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Ms. Bakie 8th Grade Language Arts 8th Grade Language Arts Ms.

. Bakie Room 201 Phone: 513-619-8416 E-mail:

Textbook: Elements of Literature second course by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. 1997

(Students will not bring this book home)

Course Description: This course is designed to familiarize the student with literature, to

strengthen grammar and writing, and to develop critical thinking skills. It stresses composition, grammar, vocabulary, speech, poetry, short stories, non-fiction, and novels. We will be reading several literary works and discussing the material each day in class through means of small and large group discussion. To help improve writing techniques, students will write a variety of compositions ranging from informal journaling to formal paper writing.
Course Purpose / Goals: This course prepares students to achieve the eighth grade standards in reading, writing, speaking, and research. is to have the students reflect on reading material and to relate it to
their lives; and, of course to prepare them for the OAA. The students will be able to understand written material, discuss the material using literary terms, and produce various types of written papers.

Class Expectations: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Be ON TIME. Be prepared with ALL required class materials. Treat yourself, your class peers, your teachers, and your school with RESPECT. PARTICIPATE in all class activities. Use class time appropriately. BEST RESONABLE EFFORT (BRE) expected on all assignments. NO cell phones, i-Pods, or any other electronic devices allowed in class.

Supplies: Bring the following materials to class each day: *3 Ring Binder (Specifically for use in Ms. Bakies class) *1 single subject notebook (Specifically for use in Ms. Bakies class) *Pens (BLUE & BLACK ONLY). *Pencils *Loose leaf paper (for binder) 1 box of tissues (for the classroom) = EXTRA CREDIT Grading Policy: The following grading scale will be used in accordance with the District Grading Policy: 100-90% = A 89-80% = B 79-70% = C 69-60% = D below a 59% = F Bathroom Policy: Each student will receive 2 passes per quarter. Please go to the bathroom before coming to class. Unused passes can be turned in for extra credit at the end of the quarter.

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Ms. Bakie 8th Grade Language Arts Units Covered: May include but is not limited to Short Stories Poetry Non-Fiction Novels May include but are not limited to The Outsiders Bronx Masquerade Poetry Independent Readings Selections from Elements of Literature textbook


Homework / Late Work Policy: I expect students to take the responsibility to turn in work on time. I have a strict late work policy. All assignments are due when the bell rings at the beginning of class. For each day that a MAJOR PROJECT is late, you will lose a full letter grade. o AFTER FIVE DAYS, THAT IS AN F. Class work not completed during class may be assigned as homework. For each day of an excused absence, a student may turn in work late. If a student is absent 1 day, he/she has 1 day to turn in an assignment. o For example, if a student misses Monday, the work is due Wednesday. If a student misses Monday and Tuesday, the work is due Friday. It is the students responsibility to contact another student or me to get caught up on any missed work. o I am more than willing to help students catch up on work, but it is the students responsibility to get in touch with me. Extra Help: If at any time students do not understand a concept being taught or is having difficulty in any other aspect being taught during this class, see me immediately. Please make an appointment with me and I will help you understand the material you feel is difficult. Parents and Guardians, I encourage your involvement and invite you to contact me for conferences when desired. Consequences: IF YOU SUCCESSIVELY BREAK THE CLASS RULES disruptive behavior, sleeping, talking during instruction, other means of disrespect THE FOLLOWING CONSEQUENCES WILL OCCUR:

1st offense 1st Warning 2nd offense 2nd Warning & Conference with student 3rd offense Phone call home and Referral (depending on offense & history) PLEASE NOTE: All syllabus content is subject to change at teachers discretion.

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Ms. Bakie 8th Grade Language Arts

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