killed a six-foot long panther on his property after it had been making repeated attacks upon his cattle. He buried the corpse in the bush near his farmhouse, but the location is unknown. ***** The new book about Australias Big Cats contains a great many more historical period reports as well as modern-day sightings, from throughout Australia. It is to be released as yet a further Cryptozoological book celebrating Rex Gilroys 50 years of research and the father of Australian Cryptozoology and Yowie [Relict Hominid] research. Expect more title publication announcements -0-

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007




By Rex Gilroy. [This article contains material from the Gilroys new book Blue Mountains Triangle Secret Australian/American Underground Bases and the ET Connection, Copyright Rex Gilroy, URU Publications 2007.] Hardly a week passes than a UFO [Unidentified Flying Object] is reported seen somewhere over the Blue Mountains, where apart from the goings-on in the Burragorang Valley and Wollemi wilds, UFOs have been commonplace for generations. The earliest, presently known Blue Mountains UFO sighting of which we have any details took place in 1875, when a gigantic, squarish flying craft was claimed seen by day over a wide area. It glided over farms, frightening stock as well as settlers. In the Kurrajong area a great number of people left their homes in panic, in sulkies, wagons or on horseback, gathering in droves in a paddock, where many thought the world was about to end and began praying, while others talked about where they might escape from the mysterious giant craft. However, it disappeared as mysteriously as it had appeared and was not seen again. Alien Abductions similarly can be traced back generations on the Blue Mountains. The earliest on record at present is said to have taken place in 1885, when a large saucer craft landed in a paddock in Megalong Valley. Two farmhands approached it as two figures emerged from a door, dressed in what the men later called divers suits [which was the nearest description they could give for the strange garments worn by the beings]. The beings each carried a silver rod which they pointed at the men and they were both immediately stunned. Taken on board they were placed in a dark room. They were frightened but soon regained their mobility. The craft lifted off the ground and flew for some distance, for when it soon landed in a paddock a door slide open and they dashed out of the craft. It then silently rose over them and zoomed off to the north-west. The men discovered they were in the Bathurst district from a passer-by. They also discovered afterwards that their entire bodies had turned reddish like sunburn, but their normal skin colour later returned. ***** Strange lights were often reported seen over the Grose Valley if not at other locations throughout the Blue Mountains during the early 1900s and 1920s, but these remain vague remembrances of the eyewitnesses as best. One sighting stands out. On Tuesday 14th November 2006 I received a report from Mrs Gladys W of Bellevue Hill New South Wales, now in her mid-80s. She told me that, back in 1930, about February a big silver object was seen over the Grose Valley. Other people saw it too and everyone was wondering what it was. The time might have been about midday and it was much bigger than a house in size we were sure. The best way to describe it is that from where we stood at the Govetts Leap lookout watching it in the eastern sky, it looked like a big triangle with the top flat. It sat there in the sky for a long time, perhaps half an hour and attracted a lot of attention from the people that were there. It eventually started to fly off towards Sydney, she said. In 1966 the late Frank Walford, former Alderman and Mayor of the Blue Mountains City Council, told me about a huge bronze-coloured, round doughnut-shaped craft, that he had watched, as it hovered over Newnes valley in broad daylight one winters day in 1943. Frank was camped out with a mate beside a creek when the monstrous, 200ft or so width, by up to 50ft tall craft suddenly appeared coasting over the valley from the north. Then as they watched, it turned eastwards to move to a point at the far end of the valley where it hovered for a time. My mate ran for the truck to get his binoculars. There were many windows, both round and square in two or three rows around the side of the airship. We decided we would leave at this point, which seems silly now, as the thing was so far away, and then the monster rose high into the sky and suddenly took on great speed and vanished over the mountains to the northeast.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007


Frank Walford was well known on the Blue Mountains, very highly regarded and not given to exaggeration, but as he told my later father and I one day I dont talk about it much, particularly if I want to get re-elected to council. ***** The 1950s saw a great upsurge, not only of UFO sightings, but also of public interest in the UFO phenomenon. During 1953, a lone camper, Brian Dogherty, while camped under the stars one night in the Jamieson Valley saw a large, dark saucer shaped craft moving over the surrounding tree tops. As he got to his feet he heard a loud crunching sound as the craft landed in a nearby patch of gum forest above the gully he was camped in. It was a long time before he got back to sleep and by the time he awoke and went in search of the landing site of the mystery craft, it had lifted off and flown elsewhere. All that Brian found was an area of trees and shrubbery that had been broken and flattened. In 1952, Mrs H. McLean of Oatley south of Sydney, was sitting in her backyard one afternoon at 2.30pm, when she saw a spinning disc-shaped object flying at terrific speed across the sky from east to west. Within minutes, residents over an area of the Blue Mountains were reporting sightings to police and radio stations of what must have been the same object. As time goes on more early reports are certain to come to light. There are other early accounts of close encounters, not only with actual ETs, but also abduction cases, all of which make interesting reading. They are to be found in the Gilroys new book Blue Mountains Triangle. -0-



The final stages of preparation of a new book on the Yowie mystery are under way. The new book, the Yowie Mystery Living Fossils from the Dreamtime is one of a number of titles being released as part of URU Publications celebration of Rex Gilroys 50 years as the father of Yowie research and Australian Cryptozoology. This book, like the previous giants from the Dreamtime The Yowie in Myth and Reality is a textbook on sensible research of the mystery. Unlike its predecessor, it is concerned with the fossil foundations of the subject, demonstrating that the Yowie, or Hairy Man of Aboriginal lore, was/is actually Homo erectus, a tool-making, fire-making race and our immediate ancestor. The hairy tag was given them by the ancient Aborigines due to the animal hide garments they wore, which were/are just like those once made by our Aborigines in pre-European and later early times. While there will be sightings reports, these take second place to the more physical evidence of fossil Homo erectus skull-types, recently manufactured stone tools recovered in the wild which match ancient Homo erectus examples. The evidence of the Gilroys utterly dismisses the ridiculous hairy gorilla-like monster image of the Yowie being put forward by our plagiarist opponents, who lately have even resorted to virtual slander in an effort to discredit our research findings and my lifetimes achievements in particular, which can be put down to pure jealousy. The fact is, the Gilroys possess the evidence presented in this latest ground-breaking book and there are more to come! Evidence of an hitherto unknown primate fossil past for Australia, while still fragmentary, supports the fossil evidence of an ancestral hominid race dating back 7 million years which dares to challenge the Out of Africa dogma of the university establishment. Yet the Gilroys argue Out of Australia for our modern human origins, on the basis of Homo erectus skull-types displaying an evolutionary progression on to the earliest modern humans [Homo sapiens] here in Australia, which occurred, we believe, long before the first appearance of anatomically modern humans in Africa a mere 200,000 years ago! The fossil evidence is shown in detail in this new book and we invite our critics to present their evidence to dispute our finds, or else shut up! This latest book therefore, is aimed at the thinking reader. There are many books on the relict hominid mystery worldwide, yet we have still to see one like that soon to be released, which is more concerned with real proof and particularly evidence from the fossil record to show the origins of the primitive beings in question.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2007


Expect other titles of this subject by the Gilroys in the coming months. The Yowie Mystery Living Fossils from the Dreamtime is a revelation of our hidden and unknown ancient past, a past the Out of Africa fraternity would like to see kept hidden from average Australians, yet the authors dare to reveal what our government authorities have tried to keep hidden from us for so long, in order to push the left-wing politically correct argument of Nobody before the Aborigines! The reader will therefore not only see fossil evidence in the way of giant-size and smaller fossil hominid skull-types, but also fossil footprints of giant-size and smaller hominid races that roamed this timeless land not just thousands but Millions of years ago. The true Yowie ie Homo erectus, is therefore the symbol of the New Science of PreAboriginal Stone-Age Races pioneered by its founder, Rex Gilroy. That I am, and always have been, at the very cutting edge of Yowie - Pre-Aboriginal research and Cryptozoology for that matter, my loud-mouthed critics must grudgingly agree. Heather and I possess the evidence, which we believe, demonstrates that we must all begin thinking Out of Australia for our modern human beginnings and not Out of Africa! The Yowie Mystery Living Fossils from the Dreamtime is ground-breaking like its predecessor and with its publication Australian relict hominid [ie Yowie] research enters a new, more technical era in which the sciences of archaeology and palaeoanthropology will play a very important part. Heather and I feel that we are therefore living in exciting times as the creators of an entirely new scientific environment of relict hominological research. Our latest book opens that door Watch this newsletter for the future release announcement. -0-

More surprises, and of course your valuable reports.

We look forward to seeing another big roll-up at our next meeting which will return to our usual day 3rd Saturday of the month [21st April]. There should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba, weather permitting. Meanwhile, theres a lot happening up there at present so, until our next meeting Watch the Skies! Rex and Heather

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