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outstandinG local newspaper

For Five Consecutive Years St. peter Baptist Catholic Mass Media Awards

reGional eXponent for proGress

bicol, the philippines march 18-24, 2012 p 5.00

Vol. XiX, no. 38

legazpi welcomes anti-graft drive

LEGAZPI CITY The joining of forces between the Department of Interior and Local Government and the Office of the Ombudsman (OMB) to strengthen anti-graft and corruption efforts in local government units (LGUs)

earned a warm reception from the city government here.

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Guingona seeks changes to beef up AMLA law

To protect the countrys financial integrity, Senator Teofisto TG Guingona III, together with Senator Sergio Osmena III, has filed Senate Bill No. 3123 which seeks to amend various provisions to the AntiMoney Laundering Act of the Philippines. Malacaang has certified the measure as urgent. In advocating for the immediate passage of the measure, Sen. Guingona believes that this is a positive signal of the Philippines commitment to the international financial community of ensuring

Dost names priority sMes in Bicol

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has identified the priority small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in manufacturing sectors of Bicol that would be placed under its productivity assistance program. These sectors to be assisted under the agencys Manufacturing Productivity Extension for Export (MPEX) program are engaged among others in agro and food processing; gift items and holiday decors manufacturing and; wood, bamboo, marble and leatherbased crafts all using locallyavailable materials.
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that the countrys banking system are bolstered by safe and lawful instruments. The international community classifies the Philippines as a high risk environment when it comes to

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650 Edsa Malibay, Pasay City Tel. Nos. 227-1933; 227-2115 519-6853; 855-8040 Telefax 855-8071


Polangui, Libon, Bato, Nabua, Iriga City, Buhi, Baao, Pili, Naga City. With booking offices at: Araneta Center Terminal, Pasay, Alabang, Turbina and LRT/Taft Buendia.

3rd floor, GerONiMO blDG., bArliN sT., NAGA CiTY (054) 472-57-71 TelefAx: (054) 475-62-62 CP 0921-3183720 / 0919-2822901 / 0920-5337766

bikol reporter

(Atty. APA chairman of Acyatan & Co., CPAs-DFK International - PICPA past president/Hall-of-Famer, ACPAPP Lifetime Achievement Awardee, and past chair of ASEAN Federation of CPA writes this syndicated column for selected CALABARZON & Bikol newsweeklies). ECOLOGY LAW: Albays Sanggunian Panlalawigan passed the requisite resolution which was signed as Ordinance 2011-3 by Gov. Joey Salceda last February 21, 2012 imposing the ban on the use of plastics within the province. The government is set to enforce the environment protection measure by mid 2012 thereby giving commercial establishments time within which to prepare for its full legal implementation. Albay is the first Philippine province to legislate an anti-plastic ordinance, though currently there are already several towns and cities with similar ordinances (including Muntinlupa). The ordinance prohibits the use of plastic bags, polysterene, and other non-biogradable synthetic packaging materials for goods sold to consumers in malls, public markets, groceries and commercial establishments. It is also aims to do away with industrial pollutants, ALTERNATIVE: The town of Lucban in Quezon Province has adopted earlier its anti-plastics law. The local ordinance suits the townspeople well, since the chosen substitute material now for their packages is pandan which abounds in the area. We estimate though that the continuing demand for pandan will soon deplete available supply as the source trees are now old and becoming fewer. There are no new plantings (which should

march 18 - 24, 2012

Weekly Reflection

fr. AllAN s. feNix

Albay Bans Plastics

opinions unlimited
be encouraged now)! Pandan trees grow in the areas around Mt. Banahaw with abundant rainfall whole year round. The areas near Bicol mountains (Isarog, Mayon, Malinao, Iriga among others) are good plantation sites for pandan. So also, studies should be made on how we can harness the mythical abaca as source of packaging materials. The easily tendered plants grow naturally in Bicol. The plastics ban is welcome development for our barrio folks as livelihood provider. SOLAR LAMPS: A non-profit organization (One Million Lights (OML) Philippines has tied up with battery maker Energizer to provide 2,750 units of solarpowered lights to poor families in distant areas that have no direct connections to electric power. The LED lanterns and bulbs will be given to qualified families in Catanduanes (Bicol), Rizal and Oriental Mindoro (Southern Tagalog), Eastern Samar, Kalinga, Apayao, Ifugao, and Mountain Province. The charitable tie-up is jointly sponsored with Caritas (Roman Catholic Churchs charity arm). The grant is not totally free. Recipients will be charged P30 to P300 per solar powered light, depending on the familys regular income. The sponsors say solar-powered lights are clean, safe, environmentally sustainable, and affordable for the beneficiaries. With available electric power erstwhile powerless barangays will have more productive endeavors. TAX REMINDERS: Taxpayers should file annual income tax returns to avoid penalties (and added interests and compromise charges). Corporations must pay income tax due (net of carry-over tax credits and creditable withholding, plus quarterly income taxes paid) as the income tax return is filed. Individuals may pay their income tax for the year in two installments with the second payment becoming due on or before July 15. Minimum wage earners (based on basic compensation) and employees (with just one employer) whose pays have been subjected to correct withholding (zero sum) need not file I/T returns. GREETINGS: Best wishes to my brothers in the Nu Kappa Phi Fraternity (Nueva Caceres Finest) and sisters in the Nu Kappa Beta Sorority (Nueva Caceres Best). Our simple dinner with some NKP brothers last week at the Crown Hotel brought back fond memories of our youth (50 years ago)! PROVERBS: A man of knowledge uses words with restraint; a man of understanding is ever even-tempered.

The Sun Shining Through

In the northern part of the country where I have been to, while I was away from our country, I noticed that the sun, after quite sometime of living in there, seldomly, except if it is the summer season, . shines brightly all throughout the day. The sky is usually overcast. Gloomy. Cloudy. It is, as if, it is always about to rain anytime during the day. When I first arrived there, I basked in the novelty of the place. In my eyes, everything seemed to be new. Wonderful. I was enjoying it all until, one day, when it dawned on me that, unlike what I ordinarily experience in our country, it was not that often when I can see the sun shining brightly up in the sky. My clothes were bursting apart at the seams. Washed clothes are not sun- dried. Rather, it is machine-dried. The clothes, inspite of its thickness, were no much from the vicious churnings in and out of the washing and drying machines. From that time on, I begun to miss the sun. Its light. Its rays. Its warmth.... Sun-dried clothes, of course, smell so differently. One day, when I went to renew my passport in our countrys diplomatic office in that place, the first thing I saw upon entering its glass doors was the sun conspicuously embroidered in our countrys flag which was fully spread out right in front. In my heart, I deeply felt that I really miss home. Then, there in there, I resolved to myself that , when my time in that place is over, I would readily want to go home to the warm embrace of my country where the sun shines throughout the day. After my time in that place was over, my decision to eventually go back home for good was right, after all, when I met a fellow priest who was , like me, away for sometime from our country. Our personal experiences were both the same. He told me that in the place where he had been to, the sun, as was also my experience, seldomly peeps out. Whenever a certain day is sunny, the people there consider it as a big miracle. So, if it is bright and sunny on a Sunday, expect that only a few will be in the churches for the mass. Because, by then, everyone will be outdoors for excursions, picnics, walks, long drives.... We, in our country, unknowingly, with the sun shining brightly upon us all throughout the year, are, indeed, so blessed. For us, here in our country, everyday is already one BIG miracle. In our personal lives, we keep on praying for miracles to happen. What are we still looking for? Everyday, it is already happening. We have the sun shining above us. We have to be joyful and thankful. I even agree with the recent banner slogan of our countrys tourism department which says; Its more Fun in the Philippines ! It is really more fun in our country because we have the sun shining all throughout our lives. With the sun shining throughout the year and our country, being known as the only Christian country in Asia, God is always with us. Because . . . He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. Matthew 5: 45 Everyday, what kicks me out of bed is the excitement of seeing again the dawn of another day full with the warm rays of the sun. I love the brightness of the sun. I enjoy being awake at the daytime witnessing and living in the light of the day. Whenever the sun sets for the day, I silently bade it goodbye and am happy that , in a matter of just a few hours of rest, I will again see another bright full day. Oh God, you are the sun of our lives. Like its rays, continually shower us with your graces that we may live in your holiness away from the wiles of temptations and sins around us.

Nine Tips to Being A Happy Mom

The month of March is International Womens Month. Hence, I am writing about 9 Tips to Being A Happy Mom. I believe it can be helpful to moms, dads and children. Thats why Im sharing it with our readers. This piece is from Atty. Kristine Bernarte. Nine Tips To Being A Happy Mom 1. Delegate Chores Do not waste time on unimportant things. Decide what is important for you in life, act accordingly and take the help of others. Remember, children love a happy mother, not a stressed-out one. Do not overexert yourself by getting trapped in little errands, missing out on the chance to be a positive influence on your little one. 2. Dont Neglect Yourself Nobody can replace you in your childs life. Ensure that you look after yourself before you look after your kids. Keep yourself well-fed, physically maintained, well-dressed and well-groomed. All these things add up to higher self-esteem, and your self-esteem levels reflect directly in your childs. Take the old adage health is wealth seriously. 3. Rediscover Your Husband He was the most special person in your

from my window
NeNiTA fueNTebellA-PeONes
life before your child was born, wasnt he? So, why exclude him now? Ramify your primary support system - find exclusive time for just the two of you. You will feel much more fulfilled when this area of life abounds with love and warmth. Moreover, the children of happilymarried couples tend to form solid relationships, respect others views, are emotionally mature,, have high selfesteem and are equipped to withstand heartbreaks in later life. 4. Dont Ignore Your Friends Friends are energy boosters. Good friends keep us motivated, fresh,

unburdened and inspired. We miss something out on something very important if we lose connection with our friends. Little issues keep arising in family and work life, and we all need someone reliable to share our travails with. Women specially, feel uplifted by warm conversation with a close friend. Our friends motivate and inspire us in our low times and help us lighten up. Expend the time and effort it takes to keep your friendships alive. All mothers need time to relax and rejuvenate. 5. Have An Active Lifestyle If we want to see our children active and energetic, we must be role models for them in this respect. If you want your child to pick up the habit of reading, be the avid reader first. If you want your child to have interest in arts, take him to exhibitions. If you want him to be healthy, take care of your health first. Let the child see you exercising daily, maintaining yourself in the gym or dance class. Let him see you meet people and enjoy their company. Dont let your life become boring drudgery (Turn to page 6)

Oh, what a criminal world

I have much reasons to be thankful these days. My youngest son, an architect, is working in one of the safest places on earth: Dubai. When he was in Metro Manila, at his first job after passing the board exams years back, my wife and I could not sleep well at night. We were constantly worried over his safety The image of the metropolis was that of a real jungle, inhabited by wild creatures, ready to devour the weak and the helpless. That has not only lingered in peoples minds. The picture has worsened if todays frenzy of crimes is any gauge. It is what almost everybody feels. Metro Manila is a lawless city. With countless evil men around, their lives no doubt hardened by poverty and deprivation, by the struggle for survival, you wont really feel at ease in the big city. Add to this forlorn condition, fires breaking out in many parts of the city

A Question of privilege

salvador d. flor

almost daily, and you have a tryst with death. Or a hide and seek with the Grim Reaper. The seemingly unstoppable lawlessness has given many people reasons to argue for a halt to the impeachment trial and a crackdown on criminal syndicates which are holding the country hostage.

In Dubai, that very dark image of our country is unreal, not existing. Pickpockets, snatchers, drug addicts, murderers, rapists exist only in the fertile minds of those watching crime movies. The authorities there do not treat felons with kid gloves. This mailed fist policy against lawbreakers has held vicious crimes in check. Punishment is swift and severe. If you do not want to literally lose your head in public execution, stay away from lawlessness. Your powerful politician-ninong cannot help you. Strangely, this country has all the laws to strike fear in the hearts of felons. But felons continue to flourish. Crime fighters are helpless. We have courts in towns and cities to try cases and finish them in record time. We have able prosecutors. We have other experts.
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march 18 - 24, 2012


bikol reporter

Sun Cellular warns public on text scams

In an effort to protect its subscribers from text scammers, Sun Cellular has issued a fresh warning regarding recent SMS-based scams that are made to look like promos of the mobile phone company. We advise the public to be especially vigilant as scammers are consistently coming up with new and creative ways of extorting load or money from unsuspecting mobile subscribers, particularly those using a postpaid line, says Reuben S.J. Pangan, Vice President for Customer Relationship Management of Sun Cellular. While this type of fraud has been around for years and despite several announcements to the public in the past, it seems these have not deterred these scoundrels from trying to scam the consumer, Pangan adds. Pangan said that in recent cases the scammers introduce themselves as representatives of Sun Cellular, stating that the receiver has won some sort of promo that make the potential victim eligible to avail of free items such as load, cash or service fee exemptions and discounts, among others. The message would then require a series of numbers to be sent to 2292, which causes the receiver to unintentionally send a specific amount of load to the scammers prepaid number. The set of numbers 2292 is the short-code number for Sun Cellulars Give-ALoad, which is a tool Sun Cellular subscribers use to send load credits to whomever they choose, usually relatives, friends or co-workers. Another modus operandi of text scammers is to pretend to be relatives of a certain subscriber claiming to be in an emergency or accident, or badly needing load credits. The scammer may pose as a child or a spouse or a parent needing load credits. We advise that these instances be immediately reported to the NTC, Pangan says. Only with an NTC directive or a court order can we effectively disconnect a prepaid line with an active load. Unfortunately even if we do so, the scammers will simply buy a new prepaid SIM card and try to victimize others. So the publics best defense against these scammers is to be vigilant and always check first if promos are legitimate. Subscribers are advised to refer to Sun Cellulars ads on TV, print or radio for information on official promos. Sun Cellular also regularly posts such promos on their website (, as well as on popular social networking sites. To check the legitimacy of promos, subscribers may log on to Sun Cellulars official Facebook page: or on Twitter: Customers may also call Sun Cellulars 24/7 Customer Service Hotline by dialing 200 from their cellphones. Subscribers may report fraudulent text messages to

the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) through their hotline: 92132-51. Sun Cellular is a member of the PLDT Group.

UNEP applauds new lawyers

Four more names from the University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) were added to the long list of its successful achievers. Now joining the rank of fresh lawyers are Ma. Asuncion R. Llaguno Francis P. Magistrado, Indira P. Napicol, and Fe Cecelia B. Turiano, all UNEP Law Graduates. The quartet names were released together with other successful bar examines who made it during the November 2011 Bar Exams. The result was released on February 29, 2012 by the Supreme Court. One thousand nine hundred thirteen (1,913) passers out of the 5,990 hopefuls made it during the rigorous examination. This, based on record is the second highest in the history of Bar Examinations having garnered a 31.95 passing percentage. The first one was in 2003 when the passing percentage grabbed a 32 per cent passing percentage. Atty. Remelisa AlfelorMoraleda, UNEP President and Dean College of Law saw this feat as another triumph on the quality of education that the university has envisioned. The UNEP-College of Law mission is to provide accessible quality legal education that will produce men and women skilled in the practice of law, committed to serve his fellowmen and promote the interest of justice at all times. The University of Northeastern Philippines (UNEP) College of Law came into existence through the efforts of the late Hon. Felix O. Alfelor Sr, then the Governor of Camarines Sur. The late Alfelor sets his ideals and worked for its realization as inspired by the bright insights of the sublime paralytic, Apolinario Mabini. Alfelor believed that the opening of law school would bring the vision of development in his beloved province closer to its realization. For thirty years now, the UNEP College of law has already produced quality graduates who are now weaving their own successful paths in different fields of endeavor. Truly, UNEP is the Home of Global Achievers.

bikol reporter

If there is one great interesting idea about investing in the teaching profession, it is the fact that no one can never be late to learn. Education is a life long process; life itself is a continuing process of learning. The most common form of getting oneself updated with the current trends, issues and globalization in education is to attend to national or international seminars approved by the Department of Education. Just recently four teachers of RNTVS were permitted to attend on official time an International Seminar held at DepEd-EcoTech Center, Lahug, Cebu City: Mrs Ida T. Ibarrientos T-ll (Science), Mrs.Edna M. Miraran T-ll (TVE), Dr. Arlene D. Recio T-l (TVE/Entrep.) and the author Mrs. Gina M. Manaog T-lll (Mathematics) The theme: EDUCATION REDUCING THEWORLD INTO A GLOBAL VILLAGE. This is about globalization in education and the big question is...How can we produce globally competitive graduates? DepEd is soon to start the K to 12, a program to address globalization. Our curriculum must be in accordance with the international standards. Our students need not be strangers to other countries if theyll be given the chance to study outside of the country and K to 12 is paving the way to international unity, peace and economic stability. DepEd has the

march 18 - 24, 2012


Education Reducing the World into a Global Village

GINA MINO-MANAOG Teacher lll Rinconada National Technical Vocational School Iriga City


Kindergarten Pupils, Graduating?

Yes, Virginia, even Kindergarten pupils are now graduating. And what does it mean? Only one. Additional expenses. Of course, parents whose children are mostly first born or only child are more than happy over the event. I learned they have been scouting for beautiful dresses and beautiful shoes to match. In most instances, it is not just an ordinary dress, it is a long gown. And it is no mean money to take care of these expenses. Not to be taken aside are the other expenses incurredfor picture taking, for blow-out, for the yearbook, etc. well, it seems their graduation (?) can not be helped. In the first place, the parents even will it. So, the event becomes a most welcome and happy matter. X, 6, is also graduating this March from her Kindergarten studies. And if she is very happy, her parents are more than happy. So, whats the fuss? The graduation outfit is now ready, the little girl had tried it over and over again and everytime she puts it on, you can just imagine the smile on her face. She is indeed very happy and so are her bigger brothers and of course, her parents. She wakes up every morning with a question, is today my graduation? No, honey, it would be next week yet. So, after graduation from the Kindergarten school. what now? The long journey begins. Elementary schooling in the next six years and if the child has to pursue her schooling in a private school, brace yourselves parents, the continuous expenses follow. But thats how it is. There is no getting educated without spending. And hopefully, the spending will pay off. After all, education is really not for free. Pre-school education can really be very costly if the child is enrolled in a private school. But dont underestimate public school education. It is highly competitive in terms of instruction. At any rate, congratulations to all who are graduating from Kindergarten. Your young life is just starting. Congratulations, more of them, to their parents. One thing is certain, these young graduates will sure find themselves in school by June to pursue their elementary education. Not some high school or even elementary graduates who may not have the chance to continue their studies because of constraints financially. These days, we see many young boys and girls out of school when they should be there but as fate may not be very kind to them. But high school education is necessary. It is a requisite to employment even in menial jobs. But the number of high school drop outs are increasing every year. The government must do something like provide high school education for free and it means FREE in bold capitals. Although it is mandated that basic education is free, it does not look like it is. It is a reality. email

(L-R) Ida T. Ibarientos, Edna Miraran, Atty. Brigido Corpuz, Gina M. Manaog (author), and Dr. Arlene Recio

highest budget allocation in the present administration and we are expected to be globally competitive in terms of facilities, teachers and graduates. Teachers need to prepare the youth to be able to engage the world. Going back to the question, how can we produce globally competitive graduates? Let us be reminded of the basics in educationmoral values, professionalism and the most important ALWAYS SET THE TONE AT THE TOPwhat is this all about? It gives emphasis that in the performance of our duties in whatever capacity we have being a teacher to our students, head teacher to teachers in his department, a principal to all his teachers and employees or the superintendent to everyone

in the division, we have to lead and excel because in the event of failure down line, no one else to blame but the lead person and we dont have to point fingers who is to blameits always the TONE AT THE TOP! Teachers need the building blocks to increase the individual capacity to meet challenges: l. Willingness to depart from tradition (shake the status quo) 2. Strategic decision (the readiness to decide now!) 3. Be an individual prime mover (the inner drive to pursue) 4. Go with the action vehicle (share a road map; to go in one direction) Globalization in education needs a commitment to focus and internalize the

value behind global learning adventure. Teachers need to be passionate while students need to be equipped with knowledge and skills to be able to face the ever flattening world. Hand in hand with globalization is Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Technology is fast phasing and the world tomorrow is being shaped in the classroom today. ICT increases network opportunities to students in the rural areas, it provides web-based distance learning to the usual correspondence and we even have the intertwining of the web. For example a teacher in Iriga City can research and scan a book at the Harvard University using the webbased distance learning while booking a flight to Cebu City thru the internet and after an hour is in Cebu City attending a seminar. What are the advantages of ICT? It increases accessibility to resources; it is an interactive learning experience and is student centered. Indeed technology is fast phasing but my fellow teachers, please be reminded that technology is not the teacher in the classroom, it is not the subject only assists in the process of achieving objectives and helps in the whole process of globalization. It is true that the world is just in our fingertips. Let us be part of the global learning adventure.

inner chess

18 eskwelahan sa Iriga benepisyaryo nin mga instructional materials

Kabilugang 18 eskwelahan sa Iriga an nagin benepisyaryo kan instructional materials na ipigtau kan Ako Bicol (AKB) Party List kaning nakalihis na Marso 13, 2012. Pinangenotan mismo kan AKB an turn-over ceremonies kan instructional materials gikan sa Children International Philippines Inc. dangan AKO Bicol sa Iriga City Public School Teacher and Employees Association. An programa iyu an pormal na pigpunan sa paagi kan pangadyi, nagtau nin inspirational message sinda Elias B. CalisuraAKB Political Affairs Assistant III dangan Rosalieh ConstanteLuces AKB Political Affairs Officer II. An mga eskwelahan na nabenepisyaran kan instructional materials sa ciudad nin Iriga iyu an mga minasunod: Iriga South Central School; Banao Elementary School; La Anunciacion Elementary School; La Medalla Elementary School; La Purisima Elementary School; La Trinidad Elementary School; Santiago Integrated School; San Antonio Elementary School; San Juan Elementary School; Sta. Vicente Sur Elementary School; Sta. Elena Elementary School; Sto. Nino Elementary School; Tiriktirikan Elementary School; Sta. Teresita Elementary School; San Isidro Elementary School; San Francisco RNTVS Annex HS; RNTVS Main HS; Day Care Center Sto. Domingo dangan San Juan Elementary School, Sto. Domingo. Huli digdi, grabeng kaogmahan kan mga paratukdo huli sa biyayang saindang naresibe na labi-labing makakatabang soboot sa pag-aadal kan mga kaakian.

5 CamSur breaks record anew, plants 1M mangrove trees

march 18 - 24, 2012

bikol reporter

A seConD guinness WorlD reCorD

Over 7,000 multi-sectoral volunteers gathered along the coast of Ragay Gulf in barangay San Rafael, Ragay (top photo) planted 1,009,029 mangroves over a six hectare area within one hour, earning for CamSur a second slot in the Guinness Book of World Records. The first world record was set February last year during the launching of the El Verde Movement initiated by Governor LRay Villafuerte when 64,096 trees were planted in Siruma in only 15 minutes, a record that stands unequalled up to now. Bottom photo shows a beaming Governor Villafuerte being conferred the certificate of confirmation by Guinness adjudicator Seyda Subasi Gemici. - gbc/camsurdigitalmedia/danreyarcilla

PILI, Camarines Sur ----- Determined to surpass its own record capped during the successful launching of El Verde Movement last year, Camarines Sur instead sets another category by being the first local government unit to plant million of mangroves in a span of one hour in an unprecedented tree planting stint participated in by more than 7,000 stakeholders. The result was officially announced by Ms. Seyda Subasi Gemici at the press conference held at Villa Del Rey, Capitol Compound here hours after the historic mass planting of mangrove propagules in the coastline of Barangay San Rafael, Ragay, Camarines Sur. Per official count, a total of 1,009,029 mangroves were simultaneously planted in a 60hectare planting site. This, according to Gemici is more than enough considering that only 10,000 mangrove are needed to open a new category. Instead of thousands, Camarines Sur produced millions, way beyond the minimum standard set by Guinness. Camarines Sur Governor Luis Raymond Villafuerte who was obviously elated with another world record

said that it would probably take more years before any municipality can replicate or surpass the history of this activity. We are in full support of President Benigno Aquinos

program for the environment, particularly the National Greening Program which aims to fill our lands with trees to help combat the ill effects of climate change. We envision to transform Ca-

marines Sur into the Green Capital of Asia. Mangrove, aside from its big contribution in balancing our ecosystem, also provides
breeding, nursery and feeding
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Executive Secretary N. Paquito Ochoa Jr. leads the launching of battery-powered commuter bus called eBus at the Kalayaan Grounds, Malacaang on March 16, 2012. The Climate Change Commission partnered with Victory Liner to produce the new breed of commuter bus under the program Victory Against Climate Change. The eBus, which can carry 52 passengers and run on 400V Winston Rare-Earth Yttrium Lithium-ion battery with a maximum speed of 90 kph, is one of the National Climate Change Action Plans responses to help reduce greenhouse gas emission in the country.

Ochoa turned on the ignition of a battery-powered commuter bus

Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr. turned on the ignition of a new breed of commuter bus that was designed to run on batteries thus, produces no greenhouse gas (GHG) and is a boon in the governments efforts to stop climate change. The introduction of the battery-powered bus, called eBus, was made possible through the program dubbed Victory Against Climate Change, a partnership between the Climate Change Commission and Victory Liner, one of the leading transportation operators in the country. President Benigno Aquino III is the Commissions Chairperson. Under Republic Act 9729, also known as the Climate Change Act of 2009, the Commission is mandated to promote and provide technical support to local research and development programs that will help address climate change. We are looking at the eBus as one of the vehicles that will carry government efforts to address the causes of climate change. The use of gasoline or diesel in our vehicles has been identified by science as one of the causes of climate change as it produces carbon dioxide, one of the major GHG in our atmosphere, Ochoa explained. Sec. Mary Ann Lucille L. Sering, Commission Vice Chair, said that the use of battery-powered vehicles is one of the strategies under the National Climate Change Action Plan (NCCAP) to help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. She also said that the greenhouse gas inventory of the Philippines revealed that the transportation sector is the highest emitter of greenhouse gases. You need not be an expert to recognize the problem of pollution in the cities, particularly in Metro Manila. Just look at our streets and you will see commuter vehicles belching black smoke. That is not only bad for our climate but also for our health, she said. Sering said that there is a need to engage the private sector more in the effort to fight against climate change and expressed hope that other transportation companies will adopt the new technology. The bus runs on 400V Winston rare-earth Yttrium Lithium-ion battery with a maximum speed of 90 kph. The bus has 26 seats but can carry a total of 52 passengers.

Donsol Bantay Dagat steps up preservation of local tourism

SORSOGON CITY -Bantay Dagat adhoc committee in Donsol town has organized the Bantay Dagat Federation to preserve and develop the rich marine resources and sustain ecotourism industry of their municipality. In a meeting Tuesday (March 13), Salvador P. Adrao Jr., former tourism officer of Donsol, now a councilor and lead convenor of the Donsol Bantay Daga, said that the measure is an offshoot of the Bantay Dagats previous meetings to come up with the different strategies to protect and conserve the whale shark , thus improving the existing guidelines in its protection and their other rich marine resource. The whale shark is our money- generating provider that even led to the tremendous development in our municipality in terms of world exposure, and which change our life in our once before unknown town, Donsol,Adrao said. Our town is now truly famous because of the whale shark ( rhincodon typus) the biggest known fish in the world, that thrives here in our municipal waters and have made Donsol as one of the worlds best ecotourism destinations today in our country, he said. Adrao also said starting January of this year, although there were rains, this situation did not stop the coming of tourists in Donsol from different places the world over. The whale shark of Donsol is now a world renown phenomena in terms of tourism destinations, and tourists
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ADiAngAo CAve

A team from the DENR Regional Office in Legazpi City headed by Forester Juan B. Belardo inspected the Adiangao Cave upon the request of Mayor Antonio B. Chavez of San Jose, Camarines Sur to evaluate and assess its importance. He was accompanied by Danilo L. Medenilla, Jam Philip A. Peralta, Bernardo B. Vergara, Jr., all from Legazpi City; Forester

Rameses Marco S. de los Santos, Maria Rosena D. Concepcion and Manuel Tengco Jr. of PENRO-Camarines Sur and assisted by Engr. Alma P. Penola, Engr. Erilyn Teoxon, Engr. Gabrial Obias, German Padin, Raymundo B. Selestre and Quirino Pervera, Jr., all of LGUSan Jose, Camarines Sur.

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dost names priority smes . . .
Most of those engaged in agro and food processing especially in Sorsogon, Albay and Camarines Sur make use of pili nut in the manufacturing of sweet products and abaca crafts for export and local consumptions while gift items and holiday decors makers in the same provinces are into shellcraft and other handicrafts of indigenous materials. Furniture shops of wood, rattan and bamboo, marble carvers and leather craft makers in Albay and Camarines Sur have also qualified, DOST regional director for Bicol Tomas Brias on Monday said. Local enterprises involved in information technology, micro electronics and metals and engineering for auto parts are also included. Most of them are in Albay, particularly in this city. The MPEXs assistance, according to Brias would be in forms of productivity consultancy services, business audit, technical, training, venture financing and prototype development. Apart from introducing productivity strategies to different firms in the export sector and potential exporters, the MPEX program also provides productivity improvement measures for immediate implementation and initiates other forms of assistance to develop these manufacturing sectors. MPEX which was launched here over the weekend seeks to improve the sectors productivity by at least 30 percent through in-house consultancy for the improvements in the overall operation of the firms. The consultancy is to be provided by the DOSTs Technology Application and Promotion Institute (TAPI) field productivity consultancy teams composed of industrial engineers and experts. Brias said the productivity improvement is focused among others on capacity utilization, product design and packaging, layout, production planning and control and materials management system. The identified beneficiaries, he said are SMEs in the manufacturing sector in the region that are legally registered with at least P500,000 capitalization or a minimum of 10 workers. These companies either have established export market or regular sub-contract with exporters. To avail of the program, he said interested enterprises falling within the SME classification may be endorsed by industry associations, recommended by MPEX consultants or may apply directly to the DOST regional office here. Participation to the program, Brias said is free of charge. However, full commitment and cooperation of the firm beneficiary is required especially in sharing relevant information with the consultancy team. Once endorsed or recommended, the potential beneficiaries would undergo screening by DOST program coordinators that will look into the total number of workers, value of business, annual volume of production, size of the factory and on the potential intervention of MPEX. Pre-qualification of firms would be done by consultancy teams and by the DOST regional office which shall be responsible for the selection of firms beneficiaries and matching in consultation with firm beneficiary and team concerned. Selected firms shall signify their agreement in writing by signing the commitment contract Under the consultancy procedure, Brias said each firm designates their own personnel law, not only to make the Philippines compliant with international standards, but also to ensure that our banks are not being used as havens for unlawfully acquired funds. This is very important for the countrys financial integrity and economic development, Guingona said. Likewise, Guingona is currently sponsoring a measure which seeks to allow the AntiMoney Laundering Council, through a court order, to inquire into bank deposits based on an ex parte application, which means that there is no need to inform the owner of the account. The same measure seeks to allow courts other than the Court of Appeals, to issue freeze orders. These courts include the regional trial courts and the Sandiganbayan. Guingona said the bills serve to reinforce the countrys legal framework on anti-money laundering and to ultimately curb all forms of money laundering in the country.

march 18 - 24, 2012

to assist the MPEX team during project implementation while basic performances indicators including capacity utilization, output per worker, wasteage levels existing manufacturing and related operation are to be measured at the start of the consultancy. Assessment of product design and packaging materials used, processes and operation involved, machines and equipment used, plant and other facilities, layouts, production planning and control system, quality control system, overall organization and human resource utilization, as well as support services employed will be done afterwards. Then, the MPEX team in consultation with the firms, identifies areas where potential for productivity improvement is great and carries out an indepth analysis on its concerns and formulate recommendations for implementation of firm beneficiaries. If needed, services of technology experts in relevant to the firms operations will also be tapped. Recommendations are discussed and validated with the firms management and whenever possible, implemented immediately. A technical report shall be submitted by the team to DOST regional office and endorse to TAPI at the end of the consultancy period that would be for three months, Brias said. The implementation of the MPEX program in Bicol is in cooperation various agencies in the region, including the Bicol University (BU) with main campuses in this city and the Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges (CSPC) in Pili, Camarines Sur. Both state-owned schools are helping in the realization of this program in the region, he added. -Danny O. Calleja

GuinGona seeks chanGes . . .

banking practices. We strongly believe that an enhanced AMLA law would contribute greatly to a more positive perception of the countrys banking system, Guingona said. In explaining the significant amendments found in his proposed bill, Guingona stated that there is a need to expand the list of offenses related to money laundering and this will now include, among others, terrorism, bribery, malversation, carnapping, and tax evasion. Moreover, Guingona proposes to penalize activities which result to the conversion, transfer, and disguise of dirty money. He pointed out common examples where stolen money is used to place huge bets in casinos, buy expensive jewelries for later sale, acquiring real estate properties, or transferring them to the accounts of family members as in the infamous case of General Ligot. There is indeed an urgency to put more teeth to the AMLA

camsur . . .
areas for many varieties of life who find solace under the sturdy roots of the mangrove trees. It also helps in combating erosion since it also filters upland run off. They also serve as seawalls and provide protection to the costal residents in times of water surge. Villafuerte also said that the massive planting was also a tribute to all women in line with the celebration of the International Womens day. Under the theme Million Mangroves for Women, Environment and the Future, the activity endeavors to give recognition to the significant contribution of women in nurturing the environment. To date, more or less 5.3M new trees had been planted in various parts of the province, particularly in its coastal and barangay outskirts. This is already close to the targeted 12M trees which the province aims to achieve. Governor Villafuerte aims to hit the mark before the end of 2012. -LSMacatangay

from my window . . .
choose to make it a thrilling, wholesome experience. 6. Love Yourself Love, respect and accept yourself completely. Treat yourself gently and avoid self-criticism. Forgive yourself your mistakes - learn from them and move ahead. Dont drain yourself with guilt or self pity. Rather, celebrate your unique identity - you are contributing in a very significant way, are special and possess the ability to spread love and peace all around. Love yourself to the extent that it overflows to your children. 7. Practice Spirituality Try meditation and prayer - these are wonderful ways to remain connected to your higher power, and to retain/regain your peace and serenity. Practicing spirituality not only helps you - you are equipping your children with the most powerful life techniques in the process. 8. Follow Your Dreams Motherhood becomes the top priority for most of us, and that is as it should be. However, your kids need your exclusive attention only for a few years - after that, do address your passions, hobbies and even a job, if you are ambitious. We need to occupy ourselves constructively to be fulfilled. Lets not allow our dreams to wither away ... we will wind up feeling unworthy and spread unhappiness all around us. 9. Count Your Blessings Start your day this way. Enumerate your blessings and remind yourself that you have numerable reasons to be grateful. Dont take your blessing for granted, or they will not be blessings anymore. Be grateful for your health, your family, your career, your friends, Natures elements all around you, your childs laughter, the pat of an elders, your spouses support and your faith in God. It gives you composure and reduces the perceived burden of your problems. Enjoy life and let the kids learn from you how to live with zeal. Time passes by so quickly - you will notice the days slip into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. Kids grow fast! Make their childhood memorable by making your life wonderfu. Do little things with great love, spirit and enthusiasm. Dont be a parent who incessantly worries over petty issues - be one who thoroughly enjoys parenthood and life as whole. Remember - attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching? Spare your children an kind of negativity, and let them learn a positive attitude from you. Life is continuous growth and we keep learning throughout the process. Learn to be happy. We can only pass on what we have ourselves...

a question of . . .
Nothing seems to work. In Legazpi City, crime gangs appear to take firm roots. They have apparently learned the tricks of the trade from their Metro Manila cousins. Bukas kotse groups have surfaced. Riding in tandem criminals have emerged. So are swindlers, drug traffickers, holdup men, thieves. You name them and we have them. When I first moved my family to Legazpi City years ago, lawlessness was a few drunken men and inconsequential number of matons. The riding in tandem thugs? They were unreal beings. The only notorious gang was the Spider Gang in Bonot, Legazpi City, stealing goods from trucks passing through its lair. But a media campaign started by the Bicol Reporters Association for Development had resulted in the gangs demise. The world has changed. The countrys peace and order has deteriorated. There is no safe place anymore. The castle in England which could not be invaded by the king without the owners consent is in the Philippines not immuned from invasion by felons. If you relax your vigilance, you may find them inside your house, carting away your money, your jewelry, your other precious possessions. Fortunately in Legazpi City, carnappers and their much dreaded cousins , the carjackers, do not yet surfaced. But why are crimes more common in so called free states and not so common in non-democratic countries? And what is terribly wrong with our country?

EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE WITH WAIVER OF RIGHTS NOTICE is hereby given that the estate of the late Sps. JULIAN ABILLONAR and HONDRADA PARCO who died on June 5, 1978 and on January 12, 1946, respectively, both leaving without any will; left certain real property situated at La Victoria, Bula, Camarines Sur in the name of the deceased Julian Abillonar; that to the best of their knowledge the decedent left no debts; that the parties with full capacity to contract agree and adjudicate to herein MAXIMA P. ABILLONAR-SORETA the mentioned real property, thereby respectively waiving their rights of share and inheritance to the said property, all in favour of their sister MAXIMA P. ABILLONARSORETA, as acknowledged before Notary Public Atty. Florante B. Nacor, per Doc. No. 161, Page No. 33, Book No. XI, Series of 2009. BIKOL REPORTER Published: MARCH 18, 25; APRIL 1, 2012

AFFIDAVIT OF SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE BY SOLE HEIR NOTICE is hereby given that Demetrio G. Sacueza, Jr. is the sole and only heir of the late PEDRO SACUEZA, who died intestate on May 7, 2006 at Bato, Camarines Sur, which is their residence at the time of death; left a parcel of land containing an area of 6,103 square meters, situated at Agos, Bato, Camarines Sur under Tax Declaration No. 97-015-0274, with a Certificate of Title issued and registered in the name of the sole heir; that said affidavit is being executed in compliance with the requirements of the DENR in filing a free patent application, per Doc. No. 4007, Page No. 02, Book No. IX, Series of 2011, before Notary Public Atty. Maximino A. Badilla.
BIKOL REPORTER Published: March 4, 11 and 18, 2012

priMe lot for sAle

Location: Near Villa Caceres Hotel, Avenue Plaza Ideal for business/residential/tourism lots of potential. All 2012 taxes paid

Republic of the Philippines OFFICE OFTHE MUNICIPAL CIVIL REGISTRAR Camaligan, Camarines Sur

In compliance with Section No. 5 of R.A. No. 9048, a notice is hereby served to the public that ASUNCION ALIPAR ENRIQUEZ, has filed with this Office a Petition for Change of First Name from MARIA ASUNCION to ASUNCION in the Certificate of Live Birth of MARIA ASUNCION MAAGO ALIPAR who was born on APRIL 8, 1945 at Santo Tomas, Camaligan, Camarines Sur and whose parents are SIMPLICIO SORIANO ALIPAR and GORGONIA MAAGO under Registry Number 2000-141. Any person adversely affected by said petition may file his written opposition with this office not later than March 25, 2012. (Sgd.) ROSDAN SJ. FRANCISCO Municipal Civil Registrar
BIKOL REPORTER Published: March 11 and 18, 2012

Lot Area: 400 sqm Price: P5M negotiable Clean title

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Upland farmers benefit from forest project

LEGAZPI CITY -- A total of 1, 884 upland farmers from the Bicol region are continuously benefiting from the Community-Based Forest Management (CBFM) program of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources according to the 2011 accomplishment report of the DENR Forest Management Service (FMS). The report discloses the implementation of 33 livelihood and agro-forestry CBFM projects regionwide covering a total of 1, 849 hectares, seven of which have already been turned over to the regional office; the others are on its project phase. Among the projects accomplishments for 2011 are the establishment of agro-forestry plantations, setting-up of nursery propagation and composting, and purchase and distribution of carabaos to members of organized groups. Agro-forestry farm development is the planting of forest trees combined with agricultural crops. Anchored on the core objectives of poverty alleviation and hunger mitigation, the projects under CBFM carry out this objective by improving the productivity of upland communities by generating additional income and promoting food security. Since 2007, the CBFM has been supporting the upland development initiatives in Bicol by providing financial assistance from the Agrarian Reform Fund (ARF) under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). According to Joselin Marcus Fragada, DENR Bicol regional executive director, the multi-faceted goal and results espoused by CBFM CARP program have enticed more peoples organizations (POs) to join the project and become forest stewards. In reply, the foresters involved in the said program expressed their expectation for more projects to come in 2012 as more POs have signified their intent to enter into agreement with the DENR. The CBFM program was adopted in the Bicol region in 1994 pursuant of Executive Order No. 263 adopting CBFM as a national strategy to ensure the sustainable development of the countrys forest resources. Through this program, the DENR aims to empower and train people or communities become effective partners in the sustainable management of forest resources. Included in the project are areas classified as forest lands and other allowable zones within protected areas not covered by prior vested rights. Qualified beneficiaries are people actually residing within or adjacent to forest lands who are tilling portions of the area or traditionally using the forest resources for livelihood. They are then organized into peoples organization to represent the interest of members and protect and maintain forest land entrusted to their stewardship. According to the latest DENR report, 117 Community-Based Forest Management Agreements (CBFMAs) in the Bicol region cover 49, 140.33 hectares of land with 117 peoples organization benefiting 9, 327 individual household members from the provinces of Albay, Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, Masbate, and Sorsogon.

trAil inspeCtion


DENR Regional Executive Director Joselin Marcus Fragada (center) and Regional Technical Director Felix Mendoza inspect the trail in Mayon Volcano Natural Park (MVNP), Lidong, Sto. Domingo, Albay. The DENR Bicol proposes a consolidation of the various trails leading to the base camps and summit of Mayon Volcano to keep the environs protected from intrusion.

leGaZpi welcomes . . .
The City Government welcomes this new development as we in Legazpi subscribe to the agenda of Pres. Benigno Aquino III in stamping out both in national and local governments the culture of corruption that has been downgrading the living conditions of our people while upgrading the lifestyle of the grafters, City mayor Geraldine Rosal on Wednesday said. The lady local chief executive was referring to the partnership recently formed through a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the DILG and the OMB that stipulated the harmonization of programs and initiatives of both agencies relative to the prevention of corruption in all provinces, cities, municipalities and barangays. The MOA was recently signed by DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo and Ombudsman Conchita Morales. Gone were the days when corrupters were glorified and the whistleblowers crucified. We in Legazpi are helping ourselves and the Aquino administration reverse the situation as we appreciate the efforts of the DILG and the OMB, she stressed. At last, Rosal said after several government agencies including some LGUs have been tainted with corruption during the past administration and lost its credibility, the present overseers of these agencies are starting with renewed fervor. In a statement related to the DILG-OMB agreement which was received here over the week, Robredo said corruption is one of the challenges faced by local governments as it affects the quality of public services, investment climate, and economic development. He said that since local governments, by nature, closely deal with people, effects of corruption are quickly felt, hence, there is a need to build a partnership with the Ombudsman and come up with preventive measures against corruption in LGUs. We have agreed to work together in promoting good governance in the LGUs by harmonizing our respective reform programs, according to Robredo. The DILG chief cited the Integrity Development Review (IDR) program of the OMB which will be matched with the Local Governance Performance Management System (LGPMS) and Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH) programs of the DILG. The IDR is a program that assesses sufficiency of corruption safeguards and corruption vulnerabilities within an agencys systems including those of the LGUs, while the LGPMS is a self-assessment and development

tool that helps local governmets determine their progress in various sectors. On the other hand, the SGH is an award program recognizing performing LGUs based on predetermined performance indicators, making them eligible for accessing the Performance Challenge Fund (PCF). PCF is an incentive fund in recognition of good governance performance particularly in the adoption of good housekeeping which comes in the form of counterpart funding for Local Development Projects under the LGU Annual Investment Program (AIP). It is funded out of the 20 percent Local Development Fund (LDF) which are consistent with the national development. The city government here was among the early recipients of the good housekeeping citation from the DILG and given entitlement to a P20-million allocation from the PCF. Through this incentive, we were able to open the window to manifest our competitive spirit and high-octane performance so that, hand in hand with the national government, ensure that

economic development sets in at the local level to help eradicate or dramatically reduce poverty incidence in the locality, Rosal said. Robredo explained that the collaborative efforts of the DILG and OMB will come into play by using selected indicators of the IDR as indicators for the SGH and LGPMS, and in like manner, the LGPMS integrity report can be used by the IDR as guide in determining LGUs action to scale up corruption prevention or integrity related initiatives. To effectively carry out the agreement, he said a Joint Management Committee (JMC) and a Joint Technical Working Group (JTWG) to be composed of officials and personnel from the two agencies shall be created. The JMC and JTWG shall provide overall guidance in the implementation of the program and ensure coordination among local government units. The MOA likewise provides for the designation of resident Ombudsman coordinators (ROCs) in all local government units to be recommended by the local chief executive, Robredo added. -Danny O. Calleja

donsol . . .
who go for adventure for an up close and personal thrill have made Donsol the prime ecotourism destination here in the Philippines,Adrao said. The plan in preserving the Donsol marine resources with organizational structures involving other agencies mandated to assist in the conservation of the environment and promotion of tourism. Now that the summer season is on, we have to be more vigilant in implementing the presrvation of our marine resources and adherence to our tourism rules, Adrao underscored. The Bantay Dagat Municipal Federation zeroed in on the commitment to have a sense of urgency in showing how tourism in their locality should be valued with discipline, how tourists should be provided security, treated with respect, and how the implementation of tourism rules, particularly in the conservation and preservation of their marine resources, will be given importance to sustain their place as a prime ecotourism destination.

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