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OWbN Giovanni Genre

Writer: Daniel L. Gill, Jr. Editor: Christina C. Peterson & Michael Yesenofski

Backgrounds by John Mann, Thicker than Blood – OWbN Chronicle, & taken from World of Darkness: Mafia

Wraith by Adam ‘LAZ’ Lazaroff

Etiquette by David Hutton

Special thanks to Greg Stolze and John Chambers who wrote & developed Clanbook: Giovanni "I give you both a major boon." Special thanks also to Thicker than Blood OWbN Chronicle, Chris Sauter, Ed Nabors, and Rojir McCrady for making, playing and Storytelling Giovanni; for so much fun over the years.

I would also like to thank the writers of the (OWbN) ST Guide to Giovanni.

Table of Contents:

1) Introduction 3 2) Administrative By-laws


3) What it is to be a Giovanni in OWbN 7

4) The Families of the Giovanni


a) Major, minor, lesser families


b) Population


c) Family Feuds


5) Ghouls of the Family 18


Embrace Dates of the Family


6) The Advantages of Being Family


a) Merits & Flaws


b) Abilities


c) Backgrounds


d) Lore 27

7) Those Not Our Own 29

a) Marrying in the Family 29

b) Adoption into Clan Giovanni


8) Clan Organization


a) Offices within the Family


b) Additional Positions within the Clan 34

c) Prestige/Pull 35

d) A Note on Anziani 36

9) Paying Your Dues – Tithe 36

10) Etiquette


a) Security


b) Public relations


11) Sect Relations 40 12) Stereotypes 41

13) The Social Clubs


14) Giovanni/Wraith Relationships 45

a) The Wonderful World of Wraiths 45

b) The Honored Dead 46

c) Dis Pater 46

15) The Path of Bones 48

16) Necromancy


17) History Update


18) Q & A 53

19) Bibliography



"Embraced by a fallen Clan during nights long past, the Giovanni have always had ambition. Now they bring that ambition to bear on a world they would claim for themselves. With vast wealth, the ability to command the spirits of the dead, and a strict familial hierarchy, the greatest enemy to stand against Clan Giovanni is… itself." - Unknown

In these Final Nights, the Giovanni Clan is an Enigma. The only Clan to have truly stood outside Kindred politics since its inception, Clan Giovanni has a reputation that causes most fellow kindred to avoid them at all costs. The Clan’s taste for the morbid is something that even the stuffy Ventrue and the wild Brujah can agree is not natural. They are the only clan that knows the joy of life, the dark twilight of unlife and the bitter ashes of true death. Founded during the Dark Ages and coming to ascendance in the Renaissance, the Family of Giovanni has since grown to include several other families. They are now stronger than they have ever been, while all around them disintegrate into dust. Still, suspicion of this Clan has continued to the present day. By staying neutral in quaint battles, the Giovanni have had free rein to build its merchant empire. Now the Clan's wealth is undeniable, but no one knows the exact purpose for which it employs this wealth. Few outsiders have ever taken part in the Clan's necromantic rituals, so the purpose of these is likewise a mystery. Instead, suspicions and innuendoes have taken the places of facts and truths. Clan Giovanni is one of the more rigidly controlled Clans and contact is constantly maintained between members of the Clan. As has been foretold, if the Final Nights are upon all Kindred then be glad that you are a member of the one Clan truly prepared to see these times and survive… This genre packet is a good start, for it contains information that every young Don-to-be needs (all Giovanni for that matter) to know & to take to his/her no-longer beating heart. The Clan is more widely spread and in more positions of power than all the other Clans know. The Clan will complete their objectives - and they are not what the other Kindred think they are. We must all understand the OWbN genre differs from White Wolf genre. Since OWbN’s conception, it has developed its own genre through role-playing. Although we must strive to stick as close as possible to what White Wolf has lain down, some concessions must be made. For instance, the Giovanni have taken on the role in OWbN that mirrors the role of the Tremere in White Wolf. To be quite blunt, in White Wolf the Tremere is the “hated-necessity,” but everyone has to deal with them because they are the providers of magical errata. In OWbN, things just don’t happen that way. Instead, the Giovanni play this role. Everyone hates us, but we’re the people they come to when services or items are required that stray from the Camarilla’s “preferred” course of business. This is due to our “neutrality.” When the Gangrel left the Camarilla as a whole, they became independent. They hadn’t been an independent clan in a long time. The Giovanni were some of the first to help them transit into a fully functioning, independent clan again. Therefore, the Giovanni and the Gangrel share a close working relationship in many instances.

Important Note:

The Giovanni Coordinator’s office does not recognize the usage of Time of Judgment or Orpheus in any way, shape or form. Any articles that use this for source material are to

be considered invalid by the Giovanni Coordinator’s office when applying to Clan Giovanni. We are on the verge of Gehenna… but not there yet. Until a resolution is passed by OWbN that rules the Gehenna plot will be run across the board, this office will not run any Gehenna plot… period. This Genre packet shall supercede any and all Giovanni Genre packets before it, as well as Storytelling aids that deal with Clan Giovanni.


Giovanni Coordinator:

This current Giovanni clan packet is to be considered policy for OWbN. It is the responsibility of the Giovanni Coordinator to keep the rules and guidelines for Giovanni Genre available for OWbN as a whole. The Giovanni Coordinator shall have the following Sub-Coordinators (see below listing). During their period as Sub-Coordinator and 3 months beyond their active date, these Sub-Coordinators may not have an active PC that is Giovanni or that has a Giovanni as a mentor. Harbingers of Skulls are monitored directly by the Giovanni Coordinator.

Interregional Sub-Coordinators:

3 East Coast, 3 Midwest, 1 West Coast, 1 Southern within the US, 1 Brazil, 1 New Zealand, and 1 Europe. Each of these Sub-Coordinators is responsible for the Family structure of their area. They are responsible for operating and portraying the area's Family Elders, keeping in regular communication with the Storytellers in their area, and report to the Giovanni Coordinator. Giovanni Sub-Coordinators shall be chosen by the Giovanni Coordinator, but may be removed by a majority decision of the Chronicles in the area in which that Sub-Coordinator is working. The Giovanni Coordinator shall have the minimum Sub-Coordinators of the above listing. Additional Sub-Coordinators may be assigned as needed for those regions by the Giovanni Coordinator. The appearance of The Venetian Senate or The Voice of Venice is strictly forbidden without the Giovanni Coordinator’s approval. (A Sub-Cord is not sufficient for approval.) Characters may not have or receive direct contact, private missives, gifts, telepathic contact, psychic projections or the like from The Venetian Senate or The Voice of Venice unless approval from the character’s STs and the Giovanni Coordinator office and/or OWbN council is given. The appearance of any NPC Daggers of the Giovanni is strictly forbidden without the Giovanni Coordinator’s approval or that of the Daggers Sub-Coordinator.

Specialty Sub-Coords:

There shall be Sub-Coordinators for each of the Following: Necromancer National, Daggers of the Giovanni, Social Clubs, Minor/Lesser Family, Enforcer National, Rending of the Shroud/Tithe, and Samedi.

The Necromancer-National Sub-Coord regulates Giovanni Necromancy. They are responsible for approving or disallowing related materials. They also monitor the proliferation of Necromancy and run Necromancy specific plot.

The Daggers Sub-Coord monitors the use of the Daggers as an organizational unit and their use in Chronicles. They are responsible for collecting and monitoring PC Dagger actions. They approve or disapprove official Dagger use in chronicles. They must also collect status reports given by the Daggers in regards to their actions. They must also approve or disapprove requests from chronicles for their use.

The Social Clubs Sub-Coord runs plot for the members of the social clubs (with St Approval). They keep membership tallies as well. They also keep track of social club rankings.

The Lesser Families Sub-Coord runs lesser family tailored plot for each of the families (with St Approval) and keeps the population tally.

The National Enforcer Sub-Coord runs plot for the Enforcers (with St Approval). They coordinate Giovanni martial activity.

The Shroud Rending/Tithe Sub-Coord oversees all Giovanni-Wraith connectivity matters. They regulate dispensations of the Honored Dead and Dis-Pater Shrines.

The Samedi Sub-Coord is responsible for monitoring the actions of NPC and PC Samedi as well as making available Samedi genre information and the portrayal of Samedi NPCs. They also handle Samedi specific plot (with St Approval).

Character Regulation No PC may elevate to the rank of The Venetian Senate/The Voice of Venice. In addition to the R&U policy, any character that has a Giovanni Mentor that is considered regional or higher must be approved by the OWbN Council and/or the Giovanni Coordinator.

Social Clubs within the Family Becoming a member of the Social Clubs need both ST approval and approval from the Social Club Sub-Coordinator.

Clan Giovanni Structure for OWbN:

The Venetian Senate Giovanni Coordinator/Sub-Coordinators The Voice of Venice Giovanni Coordinator Daggers of the Giovanni Daggers of the Giovanni Sub-Coordinator/PC's that hold the title. Prefect Venice (There is no Prefect) North America - (Sub-Coordinator)

East Coast – PC (1 North east/1 Mid Atlantic)

South / Caribbean – PC1

Midwest – PC 4

West Coast – PC 1 Canada - (Sub-Coordinator) Brazil - (Sub-Coordinator) New Zealand - (Sub-Coordinator) Europe – (Sub-Coordinator) Dons/Donas - PC (NPC's where needed) Enforcer National - (Sub-Coordinator)

East Coast – PC

South / Caribbean - PC

Midwest - PC

West Coast - PC Necromancer National (Sub-Coordinator)

East Coast – PC

South / Caribbean - PC

Midwest - PC

West Coast - PC

Notes on Prefects: PC Giovanni Prefects are appointed by the Giovanni Coordinator with their Chronicle Storyteller’s approval. Due to the Regional nature of this position, the Giovanni Coordinator may remove a PC Prefect at anytime without that character’s home chronicle Storyteller’s approval. All PC's portraying Dons and Donas within the Family Organization must report to their Prefect no less then once every 2 months. Prefects must fill out a report once every 2 months to the Giovanni Coordinator representing their reports to Venice. They must include at the very least, the following information: The total number of PC Giovanni within their area, Giovanni public relations with the local kindred population with special mention of any non-Giovanni Necromancers uncovered in their domains. Failure to file these reports will result in their removal from said office by the Venetian Senate. Prefects may not make national policy without the approval of the Giovanni Coordinator (a Sub-Coord is not sufficient). Nor may they take actions within their office that would result in the death or non-playable position of any Giovanni PC with out first obtaining written permission of the Giovanni Coordinator’s office & the ST staff of that game. (Proof of permission may be asked for by both sides before any scenes will be approved to be run).

Security of the Family & Necromancy While it is possible for Giovanni Havens, or “Loggia,” to be invaded by those not of Clan Giovanni, no Necromancy materials (i.e. Books, Tomes, Rituals, etc) can be removed from said Haven. This is to reduce the spread of Necromancy outside of Clan Giovanni. Rituals can be learned from books. Paths are Disciplines, however, and cannot be learned from books. Paths require teaching from one whom already possesses them in clan, just like other Disciplines. (A similar rule to the one above is in the Tremere bylaws). The Mausoleum in Venice cannot be attacked in anyway, nor any powers used on/within it without Giovanni Coordinator approval. Poaching and/or Killing the NPC mortal members (non- ghouled) of the Giovanni Clan, the clan's only embrace pool, requires approval of the Families Sub-Coordinator. All scenes taking place in Venice must be approved by the Giovanni Coordinator’s office & the ST staff of that game. (Proof of permission may be asked for by both sides before any scenes will be approved to be run). All scenes taking place in Venice are under the jurisdiction of the Giovanni Coordinator.



The stench of death is the air in our lungs. Whispers of Specters are the sweat music in our ears and you

threaten me with Death?” - Madeleine Giovanni, Dagger of the Clan













First and foremost: you will always be out-numbered and hated. To be of the Giovanni requires a certain amount of "fortitude." Beset upon all sides by competitors and would- be assassins, you must work towards the clan’s ultimate objective--the rending of the shroud--while also increasing your own power base. Those that do not wish to out-and- out kill you will try all kinds of ways to con you out of your birthright as one of the last true Clans of merchant princes. They will try to get you to teach them Necromancy, and then try to kill you after.

You must rely on the following things: A good relationship with the storyteller staff of your game is the height of importance. Many chronicles do not allow Giovanni for many reasons. One of the most popular of reasons is that the Giovanni sometimes need a storyteller all to himself or herself for the entire game night. Giovanni players need attentive narrators and storytellers. This is true due to the nature of the clan being involved with internal matters. Most of the Giovanni's time should be spent with other Giovanni or acquiring resources. Giovanni should not spend every game hanging out in the Camarilla or at other sects’ gatherings, though it is always nice to pay them a visit and improve Giovanni relationships (of course if you are the only Giovanni in the game then that’s the exception).

So… why play a Giovanni? No matter how frustrating it can be at times, you get to interact with some of the best Roleplayers ever. We have Family dinners in- and out-of-

character. Giovanni players go to the height of costuming and props. Because we all share the same experiences in regards to “other clanly” discriminations, we have bonded like no other Clan. By playing a Giovanni, you are being inducted into not only a game family, but also an out of character family. For example, we have gotten together and made spaghetti dinners and sat around talking in- and out-of-character about all things in game and out. Even if you are the only Giovanni in a hundred mile radius, even if you are playing with a small troupe that gets together in a wooden shack in the Saskatchewan tundra with nothing but timber wolves to provide the soundtrack, you can pick up a cell phone or get on the Internet (provided such things exist up there) and thousands of Giovanni players will send you aid. Well, maybe not thousands. At the very least, one will. Also the Giovanni Clan is rich, loaded with money. Careful management of banks and world trade has given them a huge amount of funds. They are so rich and powerful that they have their own area code and all family members have a number in the area code for ease of contact (Venice Area Code – 040). Worldwide, the wealth of the family rivals - if not surpasses - that of the Ventrue.

Many people bash Necromancy paths and rituals; some of these naysayers go so far as to claim that Giovanni are not true blood magic users nor are they truly playable characters. None of this is true, however. The Giovanni are a legitimate Clan to play in any chronicle. Also they are a true blood sorcerer Clan. They do get their magic from the same source as every other Clan. Everyone always complains about Necromancy (read Soul Steal) when they need to realize that other blood sorcerers have over 160 pages of blood magic that they have access to (OWbN Blood Sorcerer Packet) whereas the Giovanni have access to a mere nine pages. So yeah, the average Giovanni may be slightly stronger at the start than many base level characters; however, they simply do not have the numbers that other clans can boast. What this means is that, in a properly balanced game, the handful of Giovanni should be outnumbered four-to-one by the other clans. The Giovanni are not in a race with the other Clans anyway.

The Giovanni clan also stands out in that it is widely believed that they are all related. Not only are they a clan and share the blood of Caine, but they are all also related by their mortal blood. While somewhat untrue, this has proven most useful. After all, someone who would refuse to deal with a Giovanni might have no problem dealing with a Milliner. Lastly, of all the Clans of Caine, the Giovanni Clan is the only one to have next to no Antitribu. The Tremere make that claim now, but the Family has been able to do so for almost a thousand years.

So, you have a clan with wealth, magic, and power over the dead, and an almost fanatical loyalty. What are they up to? Why have they built this huge power base? How do they enforce such loyalty? Why are they not using their power? Now you see why the other clans are very worried about the Giovanni.

Fortunately the esteemed Clan head, Augustus, lets the Clan do anything that the Giovanni think may further the Clan. Each member could spend their entire unlife in

or they could be a corporate raider, a seeker of lore or

even a simple Enforcer. It is immaterial - all that matters is that the Clan's work is the

study of the intricacies of death

betterment of the Family. We are the Giovanni and no other Clan has the control over death, ghosts or money quite like we do. The cultivation of control is the whole point of our unlife. We were and are the rich merchants, speculators, investors, and businessmen/women. We are also the sorcerers and seekers of mysteries that pale other kindred. On the outside we are polite and courteous to all we meet, but we keep our true purpose well-hidden. It is essential that others do not know what dark secrets we keep in our basements. The Giovanni are generally respectful, genteel and well-mannered. They

are affluent beyond imagination


depraved beyond measure.

The Giovanni are sometimes creepy, Necromancer-businessmen. The Giovanni family oozes culture from its pores. Playing a Giovanni can be loads of fun, and unlike most Clans, the more Giovanni there are, the more fun it usually is. While Giovanni individually hail from a wide variety of interests and backgrounds, together they make an unmistakable tapestry of unique kindred existence.

Many in the U.S. play the Mob aspect and the "Goomba" roles that have developed from bad TV and the real life exploits from the 1940's. The Mob for the most part comes from Sicily whereas the Giovanni are from Venice. There IS a difference. (There is no problem playing the Mob aspect however. It’s just one of the many stereotypes and stereotypes are just what they say they are). The Giovanni are a merchant family. In OWbN the Giovanni have settled in as the contact men/women for hard to find items, finding teachers for disciplines for others, finance backers, and influence contacts just to name a few.

When playing a Giovanni, the feeling is often like that of a whore. Everyone casts the clan in a bad light but privately they still seek the Clan's services for magical favors, raw capital, influence and even the occasional spy. In a buyer’s market the Giovanni can cash in a variety of chips. Keep this always in mind when playing & running Giovanni.

In General:

Giovanni are very typically creepy, weird, or off-center. Whether from Clan legends or just a funny vibe, most people clearly get the impression that it would be very bad for their fragile humanities to glimpse what the upstanding family does behind closed doors. Giovanni hail from strong ethnic cultures--very often the line between their mortal origins and their kindred lives blur. Whether the traditional Italian or one of the offshoot families named in the Clanbooks, all Giovanni hail from strong family bases in clear (and foreign) culture bases. Giovanni have strong family loyalties. Giovanni are very Clan-oriented. The Family has always had zero tolerance toward Necromancers who are not of the family. Necromancy is never taught outside the Family for any reason! Needless to say, there are NO Giovanni traitors. (R&U exceptions) Giovanni Embrace only those from their own mortal family lines. Giovanni are members of chosen elite. They were bred and trained since birth to carry on the honor of the Family Giovanni. As such, Family members refrain from random, promiscuous relationships and sire their mortal descendants with the honor or the Family in mind. In all things, the Clan comes first.

If the Giovanni find a rogue Necromancer, its nights have become numbered. Giovanni do not overlook rogue Necromancers. Giovanni DO NOT sell out other Family members to non-family, this is just not done. It should be a rare thing for Family to kill other Family. Fighting happens all the time (after all, you are mostly Italians). But when it comes down to it, Family does not have outsiders whack other Family. If a character goes missing, the characters (or ST’s after a time reflecting their reports to the Prefect’s stopping) need to report this to a Prefect. The reason for this is that the Giovanni are one of the smallest clans. When one goes missing, an investigation will occur. There are no exceptions. A missing Giovanni could mean that he or she was drug off into the wilderness and forced to teach Necromancy. It should be made very clear…Giovanni just don’t “go missing”. Giovanni tend to hang around other family members and/or around anarchs, or independents. When dealing with the major sects they are careful beyond measure. Giovanni care more about mortal bloodlines of genealogy then kindered ones, unlike the venture. They place great pride in tracing their mortal lines. Giovanni of the major/minor or lesser Family never takes on the Giovanni sir name nor should they want to. The Giovanni are the (if not one of the) most wide spread Clan’s in the world. As such they can tap a large amount of resources, contacts, and lores. The Promise (see the OWBN definition of the Promise) is flexible. Adhere to it whenever they do. Mirror the Camarilla’s respect of it, or lack thereof. When being confronted with a situation that may cause you to break the Promise, exhaust all other options! Inform your Prefect of the problem and ask for advice or assistance. Giovanni should never be allowed to embrace their own children (mortal). However this has happened before do to matters beyond their control. If this happens, they are separated immediate and are dispatched to cities far apart. Members of the Major Families enjoy only slightly less accord and respect than one whose blood is fully Giovanni. The distinction is often unnoticeable until circumstances dictate that the Giovanni gather to set policy. Often, the words of those from the Major Families do not carry quite as much influence as those of the Double-Blooded Giovanni. However they are Dons and Donas and hold many other offices within the Clan.

Nickname: Devil Kindred… Necromancers, Masters of the Dark Soul. These are nothing more than names and epithets falling fearfully from the tongues of vampires who truly fear the clan. They pretend that the clan is of no consequence and that the family is weak and have no influence. Tell me, then, oh great lords of the night: How is it that a clan of independents, hated by every other child of Caine, has managed to survive through the years, regardless of your fervor and persecution? Take heed, princes and priests- were you ever to see the truth, you would blind yourselves in order never to look upon it again and in your blindness, we would consume you.

Appearance: The Giovanni always tries to maintain a dignified appearance Giovanni vampires typically maintain airs of respectability. Most Giovanni, hailing as they do from the Italian branch of the clan, bear European features, including fair-to-dark complexions,

dark hair and solid statures. Giovanni tend to dress well but not lavishly, preferring subtle accouterments of affluence to ostentatious displays. The women usually have a maternal aspect, whereas many men have the white hair and beard; they look themselves like favorite uncles. But that is just a few of the many possible looks for those within the Giovanni.

Havens: Giovanni Havens are better known as Loggia. Mansions, palatial homes and well-appointed apartments suit the Giovanni best, though uncommon is the Necromancer who doesn't keep a backup haven in a graveyard. They keep strong group havens as well. Giovanni favor havens befitting their wealth. Some Giovanni involve themselves in medical power structures and make their havens in hospitals, where plenty of cadavers exist and precious blood may be taken at a whim.

Character Creation: The Giovanni almost always have professional Concepts. Necromancers, Medical Student, Morticians, Priests, Nuns, Financial Wizards, Spiritualist, Psychics, Coroners, Bartenders, Stockbrokers, Spoilt Brats, Rich Heirs, Mafia Dons, Corporate Lick, Politicians just to name a few. Their Natures and Demeanors tend toward the crafty and selfish, though perversity festers in the incestuous family, and many are Deviants. Almost all Giovanni possess a comfortable level of Resources, and many claim Retainers, Contacts and Influence.

Organization: Giovanni clan affairs are handled in Venice, in a vast loggia colloquially known as the Mausoleum. As is to be expected, the clan has a familial structure. Incest, necrophilia, favor-currying, ancestor worship and carefully cultivated guilt riddle the family; by the time most Giovanni Kindred are embraced, they've seen more than enough to inure them to the vagaries of undead existence. The clan's nonintervention in the Jyhad allows members to focus on their own vendettas and better their knowledge of Necromancy. On a notational and international level, the clan is a strange mix of communistic and a true republic hybrid. Where did we get this new clan setup? All of the published White Wolf books shed a ton of light on many aspects of this wonderful clan, with one exception: Clan Hierarchy. Time and time again it only refers the Clan to have a Familial setup. In the Clanbooks, it was the writer’s intent to have the clan run by its founder, and a group of Elders when he was asleep. However, this will not work in OWbN. Players and STs alike had to make up their own meaning behind this and in so doing created multiple levels of inconsistency. While it is not our intent to make this Clan into the Ventrue or Tremere, we do feel that it needed some order to it. Therefore, we built this clan structure out of the past OWbN events and the real life exploits of Venetian history. After all, the Clan came out of Venice. Now we can get a feel of what that might truly mean.


"You call it inbreeding, I call it genetic engineering" – Francis Milliner

The following are the only approved bloodlines for Clan Giovanni. Storytellers should encourage players who wish to play Giovanni to play members of the major, minor or even lesser families. A good rule of thumb is for every one Giovanni based in a chronicle, you should have one or two major or minor family members. This cuts down on every Giovanni that you run into being a member of the Family Giovanni (giving double-blooded meaning). The Giovanni are not the only Family that makes up the Clan Giovanni. Over the years, many have contributed to the Giovanni Clan's endeavors in one way or another, and those that have proven especially helpful or loyal have been inducted into the Family and Clan Giovanni. Each family member lives out mortal life as the Giovanni do, but within there own separate kinships. Only when one is selected for the Proxy Kiss (and possibly, the Embrace later on) do they become further indoctrinated into the Clan as a whole. ** WE STRONGLY encourage PC’s of the bloodlines with in the clan to email and communicate with others on semi-regular bases.

The Major Families, the Minor Families, and the Lesser Families.

Each of these should have a modified clan advantage where non-discipline traits are concerned. Below each are the recommended ones if the ST of your game wishes to give added incentive to play a major/minor/lesser family. Bear in mind that these are optional rules and subject to the approval of each Chronicle's ST.

Double-Blooded Giovanni and members of Major Families chafe under the direction of one from the Minor Families, and often find ways to remove them from power. The Giovanni clan also harbors a number of Lesser Families related to the clan through marriage to one Giovanni or another. Members of Lesser Families do not have say in ANYTHING and may not hold a title above Consigliore (advisor) or Enforcer.

The Major Families: Dunsirn, Machiavelli, Milliner, and Pisanob.

Dunsirn - A Scottish branch of the Giovanni, these savvy bankers have a nasty fetish for cannibalism. Augustus appreciated their ability to keep a secret and brought them into the fold. The Dunsirn are steeped in the supernatural landscape of their Scottish homelands and are rumored to have ties to both the savage Lupines and an enigmatic sect of nature mages. As part and parcel of their heritage, Dunsirn may swap their Giovanni Clan Advantage of an Influence level of either Finance or Heath with a level of the Ability: Lupine Lore at character creation. As per WW canon, this group does have ties with the lupines.

Machiavelli - This Family enjoys the greatest degree of respect from Augustus and the rest of the Giovanni Family, for their assistance in the Cappadocian purge. Nothing more than a mere mortal at the time, Edon Machiavelli was an associate of many of the Giovanni Elders who continued to practice the ways of mercantilism. When the Giovanni rose up to extinguish the Cappadocians, Edon and his family used their prodigious influence to ferret out information regarding the havens of the Cappadocians, thus making it easier for the Giovanni to hunt their parent Clan down and slay them. For such service, Augustus himself Embraced Edon and honored his descendants by bringing them into the fold. The Machiavelli Family: Embraced for services to us during our ascension to a Clan, the Machiavelli are indeed the descendants of Niccolo Machiavelli who himself joined us in 1527. At character creation, Machiavelli may swap out their Giovanni Clan Advantage of an Influence level in either Finance or Heath with a Level of Giovanni Clan Lore.

Milliner - The1950's induction of the Milliners into the Giovanni Clan began with a family feud between Francis Milliner and Joe Kennedy after a Boston business deal cut out Milliner and set up Kennedy. Using Giovanni monies, Milliner set up circumstances to destroy the Kennedy legacy, resulting in, if you believe the rumors, the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The Milliners are extraordinary industrialists and have close ties to the Mafia. Though extremely young compared to the rest of the Giovanni, they are still considered a Major Family for efforts that proved instrumental in providing the Giovanni Clan with a foothold in North America. NOTE: Due to their recent induction, Milliner character may not start at better than 10th Generation. At character creation, Milliner may swap out their Giovanni Clan Advantage of an Influence level in either Finance or Heath with a Level of the Resources Background or the Politics Ability.

Pisanob - Though they did not originate as a true Family, the Pisanob have, throughout the centuries of breeding and Embrace, become one nonetheless. The Pisanob were inducted into the ranks of the Giovanni from a loose-knit cabal of Aztec priests in South America, led by their high priest, Pochtli. Masters of Necromancy even before they became Kindred, the Pisanob are atypical in that they've maintained the trappings of the Necromancy they used during their mortal existence. Pisanob Necromancy is extremely ritualized and utilizes props and iconography from the ancient Aztec religions. Their influence, as one would expect, is mainly relegated to the Latin American countries of Mexico, Central and South America as well as the European countries of Spain and

Portugal. At character creation, Pisanob may swap out their Giovanni Clan Advantage of an Influence level in either Finance or Heath with a Level of Giovanni Clan Lore or History Ability.

The Minor Families: della Passaglia, Ghiberti, Rosselini, Putanesca

The Giovanni, both of the Family and of the Major Families often look down on the Minor Families with a degree of contempt. However, their usefulness precludes any treatment harsher than jibes and taunts from their betters. Most significantly, the Minor Families have little say in what policies Clan Giovanni implement and it is extremely rare for one of their kind to climb higher than the station of Don or Dona of a city.

della Passaglia - The della Passaglia are the Giovanni's agents in the Far East, and are specialists in dealing with the mysterious Kindred of Japan, China, India, and Southeast Asia. Before being brought into the Giovanni, they originated as traders to the East, following the roads set up by Marco Polo. As such, they have opened new vistas for the Giovanni with their knowledge of Asian Necromancy and Thanatology. As our Far East specialists, they provide valuable links with Asian Vampire, which call themselves Kue- Jin. The della Passaglia has recently risen in power. At character creation, della Passaglia may swap out their Giovanni Clan Advantage of an Influence level in either Finance or Heath with a Level of Cathayan Lore. The della Passaglia do not teach there unique take on sorcery to others. No exceptions!

Ghiberti - As the della Passaglia are specialist in Asia, so the Ghiberti have made significant in-roads for the Clan into Africa and the Middle East. Though they are grudgingly respected for their efforts to establish trade routes in the Dark Continent, and procuring valuable information regarding Nubian aspects of Necromancy and the Abombo (African Wraiths), they are still mistrusted and discriminated against by Double-Blooded Giovanni for their Negro heritage. They are responsible for involving the Giovanni in the United States, West Africa, and West Indies trade triangle. They are also responsible for inventing the Cenotaph path of Necromancy. At character creation, Ghiberti may swap out their Giovanni Clan Advantage of an Influence level in either Finance or Heath with a Level of either Shadowlands Lore or Laibon Lore. Ghiberti do not freely teach their Necromancy to other Family.

Rosselini - The Rosselini are sadistic individuals who enjoy mutilating their victims as part of their Necromantic Rituals. They become involved in the Giovanni clan when a cadre of their members ran afoul of Claudius Giovanni, who separated their souls from their bodies until they swore an oath of fealty to the Giovanni. Since then, they have almost entirely interbred with the Giovanni Family, though there are few true Rosselini still walking about. At character creation, Rosselini may swap out their Giovanni Clan Advantage of an Influence level in either Finance or Heath with a Level of the Torture Ability.

Putanesca - The Putanesca are the servitors of the Giovanni, as well as their agents in the world of blue-collar crime, such as prostitution, numbers running, and the drug trade.

Considered little more than whore mongers and crack dealers, they are reviled by all others of the Giovanni Clan. However, their aptitude in dealing with the seedy underbelly of modern society makes them especially useful nonetheless. At character creation, Putanesca may swap out their Giovanni Clan Advantage of an Influence level in either Finance or Heath with a Level of the Intimidation Ability.

The Lesser Families: St. John, Rothstein, Li Weng, Koenig, Beryn. Most of the Retainers of the Core Family and Major families should come from these families. NOTE: ALL LESSER FAMILIES SHOULD START OUT NO BETTER THAN 10TH GEN AND WITH A TOTAL AGE OFLESS THAN 75 YEARS.

St. John - The first of the five Families Augustus looked to acquire in whole was the St. John. They are a cabal of English Masons who have been breeding into the family. Their ties with the occult are very strong. Many Dons/Donas have them as top aids.

Rothstein - The Rothstein are Jewish-American Kabbalists with ties to Las Vegas. In the early 1900's, Shlomo Rothstein was embraced by Lady Putanesca (yes, that's got to suck) and became the first and formal 'head' of this line. Their ties in the diamond industry cannot be denied.

Li Weng - The Li Weng, originating from San Francisco's Chinatown, are a group of geomancers who are attempting to gain favor with the Giovanni Clan so that they might be the next Major or Minor Family.

Koenig - These German death cultists may have never come to the attention of the Giovanni had it not been for World War II when the Giovanni saw an entire nation rise up under a dark leader. His band of cultists had the sickest and most twisted ideas of death that the Family had seen since the induction of the Rosselini. They are also German arms manufacturers. I wouldn't try putting a Koenig and a Rothstein in the same room, it normally resolves in the death of both parties!

Beryn - The Beryn are a family of Flemish merchants operating from Luxembourg with African influence like that of the Ghiberti. They have many holdings in South Africa mines. Beryn seem to be unskilled in the realms of Necromancy having virtually no knack for it. It would seem they where brought in only for genetic purposes. Their tall stances and wide shoulders are desirable traits after all. Only seven are know to be in line for the embrace. Most are ghouls or still mortal. Many whisper that when the Rosselini are gone, the Beryn are to replace them purely as “breeding stock.”


"We prefer quality over quantity"

This is not a population count for the clan. This section is an idea of how many family members are of each bloodline. This includes the amount for both mortal members of the Family as well as the Kindred ones. The exception to this is the last category listed as "other".

Giovanni - 30%

Major Families

Dunsirn 10%

Machiavelli 2%

Milliner 5%

Pisanob 3%

The Minor Families della Passaglia 4% Ghiberti 5% Rosselini - 4% Putanesca 10%

The Lesser Families St. John 5% Rothstein 3% Li Weng 5% Koenig 3% Beryn 2%

Other Giovanni Cappadocian- 4% (Almost all Kindered, there are a few ghouls within this group.) The Honored Dead - 5% (Giovanni Family who are Wraiths.)

Family Feuds

“Why can’t we all just get along?”- Famous last words of Joseph Koenig to Schlomo Rothstein

Each family does not necessarily get along with other members. Particular families get along better or worse than others. Here is a list of the allies and enemies of each family within the greater whole.


Generally the Giovanni stay out of in-clan fighting as best as possible. They play the other families against each other to keep their attention off of the Giovanni. They encourage lesser families to fight amongst themselves to prevent them from consolidating and being an issue.


The Beryn have an understanding with the Dunsirn. Both are the financial backing of the Clan and, as such, share similar methods and enemies. Because of this they get along fairly well, though there is a healthy does of competion between the two as well. The Ghiberti, on the other hand, have a longstanding grudge with the Beryn. With the Beryn’s reputation as slave traders, wouldn’t you too if you were from Africa? The Rosselini also resent the Beryn because the Beryn seem to be replacing them within the Clan.


As stated above, the Dunsirn and Beryn generally get along. The Dunsirn are also blessed with surprisingly few enemies within the Clan, either due to their isolation in Scotland or their reputation as cannibals.

della Passaglia:

Sharing a similar heritage to the Li Weng, this clan generally gets along well with them, being the only other members of the Clan that understands their culture. Because the Milliners usurped the della Passaglia’s major family status these two families are usually at odds. Most other families also regard the della Passaglia with slight disdain.


The Koenig have precious few allies, as few wish to involve themselves in the feud between the Koenig and the Rothstein. And of course, as a bunch of death cultists from Nazi Germany, their hatred for the Rothstein is the stuff of legends.

Li Weng:

As mentioned above, their isolation means that the only family they regularly interact with is the della Passaglia.


Like the Giovanni themselves, the Machiavelli have been with the Family since before day one. As such the two get along well. They are the political powerhouse of the Clan, and as such, they have few noteworthy enemies.


The St. John family shares the wealthy Caucasian male background of the Milliner, and the two are often buddy-buddy. The Putanesca, on the other hand, resent the fact that the Milliners were given their position and standing within the Clan rather then earning it. Other families also share some of this resentment, having a slight irritation with the Milliners.


The Pisanob share the magical tradition of the Ghiberti, and as such the two relate. They are generally looked down upon because of their grotesque methods and appearance. Their lineage is also questionable.


Most people don’t want to associate too much with the “help.” See Milliner for the Putanesca’s feelings about them.


The Rosselini are lacking in allies in these times, and as such their time is ending. The Giovanni once favored them for their skill with Necromancy. However, this time has passed, and they are being bred out of existence because of their inefficiency.


The Rothstein are generally lacking in allies because of their bloody feud with the Koenig. No one wants to be anywhere near that. The Dunsirn also provide a bit of healthy competition to keep this family in shape.

St. John:

As the best of the lesser family, they often accompany the Milliners. Their shared heritage links them together. They also have no direct rivalries, and are coveted as assistants to Consigliore.


"Some people have so much respect for their superiors they have none left for themselves."

Hopefully this will clear up some misconceptions on ghouls and Clan Giovanni with the OWBN game. So without further ado, let us begin.

Members of the Giovanni Family begin their lives as all Kindred do, as mortals. While many believe that all Giovanni know the dark truths about their Family and Clan, this is far from the truth. Most of the mortal Giovanni grow up knowing almost nothing of the true nature of their Family. There is always suspicion of mysterious doings behind closed doors, but otherwise, they live out their lives in some semblance of normality. There are a rare few amongst the mortal Giovanni who are indoctrinated from early childhood into the inner mysteries. This is mostly due to some circumstance that prevents these individuals from interacting with the mortal populace (such as inbred deformities).

Once a Giovanni begins to evidence traits that the Elders find desirable, or abilities they find useful, the mortal Family member is given what is known as the Proxy Kiss. This is where they take the blood of one of the Kindred Giovanni, and become a Ghoul. At this

time, they are shown the truth about the Family as a Clan, and life takes on a duality. By day, they attend to typical Family business, while at night they assume their roles as the servitors of the Kindred. Many Giovanni vampires start out as Ghouls, for it is this way that the Elders can determine who deserves the gift of the Embrace and who shall live out their years in Ghoulish purgatory, or worse, be extinguished.

Ghouls in the Giovanni, unlike most other clans, are always brought up from the family proper. They also tend to have a bit more leeway compared to a ghoul from another clan, as they are considered Family first and foremost. This however does not mean they aren't beneath other kindred. This just means that some of the neonates might not care too much if he's a ghoul or not, so long as he holds his own. With elders, they are little more than mortals who know an inkling of what the family is all about. If they show enough promise to give them the proxy kiss, so be it. If not, screw 'em. But because Giovanni ghouls walk a sort of gray area within the family, they can sometimes get away with acting independently when acting in the family's best interest. Two solid examples of this are Victor Giovanni and Genevieve Pendleton-Milliner from the Clan Novel: Giovanni. Both had a certain skill or knack for what it was that they did, which made them more valuable to the Clan and Family. Their demise isn't what’s important when compared to how they were used. Certain liberties were given and they did not pass them up. This is because the Giovanni often employ them for menial jobs they themselves might not want to do.

This isn't to say that Giovanni ghouls have free reign and independence. This is quite the contrary. Because the Giovanni work on a merit system, if a ghoul doesn't show enough merit to warrant an embrace, he or she could be a ghoul forever. However, when a mortal is labeled for ghouling, it's often because he has shown a certain amount of potential and skill.

Much like the outside kindred society, the Giovanni have their favorites and those who are considered "higher" on the ladder of status just because of who they know or to whom they are related. This especially holds true to ghouls looking to become full members of the Family. If a ghoul has the right connections, he might not need the necessary skills. Whereas some ghouls have to work their fingers to the bone with shit work just to get noticed. No clan is perfect. Ghouls are considered lesser, but they're not treated as property. After all they are family. It should be noted that methods of giving the Proxy Kiss range from the mundane to the depraved, as befits the individual Kindred who gives their blood to the new Ghoul.

Finally, after proving themselves as Ghouls, sometime over the course of many years, the Giovanni is finally given the Embrace. In spite of rumors to the contrary, the Giovanni do not Embrace only three from each mortal generation. This is a falsehood that the Clan perpetuates in order to keep its true numbers secret. While as indicated above, rivalries often develop between members of the Clan, outright hostilities, disobedience and disrespect to the higher offices is forbidden. Such things are antithetical to the Family and those who disobey are punished in ways only the sick minds of the Prefects can

devise. The fear of retribution from Venice is usually enough to keep the majority in check. Giovanni Embrace only those from their own mortal family lines.

From the point of the Embrace on, the Giovanni are expected to strive to further the Clan and respect their Elders. The term Elder means something far different within Clan Giovanni. The term does not mean an Elder by generation! Elders are those that have been in game play for years and have shown themselves to be positive forces not only for their own end but also for the ends of the Family. This Clan and Family truly is a "What have you done for me lately?" group. Age is not respected as much, or at all in fact, like it is in the other clans. The family respects a higher understanding of death, order, and progress in the clan, power, and money. You might be a 300-year-old Giovanni but if you have not done anything noteworthy within the clan in the past few (10) years, then expect to have a Milliner telling you what to do if you still try and remain in the drivers seat.

Note: The Anziani, however, are Elders in both age and generation, which the other clans follow and respect.

Embrace Date’s for Clan Giovanni

April 4 th is not the only date on which the Giovanni embrace, although it is the most common. Giovanni can be embraced any time, but those embraced on any date other then the listed ones are looked down upon. While Giovanni may be embraced on any day of the year, most are held until the following nights happen. Embracing a ghoul should be a grand affair with many PC and NPC Giovanni present. Many are run like a mock nativity scene, with gifts being given to the new embrace.

Other dates are as follows:

April 4 th – Most important embrace day. (All double-blooded should be embraced on this day)

All Saints day – 2nd most important embrace day. (Important to all members of the Clan).

June 27 th – important to the South American members of the Clan. (Coincides with important date with the Aztec calendar).

September 15 th – Important to Machiavelli for reasons unclear. (Rumored to have been the day they were brought into the Family fold).

Ash Wednesday – The clan has many faiths but is mostly Roman Catholic.


Merits & Flaws

"See we are not all the same…we are better then them!"

Merits and Flaws with an asterisk (*) next to them are taken from the World of Darkness:

Mafia book. STs may feel free to use or disallow any of them. Remember, according to canon, the Giovanni are the least involved with the mob. Statistically the Ventrue have the most influence in it and the Giovanni have the least. These traits are provided for flavor only. Some of the Merits & Flaws have been reworded to fit with OwbN genre.

*"Made man" (5 pt. Merit.) This merit represents one of the predominant expressions of the Mafia's esteem for an individual. It means you will always have a powerful and violent institution behind you ready to protect you in return for your service to it.

*Dead Man Walking (2-5 Pt. Flaw) An open contract has been taken on your life. The greater the number of points devoted to the flaw, the greater the reward offered for the contract's successful completion.

"Proxy Kiss". (1 to 7pt’sM) Ghouls who do spend a lot of time as a ghoul servant to some kindred tend to develop this merit. It's not to be confused with the term "proxy kiss," which is used to describe the embrace of someone into the Clan Giovanni. The proxy kiss merit affords the former ghoul-now-kindred some extra punch to their now formidable supernatural powers. Buying this merit once offers an added level of Potence. Buying this merit twice (for a total of eight points) gives the former ghoul the added level in Potence but also an additional two levels of Fortitude They may only take Physical Disciplines with this merit. This doesn't affect the normal discipline points a beginning Giovanni receives at character creation. However, with the first step the former ghoul is that much closer to a blood bond. This can be a grueling experience, should the ghoul's dominator be a slave driver. The second step takes the bond over the edge. The former ghoul is not only blood bonded to his former dominator but partial bonded to someone else as well. No one said the cost of (un)living was cheap. Note: Though the name is the same as the usual Giovanni ghouling custom, this merit implies an extended time under the Proxy Kiss. The bonuses granted are in addition to those in normal character creation, not instead of. This merit is intended for those that will not walk the path of Necromancy for some time. Like the Enforcers or advisors, this lets them take disciplines they would otherwise not have access to for some time, i.e. Celerity, Fortitude, etc.

Family Values (1ptM) -new – You are committed to what must be done and find strength in that commitment, be it either through your belief in the goal of the endless night, placing the welfare of the family above all other values, or simply faith in the Clan’s Elders. You may make an additional free retest for conscience challenges for deeds you do to take part in for the Family. However, engaging in acts of betrayal of the family may require a self-control test lest you act immediately in its defense.

Double Blooded (2ptsM) - This merit means you are a Double-Blooded Giovanni. You have the last name Giovanni and you can trace your family on both sides back to the merchant prince days of old. Although you may have some major bloodlines mixed in, you have none of the minor or lesser lines within your family branch. Most players that play Giovanni portray Double-Blooded Giovanni with the last name & every thing. This merit reflects this. You are always 2 Social traits up when dealing with minor or lesser family members only. Many with this is merit should also take inbred flaws.

Inbred Flaws (1 to 4ptsF) - There are a veritably of things wrong with Clan Giovanni to

This only compounds the problem. This flaw can rage from a misshapen

hand or a Downs Syndrome looking face, to a host of mental or social flaws. One can even have added derangements with this flaw that can never be bought off.

begin with

Those out side of Family & Clan

Clan Friendship (2pt to 4M *must be bought at 2 or 4pts) - Better know as "Friend of the Family," this merit is awarded to those who have showed on multiple occasions to be a Clan ally. The Dons and Donnas can only award this merit in an area and only affects said area. This merit works on both Kindred and mortals of the Family/Clan. This merit is not an open gateway to learn Necromancy. In fact those with this merit are looked at even closer (By the Giovanni in the region & Venice) to ensure they do not have Necromancy. All players should buy this merit with XP. Taking this merit beyond the normal 2pt merit shows that your name is know to more then the local Giovanni. At 4pts, Venice knows who you are. Other then the above, this merit works the same as described in the book. The Giovanni can ignore this (which is plus 2 social traits) although ignoring it will have repercussions later. Giovanni PCs or NPCs will come to your aid with this merit. This merit requires Giovanni Coordinator approval as well as the Prefect of the area to be notified. STs who decide one of their PCs needs this merit should discuss it with the Coordinator first to get approval if the Coordinator finds it to be a reasonable request. You MAY NOT but this merit at PC creation. It may only be giving after substantial game play. All PCs and NPCs, both prior to and after this packet’s approval, MUST notify both the Giovanni Coordinator area Prefect. This merit is not recommended for new players.

Poached (5ptF) - I am going to address the matter of playing poached Giovanni family members here. There have been, on numerous occasions, people playing poached family

members. First and foremost this is a flaw not a merit. This flaw should be taken at no less than 5pts. This flaw will mean no matter what, (when you are found out) you will be hunted. The Giovanni draw from a very limited embrace pool. The clan has many eyes, both on the skinlands and shadowlands, on their bloodlines while they are mortal. It would be almost impossible to successfully poach a family member. If by some chance that did happen, the child would be killed and the Sire would be found and made to pay! No expense would be spared to have this happen. No exceptions, no reprieve for any of them. (The only benefit to this Flaw is that you may take the Medium Merit for free or

the Ghoul Merit: Shivers)

matter. Having this Flaw DOES NOT mean you have Necromancy of any type/path/ shape or form or Clan Lore above one dot, nor access to Clan mentors that will teach you

any of the above.

Daggers of the Clan’s other job is dealing with this very

This flaw does not include the lesser family members due to their recent induction into the clan. Their family bloodlines are still being rounded up and a few might have gotten though the cracks (this is the reason we are still talking about this topic…). To take this flaw you must have your ST's and Giovanni Families Sub-Coordinator’s approval. All PCs & NPCs, both before and after this packets approval, must notify both parties above. Poaching & Killing Family Giovanni Bloodlines

Not every Giovanni in the phone book is related to the bloodlines of Clan Giovanni. The same can be said about all the other surnames of the Clan. However if PCs go around killing them off, then they will gain the attention of Clan Giovanni. If any members of the real bloodlines are killed, there should be an immediate investigation and consequences to those who have done the whacking. The Clan makes it a point to monitor the false bloodlines for this very reason. It should also be noted that many of the real bloodlines take the alternate identity background while mortal. Suggested consequences for the Dons/Donas is to inform the Prefects and/or the Daggers of the clan before taking swift action if poaching/killing happens.


Thanatology - Thanatology is the study of everything that has to do with dying, death, and grief. This includes: Aging, Art, Children's and Parents' Problems, Counseling, Euthanasia, Funerals, Grief, History, Hospice, Life-Threatening Disease, Medical Ethics, Pain, Poetry, Pharmacology, Stress, Suicide, Urban Violence, Widows & Widowers, etc., etc., etc., and of course, Gravestone Studies and Wraiths. It is a retest for anything dealing with Necromancy just like Occult. Thanatology is in many ways more appropriate for Necromancers then Occult.

Venetian - The language is derived from the locals of Venice and is a combination of old Roman/Venice sea tongues and hand gestures developed from the gondoliers. This ability is limited to major family members and double-blooded only. Non-Giovanni should not have this ability. Period.

Lore: Clan Giovanni – See below requirements.

Lore: Wraith – Use what works in your game.

Lore: Shadow Lands - Use what works in your game.

Lore: Harbingers of Skulls – Giovanni Elders (NPCs) should be the only ones to have this ability, and even then only at 1 or 2 levels.


Backgrounds with an asterisk (*) next to them are taken from the World of Darkness:

Mafia book.

*Family Status (Mob) This denotes your standing in La Cosa Nostra. This has nothing to do with Giovanni Clan or Family status.

* Piciotto: Low ranking soldier.

** Sgarrista: You're a wiseguy or respected family man. *** Caporegime: Lieutenant or Crew Leader

**** Capo Bastone: An underboss or 2nd in command. ***** Capo: Don or one of the infamous mob bosses.

*Favors (Mob) These favors come from one or more individuals who actually owe the character something, thus distinguishing them from allies or contacts. STs should keep track of Favors. Once they are spent, they are gone. The ST determines what each Favor can accomplish.

* One favor.

** Two Favors. *** Four Favors. **** Seven Favors.

***** Ten Favors.

Family Ties (New) The secret strength of the Giovanni is the connection to the family itself. The paid lackeys are reluctant servants that riddle the business and influences of other Clans pale in comparison to the loyalty and drive that exists within the larger Family that aid the Clan’s efforts. This background represents several of those dedicated kin who work with you to grow and maintain the family affairs. Though their understanding of the true nature of the Clan is limited, often believe it a family corporation or a nepotistic “old

boy’s” network, their drive and loyalty provide agility and endurance not found in most employees. In an influence jihad’s system, these should be represented as action traits for growth, attack, and investigation for any activities chosen.

* One family member in your employ

** Two family members in your employ *** Three family members in your employ **** Ten family members in your employ ***** Fifteen family members in your employ

*Wraith Reputation Your character has made a favorable impression on the local inhabitants of the lands of

the dead. Perhaps he uses the soft approach when dealing with wraiths, making deals rather then commanding their obedience. Maybe he helps them out with their troubles out of genuine concern. Regardless, he has a good name and the dead tend to react favorably to him. Each level represents phantom status on a social level with local ghosts. It does not give your character any biddable traits. Being seen as someone the dead can call on all the time for help isn’t all wine and roses. "I'm Henry the 8th I am "

* A few of the local spooks know you are good for a favor or two.

** Your name gets passed around at a few of the local Haunts. Some gossip may find its

way to you. *** The dead come to you often to seek your assistance; you get a lot of info from the locals. **** Specters know better then to mess with your friends. You guard your flock jealously and they appreciate your patronage. ***** You’re something of a local name. You've probably set up a few Memorials to keep some of the locals warm. When in trouble they will bail you out.

*Wraith Notoriety If they weren't losers, they wouldn't be dead. Some people just deserve to get kicked around and as far as you are concerned every wraith is your footstool. You have developed a terrible rapport with the local wraith population and those that know of you actively dislike, fear and even despise you. You might take the hard road when dealing with wraiths using threats, Necromantic Commands or flat out terror tactics to get what you want. Eventually this sort of treatment could come back to bite you in the ass. You can only kick someone for so long and the dead doesn’t often have much to lose.

* You routinely take relic candy from young wraiths.

** You have made a name as a thug. Many wraiths grumble about you but so far you're just an annoyance. *** You have made it to the shitlist of several of the restless dead. Maybe you're a slave

master or just a very cruel Necromancer. Either way they don’t like you. You might get some grief if you happen to cross the wrong wraith's path. **** The restless dead picketed your embrace. You're a real bastard and some wraiths will go out of their way to show you just how deep their anger goes. ***** Your treatment of the dead has earned you a spot on the most wanted list of the local Necropolis. There may be a bounty on your head or just a lot of angry souls looking to take you out. When you stumble, they will be there.

The Honored Dead This is an optional take on the one free trait in retainer given to Giovanni at character creation. The Wraith Retainer background, as mentioned in the Giovanni section of LotN:R, is different than this section. Those retainers act as slaves, meaning they work for you because they have to, for you have something on them or force them at almost every turn. The Honored Dead want to help the Family out because they ARE Family and therefore need very little to no coaching from the Giovanni. You must pick to which Family line they belong. Major Families: Dunsirn, Machiavelli, Milliner, and Pisanob The Minor Families: della Passaglia, Ghiberti, Rosselini, Putanesca Lesser Family lines have not been around to develop into Honored Dead. They may NOT be Double Blooded Giovanni, for those stay only in Venice and are some of the oldest Honored Dead. As such, they are not suitable for PCs. Kindred you have wraithed are not suitable for PCs use as well.

These ‘retainers’ progress in the same manner as the standard Wraith Retainer, as dictated by the Chronicle house rules governing them.

To take this you must have the Rending of the Shroud / Tithe Sub-Coord

approval. For more information about the Honored Dead, please refer to section 16:

Giovanni/Wraith Relationships.

Pull In a family so isolated from the rest of kindred society, one’s reputation is of paramount importance. The weight that your words hold determine not only whose attention you can garner with you concerns, but also how quickly the Family will act upon those words.

The background is a combination of fame, allies and contacts within the structure of the Family. It can be used as a last resort for aid from the Family in a time of need. It will determine the reaction of Family NPCs to you in regards to whether or not they heed your request, and if they do, the speed in which the act upon said request.

In addition, in the even a dispute arises between two family members, your reputation will surely affect the manner in which the Family as a whole looks upon both aggrieved parties. The pursuit of pull advancement is largely the byproduct of the efforts of claiming and securing influence, necromantic knowledge, and the levels of one’s yearly tithe to the Family. The amount expected to be tithed, either in cash or other resources, is a progressive scale based upon how much pull an individual holds within the Family. It also should be noted that those with notable amounts of pull will be called upon by other Family members from time to time.

The loss of Pull follows the decline of one’s reputation within the Family. While this can have any number of causes, some examples include: continually falling short of expectation for tithe, general failure, embarrassing the Family, calling upon your relatives

for aid without true need too often, or as punishment for violations of Family customs or sacred laws.

It should be noted that some positions should give you ‘faux’ pull. Your ‘faux pull’ will not affect your expected amount of tithe. This pull related directly to the role assigned and it works as follows:

Don/Dona – 3 additional pull for the purpose of dealing with citywide issues. City Enforcer – 1 additional pull for the purpose of dealing with city security issues. Family Head – 1 additional pull for issues directly related to your Family within the city Other Circumstances – The ST may determine an increase or decrease of pull

Note: All signature NPCs are at level 6. Only NPCs may obtain level 6.

Giovanni Lore

"You ever read the bible? We win."

All Giovanni PCs should start out with one free trait of Clan Lore. Listed below is an overview of what each level of lore should teach the holder of the lore. Clan Lore 4 & 5 for this clan or any other should be DAMN hard to get. Just learning it from an item card that some guy gave you does not cut it.

Giovanni Lore 1: What a Giovanni ghoul or anyone who has been around a Giovanni is likely to know. Show respect to everyone, even those of other clans. The Family is EVERYTHING. The Giovanni clan is better than any other clan. Some Giovanni seem to be better than others. The Giovanni do not seem to be very trusted by other clans. The Giovanni are independent, belonging to no sect of any kind. The Giovanni pursue Necromancy, money and the means to obtain both. Giovanni DO NOT teach Necromancy to ANYONE.

Giovanni Lore 2: What a Giovanni neonate would know. Has heard about the Promise. Knows that is means the Clan stays neutral from the other Sects, but doesn’t know exactly what it says. Knows that the Giovanni is made up of others that do not have the Giovanni surname- has heard of the Major Families. You have heard of the Path of Bones and may be on this path yourself. If you receive an invite to an April 4th party, you go… period. If you can’t, you had better have a damn good reason as to why. You don’t know the significance of the date; just that it is important. You know of the existence of the Spiriti.

Giovanni Lore 3: What your average Giovanni Ancillae would know. You know that the Mausoleum is the family headquarters that it is located in Venice and that it is a BAD IDEA to go there without an invite… and sometimes WITH an invite. You know that Augustus Giovanni is the head of the family and that he is not spoken about with impunity. You have heard rumors that not only are there other Necromantic Paths out there, but that some Necromancers can create their own Rituals. You are quite familiar with Clan structure- Don/ Donas, Consigliore, Primo Consigliore. You know the ins and outs of the Promise of 1528. You have heard rumors about the family plan to “Rend the Shroud.” You have heard rumors of non-Giovanni that practice Necromancy. You have heard rumors about the founding of the Clan and that the Clan the Giovanni eliminated long ago was called Cappadocians. It has been observed that Wraiths stick together in sects, like Haunters, similar to Vampires. You know better than to try to contact Venice without following the proper chain of command- Don, etc

Giovanni Lore 4: What an Elder/Ancillae Giovanni would know - this involves much self-discipline and hard, diligent study for anyone under 7th gen. You know that April 4th commemorates Augustus Giovanni’s diablerie of Cappadocious. You know some family history such as the roots of the mortal family- this means the merchant princes part of the Clanbook history. You have heard rumors of something related in some way to the family called Premascines. You have some familiarity with all in-clan Necromantic paths and have discovered that the rumors of other Necromantic paths seem to be true. You have some very basic knowledge of the Harbingers of Skulls, have heard that wraiths seem to fear them and have heard rumors of the Nagaraja. You have a basic understanding of the Family goal to ‘Rend the Shroud.” You are familiar enough with the Family history to know that originally the Family name was Jovian.

Giovanni Lore 5: What only an Elder of the Giovanni clan would know.

Has confident knowledge and opinions of the Nagaraja and the Premascines. May have actually met and spoken with Augustus a time or two. Has been to the Mausoleum and knows its halls intimately… or you think you do. Has heard suspicions of what the Harbingers of Skulls REALLY are. Has worked on the plan to rend the Shroud in your own right. May have been below Venice to see the great library. Has confident knowledge of what happened to Venice when the 6 th storm hit. Knows all of the History updates in this packet.

Knowing just one of the dots in the level of lore does not mean you have that level of lore. One should know all the dots of that level IC before obtaining said level. Over all, do what works for your game. The above should act as guidelines to what the Clan Lore Ability grants. Those outside of the Giovanni should have a very hard time obtaining ANY of this lore.


Marrying into the family

“For Love or Necromancy?”

“Love, true love

It’s what brings us here together today”.

Mortals outside of the family do not, for any reason, get married into the family. This means that in your background, your mother or father was Giovanni and the other parent was not a member of any of the offical Families. This does not happen. You now have other family lines listed here as new options, please pick one.

Kindred DO NOT married into the Clan / family. This does not happen.

Families play a major role in arranging marriages, especially if land and other wealth accompany the union. In cases where the marriage was part of the family's economic and social strategy, careful planning by the whole unit was needed, for a good marriage could bring considerable economic benefits. The prospective bride and groom also had an economic stake in a marriage contract. It would determine not only who their life partner would be, but also how well they could expect to live. To marry for love without land or chattels could assure nothing but a life of penury. Marriage contracts involved detailed planning, both for the mortal side and kindred ones. Marriage was easy to contract, but yet, even some people remained celibate and unmarried their entire lives. This serves to explain why patrician marriage in sixteenth-century Venice was such a complex event. It was a many-staged procedure that took place over time, required several months and involved, beyond the particular families, the entire community.

Formal procedure began with a contract of engagement, which in Venetian terms seems to have been called le nozze. This not only established the relationship but more importantly included dowry arrangements, that is the total sum and what parts would be paid in cash, in goods, in jewelry, in real estate, etc. Then it progressed through several stages: the announcement of the engagement in the presence of the two families and officials (fare or fermare il parentado), the ritual showing forth of the bride led around by a dancing master, visits to the houses of bride and groom, and the publicly declared consent of bride and groom through the declaration of matrimonial vows (fattesi parole ceremoniali dello sponsalitio). After this ceremony, there was a feast during which the sponsor or sponsors (compari) made gifts of candy and comestibles to the couple. The final acts were the groom taking his bride to live with him in his family's house (menare a casa) and the consummation. At various points in this process, other rituals occurred. There was the mutual giving of the hand (dar la man), usually in the later stages of the wedding procedure.

Venetian patrician marriages in this period exemplified the blending of familial and civic concerns, the case and the terra as the family clans and the city-state were called. "Public" and "private" did not find their way into Venetian contemporary vocabulary except that the first qualified the rest of the state as a "public thing," a respublica. The second signified an absence and deprivation of the civic sphere, rather than a tangible property or intangible negotiation outside it. Venetian patrician marriages took place within, not without, the community. The bonding of two patrician families strengthened political and economic alliances through their matrimonial arrangements.

Adoption into Clan Giovanni

“We are all as one”

The following shall be the genre standers for adoption into the family:

NO one is adopted into the family or clan. Not for any reason ever. Any PC or NPC that would ever make such a clam should be punished in the extreme by regional NPCs or PCs.


Offices within the family

"Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it. Plan more than you can do, then do it."

The Clan’s overall organization

Not every Giovanni makes the great race for power within the offices of the Clan. Indeed only about half of the Clan does. This is due to the isolation of many of the family in far- off lands. They are islands unto themselves. The Clan's overall organization is broken up into the three branches of the family tree. Once a PC takes a path they may hop the fence. However, this is normally looked down upon. Doubling up on offices is forbidden. The Giovanni have their whole ghoul existence to think of what way they will serve the clan. Any city that the Giovanni have any hold in normally has three family offices within it. This is a step-by-step run down of each office. These offices are presented in order of most importance and power starting at the top. NPCs may fill in any position until a PC is available. There should be at least one of each of the following in every city:

Don/Dona, Necromancer, and Enforcer.

The Venetian Senate (NPC only)

The Senate is comprised of various members of Clan Giovanni and Family Giovanni, such as the Rosselini, Dunsirn, Pisanob, and Machiavelli. There are 12 members of the Senate. The Senate serves as the organizers and distributors of Augustus' will. The number of twelve may reference the 12 Apostles, following the false Christ that is Augustus. Perhaps it is in reverence to the twelve members of a jury. No one within the

clan is certain, and those who do know are not talking. There is a large ornate throne in

well almost always. It should be noted that one of

the center, which is always vacant

the members is among the "Honored Dead.” The Venetian Senate is rumored to convene far beneath the ground floor of the Mausoleum in a great cathedral dedicated to Dis Pater. The veracity of this rumor has yet to be determined.

The Voice of Venice (NPC only)

The Voice of Venice (aka the Voice or the Doge di Venezia) is a single individual who is the sole authority of the Clan. He speaks the will of the Senate and of Augustus Giovanni himself! His word is beyond reproach and thus Law. Few outside of Venice ever hear his words but all feel their effect.


The word praefectus means ‘the one who stands in front’ (of others). The Prefect was an official who was appointed by a magistrate for a fixed period and a special task (mandatum). Originally, this was a military task; for example, the auxiliary troops were commanded by a Prefect, and the praefectus castrorum was the garrison commander. Under the empire, the Emperor was the only one who was allowed to appoint Prefects. From now on, civil Prefects became popular. Prefects are responsible for mediating disputes within the Clan usually, between Dons and Donas. A Prefect is more of a first- among-equals position than anything else. A Council of a minimum of five Dons or Donas from their appropriate regions can choose Prefects. Prefects can claim the office for themselves assuming there is no opposition, such as other candidates. The Venetian Senate may also elect Prefects as they see fit but generally choose to remain aloof from such regional matters. Prefects are exclusively a PC position unless otherwise stated. They direct the function of family members, of mortal and kindred within their respective regions. Their powers and responsibilities are comparable to that of the Camarilla's Archons. Prefects serve the Senate. NOTE: All Prefect PCs must have approval from the Giovanni Coordinator before making any national decisions or proclamations. This is more a title position than anything else, much like the Queen of England. There is no real power here other then the dot of pull you gain from this office. Prefects may of course, with ST approval from the appropriate game, have others take action when needed. This idea of PCs keeping tabs on other PCs does work so long as the Giovanni Coord / Sub-Cords keep an eye on the Prefects, which we WILL be!!!! If this is still an issue for your Chronicle, there are options to allow you protect your Chronicle from the influence of other players.

Daggers of the Giovanni

The Daggers of the Giovanni comprise 14 members of the Clan spread out over the world. The Daggers are exceptionally puissant members of the Clan sent when the internal affairs of the Clan begin to spin out of control on a local, regional or national level such as:

Extensive death of family members. Poaching from the families, from which the Giovanni embrace. The presence of a cagey Rogue Necromancer. Matters relating to the Harbingers of Skull. Large-scale Sabbat incursions into Clan matters. Dealing with missing Giovanni. Taking out those who have killed Family. Disposal of poached Giovanni. Breaking of The Promise. (Applies to both Giovanni and Camarilla sides)

Only the Venetian Senate may choose Daggers of the clan. Once you are chosen there is no going back. You must follow your orders. Daggers may be chosen from any echelon of the clan. Three always remain in Venice. The Daggers of the Giovanni serve a function within the family similar to that of the Camarilla’s Alastors, mixed with the powers/ responsibilities of a Paladin/Archon. Prefects may request a Dagger be sent to deal with disobedient Dons but they report to the voice of Venice. Daggers may not supersede Prefects. Daggers (PCs) may not take actions “within their office” that would result in the death or non-playable position of any Giovanni PC without first obtains permission from the Daggers Sub-Coordinator or the Giovanni Coordinator and that home Chronicle ST(s).

Dons & Donas

A Don or Dona should head each city with significant Giovanni population. It is up to

each Chronicle to decide how they choose to fill this office from within the Clan's ranks. Any member of the Clan can challenge any Don for his/her city at any time as long as they are within the proper branch of service or have not yet made the choice. Becoming Don or Dona immediately defaults you to the Administrative branch. A Don or Dona is expected to hold his/her city under their own power or relinquish it if they cannot hold it. The Don/Dona of a city is not always the most powerful in the city; however it is usually the one who provides the most for the family as a whole and who merits such a position. Reverting to combat as a means of settling such an issue is always frowned upon by the Anziani. The Anziani will respect whoever is strong enough to hold the position but prefer Double Blooded Giovanni to the other families. It is recommended that this position is made available to PCs rather then having it doled out to an NPC. Dons/Donas are comparable to that to Camarilla Princes in regards to their position within the Clan/Family. They control Family assets within the city and are responsible for the direction of the Family’s resources within said city. They are the leaders of the Family and Clan within their area of power. Dons and Donas handle mostly Kindred matters for the Family.

Consigliore (advisor)

Advisers to any office there typically the right hand man/woman. The person they are advising chooses these advisors. If the person they are advising is more tied up with kindred affairs, then they monitor the mortal affairs, or vice versa if necessary. Usually they are people who once held the office to which they are advising but not always. They no longer have the desire to hold said office and/or are in training to take over. The Venetian Senate for various internal reasons may choose an advisor for a Don or Dona.


such a case, the Consigliore is also referred to as the Primo Consigliore. This position


not a true office as such, and therefore you may take it and still one night become the

Don/Necromancer/etc. You still may not be Consigliore and another office at the same time. Dons / Donas must have a Consigliore. They handle mostly mortal affairs of the family such as managing all influences within a Chronicle.


Necromancers of a given city are often self-appointed but are confirmed by the Don or Dona of the city. Arch Necromancers are chosen by the Prefects and coordinate the sorcerous activities within their region. National Necromancers are chosen by the Venetian Senate and collect the information from the Necromancers to be passed on to the Senate. Necromancers (of the area) are the authority of Clan Giovanni's interests in the world of the dead. They monitor the shroud level of their given territory and report this as well as estimated spirit populations back to Venice, along with various other duties. They do what they can to advance progress in the Plan (The Rending of the Shroud). * The Necromancer office is beholden to the National Necromancer of the region. However, they still must respect the Don/Dona.


Enforcers are chosen by the Don or Dona` of a given city. The local Prefects choose regional Enforcers and the Venetian Senate chooses national Enforcers. The Enforcers are the martial arm of the family and are every inch the soldier, warriors and tacticians of the clan. Often recruited from family members who have survived long stretches in difficult regions the Enforcers safeguard the interests of the clan and make sure the enemies of the Giovanni remember that the Clan's outwardly projected good nature hides a bright set of Shark's teeth. Soldati (soldier) Soldiers are the lowest rungs within the Enforcer branch. Enforcers often take No Necromancy in opt to work on there out of clan disciplines such as Fortitude, Celerity.

Additional Positions within the Clan

“O please if you take offence at that little matter then you should have never been embraced in the first place”

The potions below are not true offices. As such they gain no addition prestige/pull within the clan and those who hold such potions may hold other true offices within the Clan. Ambassadors are often used when there is no local Don or Dona to handle said affairs, or opening relations within a new city the Clan plans on occupying in the months to come.

Ambassador to the Camarilla This person acts where the Prefects cannot or chose not to act. The ambassador walks a very fine line when it comes to The Promise. They have many allies within the Camarilla’s highest offices, and often use those well-paid-for strings to make things happen for the family’s benefit within the Camarilla.

Ambassador to the Anarchs This person deals with the aftermath of a Don or Dona who has taken things a little too far in an anarch free-state or barony. They quickly smooth things out or simply remind them they should just leave the Clan alone.

Ambassador to the Sabbat

Yes, there is indeed a member of our Family that deals with this Sect. Although the Sabbat put on the face of mindless killers with no real origination… Oops there is that damn Camarilla propaganda coming out. Anyway on rare occasion we have offical meetings with this sect and even then it’s almost always held though letters and missives.

Ambassador to Kindred of the East The Ambassadors are always members of the della Passaglia. There is one for Japan, China, and Korea. There propose is largely unknown. (The Giovanni, as per White Wolf cannon, have had one of the longest successful contacts with the strange Kindred in Asia).

Overall the clan branches are:

Administrative branch - Prefects, Don/Donas, Consigliore (adviser), Primo Consigliore. Necromancy branch - Arch Necromancers, local Necromancers, Primo Consigliore, Daggers of the Clan Enforcer branch - Enforcers of National or local regions, Primo Consigliore, Daggers of the Giovanni, Soldati (soldier)

** Ambassador is not a real office as defined above.


“Wow! Is that who I think it is?”

Prestige/Pull is NOT status. Clan/Family Giovanni does not have status of any kind. The following information is to give understanding of the kind of things that warrant Clan Prestige/pull. The word ‘Area’ below refers to a single Chronicle. This system is a strong suggestion, but over all do what works for you game. See Section 6c for more information on the ‘Pull’ Background.

Gaining Clan Prestige/Pull: The easiest way to gain Prestige/pull among the Giovanni is by accumulating vast amounts of wealth. A more difficult way is by discovering new understandings of death, either through art or magic.

Out of Clan: The Family and Clan Giovanni do not give outsiders Prestige/pull of any type or form. Powerful Family members might like outsiders and voice their opinion that they are a "good" guy/gal, but that’s where the buck stops.

Negative Prestige/Pull: The Family and Clan Giovanni do not give negative Prestige/pull. If you mess up, have no fear that the Officers of the clan will be upon you.

Many have asked “can I ever become an anziani?”… Here is your answer.

PC anziani? Only Venice (Giovanni Coordinator) may name Anziani PCs.

Only after 4 years of continuous game play on the PCs part and a significant contribution to the Clan as a whole will this notion be entertained. Just living for years does not cut it. Anziani are considered the Elder of elders within the Family. Any Giovanni that has been around for 300 + years is, in many realms, an elder. But being an Anziani is a whole other ball of mortician’s wax. The only real advantage to being an Anziani is that you have one level of prestige/pull that can never be taken away. This level does not allow you to go above level 5. It will be rare in the extreme to have PCs named Anziani. If it does happen, their numbers will be spread across the world.



"Encumbered forever by desire and ambition, There’s a hunger still unsatisfied. Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon, Though down this road we've been so many times" - Pink Floyd, High Hopes

Each year, every member of the Giovanni Clan is expected to send a portion of their wealth back to Venice to stock the collective coffers of the Clan or stock the wraith cells for the grand task of accumulating enough souls to achieve the ultimate goal of the Clan:

The obliteration of the Sudario, the shroud. After the sixth maelstrom hit, Clan Giovanni’s main focus is rebuilding and making plans for mass death to refill their coffers. This is a very important aspect of clan Giovanni; its importance is mentioned in a variety of White Wolf Canon books. Each Tithe is collected on April 4th. An e-mail to the Giovanni Tithe Sub-Coordinator from a storyteller of your chronicle is required as proof of the Tithe no later than the last weekend of May of each year. It will be difficult, but it should not be impossible to collect your Tithe. Every Giovanni player is required to deliver. This was developed in OWBN. In the WW books it was a strong suggestion but when transferring into OWBN it became a must. After all, this entire packet is about OWBN Giovanni.

The standard tithe is three wraiths a year or 100,000 dollars. This reflects that not every single member of the clan is interested in or proficient enough with Necromancy to make their payment in souls. Failure to Tithe will tend to turn Venice's eye to the city in which the disrespect originates and most Giovanni would rather not see that happen. All Giovanni are expected to pay the tithe though many choose to tithe more, as their position and resources allow. Venice tends to take notice as well when a Giovanni tithes more than the bare minimum and a favorable mention among the Senate can go a long way when issues of promotion and prestige/pull come up. It is also worth noting that Venice also notices when more wealthy members of the Family only Tithe the minimum requirement. If you want to be respected within the family, you are expected to make a respectable Tithe.

Most wraiths that are tithed are drones, or are already made into items.

1 Elder Wraiths is worth = 3 normal wraiths

1 Kindred Wraith is worth = 5 normal wraiths

(Ones that have died and not been obtained though Soul Steal)

1 Wraiths from Africa = 5 normal wraiths

1 Wraith from a guild = 6 normal wraiths

1 Wraith from the East = 7 normal wraiths

Tithe is between you and Venice. It is NOT a bragging right to announce to the open family. Tithe is a show of HUMBLE respect for the honor and privilege it is to be in this family and more so to be an immortal. Some may/can view this as a Tax. But those thoughts are kept to themselves and are never acted on or discussed.


For the Family in OWBN

“Manners first

ok Death first then manners"

1. In Venice, it is still common for both ladies and gentlemen to greet each other with a

light kiss on the cheek. Since our American cousins consider this custom slightly effeminate and old-fashioned, a warm double handshake is acceptable. A kiss on the

Don's ring, while not as strongly encouraged as within the Cosa Nostra, is never the less a touching token of loyalty and respect. Many Enforcers follow this fervently; all Soldati must follow this rule.

2. Gentlemen will rise when a lady sits, stands, or joins a group. All chairs are pulled out.

If a lady joins a conversation and declines to sit, all will remain standing. Ladies need not rise if another joins a group.

3. Everyone is addressed with respect. No exceptions. Both Family members and visitors

from other Clans are to be greeted with cordiality and deference, if only for their potential usefulness.

4. When sitting for official business, seating is done hierarchically, i.e., Better families at

the head of the table, and second most important to his right, third to his left and so on,


Always know who is in charge. If in doubt, take a lower seat to avoid causing offense accidentally.

5. Your superior is called "Capo". The head of the Family in a given domain is called

"Don," or "Dona`," and his/her word is law. The "Visitor" may need to make an appearance as circumstances warrant, a rare and dangerous privilege.


"Live to die, die to live"

1. Arrive together, leave together. No one travels alone. No exceptions. It does not matter how much Potence you can boast, how intimidating you look, or even what kind of things your Wraith can do. At the very least you have someone else to draw fire while you make your escape if needed. Not to mention the benefits of always having at least one witness with you. 2. Ladies are never without at least one man for every two women.

3. A weapon is never brandished in public unless you are using dire force, and only when

dire force cannot be avoided. The Enforcer is the exception to this rule.

4. Never accept anything handed to you. Have one of the ghouls accept it on your behalf.

Always thank them even if you do not like what it was.

5. Keep a record of who can sense Wraiths in a city. If you think there is someone with

Necromancy find out & report them to the Don/Dona. If you are a Don/Dona, then report

it to the Prefect. Take no action until they say otherwise. Prepare to have them whacked.

6. Keep a close tab on all Family within your city. If one goes "missing" you better report

it to Venice, for if you don’t you will soon be seen on the back of every milk carton on the planet.

7. Keep at least one wraith with Flux / fatalisum / outrage around.

8. Keep a well defended and unknow haven.

9. In the event of a “boot party,” make it very costly for them to even think about wacking you or yours.

Public relations for OBWN Giovanni

"You know what they say about one good turn"

1. Always dress appropriately for the occasion. Brujah wear jeans and white socks, not


2. Wraiths will not, for the most part, be talked about in public.

3. Ladies will act like ladies at all times, especially in public. They are the flower of our

Family's honor as well as its future.

4. Arguments with other Clanmates take place in private only. This is basic Rispetto.

5. When dealing with clients, check your facts. Do not spread rumors needlessly, no

matter how delicious they may be. We provide accurate information to our clients, not

gossip. This is a distinction for which our friends are prepared to show great appreciation.

6. Pay for all information even if you already have it. Keep all sources happy.

7. Never promise more than you can deliver. Deliver what you promise, without fail,

even though months may frustrate your efforts. A client's privilege is as invaluable as our word of honor. If you are going to double-cross someone, therefore, make sure to have an alibi or two for public consumption.

8. It is distasteful to discuss Necromancy in public. Certain admissions can be made in

private, however, to select individuals. Necromancy is never taught outside the Family, for any reason!!! Due to the fluid and case-specific nature of our Discipline, even the most basic level of Necromancy will throw open the floodgate if improperly used. Individuals outside the Family, even scum like the Semedi who are observed to have a "wild" talent, must be disposed of. Needless to say, the monopolies and prerogatives of

Or just don’t get found

other clans must be respected if this tradition is to be enforced

out. So drop whatever great plans you might have had when it comes to Giovanni teaching non-Giovanni as it should never happen! No NPCs would teach Necromancy. *

I don’t care how many points of mentor they have, nor plot line that might have been run. It just does not happen. *

9. The Proxy Kiss and all matters relating to Family discipline are strictly private, and

remain the exclusive jurisdiction of the Family itself. No public mention shall be made of disciplinary procedures, but our rights there to shall be strongly asserted. 10. Remember at all times that you are a member of a chosen elite. You were bred and trained since birth to carry on the honor of the Family Giovanni.

In all things the clan comes first.


(From the OWBN Giovanni Storytellers Aide) This was well written and is a great aid to dealing with other Sects. That which is said here I could not have placed better in my own words. Found at

Sect relations invariably differ from game to game. On an international level, however, the Giovanni want to be left alone. They're more likely to work with the Camarilla, given their history. The Camarilla sends representatives to Venice regularly (I think every 13 years) to discuss the Giovanni's continued relationship (or lack thereof) with that sect. The Camarilla also deals in things in which the Giovanni are interested. The Ventrue and the Giovanni compete in the field of world finances; the Tremere and the Giovanni share an interest in the occult. There are enough similarities to make cooperation a possibility. The Sabbat, on the other hand, is dangerous. If they are not attacking Giovanni themselves, then they are supporting those who are attacking them (those being the Harbingers). The Sabbat does not have a lot of money or influence, so there isn't a great deal that the Giovanni want from the Sabbat. Without incentive to work with them, and with incentive to stay away from them, the Giovanni should avoid the Sabbat altogether. If push comes to shove, (as it supposedly did during the Siege of New York in the source material) the Giovanni will side with the Camarilla against the Sabbat. This should not happen lightly, or often.

What advice does the family give to members operating in Camarilla domains? Most of the advice should be considered common sense, but here's some advice picked up through years of play. Be respectful of the Camarilla, its members and policies. Don't go yelling about how you don’t have to follow their rules, follow them anyway - you'll make more friends. If you respect them, they will respect you. For god's sake, stay out of their politics. Make it clear that you're willing to work with the establishment, whoever that happens to be, and don't get involved in trying to decide who that establishment is. If a Prince asks you to do something, they're clearly an agent of the Camarilla as a whole, and whatever they're asking is probably ok. Just make sure you get paid. If someone who isn't the Prince asks for something, you might want to double-check his or her motives and make sure you're not getting yourself involved where you shouldn't be. Wait for them to ask you for assistance. You are not trying to earn status; you are not racing to increase your standing. If you do something to help a domain, you are not going to get rewarded and they will forget it the next time the anti-Giovanni sentiment rolls around again (as it always does).

** Storyteller End of the Aid. Each city varies as to their “feelings” on the Family. The same can be said about the Families “feelings” on some cities.


"Shhh this is what we really think of them

Stereotypes are an important part of the Giovanni outlook on other Clans. While not all Giovanni feel this way, more often than not they do. Contrary to the Stereotypes set forth in the Clanbooks, these are the ones that have been developed in OWbN through years of player actions.

Assamites: The warriors of the Kindred have indeed fallen far! Brujah: The Punic Wars were a youthful indiscretion on our part, but we must not forget the reasons behind what we did. They are always trying to rebuild their little Empire. Followers of Set: Are they still the tools of their founder? *Shrugs* No matter. Gangrel: They are like our younger brothers and should be treated as such. They are to be held in the utmost respect. Lasombra: A noble, though declining, people. Their association with the anarchs and Sabbat has been an unfortunate choice. Many within the Brujah and Venture wish they where embraced into this clan but will never admit to it. Malkavian: Listen to everything they say, but believe little of it. Ravnos: Gypsy scum. Trust not the thieves. They would steal our souls if they could. Nosferatu: One of the wisest clans. Pay them well and pay them often. Toreador: Their artistic vision has been tainted by their rise to power within the Camarilla. Tremere: They bear careful watching; they remain as isolated from us as possible -- though this is more likely a way to cover up their own plots. Tzimisce: These rabbles have forgotten who they are; though their fury against their Elders was warranted, their actions were not. Avoid them or kill them, you be the judge. Ventrue: Too many of them define themselves by wealth and rank, instead of by their true natures. We are far better then they and everyone knows it. Baali: A few of us have been lost to them. When you act against them, strike quickly and forcefully. Let nothing remain but a bad memory of there existence. Caitiff: Inconsequential and poorly bred; they are more mosquito than vampire. Nagaraja: See Baali Gargoyles: Tools of the Tremere. Kiasyd: Strange yet trustworthy. Samedi: Kill them whenever an opportunity presents itself. We gave these half breeds a chance and they screwed up. Now they must face the consequences. Harbingers of Skulls: Do not attack them. Run, and then inform the Daggers of the clan. No exceptions. Anarchs: Children Camarilla: They have the discipline, but not the ideals. Sabbat: They have the ideals, but not the discipline. Eastern Kindred: They are an unknown quality, and as such must be treated with the utmost caution. The della Passaglia & Li Weng can tell us more.

The Inconnu: These true elders have a good idea of what we are up to. It is a good thing they stay out of the way of Kindred society or we might have to kill them. ThinBloods: Proof of poor breeding. This is why we are better then all the others.

Other outlooks for the Family:

Blood Bond: A tool for the wise.

Demons: God's universe is not like the American legal system. You do something, you pay for it!

Infernalists: And they call us devil kindred Ha! See our outlook on Samedi. Kindred: We are the most powerful beings on this planet, but we must be careful nonetheless. Kine: Our start on the path on which we now walk. Mages: The less you deal with them, the better. Tell them as little as possible, but always assume they know everything. Their time is lacking and they as well as know it. Lupines: Some of us are able to deal with them through rituals, others with careful words and promises. If you anger them, vanish. Wraiths: They are us, we are them. Mummies: Wild cards. Though useful, they are not to be trusted, no matter what.


"Time to give the devil his due." - Detective Zeke Stone

Unlike the Tremere and other magic Clans, Social Clubs within the family are not Orders or secret societies. Such things separate the Clans or place rivalries within. The Giovanni are all about being a Family and the togetherness therein. The Clubs are just groups of like-minded kindred plotting the end of the world together. Those who know of them know them through their contacts or lore within the family.

Each Social Club serves the Clan and Family in their own ways. None oppose the others. Many study Necromancy or Gehenna but not all. Below is an overview of what they are about and there befits if you are a member.

*(Social Clubs are more then just email lists. Each may have, with ST approval, given sub-plots that are tailored to those members. STs may be given the plot thread to run.)

The Order of the Blood Rose. Perto Giovanni started this order. Any Don/Dona may join this order after a length of service (one year of game play) within said office. The Don/Dona then receives from Venice a Blood Rose (Crafts 5 that must be fed a kindred blood trait, no less then 10th Generation once a month, to be kept alive. This is not the entire plant; it is only a single rose from it). For more information on this item see Dark Ages Tabletop Storyteller’s Guide. Only they (this order) may wear a red rose on their lapel. To falsify this badge by wearing one warrants pledging oneself to the service of the Order for one year (this is not optional).

The Order of the Capuchin This order is one of the oldest within the family. They are feared by ALL within the family. All of this order lives within Italy (mostly in Rome). What the order is up to is unknown by most. Those that do know, or at the very lest think they do, are trying to expose their efforts to the Senate. (NPC’s only) History update The Capuchin (mentioned in the Giovanni Clanbook) was found out to actually be Lazarus, childe of Cappadocius. Since then, he has fled Venice to parts unknown. He was unable to take anything with him and his offices have been raided and are now under quick study. His order within the family was fully killed off.

The Society of Death This society is composed of mostly Necromancers. They exchange ideas and rituals. All of them know just how close the clan is to rending the shroud. They are working right now on rebuilding the wraith population that was lost when the 6th maelstrom hit Venice. Ludi Tarentini is still celebrated by them in honor to Dis Pater. This group wears a skull pin somewhere on their outfit. Ghiberti & della Passaglia do not join this group, nor are they ever invited. You must be a member of the Necromancy branch to join this group.

House High Saturday This is a Tremere order within their Clan that allows outsiders to the Clan to join. Only members of the The Society of Death are ever considered for this group. It IS NOT a swap-fest of Thaumaturgy and Necromancy. What it is: a group of occultists that study death, Necromancy and thanotolgy as well as a vast array of other studies. Occult knowledge sharing is fine, as is ability teaching. There is absolutely NO trading of Disciplines within this group. There is absolutely NO trading of Rituals within this group. It is a group of Kindred who gather to share philosophical views on occultism. Any member of Clan Giovanni expected of even desiring to trade ritual or Necromancy knowledge would be “recycled” before being allowed to continue membership in House High Saturday.

The Watcher's Guild This group spends their time monitoring the Wraith societies. They have spies almost everywhere within the shadowlands. Nearly all of the "Honored Dead" are part of this group. You simply have to be a Necromancer or a Family wraith to join.

The Vault Money can buy many things. This group knows all about that. The vault is comprised of the top CEOs of many firms; the corporate heads of the financial part of the Clan. These guys and gals make the Venture look like Brujah in the realms of Finance. The other clans cry over how much money the Giovanni have, and this group is the reason why. Double-Blooded Giovanni, Dunsirn, Milliners, and Rothstein are the only Families that may join this group. This group is noted for having a uniquely engraved silver money clip or pin. (PCs gain one trait in allies within their Clan when dealing with finance matters or another point of finance influence).

"All the gold in Christendom flows through the hands of the Venetians." Marco Polo

The Silver Cross It is lost in the halls of time why they have a small pure silver pin of a cross on their lapel. But it is known what it means to see one. A Don/Dona gives the silver cross to their favorite Enforcer. This pin is a sign to other Giovanni that this person is an F*&$# animal. The silver cross shows the true meaning of hiring in house. Those with this pin have taken out at the very least 20 mortal hits and 5 kindred ones. (Only Enforcers may

join this group. They are often trained in other Clan's specific disciplines at this time. They must have max physical traits and max Potence before training would start.)

The Golden Quill Club Better know as the Golden tongue or kiss ass award, this honor can be award by a majority vote of Family in a city. Any family member can receive this honor. You cannot nominate yourself or vote for yourself. This honor is given to those family members who have made good business deals for the clan and/or gained powerful allies within a city on behalf of the Family. Any Giovanni may gain this honor. Members have an elegant and delicately gilded feather in their cap or jacket pocket. (The PC gains contacts 2 within the clan, only when dealing with diplomatic matters.)

The League of the Doge This order is the oldest within the family. Their function within the family is surrounded in mystery. Some say they are a Gehenna cult. Others still say that they are the spies of those that live beneath Venice. Any Giovanni may try and join this group; however, it is unknown what criteria its members look for in a prospective. (PC gains contact 2 within Venice)

The winged snake & burring mask This group is made up of Ghiberti & della Passaglia only. They share respect for each other’s beliefs and necromancy. They do not teach each other their necromancy but do share their occult tomes and rites. (PC gains contact 2 within the opposite family.)

Alter guild For those members within the family who still hold church rank or heavy influence. In the nights of the declining church, they strive to uphold it and the power and wealth that come with it. The result of the Giovanni looking into the care of local Venice churches has evolved into ensuring the faith and the soul of the clan is not wholly lost to damnation. (PC gains contact 2 within the holy city. Also the PC should be awarded with the merit Church Ties. This group is ideal for ecclesiastical rank priest and bishop concepts.)


The “Wonderful” World of Wraiths

When many Giovanni players and storytellers, for that matter, think of Giovanni they all think of Wraiths. Playing Giovanni is PLAYING VAMPIRE, not playing Wraith. However Wraith is where the Giovanni have power. To take away Wraith you would be neutering the Clan to the point they there is no need to even have one. As well as this is one of the only things the Clan has going for it in OWbN. The Giovanni are a magic clan just as much as the Tremere/assamites/settites etc. The difference is that the family just is concentrated in one area of study. But though that area they have access to just as much as the Clans listed above. Wraiths are our Clan’s lifeblood, the family’s power and its eventual tools of world domination. That said, they are also alive in their own ways and can be just as powerful as us, so always treat them with the respect one would give a powerful weapon

- useful but with potential to be just as dangerous to you as to your enemies.

There are several groups of wraiths that we should be interested in:

Oracles - Wraiths who see the future Artificers - Wraiths who can make machines go haywire and build items Spooks - Wraiths who can physically manipulate the living world Haunters - Wraiths who create chaos in the real world Puppeteers - Wraiths who can 'skinride' mortals

There are others but these are the groups important to the Clan. Remember, wraiths are easiest to manipulate when you possess something that physically

used to belong to them - this is called a fetter. It can be as large as a house or as small as

a finger bone. Find this item and it will give you significant control over a wraith.

Also be aware that there are several organizations of wraiths - the most notable being 'The Hierarchy'.

What do you DO with Wraiths? Take a look at the groups of wraiths that I've listed above. You can scare people with them, possess machines with them and even get some hint about the future with them.

Wraiths are also amazing spies, as they are virtually undetectable by normal means and can peek into what they call 'the skinlands' and keep an eye on things. How else do you think we kept an eye on those Lotharios of the Camarilla so easily?

The Honored Dead

As mentioned in Section 6: Advantages of Being Family, subsection c: Backgounds, the Honored Dead are vastly different from the average Wraith Retainer. The Honored Dead want to aid the Family because they ARE Family. They still hold influence within the Family structure and are someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle or child. Necromancy should NEVER be used on them unless it’s to help them get out of their shadow side. They are Family and it makes no difference just because they’re dead.

The Honored Dead come from the Major and Minor Families as well as the Giovanni. Lesser Family lines have not been around long enough to develop Honored Dead. They are created in the same manner as any other wraith. The Honored Dead, because they are members of Clan Giovanni and have existed for an extended period of time, do gain access to the powers of Fatalism, Flux and Castagate. All Honored Dead have at least one fetter that remains in Venice at all times. If an Honored Dead is destroyed, whoever is responsible for the destruction of said Honored Dead, will suffer a terrible consequence up to and including the replacement of the Honored Dead.

To take this you must have the Rending of the Shroud/ Tithe Sub-Coordinator’s approval as well as approval from your ST. Use whatever works for your game and

tenants of your house rules to work out the details of the Wraith sheet. Keep in mind that Giovanni Wraiths should have very detailed backgrounds.

Dis Pater Family & Clan Giovanni’s Patron Saint.

Dis Pater is the Roman ruler of the underworld and fortune, similar to the Greek Hades. Every hundred years, the Ludi Tarentini was celebrated in his honor. The Gauls regarded Dis Pater as their ancestor. The name is a contraction of the Latin Dives, "the wealthy", Dives Pater, "the wealthy father," or "Father Wealth." It refers to the wealth of precious stone below the earth. The Giovanni have been praying to him since before the Cappadocian's took them as a ghoul family. (Pluto – "Rich One"Dis. Dis Pater, Dispater – "Rich Father." Orcus. An alternative name for Dis, the god of the underworld. In Southern Germany and the Balkans, Dis Pater was paired with a Celtic goddess, Aericura. Julius Caesar wrote that the Gauls considered themselves to be descendants of Dis Pater. He is the god of the underworld, particularly its riches. He manages the dead, too. Dante names a city in the Inferno after this god.)

This can make for a great backdrop for many plots or settings for Family meetings. Chapels, tomes, shrines of all types can be found dedicated to him. The shines may not be moved once built, nor may they be within the shadowlands in order to gain the effects below, although there are many that do reside there. Only one may be built per game. Expect to pay a great deal to build this. (Funny, the more you have, the longer it takes to build it). You may not build one on the same night one was destroyed. The Shroud rating around the shrine is 4. (Standard 1 to 10 scale.)

By building a shrine to Dis Pater in your chronicle, you will reap the following benefits:

The negative effects of the maelstrom are lessened. All those within a one-mile radius who are “lucky” become “unlucky” or have their Lucky merit negated. By praying to the shrine of Dis Pater (i.e. sending a message to the STs and Rend the Shroud/tithe Sub-Coordinator) a Giovanni may gain the “blessing” of Dis Pater.

The disadvantages are:

Upkeep. You must sacrifice a wraith and/or commit acts of great emotion or

respect in the presence of the shrine once a month. I.e. a murder, birthing, etc.

2. Specters become a problem after a while. (2 to 6 months)

3. Any acts of divination (i.e. Eyes of Chaos, Fatalism, Scry, the Knowing Stone, and high-end levels of Auspex) become terribly skewed to the point of no effect within the five mile radius. (ST discretion. This is an excellent way to manage the open-ended powers that some of your PCs may gain within your chronicle.)

To build one you need your ST's approval as well as approval from the Rending the Shroud Sub-Coordinator.


“The body is a shell; the mind a cell. The soul is chaff. Death is the purpose: inevitable death.” - Alessandre Giovanni, Thanatopsis IV

I have added this section to give a better understanding to those within the Giovanni who wish to follow this path. Of course, it is best to be on humanity…. Yes, that’s right, I said humanity is preferred even amongst the Giovanni. Most Dons/Donas as well as their advisers are on Humanity. Enforcers and Necromancers are mostly on Paths like Bone/Death and the Soul.

Basic Beliefs: The Path of the Bones, it is believed, grew out of a warped code upheld by the morbid vampires that sired the Giovanni. Human, Kindred or otherwise, every being sooner or later ends up in death's arms. The most ardent followers of this Path espouse "giving oneself over to the comprehension of life's inevitable end." Vampires who follow this Path seek the knowledge of precisely what death is: Is it simply the end of life? Is it the transition of the soul to what lies after life? Or, is it the end of the soul's desire to be? These questions haunt the followers of the Path of the Bones each night.

Many vampires believe that the Path of the Bones is a degenerate Path that encourages followers to participate in all manners of murder and deviance. Those who uphold the Path and those who are familiar with it, however, know that it involves itself with a pursuit of life and unlife's meaning.

Followers of the Path seek to understand death's nature and purpose, and thus the roles individuals play in the greater scheme of the world. Mortality is inevitable, except for vampires, who have somehow managed to cheat the cycle. Kindred nature, however, is generally outside the avenues this Path explores. It is truly a scholar's code, as the Kindred who follow it forsake even their own comfort to advance their understanding of mortality's mysteries.

These Kindred are not necessarily cruel - they merely value comprehension more than human life. At its simplest, the Path of the Bones seeks to define not only what death is, but also its meaning to those who have escaped it. It is a Path of knowledge and power, and many who support it learn to wield great influence over the living and dead alike. Many among the Path become quite erudite in the ways of ghosts, but even these odd beings fail to answer many of the Gravediggers' questions - what, for example, happens to a ghost that resolves its psychic struggle or discorporates into the void?

The Ethics of the Path

- Study death in all its permutations.

- Determine when death occurs; define it.

- Search for a purpose for death and the life that prefaces it.

- Quantify the differences of death by various causes.

- Achieve a comfort with death and unlife - distinguish between damnation and salvation.

- Hasten death's arrival, should it seem to be unnaturally delayed.

Path of the Bones Hierarchy of Sins – See LotN:R.


Fear inhibits learning.

Refusal to learn indicates refusal to understand.

Denial of the self serves no greater purpose.

The Beast is irrational and emotion serves little to advance understanding.

Experimentation proves theory, and without proof, there is no conclusion.

Vampires are dead; so, too, are their emotions.

Death is inevitable; what meaning does easing another's doomed discomfort have?

One must not prevent the cycle, but should learn from it.

Such emotional ties befit humans, not Kindred.

Virtues: Vampires on the Path of the Bones observe the virtues of Conviction and Self- control.

Current Practices: Many Elder members of Clan Giovanni follow this Path, as do those with a sincere interest in improving their necromantic knowledge for a purpose other than temporal power. Giovanni who uphold the Path of the Bones rarely deal with mortals, as their grim inquisitiveness often proves fatal for mortals with whom they come in contact.

Description of Followers: Vampires on this Path are genuinely curious, wishing to learn exactly what purpose individuals serve. Thanatology is more a science than a philosophy to Kindred on the Path of the Bones. This Path is quite introspective. Greedy Giovanni rarely follow it, preferring the more materially comfortable outlook of Humanity. Gravediggers support the Giovanni Family primarily through the knowledge they bring it, rather than through advancing the political aims of the clan.

Following the Path: Vampires who subscribe to the tenets of the Path of the Bones should be detached, yet inquisitive beings. Although they are not cavalier about death, Gravediggers seldom aid one about to slough off the mortal coil, preferring to watch and learn. Less fatalistic vampires may take issue with this, and the Kindred on this Path will not act against them should they seek to aid the dying individual. Obviously, their time has not yet come, though were their benefactor absent Common Abilities: Kindred on this Path naturally specialize in those proficiencies that advance their macabre research. Intellectual/Academic Abilities are favored, particularly in the realms of Medicine, Occult and Science.

Preferred Disciplines: Followers of this Path obviously favor Necromancy and also refine their aptitude with Auspex.

I hope this gave you better understanding to the Clan’s outlook on this path. Paths are much more then simple dos and don’ts. Now, with this information in hand, you may walk the night with a better understanding.


(From the OWBN Giovanni Storyteller Aide, which can be found at This section was well written and is a great aid to dealing with Necromancy.

I am supporting and adding only the parts that are listed below to become the genre of the Giovanni.

All rules for Necromancy can be found at: section 7

There is a handful of NPC Giovanni (Premiscines) who know this path (Vitreous Path) and who may teach it to someone who has shown extreme devotion to the clan over a long period of time - but they're all in Venice, and as such, anyone learning this path must be approved by the Giovanni Coordinator.

Rituals All rituals in Laws of the Night are regularly accessible to Giovanni players. The rituals in the Giovanni Clanbook are also fully accessible to Giovanni players, with the exception of the Pisanob rituals which are accessible to Pisanob characters only. The rituals in the Sabbat Guide are available at the discretion of the character's storyteller. Rituals from Blood Magic (1 or 2) are not recommended for play, as they have no LARP write-ups, but are available at storyteller discretion.

Homemade Rituals Giovanni homemade rituals can be found in the blood magic packet. Inclusion in that packet does not mean they are official, or does it mean the Coordinator approves them. It means simply that they have been submitted, and are now kept in a central location. The official stance of the Giovanni Coordinator on the validity of any homemade ritual is 'do what works for your game, and if in doubt, say no.’

Note: The Ghiberti Necromancy (aka The Cenotaph Path) works as mentioned in Clan Book Giovanni: Revised. Ghiberti Necromancy may be taught to those outside the Ghiberti, but within Clan Giovanni, for an insanely high price. Pisonob Necromancy should only be practiced by… you guessed it… the Pisonob. All Pisonob rituals work as per Clan Book Giovanni: Revised. This same tenet also applies to the della Passaglia.

These two families should never, ever, ever…under any circumstances, ever, teach anyone outside the Clan these necromantic forms…ever.


Hukada Ghiberti finds new information on the Khazar's Diary.

Hukada Ghiberti request and receives aid to help the Family of Africa undertake more research into the Wraiths of the Dark Continent.

Embassies are being worked out to set up with the Asian courts and the Giovanni clan, after the Cambodia studies where finished 1971 – 2004, thanks to the della Passaglia. These Embassies have not been set up yet due to the conflict between the Kindred of the East and the Giovanni of Los Angeles.

Some time ago a plot was made where the Milliner’s of OWBN tried to join the Camarilla. As such the Camarilla, as well as the Giovanni Clan, had open killing rights on them. Since then, this plot has ended. All the Milliners that went off their rocker have been killed by the Daggers/Camarilla /other Giovanni/the head of their line himself! (Mr. Milliner, that is.) Some say it was the other heads of the major families that made this small group (about 15 at most) try and join the Camarilla. This topic is one of shame for the Milliners; any who bring it up are quickly forced into silence one way or another.

The Capuchin (mentioned in the Giovanni Clanbook) was found out to actually be Lazarus, childe of Cappadocius. Since then he has fled Venice to parts unknown. He was unable to take anything with him and his offices have been raided and are now under quick study. His order within the family has being tracked down and killed off. The information about this has been suppressed, and most Giovanni are not aware of this fact. Those who are in the know think the Capuchin was a Harbinger of Skulls spy only and dismiss the notion of him really being Lazarus, childe of Cappadocius… or at lest openly.

All past genre breeches when dealing with “approved” Necromancy teaching or other similar matters may be traced to the order of the Capuchin, which is now defunct.

The Family reports that the Rosselini Branch will be bred out or die out within the next 5 years. All efforts to keep this line going have failed. Claudius Rosselini has begun to sell off the Family’s stock he controls of the genetic corporation Gene Tech. The profit from this is being rolled over into weapons deals in Asia Minor. The Family will name Enzo Giovanni successor to take his chair in a multi-national corporation by the end of the year.

After the devastation of the 6th maelstrom, the Family has begun to rebuild the Shadowland’s walls in Venice. It is noted that they are not undertaking this with any sense of speed which leads to the rumors that they had banks of wraiths elsewhere when this great storm hit, which where saved.

Augustus returns from his trip in the Shadowlands of Korea. He meets with the Senate and then is rumored to have traveled under the waters of Venice to meet with the Premascines (aka the “aquadulvians”)

The longtime schism between European and American Giovanni is set aside after the Venetian Senate calls a meeting to discuss said schism. In the heated debates, Clan Giovanni decided that yes, America was an upstart country where the lesser families were sent. This will no longer be the case. Whether by luck or by their own undertaking, American Giovanni now reside within a global superpower (at least as far as mortal society is concerned.) Those Giovanni who are considered Elders there (especially those of the double-blooded) will gain at least a portion of the respect that they have longed to possess. However, the price for this respect is that there will no longer be any double- blooded Giovanni to be sent to America except in the most extreme circumstances. As such, more of the minor and lesser families will have their members sent to America to make up any lacking that this amendment will create. In response to this, several heads of the Minor Families have jumped at this opportunity; Francis Milner, Marco della Passaglia, Kwai Li Weng, and Melvin Rothstein, to name a few.

After some debates Venice gives partial control back in the form of Prefects to the U.S.

More minor and lesser family are being chosen to be sent over, making double-blooded Giovanni harder to find in the Americas.

Rumors abound that more of the Giovanni have moved to America due to following created by Valentina della Passaglia.

"Nothing in the story of Venice is ordinary. She was born dangerously, lived grandly, and never abandoned her brazen individualism." -- James Morris For more history on Venice, visit

18. Q & A

“Ask me no questions and I’ll tell ye no tales.”

Prefects Vs Directors

Directors Their powers and responsibilities within the Family are comparable to that of the Camarilla's Justicars. Prefects Their powers and responsibilities within the Family are comparable to that of the Camarilla's Archons. Prefects serve the Senate. Prefects ARE NOT Directors!!!! No PC/NPC should claim otherwise.

What does Clan Giovanni consider a Rogue Necromancer? Any Kindred that is not of Clan Giovanni processing the Necromancy paths:

Sepulchre/Bone/Ash/Vitreous. The Followers of Set’s version is considered of a whole different paradigm and thus not a true threat. (Unless of course the Chronicle is running it like the above paths, then consider it to fall under this paradigm). Spirit Thaumaturgy is considered Necro-lite. “While it should be followed closely… it’s a Kinko’s copy of the true deal”. – Albert Giovanni Giovanni should always be on the look out for those that might gain the powers of Necromancy, as they understand them.

Why in the Clan book does it say that Double blooded are the major Families etc? The Term Double-Blooded for the purpose of OWBN shall mean both sides of your direct mortal line were Giovanni. It is completely genre to have, within your distant genealogy, other major families.

What is the relationship of the Dunsirn & Lupines? The Dunsirn were kinfolk to a tribe of lupines. See the Giovanni Clanbook for more information.

What is up with the clan’s head? What is he up to? He oversaw the aftermath of the 6 th maelstrom’s effects on Venice. As of now he has just returned from a long trip in the Shadowlands. He was last reported to be under Venice talking with other Elders of the Clan or has fallen into torpor for a year or so.

Say, I wish friendship with the Sabbat within my game and they have Necromancy. Should I be out to whack them? If it’s a Sabbat game and you are the only Giovanni there and the Sabbat players wish good relations with you, then do what works for your game. But keep in mind all you have read within this genre packet. Clan Giovanni does not like Rogue Necromancers. However they are indeed much more worried with the Anarchs and Camarilla possessing it. You should not, in any way, aid the Sabbat to gain more power or knowledge of Necromancy. Also, you should actively look for every way to slow their efforts.


have a rogue in my city but I am the only Giovanni. What do I do? Report it to your

Prefect. If they are not making actions against you, then build up and build up fast. Keep

your head down and friends close. It is only a matter of time before Venice or your Prefect will send you the aid you need.

I wish to have more Giovanni in my area but I am the only one. Try to see if your ST

staff will let in one or two more. Have those be members of the major or minor families with one Double blooded within the domain. Having one or both start as ghouls is very


**(The OWbN Giovanni Storyteller Aide)**

Much of the following is from The OWbN Giovanni Storyteller Aid. I am supporting and adding only the parts that are listed below to become the genre of the Giovanni.

Why Don't the Giovanni teach Necromancy? This is really two questions - Why Don't the Giovanni want outsiders to know Necromancy? This comes down to Augustus's master plan. Most of the detail about this plan can be found in the Giovanni Clanbook, but a quick summary follows: The Giovanni intend to tear down the shroud between the Skinlands and the Shadowlands. To do so, they need to collect a hundred million souls, and then use the energy from those souls to merge the two lands. Once the Shadowlands and Skinlands are merged, the Giovanni will have the upper hand, as they can control both wraiths (Necromancy) and mortals (Dominate). Ok, so we accept that as a premise. Regardless of whether it works or not, any other Vampire who hears of this plan is going to crap their pants to make sure it doesn't happen, right? In fact, just about any other anything would go out of their way to ensure this doesn't happen. This explains the Giovanni's non-involvement as well.

If the Giovanni aren't involved with every other vampire’s business, then every other vampire won't be interested in the Giovanni's business, and they can get on with collecting souls and planning world domination. However, on the Shadowlands side of things, wraiths both know and fear Giovanni. They may not know why, but they sure have some idea that the Giovanni are collecting a lot of souls. Every being that can talk to wraiths is a chance that the plan can be compromised. Every additional Necromancer is one more person that could both know what the Giovanni are doing, and possibly deduce why they're doing it. Vampires are very conservative. Better to take half a step forward, than four steps forward with the chance of going back one. So not teaching anyone Necromancy is essentially covering his or her ass. And, they're good at not teaching it. In all the WW books I've read I can count all the NPCs printed with out-of-clan Necromancy on one hand. In recent times in OWBN there have been “approved” teachings of this power. I am suggesting that said approval came from past Prefects, and some Venice Elders did not inform the Senate of their actions. It took some time, but the message got to the Senate and was one of the many reasons the Senate dissolved the Prefects of the U.S. Will punishment come down on those who thought they were approved? No, however they will be watched from this point on very, very closely. Any acts against any of the

family will be met with only one answer: death. Daggers will be sending spies to their domains to keep an eye on them. Their studies will hence forth be stopped. (No more levels will be taught to them.) All efforts by them to gain more powers will be thwarted by the Clan as a whole. The above only applies to those who had “approved” Necromancy. As for those that were taught by your average Don/Dona or random Giovanni, if found to be a Necromancer they will suffer what is laid down throughout this genre packet.

Why are the Giovanni so good at not teaching Necromancy - why doesn't someone break ranks? This comes down to the insular nature of the clan, and the family structure. It's written is some books that the Ventrue and Lasombra may spend as much as 10 years evaluating potential embraces, testing them along the way. The Tremere have a rigid apprenticeship where ghouls serve as acolytes for many ranks. That's nothing compared to how the Giovanni do it. The Giovanni embrace within Family lines. You're not picked out as a potential and watched for ten years. You’re bred into the Clan and taught from the time you can speak that your Family is everything. And, if you show the most promise of any in your generation, you might get ghouled. And only then, if you show enough promise as a ghoul might you get embraced. Potential Giovanni have many opportunities to betray the Family long before they're even ghouled.

Those who show signs of disloyalty are simply never embraced. Furthermore, even after the embrace, the traffic in wraiths and unwilling spirits is significant enough that should a Giovanni betray the Family, one of the wraiths they've been abusing would use the excuse to inform on them.

What are the Clans views of inbreeding? The clan is in no way ashamed on its inbreeding, in fact they are proud of it! Their view is like that of dog breeders. They are pure; while all other Clans are nothing but mutts. Though the Giovanni do give some small credit to the Ventrue & Tremere for at lest trying, still they might keep there blood of Cain in check but there mortal bloods are still all out of whack.

How bad do the Giovanni want to hunt down "rogue Necromancers"? What are they willing to do to bring them down/in? In three words: anything and everything. Breaching Elysium, or conducting open warfare within some Prince's court is probably out, but anything short of that is acceptable. You DO NOT betray the Family. That said, if you have any non-Giovanni in your game in possession of Necromancy, especially those who may have been taught by

a 'clueless Giovanni Mentor' - feel free to let me know and I can dispatch a set of nasty elders to remove this genre breech. (aka: Daggers of the Giovanni)

I am not against rogue Necromancers to the point that there should not be any. What I

am not for is what I have seen time and time again in OWbN. I do not feel it is genre for

a rogue Necromancer to be flaunting the fact they have these powers. If a character

somehow managed to get Necromancy, then they should be well aware of how fervently guarded the discipline is, and it only follows that they should hide the fact that they know this discipline. If a character flaunts the fact that they have Necromancy, they will not only draw the attention of Venice, but also its ire. The Giovanni Coordinators office does recognize that certain individuals have learned “approved” Necromancy, but it is worth noting again that these individuals should be careful not to upset Clan Giovanni lest their “approval” be revoked. The Clan should not aid them in any way to gain more power or knowledge of Necromancy, and should look for every way to slow their efforts.

Concluding Statement:

I thank you for reading this genre packet. I hope it helps you/your staff/your gaming

group at large.

Daniel L. Gill, Jr.

“What!?! You said I could cook 4 people!” – Artemus Giovanni to Gonovin Landrake, Seneschal of Baltimore at Non-clave, 2002.


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