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EpaCAD v1.

Developed by ITA Universidad Politcnica de Valencia

EpaCAD allows converting AutoCAD files which contain pipes into files that can be opened with EPANET, the most popular water distribution system analysis program


Enter the AutoCAD file path. File should have .dxf extension (AutoCAD allows to save files with this extension). EpaCAD program reads files saved as dxf from AutoCAD R12/LT2/2000/LT2000/2004 and later versions.

Once the file is loaded::

Pipe layers selection

Select the layers which contain the pipes of model (a single or multiple selection is allowed).

Conversion Mode

Indicate the conversion mode of the polylines of the selected layers. There are two options:

Vertex Mode:

Polyline becomes a single pipe. AutoCAD polyline EpaCAD pipe

This mode allows simplifying model, only will be characterized two nodes and one pipe.

Node Mode:

Each polyline vertex is converted into a node, therefore each segment of the polyline becomes a different pipe. AutoCAD polyline EpaCAD pipes

This modality allows introducing different properties in each node and in each segment of the polyline.

Connection Tolerance

It is possible to define the tolerance with which the program considers that two contiguous pipes are connected. The default tolerance value used by de program is zero. In case another tolerance value is desired, a numerical value can be manually introduced (in meters). Consider the following examples:

Tolerance 1: if the distance between the two nodes of the lines is closer than the defined tolerance, EpaCAD considers that both pipes are connected. AutoCAD lines EpaCAD pipes


Tolerance 2: in other case, EpaCAD considers that both pipes are independent: AutoCAD lines EpaCAD pipes


Once the network has been converted, EpaCAD shows a previsualization. If the previsualization is correct press FINALIZE bottom indicating the path where the .inp file must be saved later.

Another icons of the program:

The program opens the last generated file in EPANET. EPANET must be installed in your computer firstly.

EpaCAD connects to ITA server for checking the existence of a new program version.

Download the program help.

Information about the program development and the installed version.

For any question or suggestion about the program: Javier Soriano Olivares Degree Industrial Engineer ITA. Universidad Politcnica de Valencia