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In re: Chapter 11

DELTA PRODUCE, LP.1 Case No. 12-50073-LMC

Debtor Jointly Administered

Agree_d Order Granting GE Capital's
Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay (Document 1 9 "
Came on for consideration the Joint Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay (Document
\~ filed by Debtor, Superior Tomato-Avocado, Ltd., and General Electric Capital Corporation
("GE Capital"). The Court finds that Debtor and GE Capital have agreed on the entry of this Order,
that no party in interest has objected to the relief sought in the Motion for Relief from Stay, the
Motion should be granted for the reasons set out in it, and this Order should be entered for the
reasons stated in the Motion.
IDebtors are the following entities: Delta Produce, L.P. - Case No. 12-50073-LMC-ll, Superior
Ttomato-Avocado, Ltd. - Case No. 12-50074-LMC-ll, AtJed, Ltd. - Case No. 12-50075 and Staci
Properties, Ltd. - Case No. 12-50110-LMC
SIGNED this 18th day of April, 2012.
12-50073-lmc Doc#217 Filed 04/18/12 Entered 04/18/12 15:21:37 Main Document Pg 1 of 9
12-50073-lmc Doc#217 Filed 04/18/12 Entered 04/18/12 15:21:37 Main Document Pg 2 of 9
It is therefore ORDERED that the Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay (Document ffi
filed by Debtor and GE Capital should be, and is hereby, granted. It is further,
ORDERED that the automatic stay of Bankruptcy Code 362(a) and the stay under
Bankruptcy Rule 4001(a)(3) should be, and are hereby, immediately terminated for all purposes as
they applied to GE Capital with respect to the assets referred to in the attachments to the Joint
Motion, to allow GE Capital to exercise its rights under its lease with respect to that equipment.
- 2 -
12-50073-lmc Doc#217 Filed 04/18/12 Entered 04/18/12 15:21:37 Main Document Pg 3 of 9
LsL Allen M. DeBard . by William H. permission
William R. Davis, Jr.
State Bar No. 05565500
Allen M. DeBard
State Bar No. 24065132
Suite 900, Trinity Plaza II
745 East Mulberry
San Antonio, TX 78212-3166
(210) 736-6600
(21 0) 735-6889 (telecopy)
Attorneys for Debtors and
Is/ William H. Daniel
William H. Daniel
State Bar No. 05362700
600 Congress Avenue, Suite 2100
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 595-6016
(512) 505-6316 (telecopy)
Attorneys for General Electric Capital Corporation
- 3 -
12-50073-lmc Doc#217 Filed 04/18/12 Entered 04/18/12 15:21:37 Main Document Pg 4 of 9
I hereby certify that a true and correct copy of the foregoing pLdosed Agreed Order was
served on all parties enlisted to receive electronic notice on April , 2012, as well as all
parties entitled to receive notice but not enlisted to receive electronic notice (including the
Debtor and parties who have filed a notice of appearance requesting service by mail) by first
class mail, postage prepaid, and the 20 largest unsecured creditors, on or before A p r i l ~ '
Delta Produce, LP
201 S. Laredo St.
San Antonio, TX 78207
R. Glen Ayers, Jr.
William R. Davis, Jr.
Allen M. DeBard
Langley & Banack, Inc.
745 E. Mulberry, Suite 900
San Antonio, TX 78212
Superior Tomato Avocado, Ltd.
2001 S. Laredo St.
San Antonio, TX 78207
Craig A. Stokes
Stokes Law Offices, LLP
3330 Oakwell Court, Suite 225
San Antonio, TX 78218
Judy A. Robbins
P. 0. Box 1539
San Antonio, TX 78295-1539
Is/ William H. Daniel
William H. Daniel
12-50073-lmc Doc#217 Filed 04/18/12 Entered 04/18/12 15:21:37 Main Document Pg 5 of 9
Parties requesting service by CM/ECF or first class mail:
David G. Aelvoet
Linebarger Gogan Blair & Sampson, LLP
711 Navarro, Suite 300
San Antonio, TX 78205
Attorneys for Bexar County
Zachary B. Aoki
Thurman & Phillips PC
8000 IH 10 West, Suite 1000
San Antonio, TX 78230
Attorneys for Tijerina & Sons, LLC
Robert L. Barrows
800 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78215
Attorneys for Flatiron Capital, a Division of
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Elliott S. Cappuccio
Randall A. Pulman
Leslie Sara Hyman
Pulman Cappuccio Pullen & Benson, LLP
2161 NW Military Hwy, Suite 400
San Antonio, TX 78213
Attorneys for W. Scott Jenson
Bruce W. Akerly
Cantey Hanger LLP
1999 Bryan St., Suite 3300
Dallas, TX 75201
Jason R. Klinowski (via 1st class mail)
Freeborn & Peters, LLP
311 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 3000
Chicago, IL 60606
Attorneys for Muller Trading
Paul D. Barkhurst
Barkhurt & Hinojosa, PC
110 Broadway, Suite 350
San Antonio, TX 78205
Attorneys for Wilson Davis Co.
Michael J. Black
Bums & Black, PLLD
750 Rittiman Road
San Antonio, TX 78209
Attorneys for Divine Ripe, LLC,
Rio Queen Citrus, Inc.,
Eco-Farms Sales, Inc.
Garguilo, Inc.
Michael G. Colvard
Martin & Drought, PC
2500 Bank of America Plaza
3 00 Convent St.
San Antonio, TX 78205
Attorneys for International Bank of Commerce
- 5 -
12-50073-lmc Doc#217 Filed 04/18/12 Entered 04/18/12 15:21:37 Main Document Pg 6 of 9
Paul Thomas Curl Robert E. Goldman (via 1 s{ class mail)
Curl & Stahl, P.C. 1 East Broward Blvd., Suite 700
700 North St. Mary's St., Suite 1930 Fort Lauderdale, FL 3 3 3 01
San Antonio, TX 78205
Representing Triple H Produce, LLC, Wilson
Blake A. Surbey (via 1st class mail) Davis Co.
McCarron and Diess
4530 Wisconsin Avenue, #301
Washington, DC 20016
Attorneys for Coosemans Houston, Inc.
Eagle Eye Produce
Mecca Family Farms
Texas Sweet Potato
Andrews & Williamson Sales Co., Inc.
Celinda B. Guerra Steven E. Nurenberg
Flume Law Firm, LLP Meuers Law Firm, P.L.
1020 NE Loop 410, Suite 200 5395 Park Centra Court
San Antonio, TX 78209 Naples, FL 34109
Attorneys for Market Dispatch Service, Inc. Attorneys for C & R Fresh, LLC,
Duckwall Fruit Co.
Eco-Farms, Sales, Inc.
Fresh Start Produce Sales
Gargiulo, Inc.
Henry Avocado Corp.
Rio Queen Citrus, Inc.
Sunriver Sales
Robert J. Reagan John Kurt Stephen
Reagan McLain Lee & Hatch, LLP Cardenas & Stephen, L.L.P.
6060 North Central Expressway, Suite 690 100 South Bicentennial
Dallas, TX 75206 McAllen, TX 78501
Attorneys for P ACCAR Financial Corp. Attorneys for Divine Ripe, LLC
- 6 -
12-50073-lmc Doc#217 Filed 04/18/12 Entered 04/18/12 15:21:37 Main Document Pg 7 of 9
Stephen G. Wilcox Kevin P. Kelley (via 1st class mail)
Bassel & Wilcox Keaton & Associates, P.C.
P. 0. Box 11509 1278 W. Northwest Highway, Suite 903
Fort Worth, TX 76110-0509 Palatine, IL 60067
Attorneys for Bonanza 2001
Attorneys for Daimler Trust GR Produce, Inc.
I. Kunik Company, Inc.
Kingdom Fresh Produce, Inc.
Rio Bravo Produce Ltd. Co., LLC
Jessie Lopez (via 1st class mail) Scott D. Fink (via 1st class mail)
Stokes Law Office LLP Lakeside Place, Suite 200
3330 Oakwell Ct., Suite 225 323 W. Lakeside Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78218 Cleveland, OH 44113-1099
Attorneys for Delta Produce Management, LLC On behalf of Toyota Motor Credit Corp.
Evan S. Goldstein (via 1st class mail) Diana M. Geis
Updike, Kelley & SEellacy, P.C. Curl & Stahl, P.C.
1 00 Pearl Street, 17 Floor 700 N. St. Mary's Street, Suite 1930
Hartford, CT 06123-1277 San Antonio, TX 78205
On behalf of Webster Capital Finance, Inc.
Bart M. Botta
Rynn & Janowsky, LLP
4100 Newport Place Drive, Suite 700
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Attorney for Bernardi & Associates, Inc.
DiMare Enterprises, Inc.
Uesugi Farms,Inc.
Frank's Distributing of Produce, LLC
Fresh PAC International
Harvest Crown Co., Inc.
J -C Distributing, Inc.
Mission Produce, Inc.
Ocean Mist Farms
Pacific International Marketing
Prime Time Sales, LLC
Royal Flavor, LLC
Wilson Produce, LLC
- 7 -
12-50073-lmc Doc#217 Filed 04/18/12 Entered 04/18/12 15:21:37 Main Document Pg 8 of 9
Patricia A. Kalmans
9901 IH 1 0 West., Ste. 460
San Antonio, TX 78230
Attorney for Wortham Insurance & Risk Mgmt.
" 8 "
12-50073-lmc Doc#217 Filed 04/18/12 Entered 04/18/12 15:21:37 Main Document Pg 9 of 9
Twenty largest unsecured creditors by first class mail:
Harvest Crown Co., Inc. Juniper Tomato Grower, Inc. Bernard & Associates
P. 0. Box 13578 P. 0. Box 38 557 E. Frontage Rd.
Bakersfield, C A 93389 Greensboro, FL 32330 Nogales, AZ 85621
c/o Donna M. Geis c/o Donna M. Geis
dm a;ei QQm bartlfatirlaw. com
Harllee Packing, Inc. 1 -C Distributing, Inc. Frank's Distributing of
P. 0. Box 8 2731 N. Donna Avenue Produce
Palmetto, FL 34220 Nogales, AZ 85621 P. 0. Box 2020
c/o Donna M. Geis Nogales, AZ 85628-2020
dmgeis @curl stahl. com c/o Donna M. Geis dmgeis @curlstahl.cQm

A&A Transportation, Inc. Royal Flavor, LLC Mission Produce, Inc.
4741 College Park 2655 Melksee St. 2500 Vineyard Ave.,
San Antonio, TX 78249 San Diego, CA 92154 Suite 300
Oxnard, CA 93036
c/o Donna M. Geis
Slankard Produce Co., Inc. Kingdom Fresh Produce, Inc. Del Campo Supreme, Inc.
1500 S. Zarzamora 2243 North Goolie Rd., #A 672 W. Frontage Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78207 Donna, TX 78537 Nogales, AZ 85621
Divine Ripe, LLC Dimare Newman, Inc. Alamo Leasing
700 S. Bridge St., Suite C P. 0. Box 517 2010 NW Military Hwy.
Hidalgo, TX 78557 Newman, CA 95360-0517 San Antonio, TX 78213
c/o Donna M. Geis
Valero Marketing & Supply Delta Produce Marketing IFCO Systems NA
P. 0. Box 300 2001 S. Laredo St. 5250 Tacco Drive
Amarillo, TX 79105-0300 San Antonio, TX 78207 San Antonio, TX 78244
Rio Queen Citrus Bonanza 2001
4012 E. Goodwin Rd. c/o Kevin P. Kelley
Mission, TX 78574 Keaton & Associates, P.C.
1278 W. Northwest Highway,
Suite 903
Palatine IL 60067