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Xaviers Adventure: Quest For The Lost Treasures


Ruth B. Carandang
Technological Institute of the Philippines 243 Sampaguita St. Quezon Avenue, Quezon City 09214264048 ruth_hermione18@yahoo com

Rizzi Dianne A. Narido Xaviers Adventure is composed of four stages with different Technological Institute of the Philippines must finish the current stage to go to the levels. The player next level. As default, the first available stage for the first18 Block 1, Kaingin 1 Brgy. Pansol, Quezon City time gamer is the stage one called Way to the Forest. The player must completed the current or available stage to go to 09997517087 the next one.

Engr. Junnel E. Avestro 2.2 STORY, SETTING AND CHARACTER Adviser Crezel D. Sales
Technological Institute of the Philippines Tumana, Marikina City 09124728452


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2.2.1 Story Narrative

The game composed of three stages. Each stages is composed of different levels/

The first stage, Way to the Forrest is about Xaviers Quest to find the Surigaos Gold ornaments. The first stage begins with Master Z, Xaviers teacher telling him to travel back in time to find the ornaments and save it. Xavier travels and the machine bought him into a town, during the Japanese era. He needs to find his way to the forest where he can find the cave where the ornaments are hidden. But he has to be careful because of the obstacle on his way.


Xaviers Adventure is an adventure-educational game about Xavier and his mission to save the lost treasure of his country by travelling in time.

The second stage is called Gift from the King. This episode is about Xavier travelling back in time again to find another treasure called the Kampilan. The machine stopped on a forest where he needs to hunt an animal to present as a gift to the king. When he and the king became at ease with each other, the kings enemy attack

the town and Xavier needs to save the kings life from death.