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The Temple of Nim Newsletter


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club.

Vol. 2 Issue No 10

October 2006

I NS ID E : Report on the 50th Anniversary Conference. Alien Abductions in the Blue Mountains.


Newsletter of the Blue Mountains UFO Research Club October, 2006.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month, at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 2pm onwards.
We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking.

PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR THE HOUSE. PLEASE NOTE. As this gathering is now by invitation only please contact us

prior to bringing along any new friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained are invited to share them with us all.
Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email:

[or catch our website on or]. A plate of food to share for afternoon tea is appreciated.

Program for the 21st October.

Latest UFO Reports from the Blue Mountains. Slide show of ancient Phoenician and Egyptian colonisation evidence in Cental Australia. Slide show of Blue Mountains Underground top secret Space technology Base. Documentary on Brazilian UFOs. Video of Blacktown UFO buzzing an aircraft. Documentary on a pre-human ancestor. As usual, weather permitting, there will be a Skywatch out on nearby Narrow Neck Peninsula, so bring along your binoculars, cameras, and something warm [as it gets cool up here] for an enjoyable time. And other surprises...

Rex and Heather Gilroy, Australias top UFO and Unexplained Mysteries Research team. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.

Report on the UFO Research Queensland Inc. 50th anniversary UFO Conference Saturday 30th September-Sunday 1st October 2006. by Rex Gilroy. This conference held at Riverside Receptions, on the banks of the Brisbane River, New Farm Brisbane, was a huge success, thanks to its organisers, UFO Research Queensland and Martin and Sheryl Gottschall. There were eight speakers in all. I had the honour of being the first speaker of the conference, beginning at 9.15am on Saturday 30th September. The subject of my slide talk being The Blue Mountains Triangle. This was my 50th anniversary lecture, celebrating 50 years as a UFO researcher. The talk centred upon the countless abduction cases, time window experiences of people and other mysteries that have taken place within the triangle region for generations, with emphasis placed on the top-secret underground advanced space technology research bases, towns and cities, as well as three coastal undersea bases off our east coast, all linked by a massive network of road and rail tunnels. My slide show was greatly enhanced thanks to a number of computerised images depicting the underground world, saucers taking off from one of the valley openings an undersea base complete with nuclear submarine nests and take-off area for underwater launchings of saucers. There was also a reconstruction of the discovery of three small ET bodies turned to a whitish substance, following a crash some time ago out on Narrow Neck Plateau. These computerised images were the work of Blue Mountains UFO club member, and computer artist extraordinaire, Andrew Leese, for which we are extremely grateful. Following my talk, which Heather and I must say was very well received, Sheryl Gottschall, on behalf of UFO Research Queensland Inc. presented me with a plaque in recognition of my 50 years of dedication and research into UFOs, Yowies and Lost histories. This award, I must say, has made my lifetime of researches and all the associated hardships along the way, well worth the effort. My slide lecture had quite an effect upon another speaker, eminent British UFOlogist/author Timothy Good, who congratulated me on my expert and professional presentation. It is very gratifying also to learn that I am now regarded as being among Australias foremost UFOlogists. Heather did a great job projecting the slides and I made sure that the full house gave her a clap for her effort. Following my talk, the next speaker of the day was A.J.Geraerd, top Brazilian UFO researcher and magazine publisher [for whom I am now to write articles]. He spoke on an Update on the Varghinia Case and the UFO Disclosure project in Brazil. After lunch it was John Auchettls turn to speak, his subject being the UFO Tipping Point., This concerned the critics lately trumpeting that UFOlogy is dead. On the contrary, it is of course very much alive, and John explained why by presenting certain case studies which have revealed results for which these experts have no answer. Next came Glenn Steckling, noted American speaker with a worldwide reputation. He spoke on The Extraterrestrial Reality and how our world

benefits. This author is also a professional pilot and aviator. His talk focused upon revisiting the facts and the tangible proof behind the UFO mystery. The line-up of speakers on Sunday 1st October began with Martin Gottschall. His subject was The Contactee Message: A doorway to other worlds. He asked, could ETs have established the equivalent of a Stargate embedded in contactee stories? And, if so, then what is the nature, function and operation of this Stargate, and can all of us access it? Then came Albert Pennisi, who spoke on the Tully Nests. His talk focused upon the UFO nests that received nation, and world wide media publicity back in 1966, when the first of these nests was discovered on his Horseshoe Lagoon, Tully [Far North Queensland] sugar cane plantation. Following the lunch beak, it was Timothy Goods turn to speak. His subject was titled Need to Know: UFOs, the Military and Intelligence. This widely-known British researcher and author of over three books on the UFO mystery began his researches in 1961 and has lectured at universities and organisations such as the Royal Canadian Military Institute, the Royal Geographical Society, the Royal Naval Air Reserve Branch and the House of Lords All-Party UFO Study Group. In 1989 he became the first researcher from the west to be interviewed on Russian television. He has discussed UFOs with Pentagon officials and also the French Air Force. He expressed considerable interest in my Blue Mountains underground bases investigations and expressed a desire to visit me in the future and go Skywatching out on Narrow Neck to spy on the Base area! Sheryl Gottschall, the last speaker of the day, spoke on The Art of Contact. Sheryl has found that there are strong patterns emerging in personalities of people who have reported close encounter experiences. One of these peculiarities being that they are left with an artistic inclination. She is currently researching why this might be so and for what purpose. All round, all agree that it was all one big, huge success and we now look forward to the next UFO Research Queensland Inc. conference, meeting old friends and generally having a great time which is what we all had at this one. It was great to see so many of the members of Blue Mountains UFO Research Club and UFO Research NSW at the conference. Heather and I were kept busy in between speakers selling our books during the tea breaks, autographing books, exchanging addresses etc. A lot of new friends were made. Our new book Out of the Dreamtime The Search for Australasias Unknown Animals was almost a complete sell out, but we saved enough for our book launch at UFO Research NSW meeting on Saturday 7th October. Meanwhile our newly completed UFO book will be released early in 2007. During the breaks I had opportunities to speak with Timothy Good, who expressed considerable interest in the researches Heather and I are doing on the Blue Mountains, and I treasure the autographed books I now have of his researches. As he left the conference on the Sunday evening, he repeated his congratulations to me on my Most professional presentation. I certainly will never forget the compliment. This conference talk in fact, marks a turning point in my UFO lectures, which from now on will focus upon the more technical aspects of the mystery. This will be further demonstrated when I speak at the 2007 Adelaide conference, now being organised by our friends Kevin and Vanessa Robb. My forthcoming UFO books and there are at least three more in the pipeline will also focus on the more technical subjects. As Heather and I drove home from the conference I busied myself writing chapter outlines for other future UFO titles. In closing, Heather and I wish to thank everyone concerned for the wonderful job they did in organising the conference, and also especially thank Martin and Sheryl Gottschall for their [as always] wonderful hospitality.

Rex Gilroy with Sheryl and Martin Gottachall at the Conference. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. Timothy Good autographing copies of his books. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. Sheryl Gottschall giving her talk on the Sunday afternoon. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Rex Gilroy and Veronica Moore talk to Timothy Good as he signs a book for Rex. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Timothy Good seems to tower of Heather! Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Rex Gilroy delivering his slide talk. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Rex with A.J.Gevaerd. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

A.J. with Heather. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. Rex with Lee Earle, editor of UFO Research Queensland Inc. Encounter magazine. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Elizabeth Budek meets Albert Pennisi. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Rex and Albert Pennisi. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. Elizabeth with her hands full during one of the breaks. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

Warren Jenkins and Hugh Drewitt at the conference. Photo copyright Kevin Robb [S.A.], Kay McCullock [Qld.], Rex Gilroy 2006. Rex and Mal Clarke [S.A.] get together during a tea break. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.

The conference venue dining room. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. 6

Speakers lineup at the end of a successful conference. From Left: Timothy Good, Glenn Steckling, Sheryl Gottschall, A.J.Gevaerd, Rex Gilroy and Martin Gottschall. Missing are Albert Pennisi and John Auchettl.

Alien Abductions in the Blue Mountains. By Rex Gilroy Celebrating 50 years of UFO Research. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. [From the files of the Blue Mountains UFO Research Club, PO Box 202 Katoomba 2780 NSW.,
Phone 02 47823441; email or our websites;; and Australian yowie research] The Blue Mountains has, for generations been the scene of countless eerie happenings involving UFOs and the beings who navigate them. But of all the incredible incidents that have taken place throughout this vast wilderness region, the accounts given by people who claim to have been abducted by Extra-terrestrial beings stand out in such numbers as to suggest that the ETs are taking a special interest in this region. What follows are case histories gathered by the Blue Mountains UFO Research Club, and are some of the many reports included in Blue Mountains Triangle UFO Close Encounters, Alien Abductions and the Underground UFO Base Mystery [URU Publications], to be published by Rex and Heather Gilroy early in 2007. ***** The Alien abduction phenomena forms part of the many mysterious and often sinister incidents occurring within what my wife Heather and I have called the Blue Mountains Triangle, which will be the subject for another future UFO Encounter article. Over the years aircraft as well as people have vanished without trace, the latter presumably abducted. Others have been abducted and returned by their ET captors. Take for example the following accounts In 1969 my friend, the late Kenneth Beames, noted astronomer of Linden on the Blue Mountains, related the experience of friends of his, a husband and wife, Phil and Susan, who were asleep one hot summer night at their Lawson home. They had left their bedroom window open. About 3am Susan was woken by the sensation that Phil was getting out of bed. They only had a sheet covering them, and to her horror, she saw in the moonglow her pyjama-clad husband levitating over the bed beside her, then float off out the window! Susan rushed outside the house and was about to go around the side where the bedroom window was situated, when she saw Phil rising 50ft [about 15.24m] up into a circular craft some 60ft [about 18.28cm] in width [as she told Ken Beames later]. Phil was rising up into a square, glowing opening beneath the craft and vanished into it. The glow faded and the craft remained hovering in darkness. Susan, terrified and frantic, was about to run and phone the police when and this was after about 2-3 minutes of indecision the glowing square opening began to fade in to a full glow. Phils body re-emerged, floating horizontally to the ground. Here he awoke and got to his feet as Susan fainted! Phil watched as the mystery craft silently moved off and at increasing speed, flew off into the night. 7

When Susan woke up, Phil told her what had happened to him. He had woken to find himself standing in his pyjamas with four beings standing around him, clothed in metallic-type silver garments. Who are you? Whats happened to me? Where have you taken me? He said he asked the beings. They gave no reply. The room he was in was about 10ft square and glowed a soft yellow. He still had his watch on and glanced at it as the beings eyed him over. After 15 minutes they motioned him to a door that slid open upwards, into a room full of apparatus beyond his comprehension. They made me stand in front of a door-size screen which flashed once, and I wondered if it was some kind of photographic device. Then I was given a long plastic-looking orange-coloured cup to drink some clear liquid, and made to lie on a kind of table that emerged from the ceiling on four long rods, one on each corner and all silvery. I cant recall what happened next, he told Susan [and later Ken Beames]. However, when he again looked at his watch half and hour had elapsed inside the craft until he was floated down to the ground! Half and hour compared with the 2-3 minutes Susan had frantically spent on the ground! During 1955 UFO sightings were reported over a wide area of the Blue Mountains. In April that year a light aircraft flying from Cowra in the west was observed by people about 11am in the Oberon area, and by about 11.30am it flew over Blackheath towards the Grose Valley. Here it was seen by people to enter a large cloud, whereupon it did not reappear. Instead, a large greycoloured saucer-type UFO emerged from the cloud and zoomed off northwards. RAAF officials at Richmond Airbase offered no explanation when approached by callers. On the western side of the Blue Mountains at Shooters Hill south of Oberon, one afternoon in the winter of 1960, a man hiking along a dirt road was claimed seen by a housewife from her kitchen window, to just disappear into a silvery-glowing ball of light, which immediately shot off at great speed over her house. This incident brings to mind the strange disappearance of one Ed Koch, 22 years old, in the winter of 1966, who was said to have disappeared while walking one night around 10pm along cliff drive in South Katoomba, at a point south of Katoomba Falls near Eaglehawk Lookout, which overlooks the Jamieson Valley. It was about this time that a huge yellow-glowing craft was claimed seen from their homes by eyewitnesses, to descend upon the road near the Lookout. Was Ed Koch abducted? There was no response from the police or any other authorities. ETs have sometimes just been content to play with Earthlings. Take the story of John and Joan Farrell, who while driving along Kings Tableland Road towards Wentworth Falls Township, on the night of June 1978, saw a green-glowing saucer which zoomed up along the road behind them to hover above their car, keeping pace with them as John put on the speed. It was at this point that the silent craft above them emitted a force field that lifted them off the road then dropped them about 1.2 metres, three times in succession before it zoomed off over the Jamieson Valley to the west. ***** An interesting aspect of the Blue Mountains Alien Abductions is the commonplace description of abductees, of having been enveloped by a glowing light of one colour or another; of being blacked out while experiments are carried out on them, and of being placed in a sleep state by the ETs before they wake up back in their own world. The interiors of the spacecraft are often filled with glowing lights of varying colours also, and if the beings do not appear through doors, they have been known to materialise by stepping through the walls of the craft. The late Kenneth Beames once described to Heather and I the case of a family at springwood on the Blue Mountains, one night in 1967, in which a 6ft tall [1.83m] tall bluish presence stepped through the loungeroom wall to stand and observe the frightened people before stepping back through the wall. Dogs outside were barking and as the father dashed outside the house, he was just in time to see a silvery-glowing saucer of about 15 metres across, which had been hovering above the roof of the house, zoom away at an incredible speed, eastwards in the direction of Penrith and the western suburbs of Sydney, where other people reported seeing the UFO that night. On the night of Wednesday 24th September 1986, about 11pm, 19 year old Leticia martin was driving along Richmond Road towards Kurrajong, when she claims her car was suddenly enveloped in a blue glow through which she could see nothing. At the same time her engine and lights died. She felt slightly weightless, as if the car had lifted off the road. Then, within an instant, she felt her car come to rest. The blue glow faded away, at which, terrified, she opened her door and scrambled outside to find that she was in a paddock, which she realised was nowhere near Kurrajong but on the outskirts of Penrith. Ahead of her was a yellow-glowing eggshaped craft about the size of an average house, as she described it. I was just 50ft [15 metres] away from it. The glow was pulsating. A round opening appeared and I could see a bright pink glow but nothing else. I was dumbfounded at first but 8

regained my senses and was about to run to a nearby house for help, when I felt my arms being held by what felt like two invisible forces [or beings] drawing me towards the opening. I was within a few feet of the opening when with all my might I tried to break free. I felt magnetised, drawn inside, then the opening vanished. In my terrified state I found my whole body frozen of movement as the feeling of unseen fingers prodded and pressed into my body. I must have blacked out. When I awoke I was lying on the ground. I saw a family emerge from a nearby house. I ran to them, in a terrible state, sobbing and asked them had they seen what had just happened. It appeared that I was on their property, and the husband and wife wanted to know what I was raving about. And how had I driven my car into their paddock which was fenced off from the road. I told them my story and all they said that they saw, was me leaping from my car and making funny movements and standing still in the middle of the paddock before collapsing onto the ground, while they watched from a window. I glanced at the car clock. The time was 7.30pm! I had been released three and a half hours before I had been abducted! Leticia was interviewed a year later by Don Boyd, since deceased, and former editor of Psychic Australian Magazine, and who subsequently related her strange tale to me. ***** The strange abduction tale of Leticia Martin is typical of the time-bending activities of ETs and there are many more similar abduction accounts in my possession in which abductees have been returned to Earth at varying times before they were abducted. One can only marvel at the technical advances of the ETs from those super-civilisations elsewhere in our galaxy, who are able to bend time to their will. I shall return to these reports in a future article. Meanwhile readers, KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES! -0Some UFO Shapes reported Seen on the Blue Mountains. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2005. Since early settlers on the Blue Mountains saw strange lights in the Blue Mountains sky in the 19th century, this district has been the location of some of the most startling sightings and even close encounters of UFOs. I am currently preparing a chart of UFO shapes as described by Blue Mountains residents, including those seen by members of Blue Mountains UFO Research Club. A number of strange objects have been seen over the Burragorang Valley, but also over the Jamieson, Megalong and Grose Valleys over the years, and the list is far too long for this article! Here then are some of the craft seen hereabouts, based on the sketches of eyewitnesses.

3 2 1

4 8 7 6 5

9 10 11 10a 11a 12

14 13

16 15

List of Illustrations for UFOs seen over the Blue Mountains. Copyright Rex Gilroy

The glowing UFO seen hovering over the bush camp of Paul and Amber Whiteley in the Wollongambie scrub east of Lithgow one night in 1987. The craft emitted a pulsating throb, throbbing sound and a dazzling yellowish glow that lit up the whole camp area before it flew away. The craft had two rows of windows as shown, the glow coming from a large round light beneath. It was about 15m across, and almost that in height. This craft was claimed to have landed at a Warragamba field around dawn on April 6th 2004. It was about 15m in width according to an eyewitness. The craft silently lifted off the ground to zoom over the mountains to the northwest. The common cigar UFO shape. Craft of this type continue to be reported seen occasionally hereabouts. The gold ball type UFO. These objects have been frequently reported seen zooming up out of Burragorang Valley.

3 4


The red to orange-red dart-type UFO. These have been seen by locals in at least one instance, flying in a formation of five from north to south up Megalong Valley late at night at low level, heading into the Jenolan Range. Similar shaped craft have been observed flying from a gigantic mother ship periodically being seen high above the earth, as reported in previous newsletters, and in my book Australian UFOs Through the Window of Time. The strangely shaped object with square windows has been sighted by people recently hovering high over Bell. The craft has been seen to drift over the Grose Valley [July 2002] and in recent months such a craft was observed by people hovering around midday over Hampton. This blue-glowing saucer craft has been seen at night flying over the Wollemi region. It was seen during a Skywatch by the author and Ann Taylor out on Narrow Neck Peninsula in May 2002. The silver-glowing craft was sighted by residents of Mt Victoria on several occasions in 1974, hovering over their town. Similar shaped craft have been seen over the lower Blue Mountains towns on several occasions day and night in the last two years. In June 2004 and on into July that year, around 5.15-5.45pm this huge square, brownish craft was seen to fly east to west over the Blue Mountains and was videoed on a number of occasions. It has begun making new appearances in recent weeks. This red-glowing, dart-like UFO [note light beneath] is another type of dart craft associated with the mother ship, seen at night over Katoomba. These dart craft have been sighted flying over Katoomba late at night, and have also made appearances in the Central West over Bathurst. & 11a. Two types of gigantic silvery cylinder craft seen over the Blue Mountains. No. 11 was seen by the author at 5.15pm on Monday 28th February from the road beside his house, as he looked towards Kings Tableland. The craft, about a kilometre in length, appeared to be high in the sky above the clouds over the McMahons Lookout end of the Tableland. It was hovering at first, then moved off out of view southward. No. 11a was seen by Loretta Taylor and her friend Scott on Wednesday 9th February between 2.30 and 3pm at Katoomba, travelling south to north. The sighting lasted 10-15 seconds. The object emitted no sound, but was very high in the sky. It glowed blue except for the central large red light, which flashed at 1 second intervals. Dark cigar object seen by Pam Boyne, Rex Gilroy and others at the Blue Mountains UFO research Clubs Skywatch on Saturday night 19th June 2004, at 7.37pm out on Narrow Neck Peninsula. The craft was dark but for two sets of glowing yellowish lights, as it flew west to east high over Mt Solitary in Jamieson valley. This huge, kilometre or so wide cartwheel shaped craft was claimed sighed by many residents of the Springwood to Lawson area over several early mornings in June 1978, as it executed various manoeuvres high in the sky above cloud level, after which it would rise high above the earths atmosphere to fade from view. At one point it was sighted by people later that year hovering one dawn over Kurrajong at least 20 miles above the earth and was observed with binoculars. The mighty mother ship reported in previous newsletters seen hovering or moving high above the earths atmosphere on and off since June 2004, sometimes emitting red-glowing dart-shaped flying craft. It has recently made an appearance in the northeast sky around 10pm at night.







This strangely-shaped saucer craft was claimed to have made several appearances over Bowral during 1990, and other saucers of this type have been reported seen over Jenolan Caves, Lithgow and Blackheath in recent months. This huge, round grey-coloured object, up to 30 metres in diameter, according to some people, and resembling a wartime mine but for a circular pattern of silvery-glowing lights, has been claimed seen flying over Singleton towards Lithgow, and has been seen hovering over Bullaburra in January this year, before shooting off southward out of sight at a phenomenal speed.


Next Issue: More surprises, and of course your valuable reports. Our previous meeting was a huge success and we look forward to seeing another big roll-up at our next one. There should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba, weather permitting. Meanwhile, theres a lot happening up there at present so, until our next meeting Watch the Skies! Rex and Heather.