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Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March, 2005.

The Temple of Nim.


Blue Mountains UFO Research Club.

March 2005.
Vol. 2 Issue No 3.

URU Publications News. New Light on Australias Unknown Fossil Hominids. Some UFO Shapes Reported on the Blue Mountains. Tracking the Blue Mountains Big Cats. Latest UFO News. Club activities.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March, 2005.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club News. Our next meeting will be held on Saturday 19th March 2005 at the Gilroy residence, 12 Kamillaroi Road, South Katoomba, from 2pm onwards. This is to be a combined meeting of Blue Mountains UFO research Club, Central West Paranormal Group and UFO Research NSW, so lets see a big roll-up of members.
We are situated on the corner of Kamillaroi Road and Ficus Street, and as we always say, park in Ficus Street where there is safer parking.




Please bring any friends interested in UFOlogy and the mysteries generally, and lets all hear of any personal experiences involving UFOs or the unexplained.

Bring a plate of food to share for afternoon tea. Our meetings are usually held on the third Saturday of each month. Looking forward to seeing you all again on February 19th..

Program for the 19th March meeting.

Report on giant mother ship over the Blue Mountains. Sightings of giant cylinder shaped UFOs over the Blue Mountains. A third UFO Base located on the Blue Mountains. Search for the Yowies Grandparents. New Big [Marsupial Cat tracks found near Katoomba. Video presentation. Reports on latest activities of Central West Paranormal Research Group. Any UFO etc sightings by members and visitors. As usual, weather permitting, there will be a Skywatch out beyond the Waterboard Gate on nearby Narrow Neck Peninsula, so bring along your binoculars, cameras, and winter woolies for an enjoyable time. And other surprises...

.And remember, bring your friends as we always like to see new faces.

Contact Information: Phone: 02 4782 3441, Email: [or catch our website on and type in Rex Gilroy.].

Rex and Heather Gilroy, Australias top UFO and unexplained mysteries Research team. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2004


Our Last Meeting.. Despite the weather

preventing us from having a Skywatch, we

still had a good meeting. Latest UFO sightings were reported on, together with

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March, 2005.

Big Cat sightings and casts of their tracks were shown, followed by some very interesting videos in the Rex Cinema, including one made of our former Tamworth Museum collection, in which I described the insect collection, displayed around the walls. This video also included vision of some of the glass cases of fossils, such as the dinosaurs, fossil man etc. Lets hope the weather finally allows us all to have a Skywatch on our next meeting, at the fantastic new site beyond the Water Board gate. Narrow Neck is certainly an exciting place for UFO watching. URU Publications News. As we prepare this newsletter, Heather and I are putting the finishing touches to Uru The Lost Civilisation of Australia, and I am typing the last three chapters of Pyramids of Destiny Lost Pacific Colonies of the Bronze Age God-Kings, which is the sequel to Pyramids in the Pacific. Another UFO book is about to be written by us as well as another big one on our unknown Stone Age past. We hope also to complete our mammoth Cryptozoology book in coming months. The book is written, its hundreds of reports however still have to be put on disc for the printers [we are half-way through it at present]. Out Book on the origins of the Grail is another surprise for the future. Meanwhile we have perfected mould making and plans are now in place to produce casts of mystery animals for sale. New Light on Australias Unknown Fossil Hominids. By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2005. The discovery in recent times of pygmy size fossil hominids on the Indonesian island of Flores, not only throws new light on the fossil hominidae of Southeast Asia, but adds credence to certain fossil remains already found here in Australia, suggesting that more than one pygmy race developed from Homo erectus in Australasia when a great Ice Age land shelf joined our continent to mainland Asia. The Flores remains have been dated at around 18,000 years BP, although at the time of writing there is still a great deal of scientific disagreement over these fossils identification.

Pygmy races in Australia have been largely overlooked by conservative scientists, who only recognise one group approaching pygmy status, and these are the Negritos who formerly occupied the far North Queensland jungles. Yet Aboriginal folklore speaks of other pygmy races of quite small sizes of 1 metre and under that roamed remote desert regions of the interior, as well as others that inhabited the NSW mountains ranges and central west. These little hairy people of Aboriginal folklore are, they say still with us in the remote regions of the Blue Mountains and elsewhere. Be this as it may, Australia possesses far older fossil evidence of pygmy homo than the Flores finds. The Joy Colley mineralised [red ironstone] mummified head is a case in point. Joy recovered it from old volcanic ash and mud deposits at here Essington, Oberon farm several years ago and kindly donated it to me. The fossil matches a little limestonemineralised skull from Maryborough Qld., recovered by Heather and I from 500,000year-old Pleistocene deposits a few years ago, showing that this particular race was widespread. Yet the Colley fossil shows partial decomposition with mineralised skin draping over the left eye socket, although a longish nose is preserved. The lower jaw was crushed from having been subjected to overlying sediments early in its preservation stage, thus exposing adult teeth. The modern appearance of the fossil with its vertical face and forehead, [no sign of thick, projecting brow ridges] and a long nose is its most remarkable feature, suggesting it is the later form of a much earlier pygmy Homo erectus offshoot, but how long ago did this happen? According to geologists, the volcanoes of this region [ie Oberon district] lay just to the south in the Kanangra Boyd plateau, and these are believed to have ceased erupting at least by the end of the Pliocene period, around 2 million years ago! There is also a little mentioned volcanic plug at Black Springs which could also have caused the preservation of the Colley pygmy head, and that may have not ceased erupting until early Pleistocene times, which

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March, 2005.

began around 2 million years ago. Together with the narrow Neck January 7th 2005] proto Homo erectus skull find of the author, this little skull is one of the oldest Homo fossils so far unearthed in Australia! It is certain that, at this point in time, the oldest evidence for pygmy homo evolution is to be found here in Australia, not Indonesia; and the presence of an ancestral form leading to Homo erectus dating back 2 million years [see previous newsletter] in Australia suggest the origin of Homo erectus was in Australia, not Java/Asia. Aborigines reached Australia by about 65,000 years ago according to current estimates, and it is certain that they gradually spread across the continent, in the course of which they found that they were sharing this land with other races; namely the Homo erectus-type beings, pygmy people and giant hominids, other Homo erectus offshoot. All were collectively labelled hairy people by the tribespeople to separate them from the Aboriginal race. They were called hairy because, like the Aborigines, they wore animal hide cloaks. The name Yowie was particularly applied to the Homo erectus beings, the name meaning hairy man, thus Homo erectus was the origin of the Yowie. Ththere is every possibility that remnant populations survive today in the more remote regions, just like some scientists are currently speculating about the Flores Hobbits. ***** While Australian scientists have forever busied themselves exclusively with Aboriginal archaeology, I have concentrated upon the unknown pre-Aboriginal hominid history of Australia. For years my theory of a preAboriginal hominid past for Australia met with ridicule from the scientific community. Yet I persevered. In November 1968 at a south Bathurst location I recovered several crude stone tools from old Pleistocene deposits of the bank of an extinct course of a river. These tools did not match known Aboriginal types and resembled more closely Homo erectus types from Southeast Asia. Apart from the September 1969 giant hominid molar tooth I unearthed at Westmead however, no fossil remains of

any pre-Aboriginal race had been forthcoming. That all changed in May 1972 when my late father, Mr WF [Bill] Gilroy, while fossicking on the Fish River at Tarana, west of Lithgow, recovered the now famous endocast of an archaic Homo sapien. The fossil came from Pleistocene strata layed down about 150,000 years BP. However, as the endocast process, according to Australian Museum Sydney estimates, takes at least 200,000 years for limestone, calcrete or mudstone, and at least twice as much for ironstone mineralisation [and these are very guarded estimates by a conservative scientist!], the skull was obviously of great age. It had been subjected to pressure during the early stages of preservation, so that it was distorted in places, meaning that it may have originated elsewhere nearby in earlier strata where the mineralisation had occurred, eventually to become dislodged by flooding and re-deposited about 150,000 years ago where my father later found it. The current age estimate for this fossil is around 300,000 years BP [Before Present]. Later, in April 1973, 30 metres away, but in the same strata, I recovered an incomplete endocast of a smaller hominid bearing late Homo erectus features. The picture formed by these two finds at this location was that, Homo erectus had evolved into Homo sapiens [anatomically modern humans] by 300,000 years ago, and that both races shared this district, if not the rest of Australia. Homo erectus, at our present knowledge, first appeared on the stage in Java around 1.8 million years BP. Here in Australia, aside from the other Homo erectus skull-types so far recovered by me, the recovery of the Narrow Neck Peninsula proto Homo erectus skull-type from the very base gravels of the Blue Mountains Pleistocene strata [ie 2 million years], could demonstrate that Homo erectus evolved in

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March, 2005.

mineralised [limestone] hominid skull found by him in May 1972 at Tarana NSW. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2005.2005.

Australia, eventually to migrate out across the earth. Of course, in our current climate of political correctness our scientists are too afraid to pursue the direction that I have taken. Yet despite the opposition to my evidence, it is inevitable that Aboriginal man will one day, like Captain James Cook [the last man to discover Australia] be shown to be a mere late-comer on this continent. -0-

Tarana Skull No 2. Reconstruction mineralised skull identifies it as a Late Homo erectus. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2005.



Size comparison of the Tarana NSW skulls. The larger skull, found by the late Mr WF [Bill] Gilroy in 1972 is an archaic Homo sapien, ancestral to modern humans. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2005.

The late WF [Bill] Gilroy with the


Rex Gilroy with some fossil hominid skulls from his collection. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2005.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March, 2005.

6 In March 2004 the Gilroys discovered huge tracks of the Blue Mountains Lion in a roadside mudflat out on Narrow Neck Peninsula. More were recently found in that area. A comparison between these and the recent specimens cast by Rex Gilroy and Ann Taylor up in the Newnes wilderness show two distinct species [see previous newsletter]. Further searches will be made by the Gilroys and Glen Johnson in that region soon. Meanwhile other searches will be made by the author and Greg Foster in the Kenthurst district. Sooner or later good physical evidence has to be found through commonsense research without the media tagging along, as has been the case with other, sensation-seeking amateurs. To date the Temple of Nim researchers have been turning up good evidence which encourages us to continue the search. The media cry out for film of the creatures. This is of course not so easy, as the animals we seek are elusive and fast-movers who do not stay around long once they know that Man is in the forest. The very terrain itself will make photography of any one of these species difficult, if not impossible. But then there is always the chance of a million-to-one shot where someone might just one day be lucky enough to get a good clear shot of one of these animals on film. Fuzzy, out of focus shots are no good and prove nothing, yet the press persist in publishing such [often faked] photos, which only brings discredit on the Cryptozoology field, which we take very seriously. As this article is being typed I am planning a Big Cat symposium, at which all available good evidence for the existence of these elusive carnivores can be tabled and discussed, to see just how far this research has progressed lately. Stay tuned.

These Eoliths [ie very primitive stone tools], recovered by Rex Gilroy at Nundle, Northern NSW are similar to many others found over a wide area of Australia. They match those made in Asia by Homo erectus up to a million or more years ago. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2005.

Homo erectus in Australia? Fossil and artifact evidence now coming to light, casts doubt on the traditional nobody before the Aborigines scientific view. Sketch copyright Rex Gilroy 2000.

Tracking the Blue Mountains Big Cats. By Rex Gilroy. Copyright Rex Gilroy 2005. The so-called Blue Mountains Big Cats appear to be over-active again, being seen by many people from the Lithgow district across the Blue Mountains into the Hawkesbury district, even to the fringe of Hornsby! Of course, we are not dealing with felines but large marsupial carnivores of more than one species. For example, it is certain now that the so-called Australian Panther, a large black-furred animal, also comes in a much larger size and leaves paw prints to prove it. There have been recent searches by Temple of Nim research team members on the Blue Mountains and also in the Kentlyn district, resulting in the finding of more fresh tracks, and the Gilroys now have new giant Blue Mountains Lion track casts. Normally the Blue Mountains Lion, a 2m or so length nose to tip beastie, like his black furred relative, leaves tracks showing four digits. Like the Thylacine which has a fifth which is rarely impressed in the ground unless the legs sink deep enough into mud, there appears to be another giant form that leaves five digit tracks. It therefore appears that there may be four giant marsupial cat species roaming the Blue Mountains wilds.

Rex and Greg with a cast of tracks of the Mountains Lion Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2005.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March, 2005.

Ann with a cast of one of the giant Marsupial Cat tacks found in Newnes Forest on the recent expedition. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2005. Cast of tracks of the Blue Mountains Lion found out on Narrow Neck Peninsula in March 2004 by the Gilroys. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2005.

Heather preparing lunch in the field with Ann Taylor on the recent Newnes expedition. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2005. Rex about to lift the cast of a giant size Marsupial Cat track found in Newnes Forest. Photo copyright Rex Gilroy 2005.

Some UFO Shapes reported Seen on the Blue Mountains. By Rex Gilroy Copyright Rex Gilroy 2005. Since early settlers on the Blue Mountains saw strange lights in the Blue Mountains sky in the 19th century, this district has been the location of some of the most startling sightings and even close encounters of UFOs. I am currently preparing a chart of UFO shapes as described by Blue Mountains residents, including those seen by members of Blue Mountains UFO Research Club. A number of strange objects have been seen over the Burragorang Valley, but also over the Jamieson, Megalong and Grose Valleys over

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March, 2005.

the years, and the list is far too long for this article! Of course there have been a number of mystery craft linked with the US-Australian joint military advanced space technology underground base in Burragorang and Wollemi [and a third one recently discovered by Temple of Nim members during field work], and these must be separated from extra-terrestrial craft. Here then are some of the craft seen hereabouts, based on the sketches of eyewitnesses.

3 1 2

6 4 5

11 9 10 9a

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March, 2005.

List of Illustrations for UFOs seen over the Blue Mountains. Copyright Rex Gilroy 1
The glowing UFO seen hovering over the bush camp of Paul and Amber Whiteley in the Wollangambie scrub east of Lithgow one night in 1987. The craft emitted a pulsating throb, throbbing sound and a dazzling yellowish glow that lit up the whole camp area before it flew away. The craft had two rows of windows as shown, the glow coming from a large round light beneath. It was about 15m across, and almost that in height. This craft was claimed to have landed at a Warragamba field around dawn on April 6th 2004. It was about 15m in width according to an eyewitness. The craft silently lifted off the ground to zoom over the mountains to the northwest. The common cigar UFO shape. Craft of this type continue to be reported seen occasionally hereabouts. The gold ball type UFO. These objects have been frequently reported seen zooming up out of Burragorang Valley. The red to orange-red dart-type UFO. These have been seen by locals in at least one instance, flying in a formation of five from north to south up Megalong Valley late at night at low level, heading into the Jenolan Range. 11a Similar shaped craft have been observed flying from a gigantic 12 mother ship periodically being seen high above the earth, as reported in previous newsletters, and in my book Australian UFOs Through the Window of Time. The strangely shaped object with square windows, has been recently hovering high over Bell. 14 13 been seen to drift over the Grose and in recent months such a craft was people hovering around midday over Hampton. sighted by people The craft has Valley [July 2002] observed by

3 4 5

This blue-glowing saucer craft has been seen at night flying over the Wollemi region. It was seen during a Skywatch by the author and Ann Taylor out on Narrow Neck Peninsula in May 2002. The silver-glowing craft was sighted by residents of Mt Victoria on several occasions in 1974, hovering over their town. Similar shaped 16 craft have been seen over the lower blue Mountains towns on several occasions day and night in the last two years. In June 2004 and on into July that year, around 5.15-5.45pm this huge square, brownish craft was seen to fly east to west over the Blue Mountains and was videoed on a number of occasions. It has begun making new appearances in recent weeks. This red-glowing, dart-like UFO [note light beneath] is another type of dart craft associated with the mother ship, seen at night over Katoomba. These dart craft have been sighted flying over Katoomba late at night, and have also made appearances in the Central West over Bathurst.



Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March, 2005.



& 11a. Two types of gigantic silvery cylinder craft seen over the Blue Mountains. No. 11 was seen by the author at 5.15pm on Monday 28th February from the road beside his house, as he looked towards Kings Tableland. The craft, about a kilometre in length, appeared to be high in the sky above the clouds over the McMahons Lookout end of the Tableland. It was hovering at first, then moved off out of view southward. No. 11a was seen by Loretta Taylor and her friend Scott on Wednesday 9th February between 2.30 and 3pm at Katoomba, travelling south to north. The sighting lasted 10-15 seconds. The object emitted no sound, but was very high in the sky. It glowed blue except for the central large red light, which flashed at 1 second intervals. Dark cigar object seen by Pam Boyne, Rex Gilroy and others at the Blue Mountains UFO research Clubs Skywatch on Saturday night 19th June 2004, at 7.37pm out on Narrow Neck Peninsula. The craft was dark but for two sets of glowing yellowish lights, as it flew west to east high over Mt Solitary in Jamieson valley. This huge, kilometre or so wide cartwheel shaped craft was claimed sighed by many residents of the Springwood to Lawson area over several early mornings in June 1978, as it executed various manoeuvres high in the sky above cloud level, after which it would rise high above the earths atmosphere to fade from view. At one point it was sighted by people later that year hovering one dawn over Kurrajong at least 20 miles above the earth and was observed with binoculars. The mighty mother ship reported in previous newsletters seen hovering or moving high above the earths atmosphere on and off since June 2004, sometimes emitting red-glowing dart-shaped flying craft. It has recently made an appearance in the northeast sky around 10pm at night. This strangely-shaped saucer craft was claimed to have made several appearances over Bowral during 1990, and other saucers of this type have been reported seen over Jenolan Caves, Lithgow and Blackheath in recent months. This huge, round grey-coloured object, up to 30 metres in diameter, according to some people, and resembling a wartime mine but for a circular pattern of silvery-glowing lights, has been claimed seen flying over Singleton towards Lithgow, and has been seen hovering over Bullaburra in January this year, before shooting off southward out of sight at a phenomenal speed.






Next Issue.
More surprises, and of course your valuable reports.

Blue Mountains UFO Research Club Newsletter March, 2005.


Our previous meeting was a huge success and we look forward to seeing another big roll-up at our next one. With the warmer weather here there should be some good Skywatches ahead of us up here at Katoomba. Meanwhile, theres a lot happening up there at present so, until our next meeting

Watch the Skies!

Rex and Heather.