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The Temple of Nim Newsletter


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club.

Vol. 2 Issue No 9

September 2006

Cuddles Gilroy. October 1993-Sept 2006.

I NS ID E : Cuddles Gilroy. The Noble Dog. Blue Mountains Triangle. Alien-US Contact? Devil Dogs of the Dreamtime. Beware of Burrunjors in the Bush.

Newsletter of the Blue Mountains UFO Research Club September, 2006.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month, at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 2pm onwards.
We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking.

PLEASE NO SMOKING ON THE PREMISES. ALSO, NO LARGE BAGS IN THE CINEMA OR THE HOUSE. PLEASE NOTE. As this gathering is now by invitation only please contact us

prior to bringing along any new friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally. Anyone with any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained are invited to share them with us all.
Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email:

[or catch our website on or]. A plate of food to share for afternoon tea is appreciated.

Program for the 16th September.

Latest UFO Reports from the Blue Mountains. Any reports by members. As usual, weather permitting, there will be a Skywatch out on nearby Narrow Neck Peninsula.

And other surprises...

Rex and Heather Gilroy, Australias top UFO and Unexplained Mysteries Research team. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.

C U D D L E S G I L R O Y . O C T O B E R 1993-T H U R S D A Y 7


S E P T E M B E R 2006.

It is with great sadness that Heather and I announce that our dear, loyal and ever faithful Cuddles has died. She died doing what she loved best, going walkies with her dad. She had not been well for some months due to an attack of dermatitis, for which she was being treated with Prednisone. The Vet had just added a course of antibiotics and on Thursday afternoon as Heather drove off to go up the town, I decided that I would take her for a walk up to the Golf Course, as she was looking much better, her tail wagging and moving about much easier than she had been for some time.

I had her on the lead and as we crossed the road and walked along the grass footpath she even barked at a little dog in one of the yards. We had just turned the corner and were walking slowly up the road when Cuddles suddenly collapsed. Frantically I tried to sit her up, while rubbing her all over. She just lay down. I managed to get her onto the grass beside the road where I was able to get her to sit up. Then she got to her feet and I thought she would be okay, at which I motioned her that we were heading home. She walked a couple of feet then collapsed on the grass. As I held her in my arms she just went limp and I laid her down where she died peacefully. A thoughtful neighbour came to assist guarding her while I dashed away to get Heather on her mobile. That night we took her to a pet crematorium at Narellan. An urn with Cuddles ashes will be placed in a cabinet in our home and a little plaque will state that she was A loyal and faithful friend to all. This is quite true, Cuddles had countless friends, neighbourhood children, people from all over the district who came visiting, all our UFO friends, and our Movie Club friends and many more. Cuddles was part Labrador, part German Shepherd with a loving nature, loving loyalty and faithfulness. When not sleeping in the computer room with our cat Pepsi she would sleep at our bedroom door. How we will miss hearing her bark as visitors came to the gate or door, or waiting outside my cinema door for me to come out. Her passing has left Heather and Ie with a burden of a great loss, a loss certain to be felt by everyone else who knew and loved her. She was my best friend to the end and no one can ever replace her. Her love, loyalty and devotion would put many a human to shame. -0Someone else has paid a similar tribute!

THE NOBLE DOG. The town was Warrensburg, Missouri; the year 1870. A dog owner was suing another townsman who had shot his dog, and was seeking $50.00 damages. The crowd in the Court sat hushed as lawyer George Graham Vest, representing the dog owner, made his final plea. When he had finished, the jury retired to return within minutes with its verdict. The reward? Not the $50.00 the owner had asked but $500.00! This is senator Vests tribute to Mans best friend. ***** The best friend that a man may have in the world may turn against him and become his enemy. The son or daughter he has reared with living care may prove ungrateful. Those who are nearest and dearest, those whom we trust with our happiness and our good name, may become traitors to their faith. The money that a man has he may lose. It flies away from him, perhaps when he needs it most. A mans reputation may be sacrificed in a moment of illconsidered action. The people who are prone to fall upon their knees to do us honour when success is with us may be the first to throw the stone of malice when failure settles its clouds upon our heads. The one absolutely unselfish friend that a man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog. A mans dog stands by him in prosperity and poverty, in health and sickness. He will sleep on the cold ground, where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near his masters side. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer; he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounters with the roughness of the world. He guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. When all other friends desert, he remains. When riches take wings and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens. If fortune drives the master forth an outcast in the world, friendless and homeless, the faithful dog will go with him. And when the last scene of all comes, no matter if all other friends pursue their way, there will the noble dog be found, his head between his paws, his eyes sad but open in alert watchfulness, faithful and true even in death. -0BLUE MOUN TA IN S TRIA N G LE . Rex Gilroys slide talk to the Queensland UFO Conference, Brisbane Saturday 30th September 2006. My forthcoming talk celebrate my 50th Anniversary as a UFOlogist, and despite the dire warnings of well-meaning people all those years ago, that I would get nowhere in life chasing flying saucers I am still involved, and despite the warnings, gotten somewhere, because today I am not only giving talks about them but also publishing articles and books on the subject! However, my talk on Saturday 30th September [I am to be the first speaker on the day] marks the beginning of a whole new era in my presentations, for I am beginning to use computerised images copied onto slides, which will also be used in future UFO books to be published by the Gilroys. Our next UFO book will be a sensation Blue Mountains Triangle due to be published early in 2007. My Brisbane talk will be based on certain aspects of this book, which concerns the many aircraft and people disappearances, alien abductions, time-travel experiences of people, and many other mysterious UFO goings-on across the skies of this vast wilderness. And as my talk will reveal, there is far more to the Blue Mountains underground top secret American/Australian UFO Base than what has so far been reported from the

Burragorang Valley. ***** Some old favourites will feature among the case-histories to be discussed, but also a lot more hitherto not used before, so those attending will have some surprises. There were just too many case-histories to fit into my talk, the following is one of them... On the night of Wednesday 24th September 1966, 19 year old Leticia Martin was listening to the 11pm ABC news on her car radio as she drove along Richmond Road towards Kurrajong, north-west of Sydney, when her car was suddenly enveloped in a blue glow through which she could see nothing. At the same time her engine and lights just died. She felt slightly weightless, as if the car had been lifted off the road. Then, within an instant, she felt her car come to rest. The blue glow faded away, at which, terrified, she opened her door and scrambled outside to find that she was in a paddock, which she realised was nowhere near Kurrajong but on the outskirts of Penrith further south. Ahead of her was a yellow-glowing egg-shaped craft about the size of an average house, as she described it. I was just 50ft [15 metres] away from it. The glow was pulsating. A round opening appeared and I could see a bright pink glow but nothing else. I was dumbfounded at first but regained my senses and was about to run to a nearby house for help, when I felt my arms being held by what felt like two invisible forces [or beings?] drawing me towards the opening. I was within a few feet of the opening when, with all my might I tried to break free. I felt magnetised, drawn inside, then the opening vanished behind me. In my terrified state I found my whole body frozen of movement as the feeling of unseen fingers prodded and pressed into my body. I must have blacked out. When I awoke I was lying n the ground. I saw a family emerge from a nearby house. I ran to them in a terrible state, sobbing, and asked them had they seen what had just happened. It appeared that I was on their property, and the husband and wife wanted to know what I was raving about. And how had I driven my car into their paddock which was fenced off from the road. I told them my story and all they said that they saw, was me leaping from my car and making funny movements and standing still in the middle of the paddock before collapsing onto the ground, while they watched from a window. By now I was embarrassed and got back into my car while one of their sons went off and opened a side driveway gate and I was off as quick as I could as the family stood there laughing their heads off. I glanced at the car clock, the time was 7.30pm. I had been released three and a half hours before I had been abducted. ***** Besides Alien Abduction cases there are others concerning crashes of apparent UFOs on the Blue Mountains going back many years. One more recent incident took place on the late afternoon of June 15th 2003, when campers out on Narrow Neck Plateau saw a saucer-shaped silvery UFO zoom low over them heading from north to south into the Burragorang Valley, where it crashed into the north side of the ridge behind which lies the entrance to the underground spacecraft launching facilities. About 7am the next morning the campers observed with binoculars, eight military helicopters flying over the crash site, dropping personnel on ropes into the scrub, who were collecting the wreckage fragments. These were attached to cables and flown over the ridge to the Base. The whole operation took about three hours. The RAAF base at Richmond later responded to one of the campers seeking answers with the reply that military manoeuvres had been carried out

by troops from Holsworthy Army Base. The Personnel of Richmond Air Base are quite familiar with UFOs. During January 2000, three fighter jets were scrambled from the base to intercept a mysterious silver craft observed hovering over the Wollemi underground base area. As the jets approached the mysterious craft, it suddenly shot off westwards at such an incredible speed that the two jet fighters were literally left standing still! Whenever there is any major activity going on in the Burragorang and Wollemi underground complexes, there is always considerable UFO activity in the skies overhead. The Gilroys new UFO book Blue Mountains Triangle will reveal all, such as the extent of underground colonisation with its large settlements and massive city-size complexes, adjoining underwater nuclear submarine bases and other surprises. My talk in Brisbane will reveal some of these fantastic wonders. Hope to see you there. -0A L I E N -US C O N T A C T ? By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. For many years now there has been a growing rumour that the US military have established contact with an extra-terrestrial civilisation from which they have obtained an advanced space travel technology. This would explain the sudden leap forward since the mid-1960s in the number of world-wide underground bases [such as that of the Blue Mountains] in which the ET technology is being experimented with. The author is open-minded on this possibility, but there have been so many mysterious undercover developments just here on the Blue Mountains alone, as to give substance to the above fantastic suggestions. There is a rumour that an alien space craft crashed somewhere in Utah USA and has been kept in an underground base since its recovery, together with three alien bodies in 1965. The suggestion is that, once US scientists were able to understand the crafts communication technology, by some means they established contact with ETs of the same planetary origin. It is believed by American UFOlogists that contact was first established by electronic means, and that a meeting eventually took place at a top-secret, prearranged location. In return for passing on their highly technical information to the Americans, the ETs were given the right to abduct earthlings for research! This has of course already been happening for some time now, and could explain why little attention is paid by authorities to ET abduction claims [at least openly] who continually discredit eyewitness accounts. ETs are certainly aware of the Blue Mountains underground complexes, hence the virtual round-the-clock sightings by locals. We are definitely being watched by advanced beings from far beyond our world. ***** It is possible, as I have said in previous newsletter articles, that when there is considerable UFO activity in the skies over the Bases areas, that the American and Australian scientists are experimenting with the Time Window technology provided by the ETs, and it is at this time, day and night, that campers and bushwalkers close to these areas, even some home owners living within the regions influenced by these experiments, that time travel experiences have occurred. There is the likelihood that not all of the UFOs reported seen over the Blue Mountains are of ET origin but the product of the underground spacecraft technology going on there. And, if the technological achievements already made there have been used on top-secret expeditions to the Moon, even Mars, this could be one

explanation for the claims that have been made for some years now, that the US have had bases established on the dark side of the Moon as well as on Mars since at least the early 1980s. If all the foregoing is true, then this helps explain why there have been so many ET Abductions and sudden disappearances of people who have penetrated the forbidden zones. While I have obtained information myself from people over the years concerning all these incidents, a great deal comes from the files and articles of the late Don Boyd, who during the 1970s and early 1980s was editor of Psychic Australian magazine [later retitled Strange Phenomena Magazine]. It was Don Boyd who was first to publish my initial magazine article on the Burragorang UFO Base when nobody else was interested, but neither of us was prepared for the massive wave of interest shown by readers Australia-wide, and this continued up until I brought the whole mystery up to date in my first book, Mysterious Australia, However, since those days the mystery has grown to proportions which back then were undreamt of! There are in fact so many UFO sightings going on across the Blue Mountains that, dare we suggest, a regular contact exists between the ETs and the scientific community beneath our feet! The Time window technology would enable unbelievably fast expeditions to and from worlds far beyond our own planet. There are already tales emerging from the US of time-travel voyages, not just to other worlds, but into the past and future, to ancient civilisations as well as the future world. Too fantastic to believe? I prefer to keep an open mind here, for the technological abilities of the ET super-civilisations beyond our world have to be so far in advance of us as to make us technologically speaking, still in the Stone-Age by comparison! ***** Parallel with the UFO activity in our skies, there has been a mysterious brain drain over the years, with scientists in various highly technological fields, in Canberra, Sydney and elsewhere, disappearing without a trace. This drain is not confined to Australia and has occurred in the US and Europe; scientists involved in fields associated with space travel technology. Could it be that they were actually recruited for underground bases both here and other complexes overseas? Perhaps some of these scientists are no longer on Earth but working out there, perhaps on the mysterious gigantic space colony airship hurtling around the Earth far out in space, and which is periodically sighted from the Blue Mountains and elsewhere across Australia. They might also be working on the Moon or Mars. Who can say. A brain drain of highly technologically skilled men and women are believed to have been recruited for the Blue Mountains complex in the past, and this now extends, as our new UFO book will show, to whole families. Much newsprint and book publishing has concerned the American Area 51 mystery. However, we here in Australia have a far greater mystery, hidden beneath our feet here on the Blue Mountains! -0-

Artists impression of the mysterious Mother Ship, based upon descriptions of sightings presently being seen in the skies over the Blue Mountains. Computer artwork by Andrew Leese 2006.

The Burragorang Valley, looking south from the far end of Narrow Neck Peninsula. The area behind the long ridge extending from the west [ie from the right of the picture] is the frequent location of mysterious light shows and other UFO-type craft.

The Burragorang Valley secret underground American space technology research centre, copied from a map provided by a former government employee to the late Don Boyd, former editor of Psychic Australian magazine in 1980. Sketch copyright Rex Gilroy 2004.

Close-up of the long ridge, from behind which mystery flying craft have been seen to descend into, or emerge from, the US secret space technology research base, buried deep within Burragorang Valley.

Some of the many different UFO descriptions reported throughout the Blue Mountains over the years. Sketch copyright Rex Gilroy 2004 8

In May 2000 a large glowing craft was seen to crash far out on Narrow Neck Plateau. RAAF personnel removed the wreckage with helicopters. Nearby on a Narrow Neck fire trail hikers later found the outlines of three small humanoid bodies composed of a whitish mudlike substance. They were ignored as childrens mud

This huge glowing object descended from the clouds at sunset, Saturday 2nd March 1996. It was seen by many people flying over Valley Heights coming from the southeast at high speed. Many people observed its shape to be saucer-like, and that it changed flight angles as it flew over Bullaburra, adopting a vertical position as it descended on its approach to Kings Tableland south of Wentworth Falls Township. Here it slowed down, to be met by a military helicopter, which escorted it across Burragorang Valley, where it descended into the American base area. This photo was taken by Mr Frank Beale as the craft flew over Kings Tableland. The official RAAF

Computerised impression of an underground Blue Mountains city. Computer artwork by Andrew Leese 2006.

Computerised impression of the Central Coast undersea nuclear submarine and saucer base. Computer artwork by

DEV I L DO GS O F THE DREA MTI ME . By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. [This article is composed of extracts from the Gilroys new book Out of the Dreamtime The Search for Australasias Unknown Animals, URU Publications 2006.] Aboriginal folklore of Central Australia speaks of a powerful giant spirit dingo called Kulpunya, who guarded Ayers Rock, killing anyone who camped there. Similar tales of giant dingoes and also more than one other native dog-like species occur Australia-wide in tribal traditions. Often called by the Aboriginal name for dog Warrigals over a wide area of the eastern Australian mountain ranges, they were collectively linked with the mysterious rock dogs of the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, where the tribespeople also spoke of them as both Bulbwul dingo and bulbwul mirri, both terms meaning strong dog. A large orangey-furred dog-like beast of dingo appearance up to 1.2m in length by about 60cm tall on all fours, has been claimed seen over a wide area of the Northern Territory for generations. It has been claimed seen attacking sheep, goats, calves and poetry by property owners and others in the Darwin area, as well as in the Katherine district and other areas over a wide expanse of the Territory. It has been known to tribespeople of Arnhem Land for countless generations. Throughout the Gulf Country into Far North Queensland, the giant dingo is known by the name Gaiya. It is generally accepted by local tribespeople that, besides the normal-sized dingo, bands of Gaiya entered Australia over a great land bridge from southeast Asia in the long-ago Dreamtime. Current archaeological evidence suggests that the dingo entered Australia round 11,000 years ago. The dingo occurs in the Southeast Asian fossil record, yet there are no fossil remains of any giant size species. These of course could

yet turn up. There are old settlers tales from the Cooktown district, such as one tale from 1900, when two gold miners in the mountain country were attacked by a pack of six of these dingo giants. The men were able to grab their rifles and shoot two of the animals, which drove the others off into the scrub. Similarly, in 1927 three gold prospectors in the Calliope goldfields inland from Gladstone, south of Rockhampton, followed enormous paw prints of two of these animals along a muddy creek bank, with guns at the ready. They finally caught sight of the animals, a 6ft length one, probably a female and the larger one, a male of up to 8ft in length head to tail tip, standing in an open field. The animals dashed off into scrub when they spotted the men. During the mid-1960s there were numerous sightings of a brownish-furred devil dog as some Toowoomba residents nicknamed it and it was about this time that others of this colour were reported to the author, as having been seen roaming the fields and scrublands of the Stanthorpe and Warwick districts in the border ranges country, as well as just across the border in northern New South Wales. ***** To cover the many reports featured in our book concerning the giant dingo mystery is beyond the scope of this article, but it is fair to say that we have gathered a large number of reports from every Australian state excluding Tasmania. The following selection of reports is an overview of this mystery species distribution In Western Australias interior devil dogs of huge size haunt Aboriginal lands, roaming the desert fringes and scrublands of the south-west. Not all are of huge size. Property owners and dingo shooters have shot animals the size of German Shepherds that were obviously cross-breeds, and it seems these animals are responsible for a lot more stock losses, as they are in South Australia, particularly in the Flinders Ranges region, where in 1970, a young couple driving in a 4-wheel drive vehicle were surprised by a huge dingo-like animal, in the act of dragging a full-grown kangaroos body by the neck across a dry gully just a few yards from their vehicle. They later described the animal as being reddish-brown in fur colouring, a 6ft length body from head to rump [1.83m] with a tail at least 3ft length [92cm], standing about 2ft [61cm] on all fours. During 1953 more that one greyish-grown furred, oversize dingo-like animal was reported seen in the Yallourn-Traralgon area east of Melbourne. Hunting parties combed the hills and bushland intent upon shooting the animals. The press whipped up enthusiasm for the big hunt, but happily the dingo giants eluded these blood thirsty locals! At Moe in 1995, a male creature of the above size and reddish-brown fur colouring was, together with as smaller female and pup, seen early one January morning, moving across a paddock. Their presence frightened a mob of cattle. Once more local shooters went out in force but the animals had moved elsewhere. ***** Devil dogs encounters in the New England district of northern New South Wales date back to as early as 1850 and they are still being reported seen on and off thereabouts today. Huge dingo-like tracks were found in creek mud, in the Oxley Wild Rivers National park by more than one camping group in 1990. They have been reported from the Mulgoa Road south of Penrith, and in the adjoining Blue Mountains Aborigines called them rock dogs, particularly throughout the Burragorang and Megalong Valleys where they apparently continue to roam freely and also be seen from time to time. It was at the base of

Katoomba Falls that a Mr Richard Begg, about 10am on Sunday 29th August 1982, encountered a fully 7ft length [2.15m] from head to tail-tip monster dingo standing about 2ft 4 inches [71cm] on all fours observing him from a clearing below him. It then dashed off into the dense forest. There have been many other sightings lately, particularly on the lower Blue Mountains, and southward into the Goulburn district and the Australian Capital Territory beyond, where in the Tidbinbilla mountain range they have been seen since the devastating bushfires that ravaged the area a few years ago. These rock dogs have been reported south-west of Katoomba, in the Kanangra Boyd National Park, which lies at the western end of the Burragorang Valley. It is from here they periodically emerge to raid properties to carry off lambs or fully-grown sheep and other livestock, in the Oberon to southern Bathurst districts. These giant dingoes remain yet another animal mystery of the Australian wilderness. -0-

The giant dingo of ancient Aboriginal tradition in relation to the average size dingo. Sightings of giant-size dingoes have been claimed by both aborigines and Europeans in modern times. Composite artwork by

The Wild Dog Mountains, situated at the southern end of the Megalong Valley, beyond which is the vast Burragorang Valley. Giantsize dingoes are said to have been one of the reasons why early bushmen and campers made this name popular! Besides occasional sightings in modern times of giant-size dingoes, there is a long tradition of Blue Mountains Lion sightings, and also occasionally Thylacines. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. 12

B E W A R E O F B U R R U N J O R S I N T H E B US H . By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2006. [This article is composed of extracts from the Gilroys new Book Out of the Dreamtime The Search for Australasias Unknown Animals]. My readers might think I am going off the deep end for what I am about to propose, but there has, since long before the coming of White Man, traditions among the Aboriginal tribes of Australias Red Centre to the Gulf Country and Kimberley region, of a ferocious giant reptilian carnivore that roams the landscape day and night in search of food, both animal and human. Known as Burrunjor, the mere mention of his name is often guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine of any Aboriginal. Yet it is not only Aborigines who have claimed to have seen these monsters, but also many Europeans, stockmen, residents of remote cattle stations and 4-wheel drive travellers. Burrunjor can best be described as a huge, bipedal-walking reptilian monster. Tyrannosaurus comes to mind, although some suggest a species of Iguanodon, due to the description of long arms. Whatever Burrunjor is, he leaves huge three-toed tracks behind him wherever he strides. This is significant, because there have been suggestions that Burrunjor could be based upon the extinct giant Australian monitor Lizard, Megalania prisca, which reached up to 30ft [9.14m] and which is almost the height reached by Burrunjors claimed seen by both Aborigines and Europeans. Out of the Dreamtime The Search for Australasias Unknown Animals contains three chapters on the subject of giant monitor lizards, not just in Australia, but throughout Australasia. Burrunjor is however, something else, for while even a giant monitor might copy its smaller relatives and adopt a bipedal stance, even to run a short distance, Burrunjor is said to maintain a bipedal stance for considerable distances. If indeed Burrunjor is a surviving form of dinosaur, he belongs to the Theropods, the group of reptilian bipeds that flourished throughout the Cretaceous period, becoming extinct by 65 million or so years ago. Perhaps Burrunjor is a neodinosaur, that is an evolved latter-day offshoot from this group. Yet it is only fair to point out that, while Burrunjor appears to prefer the open spaces of our interior, why have not one of these reptilian nightmares harassed remote towns and villages? And, of course the old one, Why hasnt someone shot one of these monsters by now? Fair enough, but then what if these monsters are from our geological past, periodically entering our presentday through time windows? This theory could be used to explain all kinds of extinct animals, both terrestrial and marine-dwellers, from Scotlands Nessie to the Congos Mokele mbembe, and other mysterious creatures seen all over the world but never caught. However, I propose to treat Burrunjor as a living unknown animal of the Australian bush. Consider the following case-histories from the Gilroys new book Campfire stories substantiating Aboriginal claims are commonplace across the far north. Back in 1978, a Northern Territory busman and explorer, Bryan Clark, related a story to me of his own that had taken place some years before. While mustering cattle in the Urapunji area, he became lost in the remote wilderness of that part of Arnhem Land. It took him three days to find his way out of the region and back to the homestead from where he originally set out. He had not known at the time, but his footprints had been picked up and followed by two Aboriginal trackers and a mounted policeman. On the first night of their search they camped on the outskirts of the Burrunjor scrub, even though the two trackers protested strongly against doing so. The policeman hobbled his

horse, cooked their meal, then climbed into his swag and went to sleep. Later that night the two Aborigines shouting intelligibly and grasping for their packs and saddles suddenly woke him up. The policeman also realised at this moment that the ground appeared to be shaking. Hurriedly getting to his feet, he too gathered up his belongings, and shortly afterwards, the three galloped away. As he told Bryan Clark later at the Urapunji homestead, he had also heard a sound, somewhat like a loud puffing or grunting noise, certainly loud enough to be coming from some large animal. When asked if he intended to include this incident in his report, he replied he would not because he feared no one would believe him. The policeman warned Bryan never again to return to that area, because if he got lost there again hed be on his own, as he would not come looking for him! The regions cave art, thousands of years old, depicts these monstrous animals. Many Aborigines believe these monsters wander back and forth across the Gulf country and Cape York to this day. ***** Back in 1950, cattlemen lost stock to some mysterious beast that left the mutilated, half-eaten remains of cows and bulls in its wake over a wide area, stretching between the border country and Burketown. Searchers on horseback found huge reptilian tracks of some bipedal-walking beast. They followed these three-toed tracks with their cattle dogs through some rough jungle terrain until they entered swampland beyond which was more dense scrub. However, it was at this point that the cattle dogs became uneasy and ran off. The horses were also uneasy and obviously did not want to cross the swamp. While most of the cattlemen decided their animals knew best, two men set off on foot with their carbines. The story goes that they soon came across further tracks in an open area beyond the swamp. While his mate searched about, the other man briefly spotted the dark form of an enormous creature, perhaps 30ft in height, further off in dense timber. The men left the scene in haste. Johnny Mathews, a part-Aboriginal tracker, claimed to have seen a 25ft tall bipedal reptilian monster, moving through scrub near lagoon Creek on the Gulf coast one day in 1961. Hardly anyone outside my own people believes my story, but I known what I saw, he said to me in 1970. ***** In 1985 a 4-wheel drive vehicle and it s family of travellers, the Askeys, heading for Roper River Mission, happened to take a back road for some sightseeing. Just before they were to pull up and turn around to resume their journey to the mission, they all saw, moving together across an open plain some distance away, two bipedal-walking reptilian creatures a good 20ft tall respectively. The monsters were a greyish-brown colour and dinosaur-like in appearance. We didnt wait around, said the father, Mr Greg Askey. During our recent [July-August 2006] Central Australian investigation, Heather and I picked up a number of ancient Aboriginal myths and legends concerning these reptilian monsters, but I also have many sightings claims made within the last few years by people over a wide area of the interior. What is revealed in our new book makes fascinating reading, both for laypeople as well as Cryptozoologists alike. The chapters dealing with neodinosaurs of southeast Asia, New Guinea and Australia make one wonder just how many unknowns still survive out there in remote mountain and jungle regions of the world, ignored by a scientific fraternity because they are not in the text book. -014

Tyrannosaurus rex, the largest [12m length] carnivorous dinosaur to walk the earth in the Cretaceous period, around 70-65 million years ago. Tyrannosaurid fossils are known from Australia, suggesting this species reached this landmass. Yet today Aboriginal people over a wide area of our far north, from throughout the Gulf Country of the Northern Territory, and Queensland, and for some distance southward, firmly believe in the existence of a huge reptile of Tyrannosaurian proportions, called by them Burrunjor. While his true identity is open to

This mysterious Aboriginal rock carving found by the Gilroys in the Kulgera district, Central Australia, in July 2006 depicts a Burrunjor monster. Note the bipedal stance , the pointed tail, two front legs and large open-mouthed head.

The sandhills and mesa country of Queenslands north-west, south of the Gulf forestlands, and which extends on into the Northern Territory. This is fabled Burrunjor land to the Aboriginal tribes. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2006.


Old stories of the mesa country say that one or more Burrunjor reptilian monsters would emerge from this particular area as darkness fell, to raid cattle stations, dragging off stock in their powerful jaws to devour, leaving the remains scattered about the area of their huge tracks as they returned to their lair. It is a region to avoid for

Next Issue: More surprises, and of course your valuable reports. Our previous meeting was a huge success and we look forward to seeing another big roll-up at our next one. There should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba, weather permitting. Meanwhile, theres a lot happening up there at present so, until our next meeting Watch the Skies! Rex and Heather.