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The Temple of Nim Newsletter


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club.

Vol. 2 Issue No 3

March 2006


The large stone head of Nim, the Sun-God of Uru, found at the newly discovered Kanangra temple site. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

UFOs, ETs and their Influences upon People. Update on the American Underground Secret Advanced Space Travel Technology Bases on the Blue Mountains. The Gilroy/McCloghry Skull dome and its Implications for Home sapien Origins in Australia.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2006

2 New Major Central Coast Uru Temple Discovered.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our next meeting will be held on Sunday 19th March 2006 at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 2pm onwards.
We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking.

PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR HOUSE. PLEASE NOTE. As this gathering is now by invitation only please contact us prior to
bringing along any new friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained are invited to share with us all.
Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email:

[or catch our website on and type in Rex Gilroy.]. Bring a plate of food to share for afternoon tea. Our meetings are usually held on the third Saturday of each month. Looking forward to seeing you all again on March 19th..

Program for the 19th March.

Latest UFO Reports from the Blue Mountains. As usual, weather permitting, there will be a Skywatch out on nearby Narrow Neck Peninsula.

And other surprises...

Rex and Heather Gilroy, Australias top UFO and Unexplained Mysteries Research team. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.

UFOs, ETs and their Influence upon People. By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. People who have experienced close encounters with ETs, or else been in close contact with a UFO, have reported having been affected in numerous ways, and these experiences have changed their lives considerably. Over my almost 50 years of UFO research I have come across people on the Blue Mountains and elsewhere who have related some remarkable experiences, such as abductions. The Jack Davey case [see Australian UFOs Through the Window of Time URU Publications 2004] is one notable example. Jacks abduction in a saucer-type craft and his experiences with the crew, and the inhabitants of the

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2006

3 planet to which they took him for some months, eventually led to his complete mental breakdown. Many people who formerly did not believe in UFOs now believe in their existence following personal close encounter experiences. Following their abductions and return to Earth, in the course of which no time had been lost in most cases, these abductees have experienced the development of psychic abilities that they had never had before, or else if they did have these abilities beforehand, these are greatly enhanced. Abductees have afterwards related how their abductors placed them in one kind of apparatus or another and photographed their memories, before projecting them onto screens for them to see their pasts! Time-travel is commonplace to these beings, and from interviews with people who claim to have been abducted, it appears that their abductors send them back in time to re-live their lives and return them to the present within minutes, whereas the person has lived years in the past. There are claims that these beings can leave their bodies and make humans do the same thing during contacts. I have heard from people who claimed to have been abducted by ETs, that they afterwards had become clairvoyant, or even clairaudient, and able to tell the future as well as other psychic abilities. I once had an interview with a Mrs Mary Hodge of Leura [Blue Mountains NSW] in the 1960s, who told me that she had once seen a strange glowing craft in dense scrub late one night in the Wentworth Falls area, and with a friend walked out along a lonely dirt track to get a close look. They eventually reached a spot where, leaving the track, they carefully moved through the bush to a point where they could detect the yellowish glow in the distance through the scrub. At this point, and about 100 yards from the craft, they both received messages in their minds to leave at once. This is not the first time ETs have warned eyewitnesses in this way. I believe that not every ET encounter is with beings from other worlds in space, but that some actually come from right here, that is from another dimension from which they step into our dimension. Some abductees have afterwards claimed that their abductors had told them telepathically that they were from another universe that existed parallel with ours. Compared with the marvellous technology of these advanced beings from beyond our world we are nothing! -0Update on the American Underground Secret Advanced Space Travel Technology Bases on the Blue Mountains. By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. Recently Heather and I stumbled upon some rather suspicious fenced off mining operations hereabouts that included an air pumping station for these underground activities. Strange sounds were coming from the bush beyond a locked gate. All this cyclone wire fencing with electrification is not the sort of thing one would expect were it a normal coal mining operation, and the many signs stating Authorised Personnel Only or Only Authorised Personnel admitted beyond this point was certainly strange. A remote dirt road led to one particular gate, beyond which it dropped down into a deep-forested gully out of sight. At this stage of our investigations the fencing appears to extend through the bushland for a great distance. Where exactly this area is remains a secret for now except to say that the area concerned has already been a location of UFO sightings, of craft either rising,

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2006

4 or disappearing into one or another of the many deep valleys hereabouts. All will be revealed in a forthcoming Gilroy UFO book now in preparation. This book will be an eye-opener, revealing the true age of the original Burragorang base and the massive extent of even larger facilities that have grown deep inside the Blue Mountains since then. Of course besides experimenting with advanced space travel technology, the scientists down there are conducting time window research of the kind revealed in the Gilroys book Australian UFOs Through the Window of Time [URU Publications]. The new UFO book will eclipse anything of its kind ever written in this country, and its contents are the results of years of research. The entrances to this secret underground world often appear so ordinary as to be overlooked. On the Putty Road the author has, accompanied by American researcher Todd Jurasek, followed an offshoot dirt road for many kilometres on foot, and two separate investigations by us here failed to reach the end, for it continued on winding around the bases of hills and mountains. What was it leading to, so deep into Wollemi National Park? The entrance is a locked gate with what appears to be a fake property name upon a post, yet nobody appears to use this road in daytime. The region into which it leads continues to be the scene of [distance] sightings of mystery craft rising from out of the wilderness. The new UFO book will relate the hundreds of UFO sightings that have come from this region, plus the many strange experiences people have had in stepping through time-windows across the Blue Mountains, many of these experiences seem to occur whenever there is noticeable activity coming from the bases, such as UFO risings or descents in the Burragorang gully [from where these phenomena are continually being sighted] or over the Wollemi National Park. To say that what is going on hereabouts under top secret conditions could fill a book is exactly that and we are currently taking care of that! Meanwhile our Temple of Nim research team is about to carry out another investigation of the newly fenced-in areas, and another Burragorang expedition is also to take place, all with a handpicked team. Watch this newsletter for future results. -0The Gilroy/McCloghry Skull dome and its implications for Homo sapien origins in Australia. By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. On Thursday 20th December 2005 Kathryn McCloghry and I while on a field trip out on Narrow Neck Plateau, found the remarkable ironstone mineralised skull cap of an archaic Homo sapien possessing a high braincase with the frontal section sloping down to a missing brow ridge. The receding forehead preceded the vertical modern human forehead, therefore making this specimen truly archaic. Otherwise the skull shape, allowing from an inwards distortion on the left side, is although slightly longish, a brachiocephalic type. The slopping forehead and long, narrow [doliocephalic] skull shape is typical of late Homo erectus, yet here we have a primitive or archaic Homo sapien specimen. The fossil is an obvious transitional form linking Homo erectus to his offshoot, Homo sapiens [modern humans]. The fossil measures 14.7cm in length by 8.5cm in width and 7.5cm in height. The individual to whom the fossil belonged probably stood up to 1.5m in height. This fossil however, possesses a problem. Modern humans are supposed to have evolved in Africa by around 200,000 years BP, whereas the Gilroy skull

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2006

5 collection as is already well known, demonstrates that Homo erectus evolved into Homo sapiens in Australia at a much earlier date. In November 1974 I recovered a red ironstone mineralised cranium at a north Katoomba location displaying a receding forehead and crushed in brow ridges. The cranium measures 15cm long by 10cm wide and a depth of 8cm. Its right side had been crushed inwards but reconstruction shows a brachiocephalic skull. It very closely resembles the Gilroy-McCloghry cranium. It was eroded to the surface of the side of a small bank of volcanic material. Its ironstone mineralisation would have taken no later than around 400,000 years but the specimen is older than that on various grounds, so that it dated somewhere between 400,000 and 500,000 years BP. The Gilroy McCloghry cranium is much older and had been weathered to the surface of a strata of mid-Pleistocene age on the edge of a gully [formerly an ancient swamp] that continues on the gullys opposite side in an area where a number of important skull and other remains have lately been found. This particular strata is around 1 million years old. I tend to date the cranium at from 1 million to 800,000 years old. This implies that archaic Homo sapiens first appeared in Australia as an offshoot of Homo erectus at a far earlier time than officially recognised by the Out of Africa school of thought! As I type this article Heather and I have just returned from another south coast NSW field trip, during which a search of the volcanic plug where in May 2005 I unearthed a 7 million years old ancestral hominid skull endocast, I unearthed a second, somewhat larger endocast, and the present reconstruction shows that the lower jaw area is represented. Already following the December 2005 press release of the first endocast find, my discovery has received a considerable amount of ridicule and slanderous rubbishing by university-based academics [one of whom is a fossil fish expert!], intend upon discrediting my lifes work to discourage media interest in what Heather and I are finding; all of which is aimed at preserving their hallowed Out of Africa dogma of humankinds beginnings. We believe that the time has come to begin thinking Out of Australia for our origins. Time will prove us correct! -0-

The oldest [ancestral hominid] skull found in Australasia. Discovered at the base of a volcanic plug in the Bega district, far South The 13th June 2005 year Coastal NSW, on Monday latest 7 million by old endocast found Rex Gilroy, this little endocast was at the same location in situ. recovered from volcanic [mineralised] ash, Photo copyright which had also originally filled the skull Rex Gilroy 2006. cavity to form the endocast, the bones having long ago disintegrated. The fossil was a chance find, Rex Chancing to see it exposed from among mineralised ash rubble. The volcanic plug belongs to a group of volcanoes forming the South-Eastern NSW Sequence, all of which were dormant

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2006

The slope of the volcanic plug where the 7 million year old endocasts were found at the base. Photo copyright Kathryn McCloghry holding the fossil that she and Rex found by accident after he became disorientated while trying to relocate a clifftop Uru temple site. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy

The Gilroy/McCloghry skull, found on Tuesday 20th December 205 out on Narrow Neck Peninsula. The skull is heavily [ironstone] mineralised skullcap now seen as an intermediate form between Late Homo erectus and Archaic Homo sapiens between 1 million and 800,000 years old. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2006

The Katoomba NSW mineralised skull [left side]. Reconstruction suggests it to be primitive stage between Homo erectus and early Homo sapiens. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

The Katoomba skull [right side]. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006

The Katoomba skull [frontal view] Photo copyright Rex Gilroy

Cast of Homo erectus skull from China [Beijing Man]. Note the long, narrow braincase and projecting eyebrow ridges typical of Homo erectus skull

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2006

New Major Central Coast Uru Temple Discovered. By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. On Christmas Day 2005 Kathryn McCloghry went for a bushwalk near her Gosford district home, and stumbled upon a formation of large sandstone/ironstone rocks, being the outlines of a megalithic temple. After describing it to Heather and I my suspicions that it was an ancient Uruan temple proved correct, when together with Kathryn, we visited the location on Sunday 12th February [2006]. What Kathryn and I accomplished in one afternoon of research there is barely the tip of the iceberg, as it was soon obvious from an inspection of the area that there could be years of work ahead hereabouts. The temple stands upon the edge of a deep, steep gully dropping down to a former inlet, now dried up by the retreat of the sea level thousands of years ago. Preliminary measurements show the temple to have been about 8m wide at its western [cliff end] and eastern sides by 15m on its north and south sides. A gap between two inscribed stones on its north-east side appears to have been the main entrance. There is a large phallic-shaped altar stone on the west [cliff edge] side which bore some revealing information. Worshipers entering the north-east entrance would pass between two inscriptions. These were translated after our return to Katoomba along with all the others found that day. The inscription on the left side of the entrance read: Temple of Ara. Where Night drives Nim the Sun into the Underworld to bring forth Ara. Observe on this flat ground of the Temple enclosure. The inscription on the right stated: Nim the Sun, described by the typical snake outline above which was the Uruan letter N and the letter Cy [Sun] beside it. Beneath this inscription were the outlines of two eyes, left and right, from the right eye an arm and hand descended, the hand holding the Cup of Nim from out of which a snake is seen to emerge, symbolising the life-giving powers of Nim. The large altar stone lay on an north-south axis and we measured it at 2.23m length by 1.2m width and 80cm in height. A large phallic symbol was visible on its western face at the north end, followed by two lengthy eye images left and right. Beneath the right eye was a moon disc, the eyes representing those of the Moon goddess Ara. On the east face at its north end is another Ara Moon disc. Nim is of course the brother of Ara but this Temple was undoubtedly dedicated to Ara worship. Kathryns big discovery had to have been the centrepiece of a large settlement or city. Evidence of this was soon found by Kathryn upon another rock situated outside the Temple, in the form of a lizard image beneath which were the letters Ui Uru ie The Sun of Uru. This is the emblem of a city, as from previous finds made by me in the past. The royal emblem of Uru is usually the image of the Sun and beneath the name Nim flanked on its right and left by two vertical snake images. The lizard, a most ancient emblem, preceded the snake in Sun-Worship worldwide wherever the Uru megalithic civilisation is found today. The Uru eventually relegated the Lizard image to represent a major settlement or city/city state. Usually the name of the settlement or city is included in the inscription, or else exists nearby. We will search for this on future investigations here. We speculated that, below the gully where once a deep inlet existed, that there had to have been habitation, and this will be searched for in due course. Here was a well-sheltered inlet for Uruan watercraft. The Temple site and its

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2006

9 inscriptions date back at least 10,000 years, but like other Uru sites on the Central Coast, it is probably much older. Thus the McCloghry Ara Temple is yet one more major relic added to our knowledge of the mother civilisation that arose in Australia to eventually spread worldwide and become the origin of the Atlantis of Plato. -0-

Kathryn discovered this weathered altar stone bearing an inscription dedicating it to Ara. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

The altar west face . Note phallic symbol, two eyes and Ara moon disc. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

This glyph reads: The Eye of Ara pours the Cup of Nim the Sun to enrich the earth. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2006


Kathryn with this important inscription: Temple of Ara. Where night drives Nim the sun into the Underworld to bring forth Ara. Observe on this flat ground of the temple enclosure. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

This inscription reads: The Sun, Nim. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2006


Kathryn with the Uru city emblem. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Close up of the emblem. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006

Next Issue:

More surprises, and of course your valuable reports.

Our previous meeting was a huge success and we look forward to seeing another big roll-up at our next one. There should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba, weather permitting. Meanwhile, theres a lot happening up there at present so, until our next meeting Watch the Skies! Rex and Heather.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March 2006