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NOVEMBER 5, 2012

ITS DEBATE DAY! ! Todays the day the campaigns have been waiting for. Thats right, its Monday, the day of the great debate between two great republican candidates. During todays debate, Tyler Schmitz will be our strong-willed moderator. The topics that will be covered, time permitting, will be: 1. Abortion 2. Gay Rights 3. Border Control 4. Allen West 5. Omar Quote 6. Military / Gun Rights ! Students will be dismissed at 2:50 to come and see the two candidates duke it out in whats guaranteed to be the debate of the year at SLHS. We will take turns asking each candidate to answer a question. They will have a minute to respond to the question, then the opposing candidate will have 2 minutes to respond with a rebuttal to their answer. If the candidate chooses, they may respond to the rebuttal of the opposing candidate, giving them a minute of time to do so. Brooklyn Wackerbarth will be the timer for the debate, making sure the candidates stay on their toes. ! On the next page you will be able to see what the candidates stand for in a list called a platform. Candidates use platforms to express their views, and to refer back to when expressing what they agree or dont agree with. Sadly, we have only received a platform from Ulysses S. Alderados campaign team. Im not quite sure what this will mean for the Omar campaign, but hopefully hell pull through during the debate to make up for not submitting a platform for the public eye. The choice is up to you. ! The Government Gazette interested to see what the reaction will be before and after todays debate. Please answer this survey (http:// stating who you will vote for. The results will not be published until after the election is over. We will compare the election results before and after the debate to encourage a conversation about the eect that the debate had on the campaigns. By: Brooklyn Wackerbarth

Government Gazette
The Debate!!!!!- 1 Platforms - 2 Newspaper Reaction - 3 Wills Corner - 3 Polls Results - 4 Candidate cash cows - 5 Picture snafu - 5 Interviews - 6 - Omar campaign - Mr. Fredriech


ULYSSES S. ALDERADO - PLATFORM Abortion: Pro-choice We believe that a women should not be allowed to abort a baby. We believe that life begins at conception, and there are other options like adoption to save the babies life. Gun rights: For them We believe in the second amendment, and that American citizens should have the right to bear arms. Healthcare: Against Universal Healthcare We believe that every citizen has the right to medical coverage, but that it is not the governments responsibility to pay for it. Marijuana: For medical use with taxation and strict control We believe that in the case of harsh medical treatments, like chemotherapy, medical marijuana should be legal. However it should be strictly monitored and taxed. Gay Rights:For states having the rights We believe that gay rights should remain the same, and that the power should be left with the states. That way if someone has a strong feeling one way or another, they can move states to where they feel more comfortable.

NOVEMBER 5, 2012

Ulysses S. Alderado

OMAR IKKA - PLATFORM No platform has been submitted for Omar Ikka.



NOVEMBER 5, 2012

STUDENTS REACTION TO THE NEWSPAPER ! We are halfway into the government campaigns and yet so many underclassman are not reading the newspaper. Is this a probl-- Yes. This is a major problem because it shows how little informed they are when it comes to the election. The posters are hanging out in the hallways and the candidates beliefs are right beside them. Beacons of information for informed readers. However, these beacons mean WILL CORNER S ! Talk rapidly and at length in an idle or trivial way, by dictionary denition that is what the word means, and appropriately so, for the 500 million users that use the social networking / microblogging site: Twitter. This rapidly growing internet sensation was originally created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey as he was an undergraduate student at New York University. Since 2006, the site has grown immensely. Twitter climbed its way to the third spot in social networking from its 22nd spot in the year 2009, and since then it has grown to be pumping out 340 million tweets daily. ! When asking around, almost everyone is found tweeting, retweeting, or hash-tagging their life over the internet. Twitter has served as a pivotal platform for musicians, actors, businesses, and government classes in a heated campaign unit alike to advertise their product or dish out propaganda. The rising popularity of the chirping birds website has proved to be a crucial part of society today. By: Will Norris nothing to people who dont read the newspaper. ! Alec Harrington was one of the few that had read the newspaper and mentioned it had many important topics. Many other students including; Austin Fagen, Peyton Smith, and Cody Wernimont, do not look at the newspaper and are not interested in it. With this in mind, we are up to suggestions on how we can make the newspaper more enjoyable to read. Please submit your suggestions to: By: Brady Mart & Adam Eral


SAME SEX MARRIAGE POLL ! Should a couple who is in love be able to marry if they are of the same gender? It was a pretty even tie in Fridays poll. This is a topic with two sides. One, is that they are in love and how is it any dierent than a man and women who are in love. On the opposite side, two people of the same gender teach our children that this is a morally acceptable practice. There are several famous celebrities that are in relationships to a person of the same gender: Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Lambert, Lindsay Lohan, and Neil Patrick Harris. ! Five states allow same sex couples to marry; those states are Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Many of you believed that states should have the right to decide if same sex marriage should be legal in their state.

NOVEMBER 5, 2012

The majority of the students polled feel that a couple should be legally able to marry someone of the same sex, but what if they want to adopt a child? ! This controversial topic of same sex couples adopting children raises many questions about the upbringing of the child. The child might feel deprived of a parent from the opposite sex. In the same recent poll, almost two thirds of students believe that the couple should be allowed to adopt children. Same sex marriage is a topic that will always be debatable in the time to come. By: Kelly Hutchins



Are you for or against same sex marriage? 0 Yes No 20 40 60

Should we let the states decide its legality? Should same sex couples be allowed to adopt? 0 14 28 42 56 70

OUR NEXT POLL: ! Listen up, hunters! The candidates have been speaking about many issues the past few days. One issue you havent heard them talk about though, is gun control. What are there opinions on it? The Government Gazette asked each candidate a couple questions concerning their views on gun control. We would also like to know your views on gun control. Please take the survey! ( Ulysses S. Alderado believes that citizens have the right to bear arms, although there should be rules enforced. All guns should have safeties on them but it is up to the owner on how they store them in their own home. He supports the current age limit on guns, which is 18 for ries, and 21 for handguns. Citizens can own as many guns as they would like, this excludes military-style rearms, as long as a background check is run. By: Ashley Riewe


LEADING LOBBYISTS ! While all government students are required to contribute to the campaign unit in some way, several students have clearly striven above others this year. ! Students can contribute to their campaign by typing notes over certain topics, writing papers, making keynotes, sketching posters, really almost anything to get their candidates point across. They then turn in those projects in for points or money to spend on the campaign. People spend money on things that advertise their candidate, whether its a poster, campaign buttons, stickers, t-shirts, candy, a Facebook page, Twitter page, or an intercom message. ! Of course, some people do more than others in each campaign, but each campaign denitely has its over-achievers. For Ulysses S. Alderado, those people are Michael Tolan and Sydney Spies. Michael has raised $435 for his campaign while Sydney has

NOVEMBER 5, 2012

raised over $330. Some some the leading campaigners for Omar Ikka are Nick Wetzeler and Katie Hamilton, raising $520 and $465 consecutively. In the Special Interest Group, Lauren Shell has raised $525 and Jordan Hale $375. ! Every one of these lobbyists has done an excellent job, but there is still one person that has gone above and beyond. That title goes to Trystan Wiedow of the Omar Ikka campaign. He has raised a staggering $900; thats $350-$500 more than the other top contenders and close to 20% of his campaigns overall fund. Congratulations to Trystan, and let this be a challenge to you senior lobbyists out there. Can you beat Trystans record? Well have to wait and see. By: Maggie Ostrum

IKKA EXPLAINS PICTURE SNAFU ! In the upcoming days, when people are wondering who the candidates of this election are, the picture of Allen West may come to mind. Allen West was the picture that was used to represent candidate Omar Ikka, and was truly a false portrayal. The party of Omar simply said that the two, Omar Ikka and Alan West, are running mate friends and look very very similar, hence the confusion. This makes perfect sense and it was just a little technical glitch when they chose the wrong picture. This is now cleared up for all of the doubters of Omar Ikka out there, he is not Allen West. TRIVIA 1. How many bathrooms are in the White House? 2. Why is the presidential election in November? 3. What is psephophobia? 4. The United States has never lost a war when _ _ _ _ _ are used. Submit your answers to
By: Maggie Ostrum



NOVEMBER 5, 2012

! Last Friday, The Government Gazette interviewed students Rick Maris, Brandon Stoll and Cody Poock, associated with the Ikka campaign, about various topics that have occurred thus far in the election cycle. They unanimously agreed that the Ikka campaign was ready to go for the debate today. No hesitation was shown, proving that they could be a great contender for Mr. Alderado. Next, we asked them about a guest speaker who came to our government classrooms, here are their responses: What did you think about Mr. Harringtons speech about healthcare? Rick Maris - We basically learned that it would be tough to completely get rid of Obamacare, but the ! best option would be to clean up around the edges to perfect it. Brandon Stoll - I would say (he) informed us very well, but we are sticking to repealing Obamacare; we like ! some parts of it, but not enough that we would change our opinion. Cody Poock - *Shakes head* ! Last week, our team discovered that Omar Ikkas photo is representing none other than Allen West. A representative from Florida. When asked about the photo, each responded that this was a technical glitch, yet they have failed to provide the newspaper with a picture of Allen and Omar together, which would truly silence doubters. As vague as this may appear, the Omar campaign seems to know one thing: Would you like to win the election? Cody Poock - Is that a rhetorical question or what!? Yeah, I want to win! By: Brooklyn Wackerbarth Interviews conducted by: Paige Krause

! When asked what he knew about the election of the government classes of the Spirit Lake High School, Friedrich knows whats up, Omar Ikka was the rst I heard of the election. I saw them putting up a sign. At rst, Friedrich even thought he was going to side with Omar Ikka, because, They were putting up signs and doing the most with the election. ! Then, Ulysses S. Alderado representatives came to Friedrich and told him more about their platform. Friedrich likes Ulysses for being the representative because they are Pro-life, while Omar is Pro-choice. Ulysses also wants to repeal ObamaCare and will not cut money to the troops that keep our country safe. Friedrich endorses Ulysses S. Alderado, who brought him cookies, which Im told were amazing. ! Friedrich also commented on the polls and newspaper. I thought the surveys were well-worded and fair, not trying to lead you to go one way or another. He also thinks that the newspaper is really good. So, to all of those that think the newspaper is entirely biased, think again! By: Mariah Wills